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England v New Zealand 1st Test

FIRST TEST, Lord's (day five, close):
New Zealand 277 & 269-6 drew with England 319

Jacob Oram hit a resilient 101 as New Zealand frustrated England to secure a draw in the first Test at Lord's.

The all-rounder's 120-ball 101 featured 15 fours and two sixes, helping the tourists towards a 227-run lead when poor light ended play at 1700 BST.

Oram came in when Brendon McCullum was forced to retire hurt with his side in trouble with four wickets down.

With England bidding for an unlikely win after three weather-affected days, Oram and Jamie How (68) stood firm.


By Mark Mitchener

1721: Michael Vaughan says the announcement of the 12th squad member for Old Trafford will be "in the next hour or so". And the man of the match, for his 5-69 (and 48 with the bat) is New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori.

Rather than waiting up to an hour for the squad announcement (keep an eye out on BBC Sport - we'll let you know as soon as we know), I think I'll bid you farewell now - on behalf of myself and Tom Fordyce (who did the hard yards of the first four days), thanks to all of you who've followed the Test coverage here. We'll be back on Friday morning for the second Test - enjoy the rest of the week and we'll see you then.

1713: The TMS team have given the "champagne moment" award to Brendon McCullum for his six off Stuart Broad in the first innings. I'll stay with you for a little while, as we're still waiting for a man-of-the-match announcement, and for the identity of England's 12th squad member. One last "playing against Test cricketers" e-mails:

Graeme Wallace: "We had the dubious honour of playing against Andre Nel for a couple of seasons. In one game he was unfortunate in being given run out despite being in by a country mile. Being the mild-mannered character he is, you can imagine he took it well. What was slightly more unfortunate was that we were still to bat. After he left the league Shane Bond pitched up"

1708: Wow, that was a bit of a sudden end. Alison Mitchell's eagle eyes spotted the clouds, but although the members applauded the players off, she heard a few boos from the hospitality boxes at the curtailment of play. But still, your memories of playing with and against Test cricketers continue:

John Furnham: "After a very drunken Saturday night on tour, we once turned up for the Sunday game to find a lean, mean-looking Vasbert Drakes warming up with the opposition. Bearing in mind that half our team would probably have been bowled out by Charlie Drake and that we could hardly place one foot in front of the other that day, it came as a huge relief when a huge downpour washed out the game before it started and nobody got killed after all!"
David, Oxford: "A few years ago, on tour in Wiltshire, we turn up for a Friday night Twenty20 to kick off the tour after both a liquid lunch and tea. A baby-faced young South African lad proceeded to deposit us to all parts of the ground with ease and steadfastly refused to allow the fielders to play unless he slightly mistimed his shot. Then he was lightning quick behind the timbers when it was our turn to bat. We came second, he was AB De Villiers, I understand that he is still quite good!"


Bad light stops play
1704 - BAD LIGHT STOPS PLAY - NZ 269-6
Sidey to continue as Flynn, who's played the anchor role very well, drives into the on-side. But after just two balls of the over, umpire Steve "Light Meter Man" Bucknor consults with his pal Taufel, offers the batsmen the light, and they take it! And with all the players shaking hands with the umpires, that's the end of the Test. A draw, ladies and gentlemen.

1701 - NZ 269-6
Pitchside reporter Alison Mitchell has spied some dark clouds approaching, but also reminds TMS listeners that Matthew Hoggard's replacement in the England squad for the Second Test (which everyone expects will be a "spare" seam bowler to act as cover for an unchanged XI) will be named after close of play. Who will it be? Tremlett (if fit)? Onions? Shreck? Is there any point in calling Harmison up if he's unlikely to play? The new batsman is Daniel Vettori, who is hit on the pad, provoking a half-hearted appeal. The lead is 227 (as if it matters at this stage).

Wicket falls
1657 - WICKET - McCullum c Ambrose b Anderson 24 - NZ 269-6
Anderson is starting to stray again with his line and length, but seems to be alternating between Bad Jimmy and Good Jimmy on successive deliveries. McCullum nonchalantly despatches a loose ball for a legside four, and is then beaten outside off stump as he plays forward. Then, he drives at one that leaves him and nicks behind to end an entertaining knock.

1655 - NZ 265-5
Blowers says the TMS crew are "demob happy" as the match peters out towards a draw. Flynn is mostly watchful against Sidey, but does cut loose by guiding a four past the slips.

"A few years ago (2001 I think), New Zealand batsman Matthew Sinclair turned out to play for Cleethorpes in the Yorkshire League. He majestically stroked exactly 100 before we (Barnsley) got him giving him an average of 499 (having got 199no and 200no in the first two games). He went on to score 1,100+ in half a season (about 12 games), falling 14 runs short of David Byas' then league runs in a season record. Some player, and not a false shot"
Andrew in the TMS inbox

1651 - NZ 261-5
A splendid cover-drive for four from McCullum indicates he isn't feeling too many ill-effects from earlier. He then square-cuts for four ("like a kicking horse", says Blowers) as Anderson drops one in short and wide.

Kermit the Frog
"Dropped Catch Muppet Hierarchy. Kermit = best attempt at very difficult catch. Miss Piggy = very close to a Kermit, but slightly easier to catch. Fozzie Bear = a reasonably easy catch, dropped by a fielder who tries his best but is more often than not a bit useless. Animal = a simple catch dropped due to a lack of concentration and/or any lack of fielding ability. Statler and Waldorf = repeated poor fielding by a side"
Matthew in the TMS inbox

1646 - NZ 253-5
The "new" batsman is Brendon McCullum, who resumes his innings on 11 not out, having been struck on the forearm earlier and retired hurt. (A scan in hospital revealed no break). Blowers provokes amusement in the TMS box by accidentally referring to Sidebottom as "Stringfellow". McCullum, now wearing an armguard, increases his score to 12 with a single.

"I was playing cricket in Solihull yesterday, and who should roll up? None other than former Warwickshire scallywag-in-chief, Paul Smith. He may not be a former Test player, but he was unlucky not to play international cricket - according to err... Paul Smith"
Will S, Birmingham, in the TMS inbox
Paul Smith interview (June 2007): From Brum to bum and back

Wicket falls
1640 - WICKET - Oram b Sidebottom 101 - NZ 252-5
Oram shuffles across his stumps to Sidey, and is bowled off stump. He leaves to a standing ovation from the members in the pavilion.

"Re: David's suggestion for a graphic for turned down appeals: given the number of failed, one-eyed appeals in every over of the modern game (even since the retirement of Messrs Warne and Gilchrist), using a thumbs down might leave the ball-by-ball report looking like the Coliseum on a bad day for gladiators"
Scott in the TMS inbox

1639 - NZ 252-4
Anderson will share the new ball with Sidey, watched from the England balcony by bowling coach Ottis Gibson. Flynn doesn't have to play at too many from Jimmy, as befits a man who has added 22 in a stand of 132. A maiden.

Text in your views on 81111
"On the subject of icons, could you have an image of a Clanger (as in the old kids' TV show) for a particularly bad umpiring decision?"
Alastair, Preston, via text on 81111

He's reached 100
1635 - NZ 252-4
England take the second new ball immediately and hand it to Sidebottom in a "last throw of the dice" scenario. But Oram shows no respect for Sidey or the new cherry, blasting it past point for four to take his score to 93 and push the NZ lead past 200. He then leans into a comfortable off-drive, and it's four more. Oram on 97. He then forces the last ball of the over through the covers, and paints his name on the Lord's honours board by reaching three figures for the fifth time in Tests. Well batted, Jacob.

1629 - NZ 240-4
England are quickly through their overs here - I guess even if they must know this will be a draw now, at least they may improve their over-rate. Flynn pushes for a single, and a bit of comedy fielding from Monty increases it to two.

Collis King
"I am currently playing in the same Dunnington side as Collis King. A couple of years ago he hit a league record 212 in a 50 over match, smashing a number of balls well out of the ground. As for his bats, he has three, each with a different 'thickness', depending on what kind of mood he is in"
Robert Chipps in the TMS inbox

1627 - NZ 238-4
Monty continues, still bowling over the wicket to the two lefties. Flynn turns a single to Sidey at backward square leg, then Oram executes a good-looking cut for four. Then Oram prods forward, sends Flynn back and Monty has an underarm flick at the stumps which misses.

1624 - NZ 233-4
Spin from both ends as Pietersen replaces Broad. Two overs after this one until England can take the new ball, but surely we're heading for a draw. With the TMS team searching for their "champagne moment" of the match, Oram hoists Pietersen back over his head into the pavilion for six. A sweep then evades Monty in the deep and that's four, taking him to 85. KP (three Test wickets to his name) then has an unsuccessful lbw shout against the lanky Oram as he gets an inside edge onto his pad.

1621 - DROPPED CATCH - NZ 223-4
Flynn again begins the over with a single off Panesar to take the Kiwis to double-Nelson. Oram then jabs it hard towards short leg, straight into his body but the Warwickshire man can't hold on to it.

1618 - NZ 221-4
Flynn dabs a quick single to midwicket off the fair-haired Broad, then a mighty pull from Oram takes him to 70 - his highest score against England. The next shot is a complete contrast - a delicate off-side cut, which brings the same result (four) and brings up the century stand.

1613 - NZ 212-4
Monty's changed ends again, he's back at the Nursery End and has an lbw shout against Oram off his first ball, but it didn't pitch in line. Oram then clubs Monty high towards long-on where Anderson, who's too far in, has to run back towards the boundary and try to take the catch over his head. He misses, but then tries to scoop the ball back from the rope, but with his knee touching the rope, ump Taufel signals four. They then scamper a quick single, and Tuffers on TMS thinks Oram has an eye on that Lord's honours board for centurions. 38 overs still to be bowled today.

Christopher Martin-Jenkins
"Oram looks like a man who's found form in this innings, as I don't think he set the IPL alight but he's played with confidence here"
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS

1609 - NZ 206-4
Broad replaces Panesar at the Pavilion End, trying to swing the ball up the hill into the left-handers. He sends down the first no-ball of the innings, before Oram drives the next delivery for four past mid-off. A pull then brings just a single to the square leg boundary. Flynn then nearly plays on when he tries to pull his bat out of the way.

"Which A&E did McCullum go to? The wait is usually three hours before you're even seen! Preferential treatment just because he's an international cricketer?!"
Nick Yates in the TMS inbox

1604 - NZ 200-4
Aggers has had a chat with Adam Gilchrist over tea, but we're back in action with Anderson hitting Oram on the thigh pad. He eventually nudges the "Burnley Express" off his hio for a single to bring up the Kiwi 200.

1558: We've also had more suggestions of other graphics we could come up with:

Kermit the Frog
Matt: "On the subject of a symbol for a dropped catch - would not a picture of a muppet suffice? Surely someone will come up with a hierarchy of muppets - e.g.: Kermit for a drop where the fielder had little chance, right down to Gonzo; reserved for the biggest howlers, assuming, of course the Henson lot will have no problems with the TMS team using these images in such a manner"
David: "On similar lines, please may I suggest that you also ask your designers develop an icon for a TURNED DOWN APPEAL? A big thumbs down? Maybe your readers can come up with wackier thoughts"


1540 - NZ 199-4
The Montster will have another trundle before tea. Flynn is keeping cool, steering a single to long-on, and that's tea. The "net" score is 157-4, and remember that McCullum retired hurt earlier but may bat again if needed.

1537 - NZ 198-4
Oram hits into the air, but safely, between Monty running round from mid-on and Broad running in from the square leg boundary. Square-leg umpire Steve Bucknor could have probably caught that one. They run one. Anderson then has Flynn off-driving, but some good running by Oram brings another quick single. Oram dabs into the off side but Vaughan can't field cleanly and another single ensues. Anderson tries bowling around the wicket, but Flynn blasts him to the midwicket boundary for another two.

"We played against Flynn last year in a tour game and managed to get him out by enticing him down the wicket after he had smashed 70-odd from around 30 balls. Perhaps England should try the same tactic?"
Richard Cordingley in the TMS inbox

1533 - NZ 193-4
Oram drives Pietersen for a single, then Flynn carves him down to third man for a couple before sweeping to fine leg for another two. Not long until tea now, and the lead is 151.

That's 50
1529 - NZ 188-4
Oram confidently cuts Anderson for four to the point boundary to bring up his fifth Test half-century off just 67 balls. Anderson then shies at the stumps as Flynn runs a quick single, but misses - and only a sprawling stop by Vaughan prevents overthrows.

Jeremy Coney
"I was surprised that Oram wasn't the man New Zealand chose to push up the order, rather than McCullum. He first came into the side as a batsman, and he's an important player in this side"
Former New Zealand all-rounder Jeremy Coney on TMS

1525 - NZ 183-4
Oram works Pietersen away for two to fine leg to take his score to 45, then guides a single off his legs. Flynn sees off the rest of the over - 15 minutes until tea.

1523 - NZ 180-4
Flynn pushes Anderson for a quick single to rotate the strike, and Oram nudges one away to return the favour.

Text in your views on 81111
"There's a lot of chat about whether or not artificial lighting should be brought into Test cricket. Whilst I'm all for it, surely the best option would simply be to start matches earlier. 11am is ludicrously lazy"
Jack, Newcastle, via text on 81111

1518 - NZ 178-4
A surprise bowling change as Sidey is replaced by Kevin Pietersen for some right-arm off-spin, turning it away from the two left-handers. Flynn carves him through the covers for a jogged single to the cover boundary. 47 overs remaining today, NZ are "net" 136-4.

1515 - NZ 177-4
A change in the bowling as Panesar is replaced by Anderson. Flynn trots through for a leg bye, and then Oram works another four off his legs.

1510 - NZ 172-4
Oram profits from a couple of flailing drives past point off Sidey - one brings two runs and the other sails away for four, which brings up the 50 partnership. Oram has scored 38 of those 50 runs, with Flynn contributing just seven.

1506 - NZ 166-4
Boycs and Blowers are concerned that Vaughan is letting the game drift as Flynn misses one from Monty which evades Ambrose down the leg side and is signalled as four byes by Taufel.

Alison Mitchell
"The news on McCullum is that an X-ray has revealed no break. He's got an ice pack on his arm, he's back in the New Zealand dressing-room but they're yet to decide if and when he might bat again"
TMS's pitchside reporter Alison Mitchell

1504 - NZ 162-4
Sidey fires one in at Oram, who fences and it sails just above Colly at second slip, going through for four.

1459 - NZ 158-4
Panesar strikes Flynn high on the pad, above the knee-roll. Keeper Ambrose appeals for lbw and Monty soon joins in, but ump Taufel is unmoved.

1456 - NZ 158-4
The England field scatters in an obvious plan to try to give Flynn a single and get Oram down to the striker's end against Sidey. The plan eventually works when Sidebottom doesn't try particularly hard to field off his own bowling and they run one. Oram, though, hammers a four. Remember, NZ are 158-4 but are "net" 116-5 as they were 42 behind on first innings and McCullum is being scanned in hospital (see earlier).

"I remember playing in a North Staffs testimonial match for West Indian Vince Lindo - I spent most of the afternoon at first slip either lying down or chatting to him while the outfielders slowly trudged through the neighbouring fields looking for the ball that had been sent into orbit via his SS Jumbo amid cries of 'hit it on the up'! I was only glad that he was too old to bowl!"
Phil Dale, Stoke, in the TMS inbox

1453 - NZ 153-4
Oram goes for the big one against Monty, advancing down the track and clubbing him - safely - high towards the Nursery End where Anderson retrieves the ball just inside the boundary. They run two. Another attempted heave goes straight to mid-on.

1450 - NZ 151-4
Sidey is keeping a good line and length against Oram, who is described by Aggers on TMS as "a gentle giant" - while Boycs rues the dropped catch against How earlier in the day, which cost England an hour of defiant batsmanship. Oram manages a quick single off the last ball as Anderson fumbles a possible run-out opportunity.

Monty Panesar
"I just saw a man wearing a Monty Panesar face mask. He was also wearing an MCC jacket and matching bow-tie. That is weird"
G Unit in the TMS inbox
Download BBC Sport's Monty Panesar masks

1446 - NZ 150-4
Panesar begins a new over to Flynn and gets one to spit out of the rough, but it only hits Flynn's thigh pad. A maiden. Uh-oh - umpire Steve Bucknor has a look at his light meter.

"I was at the game yesterday and was sat in front of a guy whose most frequent comment on the Kiwis' fielding was 'that's a bit Cinderella'. I turned to look at him quizically to which he explained 'bit late for the ball'. I thought that was rather good"
Linda in Newbury, in the TMS inbox

1440 - NZ 150-4
Oram runs a quick single off Sidey, as does Flynn, and then it's time for another drinks interval. Drinks are carried by NZ off-spinner Jeetan Patel, a man who does more sub-fielding than most if he's 12th man in ODIs.

"We are in final preparations for the forthcoming World Cricket League Div 5 Tournament to be hosted here in Jersey featuring not only Japan (1307) but others including Nepal, Bahamas, Germany, AND Afghanistan and USA! My club side were discussing potential headlines once the tournament starts - for the first time we are in coloured clothing and I rather liked "Bahamas in Pyjamas"
Ward Jenner, Vice President, Jersey Cricket Board

1437 - NZ 146-4
Oram slog-sweeps the Montster for six over square leg, perhaps channelling the spirit of McCullum while the Kiwi stumper heads for the X-ray machine. A single brings Flynn on strike, and he square-cuts safely between two of the close fielders.

1433 - NZ 139-4
A lovely delivery from Sidey swings and beats Oram's outside edge as he plays defensively. Ambrose looks anguished at the lack of an edge. Tuffers yells "catch it" in the TMS box as Oram guides the ball just past Bell at midwicket and down towards the Warner Stand - they run three. Ironically, had Bell been Oram's height, he might have got to that one. Flynn guides a single to fine leg, Oram works another to Morgan at mid-off.

"Re: James @ 1251. Turning off a legitimate sport for 'Gladiators'? What the hell is this country coming to? Such an offence should result in the instant removal of the landlord's licence. No wonder the flippin' pub trade is dying!"
Dan Taylor in the TMS inbox

1428 - NZ 134-4
Oram scatters the close fielders, taking three with a lofted off-drive, then Flynn plays his most attacking stroke so far, cutting Monty for four past backward point. Broad leaves the field, and sub fielder Eoin Morgan is on again for another fielding stint.

1426 - NZ 127-4
Ryan Sidebottom returns for his 12th over, while McCullum has left Lord's and gone to hospital to have a scan on his injured arm. Flynn is not playing anything he doesn't have to, and it's a maiden for Sidey.

"Mark, can we have a shout out to all the students revising (whilst pressing F5!) for final year exams at Bristol Uni please? Currently 'enjoying' a bit of "salinity of lake water and the formation of Antarctic subglacial lakes"
Pete in Bristol in the TMS inbox [Good luck - MM]

1421 - NZ 127-4
Oram works Monty off his legs towards square leg, where Pietersen declines to dive to stop the boundary (where many other modern fielders would have done) and so it's four for the tall all-rounder.

1418 - NZ 123-4
Oram keeps the scoreboard ticking over with another single off Broad. Flynn then has to duck a bouncer, and Broad moves to bowling around the wicket, but can't make the breakthrough this time.

"On the subject of playing against ex-Test cricketers - my touring team turned up at Torquay CC after a liquid lunch to see Fanie DeVilliers (ex South Africa) marking his run-up out from the sightscreen!"
Nigel Prideaux in the TMS inbox

Collis King
1415 - NZ 122-4
Panesar can now bowl over the wicket, into the rough at two left-handers. Oram turns a single to leg. While Sidey is warming up in the deep, Monty gets a bit of turn against Flynn, who defends his stumps. And we have a Collis King picture!

1412 - NZ 121-4
The lanky Jacob Oram strides to the crease to join Flynn, so we have two left-handers at the crease. Broad has three slips and a gully in for Oram, who plays his first ball defensively and nudges his second away for a leg-bye. A "retired hurt maiden" for Broad.

1407 - RETIRED HURT - McCullum retired hurt 11 - NZ 120-4
What will McCullum do now? He misjudges one from Broad which strikes him on the left forearm. (No armguard being worn). A large bruised bulge is already forming on the arm as the NZ physio Dale Shackel is called on to treat him. And after a sustained period of treatment, he's clearly in plenty of pain and he retires hurt.

"Can I suggest to Richard (1234) that he takes his son to a one-day or Twenty20 game instead, where the play may be a little more 'explosive' and capture his imagination? The tactical, strategic side of the five-day game can wait until he's a little older; if he's going to love cricket for the rest of his life, he will - if it's not for him, it's not for him, but don't take it out on the England players. We don't all want a beer match in the middle - that's not what Test cricket is about. Flailing around for a quick 200 is also the best way to lose a Test, at which point we'd have everyone complaining about losing to NZ, wouldn't we?"
Paul G Woodgate in the TMS inbox

1402 - NZ 120-4
Monty is rapidly through a maiden over to Flynn, who's taking no chances.

1400 - NZ 120-4
McCullum works Broad away for a single. Broad then has an lbw shout as Flynn prods forward, but it was outside the line. He then takes a single. Remember, deduct 42 from the NZ score to get their overall lead. And it seems everyone's jumping on the "I've seen Collis King" bandwagon...

Collis King
"I remember seeing Collis King twice during the 1976 season - firstly on a school day out when he made 163 against Northants and deposited a number of deliveries onto the pavilion roof and later in the fifth Test at The Oval when he took Bob Willis apart in the final over before tea on day two as they piled up 687-8 declared. Fantastic stuff!"
BBC Sport website assistant editor Paul Grunill, not in the TMS inbox but sat at a nearby desk

1356 - NZ 118-4
The Montster bowls over the wicket, Giles-style, to the left-handed Flynn. There are plenty of shouts of "catch it" as the ball rebounds off his pads a couple of times, but it's a tight, rapid maiden over, which Blowers thinks Monty "won on points".

1354 - NZ 118-4
New batsman Daniel Flynn is quickly off the mark, guiding Broad away for three. McCullum goes to hook the last ball - Blowers thinks if he'd made contact it would have gone into Regent's Park, but he fails and it goes through to Ambrose.

Wicket falls
1349 - WICKET - How c Cook b Broad 68 - NZ 115-4
How clips Broad for a couple, but then edges to Cook, who moves to his right at third slip to take a good catch. He'd dropped anchor, so a crucial wicket for England. NZ are "net" 73-4.

1346 - NZ 113-3
The Panesar-McCullum duel to resume. There's a slip, a silly point, a short extra cover and a man at a very fine long-on, almost directly behind the bowler. McCullum can't quite time it at first against Monty P, who's described as "a splendid figure" by Blowers. First blood to Monty as another maiden ensues:

"Mark, any chance of a little logo for DROPPED CATCH? Some butter fingers perhaps?"
Martin in the TMS inbox
[I'll pass the idea on to our designers! MM]

1343 - NZ 113-3
Stuart Broad takes the first over after lunch to How, who's celebrating his 27th birthday today - while Blowers on TMS continues the ornithological theme he's been pursuing during this Test, having spotted "a fairly dirty seagull". How sees off a maiden over.

1335: As you munch your lunch and the players prepare to return, it seems that more of you in the TMS inbox have played against Collis King (see 1213 and 1117 entries):

Collis King
Charlie: "I once had the pleasure of playing with the said Collis King. I was playing for an invitational team I played for in Yorkshire and he joined our side for a knockabout. It might not surprise you to know he battered the bowling on that day too (retired on 100) with what can only be described as the most enormous piece of willow I have ever seen - it may as well have had roots! Best thing about the man is he was a true gent!"
Daniel Murphy: "We played his Dunnington side first game of the season and removed him for a rather measly four. Although in reference to his 4lb5 bat, it's actually made of two pieces of willow and can stand on its own unsupported. Rumours he can breathe fire are unconfirmed"
Paul Wilkie: "Jonathan Evans, I know how you feel... I have experienced, first hand, six sixes from Collis King in the first six deliveries of a six-a-side final. He went on to make 50 in nine balls... long live the King!"
Graham: "On the mention of Mr C King, he has a history of smashing amateur cricketers to all parts of the ground. He was the professional at Colne in the Lancashire League for a few years and the attached link shows his batting stats for 1982"
Internet link: Collis King's 1982 batting stats


1307: While Alison Mitchell on TMS talks to the chief executive of the Japan Cricket Association, whose team are at Lord's today and are soon to play Jersey in an ICC tournament, it's time for me to grab a sandwich. Enjoy your lunch and make sure you're back in time for the afternoon session.

Phil Tufnell
"If England can get a couple of quick wickets after lunch, it's still game on"
Phil Tufnell on TMS

1303 - NZ 113-3
Monty sends down the last over before lunch, from which three singles ensue. That's lunch, and New Zealand are "net" 71-3 with two sessions remaining.

1259 - NZ 110-3
Another lbw appeal, this time for Broad against McCullum, but Steve Bucknor shakes his head immediately. McCullum is stepping so far across his stumps that you could almost see all three stumps behind his legs for that shot. McCullum then pulls away with Broad in mid-run-up, and the TMS crew suspect that's a time-wasting ploy to try to make this the last over before lunch. But Steve Bucknor has a little word, and the ploy backfires as Simon Taufel hurries to the bowler's end at the end of the over, and we'll have one more.

"I turned up for a Sunday League friendly and Roger Telemachus [ex-South Africa paceman] opened the batting for them! He hit a neat 70 but then edged one down to a horrified me at first slip who somehow took his maiden one-handed-diving slip catch!"
Suss in the TMS inbox

1255 - NZ 110-3
Fortune favours McCullum as he gets a leading edge up into the air, it flies over silly mid-off and just short of extra cover. Monty, naturally, was already in mid-air anticipating a wicket celebration. A mistimed sweep then nearly hits McCullum on the head, not much above stump-height. A quick single into the covers brings How back on strike, and the field returns to a more orthodox look. A big appeal off the last ball, but too optimistic for the Montster as it was going down leg.

1251 - NZ 109-3
McCullum scampers through for a three against Broad, who then slides one through between How's bat and pad. A well-controlled over from Broad, and How's playing for lunch. Bet you McCullum won't.

"Mark advice please, since the move of cricket to satellite TV, a few guys and I have to watch the cricket in the pub at weekends. During yesterday's play, the cricket was turned off to accomodate Gladiators. How can this be justified, men in lycra or England playing cricket, I lost the argument with the manager, and had to move on. Any tips?"
James in the TMS inbox [Try another pub? MM]

1247 - NZ 106-3
As Panesar bowls his second over of the day, the TMS crew continue to discuss Taylor's dismissal - and given that if he did hit the ball, it was taken by first slip without bouncing, so even if he wasn't lbw, morally he should have been given out caught! McCullum goes aerial against the Montster, lifting him over his head for four, and Anderson is placed at a very straight long-off. McCullum pinches the strike with a single (or as I typed it first time, pinches the single with a strike. Ooer).

Phil Tufnell
"McCullum's not someone you'd put your house on to save a Test match. From the look of his first ball, he's going to have a dart"
Former Middlesex and England spinner Phil Tufnell on TMS

1244 - NZ 100-3
The consensus in the TMS box seems to be that Taylor was slightly unlucky, as the ball may have hit his bat before his pad as he prodded at it - but fair's fair as Monty had several other, arguably better, lbw shouts turned down earlier in the match. Meanwhile, How singles off Broad to bring up three figures for the Black Caps, to bring new batsman Brendon McCullum on strike. McCullum drives at his first ball and is not far away from getting an edge as Broad gets some away-swing.

Wicket falls
Monty Panesar
1238 - WICKET - Taylor lbw b Panesar 20 - NZ 99-3
Monty is indeed introduced at the Nursery End, so the slope may help him turn it away from the right-handers. How executes a perfect sweep, getting down well and hitting it hard past Bell at short-leg for four. The next ball is a little shorter, How sweeps again to help it on its way to fine leg and they run three. But when Taylor's struck low on the pad, there's a huge scream of an appeal from Panesar, and Simon Taufel gives it! The Montster Strikes!

Text in your views on 81111
"I have to buy everyone in the office doughnuts if my mobile goes off at work, I think Tuffers should face an equal punishment or lessons in how to turn his off"
Dan Pickering, Liverpool, via text on 81111

1234 - NZ 92-2
Vaughan is back on, and TMS summariser Jeremy Coney wants Monty on so that England bowl more (ie quicker) overs. How drives Broad for four again, and then steers a single to backward point. Taylor then rides his luck when he tries to withdraw the bat again, and nearly plays onto his stumps. It's Monty time!

"Went to Lord's yesterday with my son and can honestly say that I thought I witnessed the death of Test cricket. England had nothing to lose in getting a quick 200 or so, putting the Kiwis into bat again, and going for victory. Instead we witnessed turgidity of the highest order. Vaughan hit an insipid 100 in five hours or so of boredom. Dull and dire - this is not going to sell the sport to eight-year-olds like my son"
Richard Carlowe in the TMS inbox

1229 - NZ 87-2
Anderson fires in a wide one which is meat and drink to Taylor's natural attacking instincts, and that's despatched to the cover boundary with some ease. Another clean hit on the opposite side evades the pursuing Montster at deep backward square leg - another four. Monty has a bit of a warm-up, might we see him on soon?

"Wow what a moment, Carole you are responsbile for pure joy in this young man's heart. For the last four days I've been painstakingly periodically putting down my revision notes to reach for the mouse and refresh the page, only to discover from your message that F5 saves all the hard work. So I gave it a try and lo and behold, Marshall's out for a duck!"
Carl Williams in the TMS inbox

That's 50
1224 - NZ 79-2
Middlesex's Eoin Morgan is on as a sub-fielder for Vaughan, with Colly temporarily directing proceedings on the field. How drives at Broad, it flies over the slip cordon for four and that's his half-century off 98 balls. His second in Tests, both against England, having hit 92 in Hamilton a couple of months ago.

1220 - NZ 75-2
New Zealand lick their metaphorical wounds after that let-off in the last over. Anderson beats the bat a couple of times, and even the pugnacious Taylor is happy to play out a maiden over.

Text in your views on 81111
"The best-looking shot has to be the left-handed, lifted knee pull shot that Gower and Thorpe used in my rose-tinted youth"
Geoff, Welwyn, via text on 81111

1217 - DROPPED CATCH - NZ 75-2
As expected, Broad replaces Sidey at the Pavilion End. He bowled just four overs yesterday evening, and How is happy to shoulder arms outside off-stump against most deliveries. When he finally finds the edge, Strauss drops a totally straightforward chance at first slip. A poor shot, and a poor drop straight in front of his face. Broad holds his head in his hands, and well he might.

"Please reassure Jonathan Evans (1117) that I know how he feels. When playing for Brighton a couple of years ago against a Ditchling XI we were knocked all over the park by some sprightly pensioners, including Jamie Theakston's grandfather and a man who couldn't actually run at all, but took guard halfway down the wicket with a bat like a piece of four-by-two. To compound the embarrassment, I forgot my whites and had to play in purple shorts"
Richard Forshaw, Hereford, in the TMS inbox

1213 - NZ 75-2
Anderson induces an edge as Taylor tries to force to leg, but it doesn't quite carry to Colly at second slip. A maiden, and the lead is 33.

"Re Jonathan (1117). I once turned up for a Sunday club game to find a familiar face in the opposition... the aforementioned Mr Collis King... who proceeded to batter our bowlers to every part of North Wales. A frightening batsmen to be stood at short leg to, I can tell you!"
Colin, St Albans, in the TMS inbox

1208 - NZ 75-2
R4 LW listeners return just in time for Sidey's new over. Taylor nudges a single, but How is more watchful, even within sight of his half-century. Aggers on TMS reveals that today's lunchtime guest is former England skipper Nasser Hussain, who will be reflecting on his final Test here against the Kiwis four years ago. How knocks one to KP on the deep midwicket boundary and they jog an easy two. Sidey may take a break now, as Broad is directed to warm up.

"Not sure I like the swing towards positive results. Yes, it would be nice, but this isn't an American sport you know, draws are allowed"
Tim Hoult in the TMS inbox

Alison Mitchell
"I've been having a look at the ball England weren't happy with. Steve Bucknor has a set of calipers to examine them with, and the non-shiny side had gone out of shape - you can tell that the profile was more pyramidal than spherical"
TMS's pitchside reporter Alison Mitchell

1200 - NZ 72-2
A beautiful cover-drive from How brings four. I was discussing with some friends the other day whether a good cover-drive is the most aesthetically-pleasing cricket stroke? I think so. How's on 44, by the way. A stifled appeal from Jimmy as he's hit on the pad off the final delivery, and drinks are taken. Just for once, Radio 4 LW listeners are taken away for the Shipping Forecast at a time when the cricket takes a pause.

"In Abu Dhabi, in the UAE, grafting hard hoping that England will give the Kiwis a good going over this afternoon. Then I can go on hols in the summer to NZ and hold my head (and bat) up high! Top knock 'Vaughany' by the way"
Jo Czerpak in the TMS inbox

1156 - NZ 68-2
Sidey continues for his 10th over, and How - a little overshadowed since Taylor's arrival - dinks one over Bell at short leg and they run two. The next ball is played with more of an orthodox shot off his legs, and they run another two to Pietersen at deep square leg. Blowers notices that How is almost taking an off-stump guard against Sidey, but they run a single off the last ball.

Text in your views on 81111
"Great work from Steve Bucknor. Brilliant decision. Choice of ball I mean"
Stoney from Ware, via text on 81111

1151 - NZ 63-2
Taylor tries to withdraw the bat at the last minute to one from Anderson that leaves him but only succeeds in edging it between second and third slip, where Paul Collingwood and Alastair Cook both leap in the air towards each other but it bisects them and runs away for four. A cover-drive brings the second four of the over - Taylor's not in a mood to wait around, and already has 11, as Henry Blofeld on TMS spots some sinister-looking black birds flying towards the Mound Stand. Are the vultures circling for Taylor? They might be, as he wafts and misses at one outside off-stump. Boycs thinks he's still in Twenty20 mode.

1146 - NZ 55-2
My "wing-man" David Ornstein, who's on match report duties today, reckons that ball was going down leg, and I can assure you he's not curly-haired enough (or at all) to be related to the Marshall family. New batsman Ross Taylor immediately knocks a two off his legs to get himself off the mark, then guides a single off Sidey's final delivery.

Out for a duck
1141 - WICKET - Marshall lbw b Sidebottom 0 - NZ 52-2
As Geoff Boycott on TMS laments the lack of swing today, captain Michael Vaughan tries to persuade umpire Steve Bucknor that the ball should be changed. Bucknor examines it and seems to concur, so fourth umpire Jeremy Lloyds brings out a box of replacement balls. What can Sidey do with the new ball? He slants one in to Marshall, who's hit on the pad and Bucknor raises his finger!

1137 - NZ 52-1
How and Marshall turn down a single they'd undoubtedly have taken if it was a one-day international. It's safety first today for the Black Caps, and How's reward is to be hit on the hip by Anderson's next ball. Jimmy then tries a bouncer, but How takes New Zealand's score past 50 (and his own to 35) with a well-judged hook.

"Good morning Mark. I spent most of the weekend listening to the TMS commentary whilst working in the garden, with Husband shaking head in disbelief that 'that cricket match is STILL on? The same one?' He doesn't get it! Looking forward to a final day of great cricket, only marred by my necessary attendance at work, requiring frequent use of the F5 button during sneaky glances at the website!"
Carole in Maidenhead in the TMS inbox

1133 - NZ 48-1
Can Sidey keep the pressure on? A fine tumbling stop at gully from Anderson restricts How to just a single as he plays forward. The TMS team have moved on from discussing physics to chemistry, with Phil Tufnell explaining how handwarmers (the ones that look like tea bags) work. Marshall plays straight to a lifting ball and is still yet to score.

1128 - NZ 47-1
New batsman is James Marshall, who showed some stubborn defiance in the first innings. Once more, he's watched from the stands by his similarly curly-haired twin brother Hamish (formerly of the Black Caps and now of Gloucestershire). With four balls left of the over, Marshall tries to knock one to leg, but Ian Bell has lightning-quick reactions at short leg, throws down the stumps from close range and Marshall is only just able to ground his bat in time. CMJ on TMS compares Bell to a motor racing driver ("like Stirling Moss"), as he is helmeted and wearing wraparound sunglasses. Some nice rhythm from Jimmy, and a good over.

Wicket falls
1124 - WICKET - Redmond c Strauss b Anderson 17 - NZ 47-1
How opens with a single, but then Redmond jabs at a quick one from Jimmy and gives a regulation catch to Strauss at first slip.

1122 - NZ 46-0
Sidey finally beats How's outside edge with one that moves away, while Bryan Waddle on TMS reveals that his physics teacher at school put the TV on for cricket, to explain why a cricket ball swings. (By comparison, I had one who threw board rubbers and physics textbooks at you). Finally we have some runs as How works Sidey off his legs towards the square leg boundary, where Broad does the fielding and they run two. A single allows him to keep the strike.

Get involved on 606
"How sad that it is that today has been rendered completely meaningless by Alastair Cook and Andrew Strauss' PATHETIC decision to accept the light offering on the 2nd day. Another hour or so's batting could have given us the impetus to win this game. I would suggest that if they do not consider themselves good enough to face the likes of Kyle Mills and Chris Martin in slightly fading light, then they should think about a change of career"
BarleyN on 606
Join the debate on 606

1117 - NZ 43-0
Do the rules prohibiting the use of mobile phones during play in the stands at Lord's extend to the prawn sandwich brigade in the executive boxes? A chap in an MCC tie is happily nattering away, with no idea he's been caught on camera, as Redmond - whose bat has a bright pink handle - watchfully defends Jimmy's next over. Bryan Waddle on TMS praises his "nice, solid defence" and that's three maidens on the trot as the openers glove-pump.

"Mark, I need a England miracle today to rejuvenate my intrest in cricket, my team got blasted to all parts yesterday by ex-West Indies star Collis King, now aged 57! An innings which included an incredible behind the back stroke. He bats with a 4'5 bat! Travelling two hours to chase leather in the freezing cold from a man three years off his bus pass... great"
Jonathan Evans, Alfreton, in the TMS inbox

1113 - NZ 43-0
Sidey is struggling with his line - leading TMS commentator Bryan Waddle to query whether he's bowling at the right end. Jamie How is happy to leave a couple outside off stump, then keeper Tim Ambrose has to smartly take one down the leg side. How defends the last ball off his legs, and it's another maiden - not that New Zealand will mind.

"There are a few people talking up the chance of a result today. This is the mentality that Twenty20/one-day cricket has inspired. I have no strong views either way on this but expect the light to be offered and taken at about 2.15pm in true Test match tradition"
Andrew Gell in the TMS inbox

1108 - NZ 43-0
James Anderson takes up the attack from the Nursery End, and Redmond shows off his range of front-foot and back-foot defensive strokes as a maiden over ensues.

"Hopefully today's play will liven up a boring day in the office. I tip Sidey and Britsa [Broad] to rip through the Kiwi top order this morning, only for England to be yet again frustrated by possibly the best 6/7/8 combination in Test cricket"
David in Heilbronn, Germany, in the TMS inbox

1104 - NZ 43-0
Ryan Sidebottom takes the first over of the day from the Pavilion End, and the first ball defies the slope as it's quite a wide one outside off stump that gets wider. Aaron Redmond gets the Kiwis going with a three past gully - so the Kiwis lead by one.

A lot is spoken about the Lord's slope - if you don't know the ground, it slopes from one side, in front of the Grandstand, down to the other side where the Mound and Tavern Stands are. That's why a left-arm spinner like Monty or Vettori will often bowl from the Nursery End, while an orthodox right-arm off-spinner might bowl from the Pavilion End.

1059: A lot of empty spaces around the ground at Lord's. They announced yesterday that tickets were priced at 20 on the gate. Here we go.

1057: It's presumably not connected to the bell, but there's a piercing ringing in the corridor outside our office here. The umpires (praised by Aggers in yesterday's blog) emerge, followed by Michael Vaughan, scampering out ahead of the England fielders. They then pause for their pre-play "huddle", and are overtaken by the New Zealand batsmen who reach the wicket before them.

1054: One mighty Lord's legend is rung by another - the former being the five-minute bell, the latter being Mike Gatting. We'll be under way soon.

Alison Mitchell
Monty Panesar
"New Zealand are a dangerous team, but hopefully the overcast conditions might help the ball swing and favour us. I'm pretty happy to bowl from either end, and watching Daniel Vettori, he's someone I aspire to be like, with the way he bowls and sets fields. Hopefully I can get some tips from him and add to my game"
Monty Panesar speaks to TMS reporter Alison Mitchell
[Don't forget to check out Alison's Twitter updates on the TMS Blog]

Get involved on 606
"Wouldn't it be refreshing to see NZ go for the win. Send McCullum in next to smash a quick few and get them up to around 200. Then put the pressure on England's men. Especially on a pitch that was offering a bit to the finger spinners on Day 4"
A very optimistic Hodgson86 on 606

1043: The TMS crew will shortly be getting under way - while you're waiting, why not check out the TMS Blog and Aggers' thoughts on yesterday's play?
TMS BLOG: Jonathan Agnew's verdict

1038: The match situation is this - England managed a first-innings lead of 42 yesterday, and the Kiwi openers had reached 40-0 at the close. So as my dad would explain to me when I was a small child learning the game, effectively New Zealand are minus two for no wicket, in a one-innings game.

1030: Morning, everyone - we're all set for the final day of the first Test between England and New Zealand - although cards on the table, a draw is the most likely outcome.

A few early wickets, and England might scent a possible victory chase - but if you're hankering after a New Zealand win, it would realistically require 20 wickets to fall and fits into the "extremely unlikely" scenario.

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