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New Zealand v England 3rd Test

THIRD TEST, Napier, day five:
England 253 & 473-7 dec beat New Zealand 168 and 431 all out by 121 runs

Monty Panesar claimed career-best figures of 6-126 as England wrapped up victory against New Zealand to seal a first away Test series win since 2005.

Resuming on 222-5, Ross Taylor (74) and Brendon McCullum (42) took their stand past 100 with a flurry of boundaries, before Panesar accounted for both.

Daniel Vettori fell to put England on the brink, but Tim Southee's amazing 77 not out off 40 balls held them up.

Ryan Sidebottom finally finished the Kiwis off on 431 to seal a 121-run win.


By Tom Fordyce

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0039: WICKET - Martin b Sidebottom 5, NZ 431 all out - ENGLAND WIN BY 121 RUNS AND WIN SERIES 2-1
Wicket falls
At last - Siders yorks Martin with a simple straight one and England fall across the line. That's the match and the series, England's first series win away from home for three years. Southee the Dashing Blade is left high on 77. England crack open the beers in the dressing-room and heave enormous sighs of relief.

Thanks for your company for the last few nights - tremendous work on the emails. See you for the home series in a few weeks' time...

0033: NZ 430-9
A white-faced Broad calls for his emergency Broad. Does Southee care? Of course not - he launches the gangler for two more sixes over midwicket, one of which lands on the roof of the grandstand. Southee now has 76, his highest-ever score, off 38 balls, and is New Zealand's top scorer in this innings. Nine sixes and four fours. So far.

From Ethan in Paris: "Just out of interest, has anyone ever won a Test with the number 10 and 11 scoring tons?"

0029: NZ 416-9
That's 50
19-year-old Southee is ripping England apart - after missing one, he thumps Monts to the usual place - over midwicket - for another six. That's the fastest 50 in New Zealand Test history - a laughable 29 balls. Hold on - there's another four, edged to third man, and another one through cover. 17 off the over - since lunch, we've had 56 runs off five overs. And the first was a maiden. Just 137 more to win...

0026: NZ 399-9
Martin jabs at Anderson and gets an inside edge to fine leg for four. Chris Martin. Hitting a four. That's also the 50 partnership, quite possibly the first 50 partnership Martin has ever been part of. Southee has 45 of them.

0022: NZ 395-9
This is extraordinary - Southee now tears into Monty, clouting him way over mid-off for a massive six and then over midwicket for another maximum. After a brief breather with a two, he chances his arm again and batters it over midwicket again. Six more - 24 off the over, and Southee has blasted to 47 off 27 balls, with six sixes and two fours. Only England...

0019: NZ 371-9
Southee, all pistols blazing, backs away from Anderson's short one and smacks him out of the ground. Seriously. After a short delay while a new ball is found (the last one having landed in someone's cabbage patch halfway to Gisbourne) he dispatches the next one through cover for a blistering four. The comeback has begun.

0015: NZ 360-9
Monty to Martin, and the ferret (goes in after the rabbit) survives with surprising ease. Southee loosening his shoulders at the other end.

0011: We're back - how nigh is the end?


2330: NZ 360-9
Four slips in, short leg, leg slip, short extra cover, gully and point. Anderson lands a brutal snifter onto Martin's helmet first ball but then fails to dislodge him. A prodded single gives Southee the strike and he hoists an enormous six way over deep square leg. That's lunch. Could they not delay the interval? Have we not all got beds to go to?

2325: NZ 353-9
Massive swipe by Southee and Mont watches in amazement as the ball disappears for a maximum. One more over before lunch - can Jimmy see off the hapless Chris Martin? Hold on - Monty's going to slip....

From Darren Sheward: "If Sarah Green and Sarah Ferguson are going to the myspace party, fire up the Quattro and get me there pronto."

2320: WICKET - Vettori c Ambrose b Anderson 43, NZ 347-9
Wicket falls
Huge confusion followed by jubilation for England. Wearying of the short stuff, Vettori steps away to off and is amazed to see Umpire Rudi K misinterpret his moves as a dead ball. Still chuntering, he does the same next ball and gloves straight through to Stumper Tiny Tim. Vettori trudges off to widespread laughter.

From Richard in Suffolk: "I did once make up a bedtime story for my children in which any girl with the name Sarah was evil. It went down very well. And strangely enough, I did once date a very evil Sarah from Berkshire."

2314: NZ 343-8
And there's the other side of Monty, flapping like a panicked deb at Vettori's inadvertent hook and conceding a needless four. Vettori enjoyed that over - the ball before, he flicked Anderson to the midwicket boundary like Gower at his peak. In glasses.

From Duncan Lewin: "For Richard Newsome, Sarah and Paul: my parents are going away next week and I am having one of those Myspace parties where I invite as many people as possible to cause as much damage as possible. I live in Bucks so I know it is a long way for Paul to travel but it should be one hell of a bash."

2309: WICKET - Patel c Broad b Panesar 18, NZ 329-8
Wicket falls
Where's it coming from? Where else? Patel creams a middled sweep round the corner and Basher Broad takes a wonderful pouch full length to his left. Monty is cock of the walk - that's his best Test figures in the bag.

From Sarah in Perth, WA: "Present and correct, Paul in Lancs."

2306: NZ 328-7
Where's this next wicket coming from? KP gives his captain a heavily-accented hint by bowling the dead ball back to Anderson with an obvious googly. Glancing over at Vaughan, he is aghast to see Skipper examining his thumb-nail.

From Sam in Norwich: "Oh heavens, the day has come, Paul in Lancs! I praise you for you are a braver man then I! I too witness these 'Sarahs' from all corners of the Live Text globe, thinking they are all 'it', as is said nowdays, and I heartily side with you in this civil war!"

2300: NZ 322-7
Monts gets enormous tweak off a looper and beats Patel and Ambrose all ends up, the ball careering away for four past Colly at slip. Jimmy A steams in at the other end and Vettori blocks with frosty fortitude.

From Richard Newsome: "Sarah, what on earth makes you think that Paul gets invited to parties?"

2254: NZ 314-7
Patel's found his groove - he drives Siders back down the ground for two graceful fours. Nowt happening for the copper-haired toiler today, and that could mean another nibble for Jimmy A.

From Paul in Lancs: "Re: Sarah in Worksop, Bucks, Canterbury etc., can we just do a quick roll-call and check whether there are Sarahs online in all counties and corners of England, and then try and work out why TMS Live Text attracts Sarah-dom so?"

2249: NZ 306-7
Is Mont growing weary of the battle? Patel defends with ease after Danny V jogs an early single. For those curious about Monty's Michelle, she's a Pfeiffer. He's currently got Pfeiffer 73 off 38 overs.

2246: NZ 304-7
Vettori squints at the returning Siders and slashes brutally at a wide one, missing it by a mile. He then strolls a single off the last one to steal the strike as Vaughan neglects his duties.

From Sarah in Canterbury: "Paul in Lancs, have been wondering for a while - does your wife have to translate for you at parties?"

2242: NZ 302-7
Big slogger-sweep from Skip off Monts, dragging it over midwicket for a racey four. Monts delivers maximum air on the next one and the ball spits like a rosy-cheeked cobra.

From Derek in Vancouver: "Jim in Vancouver - now maybe I¿m not one of those smart fellas that you referred to, but if nothing else, I would say that the post-war baby boom in Canada played havoc with the school lunches budget."

2239: NZ 298-7
Vettori's hurling himself into the cannons' mouths, cutting broad for an extravagant four and then turning a wristy three to deep midwicket. Looks mildly aggrieved by all this, the skip.

2232: NZ 291-7
Many of you have pointed out the following paragraph which appeared in Jonathan Agnew's blog on Monday:

""Personally, I hope we see some guile introduced to Monty Panesar¿s bowling. There is not much turn but there is a little bounce and Panesar will have to tease batsmen out through subtlety rather than help from the pitch. I am not expecting him to take 5 for 70 (if he did, it would be outstanding) but I do hope we see more in the way of experimentation."

2228: NZ 287-7
Danny V, burning deck canting beneath his feet, nudges Basher Broad off his padders for a pointless four. Big shout for caught behind against Patel, but the ball came off the pad. Ambrose caught it between his knees, which would have been a neat trick had he meant it. On reflection, that was very much plumb ell bee, but the knee thing distracted everyone.

From Sarah in Worksop: "Re: 2208 - is that another way of saying he was caught red-handed?"

2221: NZ 282-7
Patel and Vettori to face the rampant Monts in a dicey triangle of spin. A mere three slips, leg slip, short leg and silly point in. Jeetan survives and blinks nervously through his unnecessary helmet grille.

From Jim in Vancouver: "Seems we've got smart fellas out there at the moment so I'd better get my question in quick before we mop up the tail... anyone know how the baby boom affected the education system in Canada in the post-war period?"

2214: WICKET - McCullum b Panesar 42, NZ 281-7
Wicket falls
McCullum, just joined by the squinting Vettori, leans back to a quicker one from Monts, tries to hoist legwards and looks down in horror as his timbers are rattled. That's a Michelle for Monty, his seventh in Test cricket, and England are clambering all over the win.

From Paul in Lancs: "Max in Watford - International Financial Centres are spatially configured in accordance with the extent to which states and their hegemonic apparatuses of social control are able to provide a self-fulfiling narrative prophecy of the need to reduce tax burden on capital accumulation, and the configuration is related to historically institutionalised trade links, and before that physical and migratroy links, with the USA.

"There you, go job done, and they won't be expecting a neo-Marxist approach, so you'll get more marks."

2208: WICKET - Taylor c Collingwood b Panesar 74, NZ 276-6
Wicket falls
Lordy - England needed that - Monts ignores his bleeding index finger and rips a big tweaker, and Taylor gets a big outside edge into the ginger palms at first slip. The partnership was worth 104 runs off 21.4 overs; Taylor compiled his volume from 117 balls with 14 fours.

From George in London: "How is Owen pouring concrete and using the internet? Suspect Health and Safety will be after him shortly..."

2204: NZ 272-5
More boff from the pair and that's the 100 partnership, with 50 added this morning alone. Broad drops short again and Taylor gloves one straight into the vacant short square leg slot. Vaughan waits one more ball and then brings Bell up short, just to make it look as if he didn't do it as a reaction.

2200: NZ 267-5
The Mont it is, his enormous palms making the ball look like a cherry stone. McCullum pops away a single to midwicket, watches Taylor do the same and then clouts a four through the same area. Grimace from Monts.

From Duncan Jenner: "I'm impressed by the optimism of some fellow posters TF, but frankly, have they never watched England play cricket over the past decade?!? At best, we'll scramble our way to victory in the last two overs of the day, winning by about 10 runs, after McCullum and Taylor have slammed it around the park for three hours. ProPlus and Red Bull anyone?"

2156: NZ 261-5
That's how you do it, says Basher Broad, tightening the screws with youthful vigour. No scares out there so far, though - and it looks like Skipper Vaughan is reaching for his Monty.

From Max in Watford: "My money's on England to wrap it up before lunch. I hope they don't though as I'm writing an extended essay on the spatial configuration of International Financial Centres and could do with some company through what promises to be a grim evening."

2151: NZ 261-5
Taylor's going at Siders like the Daily Mail at a vulnerable minority group - that's eight boundaries this morning already, and all but one of them to Ross. Siders, flummoxed, hides behind his mirrored shades.

From Owen Brown: "I dont mind what time this ends, longer the better. I'm on a building site in South Wales pouring concrete til 6.00am."

2147: NZ 248-5
Good feist from Broad, tearing in with a brace of lifters and keeping Taylor on his toes.

From James in Plymouth: "I'll go with 4.27am, a comfortable three minutes before close of play."

2143: NZ 247-5
That's 50
Leg-side drifters from Siders and Taylor goes to his half-century with lustiness to leg. 10 fours in that knock.

From Stan in Walsall: "I'm going for two minutes after I have to go to bed so I'm not knackered for work. England have a habit of doing that."

21372: NZ 240-5
Stuart Broad charging in from the Centennial Stand end, and Brendan McCullum drives beautifully through point for four. For those of you who spotted that I claimed Chris Broad was on the outfield, fear not - sleep deprivation has wobbled my faculties. It was Bill Athey. And there's Tim Robinson, deep in conversation with Bruce French.

2132: NZ 234-5
In charges Siders, and off goes the ball - to the boundary three times, as Ross Taylor clips and then drives with abandon. Good bounce off the track with the new ball just two overs old. Smattering of punters in the stands at Napier.

From Craig Knowles: "I'll go for 0215 GMT, although I tried this in the first test with our 110 run collapse and Monty stayed in for about 45 minutes."

2128: Sunny with the thinnest layer of hazy cloud up above - no issues there. Ryan Sidebottom and Stuart Broad are lying on the outfield, waving their legs in the air. Take that, New Zealand.

From Phil Walker, TMS inbox: "England has it wrapped 10 mins before lunch."

2115: Now then. How long do we reckon this will take - or do we think it will take at all?

Five wickets needed by England, 331 runs by New Zealand. I'm saying an hour after lunch, or about 0120 GMT. Where's your money?

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