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England v SA, 2nd Test day two as it happened

SECOND TEST, Headingley (day two, close):
England 203 v South Africa 322-4

Ashwell Prince put South Africa in firm control of England with a fine century, his second of the series, on day two of the second Test at Headingley.

Prince, who resumed the tourists' first innings with Hashim Amla on 101-3, batted impeccably from start to finish.

Darren Pattinson trapped Amla lbw for his first Test wicket but Prince and AB de Villiers then dominated England.

Prince (134no) and de Villiers (70no) led their side past England's 203 and to 322-4 at the close, a lead of 119.


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By Mark Mitchener


1844: If you're still not satisfied after this big day of sport, take a look at our live text coverage of the Open golf, which is still going on at Birkdale. The older cricket fans reading this may be interested to know that the clubhouse leader is one Simon Wakefield - nephew of former England wicket-keeper Bob Taylor!
Live text: The 137th Open Championship, with Paul Fletcher

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow morning to bring you day three from Headingley. Thanks for all your e-mails and texts - enjoy your Saturday evening, take care and make sure you join us for Sunday's play.

Rain delay
1842: As the rain comes down and the covers are brought on, I think we can be pretty sure - that's it. And as I type that, it's confirmed - no more play.

1840: Ladies and gents, we think that might be it for the day.

Bad light stops play
Umpires confer, and they're off for bad light. Bill Frindall thinks that now they're in the "extra" half-hour, they can't return.

1836 - SA 322-4 (105 overs)
A rare moment of tension as Prince swings and misses at Broad. Bill Frindall on TMS has noticed Vaughan talking to Billy Bowden, possibly in one of those "if you want to continue playing in this light you've got to stick a spinner on" conversations. The ground staff are primed and ready to race back on with the covers. Prince is playing for the close here, and sees off the over.

1833 - SA 322-4 (104 overs)
ABDV resumes his "obdurate blocker" role against Freddie. When a looser delivery comes, he carefully guides it through the covers for two. ABDV is beaten by the last ball which leaves him outside off stump, but again England can't find the edge.

1829 - SA 320-4 (103 overs)
Aggers estimates the crowd is similar to that of a County Championship game, with many spectators already having begun their journey home. Broad replaces Panesar (who was bowling before the weather delay), Prince stabs one back towards the bowler who gets a hand to it but it bounces just in front of him. The last ball is full and wide, and Prince edges it past the slips for four.

Angus Fraser
"The last thing England want to see is inconsistent bounce out there, as in Morkel and Steyn, South Africa have two bowlers quicker than any of theirs"
Angus Fraser on TMS

1825 - SA 316-4 (102 overs)
Right, we've got half an over from Flintoff to get through here, though Aggers suggests the batsmen may take the light again if it's offered. ABDV shoulders arms to the first ball and dabs a single off the second. Prince then pinches the strike.

Jonathan Agnew
"There are four slips here lined up for a man who's on 129 and hasn't given a chance all day"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1822: The batsmen are walking out. Prince has added a sleeveless sweater to his apparel, ABDV has been wearing one all day.

Alison Mitchell
"We may even start a minute or two early here"
TMS's pitchside reporter Alison Mitchell

1820: Covers have gone off again. Stay with me, people.

"When Pattinson was named in the side for this match, some of the South Africa players asked their video analyst if he had any footage of Pattinson. He replied that he couldn't even find him on Cricinfo"
South African cricket writer Neil Manthorp on TMS

1815: Uh-oh. Covers are going back on, because of light rain.

1808: We're going to start at 1825 - and theoretically going on until 1900. 11 overs will be bowled.

1801: The umps are indeed heading out to inspect.

1754: R4 LW listeners are whisked off for the Shipping Forecast - back at Headingley, the pitch is still covered, but the ground staff are now working on mopping up the outfield.

1745: Umpires will inspect again at 1800.

"Re: Robbie's comment at 1648. Nowadays Michael Vaughan is a non-batting captain in the finest English village tradition, a la Marcus Berkmann's 'Rain Men'. He turns out every week, makes sure everyone has his kit, gets a useful four runs or so and occasionally bowls a few for a respectable 5-0-17-0. What's wrong with that?"
Meilir from Renton, USA, in the TMS inbox

Alison Mitchell
"I've been out with the umpires and they reckon it'll take at least an hour to get the ground ready. They're likely to come out again in about 20 minutes or half-an-hour to see how the preparations are going"
TMS's pitchside reporter Alison Mitchell

1736: CMJ on TMS says it's stopped raining and the umpires are inspecting.

Text in your views on 81111
"Our attack is impotent Pattinson and Broad must be dropped for the next Test. Jones and Harmison must get another go"
Mike in London, via text on 81111

Shaun Pollock
"Vaughan has come into this game with five bowlers, but it looks like he's captaining like he's only got three. He's only used Broad very sparingly - why not play an extra batter and get Collingwood to bowl eight overs in the day?"
Shaun Pollock on TMS

"ABDV said he's most talented at tennis. While at school in SA, he was tipped for the ATP Tour and touted as the next Wayne Ferreira! Glad he chose cricket! Thanks TMS for the great commentary"
Charles Hollingworth, Italy, in the TMS inbox

Rain delay
1717: As well as the bad light, it's now started to rain, and pitchside reporter Alison Mitchell is running for cover. She reveals that there a now a couple of police cells underneath the Western stand, for any really persistent offenders in the crowd.

Bad light stops play
1716 - BAD LIGHT STOPPED PLAY - SA 314-4 (101.3 overs)
Prince dabs Flintoff into the covers for a single. The umpires get their light meters out - and when the batsmen are offered the light, they take it immediately. Covers are brought on, presumably as a precaution.

1712 - SA 313-4 (101 overs)
Time for a second spell from Monty Panesar - and just three singles ensue.

Matt Lucas from Little Britain, dressed as Mr T
Alison Mitchell
"In terms of spotting potential streakers, it's not an exact science - the stewards in the green jackets at the bottom of the steps are experienced and know the signs. I'm stood here with a trio of B.A. Baracuses, who have escaped from the A-Team"
TMS's pitchside reporter Alison Mitchell
[I pity the fool who would streak on a day like today - MM]

1705 - SA 310-4 (100 overs)
CMJ says "it's very grey and blustery behind Flintoff" as he runs in from the Kirkstall Lane End, but it may just miss Headingley as the aforementioned umbrellas are down now. ABDV is still playing sensibly against Flintoff, and still not playing anything he doesn't have to. Time for a drinks break.

1701 - SA 310-4 (99 overs)
Aggers feels England are "drifting" as Anderson jogs off the field and super-sub Garry Park is on yet again. ABDV pushes another single off Patto and after Prince is struck on the glove by a rising delivery, he pushes a two off the final delivery.

Jesse Spencer
AB de Villiers
"Even more doubt about the eligibility of ABDV for SA than playing in Northern Ireland, because that photo shows a dead ringer for Jesse Spencer, who plays Dr Chase in 'House'. Are you sure he isn't another Australian, secretly?"
John Starbuck, Huddersfield, in the TMS inbox
[He was the lad who was in Neighbours a few years ago, right? MM]

1657 - SA 307-4 (98 overs)
Entertainment for the crowd as Buzz Lightyear carries away a woman in a wedding dress (and this appeared to be a woman, rather than a man in drag). Back on the pitch, ABDV knocks another single off Flintoff, then Prince flays a four through point. Very dismal for England now - and there's rain in the air as the umbrellas go up. Prince taps another two off the final delivery, not Flintoff's best over of the day.

1652 - SA 300-4 (97 overs)
Prince gets the scoreboard moving again with a single off Patto, ABDV pushes a two past Monty at mid-on, then hammers a single to bring up 300 for his side.

1648 - SA 296-4 (96 overs)
Anderson has bowled well with the new ball, without much luck - and he takes a breather, with Flintoff returning. ABDV confidently sees off a maiden over - Flintoff's figures 24-7-45-1.

"Believe it or not, Michael Vaughan used to be a batsman"
Robbie, Liverpool, in the TMS inbox

1643 - SA 296-4 (95 overs)
Broad's off after another ineffective spell and Pattinson returns - he has 1-49 from his first 13 overs. Prince nudges another single, ABDV is hopping around and England must be hopping mad at how the day's gone. ABDV effortlessly pulls a half-tracker down to fine leg for four to bring up the 150 stand.

"Patsy Hendren (I think it was) worked at Butlins at Filey in the early 1950s. Each Saturday night,on stage,a youthful me demonstrated a 'biff-ball' (on an elastic string) that every child 'needed' (and I got sixpence per ball sold) to deafening silence; elderly but spry PH, in his cricketing attire, was then introduced to the week's guests, to loud applause"
BSY in the TMS inbox

1639 - SA 290-4 (94 overs)
ABDV, whose stance is not unlike Owais Shah's (they both stand with the bat horizontal, although Shah stands perfectly still and ABDV wobbles about a bit), gets up on his toes and crashes Anderson through cover point for four. A couple more singles round off the over, and the Proteas are on easy street now.

Angus Fraser
"He's a beautiful player, De Villiers, I really think he's going to be one of the stars of world cricket in the next 10 years. He was a scratch golfer as a teenager, he seems to be good at anything he turns his hands to"
Angus Fraser on TMS

1634 - SA 284-4 (93 overs)
More good running between this pair, who have now added 141, brings another couple of quick singles off Broad.

1630 - SA 282-4 (92 overs)
Prince off-drives Anderson, Patto lumbers after it and restricts them to three. ABDV wafts at one outside off stump, but still no luck for Jimmy as he gets some movement off the seam.

"Given the toothless bowling from England over the last two SA innings, do you think that Jones, Hoggard and Harmison should be recalled? Or, does the ECB management stick with Broad, Anderson, Sidebottom, Tremlett, etc and build a foundation for the future?"
Alan Rodgerson, Tripoli, Libya, in the TMS inbox

1625 - SA 279-4 (91 overs)
Broad replaces Flintoff - can the flaxen-haired Notts youngster improve on a disappointing analysis of 57 runs conceded in 14 overs so far? His first ball is knocked to the mid-wicket sweeper for two by the immaculate Prince, and a firmly-driven single takes his score to 111.

"I have just seen the Hampshire side throwing food around Newport Pagnell services. It's better than watching England!"
Joel at Newport Pagnell in the TMS inbox
[As a Hampshire fan, I'm not impressed! They're playing at Trent Bridge tomorrow in the Pro40, having lost at Arundel today - MM]

That's 50
1620 - SA 276-4 (90 overs)
De Villiers reaches his 14th Test fifty by knocking Anderson away for two off his legs. He's then beaten with what CMJ calls "a beautiful late outswinger", leading the veteran TMS commentator to bemoan that "Anderson is getting no luck at all". A good over - but with no reward for Jimmy.

1616 - SA 274-4 (89 overs)
Flintoff overpitches and Prince fluently cover-drives for four, he's really seeing it well now.

"John Bracewell (New Zealand coach) used to be a gravedigger"
G Hawkes, New Zealand, in the TMS inbox

1612 - SA 270-4 (88 overs)
Still Anderson, Prince steers a three past mid-off, and we have a collectors' item as Monty is actually booed by some of the crowd - merely for taking an errant beach ball off the field.

"Horrible weather here beside the sea in North Yorks - howling gale and rain. I think England could do with some of the cloud, which is here in abundance, to make the ball swing rather than watching Prince swinging it over the ropes!"
Marion Bernard in the TMS inbox

1607 - SA 267-4 (87 overs)
Vaughan swaps two fielders, moving Broad to mid-off and the Montster to mid-wicket. Flintoff gives England a moment of hope when he tucks Prince up and finds the edge, but it falls safely and they run a single. ABDV then profits from an outside edge past gully for four - leaving Boycs and CMJ on TMS to berate Vaughan for having too many men in the covers and no third man, given the number of similar shots today. "23% of the runs off the bat at Lord's went through third man", Boycs fumes.

1602 - SA 262-4 (86 overs)
Anderson resumes, and he gets a couple to swing away from ABDV, before he edges one which bounces in front and to the side of Flintoff at second slip - but with no third man in place, the big man gets down well to prevent the four. Maiden over.

"I had put money on the South African number three to get the first 100 of the match. Does that make me an Amla Gambler?"
Andy in the sunny Cotswolds, in the TMS inbox [Groan - MM]

1558: Players returning to the arena, Proteas batting duo with a confident spring in their step.

"When I started work (back in pre-history) before there was 24/7/365 cricket, the Aussies sent their "potential" Test players to the UK to "learn about the conditions". The multinational I worked for had mines and factories in Oz and we had a constant stream of people like Tommo et al, 'working' in our asbestos factory in the NW. Nobody could ever actually say in which specific department, however. They played an awful and awesome lot of cricket on Saturdays and Sundays, though"
Graham in Barcelona, in the TMS inbox

1554: The Prince may be the man taking the headlines today - but do you know what the AB in AB de Villiers stands for? And did you know he played for Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland? You can take a look at a profile we wrote on him on the BBC Sport website.
FEATURE: South Africa look to Irish rover (December 2004)


1543: The TMS team will be talking to Mike Gatting at tea - back with you in a while.

Jonathan Agnew
"England have a very important final session coming up if they want to win this game"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1541 - SA 262-4 (85 overs)
Flintoff begins what will surely be the last over before tea. Prince leaves a couple which are too short and wide, even when Flintoff varies his angle by going round the wicket. Last ball before tea, there's a half-hearted lbw appeal from a ball which looks to be going down leg - Fred sinks to his knees and then sits on the wicket as Billy B does an "eh, eh, calm down" gesture and takes the players off for tea.

Shaun Pollock
"Prince has had a great start to this tour - as vice-captain, he has responsibility within the team and his powers of concentration are very good"
Shaun Pollock on TMS

He's reached 100
1537 - SA 262-4 (84 overs)
ABDV prods hesitantly at Anderson, but they run three to the cover boundary to bring Prince back on strike. Can he pick up his second hundred in consecutive Tests (and his ninth overall)? Yes he can, nudging it to fine leg for a single. The helmet's off, he gets a hug from ABDV and he raises his bat to the packed South Africa viewing area.

1533 - SA 258-4 (83 overs)
Flintoff returns, to a general cheer from the crowd, but Prince steers his first ball through the covers for two. He then shows a few nerves by swinging and missing at one outside off stump. Prince is then rapped on the pad, Fred raises both hands to the heavens in exhortation, but Billy B is unmoved - and the replay backs his decision as it pitched a smidgen outside leg stump. A confident off-drive then takes Prince to 99.

"Re: Bruce at 1459 ; Not to be a pedant but why would you dead head a daisy, or any other flower, if it's still blooming?"
Duncan Tanner in the TMS inbox

1528 - SA 252-4 (82 overs)
The new ball is now taken - an over after it could have been done, and the shining new cherry is handed to James Anderson. Prince shows no respect for the new ball by brutally pulling Anderson to the midwicket fence for four, before nudging a single to take his personal total to 93. And if you want a closer look at Sir Tom Courtenay's mammoth Dickensian sideburns (from his interview by Aggers during the lunch interview), take a look at the TMS photostream on Flickr where the 'burns are shown in their full glory.
INTERNET LINK: Sir Tom Courtenay on the TMS Flickr stream

1524 - SA 247-4 (81 overs)
The second new ball is available - but not taken. Why? Shaun Pollock on TMS thinks England might be saving their main seam bowlers so they can charge in, refreshed, after tea. Prince nudges a single, ABDV defends the rest of the over.

1522 - SA 246-4 (80 overs)
Last compulsory over with the old ball, and more easy singles for the batsmen off KP.

"How about four of Australia's finest cricketers who decided an acting career was a tempting option and landed parts in a 2008 Bollywood film entitled Victory...? Brett Lee, Allan Border, Mike Hussey and Jason Gillespie. Simon Jones of England fame also features..."
Emma Geary in the TMS inbox
[As do Dimi Mascarenhas and, ulp, Sajid Mahmood - MM]

1519 - SA 243-4 (79 overs)
Prince brings up the century stand with a measured single to long-on, while a bespectacled member of the crowd prefers to read a cricket reference book with Monty on the front cover.

"Why do people criticise Darren Pattinson? He doesn't bowl wides like Steve Harmison would have!"
Andrew Webb, Nuneaton, in the TMS inbox

1516 - SA 242-4 (78 overs)
In another bid to hustle through the last few overs with the old ball, England turn to Kevin Pietersen's off-spin. He doesn't even bother to take his dark sunglasses off, and Prince and de Villiers are well set now - they plunder ones and twos off nearly every ball, and this partnership is now worth 99.

1514 - SA 237-4 (77 overs)
ABDV and Prince exchange singles as England hurry through Monty's over, with the new ball fast approaching.

"Raffles, of course, was a jewel thief in the winter"
Pete Blott, Lutterworth, in the TMS inbox
INTERNET LINK: Raffles, the gentleman thief and cricketer

1511 - SA 235-4 (76 overs)
De Villiers steers Patto for a single to deep square leg, he now has 38. Prince clubs a full toss back in the air, but it bounces well in front of the diving Broad and they run two.

"Re: Greg, 1451 - and I guess in the 90s Wales picked Vinnie Jones to stop England getting him?"
James O'Riordan in the TMS inbox

1508 - SA 232-4 (75 overs)
Another good stop by Anderson at mid-wicket denies Prince. A rapid maiden from Monty P.

"Ken 'Slasher' Mackay was a policeman in his home state of Queensland"
Stewart Murray in Ottawa, in the TMS inbox
[There must have been a few famous cricketing policemen - the legendary John Arlott among them - MM]

1505 - SA 232-4 (74 overs)
Prince nudges Patto for a quick single as Strauss, in at short mid-wicket, can't pick the ball up cleanly. ABDV sees off the rest of the over with some firm defensive pushes - SA lead by 29 runs.

"It's about time Vaughan tossed Collingwood the ball. Oh"
Bill, in Bristol, in the TMS inbox

1501 - SA 231-4 (73 overs)
ABDV works Monty for a single to leg, then the left-armer has Prince in a little more trouble when he gives one delivery a little more air. Prince pushes and runs a single to Vaughan, not the quickest in the field - I'm sure they wouldn't risk it to Park.

1459 - SA 229-4 (72 overs)
Pattinson replaces the out-of-sorts Broad, and nearly lucks out when ABDV chips one to leg, but it lands safely and they run a single. An even looser delivery, begging to be hit, is firmly pulled to the mid-wicket boundary by Prince.

"Should I stay glued to the computer while the South Africans now pile on the runs, or watch on TV the wind test the golfers' skills at the Open, or potter in the garden deadheading the blooming daisies, etc?"
Bruce, Ontario, Canada, in the TMS inbox

1455 - SA 224-4 (71 overs)
Right, 10 overs until England can take the second new ball. Prince dabs a single to take his score to 71, then ABDV tries to take a quick single to Park at mid-off, the Durham man demolishes the stumps with a rapid throw (waking the crowd up) but ABDV had made his ground. Meanwhile, Paul Grunill has dipped into the BBC Sport website archives and found a few "cricketers with strange jobs"...
Dominic Hewson: Tree surgeon
Anurag Singh: Solicitor
David Masters: Hod-carrier

1451 - SA 222-4 (70 overs)
Prince has a toothy grin on his face as he blasts Broad through the covers, and the lumbering Pattinson can't prevent the four. A single to the cover boundary allows sub fielder Garry Park another touch of the ball. ABDV gets lucky as a nick sails down to third man for four, and the pair continue to milk Broad for plenty of runs.

"Here's a cynical thought re: Pattinson - the England selectors have selected him to prevent him ever playing for Australia, because no Aussie side would select someone who'd once played for England. (Not that the Aussies need him)"
Greg in the TMS inbox

1445 - SA 211-4 (69 overs)
A rapid maiden from Monty to ABDV - the first for the Northants twirler.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
"When Ray Illingworth was captain of England, before there was a tour every winter, he used to have a winter job selling fireworks"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS
[Right - this sounds like a fruitful discussion, which other cricketers have you encountered doing strange "other" jobs? And we've all heard about Ed Giddins selling Christmas trees, so no need to mention him - MM]

1442 - SA 211-4 (68 overs)
As the crowd begins to get restless, Aggers on TMS strongly warns against anyone running on the field from the crowd - as the lone pitch invader yesterday was felled with a sliding two-footed tackle which, if it had been on a football field, may well have earned the steward in question a straight red card. The occasional balloon holds up play, but more good running brings Prince two when he nudges one off his hip to the vacant area at backward square leg. And while England regroup at a drinks interval, they're dropping like flies in the County Championship - Division Two leaders Warwickshire have beaten Middlesex by an innings.
Latest county scores

1437 - SA 209-4 (67 overs)
Prince takes a fresh guard as Monty switches to bowling around the wicket to him. He gives South Africa the lead by edging Panesar to third man and they scamper three. ABDV gets down on one knee and firmly slog-sweeps for four.

Get involved on 606
"If Prince keeps clouting Monty for sixes, Pattinson will have lots of roofing work to do!"
SwamyCricketAnanda on 606
Join the debate on 606

1434 - SA 202-4 (66 overs)
ABDV continues his resolute, obdurate defence against Broad. Something's tickled Tiny Tim, who's chuckling away behind the timbers. Gus Fraser on TMS recalls being on tour and, bizarrely, having been sent some slippers through the mail. ABDV steers another single backward of point, and Prince knocks one off his legs - he clearly fancies Monty (as it were) and wants the strike.

1430 - SA 200-4 (65 overs)
Prince advances down the track to the Montster and hits one even higher and longer, into the crowd at long-on. Even Goliath stood at long-on would have been struggling to reach that one, but Vaughan despatches his nearest equivalent - Flintoff - back there to the boundary.

1427 - SA 194-4 (64 overs)
ABDV prods at a couple of length balls from Broad, but is still happy to leave anything he doesn't have to play at. He knocks the last ball away for a couple, to leave the tourists just nine runs adrift.

Text in your views on 81111
"On his 'performance' so far Pattinson is giving the England selectors their just desserts..."
Marc, Frodsham, Cheshire, via text on 81111

That's 50
1423 - SA 192-4 (63 overs)
Prince brings up his eighth Test fifty in champagne style by whacking Monty back over his head for a huge six towards the TMS box, which eventually lands on top of the press box with a "thump".

Angus Fraser
"South Africa don't have to score at four or five runs an over, they just have to get up towards England's score - and if they can do that with only four down, it'll put them in a very strong position"
Angus Fraser on TMS

1420 - SA 186-4 (62 overs)
ABDV steers Broad for a single to deep cover. Prince dabs another to take his score to 47, and that young scamp Garry Park is on the field again, not sure for whom.

1417 - SA 184-4 (61 overs)
KP returns to the field, and 12th man Garry Park departs. Monty has an lbw shout for one that turns sharply at ABDV, but it may have pitched outside leg. After he prods a single, Monty goes over the wicket to the southpaw Prince, who sees off the over.

1414 - SA 183-4 (60 overs)
It's a double change as Broad - none too impressive with the ball this morning - replaces Anderson. Blowers feels there's a big gap between Strauss at first slip and Flintoff at second. Broad advances the tourists' score with a no-ball - they trail by just 20 now. Prince, on 46, senses a half century but can't time his cover drive. The left-hander then steps aside as a piece of paper blows across his vision, and swings-and-misses at a wide one when Broad finally sends down the last ball of the over.

"Pattinson did a roofing job for me. He turned up unannounced, laid down a few tiles without much success and disappeared, never to be seen again"
Ben White, Camden, in the TMS inbox
[I assume that's a metaphor for his performance and that you're not casting doubt on his roofing credentials - MM]

Monty Panesar
1408 - SA 182-4 (59 overs)
As a Mexican wave sweeps around the ground (always a sign the cricket is getting dull), England finally remember they have a fifth bowler. As if he'd read my thoughts, Vaughan calls a halt to Patto's one-over spell and finally summons Monty Panesar to the bowling crease. He has three close fielders, but Prince astonishingly paddle-sweeps his first ball from a foot outside off stump, down to fine leg for two. Prince smashes the next ball towards point but Broad makes a diving stop at gully to restrict them to a single. ABDV steers Monty through point for two.
Download our Monty Panesar masks

1403 - SA 177-4 (58 overs)
Anderson drops one short and ABDV brutally square-cuts him for four in the manner of Robin Smith. He then punches one to mid-off and they run a single as Captain Vaughan can't field the ball cleanly. A Prince straight-drive brings another scampered three, these two are pretty good between the wickets. Still no Monty. Why? Why? What's the point of switching your entire team tactics to accommodate five bowlers, and then not bowling one of them?

1359 - SA 169-4 (57 overs)
With nothing doing for Fred, he's off already and Patto gets another spell. ABDV knocks him away for two to leg, then we have some comedy fielding from the Montster who picks up the ball with all the manual dexterity of the Venus de Milo (ie he fails to get either hand on it), and that allows them another single. Prince fluently off-drives for four, and the tourists are creeping up towards England's first-innings total.

1355 - SA 162-4 (56 overs)
Prince nudges Anderson off his legs, and some good running allows them to come back for an easy two to backward square leg.

1350 - SA 160-4 (55 overs)
There's no real movement, either off the seam or in the air, as Flintoff sends down another tame over to ABDV, who's bedded in for the long haul and sees off a maiden.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
"Broad was rather disappointing this morning, he didn't look at all like the bowler we know he can be"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS

1347 - SA 160-4 (54 overs)
Still no sign of the Montster as Anderson continues for his 19th over. ABDV works Jimmy off his legs for a single, and the crowd cheer indicates that Mr Panesar is the man fielding at long leg who restricts them to a single.

"Morning/afternoon Mark, I've just logged on to see that Pattinson's taken this morning's wicket. Let's hope the "Postman" rings twice (or more!)"
Dominic in Florida in the TMS inbox

1343 - SA 159-4 (53 overs)
Flintoff takes the first over after lunch, with ABDV resuming his "leave anything outside off stump" routine. A nudged single is the only blemish on Fred's over.

1339: The players are coming back on. If you missed Aggers and Sir Tom, it was a corker (including the tale of how he persuaded Omar Sharif to join him in supporting Hull City).

"My South African cousin Rob has just conceded that Kallis' dip in form may be an outcome of him having 'been at the pies'. From my experience this is, for a South African, a quite shocking display of cricketing humility"
Paul Miller, Lancaster, in the TMS inbox

Stan Laurel
AB de Villiers
"AB de Villiers looks a little bit like Stan Laurel"
Sir Tom Courtenay on TMS

1332: It's all happening here on BBC Sport. While Paul Fletcher has replaced Andrew McKenzie on the Open golf, Sarah Holt is in the metaphorical pit lane for the German F1 Grand Prix qualifying, and Andy "King of the Mountains" Nicolson is still keeping us in touch with Le Tour.
Live text: The 137th Open Championship, with Paul Fletcher
Live text: German F1 Grand Prix qualifying, with Sarah Holt
Live text: Tour de France stage 14, with Andy Nicolson


Sir Tom Courtenay, pictured in 1997
1303: And the mystery TMS lunchtime guest is... legendary actor Sir Tom Courtenay! The sideburns are because he's currently filming Dickens tale "Little Dorrit".

I'm taking a break for some lunch, have a listen to Aggers' "View from the Boundary" and I'll be back with you soon.

1300 - SA 158-4 (52 overs)
As the clock creeps towards lunch, Prince plays Anderson defensively and turns his back on ABDV, showing his disinclination to run any singles in the last over before the interval. Prince defends his stumps for the rest of the over and stalks off for lunch.

Get involved on 606
"Flintoff seems a couple of yards slower these days... should've been asked to spend more time with Lancs"
SwamyCricketAnanda on 606
Join the debate on 606

1257 - SA 158-4 (51 overs)
Having bowled that over, Anderson changes his boots (having been offered a choice of at least three pairs by the enthusiastic 12th man), but it's still Freddie in the attack as Prince tips-and-runs a single into the covers. ABDV is shouldering arms to any delivery he can, maybe he's smelt the welcoming aroma of lunch from the Headingley kitchens.

"On subject of the TMS surprise lunchtime guest, and his sideburns, I can confirm that I saw 70s pop star Alvin Stardust in London last night, so I reckon I've cracked it. We'll see. (Or rather, hear)"
Mick, Ashford, in the TMS inbox

1252 - SA 157-4 (50 overs)
Anderson replaces Patto - surely we ought to have a twirl from Monty before lunch? Beach balls are thrown around the Western Terrace, while Blowers has spotted a pigeon at the Kirkstall Lane End. ABDV flicks Jimmy off his legs for his first boundary. And some bad news for the rugby Boks - final score from the Tri-Nations game Down Under is Australia 16 South Africa 9.

BBC Sport
"Might it be John McCririck that's on at lunchtime, with the sideburns?"
BBC Sport website assistant editor Paul Grunill, who swears he has no inside information

1248 - SA 153-4 (49 overs)
ABDV shoulders arms against Flintoff. The Montster is despatched to collect a fielding helmet, but unsurprisingly he won't be going to short leg himself - that task falls to Ian Bell. ABDV tries to work one off his legs and trots through for a leg-bye.

"Could the surprise guest be Noddy Holder - he had a magnificent set of sideburns!"
Pete in Saudi Arabia in the TMS inbox

1244 - SA 152-4 (48 overs)
ABDV tickles Patto for a single to backward square leg - with all these singles from a left-hand/right-hand combo, it could be an annoying session for the fielders. Prince is hit on the pad by one that nips back from Patto, whose tail is up after that wicket. Then we get an lbw shout against Prince - but it was going down leg. As I said, always worth a shout with Daryl Harper. Prince straight-drives, timing it beautifully, and a four brings the 150 up.

"Splendid set of sideburns? Has to be JPR Williams"
Jeremy Morgan in the TMS inbox

1239 - SA 147-4 (47 overs)
Prince dabs a single to leg, and ABDV rotates the strike with one he fends off his body. CMJ has spotted a black cloud approaching from the west, and we have more guesses for the TMS mystery lunch guest, from the texters on 81111:

Text in your views on 81111
"Re sideburns. Isn't Supergrass's Gaz Coombes a big cricket fan?" (Marc M, Liverpool)
"The lunchtime guest is WG Grace. I'd put money on it" (Adam, Edinburgh)
"Could it be Amos from Emmerdale's Woolpack?" (Graeme)

1235 - SA 145-4 (46 overs)
AB de Villiers (henceafter referred to as ABDV) squeezes one past Patto's left hand and they run a single. ABDV currently holds the record for most Test innings without a duck - 73 - with the next highest person back on 45. Prince nicks the strike with a single of his own.

"'Almost Godfrey Evans-like' [1210 entry on TMS's mystery guest]. Could it be Dillon from the Magic Roundabout?"
Steve Clarke, Sutton, Surrey, in the TMS inbox

1230 - SA 143-4 (45 overs)
Flintoff replaces Broad for his second spell of the day, and gets one to jag through Prince's gate - a rarity as he's looked quite secure. A maiden, and the rest of the office here are quick to point out to me that Hampshire have also lost today, having set Sussex a not-particularly-challenging total of 11 to win at Arundel. Lovely ground, Arundel, just by the castle - if you ever get the chance to see a match there, I recommend it.
Latest county scores

"Re mystery TMS guest with sideburns [1210 entry] - Amy Winehouse? Oh no, that's her lovely hair. Sorry"
Carole in Maidenhead in the TMS inbox [If they tried to get her to go on TMS, would she say "no, no, no"? MM]

1225 - SA 143-4 (44 overs)
AB de Villiers is roundly booed by the crowd as he walks to the wicket, after that "catch" he controversially tried to claim yesterday, and he survives his first ball. That lbw decision looks worse and worse the more times we see it, but as we used to say when I was in New Zealand for the Wellington and Napier Tests, "it's always worth a shout with Daryl Harper".

Wicket falls
1224 - WICKET - Amla lbw b Pattinson 38 - SA 143-4 (43.5 overs)
The TMS team think we should see the Montster soon, but it's still Patto for the moment. After a single from Prince, Amla prods forward at a full toss and is hit on the pad - and after an absolute age (in the manner of Steve Bucknor), Daryl Harper raises his finger and Patto has his first Test wicket! Hawk-Eye suggests it was going down leg, but Patto won't mind...

"On the subject of '99 Red Balloons', I hate to say it, but I think the South Africans may 'hurry, hurry, super-scurry' to a first-innings lead"
Gary P in the TMS inbox

1219 - SA 142-3 (43 overs)
Prince fluently drives Broad for four through the covers, and the pursuing Monty Panesar has no chance of cutting it off. Prince then works one off his legs and they run three while Vaughan lumbers after it. A wristy flourish nearly brings Amla another four but the swooping Ian Bell, decked out in orange sunglasses, denies the boundary (although he nearly takes out Pattinson, running up from long leg, with a sliding tackle as he does so). Easily the tourists' best over of the day.

1215 - SA 133-3 (42 overs)
Amla tries to force Patto through the covers but can only find a fielder. He then steers a two to third man, and another two rounds off the over - taking his score to 36.

Text in your views on 81111
"Thank goodness for TMS, the only thing slower than the Saffers' over rate yesterday is my day at work today. I am now playing spot the bus as well"
Ally, Putney, via text on 81111

1210: While the exceedingly long drinks break is taken, Aggers notes that the TMS "View from the Boundary" lunchtime guest has arrived, but wants to keep that person's identity a secret, although he reveals they have a splendid set of sideburns, "almost Godfrey Evans-like". I've no idea to whom he's alluding, so any guesses would be most welcome.

1206 - SA 129-3 (41 overs)
Amla chops a wide one from Broad to point for a single. Patto looks really puffed out in the field, he's giving it everything here. Wonder if he fears this could be his only Test? Broad goes round the wicket to Prince, and as the over concludes, the players take a drinks break and fourth umpire Neil Mallender walks on too.

Angus Fraser
"Vaughan wanted to give his two best bowlers a burst first up to see if they could get an early wicket, but he's got to make sure he doesn't over-bowl them - the back-up seamers have to keep it tight"
Former Middlesex and England seamer Angus Fraser on TMS

1201 - SA 128-3 (40 overs)
Vaughan returns but England aren't happy with the condition of the ball, so the umpires get out their handcuffs/ball measurers (two linked rings - the ball has to go through one, but not the other). The old ball is thrown back to Pattinson, who comes close to his first Test wicket when Prince flashes at one outside off-stump but it sails straight through to Tiny Tim behind the timbers. Another swing-and-a-miss from Prince, but it was a no-ball in any event. That's the only blemish from the over. And in the County Championship, Somerset have just thrashed Kent by 246 runs.
Latest county scores

"Has Bearders done any stats on wickets taken by an announcer? Wondering who's at the mike when the most opponents' wickets fall... Aggers? CMJ? Blofeld? I'd love to see 'broadcast wickets' as a viable statistic, and then put in our leading wicket-taker at crucial times like this..."
Chris in Vermont in the TMS inbox
[I know a former football radio commentator who used to plot "his" results against those of his colleagues in the same manner - MM]

1156 - SA 127-3 (39 overs)
If the balloons keep coming, we may have enough to recreate the famous "99 Red Balloons" song by 80s German songstress Nena by close of play. Super-sub fielder Garry Park is on for Vaughan, so with Colly not playing, who's vice-captain now? Strauss? Amla gets back on his toes and steers Broad for four through point - he now has 27. A punched straight-drive is fielded smartly by Broad off his own bowling. Amla then whips a loose one off his legs and it shoots through mid-wicket for four, and that's the fifty partnership.

1152 - SA 118-3 (38 overs)
Patto to the rescue? After being given just three overs yesterday, Darren "Who?" Pattinson replaces Anderson, and Prince tries to pull his second ball through mid-wicket but it's straight to a fielder. More balloons blow onto the pitch, to Blowers' amusement. Prince finally gets his pull shot right, and the ball races away for four.

Alison Mitchell
"There's been a dispute between the teams over viewing areas - the dressing-rooms are beneath the stands so there's nowhere to watch from. South Africa are now sat in the viewing area, and Peter Moores has found a spot to watch just in front of the TMS box"
TMS's pitchside reporter Alison Mitchell

1147 - SA 114-3 (37 overs)
Despite an economic spell from Freddie early doors, we have our first bowling change as Stuart Broad replaces Flintoff, although Pattinson is swinging his arms in the deep in the manner of a fielder desperate to attract his captain's attention so he can get a bowl. Amla flashes Broad's first ball wide of gully for four. Cook's obviously spotted something as he runs all the way from cover to say something to the bowler. Blowers is pleased to spot his first bus of the day, and Amla sees off the rest of the over.

1143 - SA 110-3 (36 overs)
The multi-coloured South African flag is billowing in a light breeze as Anderson finds Prince's outside edge, the diving Cook at gully half-stops it and they run two while Strauss scampers back from first slip to retrieve the ball. Angus Fraser on TMS has spotted an attractive lady in the crowd, dressed as a tin of Spam. A couple of paper bags and balloons escape onto the outfield.

1139 - SA 108-3 (35 overs)
Flintoff goes round the wicket to Prince, recalling his previous success against left-handers from that angle of attack. SA captain Graeme Smith, watching from the balcony with a bit of a snarl on his face while he bites his nails, has the look of a slightly chunkier Frank Lampard. A leg-bye pushes the score on - a pedestrian but safe start from the tourists.

"For info, the other Boks are 3-0 up Down Under - one eye on each game!"
Jane, Sharm, in the TMS in-boks
[SA are indeed playing Australia at rugby - but we'll be concentrating on the "Cricket Boks" here! MM]

1135 - SA 107-3 (34 overs)
There's a smattering of sunshine around Headingley as Anderson varies his approach well, and after a bouncer, Amla has to dig out a good yorker. Another maiden, but the SA batsmen have looked quite comfortable so far.

"Good morning Mark, I just wasted five minutes looking for my mobile, then realised the familiar tune was coming from TMS. Come on chaps, we all want five wickets before lunch"
Carol in Portugal in the TMS inbox

1131 - SA 107-3 (33 overs)
Geoff Boycott on TMS makes his feelings known about the Headingley security and the reasons for it (but this being cricket coverage rather than The Daily Politics, I won't go any further down that road), while Vaughan brings in a short cover for Amla. The batsmen change ends for the first time today when Amla prods a single to point.

1127 - SA 106-3 (32 overs)
It being a Saturday at Headingley, there are a huge number of spectators in fancy dress, including five men in a row dressed like Amy Winehouse, while Three Blind Mice, complete with white sticks, also take their seats. A heavy-handed steward appears to be trying to take the mice's sticks away from them. Much less interestingly, Anderson sends down a maiden over to Prince.

"I have heard that the the real reason for the delayed start was so that Billy Bowden could get to the opticians and hearing specialist in Leeds before play began"
Jerry in sunny Swindon, in the TMS inbox

1123 - SA 106-3 (31 overs)
It's Freddie-time already as Andrew Flintoff takes the first over, but pauses before his first ball as he's not happy where umpire Billy Bowden is standing. Flintoff spent most of yesterday banging it in short at the splendidly-bearded Hashim Amla, as his team-mates did during the first Test, but there's no sign of this "Beardline" bowling so far today - Amla jabs at a length ball and Anderson, whose fielding continues to impress, makes a good stop at gully. We finally get a bouncer off the last ball, which Amla ducks. A no-ball is the only addition to the score.

Bill Frindall
"The Western Terrace yesterday was more like the Western Front - the police were very active there late in the day"
TMS scorer Bill Frindall

1118 - SA 105-3 (30 overs)
While Aggers is concerned by the beeping of a nearby refuse truck, James Anderson opens up from the Kirkstall Lane End with three slips and a gully, and the left-handed Ashwell Prince gets the scoring under way with a fluent square-drive for four.

"Why are Aggers and Goochie so shocked at roof-tiler Darren Pattinson getting the nod for this game? With the construction industry at the beginning of a downturn and job cuts announced since the start of ther first Test, it makes good economic sense to redeploy the workforce into skill shortage areas. My brother's a joiner and he says he's in for the next Test. These cricket pundits really need to look at the bigger picture"
Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox

1113: Right, England are out for their "huddle", we'll be under way very shortly.

Get involved on 606
"England are behind but by no means totally out of this. If they restrict the saffers to 250 or less they will be in a strong position. Too early to judge a nervous new boy [Pattinson] on three overs"
Davoau on 606
Join the debate on 606

Graham Gooch
"Graeme Smith looked in very good form yesterday - his shot selection was excellent, so I was surprised when he nicked Flintoff to slip. But the England batsmen let themselves down as on this pitch, you've got to be an expert on line - you should leave everything you can, unless it's a real wide half-volley, and make the bowlers bowl straighter"
Former England captain Graham Gooch on TMS

"Mitch, every time I read it's you in the chair I think of Mitch Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Do you consider yourself the heart of a trio with Dirs as Hendrix and Fordyce rather less fortunately as Noel Redding?"
Eric C in the TMS inbox
[Dirs and Fordyce are more of a two-man supergroup in their own right, if you followed their adventures last year when they went to the Rugby World Cup in a camper van - MM]

1059: The rain has stopped, the sun is out and the covers are coming off (with a tractor roaring around the outfield). Good times.

1054: While we're waiting for play, you may want to take a look at our Open golf coverage - if you think we work long hours on cricket coverage (and we do), the golf chaps have been going for several hours already. Andrew McKenzie (one of the stars of our office golf team) is currently your guide to the fairways and bunkers of Birkdale. If you're in the UK and have access to a computer but not a telly, you can watch the TV coverage too.
The Open: Live text coverage with Andrew McKenzie
The Open: Live BBC TV coverage (UK users only)

1052: It's raining at Headingley now. That 1115 start may be more of an aspiration than a guaranteed start time!

1050: The word is we're going to start at 1115. It's now raining outside our office window here at BBC TV Centre in London as well - not that it should affect events at Headingley.

1046: The wicket is covered, as you'd expect, but there are now big white tarpaulins over the rest of the square and the bowlers' run-ups. The BBC weather forecast for Leeds reckons there will be showers at some point.
BBC weather forecast for Leeds

Henry Blofeld
"The South African batsmen would like a cloudless blue sky, but it's not going to be like that"
Henry Blofeld on TMS

1038: Uh-oh - the ground staff are scampering on with the covers. Bad times.

1030: Morning, everyone - well, we had a feisty and eventful first day yesterday, with 304 runs and 13 wickets, a couple of controversial incidents involving grounded "catches", and a shock selection by England in the form of Aussie roof-tiler turned Notts seamer Darren Pattinson.

BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew and ex-England skipper Graham Gooch have both had their say on the TMS Blog - which is worth a look if you didn't see it yesterday, there's plenty of reaction been stirred up!
TMS BLOG: Aggers' verdict on day one
TMS BLOG: Graham Gooch on the controversial Pattinson selection

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