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Fifth Test day three as it happened

Fifth Test, Trinidad (day three, close):
West Indies 349-4 v England 546-6 dec

A gritty unbroken stand of 146 between Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Brendan Nash took West Indies to 349-4, 197 behind after three days of the final Test.

Resuming 454 adrift at 92-1, they lost run machine Ramnaresh Sarwan (14) who was debutant Amjad Khan's maiden scalp.

Chris Gayle reached his 10th Test ton with a quick single but in doing so injured his hamstring and retired hurt.

The left-handers batted for 52 overs to avoid the follow-on and further dent England hopes of saving the series.


By Mark Mitchener


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2123: Well, we saw 257 runs, three wickets and a retired hurt today - but England will be kicking themselves after dropping Nash so early in his innings. Have a listen to Aggers and Geoff on the podcast tonight, and we'll be back for all the action from day four. If you're back at work tomorrow, don't forget to join us around lunchtime - until then, thank you and good night.

Vic Marks

"We've seen two debutants today - Lendl Simmons and Amjad Khan - and I'm willing to wager that Simmons will play more Test matches"
Vic Marks on TMS

"I dearly hope that nobody has a banner saying 'I missed my wedding for this'. It's not been a great day"
Will Brown in the TMS inbox

Jonathan Agnew

"The West Indies haven't quite closed the door absolutely shut - England will come back tomorrow to try to kick it down. But I wonder whether Monty may have to go to the headmaster's office to see match referee Alan Hurst because of his appealing"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS


2113 - WI 349-4 (109 overs)
Last over - Swann tosses it up to Chanderpaul, with a fifth close catcher prowling around the bat, but the Master of Guyana sees off a maiden over to conclude the day's play.

"Sitting in the Caribbean with a beer and the sun fading behind the stand. Only bad thing is England's bowling attack is as feeble as it comes! The selection of Khan sums it up. At least the Trini Posse provide the only source of entertainment - there is nothing happening on the field of play!"
Rob in Trinidad in the TMS inbox

2110 - WI 349-4 (108 overs)
Aggers and Vic reminisce about hearing the "Who Let The Dogs Out?" song on a previous Windies tour (long before it reached British shores), as Monty brings in a fourth close catcher for Nash - two each side. But Nash on-drives his 12th four, then another ball sails through Prior's legs for more byes (30 now in total) and the follow-on is averted.

2107 - WI 341-4 (107 overs)
Chanderpaul nudges Swann for a single to mid-wicket, then Nash steers a single to the cover boundary, comes back for the second run as Chanderpaul stands still but the throw is made to the wrong (keeper's) end and the Australian-raised Jamaican can safely make his ground at the bowler's end. Not even the addition of a man at backward short leg can ruffle Chanderpaul, who sees off the rest of the over - Windies trail by 205 and two overs to go.

2103 - WI 339-4 (106 overs)
With nine runs needed to avoid the follow-on, Panesar comes round the wicket to Chanderpaul, while Aggers on TMS notices summariser Vic Marks' tight-fitting knee-length shorts. "I've never seen a pair of shorts with so many pockets", Aggers admits, while Vic points out how they useful they are for carrying mobile phones, dictaphones, notepads, pens etc. Chanderpaul guides Monty for a single to wide mid-on, where a weary Broad stops the ball with his foot.

"Shouldn't cricket be made more than five days? It's just ending up in draws the whole time…"
Zac (aged 14) in the TMS inbox

2059 - WI 338-4 (105 overs)
Nash straight-drives Swann, who gets a hand on it and deflects the ball onto the stumps - umpire Harper calls for a replay from the third umpire, but non-striker Chanderpaul hadn't left his crease so there's no drama there. Nash guides a two through mid-wicket, before exquisitely cover-driving for four. Each run he gets must increase the frustration of Strauss after that dropped catch two-and-a-half hours ago. (I accidentally typed "two-and-a-half years ago" - it just feels that long!)

That's 50

2056 - WI 332-4 (104 overs)

Chanderpaul flicks Monty off his legs and comes back for the second run to bring up his 53rd Test fifty. A characteristically nuggety innings, but just what his team needed.

Geoffrey Boycott

"I hope I'm still around to see Monty take up umpiring when he retires. Games could finish quite quickly"
Geoff Boycott on TMS

2053 - WI 330-4 (103 overs)
Boycs on TMS wonders whether an over of "filth" from a part-time bowler might tempt the batsmen into a false shot, but it's still Swann wheeling away to Nash, who has the patience to rival his batting partner and plays out a maiden.

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"Has the innings extras scored more runs than Ian Bell has scored lately?"
Ali, Notts, via text on 81111 [Extras is up to 57 - MM]

2050 - WI 330-4 (102 overs)
Chanderpaul cuts Monty for two down to KP (who appears to have been hiding for most of the day after taking that early catch) at third man. "It's just not working for Panesar", bemoans CMJ MBE on TMS.

2045 - WI 328-4 (101 overs)
Swann goes back over the wicket to Chanderpaul, who dabs a single to short fine leg in a manner which is quickly approaching Groundhog Day for those of us who have watched every ball of his innings. Swanny gets one to turn past Nash's outside edge and Prior can't resist whipping the bails off, even though Nash's back foot was anchored behind the crease. Nash, as if riled by this, blasts a four through the covers - the first boundary for nearly an hour.

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"I can't help feeling that England let a huge opportunity slip. Monty was on a roll, Gayle retired hurt and Chanderpaul can barely walk. Now it really does look like my post early in the text commentary is going to come back to haunt me: it's too close to the truth"
Cricketing_Stargazer on 606
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2044 - WI 323-4 (100 overs)
With the Windies trailing by 223, Chanderpaul dabs a single and then Nash is happy to pad Monty away outside off stump. At least spin at both ends improves the over-rate, I guess - there's not much else to commend this passage of play if you're following England. This pair have been in for nearly three hours.

2041 - WI 322-4 (99 overs)
Swann has a half-hearted lbw appeal against Nash, more in hope than expectation. Maiden over and the batsmen get a drink.

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"Is it only me or is this the dullest series ever? Anyone fancy coming round mine to watch some paint dry?"
The Grifter, via text on 81111
[The Barbados Test, in particular, was a great display of batting - but with only 17 wickets falling in five days, not much of a cricket match - MM]

2037 - WI 322-4 (98 overs)
Boycs on TMS wants Monty to go round the wicket to vary his angle of attack, but the Northants twirler continues his over-the-wicket attack to Chanderpaul. Monty moves his mid-on and mid-wicket back, then Prior trots forward from behind the stumps to offer some advice to his bowler. Chanderpaul paddles a two to long leg and steers another two through the covers, and is looking very much the immovable object who averaged over 100 in 2007 and 2008.

2035 - WI 318-4 (97 overs)
Spin from both ends as Swann replaces Broad, bowling round the wicket to the two left-handers. Chanderpaul sweeps and they scamper a single. Nash effortlessly adds another, then a tidy cover drive from The Crab only brings a single thanks to some good fielding by Anderson (who's back on the field).

Darren Pattinson

"Hi Mark, thanks for the coverage so far. Considering some of the rubbish dished up by Amjad so far I'm wondering why he hasn't got more flak than Darren Pattinson got for what was a reasonably OK debut on Pattinson's part"
Nick in the TMS inbox

2032 - WI 315-4 (96 overs)
Time for some spin - as Panesar replaces Anderson. Chanderpaul and Nash exchange singles, before a misfield by Swann allows Chanderpaul another run - he's on 38.

"I'm pretty sure if Harmy was playing and giving away as many extras as the Danish Man of Kent, everyone would be complaining vigorously by now!"
Mohammed, London, in the TMS inbox
[But Harmison has played 61 Tests, surely you ought to expect more consistency from him than from a debutant? MM]

2027 - WI 312-4 (95 overs)
Anderson walks off the field after that over, with Ian Bell on for more sub-fielding, but Chanderpaul on-drives Broad and they run three while Monty P scampers after it and just prevents the boundary with a diving stop. Nash clips a two off his legs, then a smart stop from Bell turns a likely four into a dot ball.

"Re: Nash - yes, he has batted well, but not as well as Extras ­ an unsung player who really seems to have found his form in this innings"
Brian Quinn, Hungerford, in the TMS inbox

2022 - WI 307-4 (94 overs)
Chanderpaul jabs Anderson into the covers but changes his mind about a quick single as mid-off comes in quickly. A single keeps chipping away at the England lead, reducing it to 239 - we're due to have 15 more overs after this one tonight. Official close of play is 2100 GMT (1700 local time), but they can carry on for another half-hour if they haven't bowled the overs in time.

2018 - WI 306-4 (93 overs)
Broad goes round the wicket to Chanderpaul, whose front-on stance does not prevent him from fending a lifting ball down to his favoured long leg area for a single. Tony Cozier on TMS notes that unlike in Antigua and Barbados, there are many more locals at this Test than travelling England supporters. Nash gets an edge... which drops agonisingly short of Strauss at first slip.

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"Is Nash the most boring and manufactured cricketer ever to play Test cricket?"
Griff, via text on 81111
[If you think his batting's boring, you wait till he comes on to bowl left-arm medium pace a foot outside off stump - MM]

2014 - WI 305-4 (92 overs)
Anderson still looks a little on the poorly side. Chanderpaul nudges a single to long leg for the umpteenth time today, and England are starting to look a little weary in the field.

"Re: 8 March as International Women's Day [see 1830]. Truthfully it's not really 'international' but a Soviet day, and a therefore a celebration in all old USSR states, such as Latvia where I am. This also happens to be undoubtedly the most boring email I've ever written, and that's going some"
Iain, Latvia, in the TMS inbox

2009 - WI 304-4 (91 overs)
With the drinks break over, Broad adjusts the drawstrings on his flannels before running in to Chanderpaul, who steers a single to leg to reach 30.

Sir Viv Richards

"I know Nash is not the most exciting strokeplayer, but he's solid in defence and he's really impressed me"
Sir Viv Richards on TMS

"Excuse my ignorance but what happens if Chris Gayle can play no further part in this test match? Can he be replaced?"
Tom Haylett in the TMS inbox
[They can have a substitute to field for him, but substitutes cannot bat or bowl. Gayle may choose to bat with a runner, though - MM]

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"Re: 1944: I'm-not-looking-or feeling-to-well after reading that either!"
Dan, Essex, via text on 81111

2001 - WI 303-4 (90 overs)
Anderson angles the ball in across left-hander Nash, who shoulders arms at anything he doesn't have to play. A maiden over, West Indies still need 44 more to avoid the follow-on, and Umpire Tiffin waves on the drinks buggy.

Vic Marks

"Unlike in Antigua, Strauss will have to try to seduce the West Indies and give them a chance of winning when he declares in the second innings"
Vic Marks on TMS

1957 - WI 303-4 (89 overs)
The Great Dane takes a rest and Stuart Broad returns - he's bowled well today with just the one wicket of nightwatchman Powell to show for his efforts. The Crab takes one hand off the bat as he guides a comfortable single down to fine leg. Another from Nash brings up the century stand.

1952 - WI 301-4 (88 overs)
Chanderpaul reaches 28 with a single, while Nash is looking very assured at the crease... until I typed that, as he fends at the last ball from Jimmy but withdraws his bat just in time.

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"Good to see Extras not resting on his laurels and pushing on. Could be his highest Test score at this rate"
Gumbootandsinglet on 606
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That's 50

1948 - WI 300-4 (87 overs)

Khan slings in a wild, wide one which sails down the leg side for five wides - then after a single from Chanderpaul, another brutal four from Nash brings up his fourth Test fifty. He's batted well.

1944 - WI 290-4 (86 overs)
The new ball will be shared by the still-not-feeling-too-well-and-not-looking-that-well-either James Anderson, and Nash nudges a leg bye down to fine leg before Chanderpaul dabs a single to the same place.

New ball taken

1939 - SECOND NEW BALL TAKEN - WI 288-4 (85 overs)

England finally take the second new ball, and hand it to the Danish Man of Kent... who promptly bowls a no-ball which Chanderpaul flicks off his legs for four! There was some swing there, though - and The Crab plays and misses at the next ball, inches away from edging it to the slip cordon.

1934 - WI 283-4 (84 overs)
England consider taking the new ball... but don't. Monty sends down a maiden to Nash, who has 46 and has an eye on his fourth Test fifty. As the game appears to be falling away from England, what else can I tell you about 8 March? It's a happy birthday to singer Gary Numan (51) and swimmer David Wilkie (55) amongst others...

That's 50

1930 - WI 283-4 (83 overs)

Strange bowling change as with the new ball available, Swann's off and Khan returns... with the old ball. His first ball raps Nash on the pad, but my first instinct was that it pitched outside leg, and umpire Harper agrees. But the Danish Man of Kent then bangs one in short and wide which Nash carves past gully for four. Aggers informs TMS listeners that he's heard Gayle will bat "only if required". Amjad sends down another no-ball, which brings up Extras' half century.

1924 - WI 277-4 (82 overs)
A rapid Monty over gives West Indies no trouble at all, Nash plunders another single.

"Mark, what's 'French Cricket'?"
Graham, a non French speaker, in Durham, in the TMS inbox
[It's a game where the object of the exercise is to hit the batsman's legs with a tennis ball - MM]
INTERNET LINK: French cricket, as explained by Wikipedia

1921 - WI 276-4 (81 overs)
The second new ball is available... but not taken. Swanny tosses up the old ball, Chanderpaul nudges off his legs but it falls between short leg (Cook) and leg slip. Cook's misery continues as Chanderpaul sweeps and it raps the Essex man on the ankle. A shorter delivery gets the treatment it deserves as Nash slashes another four through third man. A single takes him to 40.

1917 - WI 270-4 (80 overs)
After all that blocking, Chanderpaul finally has a big swing, lifting Monty through midwicket for four before belting a single through the same region.

1914 - WI 265-4 (79 overs)
Nash is finding singles easy to come by against Swann, then Chanderpaul off-drives for a single of his own.

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"I dare say a photographer of the classic game of French cricket might be preferable to a French photographer of cricket. Imagine the shots you could get of batsmen's legs rooted to the ground as a tennis ball hurtles in from the underarm equivalent of Thomson or Fiery Fred!"
Andy in West Acton, via text on 81111

1911 - WI 263-4 (78 overs)
Monty gives it a bit of air, but fails to ensnare The Crab, who steers a single to leg. Nash is more aggressive, cutting a short ball hard through point for four to excite the crowd before nicking the strike again.

"This amount of extras surely shows something about England's fielding? Or at least the inaccuracy of Amjad Khan's bowling! The current record (see 1807) had one extra in every seven runs: England have so far given away one in every five. This has to be a record on its own! We've got no chance of winning the match if we carry on at this rate"
Adam in Knutsford (should be doing coursework that's in for tomorrow, oh well!) in the TMS inbox

1908 - WI 257-4 (77 overs)
Anderson is off the field again, so Amjad Khan is limbering up in anticipation of the second new ball as Swann wheels away with the old sphere. Chanderpaul helps a quicker ball down to Shah at long leg for a single.

1903 - WI 256-4 (76 overs)
Chanderpaul nudges a single off his legs to the first ball after tea, and Nash square-cuts Monty for four to bring up the half century stand.

1901: We're ready to go again - and the Montster is ready to resume proceedings.


A sandwich


An update on Chris Gayle - it's definitely a hamstring strain, he may be needed to bat but will have a scan tomorrow. Time for a sandwich - and have a listen to Aggers and the French cricket photographer...

1842 - WI 251-4 (75 overs)
Swann to float in the last over before tea... but Nash digs in for the interval and that's another maiden. England could certainly do with calming down a bit on the appeals front, as Matt Prior has a chat with Umpire Tiffin as the players walk off, but it's been another closely-fought session.

1839 - WI 251-4 (74 overs)
Monty has a huge lbw shout against Nash, that's got to be close... but Umpire Tiffin is again unmoved, despite Monty bouncing up and down like Tigger on a particularly excitable day. Hawk-Eye reckons it would have hit middle and leg stump, halfway up. Nash steers the ball away for two to bring up the 250 for West Indies, then pinches the strike.

Jonathan Agnew

"Monty is rather like a mad professor's robot, who he puts together and lets go for the first time - he's all arms and legs everywhere"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1836 - WI 248-4 (73 overs)
Finally, the two spin twins are united as the out-of-sorts Anderson is replaced by Swann, who bowls round the wicket to the two lefties. Aggers is preparing to speak during the tea interval to a French cricket photographer (that is to say, a cricket photographer who happens to be French - not a photographer who exclusively covers French cricket). Sir Viv shows off his knowledge of some French Caribbean patois phrases as Swanny sails through a rapid maiden over. Bon.

1833 - WI 248-4 (72 overs)
Nash dabs Monty for a double, then England think they've got another bat-pad catch... but umpire Harper shakes his head. Monty is really in danger here of getting in trouble for excessive appealing.

1830 - WI 246-4 (71 overs)
CMJ MBE points out that although Anderson's not feeling well, he's taking an age to get through his over. A single apiece for the two batsmen, and I'm reliably informed that it's International Women's Day today - which may be the reason why the TV cameraman is giving plenty of coverage to various pretty ladies watching the cricket. Either that, or Nash and Chanderpaul are boring him.

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"What about proportion of extras in a total? This has got to be pretty high up!"
Laurie in Manchester, struggling with the gold standard, via text on 81111

1826 - DROPPED CATCH - WI 244-4 (70 overs)
Back on the field, Strauss rotates the bowlers, but we're still yet to see the two spinners operating in tandem as Panesar replaces Swann. Chanderpaul reaches double figures with a single off his 53rd delivery, then Nash tries to flick Monty off his legs to Cook at short leg and they all go up but it came off his thigh pad. But when Nash comes forward to the next ball, it hits pad and then bat but Strauss can't hang on at silly point. That has to go down as a drop I'm afraid, skip...

"Whether or not England concede 100 extras here (see Sean at 1758), clearly the all time records of extras conceded (76) and byes conceded (37) are under serious threat"
Andrew in Sheffield (just in from a blizzard this fine Spring afternoon) in the TMS inbox

1822 - WI 243-4 (69 overs)
With the home side needing 105 more to avoid the follow-on, Chanderpaul shoulders arms against Jimmy before guiding the last ball of the over for a single.

"England need to stop fooling around with all these different bowlers e.g. Khan, Pattison, Harmison. Why don't they just look to Simon Jones when he is back fit and raring to go, 40 wickets in nine games on your return from serious knee injuries, I would like to see one of these bowlers do that!"
Joe the Irish Cricket Fan, in the TMS inbox

1817 - WI 242-4 (68 overs)
Chanderpaul helps a wide delivery from Swann down the leg side for a single, Nash (as ever) is more watchful. Strauss, who took a blow to the ankle in that over, leaves the field at the end of the over - leaving unofficial/official vice-captain Alastair Cook in temporary charge and Ian Bell on for some sub-fielding.

Sir Viv Richards

"Gayle's pulled hamstring has opened up the gates for England, as we've got two relatively new batsmen in now"
West Indies legend Sir Viv Richards on TMS

1814 - WI 241-4 (67 overs)
Anderson looks like he could do with a haircut as it's starting to curl as it reaches his collar. Nash fends one off which shoots between the slips for four. With a gap between first slip and second-and-a-half/third slip, Anderson finds the edge again and it goes agonisingly wide of Cap'n Strauss at first for four more.

"I have huge sympathy for Chris Gayle and his hamstring. I tore a muscle in my shoulder playing rugby and it was the most painful thing I've ever experienced"
Pete, wincing in Norfolk, in the TMS inbox

1810 - WI 233-4 (66 overs)
A rapid maiden from Swann to Chanderpaul, nothing doing.

1807 - WI 233-4 (65 overs)
A double bowling change as Anderson returns in place of Khan, Nash steers a single off his legs and Monty's bullet throw from fine leg hits the stumps! But Chanderpaul was well in. He nudges a similar single off his hip, and Anderson - who had time off the field earlier today with an upset stomach - doesn't look too happy with life.

Meanwhile, with 49 extras so far in this innings, my "gaffer" today, Ian Westbrook, has been searching out some stats about extras, and the most conceded by England in an innings is 64 against South Africa who made 682-6 declared at Lord's in 2003. The all-time record is 76 in Pakistan's 537 against India in Bangalore in December 2007.

1802 - WI 231-4 (64 overs)
With two left-handers in, England withdraw the Montster and bring off-spinner Swann back to turn the ball away from the two southpaws. Chanderpaul is back on the defensive, and plays out a maiden.

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"I feel for Prior here. Doubtless we're now going to get 'Prior's a useless WK, bring in Davies, Foster, Ambrose, Read or another English wicketkeeper' when in fact even the best would struggle against some of the wild stuff Khan's been bowling and the way Monty's arm ball is so wayward"
Yorker_129-7 on 606
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1758 - WI 231-4 (63 overs)
Nash prods at Khan and steers it past the slips for four - and it looks like he's broken his bat. During the delay, Radio 4 LW listeners are whisked off for the Shipping Forecast.

Text in your views on 81111

"Are England going to be the first team to concede 100 extra runs?"
Sean, Wales, via text on 81111

1753 - WI 227-4 (62 overs)
Umpire Harper has a word with what CMJ describes as a "penitent-looking" Andrew Strauss, as the England fielders did celebrate that last "incident" a bit too excitedly. Nash dabs a single to square leg, The Crab turns him off his legs to short fine leg to rotate the strike and Nash then off-drives for one.

"Hats off to the Aussies. They are not down for long. We should have sent the hierarchy of England to Australia and kept the hard men. We'd have been world beaters"
Michael Sellers, Leeds, in the TMS inbox

1749 - WI 224-4 (61 overs)
First ball after the drinks break is outside off stump, Chanderpaul misses the ball but hits the ground with his bat, Prior catches the ball and the Danish Man of Kent is off wildly celebrating the "catch" with his team-mates before it's pointed out that The Crab is standing his ground and was not out. Vic and CMJ on TMS wonder whether Amjad might be summoned by match referee Alan Hurst for his over-exuberance there. Frustrated, he sends down another no-ball, while the TMS team wonder whether his bowling action may occasionally need looking at - even though it's never been questioned in his many years in county cricket.

"I would love to inform you that there is widespread hysteria among the people of Denmark surrounding Khan's debut... but there just isn't!"
Matt in Copenhagen, in the TMS inbox

1742 - WI 223-4 (60 overs)
Nash has made a bit of a name for himself in this series as a capable blocker (and a downright boring bowler in my opinion, but we'll leave that until England bat again) - he gets forward well to Monty, then despatches a bad ball with a square cut which just about reaches the boundary. Geoff Boycott points out that Gayle may be in danger of missing the Indian Premier League through injury for the second sucessive year. Gayle's bank manager can't be pleased at that prospect. And as the players take drinks, we reach the halfway point in the match.

1738 - WI 219-4 (59 overs)
A brief delay for Amjad while a bail blows off, and makeshift umpire Kevin Pietersen uses Chanderpaul's bat to bash the stumps in harder. Umpire Tiffin isn't happy though, and rearranges the entire set of stumps himself. Reports from the Windies indicate Gayle has damaged his right hamstring. ("The way he fields, I wouldn't think those hamstrings get stretched very much - that run was the quickest he's run in this series" comments an unsympathetic G Boycott). The Danish Man of Kent bangs in another wide one down the leg side which is signalled as four more byes - extras are up to 48 (including 26 byes). Another loose delivery is flicked through the legs of KP at leg slip for four by Chanderpaul.

"I think probably the key trick for writing 3,000 word essays in French when you're quite lazy is to use a lot of informal rhetorical question forms such as 'Bien alors, Qu'est-ce que c'est, que ca veut dire?' - that's 12 words for the four you'd use in English. Repeat is a few times and you're half way there before you and you can treat yourself to the first pastis of the day"
Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox

1732 - WI 211-4 (58 overs)
New batsman is the left-handed Brendan Nash, and his first ball is a waist-high legside full toss which he swishes at and misses, and it sails away for four more byes. Another one creeps under Nash's bat and it goes between keeper Prior's legs for four more byes. That's 22 byes in this innings already - wonder if Tiny Tim has noticed... And with nowt off the bat, that's a wicket maiden for Monty!

Referral - out
Wicket falls

1727 - WICKET - Simmons lbw b Panesar 24 - WI 203-4 (57.1 overs)

And it's out, so Windies lose a referral, and Simmons' Test debut innings is over. Umpire Tiffin's decision is upheld, and the predictive element of Hawk-Eye reckons it would have hit the middle of middle stump.

Referral - waiting for verdict

1726 - WI 203-3 or 203-4 (57.1 overs)

Monty traps Simmons lbw... or does he? Time for a referral, and over to third umpire Aleem Dar..

1725 - WI 203-3 (57 overs)
Buoyed by that successful bit of fielding in the last over, the Danish Man of Kent is back on for Broad. JL is now trying to claim his previous comment was "off the record", before leaving the office to go and shut a nearby stable door long after that particular horse bolted. Amjad fires in a full toss at Chanderpaul, who can only pat it back, then a wild delivery down the leg side sails away for five wides - even a leg slip might have struggled to get that one.

"Re: 1511 and Paul pronouncing Ole to rhyme with 'rule'. I think that may be Derbyshire dialect, as my Danish wife confirms that Ole rhymes with 'roller'"
Roger in Denmark in the TMS inbox

1718 - WI 198-3 (56 overs)
Simmons paddle-sweeps Monty for two down to the Danish Man of Kent at long leg. My match-report colleague Jamie Lillywhite observes that Amjad's throw back over the stumps is a lot more accurate than his bowling sometimes has been... Harsh, very harsh, JL.

1716 - WI 196-3 (55 overs)
As is his habit, Chanderpaul takes guard against Broad and then bangs a bail into the crease to mark his spot. Thankfully for England, his fellow bail-tamperer Sarwan (also from Guyana) is back in the hutch. The Crab sees off a maiden over - Broad has splendid figures of 15-6-33-1.

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"I suspect Gayle will come back, if needed, after Hinds or Ramdin..."
Shivfan on 606
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1711 - WI 196-3 (54 overs)
Now, it's Monty back into the attack from the Brian Lara Pavilion End against Chanderpaul - who may be even more crab-like than normal, as he suffered a groin strain while fielding in the England innings. He's off the mark with a push through the covers.

Geoffrey Boycott

"West Indies keep giving England a sniff of the game here - Gayle gets his hundred but that risky single has forced him off, and England have a new batsman to bowl at. Why run a risky single just because you're on 99?"
Former Yorkshire and England opener Geoff Boycott on TMS

1708 - WI 195-3 (53 overs)
The over finally concludes as Simmons is hit on the pad, but it was going down leg.

He's retired hurt

1706 - Gayle retired hurt 100 - WI 195-3 (52.5 overs)

The physio signals furiously to the Windies dressing-room - for a runner? No, it looks like Gayle's retiring hurt, as here comes Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Bring On The Crab!

He's reached 100

1703 - WI 195-3 (52.5 overs)

With Anderson off the field, Broad is shouldering England's seam bowling burden marvellously, but he can't stop another Gayle drive crashing through the covers for four. The Jamaican now has 99. He pushes a quick single to leg, a misfield by Owais Shah allows the run to be completed, but it looks like Gayle's pulled a muscle or a hamstring or something as he collapses to the turf before rather gingerly getting to his feet to take the applause for his 10th Test century. That's the 14th century of the series - six for West Indies, eight for England. The Windies physio scampers on, and we're going to have a delay here.

1659 - WI 190-3 (52 overs)
A beautifully cover-driven four from Gayle has the crowd on their feet, including the dancing girls on the boundary. He then walks through for a single when he guides Swann off his legs. Simmons paddle-sweeps for two to fine leg, where the Danish Man of Kent is a little quicker on his feet than the over before lunch, having been bawled at by Swann before the interval. Swann then hits Simmons on his front pad, there's a big appeal... it's not out, and for once Hawk-Eye agrees with Mr Tiffin as it suggests the ball was spinning past leg stump.

"Re 1454: 'Man of Kent' - East Kent, or Cantia or Cent, was a Jutish kingdom from about the 5th Century AD, the Jutes originating from Jutland, or modern mainland Denmark. So it's not too far of a reach to call Khan a Danish Man of Kent! Though there probably weren't that many Khans in Denmark in the 5th Century; that would probably not occur until the eastward expansion of what we know as the Vikings into Russia in the 9th Century, and the mixing of peoples from that region into northern Europe"
Paul Bradley, Flagstaff, AZ, in the TMS inbox

1655 - WI 183-3 (51 overs)
Broad keeps it on the straight and narrow against Gayle, who works another single, while Simmons defends well but fails to pierce the infield in an over not entirely dissimilar to the last over... until he carves the last ball past backward point for two.

Text in your views on 81111

"Re: 1544 - Calling Amjad a Danish Kentish Man would make you sound like you'd been on the cooking sherry"
TC, in Pimlico, in the pub, via text on 81111

1651 - WI 180-3 (50 overs)
Swann to continue from the Pavilion End, and Gayle dabs another single, but Simmons can't beat the prowling Montster who is now ensconced at mid-wicket.

"Re 1552: I'm glad I'm not the only one who's being distracted from serious study by your missives, I've got a few weeks to write three essays of 3,000 words each... in French. Unfortunately my work thus far today has been hampered by an inability to stop hammering F5 every few minutes. I'm not even able to admit defeat and go down the pub to watch it, as I'm stuck in a small town in rural Normandy where cricket is an exotic mystery! Keep up the good work!"
Tim, Pont-Audemer, in the TMS inbox
[I spent a year in France as part of my degree course and had to write my entire dissertation in French, so I don't see why anyone else should get off lightly - MM]

1647 - WI 179-3 (49 overs)
Jimmy Anderson's off the field with an upset stomach (and no, you're not getting a graphic to represent that), so Bopara gets another sub-fielding stint. Broad replaces Anderson on the bowling front, and a single takes Gayle to 88. He's been more of a careful accumulator than the Chris Gayle we know and love so far today - but it's been mightily effective. Simmons works Broad off his legs and they run three as Ravi B gives chase.

"Re: Mark in Italy [1519]; I am from Nailsea and was at the T20 match in the crowd last summer. I would like to thank you for the update on the old lady's health - I did wonder if she recovered or not!"
Jo (now in Cambridge) in the TMS inbox

1641: Here come the players - Sir Viv Richards on TMS is already predicting a long future in international cricket for Lendl Simmons.

1638: As we wait for the resumption, I have to admit that I owe a debt of thanks relating to my recent West Indies trip. Howard Tobias, take a bow - for his safe hands on the square leg boundary held a catch in our tour group's social game at Wanderers CC just outside Bridgetown last Tuesday, which gave me my first overseas wicket. (It was quite possibly the worst over I've ever bowled, a succession of grenade-like full tosses). But we won the match - possibly the only English cricket victory on this tour so far...

A Danish Canary?
Danish Kaneria

"Tim (1527) has just reminded me that I once saw Sky Sports News subtitles refer to Danish Kaneria as 'Danish Canary'. Surely a misplaced reference to former Norwich striker David Nielsen?"
James, Norwich fan in Newport, in the TMS inbox


1604: Don't forget, have a listen to TMS during the interval for Aggers and ICC general manager David Richardson - if you're quick, you can always send in a question to - while we take a break.

1602 - WI 176-3 (48 overs)
Swann finds some turn past Gayle's outside edge, and the skipper is then rapped on the pad which brings an appeal from keeper and slip, but not the bowler. Gayle tries to give himself room outside off stump, it runs past slip and they manage three as Khan picks the ball up just inside the third man boundary. Somehow, Swann is angry with Amjad for allowing two to become three - and is just as angry next ball as Colly allows Simmons to take two when there was clearly only a single there. So Swanny's not a happy bunny, but that's lunch after an intriguing session of play.

"I think Martin [1514] should be told about the wonders of the Alt and Tab keyboard combo. This'll enable him to switch between open browser windows and press F5 to his hearts content. Time to power-off that second PC, Martin (you'll get some environmentally friendly karma points under your belt in the process)"
Cen in the TMS inbox

Jonathan Agnew

"I can't believe Monty - he's got an arm ball now, and I've even seen him sledge batsmen twice!"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1557 - WI 171-3 (47 overs)
Gayle steers Jimmy for two through the covers, then a single to the point boundary. Simmons is very much playing for lunch here.

Omari Banks

"I played with Omari Banks once. He played in the Leicestershire League for a few weeks and rocked up one Wednesday night to play in the the hit and giggle evening league. Unfortunate thing was he wasn't down to play and you couldn't really tell a West Indian Test cricketer he wasn't in the side so someone had to gracefully pull out. For the record he absolutely won the game single-handedly"
A hit and giggle Leicestershire cricketer in the TMS inbox

Vic Marks

"This has been an interesting session - England have got two wickets and might have got more, the spinners have bowled pretty well"
Former Somerset and England off-spinner Vic Marks on TMS

1552 - WI 168-3 (46 overs)
As predicted by VJ Marks, Panesar is replaced by Swann, who'll have another trundle before lunch. Gayle and Simmons exchange singles, while another dabbed single from Gayle brings up their fifty partnership off 81 balls.

"I'm sitting here typing up my history coursework whilst refreshing, ever sentence or so, to see what's going on! Thanks, as always, for brilliant coverage... and come on Monty, let's see you nick your deserved place back in the Test squad!"
Manny in the TMS inbox

1549 - WI 165-3 (45 overs)
Gayle turns Jimmy for a single off his legs, while Vic Marks on TMS reveals the canny art of how a spin bowler can gently persuade an umpire with successive appeals, rather than jumping up and down every time like Monty P does. Simmons continues to look resolute - the face of his bat looks so red (with plenty of red leather ball impact in the middle of the face) that he could use it to mop up in a slaughterhouse and not see it discoloured any further. Anderson gets one to swing (too far?) as Simmons is hit on the pad, although Hawk-Eye suggests it may have clipped the leg stump by a fraction.

Get involved on 606

"Just sit back and watch the best bowler in England spin England to victory - come on Monty"
Steelebacks on 606
Join the debate on 606

1544 - WI 164-3 (44 overs)
After a single from Gayle (repeat ad infinitum), Simmons whips Panesar through mid-wicket for four and is looking more and more assured at this level by the minute.

"Re 1454: 'Man of Kent' is a title reserved for those born in Kent east of the River Medway, as opposed to the 'Kentish Men' who were born west of it. Amjad was born very, very north east of the river, so I'm not sure what title he should take?"
Jon, Man of Kent in Leicester in the TMS inbox
[I am aware of the distinction - being a Kentish Man by birth myself, born in Farnborough - and as Denmark is east of Kent, that's why I call Amjad the Danish Man of Kent! MM]

1541 - WI 159-3 (43 overs)
Jimmy gets one to keep low against Gayle, which shoots low past the stumps. But young Mr Simmons' defensive technique looks immaculate so far, just one single from the over and Khan leaves the field for some reason or another - sub fielder Ravi Bopara is on.

Text in your views on 81111

"Ah, Phil Simmons [see 1459] was loved down Leicestershire way, years in the doldrums then he arrived as our overseas player, whacked 200-odd on debut and we became world-beaters for a few years and won two Championships. That was ever such a long time ago"
The Fox, via text on 81111

1537 - WI 158-3 (42 overs)
After yet another Gayle single, Simmons guides Monty off his legs for two before an attractive cover drive brings him three more. Gayle rotates the strike, then a leaping, bouncing lbw appeal from Monty is turned down by umpire Tiffin... it looked close but replays show it hit Simmons' bat first.

And TMS producer Adam Mountford has asked me to remind you that ICC general manager David Richardson will be joining Jonathan Agnew during the lunch interval and will be talking about current issues such as security, umpire referrals and the use of technology in cricket. To put your questions to him, please e-mail the team at - lunch is at 1600 GMT.

1532 - WI 151-3 (41 overs)
Change of bowling as James Anderson replaces Khan, but another careful steer by Gayle to a wide one brings him four more through third man and reduces the England lead to under 400. The Jamaican then dabs a quick single into the covers.

Omari Banks

"With reference to Omari Banks - do Carnforth want him back? He was at Somerset last season and the biggest waste of a place in the Twenty20 you could ever imagine. Lord Geoffrey of Boycott's mother sounds like a better option, given the glowing report she got during the Barbados Test"
Rob, Taunton, in the TMS inbox

1527 - WI 146-3 (40 overs)
Gayle cuts Panesar for two out of the rough, then steers a single to long-on - one of only two men on the leg side for the left-hander.

"Am I the first person to realise that the spinner Kaneria was in fact the first 'Danish' born person to play Test cricket?"
Tim in the TMS inbox[Groan - MM]

1523 - WI 143-3 (39 overs)
Gayle tries to flick Khan off his hip and it disappears for four leg-byes. After another no-ball, Strauss inserts a leg slip, but a single takes Gayle to 66. Khan, with a mane of dark hair, is all arms and legs as he runs in, and Simmons finally has his first Test runs as he steers a four through third man.

1519 - WI 133-3 (38 overs)
Monty has a slip, a silly point and a man at my favoured Reasonably Short Extra Cover position for Gayle, who has 60. But a shorter delivery is brutally hammered through cover point by the Windies skipper, who blasts a single through the same region. And the Omari Banks floodgates appear to have opened in the TMS inbox...

Omari Banks

"In response to Mark Holmes [1421], we had Omari Banks as our overseas at Hinckley when he was 18. He arrived as a pace bowler duly got tonked and switched to offspin! Two or three years later and he was playing Test cricket as an off-spinner! He now can't get a game at Somerset so I'd imagine a recall to the Windies team is a long way off!" Andy in the TMS inbox
"Last season, my cricket club, Nailsea, hosted a T20 game with a Somerset XI as part of Marcus Trescothick's testimonial (I think). Omari Banks played for the Somerset side and hit the hardest and flattest six I have ever seen straight into the crowd. Unfortunately, some old dear wasn't paying enough attention and it conked her straight on the head! She spent a couple of days in hospital, but was alright in the end!" Mark, Bologna, Italy, in the TMS inbox

1514 - WI 128-3 (37 overs)
Khan continues from the Northern End but sends down another no-ball. Simmons is not deceived by the Danish Man of Kent's slower ball, but is still yet to open his account.

"I'm very kindly stuck in work until 6pm, currently sat with you on one PC and Miss Cheese on the other, frantically pressing F5. Tendulkar was awesome this morning, it was a treat!"
Martin in the TMS inbox
Live text - FA Cup, with Caroline Cheese

1511 - WI 127-3 (36 overs)
Players take the first official drinks break of the day. Having played in a social cricket match in Barbados last Tuesday (and more of that later), I can now understand why spontaneous "unofficial" drinks breaks seem to happen as often as possible. When play resumes, Gayle gets his customary single before Simmons pads Monty away, still looking for his first Test run. Simmons sweeps, but is still on nought as a leg-bye is signalled. Monty has an lbw appeal off the final delivery but Gayle has taken a big stride down the pitch and it hit him just outside off stump.

"Ole Mortensen (Ole pronounced to rhyme with 'rule'), was coach of Denmark, so probably has coached Amjad Khan. Ole, known to almost everybody at the County Ground as Stan, was one of the most popular cricketers we have had in recent years. Despite being born in Denmark he was in the best tradition of Derbyshire bowlers, lively fast medium and hated batsmen and giving runs away"
Paul in the TMS inbox

1505 - WI 125-3 (35 overs)
The extras are totting up as Khan oversteps for a no-ball and then a slower delivery has Prior squirming behind the stumps as he fails to gather it cleanly and he concedes four more byes. With Tiny Tim Ambrose having kept well in Barbados, no doubt the England wicketkeeping debate will be up and running again... After a single takes Gayle to 59, Simmons has to duck a short ball, while Khan is full of chat today, and Aggers on TMS wonders whether he's been coached by another famous Danish seamer, ex-Derbyshire man Ole Mortensen ("as he always had plenty of chat in him"). I wonder whether he aspires to the "pantomime villain" persona of Andre Nel...

Text in your views on 81111

"Monty seems like a changed man; varied bowling, reliable fielding. I predict a second innings century for the Montster"
Simon in Leeds, via text on 81111

1459 - WI 119-3 (34 overs)
Gayle steers Monty for a single, Simmons comes forward well to smother the spin. What else can I tell you about the new man? He's 24, he'll have the locals excited as he was born in Port-of-Spain and is the nephew of ex-Windies player Phil Simmons. He's played eight ODIs and one Twenty20 international, and has been called up after scoring stacks of runs for Trinidad & Tobago.
INTERNET LINK: Lendl Simmons' career records on Cricinfo

"We've dropped Sarwan. Series to West Indies. Wait a minute, Amjad's got him lbw! England back in the series. Gotta love Test cricket, just gotta love it!"
DC1 in the TMS inbox

1457 - WI 118-3 (33 overs)
Debutant Lendl Simmons is the new batsman - he's the 273rd Test player for the Windies. His first ball is down the leg side, but that doesn't stop Khan giving the right-hander a bit of chat before he walks back.

Wicket falls

1454 - WICKET - Sarwan lbw b Khan 14 - WI 118-3 (32.4 overs)

Interesting move from England - Broad (after four straight maidens) is replaced by debutant Amjad Khan, who sent down four expensive overs yesterday including a spate of no-balls. Gayle steers a single, and Sarwan dabs a two down to third man. But then the Danish Man of Kent has his first Test wicket when he thuds one into Sarwan's pads and after an agonising wait, Daryl Harper raises his finger. Khan is the most delighted man on the field, Colly is possibly the most relieved.

Text in your views on 81111

"Omari Banks [see 1421] now plays for Somerset, he doesn't count as overseas because he was born in Anguilla, a British protectorate. He barely played any first-class games last season though, mainly limited overs"
Mark, Oxford , via text on 81111
[The first ever Anguillan first-class cricketer, of course, being former Hampshire hero Cardigan Connor - MM]

1449 - DROPPED CATCH - WI 115-2 (32 overs)
More impressive variation from Monty. After a single from Gayle, he finds Sarwan's edge as he prods forward but the usually reliable safe hands of Paul Collingwood at slip drops a dolly of a chance. Monty can't believe it, he's down on his hands and knees. Poor Monty.

1445 - WI 114-2 (31 overs)
Another astonishing stop from the Montster at cover point! Broad once more keeps it accurate against Sarwan, and that's four maidens on the trot for the tall Notts seamer.

"It strikes me that the referral system means umpires don't even bother looking anymore. Sarwan should be out!"
Andrew in the TMS inbox

1440 - WI 114-2 (30 overs)
Is this the same Monty as before? He's mixing up his pace of delivery well and Sarwan doesn't seem to quite know what to expect, although he picks up a two and a single. Unfortunately, when he flights the last ball of the over down Gayle's leg side, Prior misses it and it sails away for four byes.

1437 - WI 107-2 (29 overs)
Broad keeps it tight against Gayle as he sends down his third consecutive maiden over, which has Sir Viv Richards on TMS purring.

Get involved on 606

"With so much negativism among their so-called supporters, is it any wonder that the England team lack confidence? 241 to save the follow-on. Moan when the Windies are 347-3 before tea"
Cricketing_Stargazer on 606
Join the debate on 606

1434 - WI 107-2 (28 overs)
Big lbw shout from the Montster, but England may rue their lack of referrals... Hawk-Eye suggests it would have hit Sarwan's leg stump, and the reprieved right-hander then tickles a two to third man.

1432 - WI 105-2 (27 overs)
A sprawling stop by Paul Collingwood denies Gayle a single against Broad, and England look sharp in the field this morning as another maiden ensues.

"Boycott has been banging on about the England team being in the 'comfort zone' and so not having to "battle" for their place in the team, which is fair enough, I understand what he is talking about. BUT most of the TMS team have said that Andrew Straus has relaxed now he is 'assured' of his place (as captain) and is definitely playing better for it. Can Geoffrey square these two opposing viewpoints?"
Andi in Devon, in the TMS inbox

Monty Panesar

1428 - WI 105-2 (26 overs)

With Swann expensive this morning (and Sarwan having taking a liking to him in previous Tests), England turn to Monty Panesar for the first time today and he spins in a rapid maiden over to Sarwan.

1425 - WI 105-2 (25 overs)
Gayle is watchful against Broad who sends down a maiden, while CMJ brings TMS listeners up to date with today's other international matches - India beat New Zealand in a high-scoring ODI in Christchurch, while Australia's Phillip Hughes has just scored his second century of their Test against South Africa, and Mark Davies and Gareth Batty were among the wickets for the England Lions against New Zealand.
REPORT: Tendulkar steers India to victory South Africa v Australia scorecard New Zealand A v England Lions socrecard

1421 - WI 105-2 (24 overs)
A single from Gayle brings Sarwan on strike - I watched Sarwan's 291 in Barbados and he looked in excellent nick. He's quickly off the mark with a three through the covers. Gayle rotates the strike, and Sarwan clubs Swann past mid-on for his first boundary.

Omari Banks

"My club is Carnforth in the Northern Premier League, we had Omari Banks as pro in 2006 and it is difficult to understand how he doesn't get in the West Indies squads anymore. Does anyone have any thoughts?"
Mark Holmes in the TMS inbox
[Didn't see Omari in the West Indies, although the England fans certainly enriched his namesake's brewery's profits - MM]

1417 - WI 96-2 (23 overs)
New batsman Ramnaresh Sarwan defends his first ball.

Jonathan Agnew

"When Monty fields in the covers, he bounds around and he's quite like Derek Randall until the ball actually comes to him"
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS

Out for a duck

1415 - WICKET - Powell c Pietersen b Broad 0 - WI 96-2 (22.5 overs)

Vic Marks on TMS recalls listening to some live jazz last night. As the guy on the Fast Show might say, "Nice. Really nice." Meanwhile, Broad, face smeared with white sun cream, switches to bowling round the wicket against Gayle, who flashes at one outside off stump and it trickles between the slips and point for three. Powell prods into the covers and to the astonishment of Aggers and Vic, he is kept back in his crease by the panther-like Monty Panesar in the unfamiliar position of cover point! Stunned, when the next delivery comes he can only fend a short ball away from his body and it pops up invitingly for Kevin Pietersen at gully!

That's 50

1410 - WI 93-1 (22 overs)

Looks like there are plenty of people still queuing to get into the ground as Swann continues, bowling round the wicket to the left-handed Gayle, who reaches his 31st Test fifty with a gentle single through the covers.

"So this is the match that will send a signal to the Aussies. Will we terrify them by bowling out the Windies on a flat pitch or will they be laughing at us for failing yet again to bowl them out?"
Andy Robertson in the TMS inbox

1407 - WI 92-1 (21 overs)
Can Stuart Broad knock nightwatchman Daren Powell over? Powell certainly showed his "hanging around" skills at the Antigua Recreation Ground. There's a rather optimistic lbw appeal for one which hits Powell above the knee-roll, outside off stump, and ump Daryl Harper shakes his head. Another maiden.

Meanwhile, if you didn't hear "Sportsweek" on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning, chief selector Geoff Miller hinted very strongly that Andrew Strauss will retain the England captaincy for this summer's Ashes. Given that his batting average seems to sky-rocket with the captaincy, it may be no bad thing.
REPORT: Strauss favoured for Ashes role

1403 - WI 92-1 (20 overs)
As the remnants of the Barmy Army (many of them headed home after Barbados - all the flights appeared to be packed) belt out their daily rendition of "Jerusalem", off-spinner Graeme Swann takes the first over of the day for England, and Chris Gayle defiantly pads the first ball away. The last ball sees Alastair Cook claim a bat-pad catch at short leg, but umpire Russell Tiffin correctly surmises it was all pad and no bat - England "burned" both of their referrals for this innings yesterday in any case. Maiden over.

1357: Nearly ready to go. Don't forget, this live text wouldn't be the same without your input - so do get involved on 606 as Livecricketdave has below, e-mail (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), or text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word - to distinguish them from all the football texts flooding in for Miss Cheese).

Get involved on 606

"Hopefully the pitch starts to show wear. I'm presuming long stints for Swann and Panesar today. Hopefully the boys can do it!"
Lifecricketdave on 606
Join the debate on 606

1352: The TMS crew are up and running - Aggers has some interesting thoughts on yesterday's play, including the future of Owais Shah at number three...
Jonathan Agnew's verdict on day two

1345: As ever, it's the usual feast of live sport here on the BBC this afternoon - Arsenal have just kicked off against Burnley in the FA Cup quarter-finals, and Caroline Cheese will be your genial guide to that game and the later clash between Everton and Middlesbrough. Feel free to pop over for a look - play starts in Trinidad at 1400 GMT (or 1000 local time - thankfully I'm just about over the jet-lag).
Live text - FA Cup, with Caroline Cheese

1335: Afternoon, everyone. After enjoying three weeks on holiday in the Windies (watching the abandoned Test and the rearranged Test in Antigua, plus the run-fest in Barbados), it's back to the pleasure of your company on the live text front. I say "holiday", as the TMS Blog from that fateful Friday the 13th at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium will attest...
TMS BLOG: What I did in my "holidays", aka a fan's eye view of the 10-ball Test in Antigua

Anyway, the match situation after two days of play in Trinidad is that West Indies are 92-1 in reply to England's 546-6 declared. Windies captain Chris Gayle is at the crease, along with nightwatchman Daren Powell.

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