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England v S Africa: 1st ODI as it happened

England 275-4 (50 overs) bt South Africa 255 (49.4 overs) by 20 runs

England skipper Kevin Pietersen led his side to a hard-fought 20-run victory over South Africa in the opening one-day international at Headingley.

Pietersen shared a controlled partnership of 158 with Andrew Flintoff as England made 275-4.

South Africa looked set to reach their target, but Pietersen and the recalled Steve Harmison grabbed two wickets each as the tourists were all out for 255.

England take a 1-0 lead in the series into Tuesday's second ODI.


By Mark Mitchener

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2220: TMS are wrapping up, and we're going to do the same here, as with the inevitability of night following day, KP will undoubtedly claim the man-of-the-match award in a few minutes' time.

The debate will continue on 606 - but the next ODI will take place at Trent Bridge on Tuesday, when Ben Dirs will be back in this chair. If you can't get enough of the Dirs, check out his text commentary on the last two days of the Olympics over the weekend - and make sure you join him here on Tuesday. Until then, enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend!

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"Pietersen take a bow. A very good and smart captain!"
Addicted_7 on 606
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Alec Stewart
"Pietersen batted very responsibly, playing the perfect captain's innings, and Flintoff played himself back into form with the bat too. But Pietersen seems to have the Midas touch at the moment as de Villiers and Kallis weren't in any trouble until Pietersen came on"
Alec Stewart on TMS


Wicket falls
2209 - WICKET - Ntini b Flintoff 2 - SA 255 all out (49.4 overs)
Last man Makhaya Ntini nicks a two to third man, then he swings and misses and it shoots past leg stump for four byes. But it's all over when Ntini tries an ugly cross-batted hit in the manner of a one-armed man backing away from his stumps and is clean bowled. Flintoff finishes with 2-46.

Wicket falls
2207 - WICKET - Nel b Flintoff 10 - SA 249-9 (49.1 overs)
Nel farcically walks miles outside his off stump and is clean bowled by a good yorker from Flintoff. Does he want to get back home to watch Big Brother or something?

2206 - SA 249-8 (49 overs)
Dale Steyn strides out facing the unlikely-verging-on-impossible task of scoring 31 from nine balls. He's off the mark with a single, then Nel has a terrific swing to long-on but it lands just short of Wright and they get the single. Steyn (wearing a shirt without a name or number on) hits the last ball back over Broad's head and they run two. 27 needed from the last over - as if.

Wicket falls
2203 - WICKET - Philander run out (Broad direct hit) 23 - SA 243-8 (48.3 overs)
Nel biffs a single, Philander runs one down to third man as the game slips away from South Africa. Nel has a big swing, there's a hesitant single, Broad hits the stumps with his throw to the striker's end, and is Philander in? Third umpire says he's fractionally... OUT!

2200 - SA 243-7 (48 overs)
Flintoff returns to bowl the 48th (and presumably 50th) overs. Nel is nearly yorked as he backs away to leg - if he'd stayed still it would have been a wide, but it's a dot ball. Nel has a big slog, but it's an easy single to mid-on. Philander nudges a single off his pads, then Nel can't get the fourth or fifth balls away - again, he would have got a wide if he'd stood still! Only a single is possible from the last ball - 33 runs from 12 balls needed, with Nel on strike. Game over?

2156 - SA 240-7 (47 overs)
Broad sends down a wide to Nel, who's not happy with fielders being moved as Broad runs in. Nel steers a single to mid-off, Philander has a big heave but it lands safely and they run two. Philander tries another big shot but it's straight to Bell at cover on the bounce, and they run another single. Nel nurdles a single, then Philander straight-drives a four. 10 off the over, 36 needed from 18 balls - they can't, can they?

2150 - SA 230-7 (46 overs)
Harmy to bowl his 10th over. Nel doubles his score with a single, Philander steers a four through mid-wicket and clubs a single to KP at mid-off but England are happy to concede singles at this stage. Harmy finishes with 2-43 - two big wickets there for the Durham man.

2146 - SA 221-7 (45 overs)
England are all smiles now as Andre Nel (also wearing a new-fangled helmet like Philander) lopes to the crease. Philander pushes a single, and Nel can only manage one of his own.

Wicket falls
2142 - WICKET - Botha c sub (T Bresnan) b Broad 26 - SA 219-7 (44.1 overs)
Botha tries to go for the big one, shovels Broad to deep square leg and it's straight down sub fielder Tim Bresnan's throat.

Jonathan Agnew
"South Africa have got to do something here, or this game is going to fizzle out"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

2140 - SA 219-6 (44 overs)
A short ball is clubbed to mid-on by Philander, completely mistimed but he belly-flops to the bowler's end as Shah's throw misses the stumps. The boundaries have dried up for South Africa, just four more singles are added.

2136 - SA 215-6 (43 overs)
Botha tries an unorthodox "shovel over the shoulder" against Broad but is hit on the pad. Finally they can rotate the strike with a couple of singles, while a good stop by Bopara at backward point restricts Botha to one rather than four. Four singles from the over. 61 needed from 42 balls.

"I don't know about cricketers bowling with one hand and throwing with another, but an amusing event happened in the US in late June when an ambidextrous minor league baseball pitcher was up against an ambidextrous batter. With each player trying to gain an advantage, the game was held up for quite a while until the umpires ruled a way out of it - one switch each per at-bat"
Clive in the USA, in the TMS inbox

2132 - SA 211-6 (42 overs)
65 needed from 54 balls, and time for Harmison's eighth over. KP is waving his arms all over the place in the field, and brings mid-on and mid-off up for Philander, but Harmy keeps it tight as Philander, ferociously chewing gum in the manner of Mark Taylor, can't penetrate the infield. A slower ball is nudged away by Philander, Harmy follows through to kick the ball at the stumps and it's a maiden - the rate is now above eight an over (65 needed from 48 balls). Well bowled, Harmy.

"In a Polish forest at my summer house with no radio commentary and only frozen vodka, grilled sausage and BBC live text to keep me in the loop. Come on England!"
John Palmer in the TMS inbox

2127 - SA 211-6 (41 overs)
With 20 overs left, KP elects to keep Flintoff's last two overs up his sleeve and turns to Broad. Some tumbling acrobatics by the skipper at deep mid-off allows Philander a single. Then, Botha nearly plays on and has to bunt the ball away from the stumps with the back of his bat. Broad strays with a legside wide, Botha singles to wide mid-on and they keep rotating the strike - six runs from the over.

2122 - SA 205-6 (40 overs)
Harmison strays with a couple of wides to new batsman Vernon Philander, who's right-handed but is sporting a helmet quite unlike those worn by his team-mates - it appears to have a segment of dark green fabric attached to the top, and is slightly more like a cycling helmet than a batting helmet. A single rounds off the over.

Wicket falls
2119 - WICKET - Duminy c Prior b Harmison 18 - SA 202-6 (39.4 overs)
Harmison returns, while Hoggy appears to have touched a nerve by asking Shaun Pollock on TMS about Duckworth/Lewis scenarios... that tie against Sri Lanka in Durban in 2003 is obviously still in the memory. But after Duminy fences at a couple from Harmy, he hangs out his bat and gives a low catch to Prior behind the timbers!
World Cup 2003: Pollock admits "We miscalculated" after tie

2115 - SA 202-5 (39 overs)
Harmy's warming up in the deep, but it's still Flintoff as Botha works him off his legs for a leg-bye. Hoggy has been closely monitoring the D/L par score, and while England were way ahead after that flurry of wickets, the gap is closing fast. Duminy nudges another leg-bye, Botha clips a two off his legs to long leg which brings up the 200. Two more singles are added - 74 needed from 11 overs.

2111 - SA 196-5 (38 overs)
Samit Patel will continue for his 10th and last over. Duminy sweeps a single to deep square leg, then Botha reverse-sweeps past Wright at short third man for four! A single rounds off Patel's spell, he finishes with 1-42.

Matthew Hoggard (his BBC mask)
"These two are South Africa's last recognised batsmen, but if they can stick it out for the majority of the last 13 overs, South Africa will be in with a great chance"
Matthew Hoggard on TMS

2107 - SA 190-5 (37 overs)
KP takes himself off after taking 2-22 from five overs, and turns to Flintoff who has four overs left to bowl. Duminy prods a quick single, Flintoff follows through to pick up and throw down the stumps but Botha makes his ground (confirmed by the third ump). Botha nudges a single to fine leg, Duminy forward-prods one to long-off and time for another drinks break. Considering how cold Adie (see below) and others are at Headingley, will there be any Bovril going?

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"It's so cold here at Headingley. I'm scared to blink in case my eyelids freeze shut!"
Adie, via text on 81111

2101 - SA 187-5 (36 overs)
Duminy keeps pushing the singles, Botha gets a leading edge off Patel, but it falls safely between the cover fielders and they run one. Duminy gets an edge too, but they run three to fine leg. Botha tips-and-runs a single and Duminy pinches the strike with a square-driven one.

2058 - SA 180-5 (35 overs)
A comment drifts across the office, noting that "Pietersen does bowl some utter garbage at times", as a full toss is despatched to the mid-wicket boundary for four by Botha. He and Duminy manage three more singles, then hearts are in mouths when Duminy lofts the ball towards long-on but it reaches Stuart Broad on the bounce.

2055 - SA 172-5 (34 overs)
Patel has 1-26 from his first seven overs, and KP comes into slip for him. Botha cuts and misses... South Africa are rocking now. (In the bad sense of "rocking", as opposed to the good sense of "hey, we're really rocking now", if you see what I mean!). Botha nudges a single to fine leg, then Duminy, who's watched several wickets fall now, paddle-sweeps for two.

2052 - SA 169-5 (33 overs)
New batsman is Johan Botha, who works a single to Anderson on the mid-wicket boundary.

Wicket falls
Kevin Pietersen
2050 - WICKET - Boucher st Prior b Pietersen 16 - SA (32.3 overs)
After a single for each batsman, Boucher tries to sweep Patel, Prior takes the bails off, no part of his foot appears to be behind the line (and the line belongs to the fielding side) - and after a referral to the third umpire, he's gone! Another wicket for KP - the first time he's taken two wickets in an ODI! Amazing scenes!

2047 - SA 166-4 (32 overs)
Boucher cuts Patel for four, then he and Duminy continue to push the singles.

"Samit Patel bowls with his left arm and throws with his right - is there anyone else in the world who does that?"
Mike Palmer (his schoolfriend and Notts junior teammate), in the TMS inbox
[There is - former Hampshire and Middlesex all-rounder Kevan James, now a journalist with BBC Radio Solent - MM]

2045 - SA 159-4 (31 overs)
With England now, remarkably, ahead of Duckworth/Lewis, Kevin "Goldenarm" Pietersen will continue - to the delight of the crowd. Boucher and Duminy manage a single apiece, while a loose full toss is blasted to the mid-wicket boundary by Boucher. Broad slides on the wet turf as a misfield allows an extra run off the final delivery.

2041 - SA 152-4 (30 overs)
New batsman is Mark Boucher as Patel wheels away for his sixth over. Meanwhile, KP appears to give Duminy a bit of a sledge... Boucher turns one off his legs, turns blind for a second run and only just makes his ground. Boucher adds another single - SA need 124 from 120 balls.

Wicket falls
2038 - WICKET - Kallis run out (Bell/Pietersen) 52 - SA 149-4 (29 overs)
KP goes round the wicket to the southpaw Duminy, but he and Kallis plunder the England captain for three singles. Then, the batsmen hesitate as Bell throws to the non-striker's end from mid-wicket, and Kallis has gone - basically running himself out!

2035 - SA 146-3 (28 overs)
Kallis reaches his 66th (count 'em) ODI fifty with a two off Patel, then a single brings the left-handed JP Duminy on strike. He's off the mark with a single.

Wicket falls
Kevin Pietersen
2031 - WICKET - de Villiers c Bell b Pietersen 24 - SA 142-3 (27 overs)
It is indeed the skipper to have a twirl with his right-arm off-spin. He has Kallis groping at one before a low full-toss is steered to the cover boundary for one. But KP's golden touch continues when he induces ABDV to spoon a catch straight to Bell at mid-wicket!

2028 - SA 141-2 (26 overs)
KP himself begins loosening up to bowl as Kallis and ABDV continue their "one-run-at-a-time" policy against Patel - who, as Aggers mentions, isn't really a front-line bowler at Notts.

2026 - SA 139-2 (25 overs)
The singles continue to flow, while Kallis bludgeons Bopara to mid-wicket and the sliding Anderson, usually an excellent fielder, allows the ball to sail just past him for four. Kallis and ABDV are milking the singles, particularly to long-off and long-on. Appropriately, SA are halfway to their target at the halfway stage.

2023 - SA 132-2 (24 overs)
Kallis reaches 40 with a single off Patel, then ABDV steers him for a trotted single to long-on. South Africa are quite happy to push the singles, while Aggers and Goochie compare Patel's "creeping" run-up to that of Norman Gifford, as compared to the more classical approach of Bishen Bedi or indeed Monty Panesar.

"Regarding TMS overseas: heaven forbid the ECB think of cricket fans before their own money and interests. We've got at least eight years of no terrestrial live cricket in the UK thanks to the new broadcast deal and no terrestrial coverage of Twenty20 cricket either, live or highlights. How are kids supposed to get into the game unless their parents have Sky?"
Ian, Tamworth, in the TMS inbox

2021 - SA 128-2 (23 overs)
England turn to medium-pacer Ravi Bopara, and ABDV whips him for a couple through mid-wicket before steering a single to the same area as Bopara is rapidly through his over.

2018 - SA 124-2 (22 overs)
With the powerplays over, Patel returns to the attack and Kallis steers him through the covers for two, before prodding a single to long-on, while ABDV pinches the strike with a single of his own.

2015 - SA 120-2 (21 overs)
Last over of the powerplays - and it's already Flintoff's sixth. A well-judged single from ABDV easily beats Bopara's throw to the stumps. Kallis steers a two to the cover boundary, then rotates the strike with a single. And having said we're not expecting rain, we now have steady (albeit light) drizzle! ABDV edges a four to third man and then clips a four to fine leg which has Flintoff looking to the heavens, but the D/L par score (with two wickets down) at this stage is 99 - so England are well behind if they were to go off for rain now.

2010 - SA 108-2 (20 overs)
Harmison bowls to Kallis who drops the ball at his feet and runs a quick single, Harmy follow through and tries to use his football skills to kick the ball onto the stumps, but the Newcastle fan is out of luck. ABDV clubs him for four past point, and then delicately dabs a single to mid-wicket. Kallis adds a two. And having completed 20 overs we now have a fully-constituted "match" - but the tourists are already way ahead on Duckworth-Lewis if it were to rain (which we're not expecting).

2006 - SA 100-2 (19 overs)
While Hoggy on TMS is amused by watching Flintoff run in with six shadows (because of the six temporary floodlights), he and Simon Mann feel the South Africa batting line-up isn't up to its usual strength because of the Morkel brothers' injuries. But they're still only two wickets down as ABDV is defensive early on against Flintoff. And a rare maiden over ensues.

2002 - SA 100-2 (18 overs)
Patel's reward for his figures of 1-0-2-1 is to be removed from the attack now we're back in a powerplay. Harmison returns, and his first ball is chopped through third man for four by Kallis to bring up the Proteas' hundred. The crowd then cheer briefly as a bump-ball is steered straight to Anderson at point.

1959 - SA 96-2 (17 overs)
With a new batsman in, KP opts to take the third powerplay. Kallis fails to use his feet against Flintoff, playing and missing, then looks quite pleased to get off strike as he nudges a single. ABDV is off the mark with a single to fine leg. Kallis nibbles at Flintoff again, but once more fails to get an edge as he's beaten on length. But he keeps the strike with a single to mid-on.

1955 - SA 93-2 (16 overs)
New batsman is AB de Villiers, and he sees off the rest of Patel's over as the Notts spinner is high-fived by Bopara and Pietersen.

Wicket falls
1953 - WICKET - Gibbs b Patel 37 - SA 93-2 (15.4 overs)
KP is back on the field, and his first act is to throw the ball to slow left-armer Samit Patel for our first taste of spin this innings. No sign of the third powerplay yet. Gibbs immediately steers him for a single, then Kallis cover-drives but can only find the cover sweeper. But then Patel makes the breakthrough as he tempts Gibbs into a false stroke and bowls him!

1950 - SA 91-1 (15 overs)
Alastair Cook is on as a substitute fielder for Pietersen, so we presume Flintoff is temporarily taking charge - given the dearth of other available candidates. Gibbs steers a single to leg, but this over is slightly better from Flintoff as he varies his pace well and makes a good diving stop off his own bowling against Kallis.

Matthew Hoggard (his BBC mask)
"Headingley's a tough ground if you're trying to stop people scoring quickly"
Matthew Hoggard on TMS

1946 - SA 90-1 (14 overs)
Seeking to revive our flagging spirits here at TV Centre, my colleague Oliver Brett produces what he believes to be his trump card - a box of meringues, courtesy of Mrs Brett's culinary skills. But England are bowling like a bunch of meringues at the moment, as Gibbs prods another single and Kallis hooks a short ball for four. South Africa are in cruise control.

1942 - SA 85-1 (13 overs)
Flintoff works up a bit of pace against Kallis, hitting 91.2mph with one delivery. But Kallis then walks across his stumps and steers a four through mid-wicket. A low full-toss drifting down leg is easily despatched to the same boundary. Kallis then gets a slightly fortunate edge through the vacant slip cordon and that's another four - 12 from the over.

"I'm in France listening to BBC Five Live Sports Extra through BBC's iPlayer. It may not be TMS but it's broadcast by the BBC, it's live and in English. Would this not help our friends abroad to enjoy the ODIs?"
Mark Newbury, La Sauvetate du Dropt, in the TMS inbox

1938 - SA 73-1 (12 overs)
Just a couple of comfortable singles off Harmison - the tightest over for a while for England.

Jonathan Agnew
"England don't seem to know what to do with Luke Wright - he's a fine fielder and bowls a good length but he's been up and down the batting order"
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1934 - SA 71-1 (11 overs)
Flintoff into the attack for the second powerplay, replacing Broad. Kallis knocks a single off his legs, then Gibbs ("taking no prisoners", says Aggers on TMS) takes a step forward and thumps Flintoff over mid-off for six! A single keeps the scoreboard ticking and has Cap'n KP puzzling over his field placings.

Shaun Pollock
"Herschelle Gibbs has changed his ODI shirt number every year since 2000 when he was 00 - he's now 08 and he'll be 09 next year"
Former South Africa skipper Shaun Pollock on TMS

1930 - SA 65-1 (10 overs)
Kallis belies his recent struggles at the crease with a classical square-drive for four off Harmison. He's a little surprised by a short ball, but manages to pull it to leg for a single. That's it for the first powerplay.

Text in your views on 81111
"If you had told me 275 at 35 overs, I would have died laughing!"
Anonymous, via text on 81111

1926 - SA 60-1 (9 overs)
Gibbs is still in good nick, working Broad off his hips for four. He repeats the shot off the next ball as Broad drifts to leg again, but doesn't quite middle it and they run two. Broad then bowls wide of the crease and gets one to skid past Gibbs' outstretched prod. But Gibbs responds with a "shot of the day" contender, rocking back on one foot and blasting him through the covers for four.

"High fives all around my farmhouse in Provence thanks to the tip from Owen Vickery [1738]. We now have live TMS commentay and I don't have to move back to good old blighty after all! Thanks Owen, nice work"
Hamish Jones in the TMS inbox

1922 - SA 50-1 (8 overs)
New batsman is Jacques "Shark" Kallis, who's been dreadfully out-of-touch with the bat on this tour, but sees off his first two deliveries.

Wicket falls
1920 - WICKET - Smith c Prior b Harmison 21 - SA 50-1 (7.4 overs)
"Bad Jimmy" is off after that last over and Harmison is brought on, to the crowd's delight. Smith gets a top edge over the slips for four, then Gunner Gould is rather harsh on the returning Harmy with a wide. But Harmy's response is to find Smith's outside edge and it's a simple catch for Prior!

1915 - SA 45-0 (7 overs)
Another comfortable single for Smith - England are having to adjust their line to cope with the left-hand/right-hand combo (while England's first eight batsmen today are all right-handed). Gibbs serves notice of his intentions by lofting Broad over long-off for six then pushes another single, but Smith is taking singles at will as he opens the face to third man.

1911 - SA 36-0 (6 overs)
Anderson slings another wide down the leg side, then hits Gibbs on the pad and there's a fairly loud shout but it was going down leg. Gibbs, wearing shirt number "08", punches the next ball through extra cover for four, then Anderson's line strays again and it flicks Gibbs' pad, is fumbled by Prior behind the stumps and trundles away for four leg-byes. A legside bouncer is signalled as another wide, and then Anderson's radar is way off as yet another wide is sent down. Early, worrying signs that we could be in for an evening of "Bad Jimmy" (he who sprays it all over the place and can go for eight an over in ODIs), rather than his identical twin brother "Good Jimmy" (the unplayable swing bowler).

1905 - SA 26-0 (5 overs)
Smith steers a single off his legs, then Gibbs tips-and-runs a quick single to mid-on where Wright doesn't quite manage to pick it up cleanly when a run-out may have been in the offing. Wright then redeems himself with a good boundary stop at long-on which restricts Smith to two. The Proteas captain nicks the strike with a single.

1902 - SA 21-0 (4 overs)
Anderson strays with a wide half-volley and Smith flays him through point for four. The next ball is a wide, signalled by the outstretched arms of Gunner Gould. Smith rotates the strike with a single, then Gibbs flashes and misses but just fails to get an edge.

"Exactly what is being protected by having the commentary as 'UK listeners only'? Has anyone actually looked to see what proportion of the web listeners are out of the country? Why can I listen to Test matches but not ODIs?"
Angry of Austin Texas, in the TMS inbox
[It's all to do with rights issues - it would cost the BBC considerably more to purchase the rights to broadcast anywhere around the world over the net, than just for the UK - and we are funded by (and accountable to) UK licence-fee payers. As before, the FAQ may give you a fuller answer - MM]
BBC Sport Help and FAQs

1857 - SA 15-0 (3 overs)
Smith steers Broad for two to leg, then Cap'n KP makes a good diving stop at mid-off but his wild throw yields an overthrow - for some reason, Prior was nowhere near the stumps so the ball sails all the way to long leg. Smith reaches seven with a single, and that's over as SA maintain their consistent scoring rate.

1853 - SA 10-0 (2 overs)
Anderson to bowl from the Kirkstall Lane End, can he find some swing against Smith? He flicks a single off his legs, then Gibbs turns his wrists well to steer a four past fine leg. For those who note such matters, Harmison wore ODI shirt number 28 before his ODI retirement, but has now taken over the number 10 previously occupied by Geraint Jones (even though no-one has taken up Harmy's old number 28 in the meantime).

1849 - SA 5-0 (1 over)
Stuart Broad takes the first over to Gibbs - Steve Harmison hinted earlier that Broad and James Anderson would take the new ball, with Harmy and Flintoff to come on later. Broad has two slips, his first ball is wide (but not called a wide), the second is wider, Prior dives in front of first slip but the ball rebounds away and they run one to bring Smith on strike. He's off the mark with a single, then Gibbs works a couple past wide mid-on.

"To Chris in Oxford [1724], what would you suggest, skip the 40 overs of consolidation and just get skittled in the first 10 trying to score too quickly? This isn't Twenty20, you can't just go smashing from ball one. PS for all you Bell criticisers - I rate him. He almost always chips in with a reasonable score and when he's in really good nick he's sublime. Reminds me a bit of Ramps in his early days, you've got to wonder what would've happened if the selectors had stuck with him..."
Phil in Sheffield in the TMS inbox

1842: The floodlights are on, the fielders have their jumpers on in expectation of a chilly night and it's time for South Africa's reply. Graeme Smith and Herschelle Gibbs opening up for the Proteas.


1806: Right, that was a lot better from England than it could have been, when the boundaries dried up. We're going to grab a sandwich, and TMS are going to talk to former chairman of selectors David Graveney. Have a listen and we'll be back in a while.

1805 - Eng 275-4 (50 overs)
With just four balls left of the innings, England promote the hard-hitting Luke Wright above the more orthodox Ravi Bopara. He manages a single off his first ball - leaving KP on 88 with three balls left. But there'll be no ton for him today as he can only manage a single to mid-wicket. Wright slogs at the fifth ball but the ball only trickles to Nel at fine leg and they run one. KP clubs the last ball to long-on for a single, he finishes on 90 not out and for my money, that was a terrific last over by Steyn - five singles and a wicket, thank you very much.

Wicket falls
1801 - WICKET - Flintoff b Steyn 78 - Eng 271-4 (49.2 overs)
KP off-drives hard, but a diving stop by Gibbs turns four into one. Flintoff then steps across his stumps one too many times and is bowled by Steyn's deadly yorker. Freddie's best knock since the Ashes in 2005?

1800 - Eng 270-3 (49 overs)
Philander draws the short straw and is asked to bowl the penultimate over. KP sensibly brings his partner on strike with a single, then Flintoff smears a wide one back past the bowler for two. He tips-and-runs a single to mid-wicket where Gibbs' throw has umpire Gould in more danger than the stumps. KP joins in the fun as he off-drives, and de Villiers at long-off drops an uncharacteristic ricket by letting the ball through for four. There's nothing South Africa can do about a brutal straight-drive, which almost decapitates umpire Gould and that's another four. KP nicks the strike - he has 87 with one over left (Fred has 78).

1756 - Eng 257-3 (48 overs)
Steyn produces a great slower ball which Flintoff can only prod back. But the next ball is wide outside off stump, Flintoff blasts it through the covers and it beats the diving Ntini to the boundary. He works a single to the tattooed Gibbs at extra cover, KP sensibly gives him back the strike and the Preston Punisher straight-drives another four - he's nearly caught KP up now. But then Steyn tries to fire the last ball at leg stump, Fred misses as he steps across his stumps and an unkind bounce takes it past Boucher the poucher for four byes! 14 from the over.

1751 - Eng 243-3 (47 overs)
Kallis trots back on to the field, and is admonished by Gunner Gould, seemingly for not informing the umps he'd left the field in the first place. Flintoff walks all the way across his stumps to Nel (in a Pietersen-style) and helps the ball past fine leg for four. Fred knocks Nel away for a couple, which provokes Boucher to walk all the way up to offer Gunter some advice. Flintoff walks across his stumps again but can't beat the field, then has to pull out of a premeditated flat-batted bash as he has to duck an unexpected bouncer. Yet again, he's across his stumps and this time clips it for four, to the other side of fine leg! Nel goes around the wicket for the last ball, but Fred pinches the strike by knocking a full toss to long-off.

1745 - Eng 232-3 (46 overs)
A second substitute fielder, Hashim Amla, joins in the fun as Steyn returns (and may well bowl the 46th, 48th and 50th overs). After a couple of singles, KP blasts Steyn to long-on and not even a flying half-stop by ABDV can prevent the ball sailing through for four as he's beaten by a bad bounce. KP goes aerial again to a length ball - this time it's wide of ABDV and over the ropes for six. ABDV is a ball magnet as KP goes to the same area again, but mistimes it and they only get one. Flintoff nudges the last ball away for a leg bye.

That's 50
1741 - Eng 218-3 (45 overs)
KP takes a quick single as Nel follows through but his throw misses the stumps. Flintoff finally reaches his 17th ODI fifty as he works Nel off his legs for four, and the two batsmen embrace. A single keeps the score ticking along as an unruly spectator is ejected from the Western Terrace, and KP nicks the strike again. Five overs to go.

1738 - Eng 211-3 (44 overs)
KP ferociously straight-drives Philander (who's in his eighth over) but they can only run one. A single takes Flintoff to 49. KP singles to reach 62, just three runs from another tidy Philander over.

"Re. Paul Hills' message at 1654, I live in France & I'm listening to live commentary by going to the 5 live Sports Extra website"
Owen Vickery in the TMS inbox
BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra

1733 - Eng 208-3 (43 overs)
Kallis leaves the field, pointing to his thigh, to be replaced by substitute fielder Justin Ontong. Fred and KP continue to push the singles against Nel - this is now a record England fourth-wicket ODI stand at Headingley. Nel then bowls short and wide, and Flintoff leaps up on his toes to square-cut for four - reaching 48 from 47 deliveries.

1728 - Eng 200-3 (42 overs)
KP swings and misses at Philander's slower ball, before steering a single to long-on. Freddie smacks one past the diving ABDV, who gets a hand to it and turns four into two. A single to long-off takes him to 41. There's an lbw shout against KP, but Taufel shakes his head. Six from the over, and the 200 is brought up.

That's 50
1724 - Eng 194-3 (41 overs)
Nel/Gunter returns (with "Gunter" written out in white paint at his bowling mark, no less) but drops it short to KP, who smashes a four through the covers to bring up his 19th ODI fifty. KP is dancing all over the place in front of his stumps, but smears the next ball for four through backward square leg. A well-run two to deep extra cover, England are finally showing some acceleration now. A single brings Freddie on strike, and a good diving stop by Kallis on the extra cover boundary restricts them to two.

"I would like to apply for the job of England one-day coach, I have no qualifications but imagine that any plan more sophisticated than the 'score slowly for 40 overs and then get skittled trying to accelerate' that has been used for the last 10 years, would be a welcome change"
Chris in Oxford in the TMS inbox

1719 - Eng 181-3 (40 overs)
Graeme Smith drops a clanger as Philander concedes a no-ball... for not having enough men in the circle! Pietersen then comes down the track and straight-drives for four before clubbing a single to mid-wicket. Flintoff then takes Philander on with a lofted drive - nearly for six but it's a first-bounce four.

1715 - Eng 170-3 (39 overs)
Steyn's off, Botha returns at the Kirkstall Lane End, but England can only work him for singles at this stage. They do benefit when ABDV, of all people, makes a rare fielding error which brings up the fifty partnership. Flintoff clubs a two to the extra cover boundary and a single through point. A full toss is bludgeoned through mid-wicket for four - the treatment it deserved - and KP finally has his first boundary, off his 52nd delivery!

1711 - Eng 160-3 (38 overs)
Ntini's off after one over and Philander returns. Flintoff dances down the track but completely misses the ball. He can only manage a single to long-off from the first four deliveries. KP then pinches the strike. Philander's short run-up and clever variation reminds Aggers of Dimitri Mascarenhas. (Remember Dimi? The man with the best ODI six-hitting ratio per balls faced in the world... yet not even in England's squad!)

Text in your views on 81111
"As an aside, Monty Panesar must be way off form. He's bowled 27 overs at Gloucestershire's inept batting with no wickets!"
Reg, Kingsholm, via text on 81111
Latest county scores

1707 - Eng 158-3 (37 overs)
KP straight-drives a single - will we see any switch-hitting from him today? Flintoff clips a two off his legs, and it's a painful dive for Ntini at deep square leg as he accidentally lands on the ball. Flintoff then picks out Nel at third man, so it's an easy two to Gunter. KP is still boundary-less, though.

"Why so negative peeps? Anything around 250, on that wicket, under those lights, will be too much to chase. As for having a go at Bell & Prior, a near enough century stand for no wickets has afforded the rest of the team to take the back-up Saffer bowlers apart... surely the Olympic momentum has encouraged positivity?"
Steelie, B'ham, in the TMS inbox

1703 - Eng 152-3 (36 overs)
At last we have some action as Flintoff goes aerial, hoisting the recalled Ntini towards cow corner but it's not deep enough and they only get two. The Lancastrian then flat-bats him for four through the covers. A couple more singles bring up the 150, then a Flintoff square-drive takes two off the final ball - 11 from the over. That's more like it, if you're rooting for England.

"So England manage to go slow during the powerplays, then lose both openers so requiring a period of consolidation. The problem is, when you're busy consolidating a slow start, you're busy going nowhere. When will England learn to use the powerplays?"
Dave, frustrated, Bristol, in the TMS inbox

1658 - Eng 141-3 (35 overs)
Botha takes a break after six overs and Steyn returns, as we have the compulsory "ball change" after 34 overs. Hoggy on TMS reveals that on his way to get some chicken noodles, he saw a huge queue for a sponsor's inflatable net where you can have your bowling speed measured - "but I didn't give it a try as it might give the selectors another reason not to pick me!" the Hoggster bemoans. KP and Fred manage a single apiece against Steyn, then a mix-up in mid-pitch sees both men have to turn quickly to regain their ground. Pietersen reaches 30 with a single, then we finally get our first boundary since the 22nd over (that six by Prior - the last four was in the 19th) when Flintoff steers a four through extra cover.

1654 - Eng 134-3 (34 overs)
After another drinks break (presumably for South Africa's benefit, as England have barely been breaking sweat), the dull plod of singles continues - more what you'd expect from Tavare and Boycott than Pietersen and Flintoff. Philander bowls at an unthreatening pace but mixes it up well, just four from the over. (And one of those was a wide).

"I'm in Poland trying to enlighten my adorable girlfriend in the joys of cricket. The problem is I can't access the TMS live commentary. I've tuned in before online but now its only available to UK users? Why?"
Paul Hills (and a number of other people making similar points) in the TMS inbox
[I'm afraid it's all a question of rights - and whether the BBC has the rights to stream commentary outside the UK, which it doesn't for a lot of the time. Check out our website's FAQ for a more detailed explanation - MM]
BBC Sport Help and FAQs

1647 - Eng 130-3 (33 overs)
More not-particularly-thrilling singles as Freddie and KP rotate the strike. When they do try to take on Philander's arm at fine leg for a second run, KP has to dive for the crease as Boucher demolishes the stumps and Simon Taufel goes upstairs to the third umpire. Is the prostrate KP's bat grounded? TV ump Nigel Llong gives him the benefit of the doubt.

"How predictable. England appoint a new leader from overseas, everyone makes optimistic noises for a few weeks, and then they select the same old players who don't gel, and underperform in the same way, building up far too slowly. And yes, I am talking about the ODI cricket team, not the soccer team"
Gary P in the TMS inbox

1642 - Eng 126-3 (32 overs)
Flintoff steers a single to Steyn on the cover boundary, and his wild throw back to the stumps is met with a verbal volley from Boucher. Hoggy on TMS thinks KP is preparing to cut loose, but he can only work Philander away for a single at this stage. Freddie pinches the strike with a single.

1639 - Eng 123-3 (31 overs)
Botha has a loud lbw shout against KP as he steps across his stumps and tries to sweep, but it's turned down. More singles are added until Pietersen guides a two to fine leg to complete the over. Botha's still shaking his head, he thinks it was out - as does keeper Boucher, who goes to talk to umpire Gould.

Matthew Hoggard (his BBC mask)
"Yorkshire played Leicestershire on the pitch next to this one recently and it was 300 plays 300, so England need to push on here"
Matthew Hoggard on TMS

1636 - Eng 117-3 (30 overs)
Flintoff opens the face to Philander, but ABDV is a live-wire at backward point and stops any thought of a run. A single to the cover boundary doubles his score. KP flips a single to fine leg, then Flintoff is beaten by a good slower ball. England "treading water", says Simon Mann on TMS.

"No doubt Bell will hang on again, despite another really poor effort - I'm beginning to conclude that he's got incriminating pictures of the entire England hierarchy. We may as well promote an all-rounder to play as a pinch hitter, or pick someone comedically useless"
Mike in the TMS inbox

1632 - Eng 115-3 (29 overs)
A huge cheer from the crowd as Andrew Flintoff strides out to join his captain. What can the "Bash Brothers" do now? They crossed on the catch, so it's KP facing - he and Fred exchange singles, but it's just two runs (and a wicket) from the over.

Wicket falls
1628 - WICKET - Shah c Philander b Botha 12 - Eng 113-3 (28.1 overs)
Shah hooks, it flies up into the air at deep square leg, and who's under it? Philander! He nearly drops another clanger as the ball bounces through his hands, but hits his chest and he takes it at the second attempt.

1627 - Eng 113-2 (28 overs)
Another change of bowling as the medium-fast Vernon Philander, who's presumably been fielding in the naughty corner after that dropped catch earlier, replaces Kallis. Pietersen and Shah milk Philander for a single off each of the six legitimate deliveries, while he also concedes a wide with a curious attempted slow bouncer.

1624 - Eng 106-2 (27 overs)
Some quick running brings KP two runs to Steyn at deep backward square leg, but then the England pair sensible decline a quick single to the red-hot ABDV, who has really taken over the Jonty Rhodes role for the Proteas. Pietersen stabs a single to his old rival Smith, who will be happy at the lack of boundaries.

1620 - Eng 103-2 (26 overs)
Shah brings up the England hundred with a single, then Kallis has KP playing and missing. The England skipper turns one off his legs to the square-leg boundary and they run two. Even Nel is sharp in the field as KP steers a single to deep mid-on. But still very pedestrian from England so far.

"Not a single boundary in 65 balls from Ian Bell. Is this a one-day international record?"
Jamie Reeman in the TMS inbox

1617 - Eng 99-2 (25 overs)
Shah is batting in the mould of Neil Fairbrother, able to take a single off nearly every ball he faces, with the odd bit of improvisation. KP attempts a slog-sweep but is hit on the pad. He's not really timing it at this stage, but two more singles complete a tidy over for the Proteas. Suddenly, we're already at the half-way mark.

1614 - Eng 96-2 (24 overs)
KP advances down the track to Kallis and prods a single to cover. Shah is then denied by another great stop from Gibbs - South Africa's fielding today has ranged from the sublime (Gibbs and ABDV) to the ridiculous (Philander). Shah opens the face and carefully chips a single to third man, KP dabs one to leg and Shah keeps the strike with another single.

"I saw Peter Moores and Sidey in the gym this morning. Moores was sweating the most - I smiled at him, but he didn't smile back - miserable old..."
Nitesh Gohil, Leeds, in the TMS inbox

1610 - Eng 92-2 (23 overs)
Aggers compares the Headingley floodlights to those at railway station car parks, while South Africa make an interesting bowling change. Off-spinner Johan Botha - who's had to remodel his action since being suspended from bowling by the ICC in 2006 - comes into the attack. Pietersen steers him to leg for a couple and then a single, then Shah sweeps and they run two.

1606 - Eng 87-2 (22 overs)
New batsman is captain Kevin Pietersen, who virtually runs out to the crease. He's off the mark with a single to mid-wicket.

Wicket falls
1603 - WICKET Prior c de Villiers b Kallis 42 - Eng 86-2 (21.3 overs)
After a single from Shah, Prior finally gets going with a huge mow over cow corner for six. The very next ball, he departs in similar fashion to Bell as a slice goes straight to ABDV at backward point. His 42 came off 52 balls.

1600 - Eng 79-1 (21 overs)
The powerplay overs are now spent, so the field goes back as Nel runs in to Shah, who's hit on the body as he tries to force Nel to leg and they run through for a leg bye. Another message brought out by Graeme Swann at the end of the over, while Shah has to tape up an offending advertising logo somewhere on his person.

1557 - Eng 78-1 (20 overs)
New batsman is Owais Shah, whose fidgeting between deliveries ("the modern-day Robin Smith", says Goochie) is in sharp contrast to the way he keeps his head so still as the ball is delivered. He's off the mark with a single - I watched Shah play a brilliant, improvisational innings at the Rose Bowl last month in the Twenty20 Cup final, it would be great to see another today.

Wicket falls
1554 - WICKET - Bell c de Villiers b Kallis 35 - Eng 77-1 (19.3 overs)
Bell and Prior exchange singles off Kallis, then the burly all-rounder strikes when Bell slices at one and the athletic ABDV leaps into the air like Superman (or Paul Collingwood) to take the catch high above his head at backward point. Bell departs - his 35 took 69 balls to score.

1551 - Eng 75-0 (19 overs)
Nel licks his lips and tries some chat on Prior after firing in a bouncer at the Sussex gloveman, but unlike when he's behind the stumps, Prior isn't joining in the chat for now. Prior then hoists the next ball into the afternoon sky over mid-on, and it just about dribbles into the rope at long-on for four. Graham Gooch on TMS notes that Nel's chuntering to the batsmen does nothing to help his side's over-rate (as Goochie discovered when Nel played for Essex earlier this season).

"Mark, I should point out that although Master Bresnan did indeed take two wickets against the Mighty Scottish cricket team, the latest additions to the World Twenty20 didn't really get a chance to fully exploit the track at the Grange and bowl England out for 50 as they took the bad light at the first opportunity and disappeared over Hadrian's Wall quicker than Usain Bolt running 100 metres at full pelt"
Scott (daydreaming in the office) in the TMS inbox

1547 - Eng 71-0 (18 overs)
New bowler is medium-pacer Jacques Kallis. A single takes Bell to 31, Prior steers another to mid-wicket. I hope they realise the powerplay overs are running out... Bell tries a full-blooded cover drive but a superb stop by Gibbs at short extra cover turns a four into a dot ball. Bell steers a two through backward square leg, but just two more singles complete the over. All very tame so far. Meanwhile, if England are looking to force the pace early in an innings, they could take a few lessons from England women's captain Charlotte Edwards who is going great guns in their Twenty20 international against South Africa at Northampton (watched today by our venerable BBC Sport website colleague Paul Grunill).
Live scorecard: Women's Twenty20 international

"Can I be one of 1,057 likely pedants to point out that unfortunately Nivash [1500] has already lost his 10, seeing as SA can only win by one run if they bat first..."
David in the TMS inbox

1541 - Eng 65-0 (17 overs)
Bell knocks Nel away for a couple, then chops a single to the cover boundary. No boundaries have been scored in the last 10 overs, but it's time for a drinks break.

"How was the fixture list sorted for this series? We have a Sat/Sun/Bank Holiday Monday and not one game to be played!"
Andrew Gell, Leeds, in the TMS inbox

1537 - Eng 62-0 (16 overs)
Simon Taufel signals the third powerplay as Ntini continues for his eighth over. Bell flicks him through mid-wicket for a comfortable two, then tips-and-runs a smart single. Prior steps across his crease but is struck on the thigh pad as he tries to force the pace.

Graham Gooch
"England will have known that it's not easy to bat under the lights here, but they may not know what a good score is here. I think they'll need 260-270 at least. They've got 10 wickets in hand, but need to be more aggressive"
Former England skipper Graham Gooch on TMS

1532 - Eng 59-0 (15 overs)
Nel shakes his head in anger as Bell walks across his stumps and is hit on the pad, but ump Gould only signals a leg-bye. Hawk-Eye thinks it might just have clipped a bail, so Gunter's not happy with Gunner. Prior and Bell continue to rotate the strike with singles. Prior tries to hook, but only succeeds in dropping the ball down into the crease.

"I went to meet a client at Leeds Met University, and on his desk he had a model of Headingley in five years' time. It looked amazing, the new stand will be particularly impressive. He had miniature players on the pitch and everything. My only major concern was the fact he had a third and fourth slip but no-one at first or second. Reckless"
Mr Aubergine, Manchester, in the TMS inbox

1528 - Eng 56-0 (14 overs)
12th man Graeme Swann runs on with a towel - and Hoggy (the real Hoggy) wonders whether he's also been given some instructions to tell Prior to push on. Hoggy looks to be proved right as Prior comes down the track to the first ball and prods a single, then more comedy fielding from Philander (or, as Blowers on TMS calls him, "Philanderer") allows Bell an unearned single as the bat comes out of his hands. Bell calls for new gloves. Prior clubs a two to the mid-wicket boundary, Ntini strays with a legside wide and it's five off the over.

1524 - Eng 51-0 (13 overs)
Nel (or possibly his alter-ego "Gunter") charges in to Prior, who works him away for a single before Bell steers a two to leg to bring up the fifty partnership. Nel tries to field as much as he can off his own bowling - perhaps he's still angry at the "dolly" Philander dropped in his last over.

1520 - Eng 48-0 (12 overs)
The ground has filled up quite nicely since the start. After a single apiece for the batsmen, Bell has to sway away from a lifter from Ntini. South Africa's fielders are on their toes now, no-one wants to drop another ricket.

1517 - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 46-0 (11 overs)
Gunner Gould twirls his arm to signal the second powerplay, and we have a change of bowling as Nel replaces Steyn. His first ball is steered through mid-wicket for a single by Prior, Bell adds another. Then, Prior lofts one to mid-off, where the simplest of chances is put down by Vernon Philander. Philander dropped a similar "dolly" against India in last year's World Twenty20, even a schoolboy cricketer would be ashamed of that one. And Nel, as you can imagine, is furious.

1512 - Eng 44-0 (10 overs)
Aggers reveals that Paul Collingwood told him earlier today that despite the abandonment of the T20 international on Wednesday, that still "counts" towards Colly's suspension for England's slow over-rates - so the Durham ginger ninja will be available for selection for the second ODI on Tuesday. Bell steers a two to mid-wicket, but Ntini keeps it tight and that's the only scoring stroke.

1508 - Eng 42-0 (9 overs)
Bell deflects Steyn down the leg side and umpire Ian "Gunner" Gould signals leg-bye. Prior straight-drives, Nel at mid-on is overtaken by another fielder and they run three. Bell tries to hook a shorter ball but it lands just in front of Gibbs at short mid-wicket. A single ensues - Bell has 16, Prior 22.

"From my count there's nine bowling options in that team! Three full-timers (Anderson, Harmison, Broad), four all-rounders (Flintoff, Bopara, Wright, Patel), and 2 part-timers (Shah, Pietersen) - are they planning on switching the gloves about half way through and letting Prior turning his arm over too? With all due respect to Patel and Wright, surely it's worth replacing one of them with an extra specialist batsman? An Ed Joyce or Vikram Solanki would balance the side nicely"
Simon, Cardiff, in the TMS inbox

1504 - Eng 37-0 (8 overs)
Ntini varies his angle of attack, Bell slots a single into the off side where ABDV makes a tumbling half-stop and they run a second. Prior then has to be quick to run to the striker's end as Bell prods to cover point and ABDV's diving throw only just misses the stumps.

1500 - Eng 34-0 (7 overs)
Bell dabs a single, while on the England balcony, Messrs Pietersen and Flintoff are enjoying a huge joke with batting coach Andy Flower. Prior then blasts a loose one from Steyn through cover point for four. The ball bashes into the lens of a TV camera and has quite a gash in it, so needs replacing, and that's the cue for fourth umpire Steve Garratt to appear. Rather than a cardboard box of balls, he comes on with a smart black briefcase (which Aggers compares to the sort Q gives to James Bond, containing gadgets). But no gadgets for now, it's just balls - and the ball is indeed changed.

"Hi Mark, I dreamt last night that today's game was going to be a classic (eclipsing the 438 game SA won against Australia). Here is hoping my dream comes true! I put down 10 quid on SA winning by a single run!"
Nivash Singh in the TMS inbox

1454 - Eng 29-0 (6 overs)
Ntini strays with a legside wide, then has Bell (wearing a sleeveless sweater, it's quite chilly) nibbling at a couple outside off stump until he steers a single to Nel at third man. Aggers compares Nel in the field to "one of those old wildebeest on wildlife programmes, who you know is going to get it from a lion - there's a lot of effort, but very little pace".

"Harmy 'replacing' Tim Bresnan? Eh? I didn't realise Tim Bresnan played in the last ODI?"
AJ, London, in the TMS inbox
[Bresnan played in the ODI against Scotland on Monday and took two wickets - MM]

1450 - Eng 27-0 (5 overs)
Bell runs a quick single to AB de Villiers (aka ABDV) at short third man, then Prior clips Steyn off his hips for a confident four to deep backward square leg - his third boundary. Alec and Simon on TMS urge Yorkshire to redevelop the stand they're in, as their view is often obscured by a roving photographer!

1447 - Eng 22-0 (4 overs)
Bell pulls Ntini through mid-wicket, and they scamper back for two as the tumbling JP Duminy does the fielding. Smith's response is to send Kallis from second slip to short mid-wicket, but then Bell works a short ball behind square and they run three while Steyn runs round from long leg.

"Not bad timing, as the Olympics start to wind down the cricket starts. How did people procrastinate before the internet..."
Edd, Cardiff, in the TMS inbox
[Caroline Cheese is your live text guide if you fancy a quick look at the Olympics between overs - MM]
Live text - Olympics, with Caroline Cheese

1442 - Eng 17-0 (3 overs)
Steyn fires down a couple of wides to Bell, then a misfield at cover by Herschelle Gibbs handily pushes the ball away from the incoming man at mid-off and they run a single. Prior prods another couple, and it's a "tidy" start so far says Simon Mann on TMS.

Alec Stewart
"Shane Warne was the best one-day captain I ever played against as he'd attack right from the beginning with three slips and a gully, rather than the regulation two slips"
Alec Stewart on TMS

1437 - Eng 12-0 (2 overs)
Makhaya Ntini takes the second over, Bell plays and misses at his first ball but then opens the face and steers a single to third man. Prior drives at Ntini a couple of times but finally finds his rhythm with a fluent cover-driven four off the final ball of the over.

Alec Stewart
"The likes of Bell and Prior have made lots of nice 30s in one-day cricket, but if these two are going to be the future, they'll have to post some bigger totals"
Former England skipper Alec Stewart on TMS

1432 - Eng 7-0 (1 over)
Headingley looks to have plenty of empty seats as Dale Steyn opens up from the Kirkstall Lane End to Ian Bell. South Africa's fielders look a little chilly as Bell clips Steyn through mid-wicket, and they run three, despite a furious chase by Andre Nel. Prior nicks his first ball between Smith and Jacques Kallis at first and second slip, bouncing just in front of them, and there's a wry smile from the Sussex man as it goes for four.

1427: While Aggers shows Hoggy where the commentary box is, the TMS team have been pondering Matt Prior's role at the top of the order - will he be given licence to "pinch-hit" or will he bat in a more orthodox fashion? We're nearly under way.

Matthew Hoggard (his BBC mask)
1421: Yorkshire and England seamer (and Barmy Army patron) Matthew Hoggard is a guest summariser for TMS today, and he's already noticed a black cloud heading to Headingley. Knowing the conditions and the ground well, he thinks it could swing around early on - but with only temporary floodlights in place, Hoggy reckons it could be difficult for both batsmen and fielders under the lights this evening...
Download our masks of Matthew Hoggard and other cricket stars

1418: The other interesting bit of ODI news today is that the South African board has decided to pull their team out of the Champions Trophy on security grounds. Will more teams follow suit? Graeme Smith has just told Aggers on TMS that he expects they will. Watch this space.
Report: South Africa boycott Champions Trophy

"Good afternoon Mark, I hope today sees you in fine fettle. This love Harmy's suddenly reacquired for ODIs, does it come with unconditional pound signs attached... Cynical? Me Never..."
Dean, Dover, in the TMS inbox

1415: Here are the full teams:

England: Ian Bell, Matt Prior (wk), Owais Shah, Kevin Pietersen (capt), Andrew Flintoff, Ravi Bopara, Samit Patel, Luke Wright, Stuart Broad, Steve Harmison, James Anderson.

South Africa: Graeme Smith (capt), Herschelle Gibbs, Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, Mark Boucher (wk), Vernon Philander, Johan Botha, Andre Nel, Dale Steyn, Makhaya Ntini.

Umpires are Australia's Simon Taufel and England's Ian Gould. Third umpire, poised with his finger over the "pause" button on TV replays, is Nigel Llong - while the fourth umpire is Steve Garratt (a Nottinghamshire policeman, wouldn't you know), and match referee is ex-Sri Lanka batsman Roshan Mahanama. I'm joined by our "gaffer" Oliver Brett and, making his live cricket debut today, Andrew McKenzie on match report duties. Andy's a loyal Durham fan so is pleased to see Harmy back in the fold.

TOSS NEWS: England have won the toss and will bat first. Captain Kevin Pietersen says he's been on Harmison's "case" for a while to get him back playing ODIs. South Africa skipper Graeme Smith said he'd have batted as well - the Proteas are without the injured Morkel brothers.

1355: Afternoon, everyone - a slightly belated welcome to the one-day series between England and South Africa, after Monday's ODI against Scotland was curtailed by rain and Wednesday's Twenty20 international was washed out completely.

News of the toss as we get it - but what we do know is that pace bowler Steve Harmison has suddenly rediscovered a love of ODIs and will replace Tim Bresnan in the team today.
Report: Harmison returns to one-day squad

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