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Eng v SA 1st Test: day four as it happened

FIRST TEST, Lord's (day four, close):
England 593-8 dec v South Africa 247 & 242-1

An opening stand of 204 gave South Africa an excellent chance of drawing the first Test, the tourists closing day four at Lord's 104 behind at 242-1.

On a day of few chances, Graeme Smith's 15th Test ton and an adhesive 102no from Neil McKenzie inspired the highest opening stand by a team following on.

Smith appeared to edge on 22 but there was no appeal, and Tim Ambrose spilled chances at the wicket on 26 and 107.

Finally, in the 78th over of the day Smith top-edged the new ball to point.


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By Mark Mitchener

1845: It's been an epic day if you're South African, a frustrating day if you're English - but that's it from us, remember tickets are available tomorrow morning (see below) at reduced prices.

But if you're preparing to return to the grind of a Monday morning at work, then you'll be pleased to know Tom Fordyce will be back in the live text chair tomorrow morning - and I hope you'll join him then. Thanks for your e-mails and texts - and good evening.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
"There's a lot to play for tomorrow - a draw would give South Africa a massive boost, and if England were to win after the disappointment of today, it would lift them too"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS


1833 - SA 242-1 (93 overs)
Last over. Sidey bowls round the wicket to Amla, with Vaughan stationed at silly mid-off. De Villiers, on the SA balcony, looks like he's over halfway through that Jeffrey Archer book he's been reading there all day. Amla calmly defends his stumps, and the tourists have performed well - losing just one wicket all day. Amla finishes on 20, and McKenzie on 102 - they're still 104 runs behind.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
"It's lucky that Flintoff wasn't selected for this match, as he might have found it difficult to blast anyone out on this pitch. And I wonder how fully fit Sidebottom really is. Test cricket can be breathlessly exciting, but this is one of those days where it has ebbed rather than flowed"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS

1829 - SA 242-1 (92 overs)
Amla plays some immaculate defensive strokes against Panesar before carefully driving a single. McKenzie prods out the rest of the over, and KP and Colly both run up to give Monty a pat on the back for his wicketless toil today.

"McKenzie doesn't look like Biff... me and my dad are certain that he is a dead ringer for Ed Joyce. Keep up the good work Mark - lucky I was there yesterday and not today - don't envy the crowd for the day they've had"
Will Atkins, 15, from Lingfield, in the TMS inbox

1826 - SA 241-1 (94 overs)
Amla nurdles Sidey away for a single, McKenzie looks for a quick tip-and-run but declines the opportunity. The deficit is now just 105 runs.

1823 - SA 240-1 (93 overs)
Monty wheels away to McKenzie, still with three close catchers. An inoffensive maiden over.

"I live in San Jose, about 50 miles south of San Francisco. There are quite a few cricket clubs in the San Francisco Bay area, particularly in Silicon Valley where there is a substantial Indian population"
Mohondoro in the TMS inbox
[So presumably, at some point in your life, you might have been genuinely asked the question "Do you know the way to San Jose?" - to which the answer is surely "I don't know, I've never San Jose-d" - MM]

1820 - SA 240-1 (92 overs)
A double change as Sidey replaces Anderson from the Pavilion End. The now free-scoring McKenzie knocks a single away, and Amla sees off the rest of the over.

"It seems that we're back in Atherton/Wanderers territory today. 14 years have moved by but we're seeing similar circumstances. Perhaps not 'exciting' cricket from an England point-of-view, but a determined and tense face off from my position here in the South African countryside. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments from people writing in from around the world. What an interesting collection of people. From travellers on the runway at Heathrow through hurricane awaiters in Bermuda to river travellers in South America. Thanks for the coverage"
Simon in the TMS inbox

1815 - SA 239-1 (91 overs)
Monty replaces Broad for his 31st over of the innings, and after a single from McKenzie, he has three close catchers for Amla. When Monty tosses one up, Amla confidently on-drives one past the bowler for four.

He's reached 100
1813 - SA 234-1 (90 overs)
Still Anderson bowling, and McKenzie reaches 99 with a push through the covers for two to Broad, who is the cover sweeper. He prods forward off the last ball, and finally brings up his fifth Test century in 383 minutes off 307 balls. A very controlled celebration, compared to some histrionics we see from centurions at Lord's.

1807 - SA 231-1 (89 overs)
We're fast approaching the official close of play time at 1806 BST, but they can go on until 1836 if they haven't bowled the overs - which they haven't. McKenzie nudges a single off his legs, then after Broad strays with a wide, Amla cracks one past gully for four.

With McKenzie on 97, my ever-efficient "gaffer" Paul Grunill has dug up some stats about slow Test centuries. The slowest Test ton for South Africa was 545 minutes by Jackie McGlew against Australia at Durban in 1958, while the slowest of all was Mudassar Nazar (557 mins) for Pakistan against England at Lahore in 1977/78.

"Listening in a very hot Baghdad. Well done Biff, excellent innings with great support from Neil. That' what we have come to expect from the Proteas"
Hamish in the TMS inbox
["Biff"? He looks nothing like the bad guy from "Back to the Future" - MM]

1802 - SA 225-1 (88 overs)
The umpires bring out their handcuffs/ball gauges again, but judge the new ball - which is only seven overs old - to still be in shape. McKenzie advances his score to 96 with a single, but England are fairly happy to get Amla on strike. Anderson predictably bangs in a couple of short balls at the new batsman

"If Sri Lanka don't want to tour England next summer, because their players are too busy playing Twenty20, then why can't we have an 'old-fashioned' Ashes summer instead, where we have just the Australians over and more Tests against them? The prospect of seeing the Australians would fill grounds anywhere in England and Wales, I am fairly certain"
Dan in the TMS inbox

1757 - SA 224-1 (87 overs)
Change of bowling sees Broad replace Sidey, and Amla gets a single - he may well be thankful just to get off strike. McKenzie, though, immediately nudges a single of his own. But a checked drive brings Amla four past the diving bowler.

Jonathan Agnew
Bill Frindall
"Is there any way I could get to listen to the Shipping Forecast rather than listen to you?"
Bill Frindall to Jonathan Agnew on TMS, as R4 LW listeners prepare to depart temporarily

1752 - SA 218-1 (86 overs)
Amla has to duck out of the way of a couple of quick ones from Anderson, and eventually doubles his score with another shovelled two to leg. He has to fend off another short ball, and it drops just wide of Bell at short leg and they run one.

"I can't believe my ears, Tuffers has just duped Aggers and Bearders into revealing their 'adult entertainment film performer' names live on air by claiming it's your 'rock star' name... I'm shocked and stunned"
James in Holland in the TMS inbox

1748 - SA 215-1 (85 overs)
McKenzie continues to ride his luck as an inside edge past the stumps disappears for two off Sidey.

Former Warwickshire skipper Dermot Reeve
"Enjoying the text commentary from Pondok Indah hospital, Jakarta (Indonesia) where my wife gave birth two days ago to Vincent Reeve Barnes. Vincent was wife's choice, Reeve mine after the Warwickshire legend. As cricket has yet to establish itself into her Javenese culture, she accepted the name when I explained it meant 'money collector'. However, after googling Vincent Barnes I see he was a former SA cricketer. Maybe too late to switch to Stanley?"
Barnesy in the TMS inbox

1744 - SA 213-1 (84 overs)
There's a break in play as the SA physio comes on to treat McKenzie, who looks to have a bit of cramp. Vaughan looks like he could do with a good night's sleep. McKenzie recovers in time to drive Anderson to the extra cover boundary for two. A fortunate four through gully and a single round off the over - he now has 92, his highest Test score against England.

BBC Sport
"Well I'll be Father Timed. The MCC have now announced that ticket prices are 20 for tomorrow. Why they've suddenly put them up by a fiver since I last reported on this, only the MCC can explain. Bizarrely, their website says they're only a tenner, but I am assured by an MCC staffer that that's an error. Clear as mud, eh?
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
"Tickets are available here tomorrow morning, cash only - 20 for adults, 10 for senior citizens and there's free entry for under-16s"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS

1737 - SA 206-1 (83 overs)
As Bill Frindall on TMS chides Billy B for signalling a five-ball over, Amla defends his first ball against Sidey. After that dislodged helmet incident in the first innings, his chin strap is tightly affixed under his beard. He has to dig out a vicious swinger to mid-on, and finally gets off the mark with a leading edge down to third man and they run two.

1732 - SA 204-1 (82 overs)
New batsman Hashim Amla has been padded up all day, how will he feel about finally batting now? They crossed on the catch, and McKenzie sees off the rest of the over.

Wicket falls
1728 - WICKET - Smith c Pietersen b Anderson 107 - SA 203-1 (81.1 overs)
As Mike Selvey on TMS bemoans the lack of the occasional leg slip or leg gully in modern cricket, Jimmy Anderson's first ball of his new spell is called a wide as Ambrose takes it in front of first slip. But finally, finally, we have a breakthrough when Smith tries to pull one to leg but gets a top edge, and it skies up and is caught by KP at backward point.

1726 - SA 203-0 (81 overs)
The wild-haired Sidebottom returns at the Nursery End, having been handed the new ball. But all he can manage is the first no-ball of the game. Apparently this is now the highest ever opening partnership by any Test side following on. McKenzie tries to flick one off his legs and they run a couple of leg-byes.

"If the Proteas save this match, does anyone feel they will enter the second Test with a mental edge over England?"
Saffa Rolf, Chicago, in the TMS inbox

1720 - DROPPED CATCH - SA 200-0 (80 overs)
A couple of singles bring up the 200 before KP is denied what would probably be the biggest wicket of his career when he finds Smith's edge but Ambrose is unable to take the catch - it's into his left glove and out again. How expensive might that be?

1717 - SA 198-0 (79 overs)
Monty P rattles through what will presumably be the penultimate over with the old ball. Smith pushes a quick single, Broad has a shy at the stumps but it's just wide.

Mike Selvey
"Sidebottom is a bit of a throwback to the old days of 'camels' in the field - he's not as athletic as Anderson and Broad"
Former Middlesex and England seamer Mike Selvey on TMS

1714 - SA 197-0 (78 overs)
KP is also quickly through his over as the batsmen rotate the strike with three singles.

1712 - SA 194-0 (77 overs)
Smith manages a single off Monty as they rattle through the overs with the second new ball due soon.

Bill Frindall
"There have been 22 instances of pairs of batsmen batting throughout the day, but only once in England - Geoff Marsh and Mark Taylor for Australia in 1989"
Bill Frindall on TMS
Ask Bearders, on the TMS Blog

1709 - SA 193-0 (76 overs)
After a well-earned drinks break, Kevin Pietersen - who opened the bowling in fading light last night, and took the last over before lunch today - is going to have a trundle with his right-arm off-spin. He doesn't even take his sunglasses off. McKenzie has a rather crude swipe towards cow corner, but it's four nevertheless. A single takes him to 83, what will KP's old enemy Smith do? He nudges a single to pinch the strike.

Text in your views on 81111
"To synchronise radio and TV [see 1635 entry] you need to pause live TV until the radio catches up"
Anon, via text on 81111

He's reached 100
1702 - SA 187-0 (75 overs)
Tuffers has the TMS box in stitches with the "add the name of your first pet to your mother's maiden name to find your rock star name" game. Smith clips Monty off his legs and they run three down to the Allen Stand boundary, and that's his 15th Test century off 186 balls. McKenzie nudges a single to take his score to 78, but he's supported his captain well.

1659 - SA 183-0 (74 overs)
Smith's compulsory start-of-the-over single takes him to 98. England's over-rate is getting worse and worse as even with Vaughan off the field, they still keep moving the flipping fielders every ball (or the bowler switches from round to over the wicket). If Vaughan's not careful, he could land himself a suspension like the one Colly's currently serving in ODIs for poor over-rates. McKenzie square-drives Broad for four, he has 73 now. An even looser long-hop from Broad is hoicked away to the midwicket boundary for four.

"According to Nasser Hussain's autobiography, an England player did moon the New Zealand team from the team coach. He relucantly revealed the culprit as one Phil Tufnell"
Andrew from Essex in the TMS inbox

1653 - SA 174-0 (73 overs)
A rare moment of England excitement as Smith taps a quick single and super-sub Park's throw hits the stumps at the keeper's end.

"My friends and I are sitting in the Warner Stand watching the game/stalemate unfold. Frankly, we are struggling for amusement (bar comedy crowd involvement) and can't decide if we should deride the boring/lucky SA batters or our own inability to take a wicket (less fun, but probably fairer)"
Fraser in the TMS inbox

1649 - SA 173-0 (72 overs)
With the overs ticking away until the second new ball can be taken after 80 overs, super-sub fielder Garry Park is on the field again. Colly, who is technically vice-captain, is directing matters, although Strauss looks to be moving a couple of fielders too. After the usual Smith single to start the over, McKenzie works Broad to long leg where some good fielding by Anderson and backing up from Monty restricts them to two. Broad's response is to dig in a bouncer, which is called as an aerial wide by Billy B. McKenzie guides another single to deep backward square leg, and another from Smith takes him to 96.

Text in your views on 81111
"We need Simon Jones back in the side, he can get some damage done to this lot!"
Tony, via text on 81111

1643 - SA 167-0 (71 overs)
Monty is back over the wicket, and Smith guides a single to leg to reach 94. But he's back round the wicket against the defiant McKenzie, who has 66.

Jonathan Agnew
"There has been a mooning incident in Test cricket - Ian Chappell apparently once mooned at the members' stand at Adelaide. And he played for South Australia, too"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

"Hi Mark, we are having as much luck replacing a curtain rail as England are having taking wickets. C'est ridiculous!"
S Shah, London, in the TMS inbox

1640 - SA 166-0 (70 overs)
With this partnership approaching five hours, the batting pair run three consecutive singles which means more sightscreen-adjustment at the Pavilion End. Now, I'm as enthusiastic about Test cricket as the next man (if not more so), but the tedium levels are rising here. Broad bangs in a couple of bouncers which McKenzie has nothing to do with.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
"It can be very disspiriting to make all the running in a game and then not win it - but nothing is settled yet"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS

1635 - SA 163-0 (69 overs)
Smith swats Monty away for an easy single, he's still bowling over the wicket to McKenzie who is surprised by one which bounces very high out of the rough. A "spitting cobra", a colleague of mine notes.

"Tim [1417] - quite right, you can't beat TMS commentary. It's really annoying that you can no longer watch the TV with the volume down and listen to the radio commentary because of the delay to the digital signal. Has anyone found a solution to this using digital radio or other technological wizardry?"
Sam in the TMS inbox

1631 - SA 162-0 (68 overs)
Broad gets a recall to the attack after bowling just nine overs all day, and trots in around the wicket to the left-handed Smith. Some smart fielding in front of the Tavern by Alastair Cook restricts Smith to just two. The SA captain then drives at a cutter from Broad, gets a thick outside edge and that's four more. A single brings McKenzie on strike and Broad back over the wicket.

"Re: the comment about Andrew Strauss having taken only two wickets in a 10-year first-class career (1527), I had the privilege of seeing one of those - in the Middlesex v Notts championship game last summer. Not a bad wicket to get either - former New Zealand captain Stephen Fleming after he'd just scored a run-a-ball 81. Bet the look on Fleming's face was priceless"
Andy Dunford, London, in the TMS inbox

1625 - SA 155-0 (67 overs)
The Montster bowls over the wicket, in the manner of Ashley Giles, to the right-handed McKenzie - who is thus able to thrust his pads at anything pitching outside leg stump. A fairly predictable (and fairly dull) maiden over.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
"I think Keane are one of the best bands around, and their lead singer Tom Chaplin is in the back of the box now"
CMJ shows his music knowledge on TMS

"Enjoying your coverage from Nevis in the carib (US cable TV only so no cricket, what a useless nation, so really pleased to get your comments). Went and saw the one-day WI v Oz in St Kitts last week, that's what I call entertainment!"
Nigel in the TMS inbox

1622 - SA 155-0 (66 overs)
McKenzie clips Colly away to leg for a couple, then a single takes his score to 64. Meanwhile, Alec Stewart has had his say on the TMS Blog, on the subject of "proper" Test cricket versus Twenty20 - take a look and you can have your say too.
TMS BLOG: Alec Stewart at Lord's

1618 - SA 150-0 (65 overs)
Some high comedy from the England fielders as Smith flicks one off his legs. Strauss, running back from mid-wicket, slides for the ball but misses it, as does Pietersen running in from the boundary, and the ball goes for four. The bowler Panesar, who's dropped the odd ricket in the field himself, doesn't look very happy.

1615 - SA 146-0 (64 overs)
Colly is still bowling pretty straight, McKenzie is unable to penetrate the ring of cover fielders, and that's three maidens out of four overs from the Durham man.

"Am finding your text service vital. I'm confined to bed, with a leg problem, that's had me in hospital three times since August 2007. Don't have Sky in my bedroom & radio strangely unable to pick up TMS in here too!"
Allison, Romford, in the TMS inbox

1611 - SA 146-0 (63 overs)
Smith pushes Monty for a single to reach 74, then McKenzie nudges one down to fine leg and they run three. Smith eases into a comfortable cover drive which reaches the boundary rope (but only just).

Text in your views on 81111
"Hi to all enjoying the long-awaited sunshine in London. What a day for cricket. Just hoping Smith and McKenzie can hold off long enough to force a draw. Not our best performance, but we need to save face at least"
Bok supporter, via text on 8111

1608 - SA 138-0 (62 overs)
Smith tries to run Colly down to third man, but the outstretched hand of Strauss at slip ensures a dot ball. Smith then straight-drives a single, and Vaughan fiddles with the positioning of his close fielders for McKenzie. But a loose half-tracker from Colly is duly despatched for four through square leg. McKenzie then rides his luck when an inside edge shoots away past the stumps for four.

"I once tried explaining cricket (1515) to three young ladies, from Denmark, France and the Netherlands, at the end of which they said 'Oh. Like baseball!'"
John Starbuck, Huddersfield, in the TMS inbox

1603 - SA 129-0 (61 overs)
With TMS summariser Shaun Pollock having just polished off a small piece of chocolate cake, Monty resumes the action and Smith guides a single into the off side. McKenzie blocks out the rest of the over - the deficit is now 217.

"I can understand the desire people have for Freddie back in the side, but fail to understand why people aren't talking more about Simon Jones, who has taken more wickets this season than Freddie has"
Andy in Orpington in the TMS inbox

1559: The umps emerge, and we've still got a lot of overs to get through tonight.

Get involved on 606
"Re: Umbrella comment at 1538. Surely such cheesyness is a sackable offence?"
LFCSnumber8 on 606
Join the debate on 606


BBC Sport
"Can you get a day off work tomorrow? If so, you might want to snap up a ticket for the final day's play. They will be 15 each and available from the North Gate only. I don't think there will be a stampede like the final day of the Old Trafford Test in the 2005 Ashes."
From BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's
[As someone who got up at 0300 to drive to Manchester for that Ashes game and failed to get in, I should think so too - MM]

1541 - SA 128-0 (60 overs)
Colly trots in for what will likely be the last over before tea. Aggers says he's bowling to a "prep school field", with a silly mid-off and silly mid-on among the other close fielders. McKenzie's having nothing of it, and blocks out the over. Two maidens for Colly, no wickets for England all day, enjoy the tea interval (if you're South African) and we'll be back soon.

Text in your views on 81111
"I'm interested in hearing Ben Dirs' thoughts on naming children"
Mike Massey, Hull, via text on 81111

1538 - SA 128-0 (59 overs)
Smith looks to have dropped anchor for tea, playing Monty very defensively, until he lets fly with a flashing cover drive to take his score to 71.

"Why not name a baby after Siders? Ryan could be switched to Rhianna..."
Mal Wallace in the TMS inbox
[And if it's Rhianna, you could get her an umbrella, ella, ella, as a christening present - MM]

1534 - SA 124-0 (58 overs)
It's Colly time - the ginger ninja replaces Sidey with his military medium pace, and McKenzie clips him just wide of KP at short mid-wicket. Another maiden, we're six minutes from tea and 22 overs away from the second new ball.

"Greetings from sunny Germany, I have told myself that I can't go out for a beer until we get the first breakthrough. Could someone try and get a message to Monty to let him know that I'm thirsty?"
Nick in the TMS inbox
[You'll be waiting for the Oktoberfest at this rate - MM]

1530 - SA 124-0 (57 overs)
Monty is following Phil Tufnell's advice by bowling around the wicket to Smith, who's still chewing gum as he has been all day. Despite the alternative line of attack, Smith sees off the maiden over.

"Following on from Edd Gunn's comment about weather in Austria (a team-mate of mine!) - yesterday there was the first ever wedding on an Austrian cricket ground (at Seebarn, Lower Austria about 20km from Vienna) - possibly also the first on an artificial wicket - the post-dinner downpour and storm force winds did nearly uproot the marquee, but spirits were undampened"
Mike Bailey in the TMS inbox

1527 - SA 124-0 (56 overs)
Sidey's fan club are still cheering him on as Smith clips a single off his legs. Meanwhile, Aggers reads a letter from a TMS listener, whose grandson had been given detention for an unusual method of sledging - mooning at the batsman while fielding. Let's hope England don't copy him, although they'd do just about anything for a wicket at this stage. Even Andrew Strauss (two first-class wickets in 10 years since his debut), stood at slip for the last two days, pretends to warm up to bowl to relieve the tedium.

"It looks like McKenzie has been taking lessons from Geoff Boycott"
Bill in Yemen in the TMS inbox

That's 50
1522 - SA 123-0 (55 overs)
Monty gives it a bit of air, McKenzie turns it off his legs and reaches his 15th Test fifty off 190 balls. Smith guides the next ball carefully through mid-wicket for two, and a single ensures he keeps the strike.

"Just noticed my mother's hello message (1142). Please note, when she says 'chilly' she means 16 degrees C - and it's the middle of winter. Hardly cold!"
Imogen in the TMS inbox

1520 - SA 119-0 (54 overs)
Sidey finds the edge of McKenzie's bat... but it sails between slip and the first of two gullies and goes for four. He eventually knocks a single to square leg to take the score to 119 ("119 is the longest Psalm, and it's been a long afternoon", says the ever-knowledgeable CMJ).

BBC Sport
"McKenzie and Smith were together for 94.3 overs in a Test earlier this year. OK, it was in Bangladesh, but still... The need for Flintoff and/or Simon Jones is becoming apparent, methinks, as the crowd desperately try to rouse England into a breakthrough before tea."
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's

1515 - SA 114-0 (53 overs)
Monty has switched ends to replace Broad at the Nursery End. His first ball sees a half-hearted appeal when it hits Smith's pads, but the crowd have suddenly found voice and urge on their hero. Smith is still playing the odd delivery off the back foot, which is a little reckless against the Montster. He then deliberately pads up outside off stump without playing a shot, but umpire Harper is unmoved. Monty's fifth maiden.

"Edd (1359), having once attempted to explain cricket to an Austrian, and on several occasions to young ladies whose fathers obviously never brought them up right, I feel that your engagement is bravery bordering on recklessness. Congrats nevertheless"
Rich in the TMS inbox

1511 - SA 114-0 (52 overs)
After just one over of the Montster, Sidebottom's back at the Pavilion End, while CMJ and Boycs reminisce about Michael Vaughan bowling Sachin Tendulkar at Trent Bridge. Colly's back on for Park, but Anderson goes off and Park's back on. McKenzie characteristically leaves a couple outside off stump, while umpire Bowden is a mite concerned about Sidey's follow-through. Broad, with an, erm, broad grin on his face, is joining in with the crowd's clapping as they try to raise the atmosphere, but all Sidey can do is fire one down the leg side. A maiden.

"Tell Mr Cairo [Nigel, 1411 entry] it's on Showsports 2 - watching in Sharm, first live cricket of the season!"
Jane, Egypt, in the TMS inbox

1506 - SA 114-0 (51 overs)
McKenzie prods forward to Broad, the ball rebounds backwards off his pad but falls safely. A more assured prod into the covers brings a single, and reduces the deficit to 232.

"Mark, your commentary is seriously distracting me from what I should be doing; an essay on separately-excited DC generators. Thanks though, as the subject really isn't as interesting as it sounds. Need a wicket to reinvigorate me!"
Andy, Derbyshire, in the TMS inbox

1501 - SA 113-0 (50 overs)
Monty is recalled to the attack, to a round of cheers, but from the Pavilion End this time. McKenzie works him away for a single, then Smith smears him off his legs for two to mid-wicket. Ominously, Smith and McKenzie have managed to bat through an entire day's play before - as recently as February this year, against Bangladesh in Chittagong, when they went on to set a world record opening stand.
REPORT: SA openers bat through the day (29 February)

1457 - SA 110-0 (49 overs)
Sub fielder Garry Park is on for another stint (on for Paul Collingwood) as Broad bowls to Smith, while Mark Pougatch on TMS notices that Sidey is not moving particularly freely in the field. Smith guides the ball down to third man, where Park makes a good sliding stop to keep the score down to three. Broad finally digs one in, McKenzie hooks, and Park makes another rapid pick-up-and-throw and they can only take a single.

1452 - SA 106-0 (48 overs)
Smith rotates the strike with a quickly-run single off Anderson, and another McKenzie single means another shuffle of the field. The fielders don't look particularly enthusiastic at this continual left-hand/right-hand business. Smith tips-and-runs one to Sidey at mid-off, whose throw at the stumps is well wide.

"Suggested names for Nigel Boothman's new baby, if a girl, from past cricketers: May, Valentine, Lara or Flower. Definitely not Sidebottom"
Eric P Smith in the TMS inbox

1448 - SA 103-0 (47 overs)
After a drinks break, Broad continues from the Nursery End, with a short mid-wicket fielder in for McKenzie, who has 40. McKenzie has a nibble at one outside off stump, but fails to make contact. A maiden.

"Ex-Zimbabwean farmer, enjoying your commentary in Florida, USA"
Sean Long in the TMS inbox

Mark Pougatch
"Alec Stewart has just told me to watch James Anderson as he runs in - he looks like he's rocking a baby as he's shielding the ball with his left hand to prevent the batsmen seeing which side is shinier"
Mark Pougatch on TMS

Phil Tufnell
"The real South Africa have finally turned up in this second innings"
Phil Tufnell on TMS

1440 - SA 103-0 (46 overs)
McKenzie pushes a single, then Smith steers a four to third man to bring up the century partnership. Meanwhile, AB de Villiers, sat on the South Africa balcony, is reading a Jeffrey Archer book. Down at the Rose Bowl, Andrew Flintoff has a wicket with his second ball (Sean Ervine), thus provoking inevitable discussions about his return to the Test side.
Latest County Championship scores

"Regarding weather issues I am in an office in Abu Dhabi where the temperature outside is a balmy 45C. However, I am in an office where I'm a wearing a t-shirt, shirt and tie and my suit jacket and am still freezing as the air con is blasting away. Indeed it is 10C warmer in the sea than in my office - so I am just about to go for a swim to warm up!"
NM in the TMS inbox

1435 - SA 98-0 (45 overs)
Smith rides his luck against Broad as he chips the ball safely between two men in the covers and they run one, then McKenzie flicks a singleton off his legs.

1431 - SA 96-0 (44 overs)
McKenzie square-drives Anderson for four past the diving Broad at point. When Jimmy finally finds the edge, it falls well short of Ambrose and shoots between the keeper and first slip for four. Is Ambrose standing too deep?

And a couple of suggestions for Nigel's imminent baby [see 1339]:
"Alex or Francis are both solid androgynous baby names [for Nigel at 1339], are they not?" (TDR)
"First of all, good luck. And second, my wife is due to have a baby tomorrow and we're stuck for names too, so I'm looking for suggestions as well. Gender unknown also" (Charlie)
"For a boy's name, Monty? And a girl's name, any one of the South African bowlers" (Ben from Harlow)

1426 - SA 88-0 (43 overs)
More arm-waving from Vaughan to shuffle the field as Tuffers has the TMS box in stitches by pontificating on the merits of risotto. A far less interesting maiden over from Broad to Smith ensues.

"Pocket money at 16 years old, Billy [1344 entry]? What's up with today's youth? I'd already been working completely illegally in a bookies' for two years by the time I was 16. Not only did I earn more than 30 a month, I also got to keep up with the cricket scores before text commentary came along"
Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox

1421 - SA 88-0 (42 overs)
McKenzie leaves a couple of wide ones from Anderson, but then curiously square-cuts one that's even wider, but fails to make contact. McKenzie is then beaten with a beautiful away-swinger. A maiden, and a more interesting one than the last few maidens. SA trail by 258.

"Can't help but think England have slipped up here. Should have batted again and had a quick dash for 200-ish by tea today, leaving them them with four sessions to knock over a team facing 550-ish to win"
Adam in the TMS inbox

That's 50
1417 - SA 88-0 (41 overs)
While the TMS team ponder whether Michael Vaughan can try anything different here to take a wicket, you can take a look at a captaincy masterclass from the man himself on the BBC Sport website. Broad is recalled in place of Monty, Smith can't quite time the ball as he tries to hit through the covers. Just three runs needed for his 23rd Test half-century. And he finally reaches it - off 106 balls - with a powerful square drive.

Michael Vaughan on cricket captaincy

"I was most upset when the communal TV/Sky aerial in my flats broke on Friday, I thought a weekend with no cricket. But it has turned to joy, I had forgotten the delights of TMS on the radio and the excellent witty comments sent in to your text box. Who needs Sky?"
Tim, Billericay, in the aforementioned TMS inbox

1411 - SA 84-0 (40 overs)
As CMJ ponders whether Danny La Rue is British or American (and Shaun Pollock says he only knows ex-SA and Sussex paceman Garth Le Roux), McKenzie steers Jimmy to third man where Sidey tries a diving stop on the boundary, but accidentally flicks the ball over the rope for four. Bill Frindall says the aforementioned DLR is Irish.

"Hello from Cairo. I got the commentary loud and clear all day yesterday, but no joy today. However given the hit and miss nature of everything here, that's par for the course. My colleagues know about cricket, but I don't think I've the patience to explain it to them"
Nigel in the TMS inbox

1407 - SA 80-0 (39 overs)
The TV cameras pick out two people in the crowd who appear to have been sent to sleep by the Proteas' slow scoring, but I'll try to do better. After a McKenzie single, Smith forces Monty off his legs for four, and now has 47. He then sweeps and is hit on the pad outside off stump, but Monty's appeal is in vain. Mind you, as umpire Daryl Harper gave Strauss out lbw on day one when it pitched outside leg stump, maybe it's worth a shout.

"We are listening avidly to TMS online here in Bermuda whilst waiting for Hurricane Bertha to hit the island...She is due to reach us sometime tomorrow so hopefully Monty & Co can do the business before we lose all contact"
Alan Humphreys, Bermuda, in the TMS inbox

1404 - SA 75-0 (38 overs)
Umpire Bowden checks the ball again, but it's still the same battered cherry on duty as Smith plays with a very straight bat against Anderson, who isn't having much luck so tries bowling around the wicket to the southpaw Smith. But Smith isn't playing at anything he doesn't have to - another maiden, Jimmy's third.

"I am following the game on a mobile from Manaus, Brazil. I intermittently got a signal on a boat going down the Rio Negro. It's Sunday, my boss's 50th birthday and he wants us to work all day. I will need to perfect my under the table reading"
Oliver in Manaus, Brazil, in the TMS inbox

1359 - SA 75-0 (37 overs)
Smith turns Monty for a single to leg to take his score to 43. McKenzie is happy to step back, lift the bat and let the last ball hit his pads as it pitched outside leg stump.

"Re: 1128 and 1109, comments I am following the game in Poegstall in Austria (about an hour and a half west of Vienna) and it is not raining! Recently we have had some very good weather - 32C and sunny, but last night we had a huge thunderstorm where it absolutely chucked it down - 20 litres of water per square metre in half an hour! Caused some flash flooding around here. PS can you congratulate my Austrian girlfriend - Gabriele - and I as we recently got engaged!"
Edd Gunn, Austria, in the TMS inbox
[Congratulations to you both - MM]

1356 - SA 74-0 (36 overs)
McKenzie hasn't scored many today, but looks increasingly confident against the seamers as Anderson appears to get a bit of reverse swing. A maiden.

Text in your views on 81111
"I'm missing out on a day at Lord's with my girlfriend as I'm on a beach in the Algarve. Luckily I'm following the score via the BBC on my Blackberry. Hoping for a breakthrough wicket before I cool off in the sea! Come on England"
Chris in Portugal, via text on 81111
How to get BBC Sport on your mobile, PDA, blackberry or other handheld device (whether fruit-based or not)

1351 - SA 74-0 (35 overs)
Billy B examines the ball with his ball gauges (which resemble a pair of handcuffs), judges it's still in shape and throws it back to Monty. McKenzie prods him for a single, then Smith steers him out of the rough and they run two.

BBC Sport
"Ignore my weather comment at 1211. That cloud cover I thought was due has been frazzled away by the sun, and at lunch just now there were people sunbathing while they picnicked on the Nursery Ground. I also spotted Mike Gatting, who spends every tea interval signing autographs for the sponsors, quaffing a glass of champagne. Never had him down as a champagne man, myself"
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's

1349 - SA 71-0 (34 overs)
Smith imperiously drives Jimmy for four through the covers. Only the second boundary conceded by Anderson in the 28 overs he's bowled in this match, Bill Frindall reveals.

"I'm listening to the TMS comentary online in Vietnam, the video scorecard and comentary is only avaliable in UK, BBC have world rights to audio for home Tests but when TMS cover away games they are only avaliable in UK, hope that clears the situation"
Dave in the TMS inbox

1344 - SA 67-0 (33 overs)
McKenzie jabs Monty towards point, but it can't beat the encircled three close catchers. A maiden, and England still aren't happy with the condition of the ball.

"It's far, far too much money to go to a day of cricket, unfortunately. As a 16-year-old who has followed the game for a couple of years, I worry about people my age not getting to see England play when they should be able to. For me to attend the game at Edgbaston is 60 a day!? I get 30 pocket money a month. Definitely needs looking at, we're being priced out of the game we love"
Billy Sims in the TMS inbox

1339: Right, we're nearly back on.

Text in your views on 81111
"I'm in the labour ward at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary watching the text. Wife has just been induced. Any ideas for names? Gender unknown"
Nigel Boothman, via text on 81111
[If it's a girl, what about "Grace", after WG? MM]


1302 - SA 67-0 (32 overs)
With Monty having got through his over quickly, we're going to have an over of off-spin from KP before lunch. Bowling from the Pavilion End, the slope should help him, but he drifts it wide of leg stump and is contemptuously swept for four by Smith, who then rotates the strike with a single. McKenzie knocks a gentle single to extra cover, Smith sees off the last ball and that's lunch. We've had 28 overs in that session, and 54 runs, so the tourists are still 279 behind. High time for a sandwich, Aggers is ready to talk to Neil Warnock, and we'll be back with you soon.

"Hi Mark, my wife thinks Stuart Broad's mum hopes England finish South Africa off today, so he won't have to take another day off school - 'he only looks about 12'!"
John in the TMS inbox

1259 - SA 61-0 (31 overs)
With Monty on, will this be the last over before lunch or can they whip through another? Smith works another single to the mid-wicket sweeper, and McKenzie may well drop anchor for lunch here, having scored 18 runs in two hours. He then makes me eat my words by on-driving the penultimate ball past mid-on for four. An attempted off-drive off the final ball is stopped by the diving KP at Reasonably Short Extra Cover.

1256 - SA 56-0 (30 overs)
Smith watches a couple from Sidey go past off stump as the Proteas pair must have half an eye on lunch. Smith forces a single off his legs, which is fielded by Pietersen at mid-wicket in front of the Grandstand. We've had 16 runs in 15 overs.

"A message to all those people listening to TMS commentary abroad: 'Keep mum. You know it makes sense'."
Andy in Kiribati in the TMS inbox

1251 - SA 55-0 (29 overs)
Smith prods a single - the first off Monty for yonks - then McKenzie comes down the track but Panesar fields smartly off his own bowling. McKenzie then advances again and releases some tension by punching a four through the vacant mid-on area.

"I'm following avidly from a wintery and sunny South Africa via your text commentary. I'm sitting in my garden at Michaelhouse School soaking up some much needed sun with my wife while regularly running in to my study to hit F5. Have a good day and thanks for the coverage"
Simon Crane in the TMS inbox

1249 - SA 50-0 (28 overs)
While the TMS team ponder whether England could do with a second spinner, a Yorkshireman sat nearby points out to me that Adil Rashid has just taken a five-wicket haul for the Tykes against Kent. Elsewhere, Dimitri Mascarenhas is running through Lancashire, having taken six of the first nine wickets. A scampered leg-bye finally brings up the fifty stand for South Africa, and Vaughan institutes a very strange collection of three close fielders on the off side. Sidey has an lbw shout against McKenzie, but to no avail.
Latest County Championship scores

1243 - SA 49-0 (27 overs)
McKenzie tries a rare attacking stroke against Monty, but KP at cover is quickly in on McKenzie's cover drive. That's four straight maidens (as the only runs in the first were leg-byes).

"Baffled Palestinian colleagues in my office in the Ministry of Planning in Ramallah, when I accidentally unplugged my earphones, switching the commentary onto the speakers. How about a couple of wickets before lunch, Monty?"
Simon Boas in the TMS inbox

1241 - SA 49-0 (26 overs)
Smith tries to turn Sidey to mid-wicket a couple of times as the South Africans search for their 50th run, but the fielders are in sharply. Another maiden.

"I spent yesterday belatedly watching the men's final at Wimbledon (recorded), then the cricket at Lord's and finished up with the Scottish Open at Loch Lomond. All doing Britain proud with beautiful venues, sterling organisation and a fantastic level of support. We may be crap at a lot of things but hosting sporting events ain't one of them. To cap it all off we have the wonderfully witty and quirky coverage on TMS, thank you"
Davy, Melbourne, Australia, in the TMS inbox

1236 - SA 49-0 (25 overs)
McKenzie resumes his doughty defiance against Monty. Geoff Boycott on TMS complains that Monty "has no idea about the lbw laws" after that appeal in the 21st over when the ball hit his pad outside off stump. McKenzie sees off the maiden over.

"With reference to the chap in Latvia. For the series in NZ I listened online to a NZ radio station, not quite TMS, lots of ads for farm produce, but maybe he could try an SA station online"
Tim in the TMS inbox

1233 - SA 49-0 (24 overs)
Smith aims an extravagant drive at Sidey but mistimes it and hits the ball straight into the ground. He then tries to flick one down the leg side, Ambrose gets a hand to it and they run a couple of leg-byes. Another swing and a miss from Smith, who's not really able to play his natural game in these circumstances.

"No, it doesn't always rain in Austria [see 1128 entry], and didn't rain for the entire Euro 2008 either. The final was played in blistering, almost unbearable, heat. We tend to get hot, humid summers, peppered with frequent. furious storms. I am sitting in my garden in Vienna right now looking at the sky and I am pretty sure one such storm is on the way some time today"
Phil Keegan in the TMS inbox

1228 - SA 47-0 (23 overs)
Having just bowled, Sidey is back in action when Smith steers the ball to him at short third man and they run a single. Monty is causing a few problems for McKenzie, but hasn't managed to breach the drawbridge yet.

BBC Sport
"Mark, I've noticed a couple of references about Tuffers' clothes, today. For further illustration, let me tell you he emerged out of the lift this morning with Bill Frindall. Tuffers had a biker's leather jacket over a polo shirt, and was wearing sunglasses. Bearders was in his MCC tie and an immaculate blazer. An incongruous pair they were"
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's

1225 - SA 46-0 (22 overs)
South Africa now trail by exactly 300 runs - Bell is sent three-quarters of the way back towards the square leg boundary as Sidey moves to bowl round the wicket against McKenzie, who sees off a maiden over.

"Re: Iain Kennedy (1124) - I am happily listening to Aggers and co online in Samut Prakarn, Thailand. Video scorecard doesn't work though"
Martin Lewis in the TMS inbox
[The video scorecard is for UK broadband users only - MM]

1221 - SA 46-0 (21 overs)
Smith gets a slight nick, and that's technically a chance as it hits Ambrose's pads rather than his gloves. After the pair exchange singles, there's a huge appeal when Smith plays off the back foot and is hit on the pad, but replays show he was hit well outside the line of off stump.

1217 - SA 44-0 (20 overs)
Paul Collingwood furiously shines the ball before handing it over to Sidey, who might get a bit of swing from the Pavilion End with the slope in his favour. His first ball beats Smith's outstretched prod. After a single from Smith, the sightscreens are adjusted for the right-handed McKenzie - while Shaun Pollock on TMS reveals that the superstitious McKenzie's habits include looking to square leg before every ball.

A lot is spoken about the Lord's slope - if you're not familiar, it slopes from side to side, from the Grandstand side to the Mound and Tavern stands' side - so can have a major bearing on swing bowling (or indeed spin bowling) from either end.

"As a beginner in Bosnian, I couldn't help but raise a smile at the recent comment about Monty having "a sunhat perched upon his Patka". Patka is the Bosnian word for Duck... which given Monty's modest Test batting record somehow seems very appropriate"
Kevin Murphy in the TMS inbox
[My colleague Julian Shea, working on the MotoGP action for us today, speaks a little Bosnian and confirms that you are quite right - MM]

1211 - SA 43-0 (19 overs)
Monty gets a bit of turn as Smith flicks one off his legs for a single down to the Tavern Stand. He has three close catchers posted for McKenzie (who he clean bowled in the first innings), and a fourth is added at gully as McKenzie tries to smother the spin.

Shaun Pollock
"It hasn't been a fast scoring rate in this innings, but Monty Panesar will be the dangerman for England. His strength is that he lands the ball consistently - if South Africa just stand there, they'll get a good delivery eventually"
Former South Africa skipper Shaun Pollock on TMS

BBC Sport
"It's gradually getting more cloudy all the time. Certainly there's no threat of rain, but if the clouds do build, and the wind stays away, we might get a bit of humidity and some swing."
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's

1205 - SA 42-0 (18 overs)
Umpire Billy Bowden denies England twice - firstly when they want to change the ball, and secondly when they try to bring Sidey back on, as Billy B (rightly) rules that he's not been back on the field long enough after a long spell off. So Broad will get a turn from the Pavilion End. A little cameo moment sees KP kick the ball along the turf and "nutmeg" Mr Bowden, who extravagantly signals a drinks interval as R4 LW listeners jump overboard for the Shipping Forecast.

Phil Tufnell
"Re: Tuffers' comment about suits and prison (at 1109) - it's one of those phrases that sound hilarious but, unless heard in context, you just can't work out why! Please, can someone enlighten me as to what Phil was getting at?"
Graham in the TMS inbox
[Sorry - I think Phil was hinting that he isn't used to this TMS summarising lark yet, having to wear suits and ties every day - and that his past experience of wearing suits tended to be when he'd done something naughty - MM]

1159 - SA 42-0 (17 overs)
Another shout for lbw as McKenzie prods forward to Monty, but it pitched on the stumps and must have been quite close. A single finally gets him off strike, allowing Monty to aim one at the rough outside the left-handed Smith's off stump, but Smith lets the last ball of the over go through.

Text in your views on 81111
"I'm on the runway at Heathrow ready to take off for Dallas. Hopefully by the time I land we will have skittled them out"
Mike, via text on 81111

1156 - SA 41-0 (16 overs)
Smith, one of the great gum-chewers of international cricket, can't time his drive against a full-length ball from Anderson. Then, he half-aims a pull shot at one outside the off stump but doesn't make contact. When he finally gets hold of one, some careless fielding from Vaughan - never the best in the field, to be frank - allows a second run.

"Morning Mark. I just heard on TMS that there are 800 tickets still available today at 80 each. 80? I could have taken my kids for a lovely day out, and have tried to pass on to them my love of cricket. 2 adults and 2 kids 208, before any travel, food etc. No chance. It is very disappointing, and surely needs reviewing"
Carole, Maidenhead, in the TMS inbox

Monty Panesar
1151 - SA 39-0 (15 overs)
It's Monty time - and even his first ball of the day, to McKenzie, attracts a half-hearted lbw appeal. McKenzie, cautious at this stage, is happy to see off the maiden over. Cycling fans among you may wish to take a look at our live coverage of the ninth stage of the Tour de France, courtesy of our cycling guru Andy Nicolson.
LIVE TEXT: Tour de France stage 9, with Andy Nicolson

1148 - SA 39-0 (14 overs)
Smith hooks an Anderson bouncer, but some smart fielding from Broad restricts him to a single. McKenzie square-drives and despite the pursuit of sub fielder Park (who the TMS team have worked out is on for Sidey), they run three. Anderson isn't happy with the condition of the ball, it seems. And Sidey returns at the end of the over, while an England support staff member runs on with a drink for keeper Tim Ambrose.

"There will be rain tomorrow. So South Africa will only need to bat for one and a half days. SA will need two centurions or one double centurion if they are to harbour any hopes of pulling off a draw"
Nasr, South Africa, in the TMS inbox
BBC weather forecast for Lord's

1142 - SA 35-0 (13 overs)
Sub fielder Garry Park makes an early appearance on the field, while Broad strays outside off stump and an assured cut brings four to Smith's tally, taking his score to 20. A delicate single to square leg rounds off the over, while KP rolls up his trousers to put some knee pads on.

"Good morning from a chilly Nairobi. Listening to TMS online - you do sound a bit tinny sometimes! Come on England. Please say good morning to my daughter Imogen who will be listening in Wimbledon"
Jane Hitchcock in the TMS inbox
[Good morning, Imogen - obviously your mother can hear TMS in Nairobi somehow, even if Iain in Latvia, below, can't - MM]

1138 - SA 30-0 (12 overs)
Smith carefully prods Anderson into the off side, but Bell is in quickly to prevent a quick single. He does better with a straight-drive towards the Pavilion, where the pursuing Montster outpaces his captain and energetically throws the ball back, restricting the batsmen to three. An off-drive from Smith means another chase-and-dive from Monty and they run two.

"With reference to the treble Nelson [333 needed at start of play] - England expects..."
Mark Pitcher, Aberdeen, in the TMS inbox

1132 - SA 25-0 (11 overs)
After just three overs of Sidey this morning, it's Broad to bowl from the Nursery End. Vaughan waves his arms in such a graceful manner to shuffle the field, it looks like he's been having tai chi lessons. McKenzie and Smith nudge a single apiece, while Mike Selvey has arrived in the TMS box clutching a mug of peppermint tea.

Jonathan Agnew
"Gordon Parsons and I could never work out what Andy Roberts wanted when he played with us for Leicestershire and called for the 12th man, so we once bundled all his kit and equipment into his cricket coffin, including his shampoo, and carried it out to him. Coming from Antigua, he was rather excited by three-lane motorways in the UK and used to try out all three lanes at once"
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1128 - SA 23-0 (10 overs)
Bill Frindall on TMS reveals that 92 overs have to be bowled today, theoretically by 1806 BST - but they can go on until 1906. McKenzie comes firmly forward with bat and pad together to Anderson, while Broad is already furiously warming up in the manner of those energetic East European football substitutes. McKenzie nabs a single to pinch the strike again and take his score to seven.

Text in your views on 81111
"Re: 1109 comment - Does it always rain in Austria? It seemed to be nothing but raining during the recent Euro football tournament"
Anon, via text on 81111

1124 - SA 22-0 (9 overs)
Another big cheer for a sliding stop by Monty (with a sunhat perched on top of his patka, and also decked out in sunglasses) as Smith forces Sidey off his legs for two. Aggers reveals that he will be speaking to the famously outspoken Crystal Palace manager Neil Warnock at lunchtime today. (He also had a long time in charge of Sheffield United, plus a few other clubs).

"Quick question. I'm unable to listen on-line, how else can I listen to TMS in Latvia - don't ask! Yours in hope"
Iain Kennedy in the TMS inbox
[Unfortunately, most BBC cricket broadcasts, including TMS, are restricted to UK users only, because of rights issues. You're stuck with the text commentary I'm afraid - MM]
BBC cricket coverage details

1119 - SA 20-0 (8 overs)
First maiden of the day as McKenzie doggedly defends against Anderson.

Phil Tufnell
"If I wear a suit for longer than three days, I usually end up in prison"
Phil Tufnell on TMS

1114 - SA 20-0 (7 overs)
Smith pushes Sidey for a single to square leg where the first "Monty Panesar cheered for a routine piece of fielding" event of the day takes place. It had to happen. Mark Pougatch on TMS reveals that England are still waiting for their first Test win at Lord's since beating Bangladesh in 2005. McKenzie paddles a single to long leg to pinch the strike.

Get involved on 606
"The wickets of Smith and Kallis are key, if Anderson, Sidebottom and Broad bowl with discipline like yesterday and Monty gets some turn SA will find it hard to bat for 2 days to save this Test"
Alex_tree on 606
Join the debate on 606

1109 - SA 18-0 (6 overs)
James Anderson opens up from the Pavilion End - given that he swings it away from the right-hander and Sidey swings it in, are they bowling at the wrong ends, considering the Lord's slope, or is it a special plan for Graeme Smith? The South Africa captain tips-and-runs a quick single off his legs, and would have been safe even if Stuart Broad's throw had hit the stumps - which it didn't. McKenzie, an expert at the "late leave", shoulders arms at a couple outside off stump.

"It's pouring with rain in Innsbruck. I'm looking forward to an England win - but not too soon. There's not much else to do here on a wet Sunday"
Maty in the TMS inbox

1104 - SA 17-0 (5 overs)
Ryan Sidebottom takes the nearly-new ball from the Nursery End (having been taken last night by the spin combo of Panesar and Pietersen because of the fading light), and Neil McKenzie gets the tourists under way with a fluent, cover-driven four. Bell is switched from short leg to silly point for the final delivery.

Phil Tufnell
"It might swing around a bit with the new ball, but it might be a grafting day for England to chip away at these batsmen. It could be an interesting day's cricket"
Former Middlesex and England spinner Phil Tufnell on TMS

1056: Remember, the match situation is that South Africa are 13-0 in their second innings, following on - they need 333 more runs just to make England bat again. Here we go.

1053: If you haven't seen Aggers' thoughts on the TMS Blog from last night, he's focused on how good England's fielding was yesterday - Jimmy Anderson in particular took two blinders.
TMS BLOG: Jonathan Agnew's verdict on Day 3

BBC Sport
"At last, a summery day at Lord's, and it's almost warm. Earlier, on the nursery ground, Ottis Gibson gave Shaun Pollock a bear-hug, the South Africans played six-a-side football and Alastair Cook patiently signed autographs, flashing his pearly whites as he did so. Now on the main ground, the England squad are assembling for some fielding practice."
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Lord's

1039: Morning, all - despite the combined efforts of someone to enforce roadworks on just about every major road in the vicinity of TV Centre, my battered digits [see yesterday's live text, when we ran the gamut of cricket injuries] and I are back in situ.

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