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Page last updated at 18:36 GMT, Sunday, 23 November 2008

India v England 4th ODI as it happened

India 166-4 (22 overs) bt England 178-8 (22 overs) by 19 runs (D/L method)
Game reduced to 22 overs per side following two rain delays; England's adjusted D/L target to win was 198


By Mark Mitchener

e-mail (with 'For Mark Mitchener' in the subject), text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word) or use 606. (Not all contributions can be used)

1832: The motorbike goes to... Virender Sehwag. Well done him. And that's it from us - if you've been with us for the last 10 hours, congratulations - and you really are "hardcore". Thanks for all your e-mails - the next ODI is on Wednesday, when Tom Fordyce is back in the live text chair, and I hope you'll join him then. Thank you and good night.

1825: Well, that's that - a marathon game (including rain delays totalling a mere five hours or so). Hope you managed to keep track of the Duckworth-Lewis situation - if you didn't, I'd recommend a look at the ICC's website which has the playing regulations. Now, who'll get the man-of-the-match motorbike?
INTERNET LINK: ICC playing conditions (including Duckworth-Lewis)

"The Duckworth-Lewis method was devised before powerplays existed. I am sure that the boffins are working on the equations to make the calculations even more complex to include powerplays"
Richard Gray in the TMS inbox

"Mark, as the last English wickets are crumbling let me thank you heartily for interspersing my evening with an enjoyable (though rain-befuddled) match. Besides being vicariously with the boys in Bangalore (I am of course rooting for the home team - being from the home country) I was able to have supper (dosas and coconut chutney), family prayers with the kids, put them to sleep, clean up the kitchen and now settle down to the dying embers of the game. Thanks for making it possible - and long may your fingers tap the keyboard in future games"
Andi in the TMS inbox
[That's very kind of you - glad to be of service - MM]


22nd over - Eng 178-8
Stuart Broad goes out for one ball. Here we go... India are going to have a bit of fun, with four slips and a gully. Broad swings and misses, India appeal for a catch behind, Broad walks off, there's no reaction from the umpire, but it doesn't matter if he's out or not (he's not, as it happens) - India win by 19 runs under the D/L method, at eight minutes to midnight local time.

Wicket falls
21.5 overs - Collingwood c Tendulkar b Patel 22 - Eng 178-8
Matt Prior is the new man - 20 needed from two balls. If I were Munaf, I'd be tempted to bowl very slowly (but straight) from a yard behind the popping crease, just in case... but Colly goes out in a blaze of glory and is snaffled by Tendulkar at mid-wicket.

Wicket falls
21.4 overs - WICKET - Swann run out 5 - Eng 178-7
So, 27 needed from six balls. I think it's fair to say that if India don't win this series, I'm about to see the most exciting over of cricket I've ever watched in my life. (Even beating one or two games I've played in). Munaf Patel doesn't help the over-rate by sending down a wide. Colly bludgeons the first legitimate ball down to long leg for four - 22 needed from five balls. Colly smacks Patel to mid-wicket, runs a single (he has to), dives for his crease and the third umpire's TV replay shows he's comfortably in. 21 needed from four balls. Swann swings and misses, they run a bye to Dhoni's throw and with 20 needed from three, this is surely beyond even Colly now. And with incredible stupidity, someone walks in front of the sightscreens! Ban that man from all cricket grounds worldwide, I say! Then, Colly plays it back to the bowler, Swann's halfway down the wicket and is run out by half the pitch.

21st over - Eng 171-6 (D/L par score is 187-6)
Interesting move by England - Graeme Swann (who often opens for Notts in one-day cricket) is in ahead of Matt Prior. So if the keeper's batting as low as nine (and Broad a capable striker at 10), why not just pick the best wicketkeeper? (Foster, who's not even in the squad?) Will Tiny Tim Ambrose get a recall if the series is lost? Colly smears Sharma for a single, Swann steps back outside leg stump and can't reach a wide one outside off stump, but he pushes a single from the third ball. The fourth ball is even wider, and Ump Harps spreads his arms to signal a wide. Colly dabs a single and gets a second on an overthrow from Bhajji. Colly tries to hit him through deep mid-wicket but can only run a single. The last ball of this over is chopped through third man for four by Swanny - but England need a mere 27 from the last over.

"Nobody claims D/L is THE absolute fair method in these situations. Its just the method out of several available that comes closest to fair. Would the people criticisizing the method elaborate what method that they would like applied? (Remember this is the method that would be applied for all matches)"
Shailesh in the TMS inbox
[I guess it's like democracy - nobody pretends it's perfect, it's just no better method has been found! MM]

Wicket falls
20th over - WICKET - Patel c Gambhir bv Zaheer 11- Eng 161-6 (D/L par score is 178-6)
Zaheer to bowl his last over as India look to close out the match. Patel cover-drives a single, then Colly manages to nudge a leg bye and Patel (who set off slowly) only just makes his ground in time. A well-run two takes on Pathan's arm at mid-wicket, but the TMS guys think he should have thrown to Patel's end as he's slower than Colly. Patel pushes another two to leg, well run Colly. Patel swings and misses against the wily Zaheer, then swipes at the fifth ball and is caught at mid-off by the juggling Gambhir.

And with 20 overs having been bowled, we now have a match (so those D/L par scores I've been posting are now even more relevant).

"Duckworth-Lewis is completely unfair. Unless we (England) win"
Farouk, Hong Kong, in the TMS inbox

19th over - Eng 155-5 (D/L par score is 168-5)
Harbhajan to bowl, while Sehwag gets some huge cheers from the crowd as he walks out to patrol the mid-wicket boundary. Colly nudges a single, while a moth appears on the TMS commentary box's window and Patel nurdles another one into the covers. Colly dinks a little reverse-sweep which finds the fielder but they run two. It's nearly 1800 GMT, and nearly 2330 local time! Colly chips a single to long-on to bring up the 150, Patel slices a single to deep point. Colly whips the last ball, aimed at leg stump, off his legs for four. 43 needed from 18 balls.

18th over - Eng 145-5 (D/L par score is 160-5)
New man in is Samit Patel, whose first ball is a beautiful on-driven four through the gap past mid-on. But he tries to run the last ball (another slower ball) to third man and misses.

Wicket falls
17.4 overs - WICKET - Flintoff c Zaheer b Sharma 41 - Eng 141-5
Ishant Sharma on - England could do with one of the wild overs he bowled in the last ODI, when he kept bowling no-balls and Matt Prior couldn't get the free hits away. Flintoff drills the first ball to long-off for a single - Colly's first ball is carefully improvised-scooped through square leg where Harbhajan over-runs it and it goes for four! Colly then scampers a single, but a great slower ball from Sharma is steered straight to Zaheer at extra cover. Is that it for England? India's body language seems to suggest so.

"Hi Mark, every over you keep giving the par D/L score required for England to win? But isn't there a rule that a minimum of 20 overs a side have to be played for it to be a valid ODI? Else it will be abandoned"
Balasubramanya B in the TMS inbox
[That's correct - I've been putting it in as a guide for people to see how far behind/ahead England are. But once we have 20 overs per side, we have a match constituted - MM]

17th over - Eng 135-4 (D/L par score is 150-4)
New batsman Paul Collingwood is the non-striker as Flintoff chops a single to cover.

Wicket falls
16.5 overs - WICKET - Shah c Tendulkar b Zaheer 72 - Eng 134-4
Harmy and 13th man Alastair Cook run on with some drinks, a mere six balls after the batsmen last had a drink. Umpire Harper has a char with Dhoni, at this rate the players could be struggling to make their plane tomorrow morning. Harps whips out his walkie-talkie - and England take their batting powerplay (two overs). Zaheer Khan to bowl. Freddie digs out a yorker for a single to mid-off, Shah can only manage one to the cover boundary. Ump Harps provides a small white towel for Zaheer to dry the ball. More good fielding from Tendulkar at point prevents a run. Another lovely yorker is clubbed for a single by Fred. The left-armer eventually strays with a full toss, but Shah miscues it high into the air and Tendulkar takes the catch!

"Regarding the bowling rules under D/L, the team bowling first could even gain an advantage. For example no-one seems to have noticed is that England's best bowler Flintoff bowled six overs (more than any Indian bowler is going to be allowed to bowl). Isn't that a bit unfair as well?"
Chaitanya, San Diego, in the TMS inbox

16th over - Eng 131-3 (D/L par score is 140-3)
Twelfth man Steve Harmison brings the batsmen a drink, but there's still no sign of the powerplay being taken with 72 needed from 42 balls. Yuvraj is bowling over the wicket, Gilo-style, and we have the first dot ball for four overs. He then strays down the leg side and Flintoff tries to help it on the way. They run two but byes are signalled (erroneously - they should have been leg byes). Fred gets down on one knee but can only smear a single to long-on. Yuvraj darts one in right into the blockhole which Shah can't get away, he then flicks a single off his legs. Flintoff tries a quick single, dives for the crease and the bails are taken off but Fred's well in, although he might have struggled with a direct hit.

"Anderson has never bowled accurately at any stage in his career, and probably never will. So why persist with him? It's inevitable that he's going to give runs away freely. And as for Bell, he has never scored quickly or achieved a substantial total in the one-day game so what is the point of playing him in the team either? I can see absolutely no future for England with players like this being selected on a regular basis. Heads have surely got to roll now"
Michael in London in the TMS inbox

15th over - Eng 126-3 (D/L par score is 131-3)
Flintoff steers Patel for a single - the bowlers have been operating in one-over spells since the fourth over. Shah then gloriously lofts a wristy six over long-on - this man is a pleasure to watch when he's on song like this. A full toss is guided to long-on for a jogged single, Flintoff straight-drives another singleton to reach 34. An attractive cover drive from Shah brings just one, and Dhoni (now bereft of headgear) shuffles his field again. Another straight-driven single to long-off, and that's over.

Steve James
"England's running between the wickets has been awful - they haven't been taking on the men on the edge of the circle when there should always be a single there"
Steve James on TMS

14th over - Eng 115-3 (D/L par score is 123-3)
Remember, England still have a two-over powerplay to take at a time of their choosing. That's more like Flintoff, he bludgeons a low full-toss from Harbhajan through mid-wicket for four. He then hits a huge six miles and miles into the air, it hits the roof of the stand over long-on (and believe me, that's a big stand)! That's the 50th six of the series, my colleague Pranav informs me. He then smears a single to long-off, the throw hit the stumps and ricochets away so they run an overthrow. Another single rotates the strike, Shah clips the penultimate ball off his legs but a great stop by Tendulkar restricts them to a single. Fred keeps the strike with a single to long-on. 15 from the over - 83 needed from 48 balls.

13th over - Eng 100-3 (D/L par score is 114-3)
Shah steps down the pitch and powerfully swings Yuvraj over cow corner for six! He then guides a single off his legs. Flintoff then deftly guides the ball to third man again and picks up two, before tapping a single to extra cover. 100 to win from here, from 56 balls. Shah aims another big hit to long-on but can only get a single. Flintoff guides the last ball for one to keep the strike.

"(1) How can D/L be a fair method when India get to bat 17 of their 22 overs under the powerplays and we get eight? Plus we have to chase an extra 32 runs?! (2) Why do England persistently bat slowly at the top of the order chasing a large target. Surely there can't be such a disparity between the two sides' batsmen and bowlers"
Alex Vella in the TMS inbox

That's 50
12th over - Eng 88-3 (D/L par score is 106-3)
After a delay while Patel sorts his boot out, Flintoff steers the recalled Sharma for a single, then Shah opens the face but can't beat Yuvraj at backward point. An attempted bouncer is smashed back past mid-on for four, and that's Shah's eighth ODI fifty off 35 balls. He swings the next ball into the off side, and a misfield from Sehwag on the boundary allows them to run two. A single brings Fred on strike, Dhoni fiddles with the field again. Fred gives himself room to deftly tickle it through a gap at third man for four!

"Robert Grimwood (1st over) do you think all rules (including D/L) in cricket are created to victimise the English team? You have to admit your team is not capable to compete with India. Expecting a 7-0 whitewash and also a 5-0 drubbing in the Ashes"
Souvik Biswas in the TMS inbox

11th over - Eng 76-3 (D/L par score is 98-3)
More rotation as Harbhajan changes ends. Flintoff flicks him through mid-wicket for a single, then Shah can only play a loose delivery straight to point where four looked on the cards. Shah then tips-and-runs a quick single, drops his bat as he goes through and looks like he's hurt something. Flintoff has a big heave at a full toss but gets an inside edge and is lucky not to be bowled. Then he on-drives a single, Shah smacks Harbhajan over his head for four.

Kevin Pietersen
"In defence of KP, he has actually been the second most economical bowler in the whole series (after Swann) before this match took place, at five runs an over. So can we really begrudge him having a bowl today?"
Stewart, Hong Kong

10th over - Eng 69-3 (D/L par score is 90-3)
Dhoni is rotating his bowlers rapidly, giving them just an over each in an attempt to flummox the England batsmen as left-arm spinner Yuvraj Singh replaces Harbhajan. After a single from Flintoff, the ball then curiously slips out of Yuvraj's hand as he runs in. Shah then straight-drives, long-off Raina dives, tries to throw the ball to Gambhir long-on (in the manner of a rugby scrum-half) to throw it in, but just throws it over the boundary! One for Sue Barker and the Question of Sport boys to note for "What Happened Next". You can tell how far India are ahead from the fact that Yuvi bursts out laughing. After a single from Shah, a lofted straight-drive from Fred brings another four, then he dabs a single to third man. Yuvi strays with a wide, then Shah smashes the last ball for four - 16 from the over.

9th over - Eng 53-3 (D/L par score is 83-3)
New batsman is Andrew Flintoff, surely this is beyond even him at this stage? He clubs the last ball to the point boundary for a single.

Wicket falls
8.5 overs - WICKET - Pietersen b Sharma 5 - Eng 52-3
Sharma trots in to Shah, following through well to field off his own bowling. Aggers and Gus note the huge numbers of necklaces around Ishant's neck, but he's bowling tightly as he concedes a single to Shah. Will KP go for it straight away, to redeem himself after that bowling spell? His first ball from Sharma is a no-ball, so KP has a free hit and they can't move the field. But the low full toss deceives Pietersen, who can only smear him to mid-wicket for a single. Shah smacks another single to long-on, then Pietersen drags the fifth ball onto his off stump. Game over?

8th over - Eng 48-2 (D/L par score is 71-2)
New batman is Kevin "why wasn't he in at three?" Pietersen. He flicks the last ball of the over through mid-wicket for four, and as Raina tries to cut the ball off, he collides with a small ball-boy and knocks him to the ground. Ouch.

Angus Fraser
"I don't think that shot's raised Bell's auction price at the Indian Premier League"
Angus Fraser on TMS

Wicket falls
7.4 overs - WICKET - Bell b Harbhajan 12 - Eng 44-2
It's off-spin from both ends as Harbhajan Singh sends down a full toss which Bell reverse-sweeps for four, before guiding a single to long-on. Shah then swings it to mid-wicket... where Gambhir puts the chance down while sinking to his knees. But Bhajji has the last laugh as the next ball bowls Bell while trying to sweep.

Angus Fraser
"These delays may have helped England, as it looks like they might have been chasing 350 in a 50-over game. But this gives them an outside chance"
Angus Fraser on TMS

7th over - Eng 38-1 (D/L par score is 60-1)
With the fielding powerplays over, it's time for some right-arm off-spin from Yusuf Pathan, who smashed the last ball of the innings (his only ball faced) for six. But Bell and Shah can't score in more than singles for the first half of the over, until Shah carefully pierces the infield with a four between mid-wicket and mid-on. He then hoists Pathan high over long-on for six, that's more like it! He has more of a cross-batted thrash to the last ball, that's four more - England's best over so far.

6th over - Eng 21-1 (D/L par score is 51-1)
Zaheer has changed ends, Shah clubs him to deep mid-on (on the very edge of the circle) but Aggers and Gus on TMS are both "gobsmacked" as neither batsman contemplates a run. Shah dribbles a single into the off side, then Bell trickles another to the same area. Shah can't help but play the last two balls back to the bowler, this is fast disappearing as a contest.

Text in your views on 81111
"The fact that England could have batted first doesn't alter the fact that the D/L method doesn't take into account the resource that the bowling team has at the beginning, of allocating its bowlers according to it being a full game. It's a bit of a travesty to be fair!"
Adam, Edinburgh, via text on 81111
[But why should England benefit in a reduced-overs game from not having five specialist bowlers? MM]

5th over - Eng 19-1 (D/L par score is 43-1)
India take their "fielding" powerplay - the first was four overs, this one will be two overs and England will have a "batting" powerplay too, of two overs. Change of bowling, Bell fences and misses at a low one from Ishant Sharma. Another slog-and-a-miss, and clearly post-delivery "chat" is compulsory from this end as Sharma follows Zaheer in giving Bell some lip. Bell guides a comfortable two to the cover boundary, then clips a single to deep square leg. Bell has four runs from seven balls faced. Shah gets an edge down to fine leg and they can only run one. Bell gives himself some room, sets off for a single, is sent back and has to dive full-length again as Dhoni throws down the stumps. 'Fraid to say you can see a run-out coming at any time.

"The D/L rules are in for attacks over the next 22 overs. England should not always look for excuses. The Indians have played better so far over the last three games and this one, so far. Give them credit"
Ram, Colombo, Sri Lanka, in the TMS inbox

4th over - Eng 15-1 (D/L par score is 36-1)
Bell pushes and runs a single to cover. then Shah is tucked up by Patel's slower ball. He then straight-drives, Munaf gets a hand to it and has Bell been run out at the bowler's end? They consult the third umpire, but TV replays show Bell has dived back brilliantly to regain his ground. Shah is struck on the back when he tries to duck a short ball which goes straight through to Dhoni. Shah eventually steers a shorter ball off his legs and over mid-wicket for four.

3rd over - Eng 10-1 (D/L par score is 28-1)
First boundary for England as Shah straight-drives and the diving Harbhajan Singh can't stop the ball crossing the rope. More tight fielding from Raina cuts off any hope of a run, then Shah swings and misses and we get more "chat" from the bearded Zaheer - with Shah giving some back. Still England can barely get the ball off the square. Shah eventually clips the fifth ball off his legs for four through wide mid-on. Zaheer goes round the wicket for the last ball, slanting it in and Shah steers it straight to short extra. Dot ball.

2nd over - Eng 2-1 (D/L par score is 20-1)
A change of batting order for England - Kevin Pietersen was number three on the card (having batted there in the last ODI), but it's Owais Shah instead. Shah off-drives, but they decide not to risk a single to mid-off. An on-drive is straight to Sehwag at short mid-wicket. Finally the score is advanced with a leg bye. Tendulkar moves from slip to Reasonably Short Extra Cover for Bell, but he steers the last ball straight to point.

"What on earth is KP doing bowling himself when he has a great all-rounder in the side?! At least they're letting Ravi have a bat now, but why don't they bowl him? He can't do worse than 17 runs in an over. They're obviously waiting until the series is lost, then maybe they'll remember him!"
Richard in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
1.2 overs - WICKET - Bopara c Sharma b Patel 1 - Eng 1-1
Munaf Patel takes the second over. Bopara steps back to attempt a big hit but swings and misses. He swings at the second ball and is brilliantly caught by the diving Ishant Sharma (who's had a haircut since the last ODI) at wide mid-on! What a catch!

1st over - Eng 1-0 (D/L par score is 8-0)
Left-arm seamer Zaheer Khan opens up to Ravi Bopara, who can't get the first couple of deliveries away. The Indian fans even cheer the dot balls as Ravi tries to straight-drive Zaheer, who fields off his own bowling and lets the Essex man have a bit of "chat". Bopara's finally off the mark with a single off the first ball, Ian Bell is beaten by the last - a great over from Zaheer.

"In a situation like this surely the side bowling first is treated unfairly. After all, if Pietersen had known that it would rain he would have saved his best bowlers. This is, as far as I understand, not factored into D/L"
Robert Grimwood in the TMS inbox
[But KP won the toss - he could have batted first - MM]

1611: And in the spirit of the season of goodwill, thanks to Robin Abrahams from Cricinfo who has sent us the over-by-over par scores for England's innings - I'll try to keep you in touch each over.

1607: So, a terrific final over from Samit Patel (we'll excuse him that last ball), maybe England will regret experimenting with that one over from Pietersen. And the D/L target for England is 198 to win from 22 overs.


22nd over - Ind 166-4
New batsman, to face the last ball, is Yusuf Pathan (wearing his half-brother Irfan's sweater). So, with one ball to face, what can he do? He can jolly well hit a huge six into the second tier of the stand over long-on! That would have been six on any ground!

Wicket falls
21.5 overs - WICKET - Dhoni b Patel 9 - Ind 160-4
Last over, Patel to Dhoni. He smashes the first ball through the legs of non-striker Yuvraj (who just avoids it) for a single. Yuvraj straight-drives the next one, but he's hit that hard and they'll only have time to run one. Patel bowls over the wicket, spearing it in to Dhoni who can only produce a single. Yuvraj aims another big hit at the fourth ball, but can't get under it and that's only one to deep mid-wicket. He spears in the fifth ball, cramps Dhoni up and bowls him leg stump!

21st over - Ind 156-3
Captain Mahendra Dhoni is India's new batsman, sporting a cap instead of a helmet. Yuvraj is facing though, and he slog-sweeps a length ball from Swann flat over square leg for six and into some concrete. He has 22 from eight balls. Swann then fires one straight into the blockhole, which Yuvi can only steer to extra cover for a single. Dhoni has a careful, measured look at his first ball... just kidding, he hoists it for six over cow corner! He then steals the strike with a straight-driven single.

Wicket falls
20.2 overs - WICKET - Gambhir c Anderson b Swann 40 - Ind 142-3
Another over for Swann to get through, will Yuvraj marmalise his off-spin as he did KP's? Yuvraj smears a single to long-on, Gambhir slices a slower ball straight down Jimmy's throat at long-off.

20th over - Ind 141-2
Steve James on TMS notes that poor old Bell and Anderson are being forced to field at long-off and long-on both ends. That's either very cute or very sadistic captaincy. KP to bowl, can he work some magic? Gambhir guides a single to third man, Yuvraj opens his shoulders and smashes a six over extra cover! KP then spins a wide down the leg side, Yuvraj works a single off his hip, Gambhir nurdles another to leg. Another below-par delivery from KP is hammered for six over mid-wicket by Yuvraj! The last ball is an easy single to extra cover - KP has figures of 1-0-17-0.

19th over - Ind 124-2
They crossed on the catch, so it's Gauyam Gambhir to face, and he straight-drives the second ball of the over for four. After a single from him, new batsman Yuvraj Singh smears a single to leg, then Gambhir guides a leg bye to fine leg and Yuvraj can't get the last ball away.

Wicket falls
18.1 overs - WICKET - Sehwag c Anderson b Swann 69 - Ind 117-2
Graeme Swann draws the short straw and is asked to bowl - his first delivery is a full toss, we have another huge hit from Sehwag and it's an easy catch for Anderson at long-on.

18th over - Ind 117-1
Samit Patel to bowl his second over of the innings - having gone for just three runs in his first. And Sehwag just launches his first ball over deep mid-wicket for six! The second ball is another mighty blow, but just a single to Flintoff on the mid-wicket fence. Patel goes over the wicket to the left-handed Yuvraj, where a misfield from Bell in a damp area at long-on allows them to run two. A single brings Sehwag back on strike, he swings it to long-on and it goes first-bounce to Anderson for a single.

1541: The England fielders are out there, while there's a delay as both super-sopper "whales" having to be pushed off. Here we go.

"A 22 over game! I think it is best chance for England to register their first win in the series and move on from there"
Ajaz Naik from Kashmir in the TMS inbox

"I can't help but think that the Indians' total is going to be scaled up significantly with only five overs left for them. The problem with that is that they have been rattling along already, before finding out it was a very short game. England will have a mighty task on their hands"
Arthur, Wrexham, whilst trying to do some French GCSE work, in the TMS inbox
[That's where Duckworth-Lewis will likely increase England's target, given that India thought they were playing a 50-over game when they started - MM]
INTERNET LINK: ICC playing conditions (including Duckworth-Lewis)

1531: And with Yuvraj and Dhoni to come in next, how many can India smash off those five overs? TMS are back on air.

1520: What will be going through KP's mind now? I'd reckon it'll be his bowling permutations - as his three main bowlers (Anderson, Broad and Flintoff) have bowled five, six and five overs respectively - and in a 22-over match, no bowler can bowl more than five. So, England have to perm five overs from messrs Patel, Swann, Pietersen, Collingwood, Bopara and Shah - and India can hit out with wickets in hand (although Sehwag being Sehwag, he does that anyway).

Umpire Daryl Harper
"The ground staff have done a mighty job, we believe the ground is going to be in shape in half-an-hour, so we're going to play a 22-over game. I've tried to scuff my feet through the sawdust and we believe in half an hour, it'll be ready to go. We're going to start at 2113 local time (1543 GMT)"
Umpire Daryl Harper

1514: Daryl H is now talking to India coach (and birthday boy) Gary Kirsten.

1512: KP is talking to Daryl H. Animatedly. Wish I could lip-read. But they part with a smile.

1509: The bails are being placed back on (a good omen?), while the umpires are inspecting one of the super-sopper machines mopping up the outfield. Daryl Harper then makes careful inspection of the ground just inside the boundary ropes.

1503: Umps are inspecting. Kevin Pietersen (dressed in a vest) has a word with them first. Let's see what happens.

Text in your views on 81111
"If the rain does stop, let them play a Twenty20 game! So the England tour to India is complete with all formats of the game"
Brijesh, via text on 81111
[Even if they do get back on, they're unlikely to get in many more than 20 overs each in my view - MM]

"Here is something to keep you busy: what is the longest rain delay in an ODI where a result was reached?"
Daniel Wittenberg in the TMS inbox

"All covers are off. One machine is finishing off mopping up the last bit of water. Half the crowd have left. Give it 30 minutes and I think we will restart"
Neil Bradbury (in the stadium), sent at 1433, in the TMS inbox

I'm ready to step in - Vaughan

1434: While you're waiting for the 1500 inspection, why not have a listen to the Michael Vaughan interview with Aggers from earlier, if you missed it?

"Mark, are you sure that's an ICL World XI and not just Northants you've just named at 1403?"
Dan Lucas in the TMS inbox

"Re: the comments about youth cricket - I think it depends where you go. We have in excess of 100 youth cricketers of all ages and a waiting list with the older ones playing regularly in adult cricket and thriving. A lot of people, coaches and admin, put in a huge amount of free time to keep it all going. The problem seems to be in getting the county to look at any promising cricketers we put forward because we are not one of the big local clubs"
Clive in the TMS inbox

Rain delay
1424: Good news - it's stopped raining. Bad news - we're not going to get an inspection until 1500 GMT.

"I'm in the stadium and they are definately making an effort to dry out the pitch. The roller mop up machines are out and the wicket covers are off. Fingers crossed!"
Neil Bradbury in the TMS inbox

Indian Cricket League
1403: It may still be pouring down in Bangalore, but they're playing elsewhere in India - in Ahmedabad, the unsanctioned Indian Cricket League (ICL)'s World XI are taking on the ICL Bangladesh XI. The World XI includes a veritable plethora of familiar names - Ian Harvey, Murray Goodwin, Lance Klusener, Damien Martyn, Paul "The Badger" Nixon, Chris Harris, Nicky Boje, Andrew Hall, Nantie Hayward, Andre Adams and Jason Gillespie. The Bangladesh XI includes many of the players who resigned from the national team in September to join the ICL - and is led by former national skipper Habibul "Captain Hab" Bashar.
INTERNET LINK: ICL World XI v ICL Bangladesh XI, from Cricinfo
REPORT (17 September): Bangladesh vow to ban ICL rebels

1352: Umpires are tentatively walking out across the covers (which are still on) to have a look. We'll let you know if we hear anything definite.

Rain delay
"I don't think rain will allow the game to proceed any further. Disappointed and surfing between channels, I am residing just few miles from the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, and it's still drizzling, you can expect anything but resuming the game for the day"
Kalees, Bangalore, in the TMS inbox

Rain delay
1343: Still not much to report (apart from the fact it's still raining) - so if you're of the footballing persuasion, I can recommend a look at Caroline Cheese's live text coverage of this afternoon's Premier League football. Dodgy Spurs keeper Heurelho Gomes has already dropped a cross - but you won't miss a thing with Miss Cheese in charge.
Live text - Premier League football, with Caroline Cheese

"Just logged on. Sorry, Mr Mitchener, but it doesn't appear to be a good day for your grammar today - although I have to say it's better than England's cricket. As an 'old-schooler', I think your 'showed' at 1248 should have been 'shown'. It is, after all, a past participle"
Graham in Barcelona, where it's definitely getting colder, in the TMS inbox
[I'm really 'getting it in the neck' today, as the screaming damsel said to the vampire - MM]

1330: An ominous sign - TMS are going off-air. They'll return if there is any more play - but it's not looking good in Bangalore. Have faith, I'll stay with you until we get a decision either way.

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"Fact of the day: Tim Southee has scored more 6's (in only 11 Test match innings), than Boycott, Brearley and Atherton in their combined careers!"
UnitedAbroad on 606
[I saw a few of those on the last morning in Napier when Anderson was getting hit round the park like he was by Sehwag today! MM]
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Rain delay
1309: Gus Fraser on TMS has worked out that he reckons play needs to begin again by 2130 local time (1600 GMT) for us to have a game (given that each side needs to face 20 overs for a match to be constituted).

"Just as a counterbalance to Janet Grant's views on youth cricket [1212]: my eight-year-old has currently limited ability with bat, ball or in the field. Yet when he nervously turned up to his local club this summer for a week's junior coaching, expecting to have the mickey taken out of him the way it's happened at the footie, he was welcomed with open arms and could not possibly have had a better, more skill- and confidence building week. I am enormously grateful to the people who put their time and energy into making it all happen, at a ramshackle old place that will never come to the attention of the 'cricket authorities' as it's on the 'wrong side of the tracks'"
Paul in the TMS inbox

Rain delay
1306: Still raining in Bangalore. Having used the word "dimbo" this morning [see 0841 entry] despite not having invented it (I think we've proved that), my ever-loquacious and circumlocutory "gaffer" Oliver Brett commends our colleague Pranav for his "beaverish" note-taking during the Duncan Fletcher interview. Presumably "beaverish" means "beavering [working diligently] feverishly".

"Tony Blair and John Major are both in India at the moment - have either showed up today?"
Evelyn Faber in the TMS inbox
[Playing a completely straight bat in line with BBC editorial guidelines, I can safely say there's been no sign of either of them and not comment any further! MM]

"Just wondering why are Dimitri Mascarenhas and Monty Panesar not in the England team. Speaking of Dimitri, I remember the five sixes off Yuvraj... might be good giving it back to him!"
Prasad, Manchester, in the TMS inbox
[As a Hampshire fan, I've been going on like a broken record about the selectors' shameful omission of Dimi from the ODI squad - MM]

1253: The TMS parade of interesting interviewees continues - Duncan Fletcher's on the line now, talking about his consultancy roles with both South Africa and Hampshire. He's recently been working with Jacques Kallis and Mark Boucher to improve their form... by the look of Kallis and Boucher on the recent England tour, "staying away from pie shops" might be the first step.

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"As if to mimic the weather in Bangalore, Bristol decides to chip in with rain too. Lucky I haven't got anything to do"
Chris, due to be playing hockey in an hour, via text on 81111

Manny Ramirez
Monty Panesar
"Mark - did you ever see Manny Ramirez [see 9th over] make a catch over his head, run up the wall, high-five a fan and then throw it back for a double play? I bet if Monty Panesar could do THAT, he would still be in the ODI team"
Tim, Chiswick, in the TMS inbox

Rain delay
1248: Still off for rain, and the TV folk - having showed the game so far in its entireity during the first rain break - are now showing Australia-New Zealand from the last few days!

"Re: Pritesh's betting pool (1030), surely the person with 'Sehwag' on their highest score pad is looking like a shoo-in? (I'm assuming the "England don't lose because there's no more play" option, here)"
David Roffey (in Sydney and probably not going to stay up to see if I'm right) in the TMS inbox

Premier League (the football version)
"Having just listened to TMS, is it me or do we need a better name than EPL for our future Twenty20 tournament? Surely whenever anyone around the world hears the words English Premier League, they think more of football than cricket. The tournament is not an original format, but please let's have a name that is!"
Thomas, Exeter, UK, in the TMS inbox

Rain delay
Astonishingly, they're going off again, even though Sehwag doesn't look happy. The rain's only a trickle, you wouldn't even think about going off for this in club cricket. And normally, even in internationals, you carry on if the batsmen are happy, don't you?

17th over - Ind 106-1
The floodlights are on now, and Gambhir dabs Fred for a single. After another from Sehwag, it's now raining lightly again and Flintoff wants the ground staff to bring the "prodder" on. Mid-over, again. Gambhir prods to backward point, Colly's throw to the bowler's end hits non-striker Sehwag's bat and cannons off towards the extra cover boundary, but the Indians sportingly decline to run. Freddie slings in a wide, three off the over.

That's 50
16th over - Ind 103-1
Broad replaces Patel in the attack, and confusingly, we now appear to be in the batting team's powerplay - Aggers explains that they were forced to take it, with the powerplays changed to nine overs, four overs and four overs. So although when we went off, India had had four overs of the second powerplay, because of the reduction to 9-4-4 it meant they had received one over of the third. I hope I've explained that so you can understand it. After the batsmen exchange signals, Sehwag steers a two to reach his 32nd ODI fifty. He then hoists Broad into the night sky and umpire Saheba signals six, only to have to change his signal to four when the replay shows it bounced just in front of the rope. But the last ball of the over is six all the way, as Sehwag launches Broad several rows back into the crowd at cow corner! 14 from the over!

15th over - Ind 89-1
Gambhir and Sehwag return to the middle, with Flintoff still in the attack for his fourth over. Sehwag is tucked up by the first ball but tips-and-runs a single, then Gambhir delicately guides the ball past the slips and it runs across the muddy outfield at third man for four. A single brings up the fifty stand off just 40 balls, then a loosener from Flintoff is blasted high over point but they can only run a single.

Jonathan Agnew
"England have been given an object lesson in how to play one-day cricket by India in the last three games, in all areas of the game"
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1218: OK, listen very carefully, I will say this only once. We'll now have a 44-overs per side match, with no bowler able to bowl more than nine overs. There will be no batting powerplay for either side, and Duckworth-Lewis is likely to adjust the score England will need to win (probably upward slightly). But we're about to get under way.

1212: Right, I'm back. And a worrying e-mail from Professor Janet Grant, relating to discussions earlier involving Angus Fraser's concern about young people dropping out of cricket:

"Gus has just been lamenting young people dropping out of cricket. Only yesterday evening our son [now 19] was lamenting his own experience. He was a really promising and enthusiastic leg-spinner [Kevin Shine videoed his technique for its perfection at a young age] - he could turn it any way at will and loved to do that. But he had all the joy beaten out of him by coaches at county level who tried to stop him from doing anything other than bowling a stock ball. Young captains would not select him and he spent matches out on the boundary fielding in misery. At the age of about 15 he turned to basketball. He still loves cricket and plays a bit for his med school. But it'll always have a sad hinterland for him and us now. His comment last night was that it is indefensible what the sport does to young people. Thank you for your wonderful cricket coverage nonetheless. Life would be so much duller without you"
Professor Janet Grant in the TMS inbox

A sandwich
1150: Right, I'm going to grab a sandwich now, given there won't be time between innings and that this is looking like a very long day of cricket for those of us who have been hunched over computers since first thing this morning. Back with you soon.

Umpire Daryl Harper
"We're going to start at 1750 local time [1220 GMT], we're going to have a break of 10 minutes between innings, we'll take up the extra hour so we're going to have to lose 20-25 minutes of playing time. So we're going to lose three or four overs from each innings"
Umpire Daryl Harper

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"Is Prior good enough to be behind the stumps? Foster has got to be in the frame but not in the squad? Not sure about Ambrose though"
Jonny B, Bristol, via text on 81111

"I worry about James Anderson's style of bowling. He is usually described as 'expensive' and I think I know why this is. When he bowls he appears to put so much effort into the delivery that when he releases the ball his head is almost down below knee level and he is facing backwards! The other bowlers do at least look at the target when they release the ball. Perhaps someone should have a word with the England bowling coach?"
Clive Millman in the TMS inbox[I think they've had a look at it, but haven't been able to do much - MM]

1135: The TMS team are really getting the stars on here - BCCI and IPL chief Lalit Modi's on the line with Aggers now...

"I had the pleasure of a very perceptive taxi driver here in Melbourne on Friday who explained the reason for our cricketing failings is our obsession with the Ashes. He bet me that at some time during the commentary there would be mention of the Ashes next summer. Do you think our current performances in these ODIs is any indication our struggles will continue?"
Christopher Hurst in the TMS inbox

1132: Unconfirmed reports suggest we could be playing in 20 minutes - but crazily, with no reduction in overs, so we could be in for the long haul here.

Michael Vaughan
"I haven't had the 'blues' [ODI kit] on as captain for a couple of years, so it was quite nice sitting there with Monty and Straussy in the posh seats, rather than having to do all that arm-waving KP was doing"
Former England captain Michael Vaughan on TMS

"I think the name of the tool we've been watching the ground staff use, to flatten and compact the earth at the crease, is a manual tamper or dirt tamper. More often used to compact the backfill in a small hole before the hot or cold, top layer goes on during reinstatement in any kind of ground. Let's hope things don't get so bad out there that a 'machine', like a 'wacker', or plate compressor is required!"
Nathanael, Chelmsford, in the TMS inbox

1118: If you haven't had a look at today's photo gallery, take a look at picture 6 which features Monty, Strauss and Vaughan. Vaughan's a busy boy, he's just joined Aggers on TMS for a chat.
India v England: 4th ODI photos

"Hope this rain is an omen of natural reversal of cricket weather. England deserve to win this game, but Sehwag stands there for want of any English fielder's appeal! Amazing! Are they playing cricket or dozing in the field?"
Zihannasheen, Kathmandu, Nepal, in the TMS inbox

Rain delay
1115: Some encouraging signs - the stumps have been put back in, so we could be under way sooner rather than later.

"First we have long overs to prevent India scoring 300 plus, now rain. Being positive, is there a chance England are not going to lose this?"
Roger in snowy Denmark in the TMS inbox

"Bowling first was an inspired move as this game will surely turn into a Twenty20-ish-style game and we know exactly what we need?"
Grant Nichols, SW19, in the TMS inbox
[And England did so well in the Stanford Twenty20 for $20m game... MM]

"Sam in Chicago (12th over) might like to know that:
I've just met a West London bimbo
Whose car registration reads 'D1MBO'
I've asked for a date
But she's busy of late
And has put me in limbo 'til Crimbo"
Andrew in Sheffield in the TMS inbox

Rain delay
1102: We're still off for rain, though some covers - but not all - have been taken off. If you have a listen to TMS, Aggers will shortly be talking to ECB managing director Hugh Morris (and former opening partner of Steve James at Glamorgan).

"Looking at the rain in Bangalore, I just love the smell of fresh earth when it rains. My friend who is a diehard cricket buff says I have lost it!"
Amogh Dhodapkar in the TMS inbox

1055: In case you didn't hear the news yesterday, England seamer Ryan Sidebottom is going to miss the remainder of the ODI series with a side strain, and is a doubt for the Test series. Poor Sidey. And rounding up some other cricket news from yesterday, Australia easily beat New Zealand in their Test, South Africa beat Bangladesh by an innings and Sri Lanka took Zimbabwe to the cleaners in an ODI.
REPORT: Sidebottom doubt for India Tests
REPORT: Australia clinch easy Gabba win
REPORT: South Africa seal innings victory
REPORT: Sri Lanka hammer woeful Zimbabwe

Virender Sehwag
"Talking about haircuts, Sehwag wants a hair transplant to be done on him after this series. Apparently, he wants to do away with the baldness he has now and sport a new look"
Karthik Konduri in the TMS inbox

Rain delay
1043: Aggers reports that some motor-moppers have been fired up, but it could still be a while before we're playing again - the entire square and the bowlers' run-ups have been covered, as well as part of the outfield.

Monty Panesar
"Why isn't Monty Panesar in the England ODI team any more? If I recall correctly, last time England came to play in India, Monty played particularly well, btw how long has it been since Monty was dropped from the ODIs?"
Sim, NZ, in the TMS inbox
[I think it's mainly because his deficiencies in batting and fielding are more shown up in ODIs. Poor Monty - he played 26 ODIs between January 2007, in Australia, and October 2007 in Sri Lanka. He only ever played Tests in India, not ODIs - MM]
Download our Monty Panesar masks

Rain delay
1030: It's still chucking it down in Bangalore, while Simon Mann and Gus Fraser are recalling England's Test visit in December 2001, when Michael Vaughan was out 'handled the ball', and Ashley Giles had Tendulkar stumped for the first time in his career, bowling over the wicket.
REPORT (Dec 2001): India v England from Bangalore

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"Can Jimmy A bowl his next over underarm? He might keep it a bit tighter"
Arron_S_S_S on 606
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Angus Fraser
"Puddles are forming on the edge of the covers here - we don't know what the drainage is like. If it was Lord's, it would go straight through, but I don't think they have quite that technology on this ground"
Former Middlesex and England seamer Angus Fraser on TMS

"Stuck in the most tedious banking conference in Bahrain, with a bunch of credit crunched, globally depressed bankers. Our row is the most animated as we are getting your commentary & taking bets on highest scorer (I've got Gambhir) - keep up the great work..."
Pritesh Kotecha in the TMS inbox

Simon Mann
"I spoke to match referee Roshan Mahanama yesterday - he's going to monitor the light in Guwahati (ahead of the sixth ODI next Saturday) at various times of the day, and he's been in touch with the ICC over whether the playing regulations can be changed, after the way the Kanpur game finished"
Simon Mann on TMS

1021: That had been coming for a while - during all those delays while the pitch was repaired by the hammer-wielding ground staff, a big black cloud had been steadily advancing on Bangalore. The entire square is covered now.

"I've just noticed that Tendulkar's career run count is over 16,000! I was wondering what is the cumulative total of the entire England team? About half of that?! I remember a rather depressing statistic in a recent series against Sri Lanka, when Jayasuria had scored more runs and taken more wickets than the entire England team... no wonder we're 3-0 down"
Simon, Northumberland, in the TMS inbox

Rain delay
14th over - RAIN STOPS PLAY - Ind 82-1
With Anderson having been hit all round the park, England look to recall Broad to the attack - but their tactic of having players go on and off the field all the time backfires (although Broad did need treatment during one of the earlier breaks) as umpire Harper rules that Broad's not been back on the field long enough, so England have to turn to someone else. The choice is left-arm spinner Samit Patel, who's probably not best pleased at having to bowl to these two in a powerplay. (Medium-pacers Colly and Bopara don't seem in favour in this series - Colly has bowled just nine overs in four games, and Ravi hasn't bowled at all). Sehwag and Gambhir only manage three singles from the over, to Patel's credit, but it's now raining and the covers are brought on.

13th over - Ind 79-1
The hammer-wielding ground staff have another go at repairing the footmarks, and we finally finish another long over with a dot ball.

"I once umpired a 20-odd-minute over in a junior match when a dog fielded the ball down at long leg and ran off with it. It was the only viable ball left around so we had no option but to chase the dog around till we cornered it at short midwicket and sent the still-gloved wicketkeeper in to retrieve the ball. Strictly speaking I should have awarded a five-run penalty for ball tampering, as the seam was clearly altered, but I let it go"
Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox

Monty Panesar
12.5 overs - Ind 79-1
The TV cameras pick up three VIP spectators - Monty Panesar (who's wearing a white T-shirt with "Outrage" on it), Andrew Strauss and Michael Vaughan are looking on from the stands. Monty and Strauss will be in the Test squad here, while former skipper Vaughan is with the performance squad. It's not Anderson's day - Gambhir pushes the ball straight to him, sends Sehwag back and Anderson's bullet throw to the stumps just misses when a direct hit would have run him out. The batsmen exchange singles, and umpire Harper still isn't happy about the footmarks, and calls the ground staff on with a ball to go. KP signals for some drinks to be brought on (with Luke Wright on carrying duty), the physio comes on to look at Flintoff's foot (ominous?) and we're going to have another hold-up with one ball left in the over.

12th over - Ind 77-1
Broad's off, Anderson's going to have a change of ends. But he sends down a long-hop which Sehwag swishes and misses at, then a wide which Prior has to reach to his right to take. Sehwag eventually connects with what Aggers calls a "West Indian" shot, leaning back and thrashing Jimmy over extra cover for four. (Aggers and Steve James on TMS think Peter Moores and co are being "blindly stubborn" over their team selection and lack of a genuine fifth bowler). Jimmy's going all round the park here, Sehwag aggressively pulling him to cow corner to reach 6,000 ODI runs. The next ball is a long-hop outside off stump and Sehwag launches it over the mid-wicket fence for six! Nothing personal, Jimmy, but that was one of the most rotten ODI overs I've seen in a while - it went for 15, it could well have been more.

"Looks like England bowlers have their task cut out with Sehwag going crazy. Just wish England do good or it hopefully rains and saves their day. What's with all the dimbo and bimbo talk? You English blokes are really... let us say word crazy (I noticed the hazy too...)"
Sam, Chicago, in the TMS inbox
[Just as long as we're not lazy - MM]

11th over - Ind 62-1
England take the second powerplay immediately, and it's still Flintoff to Sehwag, who's only scored one in the time it's taken Gambhir to score 21! Aggers says India are "going like a train", Sehwag guides Freddie for a single, but that's the only run off a tighter over.

"I have seen a car driving around West London with the registration plate 'D1MBO'"
Jonathan in High Wycombe, in the TMS inbox

10th over - Ind 61-1
TV replays show England missed a wicket during that "bunt single" off the last ball of the 9th over - as Sehwag's bat gets lodged in the crease, and he's in mid-air when the throw hit the stumps (like Daniel Vettori earlier this summer) - but it looks like no-one appeals, so it's not out! Gambhir makes England pay by smashing three more fours - one edged past the stumps, the second past mid-on, and the third powerfully past point. Broad has 1-35 from five overs.

"I know I am about to commit the ultimate blasphemy - but is it right to include Tendulkar in a team which has been going great? I am a big fan of Sachin, but I think he should be preserved for bigger games, so as to enhance his cricketing life - what if he picks up new injuries playing a match which is not even close to crucial (for India)? Tendulkar should be used as sparingly as possible"
Raveesh Gupta, Delhi, in the TMS inbox

9th over - Ind 49-1
Anderson's off after four wicketless overs for 18 and Andrew Flintoff gets into the action. Sehwag rotates the strike with a single, then Flintoff strays down the leg side and Gambhir flicks it off his legs for a simple four to fine leg. Another one down the leg side, and this time it's signalled wide. Gambhir then cleverly tips-and-runs a single, dribbling the ball into the off side and scampering through, although Mick (below) might prefer it described as "laying down a bunt".

Manny Ramirez
"'Sehwag being Sehwag' Mitch? That a reference to ex-Red Sox, ex-LA Dodgers 'free spirit' and now free agent Manny Ramirez? (As in 'Manny being Manny')? Baseball - now there's a sport. And I speak as both a cricket and baseball nut. Keep up the good work (go Sox!)"
Mick (bored, in boring Aylesbury) in the TMS inbox
[Yes, that's exactly to whom it refers! Go Astros! MM]

8th over - Ind 42-1
New batsman is the left-handed Gautam Gambhir, shunted down from opening to number three by Tendulkar's return. He makes a good start, guiding his first ball from Broad off his toes to mid-wicket for four. A 13-minute over, that.

Wicket falls
7.5 overs - WICKET - Tendulkar b Broad 11 - Ind 38-1
Tendulkar tries an expansive hook at Broad, but misses and is struck on the midriff. He does better with a looser delivery outside off stump, rocking back and steering the Notts youngster through the covers for four. And there's then some concern about the crease at the bowler's end - Sehwag uses his bat to flatten the area where Broad's foot is landing, and there's six England players grouped around having their say too. The ground staff are summoned for some running repairs, as is the England physio so Broad can have some treatment on his ankle. The ground staff, dressed in dull brown/khaki outfits, bring out some sawdust and then use a hammer to (literally) hammer the crease back into shape. After the hammer, they then bring out what looks like a thick broomhandle with a square doorstop on the bottom to "thump" the crease. After a delay of more than five minutes, we finally get under way again with two deliveries left. And after all that delay, Broad knocks Tendulkar's off stump back! And with their hero dismissed, suddenly it's all gone quiet in the stands.

Get involved on 606
"I think Moores is a solid if unspectacular coach, but I don't see him being the problem with our ODI form. No matter what coach we cannot seem to play ODIs, it has to be something with our tactics or mindset but it definitely is not our forte. Bring on the Tests"
Gaspode13 on 606
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7th over - Ind 34-0
Anderson looks like he could do with a haircut - it's getting a bit shaggy at the back. Maybe he could resurrect the red streak he had (circa 2003) to bring him a bit of luck? Sehwag steers a single to fine leg, then Anderson strays down the leg side again, Tendulkar helps it on its way but the burly Samit Patel makes a good stop at backward square leg.

"Mark, isn't the word 'dimbo' somewhat tautological, as surely bimbos by their very nature are dim? Has anyone ever met a clever bimbo?"
Andy, Brisbane, in the TMS inbox

6th over - Ind 32-0
Tendulkar gets a big inside edge which doesn't quite carry to Prior, but a fumble by the keeper allows them a run. And astonishingly, umpire Amiesh Saheba signals a bye! How on earth did he not spot that edge? Sehwag fences at a bouncer which it looks like Prior could have caught, but he appears to leave it for Shah at first slip - the result is that neither of them take the catch and it goes for four. Then Sehwag cuts, the ball goes under the diving Collingwood's hands at backward point and it's four more. Poor Broad - and poor Jimmy as Sehwag has kept the strike with a single.

"I had the misfortune to be at a boarding school - Clifton College, 1968-72 - the word 'Dimbo' was used fairly frequently. It was usually employed in conversation which revolved around CCF 'officers', school Praeposters & Prefects & the Senior French master (my housemaster). I first saw Sachin bat when I was working in Bombay in - would it be 1986 or 1987?"
Simon, Perth, Western Australia, in the TMS inbox

5th over - Ind 22-0
Sehwag's off again! He dismissively flicks Anderson through mid-wicket for his fourth four. The next ball is fuller, but he can only guide it straight to the patrolling Ian Bell at cover. Aggers on TMS says there's been light drizzle forecast for later in the day. Cap'n KP tries to rally his troops by clapping his hands firmly.

4th over - Ind 18-0
At least with this game being a day-nighter, there shouldn't be any kerfuffle over the floodlights, which will be switched on when they're needed. And after that crazy start, Tendulkar is more watchful than Sehwag, and plays out a maiden from Broad.

Steve James
"There have been some big scores on this ground in ODIs - Australia were here last year and scored over 300. It sounds obvious to say, but it's really important England get early wickets"
Former Glamorgan and England opener Steve James on TMS
INTERNET LINK: Records and facts from the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, from CricketArchive

3rd over - Ind 18-0
Is Sehwag a baseball fan? He stands upright and swats Anderson back over his head like a base hit to centre field and it sails to the boundary. The next ball is smacked through point for another four! Come on Jimmy, pitch it up! Thankfully, the "Burnley Express" survives the rest of the over without further punishment.

Text in your views on 81111
"Dimbo is not a new word! I'm 36 and used it frequently when at primary school (or junior school, as you English seem to prefer). Simply means an idiot or unusually stupid person. Example of usage 'Don't do it like that, ya dimbo!'. Anyway, come on England - give us a decent show today, and no dimbo shots!"
Andy, Dunfermline, via text on 81111

2nd over - Ind 10-0
Stuart Broad to take the second over as normal - and Tendulkar turns his first ball off his legs for an easy two. Might even have been three, but Sehwag had dropped his bat. After a couple of textbook "leaves", Sachin beautifully flicks Broad off his legs for a four through square leg - the outfield looks pretty quick.

"Looking forward to England going the way of the rugby team yesterday. Oh, and 'less hazier' [0825]. Given that hazier is short for more hazy, what does less more hazy mean? Come on, get the grammar book out!"
Nicholas Butt in the TMS inbox
[Point taken, my mind must have been hazy when I wrote it - MM]

1st over - Ind 4-0
No time for India to play themselves in - it's what I call "Sehwag being Sehwag" as the boy Virender steps forward and clouts Jimmy's first ball over the infield for a four to the extra cover boundary! Crikey! Looks like the crowd at the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium are in for a treat here. The rest of the over is rather tame in comparison, he finds a fielder a couple of times and plays and misses at a couple.

0858: To huge cheers, Sachin Tendulkar emerges, accompanied by fellow opener Virender Sehwag. It's Tendulkar's 418th ODI, and India's 700th. Jimmy Anderson, who looked woefully out of touch with the ball in the last ODI, takes the first over.

Text in your views on 81111
"My Dad coined the phrase 'dimbo' about 10 years ago. I don't want to claim to have inspired it, but let's see if it catches on this time. Thanks so much for your coverage, otherwise I would have missed my friend's wedding in snowy London today!"
Gagan, via text on 81111
[If you're off to a wedding or out anywhere, don't forget you can pick up BBC Sport, including this live text, on your mobile - MM]
Help: How to get BBC Sport on the move

0854: And a happy birthday to India coach Gary Kirsten, 41 today.

0848: Scrub all that stuff about Pragyan Ojha - he's been benched. The Press Association sports wire stated definitively at 0833 that he was playing, but it turns out Ishant Sharma has not been dropped after all. Our apologies for the latest BBC breach of trust, I can only say we reported something in good faith. Here are the full teams:

India: Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Dhoni (capt, wk), Yusuf Pathan, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Ishant Sharma, Munaf Patel.

England: Ravi Bopara, Ian Bell, Kevin Pietersen (capt), Paul Collingwood, AndrewFlintoff, Owais Shah, Samit Patel, Matt Prior (wk), Graeme Swann, Stuart Broad, James Anderson.

Umpires are Australia's Daryl Harper (it's always worth an appeal if he's there), and India's Amiesh Saheba. Third ump is Shavir Tarapore, fourth ump is S Ravi (no first name available), match referee is still Sri Lanka's Roshan Mahanama.

0843: What can I tell you about Pragyan Ojha, who may not be familiar to English audiences? He's a slow left-armer who bats left-handed, he's 22 and has played five ODIs, but has taken just five wickets at 34.60.

0841: My "gaffer" today, Oliver Brett, has just coined a superb word I've never heard before. He described someone as a "dimbo" (a bimbo who is also dim). And my other colleague Pranav Soneji, on match report duties today, has just spilt a cup of water all over my note pad. So it's all go here.

0838: And with England unchanged, the doom-sayers will no doubt point out that it means James Anderson keeps his place despite no wickets in the first three ODIs, while Paul Collingwood keeps his place despite going seven one-day innings without a half-century.

0833: Toss news: England captain Kevin Pietersen has called successfully for the second successive match, and England will field first. I guess, having been caught out on Duckworth-Lewis last time out, he fancies batting second if there's any doubt about the weather.

Team news is that India, as expected, recall Tendulkar in place of Rohit Sharma - while it's a disappointing day for the Sharmas all round as seamer Ishant Sharma, who was a bit wild in the last game, is omitted so left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha plays instead. England are unchanged.

0825: Morning, everyone. We've braved the snow to arrive at the dreaming spires of BBC TV Centre to bring you all the action from Bangalore, where hopefully the weather's a bit sunnier - and less hazier than it was in Kanpur.

No team news yet, apart from the fact that India are set to recall Sachin Tendulkar to their batting line-up after he was rested for the first three ODIs.

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