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Page last updated at 22:42 GMT, Friday, 6 February 2009

WI v England: First Test day three as it happened

First Test, Kingston (day three, close):
West Indies 352-7 v England 318

West Indies edged 34 runs ahead after closing day three of the first Test with England at Sabina Park on 352-7.

Skipper Chris Gayle, reprieved after a referral on 85, made his first Test ton on his home Jamaica turf and shared 202 with Ramnaresh Sarwan who struck 107.

Stuart Broad took two wickets in three balls shortly before lunch and added the key scalp of Shivnarine Chanderpaul for 20 shortly before the tea interval.

But Brendan Nash shared 66 with Denesh Ramdin and finished unbeaten on 47.


By Mark Mitchener

e-mail (with 'For Mark Mitchener' in the subject), text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word) or use 606. (Not all contributions can be used)

2238: Well, that's it for day three. Not a classic, but interesting at different times for different reasons. And we've had a lot of debate, particularly about the referrals system (with the odd bit about Monopoly) - if you want to continue the referral debate (as I'm sure you will), take a look at 606.
Debate referrals (and everything else) on 606

Do have a listen to Aggers and Geoff on the podcast - I can reveal that Pranav Soneji will be in the live text chair tomorrow, I'll be back for day five. Until then, take care (especially in the snow) and make sure you're back to join Pranav tomorrow.
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2230 - WI 352-7 (144 overs)
Big Benn gets a nick between keeper Prior and first slip Collingwood and it shoots through for four. Boycs on TMS thinks Colly is standing too wide and should have caught it. Benn survives the over and West Indies finish the day with a lead of 34.

2228 - WI 348-7 (143 overs)
Nash trots through for a leg-bye, while Benn steers a single off Harmy's last ball. The Barmy Army sing a rather tired version of "Jerusalem" - and we have just one over to go now.

Text in your views on 81111
"That Schrodinger's Cat link has given me a headache!"
Dynamo from Derby, via text on 81111
[Quantum mechanics isn't really my favourite subject on a Friday night either - MM]

2223 - WI 346-7 (142 overs)
The Montster has four men around the bat for Big Benn. Monty appeals when the ball spoons into the hands of Bell at short leg, but replays show it came off Benn's ribs. BB then handsomely straight-drives Panesar for four.

"I'm a cricket convert, but I my passion is rugby. In the case of a rugby try, the referee has the option to go to cameras, but only if he unsure. Otherwise his decision stands, right or wrong. It works in rugby and the referee's decision is never undermined. It should be the same in cricket"
Paul Hills in Gdynia, Poland, in the TMS inbox

2219 - WI 342-7 (141 overs)
The 6ft 7ins figure of Sulieman Benn lopes to the crease - he's another left-hander, and averages 11 in his firs three Tests with a highest score of 28. "Big Benn" is well beaten outside off stump by Harmy, but clips the last ball off his legs to get off the mark.

Wicket falls
2215 - WICKET - Taylor lbw b Harmison 8 - WI (140.1 overs)
Taylor offers no stroke to Harmison - there's an appeal for lbw - and for the first time today, we see Rudi's "slow finger of death"! The right decision, but close enough to make you wonder if Taylor considered referring it...

2214 - WI 341-6 (140 overs)
Will Taylor try to attack the Montster in the evening sunshine? No, just one gentle single from the over.

"Mark, re: my 2042 comment about playing against Chanderpaul, several members of the team have complained that I didn't mention the name of our cricket club, so unless you mention Maddogs cricket club of Greenwich, Connecticut, USA I will refer your decision to the third umpire"
Richard Knight in the TMS inbox [OK - but I hope if I'm ever in Connecticut, that you'll give me a game?! Can't promise I'll stay at the crease as long as Chanderpaul, though - MM]

2211 - WI 340-6 (139 overs)
Harmison replaces the tiring Sidebottom, and he goes round the wicket to the southpaw Nash, who lets a couple go outside off stump. Maiden over.

Geoffrey Boycott
"I think England have won the first two sessions comfortably, but the evening session is edging towards West Indies"
Geoff Boycott on TMS

2206 - WI 340-6 (138 overs)
England are looking seriously tired here as Nash and Taylor exchange singles, before Nash cover-drives and the tumbling, flaxen-haired Broad dives to cut off a four. A single takes him to 47 (off a mind-numbing 135 balls).

"If we keep this run rate down, perhaps we may get a wicket 'fell asleep through boredom'."
Doug in the TMS inbox

2202 - WI 335-6 (137 overs)
As we approach the scheduled close of play (but carry on to try to get the overs in, can Sidey whittle Taylor out? Not when he has a big mow and smashes a four over mid-off, he can't...

"When the drinks cart came on to the pitch, was sent off by the umpire and then came back on fairly soon, did the operative refer that decision to the video umpire?"
Roger in Denmark in the TMS inbox

2157 - WI 331-6 (136 overs)
Nash sweeps Monty from outside off stump, and with no fine leg, that'll be four. Monty then hits Nash on the pad, jumps up and down to appeal, and with no referrals left, he can't do anything but hang his head when umpire Hill shakes his head. Nash steers the last ball away and they run two.

2154 - WI 325-6 (135 overs)
Nash is looking increasingly immovable, prodding another single. Taylor, by contrast, looks like he wants to bat like West Indian fast bowlers traditionally used to bat (entertainingly), although he curiously goes for a long walk out to square leg between each delivery, the way Chris Tavare used to. Very strange. And we still technically have nine more overs to get in.

Vic Marks
Tony Cozier
"Tony Cozier and Vic Marks both wondered if Gayle was in or out whilst waiting for his referral to be ruled on by Daryl Harper. They were both very very perplexed, but that is because Gayle's position is a paradox. The answer of course is that, like Schrodinger's cat, Chris Gayle is both in and out until the ruling is made. He is not simply either in or out, but both in and out at the same time"
Norman, Cambridge, in the TMS inbox
INTERNET LINK: Schrodinger's cat - as explained by Wikipedia

2149 - WI 324-6 (134 overs)
Nash turns Monty off his legs for a single, a superb tumbling stop and tracer-bullet throw to the stumps by Pietersen in the deep earns applause from the other England fielders (and Colly does a "money" mime, referring to this morning's IPL auction, which amuses KP). Taylor has a massive swing at Monty and it flies off the edge for two, the big paceman is then beaten all ends up from Monty - who suddenly "looks dangerous", according to Aggers.

2147 - WI 321-6 (133 overs)
Sidey replaces Broad as Strauss rotates his pace bowlers, a single from Nash brings Taylor on strike. Despite that ton in NZ, Taylor averages just 16.66 with the bat in Tests (and just 13.98 in first-class cricket). Sidey screams an lbw appeal - rightly turned down by Rudi Koertzen - and once more kicks the turf in frustration.

"Re 2033 - The problem with giving to umpires the option of referral is that every lbw decision should be referred as there is always some doubt. Nothing would make an umpire look more foolish than being too stubborn to refer a debatable decision, only to later be proved wrong by Hawk-Eye, and the idea of giving umpires two referral opportunities is just patronising"
John, Surrey, in the TMS inbox

2142 - WI 320-6 (132 overs)
New batsman is pace bowler Jerome Taylor - and if you didn't hear about it, England fans may groan to hear he has a Test century (against New Zealand in December). Taylor plays back, defensively, and there's a long appeal from England for lbw (although it pitched outside leg). Umpire Hill shakes his head.

Wicket falls
Monty Panesar
2138 - WICKET - Ramdin c Collingwood b Panesar 35 - WI 320-6 (131.4 overs)
Nash turns Monty off his legs for a single. But then Monty finally makes the breakthrough when Ramdin edges to Colly at slip!

"Re: Anonymous, 2028, 'If cricket was chess, this would be it'. What, really quite dull to watch?"
Milo, Cambridge, in the TMS inbox

2135 - WI 319-5 (131 overs)
"One of the shots of the day" (according to CMJ MBE on TMS) appropriately gives West Indies a narrow lead as Ramdin gets up on his toes to pull Broad through mid-wicket for a rare boundary. Then Broad thumbs his nose in frustration as he beats Ramdin's outside edge with one that keeps quite low.

Get involved on 606
"Bring on KP, Bell anyone. They might try to go after him at least. Panesar is killing me. I don't doubt his commitment but it just isn't happening."
roadrunner on 606
Join the debate on 606

2131 - WI 315-5 (130 overs)
Nash finally middles one as he carves Monty through the covers, but Sidey gives chase and they just run two.

"Re: 2010 - Strauss should try the Jardine tactic on Harmison. If Jardine thought Larwood was a bit under par, he used to tell him he was flighting the ball well. That got Harold going!"
David Wallace, snowy Toledo, in the TMS inbox

2128 - WI 313-5 (129 overs)
Nash cuts Broad, and a slight misfield by Cook allows a single to break the deadlock. Ramdin misses with an attempted hook shot but just ducks his head out of the way in time.

"Re: 3rd Umpire [1908] The introduction of technology will only amplify the decisions of the man in the middle- the best umpires will be those with the least overturned decisions. Which umpire would want to have all his decisions reversed in front of millions of viewers?"
Rank1, Pietermaritzburg (KP's home town!) in the TMS inbox

2124 - WI 312-5 (128 overs)
Monty sends down another rapid maiden to Nash, who has taken 108 balls to score 30. Now, I'm a cricket purist, but this go-slow is beginning to try even my patience a little...

"Please stop the referral system, it's simply (and in every way) not cricket. Come on Mark, surely you have the authority to put an end to this insanity?!"
Joe McLusky in the TMS inbox
[I wish I had some kind of autocratic power over world cricket - slow over-rates would be in my sights early on! MM]

2121 - WI 312-5 (127 overs)
Nash swings and misses at Broad, but shoulders arms at a couple outside off stump. Another maiden.

"Loz in Cambridge (1937). Even in these enlightened times of lightly regulated opening hours I'm a little surprised to hear that the pubs in Cambridge are open at 4am. Round here in rural Worcestershire we're lucky to still get a drink after midnight"
Pete from Kempsey, Worcester, in the TMS inbox

2117 - WI 312-5 (126 overs)
England have a bat-pad appeal when Nash pops one off his pad to Cook at silly point, but umpire Hill rightly shakes his head. West Indies advance the score with a couple of singles - they trail by six now.

"Must you post all of these relentlessly negative contributions regarding the referrals? Just because England have not used it well (the second unsuccessful today was a joke) it must therefore be a rubbish system. It does not take that long and it means we get consistency and correct decisions. Cricket is about the players, not the umpires, and thus this is a good system for ensuring fairness. It is a five-day game so an extra 15 minutes is not a problem, what a load of moaners"
Alex, Edinburgh, in the TMS inbox
[As ever, I've merely tried to reflect a cross-section of opinion - MM]

2114 - WI 310-5 (125 overs)
Come on, surely it's time for a bit of Broad magic... Nash shoulders arms at a couple outside off stump, and sub fielder Anderson finally departs at the end of the (maiden) over as Harmison returns.

"Here's an idea, prompted by OSJ's comment (1924). The third umpire should only change the decision made by the on-field umpire if the replay CLEARLY shows the decision to be wrong. It there's some doubt, it's not quite clear, the angle isn't right… the decision on the field stands. That way the authority of the field umpire is preserved a bit more. That's the way they do it in American Football when a call is challenged, and it generally works OK"
Dave P in the TMS inbox

2110 - WI 310-5 (124 overs)
Monty has changed ends to replace Flintoff, but Ramdin and Nash keep the score ticking over with singles which reduce England's lead to single figures.

"Re: Goony (1700) & David (1901) there is a refresher for Internet Explorer called yrefresher. I use it at home a lot for TMS live texts"
Pete, Greenbelt, Maryland (USA) in the TMS inbox

2104 - WI 308-5 (123 overs)
Broad replaces Monty and Nash prods another single. Ramdin's hit on the pad, Broad appeals, but Rudi K signals a leg-bye as the batsmen trot through. The egregious golf buggy is finally allowed on to dispense drinks at the end of the over.

Get involved on 606
"Windies will be about 140 ahead, and England will be at least three down before reaching level par. Gayle and co. are not as daft as the press have predicted. A draw - or a very unlikely win for WI - seems the order of the day."
spogliadoo on 606
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2058 - WI 306-5 (122 overs)
Flintoff's contribution today can't be overstated - he's only taken one wicket today (Sarwan) but he has been economical and has been easily England's main wicket-taking threat throughout. After a single from Nash, Ramdin square-cuts and they run three to bring up the fifty stand. Nash jabs another single, and the West Indies have England's total of 318 in their sights. Fred makes a good low stop, the drinks cart (which resembles a golf buggy) comes on at the end of the over and is sent off again by the umpires, as are two ground staff!

"For me, the best way to win Monopoly [see earlier] is to get the dark blues, the train stations, the utilities, the browns and the reds!"
Fiona, in a freezing cold Edinburgh, in the TMS inbox

2052 - WI 301-5 (121 overs - I accidentally typed "rovers" first time round, probably still thinking about the 'dogs' e-mail from 1829)
Ramdin steers Monty for two through the covers, then a quickly-run single brings up 300 for the Windies. Nash jabs a single past short leg, while Boycs on TMS isn't happy with England's over-rate.

2050 - WI 297-5 (120 overs)
After a single from Ramdin, Flintoff resumes his duel with Nash - third man is now back on the fence. But Freddie keeps it tight, and Nash defends his stumps.

Text in your views on 81111
"Why do we persist with Monty? I know on continental pitches spin is a must, but what are your thoughts on a four paceman and Flintoff attack, surely at home it would make us a real force at home? And would allow for the likes of Anderson to have off days, very much enjoying your coverage as ever, making us forget about the snow outside"
Dane and James in Leeds, via text on 81111
[Whether you're a Monty fan or not, surely going into a Test with five pace bowlers (four plus Flintoff) and no front-line spinner is just asking for trouble? Even at home? MM]

2045 - WI 296-5 (119 overs)
Monty wheels away against Ramdin - just a single off the last ball. Nothing else happens that is worth reporting.

"The way to win at Monopoly [see earlier], much like in life, is to be the banker and to exercise sleight-of-hand"
Shep, beginning to wonder if the corridor outside will take spin, in the TMS inbox
[But isn't it the actions of bankers which have contributed to this whole credit crunch in the first place? MM]

2042 - WI 295-5 (118 overs)
Strauss tinkers with his field, Michael Vaughan-style, as Flintoff goes round the wicket to the left-handed Nash. He digs in a short one, Nash takes evasive action and helps it over the slips for four! Cook retreats to short third man - effectively a deep-lying "fly slip". Another uppercut sails over Cook and it's another four!

"I actually played against Chanderpaul two years ago in Florida - he was out for 70-something, caught in the covers off our Japanese bowler. Japan's first ever Test wicket? He didn't look very happy after he got out. He also bowled seven wicketless overs... nice guy though, hung around for a beer and told us some funny stories about Chris Gayle's dress sense"
Richard Knight in the TMS inbox

2036 - WI 287-5 (117 overs)
Ramdin drives Monty into the off side, but he can't beat Flintoff at short extra cover. A flatter delivery sees Ramdin rock back and carve it through the infield for two.

Vic Marks
"It's been a stalemate since tea - but we've got Panesar back on now, he hasn't bowled at Ramdin now but one wicket could make all the difference for him"
Former Somerset and England off-spinner Vic Marks on TMS

2033 - WI 285-5 (116 overs)
Sidey's off after a rather unthreatening spell, Flintoff returns and immediately bangs one in which has Ramdin ducking for cover. The keeper turns a single to substitute fielder James Anderson, who's on for Sidey. I thought the ICC was supposed to have cracked down on all this "fielders popping off the field for quick breaks when they're not injured" business? Nash square-drives Fred for two, then has to duck a bouncer which Prior takes smartly down the leg side. This stand is now worth 31.

"'Pre-referral' days, I was all for technology to make the game more just. However, now that it has happened I can't believe how cynical the game has become. I agree with Athers that it should be the umpire's decision to choose to refer if they are uncertain. This way the players are completely untrusting of the umpires decision... it's just not cricket!"
Edward, Cumbria, in the TMS inbox

2028 - WI 282-5 (115 overs)
Ramdin tickles Harmy for a single off his legs, Nash ducks a bouncer and then nudges another single. Ramdin tucks another single backward of square leg, and this is starting to feel like the middle overs of an ODI with no powerplays, which never finishes... and in which no-one hits any fours...

Text in your views on 81111
"This could be a pivotal session. Two quick wickets, advantage England. 50 runs for no wicket, advantage WI. If cricket was chess this would be it"
Anonymous, via text on 81111

2023 - WI 279-5 (114 overs)
Sidey kicks the ground in frustration ("Angus Fraser-style", says Aggers) after Nash plays and misses. Another maiden. Yet again.

"Referring to Brendan Nash as the 'first white man to play for West Indies since Geoff Greenidge' is incorrect. He is in fact of mixed race, and the 'first white man...' business has actually caused a bit of a fuss in the Caribbean"
Tim, Maidenhead, in the TMS inbox

2018 - WI 279-5 (113 overs)
Harmison's new over is greeted with a huge blast from a nearby lorry's air horn (which sounds like an "Old Wild West" train like the one at Disneyland). Ramdin trots through for a leg-bye, Nash nudges a single to leg.

"I have seen fresher students spending their student grants with more prudence than Andrew Strauss and his big fancy referrals"
Graeme, Peterborough, in the TMS inbox

2014 - WI 277-5 (112 overs)
A half-hearted (well, three-quarters-hearted) lbw appeal against Nash by Sidey as it hits the left-hander on the knee-roll. Sidey responds by slinging in a bouncer that barely hits the cut strip, but astonishingly it isn't signalled as a wide. England may be relieved - they still have to bowl another 32 overs after this one, unless we go off for bad light before then. But curiously, when everyone thinks we've had six deliveries, umpire Hill keeps them out for a seventh (despite not having signalled that wide). The extra delivery finds the edge of Nash's bat... and sails between the slip fielders for two runs. Poor Sidey.

Text in your views on 81111
"Have we not noticed that this a slow, dead pitch that is difficult to score on, and also a very very slow outfield. Give the players a break. Not good for Test cricket though. Not the players' fault"
Rob Stamp, Andover, via text on 81111

2010 - WI 275-5 (111 overs)
Harmy continues, which is a slightly strange decision as he's probably been the least effective of the four pace bowlers today. His pace is right down, the last ball trundling in at 79mph, but he has the consolation of a maiden over.

"Typical! I just sent you an email which commented on our tidy but unfulfilled bowling, and what do we do? Go and get a blinking wicket! Typical!"
Carole in Maidenhead in the TMS inbox
[And some of you dare to suggest I'm responsible for the occasional "commentator's curse" - MM]

2005 - WI 275-5 (110 overs)
The first ball after tea, bowled by Sidey (on for Broad), is flicked off his legs for a single by Nash. Ramdin adds a couple, he already has 16. Not sure why Broad was taken off, unless he's changing ends. Which he's not.

"Roger in Denmark (1810) raises an important issue for umpires, but how long before we begin getting stats on bowlers' and batsmen's referral averages? Knowing who is a 'lucky' bowler will begin to influence which referrals are requested"
John Starbuck, Huddersfield-in-the-Snow, in the TMS inbox


Get involved on 606
"Can I repeat what I posted four hours ago? 'I think we need to see Broad take some wickets. I am a massive fan, but his average just isn't good enough. He really needs a five-for today!' Come on Broad!"
HatStephens on 606
Join the debate on 606

1941 - WI 271-5 (109 overs)
Another single from Nash, and Ramdin is the crowd's new hero as a textbook off-drive from the Trinidadian wicketkeeper brings another four off Harmy! He blocks the last ball - and that's tea. Windies are still 47 behind. We had 47 runs and two wickets in that session. Do stay tuned to TMS who will be discussing the referral trial with the ICC's Doug Cowie.

"Hey Mark, don't you think this 'referral' system takes away the controversy? Everyone knows us Test viewers love a good old disagreement! Enjoy the Test, wish I was in that mini-pool!"
James, a bored law student, in the TMS inbox
[So do I - pitchside pools in Caribbean heat certainly beat BBC TV Centre offices in snowy weather - MM]

1937 - WI 266-5 (108 overs)
I can tell you that "Goldenarm" Broad's previous Test-best figures were 3-44 (against South Africa at the Oval last August), so one more wicket and this will be a career-best for him. But after a single from Nash, Ramdin continues his positive approach by blasting another off-driven four.

Text in your views on 81111
"Re: Gareth 1518. I have no sympathy. You rowers see getting up at 4am in winter and spending two hours on the river in lycra as fun! I prefer the comfort of the pub"
Loz, Cambridge, via text on 81111
[When I was at school, it was great fun for us cricketers to wind up the rowers simply by referring to them as "rowers". They demanded to be called "oarsmen" (and women) - MM]

1933 - WI 261-5 (107 overs)
Now, with the obdurate Chanderpaul gone, how long will it take England to run through the last five wickets? Nash and Ramdin plunder Harmison for a single and a two respectively.

1929 - WI 258-5 (106 overs)
New batsman Denesh Ramdin wastes no time in cracking Broad for a cover-driven four off his first ball!

Wicket falls
Referral - out
1926 - WICKET - Chanderpaul lbw b Broad 20 - WI 254-5 (105.4 overs)
And... he's out! So Chanderpaul goes, West Indies lose a referral (and have just one remaining) - Broad has struck again!

Referral - waiting for verdict
1924 - WI 254-4 (105.4 overs)
Sidey is replaced by Broad, who made that double breakthrough just before lunch. Nash guides a two to long leg and then a single - then, Chanderpaul is rapped on the knee-roll of the pad by Broad and given out - but he opts to use a referral!

"If this referral system carries on then it is only time before a one day match becomes a test match in itself. Very similar to the Super Bowl which has a couple of minutes of play and a few hours of lots of people talking to each other"
OSJ, waiting for another wicket to go and then not go, Rutland, in the TMS inbox

1921 - WI 251-4 (105 overs)
Time for a change of bowling as the Montster is replaced by Steve Harmison - but still with the old ball. Oddly, after two deliveries with the old ball, the second new ball is taken. Go figure that one. Harmy then strays down the leg side, but England appeal for a catch behind. Rudi K keeps his "slow finger of death" behind his back, shakes his head, and although England have no referrals left, replays indicate it was a good decision as it brushed his thigh pad. Umpteenth maiden of the day.

"Did I hear correctly or did I just here the commentators suggest that Chanderpaul hit the ball past a 'Diving Bell' on the pitch? Does this not get in the way of the cricket?"
Phil Sparrow in the TMS inbox

1915 - WI 251-4 (104 overs)
Nash nudges Sidey off his legs for a single to bring up the 250, Colly dabs one through mid-wicket.

Text in your views on 81111
"Can we stop attacking England? They've been far from flawless today, anyone can see that, but let's stop criticising. There are some good things about this session. Look at Freddie's figures and the number of maidens we've bowled! Back off!"
Miki in Barnet, via text on 81111

1911 - WI 249-4 (103 overs)
Some rare aggression by Chanderpaul as he slog-sweeps Monty high into the air and it lands just short of the the mid-wicket fence for four!

"Re: Joe (1518), I've just finished rowing in a race on the River Cam. Two and a half kilometres in the freezing cold, snow covered wastes, only to suffer a barrage of snow from a bunch of kids on a footbridge on the way back!"
Gareth, Cambridge, in the TMS inbox

1908 - WI 245-4 (102 overs)
The crab-like Chanderpaul scuttles along to 15 with a single. Sidey appeals for lbw against Nash (who offers no stroke), umpire Hill shakes his head and England have no referrals left. Thankfully, Hawk-Eye agrees with Hill that it was going wide.

"Where is the incentive for aspiring umpires to become members of the Elite Panel when the referral system means that Rudi and his colleagues are effectively standing in the middle counting to six and watching for no-balls or wides? The former could be done by the scorers and the details displayed on the scoreboard and all other decisions adjudicated be the Third Umpire via his array of screens"
Gary Marshall, Billericay, in the TMS inbox

1904 - WI 244-4 (101 overs)
Another rapid maiden from Monty, nothing doing from Nash. Strauss and Freddie have a chat - what can they do to break the deadlock?

Get involved on 606
"A couple more wickets and all the good work from Sarwan and Gayle could be undone. Chanderpaul does score at an excruciating rate though... There's putting a price on your wicket, and then there's the Chanderpaul style of putting a price on your wicket!"
kooliomix3 on 606
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1901 - WI 244-4 (100 overs)
Chanderpaul is compared to "a long-playing record" by CMJ MBE on TMS - it's fair to say that while today's play may appeal to the Test purist, apart from that volley of sixes from Gayle on the way to his hundred there hasn't been a lot to excite the likes of Sir Allen Stanford. If he finds Test cricket "boring", there won't have been much today to change his mind. Sidey sends down another maiden.

"Re: Goony (1700). If you have Firefox, get the ReloadEvery extension, then you won't have to keep pressing F5 all day - the browser will refresh automatically. If you're using IE, I believe there's a similar add-on, but I don't know what it's called I'm afraid"
David Morley in the TMS inbox

1846 - WI 244-4 (99 overs)
Still no new ball being taken as Nash defends well against Monty, and is then denied runs by a great stop at mid-on by Flintoff. Maiden over.

"Can we refer the English cricket team for being distinctly average?"
Thomas in the TMS inbox

1854 - WI 244-4 (98 overs)
It's two left-handed batsmen facing two left-arm bowlers as Sidebottom replaces Flintoff. Chanderpaul prods a couple off the back foot to take his score to 14.

Text in your views on 81111
"Is it too soon to call for KP to be reinstated as captain? I think two days is plenty for Strauss to have proved his worth"
Barry, Poole, via text on 81111

1850 - WI 242-4 (97 overs)
Monty continues to twirl away, but Nash manages to rotate the strike with a single. Chanderpaul has scored just nine runs from his first 56 balls, but a lovely shot gets him into double figures - a firm cut past cover point and they run three. Then, Nash pops a bat-pad chance into the air - replays show it's off the pad but the tumbling, helmeted Alastair Cook at silly point can't quite take the catch diving sideways onto the pitch.

"Another disappointing England bowling performance! Is it time to bring back Hoggard and Jones or should be blood some of the young guns? Discuss!"
Matt, Surbiton, in the TMS inbox

Jonathan Agnew
Geoffrey Boycott
1843 - WI 238-4 (96 overs)
Chanderpaul flicks Flintoff off his hips for a couple, taking on Monty P's throw from long leg and making his ground safely. Meanwhile, Boycs and Aggers debate the merits of green tea. Don't forget to listen to the pair of them on the TMS Podcast after each day's play (though I can't promise they'll still be talking about green tea by then!).
Download (or subscribe to) the TMS Podcast

"The referrals seem to be going down as well as the 'ODI substitute' test we had a few years ago - remember that? Ridiculous rule which was binned, as should the referrals"
James the Geophysicist, in the TMS inbox
[If you remember, it was brought in at the same time as powerplays, which have stayed in the ODI laws, in 2005 - MM]

1838 - WI 236-4 (95 overs)
Monty is now bowling over the wicket to the two left-handers - it's another maiden but he's still wicketless, with figures of 27-10-76-0. When's tea then? Not for another hour...

Text in your views on 81111
"The way to win Monopoly has to be to get the [light] blues, really cheap to build hotels and the rent puts some nice change in your pocket"
Harry in Leicester, via text on 81111

1836 - WI 236-4 (94 overs)
The left-handed Nash is off the mark with a single to mid-off - while Aggers reveals he heard a few complaints yesterday from some England fans who were confined to one stand, weren't allowed to leave that stand (even though it doesn't get any sun and the ground's far from full) and were told that they couldn't leave the ground and come back in without paying for a second time to get in. They weren't allowed in the pitchside pool either. Ulp! Shades of the 2007 World Cup?

"To spice up the referral process who about calling them Super 'Owzzats with massive PA system 'Owzzats to accompany them?"
Craig, in snowy Sevenoaks, in the TMS inbox

1831 - WI 235-4 (93 overs)
Panesar tosses it up to Chanderpaul, with four close fielders (two on each side). Another maiden, I can't remember seeing so many in a session in a Test.

1829 - WI 235-4 (92 overs)
Vic on TMS thinks Panesar deserves some credit for that wicket, having helped "bottle up" the Windies since lunch... the new batsman is Brendan Nash, born in Australia to Jamaican parents. He's the first white man to play for the Windies since Geoff Greenidge in 1973, and sees off a wicket maiden from Freddie.
Feature: Windies switch pays off for Nash

Dog #1, serial pitch-invader from Dambulla
"Re Tim 1636 - POW WOW? That sounds like its very dog related? Although a new approach could be that upon the call of POW WOW they could then blast 'Who Let The Dogs Out' over the speakers, let a few mutts lose and who ever catches the dog first gets 10 runs?"
Mark in the TMS inbox[Well, I can see it working in Dambulla, Sri Lanka, where Dog #1, Dog #2 and others regularly ran on the pitch during England's ODIs there just over a year ago - MM]
Sri Lanka v England from 2007: The dogs go wild in Dambulla

Wicket falls
1824 - WICKET - Sarwan b Flintoff 107 - WI 235-4 (91.2 overs)
Fred continues to keep it tight against Sarwan - then when Sarwan tries to cut, he chops it onto his stumps! Fred raises his hands high in relief as a marvellous spell brings its reward.

1822 - WI 235-3 (91 overs)
Vic Marks on TMS reckons that referral should be put down to Paul Collingwood, who was stood at slip and advised Strauss to use the referral. Chanderpaul continues to use pads rather than bat, but that's another maiden over. Monty doesn't look happy - but Hawk-Eye thinks it would have gone over the stumps.

Referral - not out
1820 - WI 235-3 (90.3 overs)
The referral is rejected - so England have used up their referrals for this innings.

Referral - waiting for verdict
1819 - WI 235-3 (90.3 overs)
Chanderpaul pads Monty away again, offering no shot, but even Monty's appeal doesn't sound convinced. Then there's another, stronger, lbw shout - Rudi K shakes his head - but England go for a referral!

1817 - WI 235-3 (90 overs)
Sarwan pushes Flintoff off his hips, but it's another maiden for Freddie - who has superb figures of 20-8-37-1.

"Forget the comparisons of Stuart Broad and Glenn McGrath - I hope he turns into a modern-day Derek Shackleton. He was so consistent that legend has it when he was bowling half volleys and getting hit one day, he realized something was wrong… so they re-measured the pitch and it was a yard short. These youngsters could learn a lot from the old guard… true professionals"
Ben in the TMS inbox[Hear hear - MM]

1813 - WI 235-3 (89 overs)
Broad leaves the field as Monty begins a fresh over to Chanderpaul - but a low full toss is comfortably despatched back past the bowler for four. Shiv then pads one away which is well wide of off stump.

Text in your views on 81111
"So as soon as Chanderpaul is out they should all collapse. That will be sometime never then"
Chris S, Felixstowe, via text on 81111

1810 - WI 231-3 (88 overs)
Flintoff replaces Broad - Fred bowled a magnificent economical spell if you weren't with us earlier. He keeps it tight against Chanderpaul, who prods a single through the vacant mid-off area. And an interesting piece of news from Gloucestershire - their hopes of signing New Zealand pace bowler Kyle Mills have been dashed as they had agreed to sign him as long as he wasn't signed up by the IPL. Which he was.

"Under the referral system, will umpires be assessed by how many of their original decisions prove to be correct or otherwise. If they are seen to make several errors will they be removed from Test duty? Tony Hill seems to be minus at the moment"
Roger in Denmark in the TMS inbox

1805 - WI 230-3 (87 overs)
Monty tries to bewitch Sarwan but only succeeds in tossing up another maiden.

"I just wonder whether the new referral system makes a mockery of all the cricketing records - a for instance: how many of Shane Warne's wickets would have stood up under referral? How many of Brian Lara's great innings would have been ended by a referral? Presumably the records will have to be noted to be 'pre-referral' or 'post-referral'"
Steven Ferguson in the TMS inbox
[And, as several others have pointed out, what if Michael Kasprowicz had referred the last ball of the second Test in 2005, when TV replays may have shown his hand coming off his bat? MM]

1803 - WI 230-3 (86 overs)
While R4 LW listeners get the Shipping Forecast (is it as snowy at sea as it is in the UK?), CMJ MBE welcomes "enlightened digital listeners" who can stay with TMS via Five Live Sports Extra, the BBC Sport website and the Red Button. Sarwan knocks Broad away for a couple off his hip, before a shorter delivery is pulled through square leg for a single.
How to listen to TMS

Text in your views on 81111
"If the IPL has a version of Monopoly, would KP and Fred be Mayfair and Park Lane?"
Warren, Surbiton, via text on 81111

1758 - WI 227-3 (85 overs)
Chanderpaul doubles his score with a single prodded into the leg side, then Monty gets one to turn sharply at Sarwan who gets an edge which flies just out of the reach of Bell at silly point. He pinches the strike with a single.

"I know Kaka ended up not going to Man City for £500,000 a week, but for the same money as seven weeks of the Brazilian genius, at today's prices, allowing for the exchange rate, Mark Hughes could have had Pietersen, Flintoff, Ryder, Mortaza, Ashrafal, Dwayne Smith, Shah, Mills, Fidel Edwards and Jerome Taylor, with enough change left for a night out with Sir Alex. Not sure who the back four would be, but Flintoff and Pietersen up front would be lethal"
Richard T in the TMS inbox

1755 - WI 225-3 (84 overs)
Chanderpaul is off the mark with a forward push for one past Broad that breaks the succession of maiden overs.

"One of the benefits of the referral system might be that it will encourage batsmen to walk when they know they've edged it and are out - there's plenty of players who have been guilty of it and once they realise its harder to get away with they'll start to walk"
Thomas Moffatt, Douglas, Isle of Man, in the TMS inbox

1752 - WI 224-3 (83 overs)
For a man on 103 not out, Sarwan doesn't look entirely comfortable against Monty P, while a suspicion of an arm ball from MSP has CMJ MBE on TMS purring. Another maiden!

1750 - WI 224-3 (82 overs)
A pearler from Broad draws Chanderpaul in, but England still can't find the edge. Chanderpaul eventually makes contact when he squirts one safely towards gully. Three maidens since lunch!

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"First objective on this particular Monopoly board is to get rid of Chanderpaul!"
FleetJackHobbs on 606
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1746 - WI 224-3 (81 overs)
England now have a second new ball available, but will continue with the Montster, who gets some more turn against Sarwan. We have both "bail-tamperers" in now - both Sarwan and Chanderpaul (who both hail from Guyana) favour the method of banging a bail into the popping crease to mark their spot. Monty delivers a rapid maiden over.

1744 - WI 224-3 (80 overs)
Chanderpaul plays a very ugly shot to the first ball after lunch, rather like a baseball player trying to lay down a bunt and drop the ball at his feet, and nearly plays on! Aggers and Viv on TMS agree it would have been his worst dismissal in Test cricket if it had hit. But Broad continues to persevere, and Chanderpaul - whose stance is now "even more front-on than Peter Willey", according to Willey's ex-Leicestershire team-mate Aggers - sees off the rest of the over, which is a maiden.

Jonathan Agnew
"If Chanderpaul gets in, you can really see him getting his head down and batting for as long as he can - England will need more than a stick of gelignite to get him out"
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1738: We're nearly ready to resume. Can England get Chanderpaul early?

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"Bob Marley also shares his birthday [see 1550] with Rick Astley! What a day!"
Martin, Lincolnshire, via text on 81111
[A great day to be Rickrolled - MM]
INTERNET LINK: The curious internet phenomenon of "Rickrolling", as explained by Wikipedia

1727: A couple of you in the TMS inbox seem to want a separate debate on Monopoly tactics [see 1545, 1457]...

"The key to winning monopoly is to buy the green coloured streets, I have never lost a game if I bag the 'golden trio'"(Tom Lack)
"Ian, supposedly the orange set are the most lucrative on the Monopoly board so perhaps you should rethink your method of play. Personally I am a favourite of the browns - always a nice feeling when someone struggles for such a small rent" (Annabel)


1708: Don't forget to have a listen to TMS in the interval - they're discussing everything you want to know about the IPL auction...

Geoffrey Boycott
"England's bowling has been much more controlled and disciplined than yesterday - it's not doing much off the seam, but if you can't get wickets in these conditions you've got to keep it tight - 64 runs in this session is good. I still think England can win this game, as there's a lot of time left. You've got to get rid of Sarwan and Chanderpaul, but I don't think there's too much to come from their batsmen after that"
Geoff Boycott on TMS

He's reached 100
1700 - WI 224-3 (79 overs)
Sarwan finally reaches his 12th Test hundred with a powerful cover-driven four, although Monty then gets another one to fizz past his outside edge. Sarwan sees off the rest of the over, and that's lunch - the Windies trail by 94 at this stage. Time for a quick break - back with you soon.

"This referral could catch on big time - next time the boss gives me grief about sitting pressing F5 all day at work I'll refer him over to your kind self MM and you can tell him where to go"
Goony 'sat pressing F5' in London, in the TMS inbox

1656 - WI 220-3 (78 overs)
Chanderpaul does his usual "batter a bail into the ground to mark the crease" routine - he defends his first ball and Broad has a double wicket maiden. But if you have any doubt about Chanderpaul's ability, take a look at my colleague Pranav Soneji's feature on "England's biggest obstacle" on the BBC Sport website.
FEATURE: Chanderpaul - England's biggest obstacle

Out for a duck
1654 - WICKET - Marshall lbw b Broad 0 - WI 220-3 (77.5 overs)
New batsman is Xavier Marshall, whose batting average from his first seven Tests is a very un-world-class 22.09. And his innings lasts just two deliveries, as his first ball yields a half-hearted lbw appeal, but he's trapped in front with the second one! A silver duck for Marshall - time for Professor Shivnarine Chanderpaul, visiting lecturer in Crease Occupation.

Text in your views on 81111
"Re: the referral system. At this rate we will need to take 15 wickets to bowl a team out! Please give up on this system, it is ruining my 42-year love affair with our beautiful sport"
Steve M from Birkenhead, via text on 81111

Wicket falls
1651 - WICKET - Gayle b Broad 104 - WI 220-2 (77.3 overs)
Not long until England can claim the second new ball - although they may wait until after lunch, which is due at 1700 GMT. But it's suddenly all over for Gayle as Broad's persistence of line pays off and the skipper drags one on with an inside edge.

Get involved on 606
"That's my man! 6, 6, 3 - hundred - simple!. Congrats Gayle - knock of a captain."
medium-pacer on 606
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1648 - WI 220-1 (77 overs)
Monty comes round the wicket to Gayle, who blasts a single off his legs to bring up the 200 partnership. A single takes the right-handed Sarwan to 99, but a Gayle single brings him back on strike. Sarwan wants a single, Gayle doesn't move and Sarwan has to dash back!

"The England bowlers are getting well and truly 'Sehwaged' again, which doesn't bode well for the tour. Aside from Flintoff, we have a very inconsistent and unreliable bowling attack which I fear will cost us in this series and the Ashes. What we would give for the 'bronzing' Dazzler to liven up the attack?"
Janette Hrumpe, West London, in the TMS inbox

1645 - WI 217-1 (76 overs)
Broad keeps it straight against Gayle, who keeps the strike with a single off the last ball.

"Re: Joe. East Anglia [1518] - I would suggest that moving house across London in your mother's Nissan Micra (only three trips required) is possibly the stupidest thing you could do in the cold. Especially if the home straight involves a driveway covered in sheet ice deemed too scary to attempt by the madre. I got told I was very brave when it was all over, most rewarding"
Other Joe, London, in the TMS inbox

He's reached 100
1641 - WI 216-1 (75 overs)
Darren Gough has put his shirt back on, but now he's leaning over the barrier, shouting some advice to Sidey! Monty drops one short, Sarwan cuts but some smart fielding by Broad restricts him to a single. He moves to 98. But Gayle then cuts loose for the first time today, lofting Monty for a six over long-on! Then he belts another one even further back into the stand - he now has 98, can he get a ton before Sarwan? As Barack Obama (or Bob the Builder) would say, "yes he can" - albeit with a paddle-sweep for three rather than another six. It's Gayle's ninth Test century and his first at this, his home ground.

Text in your views on 81111
"I'm still confused by this referral system. Why do the WI still have two when they have just used one to save Gayle?"
Richtea, bored at work in Retford, via text on 81111
[If your referral is successful, you keep it - you are allowed two unsuccessful referrals per innings - MM]

1636 - WI 200-1 (74 overs)
Geoff Boycott on TMS thinks there's no such thing as the "nervous nineties", but Sarwan nearly plays on against Broad before aiming a brutal pull shot which only brings him a single but brings up the 200 for the home side.

"They could have come up with a more exciting term than 'REFERRAL'. That sounds like something your doctor does when he's not too sure what's causing the headaches and blurred vision. And it seems to take just as long as well. POW-WOW looks and sounds so much better"
Tim in the TMS inbox

Monty Panesar
1632 - WI 199-1 (73 overs)
Sidey finally takes a rest as Monty Panesar enters the attack - he's off-driven for two by Sarwan, who's looking to take on the Northants left-arm twirler. But Monty is right back at him, getting some wicked turn past Sarwan's outside edge. A single rounds off a tidy opening over from the Montster.
Download our masks of Monty Panesar and other cricket stars

"How gutted must Swann be. The chance to play on a turner in the Windies and he doesn't play. We are under heavy snow in Exeter and I bet my Gran could bowl better on our pitches under 1ft of snow"
Fry, Exeter, in the TMS inbox

1629 - WI 196-1 (72 overs)
Broad strays down the leg side but Sussex stumper Prior makes a good stop to prevent any leg-byes. Broad, for his part, is down quickly to half-stop a straight drive. Sarwan eventually flicks Broad off his legs for another single - he's 93 now, inching closer to his 12th Test century. Broad's right on the money against Gayle, but now it's Monty Time!

Indian Premier League
"I can't believe Shakib Al Hasan wasn't snapped up at the IPL auction... five and six wicket hauls in two tests in S. Africa (as a spinner), T20 strike rate over 100, 7-36 against NZ, and not just 'one of the top ranked', he is officially the number one all-rounder in the world right now... at just 21 He's been saving matches or almost-winning them for the Tigers consistently for the last year. If three weeks of KP is worth $1.5m, and this guy can't be picked up... something ain't right"
Eoin, Geneva, in the TMS inbox

1623 - WI 195-1 (71 overs)
Still Sidey, as Sarwan turns him off his legs for a single. Sidey is panting like a marathon runner who's just passed Tower Bridge for the second time and realises he still has several miles still to go.

Text in your views on 81111
"Surely Colly's little wobblers are worth a go on this track. Some tight overs to tempt Gayle, may be what eng need for a break through"
Rich in Wales, via text on 81111

1618 - WI 194-1 (70 overs)
The pitchside pool (it's too big to be called a jacuzzi in my view) looks very tempting on a day like today and is in full use, as the tall Stuart Broad replaces Flintoff after a superbly economic spell. The left-handed Gayle shoulders arms to virtually every ball - another maiden.

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"I don't like the referral system... the umpire makes his decisions, right or wrong... and you take them. It undermines the umpire's authority in the middle."
Moon 1971 on 606
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1613 - WI 194-1 (69 overs)
TMS scorer Woody reveals Sarwan is a single away from 5,000 Test runs, while Vic Marks' idea of having an analyst on the coaching staff signal to the players whether a referral should be used is quashed by Aggers, who points out that the ICC are making sure no signal from the dressing-rooms will be allowed. Sarwan pushes and runs the streakiest single of the day - but Harmy's throw from mid-off misses the stumps and Sarwan has his 5,000 - he's the youngest West Indian to do so (28 years, 214 days). Gayle takes a single

"Not being bought in the IPL auction is like not picked for football in the playground at school, but on an international level. I wonder if Andrew Flintoff will threaten Luke Wright for his lunch money beforehand"
John Collins, Wolverhampton, in the TMS inbox

1608 - WI 192-1 (68 overs)
Flintoff completes his maiden over - would have been a wicket maiden without this referral malarkey...

Referral - not out
1606 - WI 192-1 (67.4 overs)
While third umpire Daryl Harper reviews his TV replays, the players take an impromptu drinks break. The replays suggest that the ball brushed the back of Gayle's thigh rather than his bat - and belatedly, Gayle's referral is upheld and he stays at the crease! So the Windies still have two referrals left in this innings - England have one.

Referral - waiting for verdict
1603 - WI 192-1 (67.4 overs)
Despite his recent warm-up, there's no sign of the Montster in the attack yet today as Flintoff continues his duel with Gayle. It's all smiles between the pair - "why can't they sledge properly?" jokes TMS summariser Vic Marks. Then, England appeal for a catch behind, umpire Tony Hill puts his finger up but Gayle isn't happy and refers it!

1559 - WI 192-1 (67 overs)
A half-hearted appeal from Sidey against Sarwan for a caught behind, will they refer it? On reflection, they won't. But the sequence of maidens is broken as Sarwan comfortably cover-drives Sidey for a couple. He's into the nineties, but looks whatever the opposite of "nervous" is. The last ball sees Sidey appeal for lbw, umpire Rudi Koertzen shakes his head and England ask for a referral! Or at least we think they do - Strauss certainly holds his forearms in a "T" formation, but it doesn't go to the third umpire - Tony and Viv on TMS think Strauss had waited too long before using the referral, while Prior may have told him that it pitched outside leg stump (which it did).

Referral - waiting for verdict
"Following your comment about 'having suggested the design for our new, groovy "referral" graphics' at 1435, a colleague has just overheard my mutterings and pointed out that my colour blindness might have been influencing my comments that it was only a simple white R on a red background! Apologies"
Gavin in the TMS inbox
[I apologise unreservedly to anyone who's colour-blind - but I was only using the same colours as the third umpire and the inventors of traffic lights! MM]

1555 - WI 190-1 (66 overs)
After two maiden overs in a row, the old Chris Gayle would be bristling with keenness to move the scoreboard along, but the new Chris Gayle is taking this captaincy lark seriously and is content to see off any danger from Flintoff, who sends down another maiden, while Monty Panesar starts to warm up. Meanwhile, Tony Cozier and Sir Viv on TMS debate the merits of a "no-hitter" in baseball - something I'd never thought I'd type.

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"Flintoff is like Steven Gerrard of Liverpool. Whenever English side is in trouble or needs wickets they look at Flintoff. He probably has the same kind of pressure as Lara had few years ago"
Bidhan on 606
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1550 - WI 190-1 (65 overs)
Some Bob Marley music pumps out around the ground (he would have been 64 today - shares a birthday with Fred Trueman and Fidel Edwards), but it's England (and their fans) who are going to be Wailers if they can't break this stand sooner rather than later. Sidey grits his teeth as Sarwan confidently occupies the crease for another maiden over.
Feature from Feb 2005: The enduring legend of Bob Marley

1545 - WI 190-1 (64 overs)
Gayle shoulders arms again to Flintoff, who has plenty of sweat dripping off him, while the crowd are getting stuck into the cold beers and rum punches. Fred gets another one to move away from Gayle, but smiles with frustration - there's been no luck for the bowlers today. Maiden over, though.

"Mark, whenever I play Monopoly [see 1457], I ALWAYS try to buy the Electric Company and Water Works, together they are worth 10 times your dice throw in rent if you land on them. So there!"
Ian Perry in the TMS inbox

1541 - WI 190-1 (63 overs)
England's first bowling change of the day as the wild-haired Ryan Sidebottom replaces Harmy at the TMS commentary end (which is without an official name - but dubbed by TMS scorer Woody as "the Great Northern Stand", as compared to the MCG's Great Southern Stand). Sidey has plenty of white sun cream around his eyes, cheeks, nose and lips - the left-armer slants a couple in across the careful Sarwan, who eventually plays a pleasant square drive for two off the final ball.

Text in your views on 81111
"Joe (1518), my company decided today would be a good day for a fire drill, easily the stupidest thing to do in the cold is go stand in a car park"
Duncan in Surrey, via text on 81111

1536 - WI 188-1 (62 overs)
Gayle edges Freddie through the slips for four to reach 85, but the Lancastrian is again luckless as he beats Gayle through the air with the next delivery. CMJ and Viv Richards on TMS are very pleased, however, with the way Gayle has brought patience to his game - having often succumbed to a silly shot or two in his younger days.

"I may be biased being an Essex fan, but I hope the England selectors sit up and take note of how highly the IPL franchises valued Ravi Bopara as not only a batsmen, but as an all-rounder! When he gets his chance of an extended run in both forms of the game, he'll settle in very quickly"
James, London, in the TMS inbox

1531 - WI 184-1 (61 overs)
Harmy finds a good length and Gayle can only nudge it towards Pietersen at gully before nurdling a leg-bye off his hip. Just one slip and two gullies in now. The camera picks out a bare-chested Darren Gough in the crowd - the Dazzler is bronzing nicely, despite not having "made the cut" after he was listed in the initial list of IPL players. Harmy completes a maiden over as another delivery keeps low.

"It may well be that the West Indies have become a second-rate team, but I think that will be more than enough to see of a third-rate England team"
Marcus, Luxembourg, in the TMS inbox

1527 - WI 183-1 (60 overs)
Flintoff continues his over-the-wicket attack at Gayle, who takes a languid single and even England's fielders look similarly languid at this early stage. Sarwan then has a slice of luck when he gets an inside edge which dribbles safely down the leg side. Sarwan then drives firmly, it beats the diving Sidey at extra cover and sails away for four.

Referral - waiting for verdict
"I might use the new referral system at work. If my boss gives me a bad review, I'll ask for it to be reassessed by my mate who sits next to me in the office!"
Steve Middleton, Southampton, in the TMS inbox

1522 - WI 178-1 (59 overs)
CMJ reports that it's virtually cloudless in Kingston, while Sarwan steers a two through the covers. The Windies pair take a comfortable single apiece, then Sarwan adds another gentle two. There are even a couple of spectators wearing dark green Aussie ODI shirts, are they at the wrong game? Elsewhere in the world of cricket, Punter's men are now 2-0 down in their ODI series against New Zealand, having lost at the MCG this morning and suffered at the hands of the world-class batting of... Grant Elliott. Really. Aussies are now down to third in the ICC ODI rankings, below South Africa and India.
REPORT: Elliott sees Kiwis past Australia

1518 - WI 172-1 (58 overs)
Sarwan nudges Fred for a single off his legs. Gayle is as languid as ever, but he is beaten outside off stump as Flintoff switches to bowling over the wicket and slants one across. The next one is from a similar angle but keeps low, raising a cheer or two from the England supporters in the ground as Gayle again plays and misses.

"Talking of taking the tiller, and dipping toes in murky waters. I myself took the tiller of a sailing boat earlier today, and sailed over said murky waters. It was quite cold, we were breaking through ice to get going. Is this the stupidest thing anyone has done in the cold?"
Joe, Cold, East Anglia, in the TMS inbox

1514 - WI 171-1 (57 overs)
Good news in the TMS box as the newly-ennobled CMJ MBE has arrived, via boat, from Fort Lauderdale. But it's the West Indies who are cruising at the moment, as Harmy bangs in a wide to Sarwan, who then adds another single. Gayle steers the first boundary of the day as Harmy drops short and the tall Jamaican opens the face of the bat to guide a four past point.

"Afternoon Mark, looking forward to an afternoon of cricket and the related banter to distract from the mountain of invoices on my desk that need raising. I reckon that picking Siders instead of Swann is this test might come back to haunt the selectors!"
Andy in Tooting in the TMS inbox
[Hindsight is a wonderful thing, n'est-ce pas? MM]

1510 - WI 165-1 (56 overs)
While Aggers and Boycs discuss the advantages of offshore bank accounts which the IPL newcomers may be advised to utilise for their tax advantages, Andrew Flintoff is tickled down to third man by Gayle, who moves to 75 with a single. Not to be outdone, Sarwan moves to 75. With a single. Meanwhile, our colleagues at BBC News in India have put together a feature on the IPL auction and its Bollywood glamour.
Feature: Business vies with glitz at IPL auction

Geoffrey Boycott
"In terms of value, I think Paul Collingwood's a steal at $275,000 for the Delhi Daredevils"
Former Yorkshire and England opener Geoff Boycott reflects on the IPL auction

1504 - WI 163-1 (55 overs)
Steve Harmison takes the first over, Chris Gayle tucks the first ball off his pads for a couple then pushes a single. Ramnaresh Sarwan is happy to leave anything he doesn't have to play.

"Mark, do I take it you haven't had a joyful cup of soup like Tom did yesterday. He mentioned at the start of the text, that his lunchtime soup made him feel positive about the upcoming session, especially with Monty to bowl. A change of text commentator a change of luck for England?"
David Dafter, Newcastle Upon Tyne, in the TMS inbox
[Careful, David - Sam Lyon still blames me for messing up England's chances in the first Test in India, after he had them in a winning position and England capitulated after I took over - MM]

1457: Meanwhile, with all this hype over the IPL, spare a thought for Luke Wright and Samit Patel, who were among the 25 unsold players at the auction. Rather like when you're playing Monopoly, everyone's been round the board half a dozen times and no-one's bought the Water Works. Mind you, they're in some decent company - also unsold was Bangladesh's Shakib Al Hasan, who's one of the world's top-ranked ODI all-rounders...

1453: Something else for you to remember on this tour is that we'll also be regularly bringing you video reaction - such as Ramnaresh Sarwan and Matt Prior yesterday. Take a quick look at it on the BBC Sport website while we're waiting for play.

Sarwan 'confused' by referral system

1446: As TMS get under way on Five Live Sports Extra, don't forget we want you to get involved on 606 (as some of you already have), on the texts (81111 - start your message with the word "Cricket" so it doesn't get mixed up with those intended for Radio 1), or e-mail (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line).

Meanwhile, I can pre-warn you that TMS will be discussing the IPL auction today, while Aggers will be speaking to ICC official Doug Cowie - the man in charge of this referral trial - during the tea interval.

Get involved on 606
"I hope we get some early wickets, yesterday was dire to say the least and I am tired of seeing these two at the crease. Would be fantastic to see some aggression from our bowlers this morning and get a few back in the pavilion or the jacuzzi!"
JonThorringtonHTFC on 606
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Referral - waiting for verdict
1435: England also dipped their toes into the murky world of the referral trial yesterday (although I was dead chuffed, having suggested the design for our new, groovy "referral" graphics). Not having used either of their referrals during the first day, England chose to "burn" them unsuccessfully for Harmy and Monty's dismissals.

Then, when the Windies batted, England managed to reverse one umpiring decision as Devon Smith was given out, but then blew one of their referrals a couple of overs later with an unsuccessful appeal. Meanwhile, Sarwan was given out, but asked for a referral and was reprieved - so the Windies have two referrals left and England one. Get it? "Got it" (I hear you say). Good.

1430: Afternoon, everyone. After two days of purple prose from Tom Fordyce, it's my turn at the live text tiller as England continue to try to extract some life out of the Sabina Park pitch while Chris Gayle and Ramnaresh Sarwan make hay in the sunshine.
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew's verdict on day two

Indian Premier League
I can scotch rumours that Tom's been auctioned off to the Indian Premier League - although having seen him play cricket, I can tell you he's a tidy batsman/keeper who's able to knock it about a bit at the top of the order - a bit like a right-handed Phil Mustard.
REPORT: England players top IPL auction

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