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Last Updated: Saturday, 2 December 2006, 06:24 GMT
Second Test, day two as it happened

Australia 28-1 v England 551-6 dec

Paul Collingwood became just the third England batsman to score a double century in Australia as the tourists took charge of the second Ashes Test.

THE DAY'S ACTION (all times local to Adelaide - GMT+10.5)

By Ben Dirs


1828: It's Hoggard to bowl the final over, not Harmison as we might have expected. Jones is standing up to the stumps, but Hayden stonewalls the final six balls of the day. Can't help thinking England missed a trick not giving Harmison a blast before stumps. Fine day for England, but they will need to really grind tomorrow to take full advantage. I trust I will see you then. Farewell. 28-1

1827: Hayden nudges Flintoff to square-leg for one. Ponting getting solidly in behind the rest of the over. 28-1

1822: No hint of swing for Hoggard and surely Harmy will have one over before stumps. Ponting gets a back-foot drive through for four. Indeed, Harmison is loosening up and it looks like he'll have a dart. Ponting very nearly out lbw, walking across his stumps and just feathering the ball to fine-leg for four, seagulls scattering everywhere. 27-1

1818: Another ball by Flintoff dies outside Ponting's off-stump and this pitch appears to have the consistency of a Victoria sponge. Ponting drags Freddie round the corner for one, well fielded by Gilo. Four overs left today, or 12 minutes. 19-1

1814: Ponting fails to pierce the off-side field with a couple of mis-timed strokes before working Hoggard off his hip for a single. 18-1

1810: Hayden is unfazed by the early drama and slaps Freddie through mid-wicket for four. He strikes me as the bully boy of the Australian set-up, like the head prison guard from The Shawshank Redemption to Ponting's sadistic governor. Hayden picks up another three with an effortless clip to wide long-on. Fine stop by Jones behind the timbers, diving to his left to prevent four leg-byes. Ponting nicks the strike with a flick to mid-wicket. 17-1

1805: Punter Ponting is next in and Hoggy strangles an appeal for lbw. Nervy times for the Australia skipper. 9-1

Batsman is out
WICKET: Australia 8-1 (Langer 4)
FREDDIE MAKES THE BREAKTHROUGH!!! Langer fences at one and edges to Pietersen at fourth slip. Flintoff goes barmy and he quickly disappears under a pile of euphoric team-mates. You little beauty Freddie, you little beauty.

1755: It's not Harmison to open - Freddie is going to have a quick burst. Geoffrey Boycott thinks that's the right decision. Three slips and a gully for Hayden, who smashes his first ball straight to cover-point. Hayden off the mark with a drive through the covers for a couple. Thick inside edge from Hayden and the ball dribbles, if something hit by Hayden can dribble, into the on-side. Langer almost has a nibble at one, but drops his wrists in the nick of time.

Scott Heinrich
"Freddie is right to exert his authority and take the new ball. With only 10 overs remaining in the day, he should open the bowling. Why? Because he is England's best."
Scott Heinrich, BBC Sport in Adelaide

1754: Hoggard with first go and his first ball dies outside Langer's off-stick. Harmison and Flintoff both limbering up, keeping us guessing. Australia are underway, Langer driving through mid-off for four. 4-0

1750: England are out and fall into their traditional huddle. Can Harmison find the strip with his first ball? That is the question. Langer and Hayden, both grim-faced, enter the fray.

"I think they didn't pick Panesar as insurance because no-one knows how Harmison's going to bowl. Apparently he's been bowling well in the nets, but it's totally different out in the middle and the Australians did nothing with the new ball."
Geoffrey Boycott on TMS


1739: Full-bunger from McGrath and Freddie flicks him down the ground to bring up the bowler's 100 runs conceded. Gilo prods one into the covers and scampers one. I say scampers, but it actually looked like he was pulling a fridge. Flintoff makes room and times McGrath through extra-cover for two. Freddie then swings another McGrath full-toss away for four before declaring. Freddie is unbeaten on 38 while Gilo is still there on 27. England will have about 35 minutes at the Aussie openers. 551-6 dec

1735: Gilo and Freddie exchange nurdles for one apiece. Warne hasn't been at his best this Test, but he's still bowling beautifully at times and beats Gilo with a big leg-break. Giles pokes one into the leg-side and Warne tries out a couple of flippers on Flintoff. 543-6

1731: McGrath is back on and he looks a little groggy, like he's just been snoozing in front of the fire. His first delivery, a pretty rank one, is cut away for four by Giles and the King of Spain steers him into the covers for a single next ball. Phenomenal shot by Flintoff, walking to outside off-stick and crashing McGrath over the mid-wicket fence. McGrath looks like a shell out there and England are feasting off him. 539-6

1725: I really am flagging now ladies and gents, as Freddie carves Warne into the covers for one. Gilo gives me a nudge in the ribs with a drive over the top to the deep mid-wicket fence. Warney drops short and Gilo slaps him through the covers for another four. Giles the drags one away for a single. 526-6

"You could leave your Emma in my hands nowadays Aggers, now I'm 63, but you might have had a problem in my playing days..."
Former Australia captain Ian Chappell

1720: Gilo fends off a brute from Lee. Giles then times a back-foot drive through cover-point for four. Giles flashes and misses at a no-ball. A couple of no-balls from Lee Boy, still 16 overs to go. 516-6

1716: Flintoff gets one to mid-on and Gilo gets a couple with a nurdle to square-leg. The King of Spain gets one more for a push into the covers. Flintoff misses a loopy one from Warne. Three from the over. 510-6

"Hoorah! Collingwood for Pope or King or something grand! Pietersen for court jester! C'mon Fred, slap those Aussies about for a quick 50 and you can all come off for tea and medals!"
Andrew Johnstone on TMS

1712: Flintoff nudges Lee down to long-leg for one. Not exactly getting a wriggle-on here. 506-6

1708: Giles tickles Warne to leg for one and Flintoff picks up a run to mid-on. 505-6

1705: We've still got 20 overs, so England could still conceivably get 550 and have a go at the Aussie openers.

"It's a bit frustrating here. England want to pull away, but the Australian bowlers have stuck at it pretty well over the last hour and Flintoff can't quite find a groove."
Mike Selvey on TMS

1701: Flintoff pulls Lee through deep mid-wicket for a couple. Ponting did well to take the sting off it. Freddie has a wild and windy woosh at a wide one and misses. Flintoff misses out on a short, wide delivery before Lee almost cleans him up with yet another of those yorkers. Flintoff, with his bowling head on, might like that. 503-6

"England will want to get that total past the 550 mark and maybe have a go at Australia tonight."
Mike Selvey on TMS

1657: Gilo clips Warne away for one to bring up England's 500. It's the first time England have posted 500 against Australia since Perth 1986/87. Flintoff strokes Warne to mid-off for a single to equal England's highest score in Adelaide. 501-6

1653: Lee back into the attack and he's still reversing it. He gets Freddie hopping with a toe-crusher and just about every ball's a yorker at the moment. A full-bunger from Lee and Flintoff guides it away through wide long-on for four. 499-6

"Everybody may have looked at Collingwood and Pietersen out there and thought it was easy, but it's not that easy on a slow-paced pitch."
Jim Maxwell on TMS

1649: Flintoff prods at Warne and gets a thick outside edge. He's poking around a bit here Freddie, but he does find a gap through point for a single. 495-6

"As the sun rises over the Danube in Budapest, even my now snoring girlfriend, otherwise bewildered by the intricacies of our national game, is caught up in the excitement of record partnerships and double centuries. A night to remember!"
Marcus in the TMS inbox

1646: Clark appeals for another leg before against Flintoff, but it was swinging down the leg-side. Quick single from Flintoff after a push into the off-side. You wouldn't want to get in his way at full tilt, it would be like being run over by Vanessa Feltz. Giles is then whacked on the shoulder by a lifter and England get two leg-byes. Didn't play that too well. 494-6

Batsman is out
WICKET: 491-6 (Jones 1)
Jones didn't stick around long, skewing a drive to Martyn at cover-point. That's the longest Warne has ever gone before taking his first wicket in a match. Pretty ordinary that from Jones. Warne's reaction is that of a man who has just seen his in-laws walking up the garden path. Giles survives the over.

1636: A rare sighting of the Lesser Spotted Panesar, ferrying a bit of kit to one of the England batsmen. He fairly eats up the ground. Clark appeals for lbw against Flintoff, but umpire Bucknor decides it was missing leg stick. Maiden over, Clark still performing heroically. 491-5

1628: Jones is the new boy and he plays and misses at his first ball, a fizzer from Warne. He does get off the mark with a cut for one before Flintoff replicates the shot for a single. 491-5

Batsman is out
WICKET: 489-5 (Pietersen 158)
KP's a gonna, run out by Ponting fielding at mid-on. He was out by a yard and it was very alert stuff from Punter considering he's been in the field for nigh-on two days. It's the third time Pietersen has made 158 in Tests.

1624: Freddie is almost caught by Lee running round from mid-on, he didn't get that at all, but they run three. Pietersen gets one from a drive to mid-off. He has now equalled his highest score in Tests, 158, also against Australia at The Oval in 2005.

1621: The first boundary since tea, Pietersen dancing down the track and dispatching a Warne full-bunger to the wide long-on fence. He gets one for a tickle round the corner before Freddie gets a comfortable single to short mid-wicket. KP waits on one and clips Warne into the covers for one. Warne mixes it up, serving up a quicker ball, and Flintoff drags him away for a single. 484-4

1617: Warne and McGrath's combined figures are 0-221. Clark almost gloves Clark behind attempting a hook before slapping him to mid-off for one. Just one from the over. 476-4

batsman scores 150
1611: Pietersen brings up his 150 with a tickle down the leg-side. He whips the lid off and salutes all four corners of the crowd like last-man standing in the Coliseum. Flintoff nurdles one of his own. 475-4

Geoffrey Boycott
"England need Flintoff to get in and do a bit of batting. I'm not suggesting he should block it, but he doesn't need to slog it either. Just knock the ball into the gaps for the first 20 minutes."
Geoffrey Boycott on TMS

1608: Pietersen ambles down the track and pushes Clark to mid-on for an easy single. Sketchy start from Flintoff, getting a thick inside edge to mid-on. 472-3

"Listening from the 52nd floor of a tower block in Hong Kong, looking out across the South China Sea. It¿s our first cold snap of the year here, but Colly, you¿ve warmed the cockles of my heart."
David Morkel in the TMS inbox

1604: KP clips Warne to leg for one. KP is then almost run out, Flintoff pushing into the off-side and sending his manic partner scampering back. A direct hit would have cleaned him up, his bat was off the ground. Flintoff has a wild hoick at one and gets off the mark with a thick outside edge. 471-4

1600: Flintoff pushes Clark's final ball of his over into the covers. 469-4

Jonathan Agnew
"I don't want to perk up any Australians, but Pietersen and Flintoff don't have a good record of batting together."
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1558: Just spotted Freddie and KP up in the dressing room - there's cans of Red Bull strewn all over the place, the England skipper must be flying. The muscular pair stroll out to the middle and play is about to resume. One ball remaining from Clark.

"I've managed to get this far - got a headache and droopy eyes! But how can I leave with Freddie and KP now at the crease!"
James texts from Leeds

"It's the scoreboard pressure. You come out with the new ball, the Aussies are a bit jaded after fielding for a couple of days and you crack the top of the innings. All of a sudden they could be struggling to make the follow-on."
Jim Maxwell on TMS

Batsman is out
WICKET: 468-4 (Collingwood 206)
Collingwood gone, flailing drunkenly at Clark outside off-stump and feathering a catch to Gilchrist behind the stumps. It's like the fall of an empire: the partnership was 310 and he'd been out there for more than eight hours.

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"I have been listening all night and I am not tired at all thanks to Paul Collingwood's wonderful double hundred. I, along with all England fans, am delighted for him. Maybe he is the new Graham Thorpe? Discuss."
John Flynn from Stepney Green in the TMS inbox

1534: Pietersen tickles Clarke round the corner for a couple and drags a single to mid-wicket. No sign that Collingwood has switched the concentration off as he gets his nose right over a couple of Clarke deliveries. 465-3

1531: England milk Clark for a handful of singles. 462-3

Batsman 200
1526: Colly comes down the pitch to Clarke and nurdles him to leg to move to 199. Two hundred for Collingwood, charging Clarke and slapping him to the long-on boundary. Colly is only the eighth Englishman to score a double ton against Australia and the first to do so in Australia since Wally Hammond in Sydney in 1936. Dear old Roy Castle will be tooting his horn up in heaven, there are records being broken everywhere. Magnificent innings by Collingwood, he's a ruddy hero.457-3

1524: Clark back on - could he be in for some Pietersen tap here? You get the feeling KP's going to slam his foot down at any moment and, quite frankly, go absolutely raving mad with the bat. Collingwood's knock is the highest post-war by an Englishman in Australia. Clark gets a bit of inswing and Colly flicks it away for another couple. Colly gets three to move to 196 and that's England highest fourth wicket partnership against Australia, passing Hussain-Thorpe at Edgbaston in 1997. 449-2

1518: A single for Colly with a push to mid-off and KP tickles Clarke round the corner for one. Collingwood passes his previous highest first-class score with a clip to leg for one. 444-3

1515: Lee bounces KP and the batsman pings it to the square-leg boundary. You'll not see a ball hit harder than that - ever. Punter Ponting, the little Napoleon, gives Lee a little slap on the tuckus for encouragement. Colly dispatches a slower ball to the cover-point boundary to pass Jack Hobbs' record for the highest score by an Englishman in Adelaide. He's now 189, his highest Test score. 441-3

1509: Colly pushes Clarke to mid-off for one before tickling one round the corner for a couple. Collingwood then unfurls a handsome cover-drive for two more. 431-3

1507: Yet another beauty of an inswinging yorker by Lee, but Colly is equal to it once again. Collingwood then steers Lee away for three to backward point. KP's turn to face some Lee reverse swing and he pushes to mid-on for a single. 424-3

"It was only a week ago that some mischievous people in the press box were looking up old England line-ups and wondering whether Collingwood was the worst number four in history."
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS

1501: Three from Clarke's over, and England aren't exactly going after the part-time twirler. 420-3

Geoffrey Boycott
"England should continue playing positively but don't give their wickets away. The Australians are tired and we want to keep them out there a bit longer."
Geoffrey Boycott on TMS

1459: Collingwood plays a tired looking drive and gets four off the outside edge. Lee's bowling inswinging yorkers for fun now, but Collingwood jams down on it again. Lee spears one down KP's leg-side and the ball dribbles away for four leg-byes. A bumper from Lee but KP jerks out of the firing line. 417-3

1450: Sing Hosannah! Warne is off. Clarke could get an extended bowl here. Collingwood pushes him to mid-off for one. Bizarre shot from KP, trying to flat bat it from outside the off-stump to wide mid-on. He gets one for it. Colly brings up the 250 partnership with a clip to mid-wicket for one. 408-3

1446: Colly clips Lee off his legs and gets two. Lee bounces Colly but it's no bother for the Durham man. Colly gets another couple with a flick through mid-wicket. Lee then finds a wicked yorker from somewhere, the ball swinging in late, but Colly does well to root it out. Collingwood chops the final delivery away for one. 405-3

1442: Colly clips Warne to mid-on for one. Pietersen misses out on a full-toss from Warne and the ball balloons out to mid-on. Colly brings up the England 400 with a single. The comedy Gatorade-mobile enters the fray and players take refreshments. 400-3

1435: McGrath off and Lee Boy back on. The temperature's got up a bit, Lee's sweating like Gatting in a cake shop before he's even bowled a ball. Colly gives McGrath a bit of work, pushing down the ground for three. Lee strays on to KP's legs and is clipped away for two before Pietersen singes Lee's fingertips with a brutal straight drive for four. Good comeback by Lee, but Pietersen manages to dig out the yorker. 397-3

1433: Warne is finally collared for a wide - it almost pitched on the adjacent strip. KP pushes Warne to mid-on for a couple before mowing him to the long-on boundary. KP picks up one more with a push into the covers and Colly gets one with a poke to mid-off.387-3

1429: Pietersen, mad as a box of frogs, plays a bonkers shot, charging McGrath and hooking him to mid-wicket for one. Pigeon has a little chat. There's something a bit precious about McGrath, he doesn't like people taking liberties. 379-3

1424: Warne pitches one a full three feet outside leg stump and Pietersen drags it away for one. A back-foot force by Collingwood for a single. Pietersen, like a man trying to frighten off a bear, charges Warne and makes a hash of it, the ball landing on his toe. 378-3

1420: KP charges McGrath and wallops him through wide long-off for four and gets one more for a clip to mid-wicket. Collingwood gets a couple with a flick to backward square-leg. 375-3

batsman scores 150
1416: Pietersen, looking to whip Warne over mid-wicket, charges him and gets a thick outside edge. One run. Collingwood is beaten by a sharp-turning delivery before coming down the pitch and slapping Warne over the top for four to bring up his 150. It came off 317 balls - he's got more patience than a doctor during a flu epidemic. 368-3

1413: McGrath bowling with a bit of rhthym now and he sends down a maiden over. England really need to step on the gas now. 363-3

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"What we need is for KP to invent some extra-special shot to deal with Warne's attempt to bore us all into submission. Some sort of reverse slog sweep while dancing down the pitch - come on KP!"
Phil Sykes from San Francisco in the TMS inbox

1409: Pietersen cracks finally, playing an ugly hoick off Warne, but he doesn't get hold of it. He does get one with a clip to mid-on. Warne still over the wicket to Colly and the Durham man rocks back and carves him to cover-point for one. Warney has a wry smile to himself at the end of the over, no doubt realising he's strangling the life out of England's victory prospects. 363-3

1405: Colly brings up the 200 partnership with a carve off McGrath for two and he's now within six runs of his 150. Pietersen takes three or four steps down the pitch to Pigeon and turns him to mid-wicket for one. McGrath still plugging away, but he looks very out of sorts, the poor old mite. 361-3

Scott Heinrich
"Pietersen's single off Warne brings the biggest applause for a solitary run I've ever heard. This is tortuous cricket, Warney v KP. The England man has been very patient, but it must be noted that this stalemate suits Australia down to the ground."
Scott Heinrich, BBC Sport in Adelaide

1402: Still this strange little dance of death between Warne and KP, but Pietersen does connect finally, pushing Warne into the covers for one. Ironic applause for that one. Colly gets a single with a nurdle to leg. 357-3

1359: A maiden from McGrath, who has Colly wafting and missing a bouncer. Not much happening at the moment folks. 355-3

Ian Chappell
"The Australians' only tactic at the moment seems to be to work on the patience of the England batsmen. They're just playing a waiting game."
Former Australia skipper Ian Chappell

1355: This is getting a little bit tiresome from Warne, KP still perfectly happy to pad up to every ball. A few boos can be heard now, accompanied by some slow hand-clapping. 355-3

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"Doing a night shift bottling Aussie wine in balmy Gateshead (c'mon Colly). There's more life in this wine than in the Aussie bowlers..."
Robert Mitchell in the TMS inbox

1352: Collingwood brings up England's 350 and a new record fourth-wicket partnership in Australia with a sliced drive for four. Colly then gets one for a thick inside edge. Not convincing. 354-3

1345: Still Warney, with figures of 0-104 so far. A full-bunger from Warne which Colly plays uppishly to mid-wicket for one. More negative stuff from Warne, and the natives are getting restless. 349-3

Ian Chappell
"The crowd will start booing Warne if he continues to pitch it wide outside leg-stump. The Adelaide crowd don't like negative cricket."
Former Australia skipper Ian Chappell

1344: Players are out after lunch and McGrath is on. I think we all know what Pietersen's plan will be here. Collingwood plays a wild and windy woosh at a lifter and gives himself a ticking off. Clearly not quite tuned in after the restart. Colly does get one for a steer off the back foot. Sketchy shot by KP as well, getting a thick inside edge from a woolly drive. 348-3

"McGrath shouldn't have been playing with a bruised heel. They needed Stuart MacGill here - the Aussies have made a selection mistake, as have England with Panesar."
Former England batsman Allan Lamb

"Panesar is a class performer. You can't make a judgement on two practice matches, he's already proved himself over the English summer. Panesar will never play if the argument persists that your bowlers have to bat."
Former England skipper Graham Gooch

"Fair play to the Aussies who have, over the years, taken Test cricket onto a new dimension. But isn¿t it GREAT to see Collingwood batting in the old- fashioned, head down style of yesteryear. We might even start seeing five- day Tests again!"
Philip Cliffe from Thailand in the TMS inbox

"It is 20 years almost to the day since England last had two centurions unbeaten together in the middle during an Australian tour match - Jack Richards and David Gower during the Second Test at the WACA on 29 November 1986. Rather disappointingly for anyone looking for an omen, England went on to draw the match - but they won the series..."
Andrew Drinkwater in the TMS inbox

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"I'm doing the nightshift in a mudlogging unit of a drilling rig, northeast of the Shetlands. As the weather up here is too bad for drilling I can chill out and listen to TMS' fantastic commentary all night imagining it's a warm summer day. If only they let us drink beer! Come on England! Let's get 550 and bat them out the game!"
Paul Gittins in the TMS inbox

1300: Pietersen reaches for one and slaps Warne away for a single before Colly gets one to extra-cover - maybe should have had two. That's lunch folks and that's another good session for the tourists. I'm off for a coffee and maybe a bag of Revels - I don't know about you, but I like the bald Minstrels. 347-3

"It's great to hear that Warney and Pigeon are struggling again. All we need now is to strike home our advantage and put more pressure on the creaking Aussie attack."

1257: Ponting turns to Clarke, and that's always a good sign for an opposition team. Saying that, Clarke once took a six-fer against India in a game India won in about two days. A maiden. 344-3

1254: Colly cuts Warne to third man for a couple before chassezing down the track and lofting Warne to the wide long-on boundary. Colly shifting up a gear. 344-3

1251: Collingwood suddenly goes all macho and crashes Clark to the backward point boundary before cover-driving him for another four. Unexpected, like seeing a vicar rip off his dog collar mid-sermon and lay out a couple of trouble-makers in the rear pew. 338-3

1245: Warne over the wicket to Collingwood. He drops short to Colly and is carves away for one. Warne persisting with his leg-side attack and KP still happy to kick him away. Not pretty this folks. 329-3

"I don't like to see this, I'd like to see the umpires calling Warne for wides if he pitches too far outside the leg-stump."
Jim Maxwell on TMS

1240: Collingwood breaks out of his little trough with a guide down to third man for one. England's first run for four overs. 328-3

"Toothache keeping me awake, and for the first time ever I ain't complaining. Freddie due a big one as well, so I pity the bowlers if they get a wicket!"
Keith texts from Blackburn

1236: Well, if the Aussie journos don't want dull cricket, they should have a little word with Warne. He's planting every ball miles outside the leg-stump and KP, quite rightly, is just kicking them away. Bore off Shane. 327-3

1234: There was a little cloud cover this morning but there's been very little swing. Clark, however, is varying his bowling, delivering the ball from slightly wide of the crease in this over. Two flowing drives from Collingwood get nothing and Clark has him hopping again with the final ball. 327-3

1231: Maiden over from Warne, who is bowling as defensively as I've ever seen him. Pietersen happy to pad up to everything. 327-3

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"So Glenn McGrath is not fit after all. Is this the difference between commitment and obsession? Since when have Australians been sentimental over team selection? Even legends cannot pick themselves. Perhaps there's no adequate replacement?"
Bob in the TMS inbox

Batsman scores 100
1224: KP brings up his second Ashes ton with a clip off Clark into the on-side. It came off 149 balls and was an absolute huckleberry of a knock. KP celebrates in typically understated style, arms spread and smile turned up to 11, like he's just bent one in from 35 yards. Colly gets one with a poke into the covers before KP yanks Clark round the corner for a single. 327-3

1223: Warne round the wicket to KP, who dances down the pitch and times him straight down the ground for four. Warne looked like the Tin Man trying to get down to that and it seems Pigeon isn't the only Aussie bowler with a few rusting parts. Pearling shot from KP, flicking Warne through mid-wicket for three. Hussey, with a fine save, denies Pietersen his hundred. 324-3

1218: Trademark shot from Colly, nudging Clark off his hips for two. McGrath still off, probably up in the dressing wrapped in a blanket and sucking on a Werther's Original. Clark has developed something of an obsession with the short ball against Collingwood and the Durham man ducks underneath. 317-3

1209: It's time for the Warne and KP Show ladies and gents. Warney tosses one up and Collingwood clips him to mid-on for one. McGrath is off again, sounds like he's in a bit of a pickle. KP nicks the strike, rocking back and carving the final ball of the over through the covers for one. 314-3

1208: More short stuff from Clark and Colly upper-cuts him to third man for three. Warney's limbering up, he'll be on next. 312-3

Ian Chappell
"McGrath looks like he's struggling with that bruised heel and Pietersen is certainly targeting him - but coming from Africa, he'll know all about the wounded lion."
Former Australia bouncer Ian Chappell on TMS

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"Pietersen is the most intimidating batsman I've seen since Viv Richards. There's an arrogance and swagger about him."
Jim Maxwell on TMS

1159: Pietersen brings up the 150 partnership with a march down the pitch and flick into the on-side. He's taking the rise out of McGrath this morning and Pigeon will be burning up inside. Colly tries to take a few liberties of his own, but misses with what looks like a pre-meditated pull. Colly then takes a kamikaze single after nudging straight to Hussey at mid-on - would have been close had he hit. 308-3

1156: Pietersen tucks Clark into the on-side for one. An ablsolute ripsnorting bouncer from Clark has Collingwood wafting like Mr Magoo in a plague of flies. He knew absolutely nothing about that. More chin music from Clark, but this time Colly gets his hands up and plays it well. Good, testing over from Clark, who's been Australia's best bowler by far this series. 307-3

"That six that Pietersen hit yesterday, he didn't even middle it, it was an edge. We've all heard of ball-tampering, but what about bat- tampering?"
Jim Maxwell on TMS

1150: McGrath drops short again and Colly cuts him away for one before KP gets a thick inside edge for a single. Langer looks to have done himself a mischief out on the mid-wicket boundary fielding a KP hook - are the wheels finally beginning to fall off Australia's ageing army? 306-3

1146: Lee bumps KP and umpire Bucknor signals wide. Lee's mixing it up and sends down a slower one which Pietersen reads well. Just spotted some Englishmen in the crowd dressed as old women. What is it with English blokes dressing up as ladies? Whatever the reasons, I think it's tremendous. Pietersen plays a savage pull off Lee and gets two for it. 304-3

1140: Pigeon McGrath gets a go with the ball. Let's see how this dicky heel of his is bearing up. His first ball is a rancid-looking, slow, wide one and KP slaps him through the covers for four. He follows up with a dreamy off-drive for another boundary to move to 81 before latching on to a short one and larruping him through mid-wicket to bring up the 300. KP is flowing runs at the moment - you could say he's incontinent. 300-3

1135: Pietersen is seeing it like a Queensland water melon at the moment and hooks Lee through mid-wicket for four. He gets one more for a similar shot, rolling his wrists and keeping it down. The partnership now 130. 288-3

"The Aussie press' accusations of 'boring ' cricket sound very much like their assessments of English rugby during the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Look who won that."
Anthony from Nottingham in the TMS inbox

1131: KP gets one for an easy push to mid-off and Collingwood shovels Clark to third man for a couple. McGrath back on after a short break - must be something wrong with him.283-3

1127: Pietersen hooks Lee and gets two for it to deep mid-wicket. Risky, the Aussies have got a man out there for that shot. Collingwood gets one for a cut and then misses out on a short, wide fella from Lee. 280-3

Scott Heinrich
"I knew members were required to adhere to dress regulations which state that men must wear collars. I had no idea the same rules applied to the media. As a colleague just pointed out to me, "When did anyone care what journalists wear?'"
BBC Sport's Scott Heinrich finally breaches Adelaide Oval's fashion police

1122: Pietersen gets two with a thick outside edge down to third man - no alarms, all along the ground. The Hampshire dasher gets a single with a poke into the leg-side.

1117: Lee gets one to rear up and Pietersen plays it well, lifting the hands high and playing it into the ground. KP still not off the mark today and the Aussies think they've got him feathering one behind - but umpire Bucknor's not having it. Lee and the rest are convinced - look at their poor little faces. There was no way that was out, KP would have walked. Lee finds a few more revs next ball before Pietersen gets three through extra-cover. Having seen the replay, I think Bucknor was right. I like Bucknor, in fact, he might be my best friend. 276-3

1113: Clark drops short and Colly is onto it in a flash, pulling it away for the first boundary of the day. Text book. 273-3

Geoffrey Boycott
"McGrath's on his last legs in Test cricket, I don't think he's got long left..."
Geoffrey Boycott on TMS

1137: Pietersen plays uppishly into the covers before ducking under a pretty soft bouncer from Lee Boy. 269-3

Batsman scores 100
1105: Lee steaming in and Colly brings up his first Ashes ton with a flick off his legs for three - gimme. The Durham man whips his lid off and salutes the crowd - oh do stop it Colly, I'm choking up...Collingwood's hundred came from 204 balls and included only seven boundaries. He is a little nugget.

"Just woken up from a midday to 11pm sleep! So excited about the potential wonders we will see from KP and Collingwood today, come on boys!"
Jamie from Surrey in the TMS inbox

1100: It's Clark taking first go with the five-over old cherry and Pietersen leaves the first two deliveries. Clark was criminally under-used on day one, and I suspect he would have been smarting a little at stumps. An inoccuous maiden for starters. 266-3

1058: Colly and KP stroll out, Colly needing just two to reach his maiden Ashes ton.

1056: Umpires Bucknor and Koertzen make their way to the middle like a couple of old pals taking a stroll in Hyde Park and we're off in a couple of minutes. Bit chilly in Adelaide, with a bit of cloud cover.

"I wonder if McGrath has pulled the wool over the selectors' eyes about how fit he is? I think he might be thinking, 'if I don't play and Clark and Tait have good matches, will I get back in the side?'"
Mike Selvey on TMS

1052: I've just been informed that our man in Adelaide hasn't been allowed in the ground because he hasn't got a collar on his shirt! What has happened to Australia? It's like sounds like Germany circa 1936.

"What's wrong with an absorbing day's cricket? No-one would call Pietersen boring, would they? Some of the Australian newspaper coverage has been rancid and sour."
Mike Selvey on TMS

1047: More from The Australian newspaper: "England unveiled their latest plan to win back the Ashes today - boredom." Don't worry lads, you can have your toys back after tea.

"If you're supposed, as Geoffrey Boycott says, to adjust your batting to any circumstance, why did he always play like a grandmother tootling along in her noddy car?"
Anon via text

Jonathan Agnew
"Watching Collingwood yesterday was like watching Geoffrey Boycott - people were flocking to the bars from the stands..."
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

Geoffrey Boycott
"Yesterday was a good old-fashioned day of Test cricket. It was a slow pitch and England had to work hard for their self-confidence and self-belief. Pietersen is getting more mature, he showed that in Brisbane. There's a possibility he'll be a truly great player. England will now want 500 and to get the Aussies in before the close."
Geoffrey Boycott on TMS

1030: Morning everyone. I thought we'd kick off proceedings with some Aussie reaction to yesterday's battling display by England:

Sydney's Daily Telegraph: "England took Australia back in time to a more attritional era in a day's play which might have come from the 1960s."

The Sydney Morning Herald: "Dismissed cheaply in Brisbane, the Poms erected barricades around their stumps, emerging once in a while to collect a few runs and then retreating again to avoid unwanted casualties."

The Aussie press corp, bloated by success, really are a twisted lot when things don't go their way. Face it lads, we ground your noses into the dust on day one. Here's to more of the same today.

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