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West Indies v England 5th Test

Fifth Test, Trinidad (day five, close):
West Indies 544 & 114-8 drew with England 546-6 dec & 237-6 dec

England fell just two wickets short of a dramatic series-levelling win on the last day of the final Test in Trinidad.

James Anderson claimed his third wicket to set up a thrilling finale but the West Indies, needing a draw to clinch the series, held on to finish on 114-8.

Having set the hosts 240 from a minimum of 66 overs, Graeme Swann took three wickets and Monty Panesar two but England's bowlers ran out of overs.

Kevin Pietersen hit a century and Matt Prior 61 as England declared at lunch.


By Mark Mitchener


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2203: The Wisden Trophy is handed to Windies captain Chris Gayle - but will he still be holding it after the series in England in May? Only time will tell. I'm not going to pretend that this has been a gripping Test match for all five days - but today's play, and especially the final session, showed everything that is good about Test cricket.

Thanks to everyone who's stuck with us throughout the Test (and the series) - we'll be back on Sunday for the Twenty20 international, when Pranav Soneji will be back in the live text chair. Until then, take care of yourselves - and reflect on a thrilling final day.

"It's been a hard-fought series, both teams played well. It took a lot out of us mentally and physically, and I'd like to congratulate Brendan Nash on his first Test hundred too"
Man of the series Ramnaresh Sarwan

2201: Man of the series now - it's Guyana's run machine Ramnaresh Sarwan.

"It's disappointing when you put in that much effort and come up short. It's always bad to lose a Test series - we're going to look at how we can improve as individuals and as a team, but the effort today was fantastic. We were two wickets short, but gave it everything"
Man-of-the-match award winner Matt Prior

2158: Umpires get their medals, ex-West Indies star Larry Gomes is the man-of-the-match adjudicator, and his choice is... Matt Prior!

"It was very tense, but I'd like to congratulate Andrew Strauss and his team for a terrific series. We started out with a plan to win the game, but had to settle for the draw. Everyone was biting their fingernails at the end, but we'd really worked hard for this. It means a lot to us"
West Indies captain Chris Gayle

"It's been a very tough day - we gave it everything we could, Pietersen and Prior were outstanding with the bat and probably gave us a few more overs to bowl at them than we expected. Our bowlers were tired after the first innings, but they gave us everything. That one session in Jamaica has cost us the series, but the way we responded after that was outstanding as we put the West Indies under a lot of pressure. Credit to them, they withstood it. They're a much tougher side to beat than when we last played them. We've got to take positives out of the series, but be realistic enough to realise we weren't quite good enough"
England captain Andrew Strauss

2149: Here's the presentation...

"Have two late declarations cost England this series? We batted on unnecessarily in the third Test and got nine wickets of 10 needed, the common belief today was we needed 200 for a lead, we batted longer and got eight of the 10 required?"
Stewart in the TMS inbox

2146: In case you're wondering, we're just waiting for the presentation, which I was hanging on to bring you...

"The ball-by-ball commentary for the last over was really good, Mark. Can you do that for all the coverage in future?"
Dave in Ashburn, Virginia, in the TMS inbox
[I tend to save it for special occasions such as gripping finishes - otherwise, I'd wear my fingers and the keyboard out! MM]

"Ok. Come the Ashes I'll refresh more often [see 2106]"
Richard Francis, slightly deflated, Ilkley, in the TMS inbox

Geoffrey Boycott

"I've enjoyed today - it was Test cricket at its best. Until today, it wasn't a good advert for Test cricket, but the spinners bowled well today. The quality of the pitches in this series has made it difficult to put West Indies under pressure"
Geoff Boycott on TMS

Sir Viv Richards

"A coat of varnish saved the West Indies here - but the survival effort they put in was good. In years gone by, they would have folded long ago under that sort of pressure"
Sir Viv Richards on TMS

2132: It's West Indies' first series win against a team above them in the rankings (ie excluding the likes of Bangladesh) for five years. Chris Gayle even gives both umpires a little hug!


WI 114-8 (65.5 overs)
Monty bowls, Edwards plays to mid-on safely and the West Indies have their draw - they won't bowl the last ball as the draw is agreed.

WI 114-8 (65.4 overs)
Quicker ball, Edwards defends easily again. Come on Monty!

WI 114-8 (65.3 overs)
Edwards defends on the back foot. Dot ball.

WI 114-8 (65.2 overs)
Monty again, but it just creeps past Edwards into the slips. Millimetres away from a nick.

WI 114-8 (65.1 overs)
Monty to bowl the last over. Edwards takes guard. Eight men encircle the bat, it spits past the outside edge but safely.

2127 - WI 114-8 (65 overs)
Edwards plays a fluent cover drive to Anderson's first ball and gets the single he wanted. Ramdin resumes his defiant defence. What a finish. He defends the third ball, to howls of delight from the West Indies fans. Ramdin plays and misses at the fourth ball - Strauss changes the field again. The batsmen have a chat. Ramdin gets forward to the fifth ball and it squirts into the covers. No run. Will a quick single here risk a run-out? But Ramdin can only defend the last ball. Edwards will be on strike, and I'm going to go ball-by-ball!

"Cracking game, supposed to be taking wife for dinner! Just gave her the money and told her to treat herself!"
Paul, Sussex, in the TMS inbox

2123 - WI 113-8 (64 overs)
Monty replaces Swann - can he dislodge Ramdin? Shadows are starting to lengthen from the eight men around the wicket. With two balls left, Strauss disperses one or two of the close fielders to prevent Ramdin taking a single. He sweeps off the last ball, England try to let it got for four to keep Edwards on strike for Anderson's over - and it just about dribbles into the rope for four! 12 balls left. Two wickets needed.

2120 - WI 109-8 (63 overs)
New batsman is Fidel Edwards, he waits and shoulders arms to his first ball. The last ball flashes just past the stumps. A terrific wicket maiden from Jimmy. Three overs left.

Out for a duck

2115 - WICKET - Powell b Anderson 0 - WI 109-8 (62.4 overs)

Anderson to replace Panesar as England want the "Burnley Express" to see off Powell - who was similarly defiant at the Antigua Recreation Ground. Powell bravely digs out a couple but is then comprehensively castled by a brilliant reverse inswinger that moves late! England have 20 balls to take two wickets!

"Re: 2050 (shoelaces). That's the point, Mark, you're not feeling the tension. Successful lace-tying's all about tension!"
Cen in the TMS inbox

2112 - WI 109-7 (62 overs)
Swann returns, and England will surround the bat for Ramdin now. Everyone is in a catching position apart from Monty at mid-off, but Ramdin turns one down to fine leg and declines a single. Most of the crowd are biting their nails (with many of the locals also glued to their radios), and Colly at slip is biting his nails too. Four overs left.

"Who said Test cricket is dead? This is fantastic!"
Lee, Blackpool, in the TMS inbox

2109 - WI 109-7 (61 overs)
Monty removes his sunhat, then gets one to keep low against Powell, who's beaten by the spin and hit on the ankle - but it pitched outside leg stump! Still eight close fielders round the bat, and the Danish Man of Kent is looking rather lonely at mid-off. Powell comes forward and really has to smother the spin, but he survives.

2106 - WI 109-7 (60 overs)
Ramdin ducks a bouncer from Anderson, prompting Strauss to shuffle the field. He's bowling well, making Ramdin play nearly every ball, but he plays out a maiden. Six overs left!

"Is bad light going to come into play?"
Jonny in Sheffield in the TMS inbox
[Tony Cozier doesn't think so - MM]

"I've just noticed that every time I update the live text BBC commentary, England get a wicket"
Richard Francis, desperately hoping, Ilkley, in the TMS inbox

2101 - WI 109-7 (59 overs)
Monty now has eight men around the bat for Powell, who has shown his "stickability" as nightwatchman earlier in this series and defends a maiden over.

2059 - WI 109-7 (58 overs)
Anderson has three slips and a gully for Ramdin, who steers a two through the covers and then just jams his bat down in time at a nip-backer. Prior makes a good stop at one down the leg side - eight overs left.

"Can't believe how tense this is getting to be! Am supposed to be writing a history essay but this is way better!"
Fred, Ampleforth, in the TMS inbox

2054 - WI 107-7 (57 overs)
With Daren Powell at the wicket, England sense they have one end open here. Seven close catchers plus a short mid-on! Another lbw appeal, but Powell - who didn't look happy at not being asked to bowl today - survives.

Wicket falls

2051 - WICKET - Gayle lbw b Panesar 4 - WI 107-7 (56.4 overs)

Monty is still huffing and puffing against Gayle, there's another lbw appeal as he fires in a quicker ball that keeps low - and the Montster finally has his man!

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"I'm babysitting at the moment and the six-year-old just asked me 'if England have got more people out and scored more runs how come the match is still going to be a draw'. Bless"
Superspursdirector on 606
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2050 - WI 107-6 (56 overs)
Anderson replaces Broad, can he unleash some unplayable reverse swing at Ramdin? Nearly everyone's in catching positions, even Monty's in at short mid-on. Ramdin's rapped on the pad, Umpire Harper indicates it was going down leg!

And as if to prove my point about my total incompetence at shoelace-tying [see 1726 and 1512], I look down at my feet and one of my shoelaces has become completely detached from my shoe! Clearly I'm feeling the tension too - either that or I just can't sit still!

2046 - WI 107-6 (55 overs)
Aggers would like to see Swann on against Gayle, but it's still Panesar, bowling round the wicket. He does need to calm down on the appealing, though. Really. Gayle also manages to dig one out whichshoots along the ground, and Umpire Tiffin has a word with Monty at the end of the over - remember, Monty was fined 25% of his match fee last night...
REPORT: Panesar fined for over-appealing

Monty Panesar

"The ECB should make Monty take a course where he learns about the lbw rule. Clearly he does not know under which circumstances a lbw can be given"
Nav in Winnipeg, in the TMS inbox

2042 - WI 107-6 (54 overs)
Broad gets another over, Ramdin steps back and defends his stumps well. Broad keeps making Ramdin play, but the vice-captain remains cool under pressure. When Broad floats one down the leg side, it disappears past Prior for four more byes.

"So, it would appear that the best way to confuse an American colleague is to yell 'The Crab's gone!' during a meeting, while hitting refresh on my cell phone. Cricket is not a big sport here in Kentucky"
Stephen in the TMS inbox

2038 - WI 103-6 (53 overs)
Monty is switching ends - he's going to bowl at Ramdin with six close catchers - two slips, a short gully, a silly point, a leg gully and short leg. But his first ball is too short, and Ramdin cuts for four to bring up the Windies' century. Ramdin then edges through the cordon and they run a single. Monty forces Gayle to come forward well, stretching his right hamstring, then there's a big appeal but Umpire Tiffin shakes his head.

"To be honest, I have only really followed this last day's play closely as this looked like a draw pitch from day one. Now I feel like a goalhanger"
Jamie, France, in the TMS inbox

2034 - WI 98-6 (52 overs)
Monty's off and Broad's going to have a go at Gayle from the Brian Lara Pavilion End. Meanwhile, Geoff Boycott's having another go at the umpires... Broad bowls a slower off-cutter at Gayle, he gets a nick but it falls agonisingly short of Strauss at first slip. Gayle's runner Devon Smith has been distinctly under-employed so far, with a boundary four the big man's only scoring stroke so far. But he sees off the over safely.

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"Never in my life have I been so nervous reading live text. I'm done in, I've been reading it all day"
Mark, the Scottish train driver in Kent, supporting England, via text on 81111

2028: With 15 overs remaining, this is the point at which the game could be declared as a draw if both captains agreed there was no prospect of a result. But clearly there is, so we'll carry on.

2027 - WI 98-6 (51 overs)
Swann gets some more sharp turn against Ramdin - the TMS team wonder whether England would prefer to have Swann's off-spin bowling to left-handed Gayle, and Monty's left-arm spin facing right-handed Ramdin. Swann switches to bowling round the wicket for a couple of deliveries, then goes back over the wicket for the last ball - but it's just another maiden over, and time for a drinks break.

Jonathan Agnew

"I think Strauss was talked into using that referral, and I don't think it was the right decision to use it"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

Referral - not out

2024 - WI 98-6 (50 overs)

Replays show the ball hitting the back of Gayle's thigh - but it hits him outside the line of off stump, it's not looking promising for England, and the answer is... not out. So that's it - no more referrals available in this match.

Referral - waiting for verdict

2022 - WI 98-6 (50 overs)

Monty gets a bit of turn with one that jumps up and hits Gayle in the ribs. The alleged "coolest man in cricket" (he even voted for himself in that category) pads up to another ball well outside off stump, and there's more anguish from Monty. The next ball looks even closer, Monty wants Strauss to go for the referral and they do so!

2019 - WI 98-6 (49 overs)
Swann has five men around the bat for Ramdin, who cuts and misses at one outside off stump, but isn't taking any unnecessary risks. Another maiden. Feel that tension!

"I have just learned the true meaning of futility by trying to explain my rapt attention to the live text to my half-French female workmate who was raised in Belgium"
Matt, Maida Vale, in the TMS inbox

2016 - WI 98-6 (48 overs)
Panesar flings an attempted quicker arm ball down the leg side, and it's virtually a beamer! Monty apologises, but he can't get the hamstrung Gayle to use his feet yet. However, he then gets one to spit out of the rough and Gayle is relieved to get his bat out of the way. Another leaping lbw appeal, but no reaction from Daryl. Replays show it hit him comfortably outside the line of off stump. Maiden.

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"Gayle doesn't look very happy out there. Come on Chris, wouldn't you prefer to be in a nice, cool dressing room, watching on TV? It's easily done..."
Yorker_129-7 on 606
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2013 - WI 98-6 (47 overs)
Ramdin steers a two past short leg, Swann gets some brutal spin against the Windies keeper, who gets a fortunate edge down to fine leg for two.

"Oh! What a dastardly plan! Can't you see? The Windies are trying to undermine England by playing on our last remaining great strength... They're trying to out-collapse us!"
Steve Meadows in the TMS inbox

2010 - WI 94-6 (46 overs)
Monty (who is compared to a kangaroo by Sir Viv) to Gayle, who pads the ball away defiantly. Gayle then bunts one into the air, it's just too wide for a return catch and shoots past Monty for four. No need to run for that one.

"My finger hurts clicking on the refresh button. I can just feel the pressure of the Windies right now"
Gooders (banished to live in Indianapolis because I bowled too many pies on Saturday afternoons) in the TMS inbox

2007 - WI 90-6 (45 overs)
Swann returns as England look to turn the screw. He has four close fielders encircling the bat for Ramdin, who plays out a rapid maiden over. 21 overs to go - four wickets needed for England to square the series.

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"Cricket text in one window, Champions League text in another, and Cambridge v Mansfield (up the Stags) in the third. Who wouldn't want to work late?"
Sam, in the office, via text on 81111

2005 - WI 90-6 (44 overs)
It's time for Hopalong Gayle - the hamstrung Windies skipper limps to the crease, accompanied by runner Devon Smith. To make matters worse for the Windies, Aggers and Sir Viv on TMS feel the replays show Hinds was rather unlucky... Monty must be full of adrenaline now, he leaps into another couple of lbw appeals against Gayle, who pads up offering no stroke, but Harper is unmoved on both occasions. Wicket maiden, though.

Wicket falls

1959 - WICKET - Hinds c Collingwood b Panesar 20 - WI 90-6 (43.1 overs)

Monty replaces Anderson, and the first ball of the over sees Hinds appear to nick to slip - was it bat or pad? Umpire Harper raises his finger, Hinds isn't happy but Windies have no referrals left and out he goes!

Vic Marks

"I can't believe Strauss will give Amjad another over - it wasn't a bad over, apart from that wide, but there wasn't any sign of it reversing for him"
Vic Marks on TMS

1958 - WI 90-5 (43 overs)
Amjad to continue, although Vic on TMS thinks this might be his last chance if a wicket doesn't look likely. Vic then looks further into the future, wondering if this game will become known as "The Match of [Lionel] Baker's Referral" if England keep their last referral up their sleeves for the Windies' number 11... Meanwhile, Amjad bangs one in which is so wide that Umpire Tiffin stretches his arms to signal a wide. Hinds leg-glances a single to Monty at fine leg which keeps the bowling.

"Sean of Dagenham [1926], are you not aware of 'Alt+Tab'?"
Ali, from rainy Stuttgart (switching over to football now!), in the TMS inbox
Live text - Champions League, with Caroline Cheese

1952 - WI 88-5 (42 overs)
It's still Anderson, who's been bowling for a while, but Ramdin looks in little trouble so far. Until I type that, and he plays and misses! Very tense for England.

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"I'm waiting for the first person to say that the West Indies' chances of a win are going down the Swanny"
Steve, Birmingham, via text on 81111

1948 - WI 88-5 (41 overs)
An intriguing bowling change as Swann takes a rest (figures of 16-9-9-3) and Amjad Khan dons his blue corset for a new spell. He managed a bit of reverse swing in the first innings, while Vic Marks on TMS thinks Khan may be worth a couple of overs. Ramdin flicks a wild one down the leg side for a single to the Montster at fine leg. Amjad advances the score with a no-ball as Broad makes a couple of tumbling stops at mid-off.

"With my medical research dissertation in for Thursday, and having had close on a year to do it in, I was relying on this Test being finished some time this morning. I am holding Swann responsible for any repercussions this may have on future patients, should I fail to complete it. Come on lads!"
Charlie, trying to write about calcium signalling while listening to CMJ, in the TMS inbox

1942 - WI 86-5 (40 overs)
Ramdin jabs Anderson away, but Cook makes a smart stop at gully. The "Burnley Express" gets another one to nip back sharply, although it's doing too much to hit the stumps. Ramdin eventually gets off the mark with a single past square leg.

"I'm wondering how many more fingernails I'm going to have left before these overs are completed"
Ricardo from Jamaica (a concerned West Indian) in the TMS inbox

1938 - WI 85-5 (39 overs)
Swann still has four men around the bat for Hinds, and Cap'n Gayle is padded up on the balcony - I think we can expect to see him in next, before the three pace bowlers. A good stop by Amjad Khan denies Hinds a quick single, and that's a ninth maiden for Swann.

1935 - WI 85-5 (38 overs)
No sign of Cap'n Gayle yet as the new batsman is First Officer Denesh Ramdin. He defends his first ball well and then shoulders arms as Jimmy gets a bit of swing.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins

"I think we can say the thought of a West Indies victory is out of their minds now"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS

Wicket falls

1931 - WICKET - Nash lbw b Anderson 1 - WI 85-5 (37.1 overs)

Jimmy gets one to jag back at Nash, there's a huge appeal and the Australian-raised Jamaican is despatched by Daryl Harper's fickle finger of fate! Game on!

1929 - WI 85-4 (37 overs)
Can Swann continue to work his magic, having earned figures of 14-8-8-3 so far? Nash may not have the years of Test experience that Chanderpaul has, but he's a pretty effective "blocker" in his own right, and is off the mark with a single past silly point.

"As an Essex exile it is quite clear that Foster should be wicketkeeper and Bopara (after his century) should be included in the team"
Roger, Denmark, in the TMS inbox

1926 - WI 84-4 (36 overs)
Hinds pulls Anderson firmly through square leg, the Danish Man of Kent can't cut it off and that's four. Jimmy tries a bit of "chat" with Hinds, who doesn't want to get involved it seems.

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"Argh! I'm torn between sticking with the cricket or moseying on down to the Champions League live text with The Cheese. Help!"
Sean, Dagenham, via text on 81111
Live text - Champions League, with Caroline Cheese

1922 - WI 80-4 (35 overs)
New batsman Brendan Nash plays defensively - remember, West Indies have no more referrals left now. England have one. A wicket maiden for Swann.

Wicket falls
Referral - out

1919 - WICKET - Chanderpaul lbw b Swann 6 - WI 80-4 (34.1 overs)

The man from Del Monte (alright, the third umpire) says "out"! Big wicket for England!

Referral - waiting for verdict

1918 - WI 80-3 or 80-4 (34. 1 overs)

Chanderpaul is trapped on the back foot by Swann, there's a loud shout for lbw - Umpire Tiffin raises his finger but Chanderpaul calls for the Windies' final referral!

1916 - WI 80-3 (34 overs)
Anderson goes round the wicket to Chanderpaul - who is apparently known in the Caribbean as "The Tiger" rather than "The Crab", despite his curious sideways stance which is still pretty crustacean-like in my humble view. A single takes The Tiger/Crab to six, then there's an "oooh" from the crowd as Hinds withdraws his bat at the last minute.

"I can't bear the agony! Off for a Ljubljana lager or three. Might have the odd peep on my phone though. Come on England you can do it!"
Rick, the exiled Bolton Wanderers supporter, live from Ljubljana in the TMS inbox

1912 - WI 79-3 (33 overs)
Chanderpaul, fidgety as ever, plays defensively against Swann as England half-heartedly appeal for a catch at silly point - it seemed to come off his boot. There's a moment or two of confusion between players and umpires - is it a referral or not? No, apparently not. Get on with it, guys! Very confusing, and Boycs is getting stuck into the umpires on TMS. Chanderpaul tries to help one down the leg side and they run a leg-bye.

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"With Gayle's injury, do England effectively only need to take six wickets? That said, it's unlikely to come to that!"
Talbzmeister, Birmingham, via text on 81111
[He's likely to bat with a runner, but can't bat above number seven because of the time he spent off the field - MM]

1906 - WI 78-3 (32 overs)
Change of bowling after the break as Anderson replaces Panesar. Hinds puts safety first - even when he flicks one off his legs and looks for a single, Chanderpaul sends him back. Maiden over.

"Re: Chris's lovely essay (1841) - what makes York so special that its residents deserve special rights of development?"
John (not developing because I'm not in York) in BVI, in the TMS inbox

Geoffrey Boycott

"There's no point in wasting time now - it's all about overs. England should be able to get through 35 overs, and the light won't be a problem"
Former Yorkshire and England opener Geoff Boycott on TMS

1900: Well, this is it - the final session of what's been a long Test series - five rather than four, after the abandoned Test in Antigua.


"RE: 1719. If I were feeling devious, I'd give Owais Shah an ankle injury rather than try to convince him he has one"
Chris (about to walk the dog) in the TMS inbox

Sir Viv Richards

"If I was looking for an individual to be at the crease if my life was on the line, I would want Chanderpaul there"
West Indies legend Sir Viv Richards on TMS

1841 - WI 78-3 (31 overs)
A rapid maiden from Swann to Chanderpaul - so England will have 35 overs after tea in a bid to take the seven remaining Windies wickets.

"I applied for the job of England Manager, citing my excellent record at Fantasy Cricket and a disdain for football as adequate qualifications. The very nice head of HR has already e-mailed me to say that, although my application was welcomed, I have just missed the shortlist. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to officially rule myself out and leave the way open for Giles and Flower"
Chris, writing a lovely essay on the Human Right to Development in York, in the TMS inbox

1838 - WI 78-3 (30 overs)
Monty continues to wheel away against Hinds, who turns a single off his legs. Aggers reveals that the TMS team will be reflecting on Australia's win in South Africa (and England's women's win against India in the World Cup) during the tea interval. Chanderpaul is beaten and they run a bye, which sets a new Test record for the number of byes conceded in a Test match (both innings). But a rapid over ensures we'll get one more in before the tea break.

1836 - WI 76-3 (29 overs)
Chanderpaul pads up to Swann, Umpire Tiffin shakes his head at England's lbw appeal, will they "burn" their last referral? No, they won't. Another maiden over.

"Re: 1534. Four years old! I've been bowling googlys to my four-year-old for the last year in the kitchen. Get him to keep his elbow up and watch the ball and lots of encouragement and you will be surprised. I always thought it would be my cricket-mad husband who would be doing this not me"
Tess in the TMS inbox

1832 - WI 76-3 (28 overs)
Prior keeps the West Indies in the game with four more byes through his legs. Finally we have some runs off the bat as Chanderpaul dabs Monty for a single.

1830 - WI 71-3 (27 overs)
Hinds turns Swann off his legs but they won't risk a single to the safe hands of Monty P at square leg. Maiden.

1827 - WI 71-3 (26 overs)
Monty rattles through another over to Chanderpaul, which is only punctuated by four more byes down the leg side. That's eight for the innings and 43 conceded in the match by England.

And if possibly the most gripping session of this Test series since Jamaica doesn't excite you, you can always take a look at Caroline Cheese's live text on this evening's Champions League games, which has just begun. I think she must be friends with Stu from Brighton [see below], as I was admonished by Miss Cheese in Monday's live football text for my "embarrassingly long holiday"...
Live text - Champions League, with Caroline Cheese

1824 - WI 67-3 (25 overs)
Swann, bowling in his sunglasses, polishes the ball furiously before Hinds is hit on the pad and everyone except the bowler appeals. Maiden over, and even Sir Viv is a bit anxious about his old side's chances of hanging on.

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"Stop showing off about your blooming trip to the Windies! I haven't seen any sun in months let alone any cricket legends!"
Stu, Brighton, via text on 81111

1822 - WI 67-3 (24 overs)
Monty and Swann are whipping through the overs pretty quickly here - Hinds steers Monty for a single to third man.

"Perhaps something good may come of this series after all - the wicketkeeping dilemma and the number three spot. problems have both been solved: Ambrose looking after the timbers and Prior at number three"
Dixe Wills in the TMS inbox

1819 - WI 66-3 (23 overs)
Prior whips the bails off as Hinds plays and misses at Swann, at full stretch - Umpire Harper opts to consult the third umpire. It's close - but Hinds gets the benefit of the doubt. He then miscues a cut through the covers for a single which pinches the strike.

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"No, I'M Peter Such! And so is my wife"
Chris in Middlesbrough (and many others), via text on 81111

1815 - WI 65-3 (22 overs)
Monty tries to lure Chanderpaul into his trap, but The Crab sees off a rapid maiden over.

1813 - WI 65-3 (21 overs)
Chanderpaul dabs Swann for two, then rotates the strike - Hinds defends well against the off-spinner.

"I think Liam Plunkett and Sajid Mahmood [see 1553] were on the same flight to New Zealand as me a few weeks ago, along with Gareth Batty, Robert Key, and some others who I didn't recognise. Turns out they're on the England Lions tour and as a result were rushed through passport control thus avoiding the 20-minute queue I had to wait in"
Ian in Kent in the TMS inbox[I was not far behind Sir Trevor McDonald in the immigration queue at Antigua airport a few weeks back - he didn;t get any special treatment or anything - MM]

1810 - WI 62-3 (20 overs)
Hinds is still scratching around a bit here, and smears Monty for a single through the covers. Shiv is off the mark with a similar shot, then Hinds squirts one off the edge for a couple to third man.

1807 - WI 58-3 (19 overs)
Bring On The Crab! Shivnarine Chanderpaul replaces his Guyana team-mate Sarwan, and even Tony Cozier thinks the Windies are wobbling. Chanderpaul edges his first ball... but it doesn't quite carry to Colly at slip. Not far away though. Swann has figures of 6-2-4-2.

Wicket falls

1804 - WICKET - Sarwan c Collingwood b Swann 14 - WI 58-3 (18.5 overs)

Sarwan nudges at Swann's arm ball and gives Colly a much more straightforward catch (than his last one) at slip!

1802 - WI 58-2 (18 overs)
Tony Cozier thinks this is a vital innings for Hinds' chances of staying in the Test side - will he take on the Montster? He steers a two past slip, that's the only scoring stroke and the Windies appear to be playing for the draw.

"Tell Matt [1534] to make sure that he teaches his son to bat left-handed, regardless of what hand he actually is… Causes all sorts of problems for schoolboy bowlers!"
Waltersp, in the TMS inbox

1759 - WI 56-2 (17 overs)
Hinds aims an audacious heave at Swann, he misses it, so does Prior (between his legs again) and it's four byes on the total. Hinds dabs a single to leg, while Tony Cozier on TMS wonders whether England should keep Prior as a batsman but give someone else the gloves...

"No - I'm Peter Such"
Andy Rutherford - Norfolk, Virginia - in the TMS inbox

1755 - WI 51-2 (16 overs)
Sarwan clubs Monty through the covers for two fours off successive balls - that's 50 up for the hosts.

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"My nan was certain I couldn't keep my laces tied up [see 1726] because I was left-handed, are you touched by genius also?"
Clive, via text on 81111[I'm not left-handed - but I'll leave others to judge me on the other part of your question! MM]

1752 - WI 43-2 (15 overs)
It's spin from both ends as Swann replaces Khan. Hinds lets a couple go outside off stump - it's a maiden over.

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"For once I'm actually glad I'm at work until 7, if only to keep up with this breathlessly exciting text commentary!"
Stig on 606 [You're too kind - MM]
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Referral - not out

1749 - WI 43-2 (14 overs)

The verdict is... "safe". Not out. But the predictive element of Hawk-Eye - which the third umpire doesn't see - thinks it would have clipped leg stump! Sarwan sees off the last ball.

Referral - waiting for verdict

1747 - WI 43-2 or 43-3 (13.5 overs)

Monty Panesar replaces Swann, but a majestic cover drive from Sarwan brings a first boundary for the former skipper - while Tony Cozier on TMS wonders whether that appalling shot a few minutes ago may cost Devon Smith his place in the Test side. Sarwan tries to turn Monty to leg, there's a fairly half-hearted lbw shout - but England go for a referral!

Vic Marks

"The main task now will be to get rid of the Guyanese boys - Sarwan and Chanderpaul"
Vic Marks on TMS

1742 - WI 39-2 (13 overs)
Amjad, bowling with a blue corset protecting his lower back, slings a wild one down the leg side which Hinds helps on its way for four. The Danish Man of Kent also has a bit of a glare at Hinds - time for a drinks interval. And the Peter Such debate takes a new twist...

"The Peter Such at 1646 is definitely not me"
The "real" Peter Such, East Bergholt, Essex, in the TMS inbox
INTERNET LINK: Peter Such's career statistics, on Cricinfo

1737 - WI 35-2 (12 overs)
Swann has a posse (possibly a Trini Posse) of close fielders around the bat for Hinds, who prods forward firmly. Just one single from the over.

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"It would be a more lucky escape than Steve McQueen's attempted fence jump on his motorbike if we can pull this one off. COME ON ENGLAND! However, West Indies have Chanderpaul to come and we all know how difficult he can be."
Gerrardswhiskers on 606
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1734 - WI 34-2 (11 overs)
Amjad Khan begins his spell with a no-ball, Sarwan doubles his score with a single to bring new batsman Ryan Hinds on strike. He's off the mark with a single too.

"Good performance from Prior today, anyone else think he should play at number six all the time? Even when Freddie is back?"
Matt, Kingston, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
Referral - out

1727 - WICKET - Smith lbw b Swann 17 - WI 31-2 (10 overs)

Thankfully, third umpire Aleem Dar takes hardly any time at all to support his colleague's decision and Smith has to go - West Indies have pretty much wasted one of their referrals.

Referral - waiting for verdict

1726 - WI 31-1 or 31-2 (10 overs)

Sarwan is off the mark with a single, but then Smith plays an awful slog-sweep to a straight ball and is hit on the back leg. Surely that's lbw? Umpire Harper raises his finger but astonishingly, Smith calls for a referral!

"I'd like to challenge you to a contest in incompetent shoelace tying [see 1512] - many's the time I've noticed a straggling lace, leant over to tie it up and promptly head-butted whichever hard and painful surface is nearest…"
Emma, busy in the office (ahem) in the TMS inbox
[You're on. I used to sit down in three-hour university exams, do my laces up at the beginning of the exam and they'd be undone by the end of the exam - MM]

1723 - WI 30-1 (9 overs)
Smith smears Anderson through the covers for four, but Amjad Khan is starting to warm up...

1719 - WI 26-1 (8 overs)
England's close fielders gird their loins (both metaphorically and literally) and don boxes, shin pads and helmets as Graeme Swann's off-spin is introduced early in the innings. Just a single from Smith adds to the score.

Jonathan Agnew

"If I were feeling devious, I'd persuade Owais Shah he's got an ankle injury, and get Ian Bell on to field at short leg"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1715 - WI 25-1 (7 overs)
While debate rages in this office with such exalted names as Paul Grunill and Ben Dirs feverishly debating whether the ball touched the ground before Colly caught it, Ramnaresh Sarwan is the new batsman. He sees off the rest of the over.

Jonathan Agnew

"That catch was out of the toppest of top drawers - it was absolutely staggering"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

Wicket falls

1710 - WICKET - Simmons c Collingwood b Anderson 8 - WI 25-1 (6.2 overs)

Simmons jabs at an inswinger from Anderson, he tries to flick it through mid-wicket but it flies to second slip where Paul Collingwood takes an absolutely stunning low one-handed catch! Or does he? Simmons is referring it! But Umpire Harper reckons he took too long to make the referral sign - he's nearly off the field and his team-mates were shouting at him from the dressing-room - and Simmons is shooed off the field by Harper! Astonishing scenes!

1708 - WI 25-0 (6 overs)
Smith rides his luck as he nibbles at one from Broad which sails over the slips for another four.

Jonathan Agnew

"If England lose, we think it would only be the third time a side has declared both innings of a Test match and lost. But if the West Indies just keep batting, they should win it - the draw may only be likely if they're six or seven down"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1705 - WI 21-0 (5 overs)
Simmons is off the mark with a four through mid-wicket, then a fortunate edge scoots between third slip and gully for four more.

"Hi Mark, you could have saved yourself a load of unnecessary typing today by simply copying and pasting the text commentary from any one of the previous Tests in this series"
Tony in the TMS inbox

1700 - WI 13-0 (4 overs)
The ever-observant CMJ wonders whether Anderson should switch ends - and he also noticed Swann take a blow to his injured elbow in slip catching practice this morning, but the Notts twirler can only watch from gully as Broad sends one in down the leg side which Smith helps on its way for four.

"I think Denzil [1425] might have his Taylors muddled.. Either that or he's deliberately left out Claire Taylor, England's biggest gun. SC Taylor at the wicket with KP? - Now that really would be a sight to gag the moaners"
David, Spain, in the TMS inbox
[It may be my fault, David - Denzil didn't specify Sarah (SJ) Taylor or Claire (SC) Taylor, but I assumed it was Sarah, firstly because she is England's regular keeper and he hadn't selected a wicketkeeper, and secondly because she was selected to open. Mind you, they've both kept wicket in their time. Help! - MM]

1656 - WI 9-0 (3 overs)
Not much swing so far, notes CMJ MBE, as Jimmy appeals for a catch down the leg side as Smith tries to flick one off his legs. A two into the covers and a leg-bye push the score along gently.

"Since Panesar got fined for over-enthusiastic appealing, is Gayle going to get fined for being under-enthusiastic in his field changes?!"
Matt, Leeds, in the TMS inbox

1650 - WI 6-0 (2 overs)
With a fresh portion of white sun cream slapped across his nose and cheeks, Stuart Broad takes the second over, and Smith is resolute in defence before guiding a flawless four past point. He nicks the strike with a single to Amjad Khan at fine leg.

"Yesterday I was given the choice of a ticket to see day four of the match or a day out fishing. I chose the fishing. The sea was rough, we caught no fish and I felt sick. It was definitely the right choice"
Peter the expatriate Taff, in the TMS inbox

1646 - WI 1-0 (1 over)
James Anderson takes the fresh cherry (and don't forget, a new innings means a new set of referrals for both teams)... Smith shoulders arms to the first ball but eventually gets off the mark with a single. Test debutant Simmons scored 24 in the first innings and he shoulders arms to the rest of the over.

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"Has a Test side ever lost a non-weather affected five-match series despite only being bowled out twice in the entire series?"
Peter Such in Kensal Rise, via text on 81111
[Are you THE Peter Such? MM]

1641: And having been off the field for the last part of England's innings because of his hamstring injury, Chris Gayle is not able to open - Lendl Simmons is out there with Devon Smith.

1640: England have declared - they're just coming out to field now. No sign of a Michael Vaughan-style huddle. West Indies need 240 to win from 66 overs.


"Re: 1440, seems I'm not the only one thinking of the parallels between this match and the famous one-innings game against the Saffers when Hansie Cronje was still captain... not that I'm alleging any match-fixing here, just that it has a similar feel to it"
Hank in the TMS inbox

1609: Of course, keep listening to TMS if you want to hear them discuss the Test series as it draws to a close. Or if you want a bit of fun, see if you can work out what Brian Lara is doing in this picture on 606...
606: Photo fun with Brian Lara

1607: Aggers is keeping an eye out for the roller, which would give it away if England have declared - although they're not obliged to do so until 10 minutes from the end of the lunch interval. We're going to take a short break (so please ease off on the e-mails a little!) - but we'll let you know if we hear anything.

"While we're on the topic of publicising charity events [see 1357], would you be able to plug my forthcoming charity cycle ride through Tanzania?"
Chris, working hard in Brixton, in the TMS inbox
INTERNET LINK: Chris's fundraising page in aid of the International Childcare Trust

1603: The players walk off - but with a wicket having fallen in the last over before lunch, Vic Marks (rightly) points out that England have not necessarily declared, as they would have gone off anyway. But they surely can't carry on, can they?

Wicket falls

1602 - WICKET - Pietersen c sub (Bravo) b Edwards 102 - Eng 237-6 (38.4 overs)

Vic Marks predicts nine off this over, Tony Cozier predicts 12 (or a wicket). KP takes a big swing at Edwards, but it falls just short of sub fielder Bravo coming in from the mid-wicket fence. They run one. Broad's attempted lofted drive then strikes non-striker KP a brutal blow on the forearm, but they still run one. KP swings and misses at a lifter as he gives himself room outside leg stump. He tries another pull to leg, it's down Bravo's throat and KP departs.

"Re: 1425, Might have to drop Gunn if she has to remodel her action, which could take some time, and might not be able to make the Ashes"
Sean in the TMS inbox

He's reached 100

1558 - Eng 235-5 (38 overs)

KP on 99, with most of the field still spread to the four corners of the Queen's Park Oval... he flicks a single to third man and does a little jump to celebrate his 16th Test century (third against the Windies) - England now lead the century count 9-8 this series. But there's no declaration yet, as Broad hangs his bat out at a wild one and gets four through third man. He then lifts a single to long-off, KP nicks the strike with a single through mid-wicket. Time for one more over before lunch? But will it be the last over of the innings?

"Re: 1420 - what happened to our bowling stock was that we won the Ashes, gave out a bunch of MBEs and put cricketers on cereal packets... hunger diminished, stock quality sinks. Overpaid footballer syndrome"
Chris, London, in the TMS inbox

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"I predict that if Khan bowls more than five overs then 'Extras' alone will have enough runs in the afternoon session for the Windies to make 250 at a canter after tea with no wickets down."
Ppmuss on 606
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1553 - Eng 228-5 (37 overs)
Broad swings and misses as Edwards strays down the leg side, with six men on the boundary. The tall Notts youngster then edges through the vacant slip region for his first four, and a single brings KP back on strike. He's on 98 - his highest score of the series, having scored 97 in Jamaica. A pull to long leg takes him to 99...

"Whatever happened to the likes of Plunkett, Mahmood, and Tremlett? Two years ago they were deemed the future of English cricket, but have since disappeared from the face of the Earth!"
Gregg, Birmingham, in the TMS inbox

1548 - Eng 222-5 (36 overs)
KP clubs Baker for four, a single takes him to 97 and the TMS team are debating when England should declare (lunch is scheduled for 1600 GMT). Broad trots through for a single, KP steers another to long-on. Broad hoists one towards long-on, is he caught? No, the fielder tumbled over and couldn't hold on.

"I've always imagined the Brettmeister General to be quite tall and thus ill suited for a role over the hedges. Don't know why. How tall is he?"John-Paul, still in bed in Paris, in the TMS inbox
Live text - Cheltenham Festival, with Oliver Brett [I've asked him and he thinks he's six foot two - MM]

1543 - Eng 214-5 (35 overs)
Edwards returns in place of Simmons, and KP blasts him for another four to take his score to 90. They run a single to the mid-wicket boundary but decide against a second run as Simmons darts a throw back to the bowler's end. Two more singles round off the over. Harmy now brings KP a new bat.

Monty Panesar

"Wonder what it's like living with Monty? Imagine making him a cup of tea and asking him 'How's that?' Beware the Monty Celebration!"
Stephen - eating chocolate at work - everything is ok with the world - in the TMS inbox

1537 - Eng 207-5 (34 overs)
New batsman Stuart Broad practically sprints out to the middle, while KP doesn't look best pleased with whatever message Harmy brought him from Strauss! Broad leaves his first ball.

Vic Marks

"You can save two overs if you declare at lunch"
Former Somerset and England off-spinner Vic Marks on TMS

Wicket falls

1534 - WICKET - Prior b Baker 61 - Eng 207-5 (33.5 overs)

12th man Steve Harmison is ready to bring on some fresh gloves (and no doubt some instructions from the captain) as Lionel Baker replaces Nash, and Prior steers a single to leg. Then, there could be a run-out as KP pushes a quick single, a sharp throw from Edwards demolishes the stumps but Prior had made his ground in time. But it's all over for Prior as he aims a huge slog in the general direction of the dancing girls on the mid-wicket boundary and is clean bowled middle stump.

"I am soon going to attempt to teach my four-year-old to play cricket. I was thinking of peppering him with a few "throat balls" and the odd beamer to toughen him up first. I wonder if anyone else has some tips on how to get him started?"
Matt in the TMS inbox
[How to bowl beamers? Have you got Sree Santh's number? MM]

1529 - Eng 203-4 (33 overs)
The singles continue to flow as England reach 200 (to add to their first-innings lead of two runs). CMJ evokes memories of Henry Blofeld by noticing a couple of pigeons, who scatter as more singles bring up the century stand before Prior hooks a single down to long leg.

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"We might as well not set them something daft like 250, we need to win this game, they don't. Get 200 and get them on. So what if we lose, I would rather lose a series 2-0 trying to make it 1-1, than lose a series 1-0 and not even try and force a result."
EnglandMad66 on 606
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1526 - Eng 197-4 (32 overs)
KP sweeps and misses as Nash slings one down the leg side, before he straight-drives for one. The Windies still seem happy to concede a succession of singles, then a lofted sweep from Prior brings another four. The lead is nearly 200, but Andrew Strauss is still in his training kit rather than his whites, so no sign of an early declaration.

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"The first time I've seen any expression of intent from England since the 2005 Ashes"
Aritra in London, via text on 81111

That's 50

1521 - Eng 190-4 (31 overs)

Gayle leaves the field to be replaced by sub fielder Dwayne Bravo. Prior dabs Simmons to third man for a single which takes him to 49, KP nurdles another. Then, Prior reaches his seventh Test fifty from just 39 balls with a delicate single. In fact, there's a single off each ball of the over.

"I wish people would stop moaning on about the state of the pitch and supposed negative tactics from the West Indies. If we were to win the Ashes 1-0 in a similar manner, the same people would no doubt be milking it"
Oliver, London, in the TMS inbox

1516 - Eng 184-4 (30 overs)
As Prior keeps chipping away with singles, KP heaves across the line and misses against Nash. A slower ball is steered to long-on for a single by the former skipper, then Prior cracks another four through extra cover - he's dominated this stand which is already worth 82. He then cover-drives a single to the same region to take his score to 48.

"Shame that Stuart Broad has been complaining how flat the pitches were for the bowlers. Maybe he has forgotten the catches that his team have dropped which could have changed the course of the game. How many catches did they drop this match? Nash on 19 - who else, and how many runs could it have saved them?"
Wayne in the TMS inbox

1512 - Eng 177-4 (29 overs)
A selection of singles from England as Simmons gets a bit of grief from the away fans for taking time out to tie his laces. As someone with possibly the least amount of shoelace-tying competence in the entire universe (and I'm not exaggerating there), I can't have a go at him for that. Five from the over and KP needs some new gloves.

"I have put a small wager on the West Indies. England have to gamble and I reckon the home side can chase pretty much anything over 40 overs. Do I get clapped in irons and led off to the Tower for my treasonous activity?"
Leicester Lad, shamefaced near a bookie, Nottingham, in the TMS inbox[BBC Sport does not endorse gambling, treasonous or otherwise - MM]

1508 - Eng 172-4 (28 overs)
Drinks break over, normal service is resumed as Brendan Nash comes on to bowl some left-arm medium pace but KP blasts him for another four through point, before sweeping from outside off stump down to backward square leg for four. A couple more singles round off Nash's opening over.

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"Switch hit sweep, paddle sweep, forceful sweep... I've got chimney and supermarket in the sweep sweepstake and with KP still in, I'm quietly confident"
Johnsy, via text on 81111

1501: By the way, those of you cursing at Gayle's slow field-setting and remembering Desmond Haynes' go-slow on this ground in 1990 where the over-rate fell to nearly eight overs an hour, I can reassure you that there are still a minimum of 77 overs to be bowled today - only the very unlikely intervention of bad light would prevent that. However, we may only see 62 more overs - as once we reach the last 15, that's when a draw can be agreed if the captains agree there's no possibility of a positive result. (We lose two overs for change of innings).

1459 - Eng 164-4 (27 overs)
Once more, Simmons has everyone except the hobbling Gayle on the boundary for KP. Chanderpaul's back on the field, but a wild throw to the bowler's end hands Pietersen a second run, which KP applauds with his bat. Prior steers a quick single to long-on, the singles keep flowing for both men. Aggers and Sir Viv on TMS think Daren Powell's not looking particularly thrilled at deep square leg, not having been asked to bowl. KP has 68, MP has 37, and it's time for a drinks break.

"KP has passed Alan Knott for 25th on the all-time England runscorers list. Clutching at straws, but I need something to keep me interested."
Reeltime on 606
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1455 - Eng 157-4 (26 overs)
Prior hits Hinds back down the ground for another four, before nudging a single to fine leg. After a couple of singles, Prior spanks another four - and Umpire Harper isn't happy about something Hinds has done. Another brutal pull from the Sussex stumper, who really has his eye in, brings him four more! He has 36 from 27 balls.

"For those that have recorded the racing today and are watching it after work please don't announce any results on your cricket page"
Bob Davies, Kendal, in the TMS inbox
[That's why I merely provide a link - so if you want to find out the results you can, if you don't want to you don't have to - MM]
Live text - Cheltenham Festival, with Oliver Brett

1451 - Eng 143-4 (25 overs)
First change of bowling this morning as Edwards (right-arm fast) is replaced by Lendl Simmons (right-arm medium pace). After a single from Prior, Gayle gets the crowd (or at least the England fans) on his back by taking an absolute age to move the field - even with eight men (everyone but himself) on the boundary. KP shows his frustration before running a swift two to fine leg. Just a couple more singles from the over.

"Is it just me (when a sentence begins in this way, it usually means it is) but do Kevin Pietersen's gloves look almost identical to the new Formula One car produced by Brawn Racing?"
Nick from Pompey in the TMS inbox

1445 - Eng 138-4 (24 overs)
KP paddle-sweeps Hinds for one, Prior keeps the scoreboard ticking and KP repeats the shot. Prior then smartly pulls for four before nicking the strike. He has 21 from 18 balls.

"What odds a spectacular collapse of epic proportions that only an England team can produce, that opens the door for the Windies to walk through and take the series 2-0?"
Owen Warne - hoping for the best, fearing the worst, in the TMS inbox

1440 - Eng 130-4 (23 overs)
A direct challenge to Alistair Watkins' thermostat adjustment [see 1413] is laid down as David "Steino" Ornstein, sat next to me and polishing off his lunch, opens a window. While we await the arrival of the air-conditioning enforcement rapid response unit, Prior dabs a single to being KP back on strike but the former skipper can only help Edwards' slower ball towards fine leg for a leg-bye. Prior rotates the strike well, before Pietersen brutally pulls a single straight to long-on. Prior's first boundary comes with a cross-batted bash past long-off for four. You sense this is his sort of innings. Edwards retaliates with an inswinging yorker but Prior digs it out and it sails through the empty slip region for four!

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"Come on England! Let's spank a quick 200 lead and then go to town with the old cherry. I can feel a glorious win in my bones!"
Stu, Brighton, via text on 81111

That's 50

1435 - Eng 118-4 (22 overs)

Pietersen reaches his 50 with an unorthodox upright sweep for four through square leg, before switch-hit-sweeping a quick single. (Stick with me, KP defies regular terminology sometimes). Prior can't quite get hold of one and only gets a single. But KP switch-hits over Nash's head at deep point and that's another four.

1431 - Eng 108-4 (21 overs)
After a single from Prior, KP backs away as Ramnaresh Sarwan moves back from mid-off to long-off as Edwards runs in. Sarwan holds up a hand in apology. KP punches a single to mid-on, while CMJ MBE informs TMS listeners that Australia have beaten South Africa by 175 runs to clinch their series in Durban. Have rumours of their demise been exaggerated perhaps?
REPORT: Australia clinch series victory

"I agree totally with JM [1357] but look what Fidel Edwards did in the last half-hour last night. He made that wicket look quick! Ultimately, the pitch has been the same for both teams throughout the series and England have won their share of the coin toss. Fact: we just aren't good enough at winning matches"
James, London, in the TMS inbox

1425 - Eng 106-4 (20 overs)
Matt Prior walks in to find five men on the boundary, but he cuts hard at Hinds and a misfield brings him a second run. But then they run a quick single to the agile Lendl Simmons, KP appears to just make his ground at the striker's end but it's referred to the third umpire... and he's in. KP then gets into position for another switch-hit - but Hinds doesn't release the ball! A bit of cat and mouse there?! A delicate leg-glance looks to bring KP another two, but it's signalled as leg-byes.

"Re 1341, how about this for the Ashes team: Strauss, S Taylor (wk), Atkins, Pietersen, Edwards, Flintoff, Gunn, Broad, Swann, Brunt, Guha?"
Denzil from Belgium in the TMS inbox
[Who to captain? Strauss or Edwards? MM]

Wicket falls

1420 - WICKET - Collingwood c & b Hinds 9 - Eng 101-4 (19.1 overs)

Colly tries to lift Hinds through mid-wicket and spoons a return catch to the grateful Hinds.

"Is it just me, or does Amjad Khan look like he could be a reasonable bowler right up until the delivery stride, when he starts to look like a cross between Geoff Boycott's mother, Paul Adams (ex-South Africa) and some bloke who has been persuaded in off the street at a charity match to 'ave a go, mate'? It all goes horribly wrong at the point of delivery. What happened to that vast stock of bowlers we had in 2005 that were all competing for a place in the side and making sure those selected played their hearts out?"
Ian, Brentford, in the TMS inbox

1418 - Eng 101-3 (19 overs)
After a single from Colly, Edwards bangs in a ferocious bouncer which is called as an aerial wide by Umpire Tiffin - to the disgust of former England and Leicestershire pace bowler Aggers, who didn't think it should have been a wide. Pietersen helps another short one to fine leg for a single, Colly jabs another to mid-wicket as Fidel gets a hint of reverse swing. A KP single takes England to 99 as Gayle (nursing his injured hamstring, remember) walks after the ball, and Colly brings up the ton. Vic on TMS thinks England will be looking for a lead of at least 200 by lunch...

Text in your views on 81111

"In a lecture at uni using your mobile site for updates. Hopefully going to be a great start to the week!"
Mike from Edinburgh, via text on 81111
How to get cricket scores and news on your mobile

1413 - Eng 95-3 (18 overs)
My "gaffer" today, Alistair Watkins, adjusts our office's thermostat between overs, but will it heat up for England in Trinidad? KP nudges a single to fine leg, Colly sweeps and misses but they trot through for a bye. They look able to chip away with singles at will, but KP plays and misses when aiming an audacious switch-hit to leg.

"Regarding Monty's fine for excessive appealing - I assume he has referred this decision"
Dave in Ashburn, Virginia, in the TMS inbox

1409 - Eng 91-3 (17 overs)
Fidel Edwards, who produced a rip-snorting bouncer to KP with the last ball of the last over last night, takes the second over of the day. A single from Colly sees the field scatter even deeper, although KP on-drives straight to Gayle at short mid-wicket - the only outfielder within 30 yards of the bat. A cross-batted whack from KP looks destined for four before it takes out the middle stump at the bowler's end - just three more singles from the over. KP has 41, Colly has five.

Jonathan Agnew

"Gayle has positioned himself at slip, presumably because he can't run"
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1404 - Eng 87-3 (16 overs)
Vic Marks on TMS wonders whether England's best chance of winning may be if they get bowled out by lunch with a succession of deliveries which keep low... Cap'n Gayle spreads his field wide (apart from himself at slip) as left-arm spinner Ryan Hinds gets play under way, bowling to Paul Collingwood. He nudges a single, and Kevin Pietersen serves immediate notice of his intention with a forceful sweep for four. A couple of singles rotate the strike - seven from the first over.

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"All England can do is just dangle the carrot for Gayle and see if he takes it, nothing more. It's likely Gayle won't take the bait and this day fizzles out like the rest of this Test match"
Sportsfan87 on 606
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1357: Nearly ready to go in Trinidad. Don't forget, we want to hear your views on the day too - get involved on the e-mails, texts and 606. Or, if horse racing is your bag, you can check out our live text coverage from Oliver Brett, who's swapped his cricket gear for a set of silks and a whip, and is awaiting you in the parade ring...
Live text - Cheltenham Festival, with Oliver Brett

"I cannot believe that one terrible innings is going to cost England the series. The state of the pitches (overall and in the abandoned test match in particular) has been terrible. If cricketing countries like the West Indies want to kill the five-day game (true cricket) then they are going the right way about it. No wonder the younger generation in the Caribbean want to play basketball. Any chance of a plug for my upcoming charity trek to the North Pole [in aid of ChildLine]?"
JM in the TMS inbox
INTERNET LINK: JM's charity fundraising page

1341: ...and in a superb performance in Sydney, England's women beat India by nine wickets in their World Cup match earlier today and have qualified for the Super Six stage. Well done them.
REPORT: England women stroll to India win

1338: And there's more: Andrew Flintoff will rejoin the squad on Tuesday ahead of the ODI series, while Ryan Sidebottom will miss out through injury and will be replaced by Amjad Khan...
REPORT: Flintoff to rejoin England squad

Monty Panesar


Right then - in no particular order, England bowlers Monty Panesar, Amjad Khan and Stuart Broad were summoned to the headmaster's office last night for an audience with match referee Alan Hurst. Monty and Amjad were in the dock for excessive appealing (and celebrating wickets before they were given out) - Monty was fined 25% of his match fee, Amjad got off with a reprimand. Broad was found not guilty of making public criticism of match officials in an interview.
REPORT: Panesar fined for over-appealing

1330: Afternoon, everyone. We're all set for the final day of an oft-criticised Test series - England are 80-3, 82 runs ahead of the West Indies, and all set to come out all guns blazing as it's their only hope of a series-levelling victory.

But before all that, there's been plenty of cricketing news for you to digest - more of that in a minute or so...

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