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England v Pakistan 3rd ODI
Rose Bowl: 5 September, 2006

England 271-9 (50 overs) lost to Pakistan 273-8 (49 overs)

Younis Khan hit his first one-day century against a Test-playing nation to help Pakistan beat England in the Rose Bowl day-night international.

Needing 272 to win, Pakistan won by two wickets with six balls left. Younis starred before Inzamam-ul-Haq got his team home after others had panicked.

For England, Paul Collingwood (61) and Jamie Dalrymple (62) put on 101.

At one stage, Pakistan were cruising to victory but some late wickets kept the fans interested up until the end.


By Tom Fordyce

Clarke comes back on, the singles flow - and then Inzamam thrashes him over midwicket for four. That's your lot - Inzi finishes not out on 44, off just 33 balls, with Shoaib Akhtar two not out. Pakistan take a 2-0 lead in the series, led home brilliantly by their skipper.

48th over: WICKET Naved b Lewis 7
Now it's interesting - Lewis bowls a wonderful slower ball that does Naved all ends up. Inzi can only watch glumly from the non-striker's end. 265-8

47th over: Rana Naved deals with the hat-trick pressure with the utmost calm, angling the ball wide of the slips for four before nudging a two into the leg-side. Broad finishes with 3-57 from his ten overs. 262-7

47th over: WICKET Akmal c Collingwood b Broad 0
Could England snatch the unlikeliest of wins here? Akmal slashes his first ball straight to backward point, Broad is on a hat-trick and Pakistan are wobbling... 256-7

47th over: WICKET Razzaq c and b Broad 16
Great ball from Broad - his well-disguised slower delivery fools Razzaq completely, and he can only chip it tamely straight back to the bowler. 256-6

46th over: Rikki Clarke returns, and Abdul Razzaq takes him for two big fours off the first three balls. Nine off the over, and another England defeat now looks horribly inevitable. 256-5

45th over: Broad returns in place of the unhappy Mahmood, and almost makes the big breakthrough. Inzi slices a cut high over Collingwood, the Durham man leaps high and gets fingers to it, but he can't hang on. 27 needed off 30 balls. 245-5

44th over: Dalrymple's final effort, and there's five off it, leaving him with figures of 1-44 off his ten overs. England need wickets again, and they need to keep Inzi off strike. 241-5

43rd over: Just when Mahmood seemed to have a little control, he drops one short down leg-side and Inzi belts it over deep square leg for six. 11 off the over, and the pressure's right off again. Inzi's barely breaking sweat here. 235-5

42nd over:Dalrymple keeps it tight-ish, and Pakistan need 48 from exactly 48 balls. Back in the balance? 224-5

41st over: WICKET Afridi c Read b Mahmood 0
Hello - England are back in this! Afridi gets a stinker of a decision - Mahmood's short ball flicks his sleeve but Billy Doctrove gives him out. 219-5

40th over: WICKET Yousuf b Dalrymple 60
Just after Inzi comes down the track to Dalrymple and casually belts him for an enormous six, Dalrymple produces a beauty to go through Yousuf's gate and bowl him to keep England's hopes alive. Rimpers has had a good day here. 215-4

39th over: Inzi flicks Broad for a lovely four over square leg. He then goes a little straighter with another big four. If ever a man looked calm in a mini-crisis, it's Inzi. 208-3

38th over: Dalrymple comes back on to bowl at new man Inzamam, and keeps him in check with just three runs added to the total. 73 needed from 72 balls... 199-3

37th over: WICKET Younis Khan c Trescothick b Broad 101
An England wicket! Younis lofts Broad straight down Tresco's throat at long-on. Could there still be life in this game? 196-3

36th over: Mahmood is having a nightmare. There's a wide, a no-ball, a warning for short-pitched bowling, and then a dismissive lofted drive for four from Younis. An angled ease to third man brings up Younis's century, off 105 balls - a lovely controlled effort. Amazingly it's only his second ever ODI ton, and the other was against Hong Kong. 194-2

35th over: Easy again for Pakistan. Seven off the over, including a crunching straight drive from Yousuf. They're cruising here. That's the 150 partnership, and a Pakistan record for the third wicket v England in one-dayers. 184-2

34th over: Back comes Mahmood as Strauss searches desperately for a breakthrough, but that control still isn't there. There's a full-toss no-ball and then a horrible wide. Time for Broad at the other end, too. 177-2

33rd over: The pressure goes up just a notch - Younis hoists Pietersen for a big, big six over long-on and cuts him away for more runs. That's the run-rate down under six per over again - easy as you like. 171-2

32nd over: Younis decides to up the run-rate, and reverse-sweeps Dalrymple for four. He looks a little like an Asian Brian Ferry, not only facially but in elegance terms too. 161-2

31st over: The required rate goes up to 6.18, but the smart money must still be on Pakistan - they've got so much left in the tank, and are just ticking along nicely. Neither batsman has looked troubled for many a long over. 154-2

30th over: Super-tidy twirling from JD. Just three runs conceded, and we're all waiting for something to happen here. At the same stage, England were 147-4. 150-2

29th over: An epic lbw appeal from Pietersen against Younis draws wide eyes and then a big smile from umpire Billy D. It was never out, not in a million years, but Pietersen appealed like he'd hit middle halfway up. Six off the over. 147-2

28th over: The partnership between Yousuf and Younis stretches to 112. They can't get Dalrymple away for more than singles, but with all these wickets in hand, the base is there for the big push. "Nice, Jay Dee!" shouts Strauss. 141-2

27th over: Great news as far as Kevin Pietersen's concerned - he's coming on to bowl. His first delivery gets a lot of turn, and Pakistan can only work him for three singles. He gives Strauss a look that says, "See? Why wasn't I on earlier?" 137-2

26th over: Excellent control almost all the way from Dalrymple - until the final ball, which Yousuf tickles off his hip to fine leg for four. 134-2

25th over: Colly drops short, and Younis pulls him with delicious ease for four. Younis looks ready to put his foot down on the accelerator here. 128-2

24th over: Good control again from Dalrymple, and just three to the total. It's looking like a close finish at the moment, although England need a wicket - and you wonder where that's going to come from. 119-2

23rd over: Too much width from Colly, and Younis helps himself to a cut for four to bring up his half-century. 116-2

22nd over: Now it's Jamie Dalrymple's turn, and it's a good first over - a fair amount of turn in to Yousuf, and a chance when an inside edge flies off Chris Read's pad and falls just short of sub fielder Ed Joyce. Could this be Dalrymple's day? 108-2

21st over: Collingwood comes on in place of Clarke, and his gentler pace proves harder to get away. Appearances can be deceptive... 106-2

20th over: Yousuf stops for lengthy treatment to his left leg, and calls for a runner. On comes Shoaib Malik. Yousuf tries to remove any doubt about running between the wickets by smashing Mahmood for two fours, one a lovely drive through the covers and the other to leg. 104-2

19th over: The contrast between Pakistan's fielding earlier and England's is remarkable. Another loose ball from Clarke is whipped away by Younis, only for Broad to make a great diving save on the boundary and keep them down to just two runs. Pakistan were virtually kicking those sorts of chances over the ropes. 93-2

18th over: Mahmood gets a measure of control back, and starts to find a smidgeon of reverse swing. Pakistan are still looking very comfortable, though. 88-2

17th over: Rikki Clarke comes to replace Lewis, who's bowled eight of his ten overs. It's not a great start - he bowls three wides. Younis then almost holes out to deep midwicket, but Broad just fails to take a tumbling catch. 83-2

16th over: Another expensive one from Mahmood. Six more, including a four very fine to leg after a stray delivery, and Pakistan are bang on target. 78-2

15th over: Younis gets after Lewis now. But it's Billy Doctrove who has the most to fear - a vicious straight drive almost cuts him in two, and only a frantic jump helps him evade the missile. 72-2

14th over: You fear for Mahmood here - he looks short of confidence, and even Yousuf - scratchy so far - helps himself to a lovely straight-driven four. 66-2

13th over: Read decides to stand up to Lewis, but Younis takes the upper hand by lofting the bowler back over his head for four. Lewis then has a big lbw appeal turned down by Billy Doctrove - the ball looked to be clipping the top of middle-and-leg. 61-2

12th over: On comes Saj Mahmood, and Younis thrashes his first ball over square leg for four. He then top-edges a square cut for four more, and finishes off with a single - nine off the over. The floodlights are shining bright as night sets in on the south coast. 55-2

11th over: Lewis continues to nag away just outside off-stump, and neither Younis nor Yousuf can do more than take a single apiece. The run rate creeps up to 5.7 per over.46-2

10th over: This time, Younis gets his man. He hits three successive boundaries off Broad, all of them shots to die for, and then gives Collingwood at point an absolute mouthful of abuse. Doctrove comes over and tells him to chill his boots. 44-2

9th over: More magic from Lewis, with just one run off the over. There's also a huge shout for a caught behind against Younis, but umpire Billy Doctrove gives it the shaking head. 31-2

8th over: A maiden from Broad, albeit a slightly lucky one. He's bowling a fraction wide and Pakistan are looking to get after him, but they're mis-timing their big shots. 30-2

7th over: Lewis is back on track after his walloping from the now-departed Hafeez, and concedes only one run. England have only one slip in - Trescothick, standing at a wide third slip. Read is apparently under instructions to go for everything. 30-2

6th over: WICKET Hafeez run out (Strauss) 20
Brilliant work from England's skipper - Younis Khan drops the ball into the off-side and calls Hafeez through for a quickie, only for Strauss to come roaring in from cover and throw the stumps down with a diving underarm effort. Joy in the crowd, and the first drunken choruses ring out at the Rose Bowl. 29-2

5th over: Hafeez gets on strike and then gets busy - first smashing Lewis over wide long-on for a huge six, and then battering him to leg for four. In the crowd, the man in the Scooby Doo costume watches admiringly. 25-1

4th over: Excellent over from Broad - until the final ball, when he over-pitches a fraction and is driven away by Hafeez through mid-on for four. At the same stage of their innings, England were 24-1. 14-1

3rd over: Rock-solid from Lewis, and just one off the over. Three policemen cause a temporary delay by standing right behind the bowler's arm, inadvertently reflecting the floodlights back into the batsman's face. To hoots of derision from the crowd, one removes his helmet and puts it on back to front. 7-1

2nd over: Stuart Broad opens up with a solid over - just three runs from the bat, and he almost has Younis Khan playing on to boot. 6-1

1st over: WICKET Malik c Collingwood b Lewis 1
Great start from England - Lewis strikes with the final ball of the first over! Malik drives loosely at a ball moving away from him and Collingwood takes an easy catch at backward point. 2-1

1843: The floodlights are already on, but it's a beautiful evening on the south coast, and there could be a stunning sunset later. Let's hope England's bowling is just as useful. The players are almost ready to resume.


50th over: Read thwacks another two and ends 21 not out off 22 balls. Stuart Broad faces just one ball, the final one of the innings, and misses it. So England finish on 271-9 - not a bad total in the end, with Pakistan having to bat under the floodlights. Having said that, the pitch looks a good one - this could be interesting viewing...

50th over: WICKET Lewis c Malik b Naved 7
Just after cracking a four square of the wicket, Lewis hoicks a slower one from Naved to the long-on boundary, where Malik takes a fine catch. In general the Pakistan fielding has been shocking - but that was a lovely snag. 268-9

49th over: Good work from Read - he smashes Shoaib over mid-off for four, and England take 11 off the penultimate over. 262-8

49th over: WICKET Mahmood run out 0
Read calls new man Mahmood through for a second to long-on, the throw is spot on and Saj is run out without facing a delivery. 256-8

48th over: WICKET Collingwood c Akhtar b Naved 61
Naved strikes - Collingwood top-edges an attempted loft to leg and Shoaib Akhtar takes an excellent running catch. Colly's runs came at almost exactly a run a ball - vital runs for England. 251-7

47th over: Shoaib Akhtar comes back on for his final two overs, and England get busy. Collingwood drives off the back foot for three, Read nicks a single and then Collingwood gets a thick edge for four. There's time for another two to deep point and then a single to deep midwicket - 11 off the over. 244-6

46th over: Colly goes to his 50, made off 55 balls. But England get just three off Naved's over, and one of those is a wide. 233-6

45th over: WICKET Clarke b Razzaq 0
Now Razzaq gets in on the act - mashing Clarke's timbers with a reverse-swinging yorker. That's a golden duck for Clarke, and England's charge is stopped dead. 229-6

44th over: WICKET Dalrymple b Naved 62
Just as he was finding his form, Dalrymple's gone - clean bowled by an inswinging Naved yorker. The ball before he'd smashed a lovely four over mid-off. 226-5

43rd over: A driven three from Dalrymple and a scampered two from Collingwood. To be fair to Dalrymple, he is trying to accelerate. And he's still there. Which is more than can be said for Pietersen. All the same... 218-4

42nd over: Colly goes on the attack, and some good running yields seven off the over. Time to push on now... 211-4

41st over: Almost unbelievably, Dalrymple goes on the attack against Asif and pulls him for four. That's his fifty, containing a sparkling four fours against some extremely average spin bowling. If this is the future of England's one-day middle order, cricket fans might be advised to take up knitting. 204-4

40th over: Dalrymple attempts a reverse-sweep off Shoaib Malik and, interestingly, gets two to long-on. He then takes the strike again with a single off the final ball. 195-4

39th over: Dalrymple's luck continues as he gloves an attempted hook just over Kamran Akmal's head for four. 192-4

38th over: Collingwood decides that something has to be done, comes down the track and takes a three to long-on. Dalrymple trundles through for another single as England stroll onwards like pensioners battling a stiff breeze. 183-4

37th over: 29 off 51 balls from Boom-Boom Dalrymple. Mohammad Asif is back on, and Dalrymple is finding the fast-medium man as impossible to read as the gentle part-time spinners. 177-4

36th over: Dalrymple is playing with the gay abandon of a Russian peasant. Come back Freddie, even on one leg and seated on a shooting stick. 172-4

35th over: A miracle - Dalrymple sweeps for four! 167-4

34th over: All around the Rose Bowl, cricket fans are gently falling asleep. The only thing that might keep them awake at this stage is the snoring of the person next to them. 162-4

33rd over Things are so slow that Collingwood's scratching around seems positively racey compared to his partner's. 158-4

32nd over: Collingwood briefly wakes up the crowd with a top-edged sweep fine for four. Could Dalrymple be the least exciting number six in world one-day cricket? 151-4

31st over: Dalrymple is doing exactly what he's been doing all series - showing all the natural attacking flair of a brick wall. The scoring rate has dropped right down. Dalrymple also escapes what looks like a clear lbw shout from Afridi, and then takes a single off the final ball of the over to pinch the strike. 150-4

30th over: Afridi's getting a bit of drift on the salty Southampton breeze, but so far Collingwood has avoided planting his pad in front of middle stump and playing across the line. 147-4

29th over: Mohammad Hafeez comes on with his gentle off-breaks and the England pair work three more runs. 143-4

28th over: A lull in the action of Collingwood and Dalrymple nudge the ball for four singles. There are gaps aplenty in the in-field. 139-4

27th over: Rana Naved dives to save a Dalrymple flick on the fine leg boundary and makes a complete mess of it, succeeding only in palming the ball over the ropes. The laughter dies down when he fails to get up, and a concerned crowd of team-mates gather around him. He gets up slowly, steps over the ropes and talks to the physio. 135-4

26th over: Shahid Afridi comes on to have a pop at Collingwood, having already had him lbw twice in this series. Colly gets the first blow in with a truncated pull through mid-on which leads to a calamitous mix-up from the two fielders in the deep, one tipping the gently-rolling ball past the other and over the ropes. 131-6

25th over: WICKET Bell c Hafeez b Shoaib 42
Shoaib does it again - after a vicious bouncer almost takes Bell's nose off, a wider delivery induces a loose drive and Hafeez takes the catch again at backward point. England are four down and in danger of throwing away their promising start, while Shoaib is reverse-swinging it at almost 90mph. Hold onto your seats... 125-4

24th over: Collingwood plays a KP-esque shot through the on side for four as Naved strays down leg again. The sun is out in Southampton and the beverages flowing. 125-3

23rd over: Shoaib comes back on with England knocked back by Pietersen's dismissal. Up on the England balcony, Pietersen is practising the shot he could have played to the ball that got him out. Suffice to say, it's both a very correct defensive shot and about four minutes too late. 119-3

22nd over: WICKET Pietersen c Hafeez b Naved 20
And he won't now, either - Pietersen comes down the pitch to Naved, tries to whip him to leg again and gets a looping outside edge to gully. Jubilation in the Pakistan ranks, and Pietersen's poor run of scores continues. 117-3

21st over: There's KP's revenge - two singles and a four whipped through the off side. He looks happier now. Then again, he hasn't had to face his nemesis Asif yet. 108-2

20th over: Nine dot balls in a row from Pakistan, and the first maiden of the match from Rana Naved. At the non-striker's end, Pietersen fumes quietly. 100-2

19th over: A flick from Bell brings up England's 100. The crowd, mainly in short sleeves, roar their approval. 100-2

18th over: Incredible scenes - Inzamam throws himself full-length to his right to stop a full-blooded Pietersen drive into the covers. The Pakistan team give him a sustained round of applause. 95-2

17th over: Bell rolls his wrists over a leg-side delivery from Razzaq for an elegant four through mid-on. Bell moves on to 31, and looks keen to accelerate.

16th over: Pietersen gets lucky twice in four balls, clipping one off his pads just shy of the man at short fine leg and then getting a leading edge which just fails to carry to bowler Naved. On the England balcony, Strauss has perched himself in front of Clarke, happily blocking any view of those spray-on pantaloons.

15th over: WICKET Strauss c Akmal b Razzaq 50
Those smiles have gone - Strauss comes down the pitch to Razzaq and gets a clear nick through to Kamran Akmal. England's skipper has gone.

In comes Kevin Pietersen. As a Hampshire player, you'd think he'd feel at home at the Rose Bowl - but he's only actually made one appearance all year for Hants here. Can he put his poor run of form behind him, or will Asif be brought back on to winkle him out once again?

14th over: There it is - Strauss dabs Rana Naved down to third man to bring up his half-century off just 45 balls. Smiles all round on the England balcony, where Rikki Clarke is strolling around in a pair of tight white long-johns.

13th over:Abdul Razzaq goes wide to Strauss and gets chopped away square for four. Strauss steams on to 49 off just 41 balls. At this scoring rate, England could post close to 300. Who'da thunk it?

12th over: Ouch - Strauss smashes an Asif delivery back down the pitch and seemingly straight into Bell's most private area. Bell hits the deck like a felled tree. When he gets up, his face is the colour of Ribena. Strauss is laughing. Thanks skipper...

11th over: Nine more off the over, and Strauss is tucking into the bowling like Mike Gatting getting busy at a Chinese restaurant's buffet.

10th over: Asif drops one shorter to combat Strauss's perambulations and beats him outside off stump. Umpire Nigel Llong then makes the power play signal, a wide circular movement with his right hand that looks like a potential line-dancing move. Llong looks deeply unhappy - clearly not a natural mover on the dance floor.

9th over: If not quite making hay, Strauss has certainly got his combine harvester fired up. He clips Shoaib to midwicket for four, edges a full toss to third man for another boundary and eases him off his legs for two more. That's 11 off the over.

8th over: Asif ties Strauss up with five dot balls before the opener skips down the wicket again and drives him for four through the covers. Strauss has raced to 27, and he's scoring at twice the rate of his partner Bell.

7th over: Shoaib roars in and sizzles one past Strauss's groping blade. England's skipper then edges to third man for a single. A man dressed as Scooby Doo takes possession of a pint from a friend dressed as Dick Dastardly.

6th over: Strauss enjoyed his stroll down the pitch in the last over so much that he does the same again - and cracks Asif to the midwicket boundary. An old gent in the crowd with a nose like a bruised aubergine enthusiastically waves a cardboard sign.

5th over: Shall I tempt fate by claiming that England have tamed the rampaging beast that is Shoaib? What am I, stupid? Three off the over, and the ball is swinging a little less. Temporarily, I'm sure.

4th over: Bare-faced insouciance from Strauss - after Asif beats him outside off-stump, he charges down the pitch and edges his next ball down to third man. Asif responds with a bouncer which Billy Doctrove calls a wide, and then Strauss pours salt on the raw wound with another four through square leg.

3rd over: Better for England - Shoaib strays to leg and Strauss tucks him away for three. Then Bell gets a thick edge to another wide one and the ball flies through third slip for four.

2nd over: Good first over from Mohammad Asif - just one single and a wide off it. The crowd are still buzzing after Shoaib's spectacular start. Trescothick, meanwhile, is sitting on the pavilion steps, staring out empty-eyed into nothingness like a shell-shocked Vietnam vet.

1st over: Phewy - it's all happening at the Rose Bowl - after that spectacular first ball, Ian Bell comes in and escapes the strike with a single. Strauss then flicks another attempted yorker down to deep square leg for four.

1st over: WICKET Trescothick b Shoaib 0
You thought it couldn't get any worse for England, and then this happens... First ball of the match, Shoaib bowls a full inswinging yorker, and Trescothick's stumps explode backwards.

1410: A weak autumnal sun is shining at the Rose Bowl as England's opening pair of Trescothick and Strauss prepare to bat. Strauss lost his third toss on the bounce to Inzamam, but surprisingly Inzi opted to bat second under the lights.

Very sporting of him to give England a head-start - after all, they've only lost eight of their last nine one-day games. With the other one abandoned due to rain...

Match scorecard
31 Aug 06 |  England


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