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England v NZ - 1st ODI as it happened

England 307-5 bt New Zealand 193 all out by 114 runs

England comfortably beat New Zealand by 114 runs in the first one-day international at the Riverside.

After being put in to bat, England notched up 307-5 in their 50 overs, Kevin Pietersen hitting his sixth ODI ton in an unbeaten 110.

Captain Paul Collingwood made 64 and Owais Shah made 49 off just 25 balls.

The tourists were dismissed for 193 in the 43rd over, with Collingwood taking 4-15 from 2.5 overs and Stuart Broad dismissing dangerman Brendon McCullum.


By Tom Fordyce

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43rd over: WICKET - Southee c Bell b Collingwood 6, NZ 193 all out - ENGLAND WIN BY 114 RUNS

Wicket falls

Southee heaves Colly for a huge six over square leg, tries to do the same next ball and sends the ball straight to Bell for an easy snag. Four wickets for Cap'n Colly, and a thrashing in the end - KP's innings was the bedrock for it all, with McCullum's dismissal by Broad's first ball the key moment in the Kiwi innings.

We'll go again on Wednesday at Edgbaston - four more ODIs left in the series. Stay special, now.

43rd over: WICKET - Mills c Wright b Collingwood 7, NZ 187-9

Wicket falls

Super catch from Wright - he was running backwards from mid-wicket, with the ball spiralling into the clouds before dropping over his shoulder, and he held on without a drop of sweat beading the brow.

42nd over: NZ 187-8
Broad's coming back on for a chance to do the off-polishing. Mills heave-ho's and just beats Shah to the ropes at long-on for four. He's then beaten all ends up by two pearlers. 121 needed from eight overs.

41st over: WICKET - Vettori c Anderson b Collingwood 28, NZ 180-8

Wicket falls

Unhappy slog-sweep from Danny V, and that's another - easy pouch for Jim trotting in from deep mid-wicket. Mills, Southee and Mason left in line.

41st over: WICKET - Hopkins c Bopara b Collingwood 25, NZ 179-7

Wicket falls

He had to have a go, but that was the inevitable result - Hopkins steps away to give himself room and cuts straight to Ravi B at backward point. Start making plans for your tea - we're almost done here.

40th over: NZ 179-6
Swanny's final over, and two big Vettori sweeps bring up a lusty four and a well-hit two. 2-45 off his 10 overs today.

39th over: NZ 171-6
Colly brings himself on a wobble, and it's his opposite number Vettori to squeak away a brace of singles. Massive ask now - 12.5 an over.

38th over: WICKET - Flynn c Ambrose b Swann 34, NZ 165-6

Wicket falls

Flynn tries to pull one drifting down leg, there's a big noise and the umpire's finger pokes skywards. Replays show that the ball hit nothing but Flynn's rumpage. Nice bag from Tiny Tim, but you'd have to say that was harsh.

37th over: NZ 165-5
Right-hander Hopkins leans into a nothing ball from Siders and lifts him high over straightish mid-wicket for a drop-in-the-ocean four. He then waits for a full, wide one and creams it through point for another tasty four.

36th over: NZ 153-5
Decent turn again from Swanny. Flynn's settled in a little now and moves to 32 from 32 balls with a nice back-foot crash square. That's the good news. The bad news is that the run-rate required is up to 11.2 an over. Hmmm.

35th over: NZ 150-5
Siders returns after the break for beverages, and Colly should have bagged his second run-out scalp of the day. The batsmen are stranded halfway to nowhere but Colly fails to gather with both sets of stumps at his mercy.

From Ian in Congleton, TMS inbox: "Ideal Father¿s Day. Sent wife away for a girlie weekend; Eng vs NZ Rugby Sat am; UEFA 2008 Sat pm; boys BBQ; Sunday Eng vs NZ cricket; cook curry for dinner; few lagers, wife returns amidst tales of hard-working weekend with the kids at home. Forget the commercial card stuff."

34th over: NZ 142-5
Three more singles off Wright, and the game is drifting like a rudderless oil tanker.

33rd over: NZ 139-5
Swan beavers in and Flynn runs a pacey two. The seagulls edge their way round the back of the stand and repeat the beaking on another horrified passer-by.

32nd over: NZ 136-5
No deliberate boundaries for what seems like months out there - and singles and scampered twos aren't enough. 1-31 off six for Swann. In the crowd, the chaps dressed as seagulls are making menacing pecking motions at a man who looks like he's going through an acid nightmare.

31st over: NZ 131-5
Gareth Hopkins our next man in. Flynn edges and pokes before bottom-handing just shy of Jimmy coming in off the ropes at deep square leg. 177 needed from 19 overs.

30th over: WICKET - Styris c Anderson b Swann 18, NZ 116-5

Wicket falls

Never question the wisdom of a man eating raw vegetables. Styris swipes desperately and holes out to Jimmy at deep mid-wicket. Five wickets left, 9.2 runs needed per over. Ominous, to say the least.

29th over: NZ 116-4
Great pressure here from England. Wright, bowling right -arm over and very close to the stumps, is cramping Flynn up, and it's four singles only - nowhere near enough. "Something's gotta give," says Sam Lyon next to me, his mouth full of carrot baton.

28th over: NZ 112-4
Swann's getting a little turn here. Styris has a monstrous slap and is almost stumped by Tiny Tim as he over-balances with the effort. Run-rate required now pushing nine an over.

27th over: NZ 108-4
Wright's enjoying this - the Kiwi pair are on the back peg and scratching like hungry squirrels.

26th over: NZ 106-4
Danny-Boy Flynn joins Styris, and Swann beats his attempted slash outside leg. 204 more runs needed from 144 balls. Tricky.

From Simon Ould, Hemyock, Devon, TMS inbox: "Lucky Jim in Holmes Chapel. I haven't had even a home-made card from the kids, let alone any scrumpy to start the day - my wife dismisses Father's Day as 'made-up nonsense invented by (a leading greetings card retail chain)'. Strangely, she hasn't got a problem being showered with gifts on Mother's Day."

25th over: WICKET - Taylor c Sidebottom b Wright 20, NZ 101-4

Wicket falls

Weird in-betweeny shot from Dynamo - he half-drives a slower one straight down Siders's throat at deepish mid-on. New Zealand now in it deep.

24th over: NZ 99-3
Good running, good fielding. Taylor turns to leg with just the pace needed to beat the first man and make the deeper fielder chase in and picks up two. Jimmy A then dives like John Burridge to save a four at deep mid-wicket before Wright does the same at short fine leg.

23rd over: NZ 93-3
Luke Wright from the other end for some bustle and toil. Scotty gets a lofty outside edge to a slower one to pick up an uno before Taylor inside-edges into the ground and just past his castle, and the run-rate required climbs to just shy of eight an over.

22nd over: NZ 91-3
That's nice tweak from Swanny. Taylor times him away for a well-run dooblay to leg and then plunges forward to miss with a prodder. He sprints through for another single as refreshed singing breaks out in the grandstands.

21st over: NZ 86-3
Three singles off Broad, and that looks like BBC Sport columnist Swanny loosening up there.

20th over: NZ 83-3
Scotty Styris joins Dynamo Taylor in the middle, and he's off the quack with a lift over cover off the back foot for four. There's a flip away to leg, and that's the three Powerplays back in the hutch already. Jimmy A not enjoying the relentless accuracy of Broad out there.

19th over: WICKET How c Wright b Broad 20, NZ 72-3

Wicket falls

Broad strikes again - How swipes horribly at one just shy of a length and bunts it straight to Wright at extra cover. I've done Broad a disservice there - that was his slower one, and it did Jamie H all ends up. 2-8 off six for Malfoy - super stuff.

18th over: NZ 72-2
Lovely timing from Taylor - a casual biff over Jimmy's thatch for four, and that brings up his 1000 runs in ODI cricket. Graeme Swann, unaware that the TV cameras are on him, spits a long string of saliva slowly from his mouth and then kicks at it with his right foot.

17th over: NZ 67-2
Taylor wafts hopefully at Broad and nearly thins to Ambrose. Drinks are called for, and the Kiwis need a little vim and vigour here.

16th over: NZ 65-2
Dear oh dear - should have been another run-out there, but Luke Wright flings wildly with Taylor nowhere and Ian Bell ready to gather at the bowler's end. McCullum's dismissal has completely changed this match - England are now in charge, and the run-rate ask climbs to 7.15 an over.

From Jim in Holmes Chapel, TMS inbox: "Been a great Father's Day so far as I was woken from my slumber at 7 o'clock by the kids brandishing three bottles of cider and a couple of cards. I was even allowed to roll over for another couple of hours kip. Anyone better that? PS Drink responsibly."

15th over: NZ 63-2
Dynamite Ross Taylor into the breach, and he can't get Malfoy away either - two more singles are all that are added. KP has a fling at the timbers but it's all about the oohs rather than any appeal.

14th over: WICKET - Marshall run out (Collingwood) 4, NZ 61-2

Wicket falls

Wonderful fielding from Colly - Marshall dallied a fraction, but that was a fantastic throw and pick-up from backward point. Colly is engulfed by caterwauling compadres, and New Zealand are in trouble.

England's star fielder Paul Collingwood shows you how to throw in the field

Seems like as good a time as any to let website users have a look at this cheeky little link.

13th over: NZ 58-1
Broad has his dander up here. Marshall squints out of his visor like a man trying to work out the square of 477 and is happy to survive the exam. Broad has figures of 1-3 off three so far.

12th over: NZ 58-1
Three nervy singles off a left-arm-over Siders. KP is basking in his early innings, ostentatiously offering advice to the bowlers and running over to pat Broad on the shoulders when a window of opportunity opens up.

11th over: NZ 55-1
Malfoy's bang on it this arvo - he sizzles one past How's poker and then gives him less room than a stingy landlord. Two maidens on the bounce for England.

10th over: NZ 55-1
Battle of the Barnets now between Siders and new-man James Marshall - it's like watching a confrontation between two angry poodles. Siders goes 1-0 up with a testing maiden.

9th over: WICKET McCullum c Bell b Broad 36, NZ 52-1

Wicket falls

What an impact from Malfoy Broad - McCullum mis-clouts his very first delivery straight down Bell's throat at extra cover. Hammer-blow to New Zealand; joy unconfined for Malfoy and his England cohorts.

8th over: NZ 48-0
Kebabs for Sunday lunch? Man the battlements - the barbarians are at the gates... How straight-drives the perspiring Siders for a sweetly-timed four. I'm only joking about the kebab thing - they've been enjoying them on Sundays for centuries in more civilised parts of the Mediterranean.

By Sam Lyon

"Sam, you could have made it worse by asking for more emails. If and when Tom comes back and he finds plenty sent in his absence, he may get the idea that the readers prefer you to him, which will only make him feel worse, surely..."
Josh, Chorley via the TMS inbox

7th over: NZ 48-0
Mucca has another slash at backward point and it flies away for four, though Collingwood puts in a playground-style dive to make it look even better than it was. One for the cameras, that, from the England skipper. He then pulls another boundary narrowly over Luke Wright's head at midwicket and it is all going Mucca's way so far. Let's hope Tommy F brings the England bowlers a bit more luck...

6th over: NZ 38-0
Jamie How swallows the strike in that over and, as a result, Sid is able to keep things quiet. A couple of dabs off his hips and it's just four from the over. Sid feigns to throw down the stumps with How well in his ground off the last ball - the Kiwi batsman looks back as if someone has smeared mustard on his top lip.

5th over: NZ 34-0
Mucca brutalises one back over Jimmy Anderson's head first ball for four and England fans are starting to wonder if 307-5 was such a big target after all... Mucca pulls for a couple more before mis-judging one and pulling the ball into his own ribs. He shrugs it off, though, and tonks one up and over point for another four.

4th over: NZ 24-0
First hint of a breakthrough as McCullum offers a leading edge down to third man attempting the drive, but it falls short of third man. Sid responds with his usual decorum when a chance doesn't go to hand - and by that I mean the kind of 'decorum' usually reserved for eight-year-olds throwing a tantrum in the biscuit aisle. Eight from the over and a decent start from the Kiwis.

By the way, to quote the Black Eyed Peas, where is the love? Poor ol Tommy's only had to fish through a handful all day... come on people, slacking...

3rd over: NZ 16-0
It's Jimmy's turn to take a bit of tap from Mucca as he gets slashed over point for a one-bounce four. Six from that over and, to make matters worse, my kebab has fallen apart all over my keyboard. I'm literally typing through a puddle of chilli sauce. It's strangely soothing on the fingers, though, I quite like it...

2nd over: NZ 12-0
Sid - who I only recently realised reminds me of Rowlf from the Muppets, bless 'im - will share the opening overs and the first signs of intent from Mucca as he strolls forward and across his stumps, trying to hit to the leg side. A couple of braces hint Sid may have him under control, until the right-hander kerplunks a beauty way over mid-on for six. The first of many?

1st over: NZ 2-0
Neat and tidy from James Anderson, yielding just a couple of singles from a zippy opening over. Just as in Friday's Twenty20 match, it's a case of hitting the deck hard to Mucca, nothing pitched up to the dangerman. Nice thinking, that.

1455: Hello folks. The poorest of poor timing from me here in BBC TVC as I return to my desk with a gorgeous lamb kebab - yes, a Sunday lunch kebab, life on the edge - and I'm roped in to cover the start of the Kiwi innings. Woe is me.

Jamie How and the staggeringly dangerous Brendon McCullum to open up for the Black Caps, Jimmy Anderson with the white ball in his hands. Here we go.

By Tom Fordyce


50th over: England 307-5
With one ball left, Southee no-balls again to give Ambrose a free hit with the last ball of the innings - and there's just a chop to third man for one. KP left 110 not out - brilliant innings - and the crowd rise to him as he de-lids and bathes in the adulation. England turned that one around after a deathly patch in the middle, and they'll fancy this now. Kiwis need just over six an over to nail it.

50th over: WICKET - Shah c How b Southee 49, England 304-5
Here we go - dayboo-boy Southee to seal the deal. Shah stretches for a single to backward point first ball to get KP back on strike, but Southee follows the centurion leg-side to restrict him to one more. A short one is called a wide, and the next is the same to be called a no-ball. He finally pitches up and is rewarded with a battering into the stands from Shah for another lovely six. Flynn mis-fields a drive on the ropes before Shah finally holes out on the deep mid-wicket ropes for 49 off just 25 balls - super knock.

49th over: England 292-4
Mills finds his length at the death and keeps it down to singles for the first few. Shah them thrashes a four straight down the ground to bring up the 50 partnership of 29 balls, and walks over to off to sweep a full-toss over the infield for four more. Mills is now in bits - he looks for the bouncer, no-balls and ships four byes as the ball balloons over stumper Hopkins, who's standing up. Shah goes up to 40 off just 20 balls.

48th over: England 276-4
Brilliant from Shah again - an enormous, 90m six straight back over Southee's aghast head. The ball smashes into the windowsill of the TV commentary box and then disappears into hiding. When Shah follows with a single KP drives regally high over extra cover for four more. Southee then no-balls to give Shah a free hit, which he bunts away for a single.

47th over: England 260-4

He's reached 100

The returning Mills drops short and KP pivots on his back foot to tuck away the single he needs for the 100. He leaps for joy and waves his bat happily as the Riverside crowd genuflect at his throne. That's his sixth one-day ton, his first in England and his first since the World Cup. 88 of them scored right-handed, 12 of them left-handed. Shah shakes his hand and then gets busy himself - tickling fine for four and then smearing a skimming six way over long-on. Wonderful over for England.

46th over: England 245-4
Lovely shot from the wristy Shah - a controlled loft over mid-off for a two-bounce four, followed by a dreamy cream past mid-wicket for two more. KP singles off the last ball to teeter on 99.

45th over: England 236-4
Owais Shah the new man, and he sprints a single before KP does the same. This is now KP's biggest ODI score on home turf - just two more needed for a magical ton.

44th over: WICKET Collingwood b Vettori 64, England 231-4

Wicket falls

Just after thwacking a tossed-up one down to long-on and through the desperate clutch of fielder Mason for six, Colly tries to chop down to third man and plays on. Groans from the corwd, and Colly almost smashes his own listing timbers with anger. Decent run-a-bal knock from the skipper.

43rd over: England 221-3
Quite brilliant from KP. He does the stance-switcher again, and this time he hits it even better - a genuine belter of a drive way over what was mid-off but has become mid-on. Styris is in stitches, and the crowd dance with bug-eyed delight.

From Andrew Johnston, Boston USA, TMS inbox: "Gentlemen do not wear Windsor knots, something I imagine you would not know."

Thanks for the kind words, Andrew.

42nd over: England 211-3
Great over that from Vettori. With both batsmen bang on it, eyes in and the field reeling, the Kiwi skipper ties 'em up like Christmas turkeys. A mere single off the entire six-ball set.

41st over: England 210-3

That's 50

Whipped two through mid-wicket for Colly before he late-drives delightfully for four to third man. He then flicks off his hips and Mason accidentally tips the ball past the in-rushing Flynn to bring up a bonus three and the Colly half-ton.

40th over: England 198-3
Colly heaves mightily at Mason and drops him inches over the mid-wicket boundary for a just-about six. KP then creams the sweetest of drives back down the pitch for four more, and that's the hundred partnership. We're motoring at last...

From Nick Telford-Reed, TMS inbox: "Re: not wearing socks. Are you anti-socially barefoot in Beeb HQ or are you now favouring a mid-Eighties Miami Vice slip-ons and no socks look? With rolled-up jacket sleeves?"

Praises be to Mr Brian Flip-Fop, inventor of the post-bout shoe of choice for the shin-kicked sufferers of the sporting world.

39th over: England 187-3
Ridiculous shot from Pietersen. As Styris comes in he switches to a left-handed stance and pulls him mightily for six over what is now square leg. Even Styris laughs. Traditionalists chunter into their Windsor knots.

38th over: England 177-3
Mason drops short and fast as KP gets an inside edge back past his own timbers for a lucky four to fine leg. KP then wanders down the track for a mow, and finally middles a batterer through mid-wicket for four more.

37th over: England 167-3
Taylor continues, and there's easy singles off four balls and then a pulled two to Colly through mid-wicket. Still quiet at the Riverside - we're all just waiting for the last 10 overs to click around.

36th over: England 161-3
Colly has an eyes-shut heave against the returning Mills and picks up a streaky single to through mid-wicket. KP toe-ends a single before Colly dink-sweeps down to long leg for two. Drinks break called.

35th over: England 156-3
That helps - Vettori brings on Ross Taylor for a surprise twirl, and his first ball shoots away down leg for four wides. Singles follow, to a certain disgruntlement in the stands. Getting close to biff o'clock, surely.

34th over: England 148-3
England dribbling along here in slightly limp fashion. Colly nudges a single before KP pushes two to deep mid-wicket, but we're dangerously shy of boundaries.

33rd over: England 145-3

That's 50

Lordy - KP tries that sweep against Vettori again and top-edges the ball just shy of Styris at deep square leg. He picks up a streaky two for his gamble and then misses another attempter before strolling a single. Dicey, but that's his fifty, off 62 balls.

32nd over: England 141-3
Two placed and two mis-hit singles off Styris. First inebriated chants begin to echo around the ground.

Should you wish to see quite how brutal the shin-kicking was, have a look at this link. You'll see TV funnyman Rory McGrath being beaten by a tracksuited Ben Dirs early on, with a semi-final victory for your correspondent at 1min 55 and then eventual final defeat to Bulldog Williams.

31st over: England 137-3
This sweep from outside off that KP is trying against Vettori tooks as dangerous as crocodile tango. Two singles only, and a decent bellow from the bowler as one tweaker turns into the pads.

30th over: England 135-3
Hello - Colly fancies a joust too - he takes a stride down the track and creams Scotty back over his head for a one-bounce four. Roars from the partisan crowd. A statistician tells me that that is the first time Colly has used the middle of his bat since March.

From Mark in Blackburn, TMS inbox: "A quick wikipedia of the commonly-named shin-kicking champion Steve Williams brings up this man:

I'm not an experienced shin-kicker, but I'd advise anybody off getting into a kicking contest with a man with the nickname 'Dr Death'."

29th over: England 129-3
Crackeroo - KP saunters down the track to Vettori and batters him way over long-on for a brute of a six. He then goes down on one knee and sweeps off fhis front pad, and after Colly does the honours with another dashed single KP is struck infront-ish trying to sweep again. Big appeal but no joy. Gulp.

28th over: England 121-3
Dibs and dabs from Colly and eyes-wide attempted thrashers from KP. Looks like England are ready for some pedal-to-metal action here.

27th over: England 117-3
Vettori loops away with cunning and ships just a trio of singles. England's run-rate is still just 4.30 an over - this partnership needs to deliver like a postman on amphetamines.

From Simon in Edinburgh, TMS inbox: "As any fule kno (or can work out), 's'more' is a contraction of 'some more', which refers to the alleged impossibility of stopping at one."

26th over: England 114-3
That's nice from Colly - a bottom-hand pop over mid-on for a chipped four off Styris and then a late touch fine for four more through the vacant slips. KP gets on strike after a stroller of a single and hammers a fuller one through cover with his whip-cracker forearms. Best over of the day so far for England.

25th over: England 101-3
Local hero Colly bustles in. He's off the quacker early doors and gets busy with some single -scampering against Vettori. Sun out for the first time in a while, and the crowd awake from their slumbers.

From Nick in Gamlingay, TMS inbox: "Tom - have you been moonlighting as a (nearly) champion shin-kicker? Followed this link from a beeb story earlier in the week, and was shocked to see a familiar name on the results page.

Are you now black and blue from the knee down?"

It happened two weeks ago, Nick, and my legs are still so sore I can't wear socks. Seriously. Madness.

24th over: WICKET - Bopara c&b Styris 4, England 95-3

Wicket falls

Nothing sort of shot, that - an attempted clouty lofter off Scotty's gentle tempter which is mis-hit straight back down the bowler's throat. Ravi trudges off with the body language of a man who's just got a lot further away from a shot at £500,000.

23rd over: England 95-2
Vettori tries to tempt Ravi with some looping wink, and Ravi steps away a touch dangerously to drive into the off-side.

22nd over: England 92-2
KP flips Mason away square for a brace. Ravi B the new man, and he's dwarfed by KP as they chin-wag halfway down the track.

21st over: England 89-2
Replays show that Bell should have been given lbw before that run-out. Dear oh dear. KP goes down on one knee to sweep Vettori lustily from outside off for a sweetly-timed four through square leg. Bobby Robson now chatting to the injured Giant Jacob Oram in the stands.

20th over: WICKET - Bell run out 46, England 84-2

Wicket falls

Better from Belly - another one of those late dabs for four - but then he's slapped on the pads next ball and is called through by KP as he stands stock still expecting an ell-bee decision. Taylor races in from midwicket to throw down the timbers at the non-striker's end and Bell is out by a mile. Dismal running from England, and they're lurching badly at the moment.

19th over: England 79-1
Scotty Styris on for a gentle wobble. Three singles off the first three balls before KP goes for a mighty midwicket mow and gets bomped on the front stick just outside off.

From John in Calgary, TMS inbox: "The aforementioned treat you were exposed to in Chelmsford, if all the information you gave is correct, is called a s'more. Don't know why the Yanks call it that, but hey."

18th over: England 75-1
Four singles of the first four balls, and KP then misses with another flamingo-swat. Quick reminder in case you'd forgotten - it's Father's Day today. As one of the boys in the office has just pointed out, nothing says "I love you" like a misspelt midday text.

17th over: England 71-1
He does indeed, and that's good use of twirl and flight. England going along at a mere 4.18 runs an over, and the crowd are sleepily silent as a result.

16th over: England 70-1
Sloppy from Mason - a full toss on leg which KP tucks into gratefully for his first four. Four more easy singles, and Skipper Dan looks like he's ready to bring himself on.

15th over: England 62-1
England are becalmed here like a canoe with no paddles - just 14 runs off the Powerplay, and I think NZ will take the third PP straight away. KP tries his flamingo swat but misses, and grimaces back down the track.

From Matthew at the Riverside, via text: "I'm at the Riverside, and just along from us appears to be Steve Howe from prog rockers Yes."

Surprised he likes limited-overs cricket - his band's solos were longer than most Test matches.

14th over: England 61-1
Singles to Bell and KP as Mason keeps it tricky. Talking of digestives, I was introduced to an interesting new pudding at a barbecue in Chelmsford yesterday. Two chocolate digestives in a sandwich, choc sides facing each other, couple of marshmallows in between, all wrapped up in tin foil and placed in the embers. Give it five minutes and you've got an incredible choc-mallow experience. Surprised Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall hasn't picked up on it yet.

13th over: England 59-1
KP jogs in, heels flicking up behind him, to the sounds of Eminem's "Lose Yourself". Southee over-pitches and is driven straight with brutal precision. KP licks his lips and stares moodily into the middle distance. On the England balcony, coach Peter Moores is sipping a cup of tea. No sign of an accompanying digestive.

12th over: WICKET - Wright c Vettori b Mason 11, England 49-1

Wicket falls
That was coming, to the extent that I just predicted it outloud - rethpect. Wright, tied down like seedy businessman, has a desperate slap at one that's too short to drive and lofts it sadly to mid-off.

11th over: England 49-0
Time for the second Powerplay, and Mills stays steady to ship only a pair of singles.

From Samuel in Loughborough, TMS inbox: "I personally prefer forward planning. This morning, I am safe in the knowledge that I ordered way too much pizza last night when I got home, and therefore there are a couple of slices waiting for me for breakfast. Textbook."

10th over: England 47-0
That's more like it - Michael Mason comes on for Southee and is dabbed beautifully through the vacant second slip slot by Bell for four, before Wright finally finds his radar and clunks a half-volley down the ground for a fence-bashing four.

8th over: England 38-0
Brilliant fielding from McCullum - Wright cuts with wristy relish and looks to have picked up his first boundary, only for the part-time stumper to fling himself rightwards and pluck the ball off the rope's nose. Two nice rolls follow before he flings the ball in to Hopkins. Wright getting as frustrated as Ben Dirs in a non-smoking train compartment.

7th over: England 32-0
Just a dabber-single for Bell off Mills, who's keeping it tighter than Travolta's trousers in SNF. Just three from 19 balls from Wright - Bell 28 from 28.

6th over: England 31-0
Nice slashing cut from Wright to widish third man - Brendon McCullum doing the honours down there. Decent shadows on the pitch - nice day for a few refreshers at the mo.

From Nick Halsall, TMS inbox: "Morning Tom, or rather the subject line looks more like Fro Tof Frydoces with the hangover I have. Am trying to decide whether to stagger to the local shop and buy breakfast goodies, or go to the local greasy spoon and eat there - it is a quality v quantity debate with a side issue of effort / cooking thrown in. Suggestions welcome."

5th over: England 27-0
It's all Belly so far this morno - Wright scampers a leg-bye as he struggles to find his mojo before Bell tickles a lovely deflector of a four down to long leg.

4th over: England 22-0
Super shot from Belly - a casual bottom-hand flip away for six over midwicket as Southee strays legwards. Interesting conversation going on at the turnstile between a steward and a man dressed as a seagull. As the steward requests a body-search, the seagull flaps its wings in agitated fashion and makes a pecking motion with its beak.

3rd over: England 13-0
Hello - there's Sir Bobby of Robson in the crowd, wearing exactly the sort of grey flannel blazer that he was sporting in the semi-final heart-breaker back in Turin 1990. Single to Wright.

2nd over: England 12-0
Tim Southee in for his ODI over dayboo, and if he keeps it like that he'll soon be an all-time great - it's a maiden that's so on the money it could be Lizzie's face. Decent ell bee shouter against Wright too - there was some bat in it, but the ball cracked into the pad first.

1st over: England 12-0
Very dull opening over - just a no-ball and edge first ball, a lofted four from Bell on the free hit, a clip through midwicket for three, another clip that just misses midwicket and a nearly-edge down leg. So dull, 50-over cricket.

1040: Forecast suggests a few showers later doors, but let's worry about that when our noses get wet. Pitch looks decent enough - bit of grass on it, but not enough to frighten the England blades.

1030: Morning all, and what a day for a spot of slap-bang-bish-bosheroo. England to bat first at the Riverside after Daniel Vettori won the toss; blue skies overhead with a decent amount of fluffy whiteness up there too.

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