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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 January 2007, 09:04 GMT
England v New Zealand as it happened
England 206-7 (49.5 overs) bt New Zealand 205-9 (50 overs) by three wickets

Andrew Flintoff hit an unbeaten half century as England beat New Zealand by three wickets in Hobart.

Freed from the cares of captaincy, Flintoff made 72 not out as England reached 206-7 with one ball to spare.

It was their first win of any kind since arriving in Australia but came at a price as captain Michael Vaughan suffered a hamstring injury.

New Zealand were restricted to 205-9 in their 50 overs as fast bowler Jimmy Anderson produced figures of 4-42.


By Ben Dirs


50th over: McMillan to bowl the final over, with England needing four to win. Lewis finds the fielder at point from his first delivery before getting a single into the on-side. Freddie clips McMillan to mid-wicket for a couple to level the scores and England cannot lose... McMillan pulls out of of his delivery stride and warns Lewis for walking down the track before Freddie hits the winning run straight down the pitch - ENGLAND HAVE WON A GAME OF CRICKET! Dame Kiri te Kanawa, Peter Jackson, Neil Finn, Sir Edmund Hillary, Jonah Lomu - we have beaten them all! Helen Clark, can you hear me? Your boys took one hell of a beating! By three wickets...with one ball to spare...sorry, it's just been so long...Great dig from Freddie, who finishes with 72 from 75 balls. I'm off for a big celebratory sleep.

49th over: WICKET - England 201-7 (Dalrymple c Patel b Gillespie 1)
Freddie plays a straight bat to Gillespie and gets one for the shot. Dalrymple is then out, flaying at a wide one from Gillespie and finding Patel at backward point. Good catch fom Patel, who's had a very good match. Lewis is next man in. He makes room, has a dart and finds Patel again. Lewis gets a full-toss and drives it through the covers for a single. Not sure whether that was the right thing to do... 202-7

Batsman is out
48th over: WICKET - England 198-6 (Nixon run out 14)
Nixon is run out attempting a second run - needless, but it wouldn't be England if they didn't throw in a bit of hysterics at the death. Dalrymple is next man in and he opens the face and runs the ball down to third-man for a single. Freddie drives into the on-side to bring up England's 200.

47th over: Gillespie is back into the attack and the Barmy Army are cranking it up, although it's more of a platoon than an army. Flintoff mis-hits Gillespie over mid-off for a single off a no-ball. Nixon gives Gillespie the charge and pushes him to mid-off for one. Controversy at the death! Flintoff has a go at a full-toss and holes out to mid-wicket. For a moment, it looks as though the England skipper is out, but Flintoff stands his ground and the umpires agree it was an above-the-waste no-ball. The Kiwi fielders give Freddie some verbals and Freddie slams the final ball down the ptich for four. 197-5

46th over: Nixon whips McMillan away for one before Flintoff clips him off his hip for a couple. Flintoff gives it some hammer, hoicking a dibbly-dobbly delivery to the mid-wicket boundary. Freddie gets another single into the covers before Nixon drags McMillan to wide mid-on for a couple. 21 needed from 24 balls. 185-5

45th over: Flintoff smashes Vettori over deep mid-wicket and the ball just beats the dive of Taylor, lands inches in front of the rope and runs away for four. Freddie reaches his fifty with a nurdle into the on-side and receives the applause with a rather half-hearted wave of the bat. He knows his job isn't done yet... 174-5

44th over: McMillan is proving difficult to get away and almost gets one through Flintoff's defences. Freddie hoicks McMillan over mid-wicket but only gets one for it. Just three from the over and the pressure builds. England need 39 from 36 balls - would you put money on them to win? 167-5

43rd over: Vettori drops short and Nixon swivels and pulls it away for one. Flintoff nurdles Vettori to mid-wicket for a single before Nixon is nearly run out. He turns Vettori round the corner, hesitates and would have been well out had Fleming's throw hit the stumps. 164-5

42nd over: McMillan is into the attack. He really has stacked on some weight - if I found him in bed with my girlfriend, I'd tuck him in. Flintoff tugs him to deep mid-wicket for one and that's all England get from the over. 159-5

41st over: Just spotted a banner in the crowd with the legend: "The path to glory is Daniel Vettori". Can it be? Freddie drives him through mid-off for one before slogging uppishly to mid-wicket for another single. Three from the over and if this game wasn't so meaningless, I'd be nervous. 158-5

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"Why oh why? I'm still up here in very chilly British Columbia, Canada, watching, on my computer no less, two wretched sides bore each other into submission. I've become addicted to misery and now I want England to lose so it can go on..."
Mark in the TMS inbox

40th over: Astle is into the attack having bowled just one over for one run earlier in the innings. Nixon pushes him into the off-side for a single before running Astle down to deep third-man for another one. Flintoff nicks the strike with a push to mid-on and England have four from the over. 155-5

39th over: Vettori is back on and Nixon clips him away for one. The Leicestershire man is doing his job well, just nudging and nurdling and making sure Flintoff gets the lion's share of the strike. Vettori drops short and Flintoff bludgeons him through the covers for four. Freddie thinks about the slog-sweep but checks himself - nice flighting by Vettori. 151-5

38th over: Flintoff rocks back and cracks Bond through the covers for three. Nixon gets off the mark with a nurdle for one before Freddie cuts Bond away for a couple. Bond, searching for his 100th wicket in one-day internationals, sends down a yorker and Flintoff digs it out for one. Another nurdle from Nixon and England glean eight from the over. 146-5

37th over: WICKET - England 138-5 (Bell lbw b Patel 45)
Flintoff advances down the track and clubs Patel, in his final over, to long-on for one. Bell moves to 45 with a steer to backward point before Flintoff makes room and carves Patel through the covers for a couple. Freddie picks up another single with a clip to mid-on before Bell is dismissed, staying back to a quicker delivery from Patel and getting himself trapped in front. Wicket-keeper Nixon is next man in and he survives his one delivery.

36th over: Bond drops short outside off-stump, Freddie's eyes light up and he swings, misses and nearly puts his back out. Freddie misses out with another wild swish, the ball keeping low on him. Flintoff gets one with a more delicate stroke, dabbing the ball down to third-man. Bell runs Bond down to third-man and gets a couple. Four from the over and this is going down to the wire. 133-4

35th over: Glorious, muscular shot from Flintoff, dancing down the wicket to Patel and larruping him over mid-wicket for four. Bell eases back and guides Patel through point for a couple. England have slipped up a gear, and not before time. 129-4

34th over: Fleming turns to Bond - an odd move seeing that Vettori still has four overs to bowl. Flintoff takes a risky single and Bell could have been out with a direct hit from Patel. Bell opens the face and picks up a single to third-man. Bond bounces Flintoff and Freddie ducks underneath it. Freddie then gets four to wide mid-on with a mis-hit hoick. Ugly, but effective. Better over from England, eight from it. 122-4

33rd over: The Kiwis aren't happy with the ball and they get umpire Davis to take a look at it. Not sure why they'd want it changed, but new balls are brought to the middle nevertheless. Patel grabs the new cherry, or whatever the white ones are called, and continues. Bell clips Patel to square-leg for one. Flintoff shapes to charge Patel but thinks better of it and covers up. Freddie gets one with a flick off his hip. Just two from the over and England continue their crawl. 114-4

32nd over: Flintoff bags a single with a clip to mid-wicket. Bell then gets a couple with a glide to third-man for three, including an overthrow. England rotating the strike at least and they pick up eight from the over. Players take drinks. There's something about that big Gatorade mobile that I find a bit sinister. I think it's the fact it moves but I can't see anyone propelling it. 112-4

"I think I'm going to organise a game for England versus my daughter's childcare centre in the hope that they can win one match on this tour."
Colin Brown in the TMS inbox

31st over: WICKET - England 98-4 (Collingwood c Taylor b Patel 10)
Collingwood is out, charging 'Dave' Patel and playing an ugly stroke straight to Taylor at mid-wicket. Rancid shot and Freddie is next man in. Flintoff gets off the mark with a slog over mid-wicket for four before being beaten lunging outside the off-stump. Flintoff then plays uppishly to mid-wicket and runs one.

"Seems to be something wrong with my computer - the runs figure stays the same and the overs keeps increasing..."
Paul Creighton, Witney, in the TMS inbox

30th over: Nice stroke from Colly, using his feet to Vettori and whipping him to wide long-on for a couple. Collingwod is then outfoxed by Vettori, who beats the batsman in the flight. Five from the over and England look very much like a side who don't know how to win. 98-3

29th over: Just three from Patel's over and he really has got the thumb screws on at the moment. Either Bell or Collingwood need to give it some humpty at some point, just a couple of blows to swing the pendulum back England's way. 93-3

28th over: Collingwood gets a couple from a thick outside edge and there are five from the over. 90-3

27th over: Bell really needs to crank it up now, but is unable to do so against Patel - maiden over. England have now scored 18 off the last nine overs and I'm about to put the matchsticks in. This is soporific. It's so late, I don't even know what that means. 85-3

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26th over: Collingwood is beaten outside the off-stump and there's just one from Vettori's over. England now require over five an over. Give me strength great one, give me strength... 85-3

"Is McCullum actually Papa Lazarou in disguise? That might explain why he's calling Patel Dave."
Tom, Sydney, in the TMS inbox

25th over: Bell runs Patel to third-man for a couple and repeats the stroke for two more. Shocking fielding by Fulton. Bell gets another single to point to move to 29. 84-3

"My mate at school was called Dharmesh Patel, but he was known as Dave and his brother Mitesh was Mike. Maybe they're all related?"
Paul, Auckland, in the TMS inbox

Batsman is out
24th over: WICKET - England 79-3 (Joyce run out 5)
Bell dabs Vettori to backward point and Joyce is run out by a direct hit from Patel. Not clever and England are tottering ladies and gents...

23rd over: Joyce isn't looking much cop at the moment and is beaten by Patel trying to glide the ball behind square. He gets one for a turn off his legs. New Zealand really pinning England down here. 78-2

22nd over: There are a couple of seagulls having a row in the outfield. No-one likes to see that. Bell gets one with a force into the covers. Joyce is beaten by Vettori but he gets a single with a push to point. 77-2

21st over: Bell whips Patel over the top but the ball stops just short of the boundary and England pick up three more runs. McCullum is calling Jeetan Patel "Dave" from behind the stumps. Work that one out. 75-2

20th over: There are a few England fans in, but not many. Looks like most of the Barmy Army have packed up and returned to Blighty. Bell gets three for a text-book cover-drive which Astle just drags in before the rope. 72-2

19th over: Astle is out of the attack after just one over to be replaced by off-spinner Patel. Joyce gets a single with a push into the covers and Bell gets one with a clip to mid-on. 69-2

Batsman is out
18th over: WICKET - England 62-2 (Strauss lbw b Franklin 28)
Strauss carves Franklin through the covers for four. It looked like he was going to charge the bowler but he checked his shot cleverly. But Strauss gets another shocking umpiring decision next ball, umpire Davis adjudging him leg before even though it ricocheted off the face of his bat onto his pads. New batsman Joyce gets off the mark with a single before Bell gets another outside edge for four.

17th over: Astle is into the attack. Strauss tries to hoick him through mid-wicket and Fleming makes a good stop. Strauss gets a single with a drive into the off-side and there is just one from the over. 58-1

16th over: Strauss turns Franklin away and Bond almost gets rid of Bell with a shie at the stumps, but just misses the target from fine-leg. This isn't the most scintilating cricket I've ever seen. Sharapova was just on the other side. She looked very poorly in the heat up in Melbourne, I wanted to give her a big hug. Drinks. 57-1

15th over: A Gillespie no-ball brings up England's 50 and a couple of people deign to clap in the stands. It sounds like a county match at Ilford in April. Bell plays a dashing drive for a couple, Patel making a great half-stop at point. Bell then gets an outside edge but wicket-keeper McCullum, diving low to his right, shells the catch. Tricky, but should have taken it. Bell rubs Gillespie's nose in it with a clip off his legs for a couple next ball. 54-1

14th over: Strauss dabs Franklin down to third-man for one. Bell then helps himself to his first boundary, getting up on one leg and dragging Frankin away to the mid-wicket fence. 49-1

13th over: Strauss moves to 20 with a quick single, just beating Astle's direct hit. Bell then gets off the mark with an outside edge for a couple. 43-1

12th over: WICKET - England 39-1 (Vaughan c Taylor b Franklin 17)
On comes Franklin again and Strauss glides his first ball down to third-man for two. Strauss turns Franklin away to deep square-leg for one before Vaughan perishes. The England skipper attempts to pull one from outside off-stump and Taylor takes a sharp catch at mid-wicket. New batsman Bell survives the last ball of the over.

11th over: Strauss top-edges Gillespie, but the ball lands safely at deep mid-wicket and he runs one. Vaughan then plays a glorious pull shot for four before getting another boundary with a doozy of a drive. 36-0

"James Bond had some beauties. Felicity Shagwell was a personal favourite of mine. As good as Bond is, has he ever won a Golden Globe?"
Damien Fleming on TMS

10th over: Dalrymple is on as a runner for Vaughan. Strauss is really struggling to find his timing here but does get one for a glide down to third-man. 24-0

9th over: Gillespie, who's a new one on me, comes into the attack. Strauss gets a jammy four off an inside edge. Gillespie has the look of a man who has just walked into a room to find the shelves he's just put up have fallen down. Dalrymple, padded up, is hovering just over the boundary, ready to come on as a runner for Vaughan. 23-0

8th over: Bond gets Vaughan in a proper pickle with a bumper, Vaughan shaping to hook before pulling out of the shot. The ball loops off Vaughan's shoulder and Strauss calls him through for a single. A direct hit would have sent the England skipper packing. Vaughan has a nibble at one before strolling off for a chat with portly England physio Dean Conway. Dean should try skipping - skipping breakfast, skipping lunch, skipping dinner... 18-0

7th over: Vaughan picks up a single to square-leg before Strauss gives that gammy knee a test, sending his skipper back after a drive into the covers. 16-0

"If I don't make my 11-year-old son turn his radio off and protect him from the inevitable nightmare to come, am I a bad mother?"
Jane in the TMS inbox

6th over: Strauss dabs Bond down to third man for one before Vaughan wafts and misses at Bond again. Pretty sedate start this by England. 15-0

"On the 300th aniversary of the Act of Union I thought I'd do my bit for cross-border relations by listening in to hear if the Auld Enemy can finally get a win!"
A Scot via text

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5th over: Vaughan bends his knee and plays a dreamy cover-drive for his first boundary of the innings. Vaughan then has a wild and windy woosh at Franklin and is beaten outside the off-stump. 13-0

4th over: Strauss flashes outside off-stump and is beaten. He's done that a lot over the past couple of months. Just one from the over, a wide. 9-0

3rd over: Strauss moves across his stumps and flicks Franklin away for the first boundary of the innings. Vaughan attempts to pull Franklin from outside off-stump but fails to get hold of it. 8-0

2nd over: Vaughan pushes down the ground and takes a quick single. He doesn't look right though. Apparently the official line is that the England skipper has a dicky hamstring, though I'm not convinced by that - he was definitely feeling his left knee in the field. Strauss gets off the mark with a clip to mid-wicket. 3-0

1st over: It's Franklin with the first over and he beats Strauss with his second delivery. Apparently the press boys have been stuffing their faces at lunch. Giant prawns, smoked salmon, the works. I've just had two shortbread biscuits and a cup of tea in a styrofoam cup. Maiden over to start with. 0-0

"It's just gone 3am here and somebody has just let off a big display of fireworks on the Downs in Bristol. I know we have bowled ourselves into a decent position, but I think this optimism is slightly premature."
Andy Wogan in the TMS inbox

0312 GMT: The England openers, Strauss and Vaughan, make their way to the middle. Vaughan's twinge can't be too serious.


"Sitting in Taipei airport hitting the refresh button on my Blackberry every few seconds. Are we really shaping up for a win or did I drink too much rice wine last night?"
Mike Methley in the TMS inbox

Batsman is out
50th over: WICKET - New Zealand 205-9 (Gillespie b Anderson 10)
Gillespie makes room and flails Anderson into the covers for a single. Bond drives for a couple of quick runs, Gillespie just making his ground. Extraordinary shot from Gillespie, shuffling three feet outside off-stump and getting sliced in half by the delivery. Anderson then cleans him up with the last ball of the innings and finishes with 4-42 from his 10 overs. Can it be true? Are England about to win a game of cricket? I'm off to mull it over with an English muffin and a carton of Ribena.

49th over: Gillespie backs away from Flintoff's first delivery and the bowler follows him down leg-side. Gillespie does the same next ball and he won't be winning any Purple Hearts in this match. Bond throws the kitchen sink at one and misses before getting a thick inside edge down to fine-leg for one. Gillespie brings up the New Zealand 200 with a drive to mid-on and Flintoff finishes with 2-37 from his 10 overs. 200-8

48th over: Anderson's back on at the death and Bond leaves his first delivery outside off-stump. Not often you see that with just three overs left in a one-day international. Bond then clubs Anderson straight down the ground for one before Gillespie hits his straps, pulling the bowler for a couple before swatting a long-hop over mid-wicket for four. Gillespie then plays a cheeky dab sweep down to third man for a couple. Ten from the over and the Kiwis dragging themselves up towards 200. 196-8

47th over: WICKET - New Zealand 185-8 (Franklin c Collingwood b Flintoff 20)
Flintoff does for Franklin, the batsman attempting to loft him over mid-off and Collingwood taking a simple catch running in from the boundary. Gillespie gets a brute first up from Flintoff, the ball spitting off a length and the ball looping off the bat into open space. 186-8

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"Typical - 30,000 miles of air travel, 2,000 worth of holiday and uncountable hours of heartache and England finally manage a win on my first day BACK AT WORK!"
Geoff Jein, BBC Two producer, in the TNS inbox

46th over: Lewis, the man of a thousand faces, is back on. Five singles before Bond hits the first boundary for 11 overs, a very passable cover-drive. 181-7

"To the Aussies, this is a bit like watching John Inman and Cliff Richard cage fighting..."
Pete Davies, Christchurch, in the TMS inbox

45th over: Flintoff comes into the attack to the strains of Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. Franklin plays a delicate late cut for one to third man and there are three from the over. 172-7

"As a Englishman living in NZ, you wouldn't believe how much stick I've been getting over the last two months from the Kiwis. Keep up the good work lads, I want to rub their noses in it. Payback time..."
Ashley in the TMS inbox

44th over: Lewis is back into the attack. Vaughan, fielding at backward point, appears to tweak his knee. That's not good news. He stretches his left leg out and gives it a massage - it's his right knee he's had problems with. Two from the over and the Kiwis have almost ground to a halt. 169-7

43rd over: Bit loose from Monty, the ball spearing down Franklin's leg-side and running away for three wides. Bond is then beaten twice outside the off-stump and Monty finishes with figures of 1-36 from 10 overs. Tidy. According to John Etheridge on Five Live, Nixon does 1000 sit-ups a day. He wants to get himself a Game Boy. 167-7

"We're all getting a bit excited to see New Zealand 160-7, but we've all seen enough of England to know it's not all over 'til it's over..."
Arlo White on TMS

42nd over: Dalrymple is into the attack and he won't be easy to get away on this deck. Franklin gets two with a clip to mid-wicket and repeats the shot for another couple. 160-7

41st over: One from Monty's over and the Kiwis are going along at a glacial pace at the moment. 154-7

40th over: Collingwood on for his last over and there's just one run from it. His 10 overs cost 25 runs and he took two wickets. Miserly stuff. 153-7

39th over: Franklin whips the ball to mid-wicket and runs two, including an overthrow from a wild throw from Flintoff. Franklin tickles Panesar off his pads for a couple. Nixon sounds like a gobby so and so behind the timbers, he'd get right on my wick if I was batting. 152-7

Dear Ben Dirs

Having read your rather biased, one-eyed account of the Black Caps innings, I have only one word to say to you: BONDY! I predict he will have five English wickets within the first 15 overs. Good day Sir.

Regards, Mr B Cap (TMS inbox)

38th over: WICKET - New Zealand 146-7 (McMillan c&b Collingwood 22)
Collingwood takes his second wicket, McMillan serving up a dolly at knee height and the England bowler pouching the catch. Bond is New Zealand's number nine and the Kiwis are in danger of being skittled out with plenty of overs to spare. Bond probes lazily at one and is beaten outside the off-stump. Wicket-maiden from Collingwood.

Batsman is out
37th over: WICKET - New Zealand 144-6 (Vettori lbw b Panesar 11)
Vettori dabs Panesar behind square and scampers a quick single. McMillan picks up one before Panesar traps Vettori leg before. Vetorri, attempting the sweep, looks disgusted with umpire Rauf's decision, and the ball may well have been drifting down leg. Franklin gets off the mark with a push into the covers.

36th over: Vettori drives for a single and McMillan gets one with a slash off the front foot off Colly. 143-5

"As someone who does a fair deal of polishing - of woodwork etc. - I wonder what the one-day strips are made of. The kit looks to be some kind of artificial fabric and yet I have never achieved a decent polish from anything other than 100% cotton. Given that the polishing of the ball can be so important, I wonder if teams are missing a trick."
Sam Collier in the TMS inbox

35th over: Vettori cuts Flintoff for four, the ball just evading Collingwood at gully. McMillan chops Flintoff down to third man for one and Vettori gets another single with a glide to third man. The Gatorade mobile ploughs onto the pitch and players take a tipple. 139-2

34th over: McMillan makes room and carves Colly into the off-side for one. Vettori gets off the mark with a whip from outside off-stump for one. Someone in the crowd's got the hump and shouts "boooooring" at the top of his voice. Little bit boorish, but he's got a point. 132-5

33rd over: WICKET - New Zealand 127-5 (Fulton c Vaughan b Flintoff 27)
Fulton is next man out. Inspired bowling change by Vaughan and he takes a sharp catch at mid-wicket off Flintoff's first delivery. Vettori is next in, and he's a pretty handy batsman. He attempts to dab Flintoff down to third man, misses and umpire Rauf calls a wide.

32nd over: Fulton, leaden-footed, plays and misses at Collingwood before he lofts one to wide mid-off and is lucky to find open prairie. The Kiwis have scored 35 in the last 10 overs, which is pretty sluggish for a Test match nowadays. 127-4

31st over: Sharper delivery from Monty that raps McMillan on his gloves. Monty then drops short and McMillan flashes him away for four. McMillan nurdles one to mid-wicket for one and Fulton flicks one off his pads for another single. 124-4

30th over: McMillan very nearly plays on against Colly, the ball just bouncing over his stumps and running away for a single. Fulton gets two leg-byes and Collingwood is doing a pretty tidy job here for England. 118-4

29th over: Four from Monty's over, all in singles. The Kiwis finding those singles a bit easy to come by at the moment. 115-4

28th over: Fulton plays a false stroke and almost plays on from Colly. Not sure if I heard correctly, but I think Nixon just said "come on boys, let's get groovy" from behind the stumps. Remarkable. I reckon the last time he said that was in Creaton nightclub in Leicester in about 1987. Two from the over. 111-4

27th over: Fulton pushes Monty for a single and McMillan strokes him into the covers for one. Four singles from the over and the Kiwis happy to do a bit of milking for the time-being. 109-4

26th over: McMillan plays uppishly and the ball falls just short of Vaughan at point. Colly's keeping it tight. Saying that, he drops one wide and McMillan flays it through the covers for four. 105-4

"I don't think Craig McMillan has been eating too many salads recently..."
Arlo White on TMS

25th over: Panesar drops short and Fulton carves him away to wide third-man for three to bring up New Zealand's 100. McMillan flicks Monty away for a single to get off the mark. 101-4

24th over: WICKET - New Zealand 97-4 (Astle b Collingwood 45)
Big breakthrough for England, Astle playing lazily at Collingwood and deflecting the ball onto his stumps. The Kiwis in a bit of trouble here, 220 would be a decent total from here. McMillan is next man in and he survives the over.

23rd over: Apparently Plunkett was meant to play in the first one-dayer against Australia but failed a fitness test. The bloke covering the Aussie Open tennis has just suggested he might have deep vein thrombosis. Two from Monty's over. 94-3

22nd over: Collingwood replaces Flintoff and Astle gets one for a cramped-looking cut shot. Fulton clips Colly into the on-side for a single. Plunkett is on as sub, not sure who's off. I'd like to read his tour diary...wait a minute, we had it on this website. What a mistake that turned out to be...Just three from the over. 92-3

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21st over: It's Monty time and his announcement brings the biggest cheer of the day so far. Astle sweeps him to backward square-leg for a single. Fulton, lunging forward, is beaten and it's an on the money over from Monty. 89-3

20th over: Jon Never Knowingly Overbowled Lewis continues to trundle away. Fulton plays uppishly and Flintoff is caught in two minds in the covers and the ball squirts underneath him for a couple. Another uppish drive by Fulton, but the ball falls just short of Vaughan at short extra-cover. Fulton gets four from the final ball, whipping Lewis off his pads to the mid-wicket boundary. 88-3

19th over: Freddie tests Astle out with a bumper and almost loses his head. Astle then swivels, a la Gordon Greenidge, and pulls Flintoff away for four. Freddie then gets one to jag back at Astle and the batsman gets a couple of leg-byes. 82-3

18th over: Sketchy shot from Astle, top-edging a cut past wicket-keeper Nixon for a couple. Astle then whips Lewis away for a single and Fulton gets one for a glide to point. 75-3

17th over: Another steady over from Flintoff, just three from it. Fulton gets off the mark with a work to mid-wicket for a couple. Astle is in a bit of a bind now. He'll be torn between giving it some serious humpty, as is his want, and trying to hang around for a while. 70-3

"I think Jon Lewis looks like Gabriela Sabatini, the smouldering women's Argentine tennis smasher..."
Simon from Dallas in the TMS inbox

16th over: WICKET - New Zealand 67-3 (Taylor c Vaughan b Anderson 1)
Anderson strikes again, Taylor going all agricultural, attempting a pull and holing out to Vaughan at cover. Fulton is in next, he's had a couple of fifties and one ton from 19 one-dayers. He survives the over.

15th over: Taylor is next man in - he got 84 against the Aussies last week and hits pretty big. Flintoff over-pitches and Astle laces him through extra-cover for four. Taylor clips his first ball away to mid-wicket but Joyce saves a single. Bizarrely, we have two different people claming Lewis looks like two different Doctor Whos. Sumo thinks he looks like a young Tom Baker ("just add a wide brim hat and scarf of ridiculous length") and Andy Plowright thinks he looks like Paul McGann. Weird. Six from the over. 67-2

14th over: WICKET - New Zealand 61-2 (Fleming b Anderson 12)
Astle slams a size 10 down the track and slaps Anderson through mid-off for four. He then latches onto a widish delivery but Dalrymple saves well in the covers. Fleming clubs Anderson down the ground and Flintoff mis-fields. Two for the shot. But Anderson strikes back, pitching one up and Fleming dragging the ball onto his stumps.

13th over: Astle brings up New Zealand's 50 and Fleming gets a few with a push through the covers. Very much an artisan rather than an artist Fleming. Flintoff beats him with his last ball of the over. 54-1

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"Have any of you been on a tour when you've failed to win a single game? We want your tales of woe..."
Arlo White on TMS

12th over: Anderson raps Fleming on the pads and goes up for lbw, but umpire Rauf decides the Kiwi skipper got an inside edge. Anderson then drops short and Fleming swings him away for four. 49-1

11th over: Flintoff is into the attack and Astle sashays down the pitch to his first ball and misses with an ugly swipe. Flintoff finds his range straightaway and the Kiwis are under a little bit of pressure here. One leg-bye from the over. 44-1

10th over: Anderson, sun cream streaked across his face like Adam Ant, goes up for an lbw against Fleming but the umpire's having none of it. Fleming, who doesn't look in particularly good nick to me, misses out on a half-bunger on his legs. Fleming plays a more expansive cover-drive, but Bell fields well in the covers to prevent the single. The pitch looks pretty slow-paced and there's some uneven bounce, so 250 could be a good dig on this track. 43-1

9th over: The Jon Lewis lookalikes are flooding in. I'm sure that will be of comfort to him as Astle crashes him over mid-wicket for six. Peter Shipton thinks he looks like a young Sly Stallone, as do a few others. Daz from London thinks he bears a resemblance to a young Oscar Wilde. He should be sent to Reading Gaol for some of this bowling. 42-1

8th over: Anderson beats Astle's outside edge before Astle rocks back and pulls the bowler to the boundary for four. Astle gets a thick outside edge for a single and Anderson then gets Fleming to fence at one. Good contest this. 35-1

"Jon Lewis looks like that woman from Deacon Blue. He's a real gone (to the boundary) kid..."
Damon in the TMS inbox

7th over: Fleming, captaining New Zealand for the 199th time in one-dayers, gets off the mark with a couple into the off-side. Lewis then beats Fleming's outside edge and England have tightened the reins after a wobbly start. 30-1

Batsman is out
6th over: WICKET - New Zealand 26-1 (McCullum c Vaughan b Anderson 16)
McCullum goes after a wide one and gets a thin inside edge. Leave that and it's a wide. McCullum then takes one liberty too many, attempting to hoick Anderson over mid-off and holing out rather tamely to Vaughan. Kiwi skipper Fleming is next man in and Anderson tests him with an inswinger that he just manages to winkle out.

5th over: I'm racking my brains as to who Jon Lewis looks like. Answers in an email or text please. Astle advances down the pitch to Lewis and slams him over wide mid-off for four and Nixon decides to stand up to the stumps. Four from the over. 25-0

4th over: McCullum isn't hanging about. He flails wildly at a wide one first up and gets a faint nick, but the ball falls short of first slip. McCullum, trying to take a few liberties with Anderson, then misses with a couple of wild and windy wooshes before stepping across his stumps and flicking the bowler down to the fine-leg boundary for four. 21-0

3rd over: Lewis gives Astle some width and Astle slams him through the covers for another boundary. Lewis, hair by Trevor Sorbie circa 1986, bowls an otherwise tidy over. 17-0

2nd over: It's Anderson with the new ball, not Flintoff as expected. Decent delivery from Anderson, the ball nipping back off the seam and rapping Astle on the pads. A strangled lbw appeal, but Astle survives. Astle nudges a single into the off-side from the final ball, but a solid opening over from the Lancashire man. 13-0

1st over: McCullum blocks the first ball from Lewis before deciding to give it some humpty and larrup the England seamer over extra-cover for six. Hmmm...McCullum then walks across his stumps, flicks Lewis away and the ball spins past Anderson at fine-leg. Another four. Made Anderson look like a bit of a monkey. McCullum whips another to leg for another couple and it's 12 off the first over. That's right England, show those Kiwis you mean business from the start. 12-0

2258 GMT: England's players are out at the Bellerive Oval - a lovely spot - and Astle and McCullum make their way to the middle.

"I can't replace what KP does. I'll just play my own game, work it around and hope to be there in the last 10 overs."
England's Ed Joyce

2254 GMT: Just seen Beefy and he's got a bonehead! Gower, you'll be relieved to learn, still has a blue rinse. England have lost their last three matches against New Zealand and have played one and lost one in Hobart. That'll cheer you all up...

"We would have liked to have had a bat first but we'll try to get a couple of early wickets and put them on the back foot. This is a great chance for Ed Joyce and this is an important game for us..."
England skipper Michael Vaughan

2244 GMT: Dare to dream ladies and gentlemen - could this be the day England win their first game down under? The Kiwis are unchanged from the side that lost to the Aussies

2238 GMT: Evening/morning all. News just in that New Zealand won the toss and have decided to bat first. England have made just one change from the side that was marmalized by Australia last week - Joyce in for Pietersen.

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