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Page last updated at 11:18 GMT, Monday, 17 November 2008

India v England 2nd ODI as it happened

India 292-9 (50 overs) bt England 238 all out (47 overs) by 54 runs


By Tom Fordyce

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47th over: WICKET - Broad b Sehwag 22, Eng 238 all out, INDIA WIN BY 54 RUNS

Wicket falls
...and there it is. That was worth getting up at 2am for. Well-deserved win for India, better in all departments. Yuvraj Singh the stand-out man by a mile, with only Broad with the ball and Freddie with the bat doing any sort of damage for England.

Can England fight their way back into the seven-match series on Thursday? Weeelll.....

47th over: WICKET - Harmison st Dhoni b Sehwag 6, Eng 233-9

Wicket falls
Now that's what you call a slog. Shoulder-dislocating Harmo heave, and he's out of his ground by several strides. Pack away your thermos - we're nearly done.

46th over: Eng 233-8
Harmison eight-irons a full one just over mid-on for four and then runs a single to third man. 60 needed off 23 balls.

45th over: WICKET - Patel c Gambhir b Sehwag 20, Eng 222-8

Wicket falls
Patel fancies a pop too - a big six over midwicket and a pulled four straight - but he goes down in flames, holing out in the deep as Gambhir holds on at the third attempt. Still - just over two runs per ball needed, two wickets in hand.


44th over: Eng 212-7
Hearty swipe from Broad - and that's six! A chap in the crowd takes the catch too - wonder if he fancies a game on Thursday. Broad then dab-sweeps over his own shoulder for four to fine leg. Cheeky.

43rd over: Eng 199-7
Just the 94 required off 42 balls. Stuart Broad, Samit Patel - your time is now.

42nd over: WICKET - Bopara c Raina b Pathan 3, Eng 191-7

Wicket falls
He'll be even happier now. He middles a fullish one and is about to celebrate a certain four when Raina pings to his right and somehow holds on to an absolute ripper of a snag. India will go 2-0 up in the series. Fact. Official.

41st over: Eng 191-6
Ravi Bopara must be pleased with how things are going for him. He doesn't get to bowl, he doesn't get to bat until eighth in the order and when he finally comes in the run-rate required is 11.3.

40th over: WICKET - Collingwood c & b Harbhajan 2, Eng 186-6

Wicket falls
Three wickets for three runs in three overs - the symmetry is pleasing, but it's no sort of salve for England. Colly, dreadfully out of touch, mis-times a nudge and gets a looping leading edge straight back to the happy tweaker. C'est tout. Fin.

39th over: Eng 186-5
Samit Patel and Colly together now, and both play and miss as Sehwag comes on for his first twirl. Just two off the over, but it's surely all over regardless. Hope flowered briefly for England, but it's withered once again.

38th over: WICKET - Pietersen b Yuvraj 43, Eng 184-5

Wicket falls
Fresh calamity upon calamity - Yuvraj does the skipper too, and that's probably that for England. 4-28 from 10 overs from Yuvraj to go with his 118 - if he doesn't win another man-of-the-match motorbike after this, Colly is going to have to play the greatest innings in cricket history.

38th over: WICKET - Flintoff lbw b Yuvraj 43, Eng 168-4

Wicket falls
Alas and alack - Fred swings mightily but misses a straight one and is trapped bang in front. 30,000 fans leap for joy, Fred trudges off with the peak of his cap pulled low over his sweating brow.

37th over: Eng 183-3
Now it's KP's turn to get busy, mowing an almighty meadow off Arpy Singh over midwicket for four and then mis-cueing over cover for another. And there's a no-ball, Arpy's third of the match. What can Fred do with the free hit? He can drive it beautifully for four, that's what. Blimey O'Reilly. 43 from 32 balls now from Flintoff; KP pedestrian by comparison on 33 off 47.

"Please England, please! Give me something, I need just one happy result. The weekend was a disaster. It's bad enough being around Aussies when they don't have something to gloat about!"
Dan in NSW, in the TMS inbox

36th over: Eng 168-3
Two overs left in the powerplay. And Flintoff is suddenly on fire - he crashes a short one from Zaheer high over cover for another four. A single follows, and then two more. Fred misses out on a full toss and the required rate edges up to just under nine an over.

35th over: Eng 161-3
It is, and KP throws his bat at it - quite literally. The willow slips out of his grasp and spirals away to square leg. Chuckles all round. That's gone further than most of his shots. Fred then gets on strike and smashes the cover off the ball as it rockets to the cover fence. And what's this? Another four, this time off the outside edge. They couldn't, could they? Could they? Or could they?

"I believe. If these two can hang around for 8-10 of those 20 overs, we have enough batting to come to easily hit 100 of the last 10. Maybe I am an optimist. Maybe I am deluded. Maybe I am a typical English fan- hope for so much, am repaid with so little. Maybe I'll stop rambling"
James the geophysicist, in the TMS inbox

34th over: Eng 150-3
Zaheer returns in place of Yuvraj, whose allocation has gone. KP has an almighty mow but misses and has to settle for singles - five of them in the over, with three going to the skipper. Is that Munaf coming on at the other end?

33rd over: Eng 145-3
England opt for the batting powerplay. Why not? Fred takes his life in his hands and lofts Harbhajan's faster one way over midwicket for a big, big six. Time to go, England. Hello - Fred does, too - a skimmer for another six down the ground, and then an even bigger one into the grandstand. Three maximums in the over, but the required rate is still 8.7 an over...

32nd over: Eng 124-3
England just can't pierce the in-field here. Yuvraj screams an appeal as Fred flashes and appears to nick behind, but Umps shakes his head. Looked like a let-off, that one, although as Morrissey once sang, what difference does it make?

31st over: Eng 122-3
Fred charges Bhaji but can only drill a single straight. This just isn't happening for England, a combination of tight bowling, zesty fielding and a whole heap of trouble when they had the ball in hand.

30th over: Eng 120-3
Two more singles, and the rate is now 8.65. 20 overs left, 173 runs required. Who believes?

29th over: Eng 118-3
Flintoff finally gets off the quacker with a dashed single off Harbhajan. He probably wishes he hadn't as KP advances down the pitch and smashes a meaty one straight into his legs at the other end. No visible wincing - impressive.

28th over: Eng 115-3
Slog-sweep by KP for four over square leg. Fred's still struggling, however - yet to get off the mark.

27th over: Eng 110-3
Bhaji's got a grip on here. KP plays away three dotters, takes a quick single and then watches Fred stay steady for the remaining two. The run-rate required climbs above eight an over; it's currently half that.

26th over: WICKET - Prior b Yuvraj 38, Eng 109-3

Wicket falls
That was coming - the struggling Prior, hamstrung by cramp, takes a slow pace backwards and is comprehensively cleaned up. It's almost a whole lot worse next ball - Flintoff bottom-edges his first ball and is spilt by a scrambling, standing-up Dhoni. Jonathan in Sacramento (10th over): if you're not in bed yet, you should be.

25th over: Eng 108-2
Come in KP1 - you're our only hope. I'm exaggerating, but you know what I mean. Skipper turns Bhaji off his toes for two behind square before legging it through for a single.

24th over: WICKET - Shah lbw Yuvraj 58, Eng 102-2

Wicket falls
Shah steps away for a big slash, misses and is trapped in front of leg peg. Yuvraj's day just gets better, England's goes the other way. Prior's got a runner on now too, owing to his problems with cramp. The runner? Ian Bell, run out for one in the first over of the day.

23rd over: Eng 102-1
And now a four! Sure, it was off the outside edge, and nearly finds Dhoni's mitts, but it brings up the England 100. Shah to 57 off 75 balls; Prior drifting on 37 off 61.

22nd over: Eng 96-1
No - uncork it, uncork it... Shah waltzes down to Yuvraj and drills a skimming six over the long-on ropes. Yup - a six! Fear us, world of cricket, fear us!

21st over: Eng 88-1
Sing hosannas, hang out the bells, ring the bunting - it's a two! That's the good news. The bad is that Prior's dab behind square is preceded by five dot balls. Put the champagne back in the fridge.

20th over: Eng 86-1
...and four singles again. Five overs since we had anything but. Death by a thousand nudges.

19th over: Eng 82-1
Only singles again. Watching England, even when they're not losing wickets, is still vaguely dispiriting - it all seems such hard work. Oh, for a burst of over-the-top dash and glamour.

18th over: Eng 79-1
Ooof - Prior steps away to Yuvraj and nearly has his clock cleaned, jabbing down late to save the day. Just a single off the over, and England are in danger of drifting into the Doldrums.

17th over: Eng 78-1
Could be a key little passage, this - Harbhajan's pulled up a chair to the table. There's a bit of turn there too, and a mere three unos available for the England pair.

16th over: Eng 75-1
Yuvraj, centurion earlier on, comes on for a spot of left-arm twirl. Three singles leak gently before Prior misses out on a short one by cutting it straight to point. Looks like a drinks break - what I wouldn't give for a fresh banana milkshake. Not my life, obviously, but you know what I mean.

15th over: Eng 72-1
Shah breezes to 36 with a creamy drive back down the ground for a photograph-that four. 30,000 people in the stands go temporarily silent. Another shot of the England area, and Ian Bell appears to be cultivating a fluffy goatee. The colour? Sunset Colly.

14th over: Eng 67-1
Tight as a snake's sock from Zaheer - just an angled single to Shah. Nice shot of Luke Wright on the England balcony, having a good old rummage up his snout with his little finger.

13th over: Eng 66-1
Arpy goes round the wicket to Prior, who blasts him for four through the covers to move to 24. He then opens the face to tickle the ball down to third man, where not even the tumbling Zaheer Khan can prevent another four. Prior then gives a fierce chance to Yuvraj who leaps into the air at backward point, but can't hold it above his head and they run two.

12th over: Eng 56-1
Shah nudges Patel for a single, then we have more chaos between the wickets when Prior pushes the ball almost straight to extra cover, is sent back, has to dash back into his ground and would have been run out by yards if the ball had hit. He sheepishly adds a single off the next ball - that's the fifty partnership.

11th over: Eng 54-1
That last over was the end of the first powerplay, and this is the start of the next one. Prior pops a back-foot push away for two and then has a dash at Arpy and edges just past Dhoni's diving right glove. Another no-ball, another free hit - but it's a rapid yorker, and Prior can't get it away. Wasteful.

10th over: Eng 47-1
Shah doing all the running here - there's a nice clip into the on-side for what should be three, but Zaheer brushes the boundary rope with his foot having done all the hard stuff and ships a daft four.

"Should I head off to bed Tom? It's just after midnight here and it will be a long day in the office tomorrow if I stay up till 4am following the match. But if England look like they have a chance, I will gladly." Jonathan, Sacramento, CA, in the TMS inbox

I would have said hit the hay, Jonathan, until that last over. In fact, hit it anyway - I'll call your mobile if things gets spicy.

9th over: Eng 42-1
Arpy into the attack. Shah flays at his left-arm over and then has a free hit as the bowler over-steps - and cashes in with a thunk off the toe through midwicket which races away for four. There's a wide up next, two angled-away singles and then a sweetly-timed check-drive from Shah that skims through cover for another four. Good over for England.

8th over: Eng 30-1
Munaf keeps on plugging, the run rate required 6.24 and the current pace about half that. Shah takes on a gulper of a single and makes it as the throw just misses, and the pressure is pushing down heavy on England shoulders here.

7th over: Eng 28-1
Outside edge from Prior to third man for one, and a fine piece of tumble from Arpy Singh next up to keep Shah down to two in the same spot. But that's a loose one - a strayer onto the pads that's clipped away square for a saucy little four.

6th over: Eng 21-1
Patel strays wide to nudge the scoreboard into life, and Prior hobbles through for a single. 12th man Ryan Sidebottom jogs on with a bottle of water for him. Wonder if he reminded him of those nine dropped catches off his bowling last season.

"Nigel in Witney (2nd over). Aren't Lewis and Hamilton also both in Scotland?"Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox

5th over: Eng 19-1
Big swiper outside off from Shah, but he misses by a skinny margin and can't get anything else away off Zaheer. That's this pitch for you - the ball doesn't come on, unless your name's Yuvraj, when it comes on and then goes off in the direction of Delhi. Maiden.

4th over: Eng 19-1
Nice from Shah - a clunking straight drive back past the stumps for four, before one spits up from just short of a length and thuds the gloves. Patel keeps him watchful until a dasher of an uno off the final ball.

3rd over: Eng 14-1
Singles apiece before Prior pushes a two through extra cover. Let's look at the bright side - at the same stage of their innings, India were a massive four runs back.

2nd over: Eng 10-1
Sweet baby James - Shah nearly goes too, poking feebly at Munaf Patel and getting an edge that flies just past slip. Those of you who answered "yes" to the "fancy this" question - stick or twist?

"Re: Quiz questions - Name three past Grand Prix drivers with Scottish towns in their name. A: Stirling Moss, Jonny Dumfries and Ayr Town Centre."Nigel, Witney, via text on 81111

1st over: WICKET - Bell run out (Raina) 1, Eng 6-1

Wicket falls
Now then. Fancy this? Prior blinks down the track at Zaheer and flips a leggy one away fine for four. Needs a decent score, Matty P - averaging just 22, with a strike-rate in the mid-70s. But what's this? Suicidal single from Bell - insanity - and he's out by the length of four bats. Heavy, heavy sigh.


50th over: India 292-9

That's 50
Huge, huge six, Pathan nailing Harmie into the distance - and there's another! Poor bowling, but Pathan's helping himself here. That's another ropey ball, crashed over point for a swipey four, and a single at the death. a 50 off 29 balls for Pathan on his birthday, and on this pitch, that is a monster of a total for England to chase.

Take yourself a breather and we'll go again with the England effort in around 30 mins.

50th over: WICKET - RP Singh b Harmison 4, India 274-9

Wicket falls
Mighty heave-ho, mighty miss.

49th over: India 274-8
Fred for the penultimate. RP Singh squeezes out a yorker for one and then steers a two to third man after Pathan does the same. Decent length again to hold it down to a single - 0-49 off nine for Fred, including that 11 off the single (no) ball.

48th over: WICKET - Zaheer run out (Patel) 1, India 261-8

Wicket falls
Broad's not happy with Tiffin again - he gets called for a no-ball on height, but that's three dot balls as Zaheer aims a mighty mow and misses. The pressure tells as Zaheer goes for a crazy run and has his stumps shattered by Samit P throwing from mid-wicket. Out by a country mile.

47th over: WICKET - Harbhajan run out (Pietersen) 8, India 258-7

Wicket falls
Fred trundles in. Single to Pathan off the first, and then Bhaji is sent packing by a direct skipper's hot from mid-off. Super throw, crazy run.

46th over: India 257-6
Bhaji blasts at Broad but finds Harmison on the deep square leg fence and has to be content with the single. Pathan scampers a two and one and then sends Broad sprawling as he chases in another single, and then Bhaji flips a short one round the corner for two more. The run-rate's at six an over, which on this pitch feels like it's worth at least seven and a half.

45th over: India 249-6
Samit's being brought back. Interesting, KP, interesting. New-man Bhaji flays away and gets a single as Fred makes a sprawling save at mid-off, before Pathan creams him high over square leg for a maximum. Seven off the over, and Patel's gone for 37 from his five overs so far. Ouch.

44th over: WICKET - Yuvraj c Prior b Broad 118, India 239-6

Wicket falls
Broad tries to stem the flow, but that wide won't help things. He goes wide again and Yuvraj scythes away over gully for four no.15. "Broad - do you remember 6 6 6 6 6 6?" asks a banner being waved in the crowd. Don't we all, banner, don't we all. Broad has a little revenge up his short sleeves, however, inducing a skinny edge behind to poop the end of the party. Magical innings - Yuvraj came in at 29-3, and departs 210 runs later.

43rd over: India 233-5
Spot-on yorker magic from the returning Fred, shipping just two singles off the first four, but then he tries a daft bouncer at Yuvraj and gets swung away to deep square leg for four. Next ball he aims fuller again but succeeds only in slipping it right into the slot, and that gets the treatment over mid-on for four more. 114 now for the leftie, with 14 fours and two sixes.

42nd over: India 223-5
Double anguish for Harmie - a slower one that Yuvraj almost bunts to mid-wicket, and then a wayward one down leg which birthday-boy Pathan pops away off his hips for a four fine. Looks like the powerplay up next - hold onto your hats...

41st over: India 214-5
Singles here and there as Colly varies his pace. You get the sense that Yuvraj is ready to loosen the shoulders once again - he's got that glint in his eyes.

"One for Alan from Glasgow's pub quiz: name Richie Benaud's jacket colour ensemble [as described by the Twelfth Man]? (The cream, the bone, the white, the off-white, the ivory, and the beige)"Tim Rutter, stuck in Perth, Australia, in the TMS inbox

40th over: India 210-5
Pathan up next, under strict instructions to get himself back to the non-striker's end at every opportunity. He's off the quacker with a brace to deep square leg.

39th over: WICKET Dhoni b Collingwood 15, India 206-5

Wicket falls
That's caught everyone on the hop - India's skipper plays all round a slower straight one and looks back in shock to see his off-peg leaning backwards like a limbo dancer. England needed that like I need an extra four hours sleep.

39th over: India 206-4

He's reached 100
Yuvraj to 99 with a back-foot drive for one. Dhoni makes room to crash Colly away through cover for four, and my prediction in the 13th over is looking as wayward as Samit P. A single brings Yuv back on strike, and there it is - a prod to point, and that's his second ton on the bounce - with plenty of room for more.

38th over: India 199-4
The ton will have to wait, for an over at least - four singles off KP, leaving him with 1-20 off five. Decent, although you won't have to tell him that.

37th over: India 195-4
Messy business this for Patel. He's carted for nine more, Yuvraj cruising to 96, with a four smashed down the ground off a help-yourself full-bunger. The crowd prepare to go eight different varieties of nuts.

36th over: India 186-4
Biggup the Mitch, although claiming credit for the wicket won't go down well with KP. More steady tweak from the latter, out-bowling Samit P and making everyone wonder what Bhaji might do on this track a little later doors.

By Mark Mitchener

35th over: India 184-4
Yuvraj heaves Anderson to leg for a single, Dhoni rotates the strike well and Yuvraj steers another single to third man to reach 88 off 95 balls. A loose one down the leg side is flicked off his legs by Dhoni and looks four all the way until Broad shows off his "Boundary Fox" skills with a superb tumbling stop that restricts them to two. And having made the breakthrough (of sorts), I'm going to hand you back to Tom - still with that batting powerplay up India's sleeves.

34th over: India 179-4
Dhoni pushes KP for a single, Shah hurls the ball in like a man taking out his frustrations at a local coconut shy, and only a smart stop by Pietersen prevents an overthrow. But KP is quite economical, just one Yuvraj single from the rest of the over.

33rd over: India 177-4
Anderson replaces Flintoff, Dhoni pushes a single and then Prior lets one through from which they run a bye. Jimmy's bowling cutters now, mostly, but the singles keep flowing before Yuvraj slices another four through the vacant slip area - he has 85 now.

Text in your views on 81111
"The seven keepers (26th over): Ambrose, Jones, Read, Prior, Nixon, Solanki and Mustard"
Nick from Bath, via text on 81111
[Great work - not many people remember Solanki keeping in two games of the World Twenty20 after Prior was injured - MM]

32nd over: India 170-4
KP is getting plenty of turn here, how he might regret leaving out Swann now? As one pundit opined on TMS the other day, if you're not going to play your main/front-line ODI spinner in India, when will you? Yuvraj dismissively sweeps KP for four to reach 79, then some hopelessly careless fielding from England (poor throw from Harmy, lack of backing up by Colly and Bell) allows him an undeserved second run. Time for a drinks break.

31st over: India 164-4
Well, that stand was worth 134 for India - can England whip another one out? Flintoff returns, also bowling round the wicket to Yuvraj, who guides a single to bring new man Mahendra Dhoni on strike. Dhoni drives sharply, but can't get the rest of the over away, and India still have their "batting" powerplay up their sleeve - which they may well take when the ball is changed after 34 overs. Meanwhile, Aggers reveals that yesterday's press conference took place in a room akin to "Arthur Daley's lock-up", while Colly was announced as "Paul Colling". Charming.

Wicket falls
30th over: WICKET - Gambhir b Pietersen 70 - India 163-4
Colly joins Tom in taking a rest - and it's Captain KP into the attack with his right-arm off-spin. At least he should be able to turn the ball away from the two left-handers... supposedly. Gambhir dances down the track and blasts him over extra cover for six! Prior's then dancing around like a man with ants in his pants when he thinks he's snaffled Gambhir down the leg side, but Mr Tiffin is unmoved. However, no need for the umpires off the last ball when Gambhir gropes at one that turns sharply and gets an inside edge onto his stumps! KP strikes!

29th over: India 156-3
Right, while Tom takes a quick break, I'm in the chair for a short sub-fielding stint, can England's luck turn? Not by the look of it - an easy single from each batsman brings up India's 150, and when Broad tries bowling round the wicket to the two left-handers, Gambhir opens the face to tickle a single to third man. Broad tries a slower ball, but strays with his length and Yuvraj unmercilessly clubs him for four through mid-wicket. It's like the World Twenty20 happening all over again - as if Broad doesn't have nightmares of being hit for six sixes by Yuvraj, the powerful left-hander pinches the strike off the last ball.

By Tom Fordyce

28th over: India 148-3
All the penetration of a marshmallow lance, this England attack at the mo. The sweetest of straight drives from Yuvraj back past Colly's shoelaces for the most classical four of the day; partnership up to 118.

"Re: Alan in Glasgow on pub quiz, naming all the actors in The Magnificent Seven is an oldie but always a goodie." Nick the Brit, Toowoomba, Queensland, in the TMS inbox

27th over: India 141-3
Part-time Patel escapes for the moment - it's Broad instead. Not that it makes much difference - nine off the over as he drops short and is flayed through mid-wicket for another four and popped away for three singles and a two.

26th over: India 132-3
Slower ball from Colly to put the brakes on, but that could change - looks like Patel's coming back from the other end.

Alan - a sport one for you - name the seven wicketkeepers England have used in limited overs cricket since the summer of 2006.

25th over: India 130-3

That's 50
And that's Yuvraj's 50 too, flicking the ineffectual Harmison past mid-wicket for four and then helping himself to stroller singles. England under serious threat from this partnership now.

24th over: India 120-3

That's 50
Colly continues, and there are runs all over the place - a tickle here, a nudge there, and England's fielding is looking ropey. Gambhir cruises to his half-ton, and he's timed his effort beautifully - Yuvraj's launched the firecrackers, and he's been content to wave a sparkler.

Alan - let's start on a musical note - how about naming each of the Gibb brothers, and not just the three who comprised the 'Gees in their most well-known incarnation?

23rd over: India 115-3
Harmie replaces the slapped-about Samit. Five singles leak away, and England should be showing more menace on a track like this - the ball's taking a chunk of surface off the pitch every time it lands.

"Tom, do you know any good quiz questions? I'm busy putting together a pub quiz and need some inspiration"
Alan, Glasgow, in the TMS inbox

I'll put the cap on, Alan - give me five.

22nd over: India 110-3
Easy peas out there now, Yuvraj flicking a full Colly toss away for a one-bounce four to the mid-wicket fence. The partnership's rattled along to 81, with Yuvraj on 45, Gambhir on 46. England smell trouble.

21st over: India 104-3
Patel's being popped all over the place out there, looking a fraction part-time - two twos through square man and singles left, right and every angle in between.

20th over: India 96-3
Two testers from Colly, thundding Yuvraj on the front pad and looking like hitting, but pitching just outside leg. Yuvraj considers the situation and then casually clouts straight down the ground for an enormo six.

19th over: India 88-3
The Samit scenario simply switched ends, that's all, but the result barely differs. Yuvraj goes agricultural and mows over mid-on for a lusty four.

18th over: India 82-3
The Samit scenario didn't last long - Colly's on for some wobbles in his place. Yuvraj drives loosely and bags a two to third man, followed by a single apiece. Few dramas.

17th over: India 78-3
And the recovery continues, Gambhir nudging fine for one Fred four and driving with chutney relish for another past mid-off. 49 now for this partnership at five an over - decent on this track.

16th over: India 68-3
Time for some Samit, and that's a ropey old start - singles all over the place, and a tickled four fine that a thundering KP has no chance of cutting off. Good recovery from India, this.

15th over: India 61-3
Fred stares at the sky, fury smeared all over his chops, as Yuvraj's outside edge flies away past slip for four. That'll be drinks - espresso, if you don't mind.

14th over: India 57-3
Harmie starts with a wide, tightens and is then popped casually over mid-wicket for four as Gambhir gambols down the track.

13th over: India 51-3
Tight from Fred. No more than a 220-240 pitch, this - the bounce is a variable as a tracker mortgage.

12th over: India 49-3
Harmison on for his first joust of the day, and he starts with a shocker - a nothing ball onto Yuvraj's pads which is tickled away for a four to fine leg. He tightens up from then on and has a decent shout for an ell bee - just pitched outside leg, that one.

11th over: India 45-3
Fred goes round the wicket and Yuvraj prods and misses as the ball skids through low. Broad looks like he's trying to make pals with The Tiffler at square leg. Sensible - very sensible.

10th over: India 43-3
Umpire Tiffin's had a stinker there - he calls a wide off Broad when the ball only just missed off-stump. Broad lobs his toys out of the pram, even as the story emerges that Tiffin fought in the Zimbabwe war of independence and is considered one of the hardest men in southern Africa.

9th over: India 41-3
Freddie gets the nod from KP and rumbles in Yuvraj. Four dot-balls are followed by a no-ball that goes for four - and, off the free hit that follows, Yuvraj carts him high over the mid-wicket fence for six. The crowd go ballistic, and why not? That single delivery just cost England 11 runs...

8th over: WICKET Sharma c Shah b Broad 3, India 29-3

Wicket falls
It's all going very England for India - Broad bangs one in, Sharma swipes horribly and Owais runs round from mid-wicket to take an easy top-edged snag. Delight in the tourists' ranks, silence in the stands. 3-12 off four for Broad - what sort of clown would say he'd struggle in India?

7th over: India 29-2
Anderson strays and Gambhir profits, tucking down to fine leg for four and angling through backward point for two.

6th over: India 23-2
Broad again, and that's an extraordinary appeal. Sharma gets 100% bat on a slower one and Broad goes up as if the timbers had gone sideways. Umpire Tiffin - great name for an official in India, particularly round tea-time - almost laughs in his face.

5th over: India 21-2
Was that another chance? It was - but a mighty tough one, Gambhir inside-edging Anderson and Prior doing well to get a desperate diving glove on it. If you want to get involved on 606, as a special treat it's been opened early. Dive in whenever you fancy.

4th over: WICKET - Raina c Patel b Broad 4, India 15-2

Wicket falls
Whoosh - Gambhir drives loosely at Broad and gets an edge that both drops short and between 'keeper and slip. After a scampered single, though, Raina goes - fooled by Broad's cunning slower one into punting weakly to Patel at square leg.

3rd over: India 10-1
New-man Raina spanks Jimmy A through the covers with a super drive for the first boundary of the day, and the rafters-rammed crowd are loving that. A couple of tight ones are followed by a wide.

2nd over: WICKET Sehwag b Broad 1, India 4-1

Wicket falls
Moments after I wonder how Broad could possibly have any menace on Indian tracks, he shows me - bringing one back in and destroying the timbers off Sehwag's inside edge as the batsman jabs down with feet rooted. Great start for England, and this pitch looks a stinker.

1st over: India 4-0
Morning all - and interesting signs from the words "Let's rumble" here. Gambhir gambles a crazy single from the first ball and should have been run out, but Samit Patel's throw misses. The ball then does all sorts of strange things for Jimmy Anderson, dying one ball and leaping through the next as Prior spills the byes.

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