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England v Pakistan 2nd ODI
Lord's: 2 September, 2006

England 166 all out v Pakistan 169-3 (36.4 overs, 40 overs per side)

Pakistan took a 1-0 lead in the series after easing to a seven-wicket victory against England in a match cut to 40 overs per side at an autumnal Lord's.

Inzamam-ul-Haq won an important toss and Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif utilised helpful seam conditions to reduce England to 44-4.

Rikkie Clarke's 39 and Chris Read's spirited 30 took England to 166.

Younis Khan hit nine fours in 55 and Inzamam blasted 42 from 26 balls as his team won with 20 balls to spare.


By Tom Fordyce

37th over: Pakistan win match, take 1-0 series lead
Yousuf thumps Broad through the covers for four, and there it is - a very comfortable win.

36th over: Clarke delays the inevitable with an accurate over - just a single to Yousuf.

35th over: Two lusty fours for Inzi, who cruises to 41 from 25 balls. Just four needed for victory. Gough stands with hands on knees, furious with a half-hearted piece of Trescothick fielding.

34th over: Inzamam has raced to 30 off 20 balls, and Pakistan now need just 15 off 36 balls. Start gathering up your jumpers and hat - we'll be done here very shortly.

33rd over: Gough comes back on, but Pakistan are cruising. Three off the over, but they're making light work - quite literally, in one sense - of these murky conditions.

32nd over: Incredible scenes - another Inzi three! What else has he got lined up this weekend - a 10km road race early on Sunday morning?

31st over: Inzi gets busy on Broad and takes ten off the over. That collector's item of an Inzi run three has suddenly gone down in value - Inzi takes another.

30th over: Good over from Clarke out there in the gloaming. I think. It's hard to be sure who's doing what - if it wasn't for Pakistan's semi-luminous clothing, we'd be lost.

29th over: A collector's item - Inzamam, the new batsman, runs a three. Strangely, no singles are taken in the rest of the over.

28th over: WICKET Younis Khan c Pietersen b Clarke 55
That could make it interesting - Younis hoists one to the midwicket where Pietersen takes a very cool catch right on the rope. The very next ball Yousuf avoids playing-on by a miniscule margin.

27th over: Strauss turns to Ian Bell. Bell almost sneaks one of his little wobblers through Younis's guard but the batsmen work him away for three more runs.

26th over: It's all quite easy for Younis and Yousuf at the moment. They're taking runs when they want them, scoring quickly enough to stay ahead of the D-L target and seldom looking threatened by Collingwood. England need wickets fast...

25th over: Younis must have the eyes of a fox - he drives a wide delivery from Broad over cover for four and then tucks him down to fine leg to bring up his 50. Broad is straying a little too much and has now gone for 29 off his five overs to date.

24th over: Collingwood strays off his middle-and-off line and concedes five runs. It's now extremely dark out there, but neither umpire has reached for his light meter. Possibly it's too dark for them to find them.

23rd over: Broad replaces Clarke, makes Yousuf play and miss and then gets thumped for three through the covers. D-L update: Pakistan ahead.

22nd over:Maiden from Collingwood. Did you say that you were a little unsure of how Duckworth-Lewis works? Right - you er... Well, you take the number of overs bowled, divide it by, er... multiply it by the square root of the number of studs on the bowler's right boot, and then... ah, just follow this link...

21st over: Back to Rikki. In part two: Younis Khan smashes the Surrey all-rounder for two fours over midwicket, and in doing so puts Pakistan back in front on D-L. You can't take your eyes off this one, can you?

20th over: Another strong gust of wind nearly blows Mark Benson's hat off. It's also just got even darker. Pakistan are one run behind on D-L. Gripping stuff, isn't it?

19th over: Time for the Rikki show - Clarke, that is, not Lake. Today on Rikki: Pakistan take two singles.

18th over: Collingwood comes on to replace Lewis, and Younis helps himself to a delightful cover drive to the boundary. Pakistan are now officially ahead on D-L, and it's getting mighty dark out there.

17th over: With the Lewis effect gone, Pakistan go on the attack, and Gough is the man to suffer. Younis puts him away for three, Yousuf drives him beautifully for four and Pakistan are suddenly right where they want to be on Duckworth-Lewis again.

16th over: Lewis gets a generous round of applause as he polishes off another spot-on over, conceding just one run to finish with 2-11 off his eight overs. Just wanted England needed - but what will happen now Dalrymple and Clarke come on?

15th over: Gough produces his best over of the day, beating Younis all ends up and conceding just one run. At the same stage of their innings, England had exactly the same score for the loss of one more wicket. Good fact, eh?

14th over: Another Scrooge special from Lewis - just one run off the over. Pakistan are now well behind on Duckworth-Lewis, should the rain return.

13th over: Off goes Broad, on comes Gough. Younis flays his first delivery high over midwicket for four. Up on the England balcony, Duncan Fletcher has his finger cocked and placed on his lips, much like a cricket-loving Dr Evil.

12th over: Another tremendous over from Lewis. He beats Yousuf comprehensively outside off stump three times and doesn't give him a sniff of a run. As the third ball passes his outside edge, Yousuf starts shaking his head and laughing. Lewis grimaces.

11th over: Broad drops too short and Yousuf goes up on his toes to crack him away square for four. Broad then tightens up, after first cursing himself under his breath. The stumps stay put, though - his mother's genes must have damped down his father's.

10th over: Lewis is getting the ball to move away like a leg-break. His first delivery takes Younis's edge and is caught by a tumbling Read - only for Billy Doctrove to call it a no-ball. Replays indicate that Billy may have had a bit of a 'mare with that one.

9th over: Broad battles through a tough over, getting away with a couple of wide deliveries including one which clips Yousuf's hip and races away for four byes. Umpire Benson, however, decides that Yousuf failed to play a shot, and the byes don't count. Yousuf looks staggered.

8th over: WICKET Malik c Read b Lewis 10
Lewis does it again - drawing Malik forward into a little push that snicks the ball into Read's Venus Fly-trap gloves. England are cockahoop, and Pietersen rushes in to ruffle Lewis's hair over-aggressively.

7th over: On comes Broad, and Younis goes after him - cutting him for four first ball and then pulling him to midwicket for another. His next ball sees the bails dislodged, but only by a near gale-force gust wind. It's suddenly gone very autumnal at Lord's.

6th over: Same again from Lewis - a great line just outside off stump ties Younis up, and there's only a scampered single to add to the total.

5th over: Just one off the over from Gough, and so nearly a wicket - he whistles one between Malik's bat and pad and just past the off stump. Gough stands still at the end of his follow-through and makes a big "Ooooh" shape with his mouth.

4th over: Lewis, big curly hair blowing in the wind, gets his line bang on and bowls a maiden - just what England needed. Ed Joyce is on the field for Stuart Broad. Joyce is sporting a two-day stubble - not something that Broad can probably manage at the moment.

3rd over: No worries there for Malik and Younis Khan, and the runs are flowing too fast for England. Gough is barrelling in but with little impact in that over.

2nd over: WICKET Hafeez c Read b Lewis 1
There's your answer - having beaten Hafeez outside off stump and had an lbw shout turned down, he induces the skinniest of edges and Read takes an easy catch. England have made the breakthrough...

1st over: Gough produces a pearler first ball to find Shoaib Malik's outside edge - but the ball lands just short of Trescothick at slip. He then beats Hafeez outside off stump before Malik drives him for three. Mixed messages for you there. What can Jon Lewis produce?

1538: Pakistan come out to bat needing 167 to win. What can England do? Goughie certainly fancies this one - he's loosening up with fierce determination.


40th over: WICKET Lewis run out (Younis Khan) 2 A final calamity for England - Broad calls Lewis through for a crazy single and Younis's throw from mid-off destroys the stumps. England are all out for 166. It's a total of sorts, looking on the bright side - but you know where all the smart money is...

39th over: WICKET Gough b Shoaib 1
And same again - brilliant yorker from Shoaib, and Gough doesn't get anywhere near it. Fancy a slice of this pie, Stuart Broad?

39th over: WICKET Clarke b Shoaib 39
It's a re-run of the previous wicket - Clarke steps away and aims towards the stars, only to be brought back to earth by the sound of his timbers exploding backwards.

38th over: WICKET Read b Razzaq 30
Read goes for another monster heave and is cleaned up by Razzaq. The middle stump goes for a long walk, and in comes the arm-windmilling Darren Gough.

37th over: Crackeroo! Read takes a step back against the returning Shoaib and pulls him for a low, skimming six over midwicket. Shoaib tries a slower one and Read topspin-forehands him for four wide of mid-on. The 50 partnership comes off 50 balls - who said rock 'n' roll was dead?

36th over: Good over all round for Clarke. He avoids being run out by Naved by running back to the bowler's end in a direct line between Naved and the stumps, and then glances the bowler for four. Umar Gul, waiting with drinks just behind the boundary, bends down to stop the racing ball and gets clonked on the face as the ball hops up off the rope. That could be the biggest cheer of the day from the crowd.

35th over: Clarke gets lucky, surviving a big lbw shout against Razzaq and then watching helplessly from three feet outside his crease as the throw from gully just fails to run him out. Time for the big charge now, England...

34th over: Clarke goes on the attack, smashing Hafeez for four over wide mid-on and then lofting him again over mid-off. He's looked as comfortable as any of England's willow-wavers today. Which isn't saying much, but he does deserve at least a nod of approval.

33rd over:Read charges Afridi, misses it down leg and turns round in full expectation of seeing his bails being removed. Then he remembers that it's Akmal behind the timbers and relaxes - rightly so, because the trampoline-gloved stumper has spilt the ball in trademark fashion.

32nd over: Hafeez is actually doing a pretty good job of tightening the tourniquet. Both Clarke and Read try to come down the pitch and loft over the top, but he Hafeez spots them coming and ties them up.

31st over: That's better - Read pulls a short ball from Afridi for four and then cuts away for a single. We're still lacking any sort of atmosphere except sogginess.

30th over: Chris Read, all twitchy movement and wide eyes as usual, tries to jump-start the stalled England innings. He and Clarke look for boundaries but have to settle for three singles.

29th over: WICKET Collingwood lbw Afridi 35 Colly misses a straight one from Afridi and Mark Benson raises his fateful finger. The batsman had a big stride in, but the ball was going straight on and always hitting middle and leg. Will England make the 150? Will we all be home in time for the Andorra match?

28th over: Two more on the total. Any second now...

27th over: England's 100 comes up, off a mere 161 balls. Hold onto your seats, folks - here we go...

26th over: Mohammad Hafeez comes on for a twirl. Clarke chops him away for three. Still very, very quiet from the crowd - the combination of dodgy weather, England's sludgy progress and the stern Lord's atmosphere is having a noise-dampening effect.

25th over: Shahid Afridi comes on and starts off with three long hops. England don't so much help themselves as politely nibble, taking four runs where you'd expect 12. Then Clarke plays a lovely late cut for four - eight off the over.

24th over: A few spots of rain land on Umpire Doctrove's wide-brimmed hat, and he tilts his mournful face towards the skies. England take two singles.

23rd over: WICKET Dalrymple lbw b Razzaq 13
Those two earlier boundaries cleary went to Boom-Boom's head. He swings across the line at an inswinger from Razzaq and is hit bang in front. The only question for Umpire Benson was the height, and he decides the stumps would have been scattered. Dalrymple has gone, and England sink still further into the mire. Still - no-one's panicking - here comes Rikki Clarke.

22nd over:The brakes go back on, perhaps as Dalrymple gets dizzy with the excitement. Just two off the over.

21st over:The umpires offered the light to England's batsmen there, I'm sure of it. Surely keenly aware of the Duckworth-Lewis scenario, Colly and Boom-Boom Dalrymple decide to stay put. Razzaq strays done the leg side and Boom-Boom swings him to midwicket for four.

20th over: Dalrymple's gone ballistic - he drives through mid-on for four and then flicks a single off his hips. Collingwood then hoists Naved just over mid-off for two. Naved's going for over eight an over. If it wasn't for him, England would be scoring at just over a run an over.

19th over: Jamie - don't listen to me... Dalrymple goes for a rapid single to get off the mark and is well short of his ground when Yousuf's throw comes in. Luckily for him, Yousuf's fling misses the stumps.

18th over: Naved comes on from the other end. Collingwood uses his strong bottom hand to guide an inswinger to the square leg boundary for four. Jamie Dalrymple has less luck - he's faced 12 balls without scoring so far. No hurry Jamie - England are racing along at three an over.

17th over: Abdul Razzaq replaces Naved and has Collingwood in trouble. A Pietersenesque miscued pull produces a top edge which clears the slips, and another swipe to leg seems to brush the glove before going through to the keeper. Umpire Benson gives it as a wide. Hmmm.

16th over: WICKET Pietersen c Naved b Asif 17
After all that chat, Asif gets his man once again. Pietersen aims a huge pull, gets a top edge and Naved runs in from third man to take a good sliding catch. Delerium in the Pakistan ranks, horror in England's. Was that the right shot in these circumstances? Asif finishes with 2 for 10 off his eight overs and jogs off for a well-earned isotonic beverage.

15th over: Much better from Pietersen - freed from the shackles of Asif, he drives Naved for four and then pulls him for another.

14th over: Compared to what we saw before, England are cruising - they add a run to the total and don't lose any more wickets. Why are there no Mexican waves starting in the stands?

13th over: Shoaib takes a blow after that rampaging opening spell, and England breathe a little easier. Naved comes on and Collingwood helps himself to a four off his pads - the first boundary for seven overs. Still grey overhead, but no rain. Keep rubbing that rabbit's foot.

12th over: Collingwood, tortured by this bowling, comes galloping down the pitch at Asif, heaves mightily and misses the ball completely. The ball fizzes over middle stump, and the Pakistan fielders put their hands to their heads. Maybe England could ask for some underarm deliveries - they're hapless against this overarm stuff.

11th over: Shoaib spears one in at Colly's leg stump and misses by a pencil's width. He then turns his attentions to Pietersen, who survives a big lbw shout. KP is horribly out of nick - he's scored just two runs from 12 balls and is yet to time a single shot as he'd like.

10th over: Pietersen is having a nightmare against Asif, who's already had him four times in the last three weeks. Asif follows an inswinger with an off-cutter and then induces an edge, which lands just short of third slip.

9th over: WICKET Bell c Inzamam b Shoaib 9
Bell aims a flashy back-foot drive at Shoaib and nicks in straight into Inzi's pouch. England are on the ropes. Paul Collingwood comes in and is comprehensively beaten twice in succession. Strauss is laughing in hollow fashion on the England balcony. Alastair Cook is shaking his head, and he's not even playing.

8th over: WICKET Trescothick c Younis b Asif 6
It was only a matter of time, and not very much time at that - Trescothick drives wildly at Asif and edges straight to second slip. His feet finally move, but only to take him back to the pavilion.

7th over: More drama than an episode of The Bill - Shoaib bounces Bell, tries another and gets no-balled and then seems to get a clear outside edge off Bell, only to see Akmal spill it as only Akmal can. Umpire Mark Benson then gives a leg bye, an interesting decision considering that the ball didn't get within a foot of Bell's pads.

6th over: After two deliveries it's 2-0 to Asif - he beats Bell outside off-stump with two snorters. Bell drops one at his feet for a quick single and Trescothick clips a straight delivery off his pads for four. Asif's not happy - he gives Banger some angry-faced chat.

5th over: We're now in a one-over power play. Bell runs Shoaib down to third man for two and takes another single to get off strike. Banger survives two straight balls and lives to edge another day.

Last 1/6th of 4th over: Trescothick edges Asif just short of 'keeper Akmal. That doesn't bode well for Banger. He's edged around half the balls he's hit so far.

1258: Bell and Trescothick come down the steps at speed, trying to give the impression that they're super-keen to face Shoaib and Asif in these wobbly conditions.

1251: The Pakistan team wander out again. Shoaib, hair pulled into a loose ponytail, practises his bowling action. Because of the latest delay, we're now looking at 40 overs per side.

1245: Two of the six covers are off! Aunt Veronica will have to wait - we're suddenly looking at a re-start in about 15 minutes time.

1235: Still raining. If you've got any urgent odd-jobs to do - de-scaling the kettle, cutting back your toe-nails, phoning your aunt to thank her for the card she sent on your birthday - now might be a good time to get cracking.

1207: A heavy shower, this one. Every brolly in the house is up. The forecast isn't great for the next few hours either, but we'll keep everything crossed. Except eyes. Otherwise I'll end up typing phrases like this: jdd odfofere, dhepvpbt eiwza.

1203: Play suspended for rain.

4th over: Asif beats Trescothick outside off-stump and then ties him up with three straighter ones. As he turns to begin his run-up for his final delivery, Billy Doctrove knocks the bails off and everyone involved runs for the pavillion. Billy hasn't lost it - it's raining again.

3rd over: You wouldn't want to be out there facing Shoaib at the moment. He sizzles one past Bell's snout and then beats his outside edge. Bell fights back with a nicely-timed drive through the covers for four. There's a few drops of moisture in the air, and the umpires stroll over for an ominous chat.

2nd over: The ball is moving around like a ping-pong ball in a gale. Mohammad Asif has Ian Bell and Trescothick edging into their pads, and the only runs come from hurried singles.

1st over: WICKET England 1-1 (Strauss c Akmal b Shoaib 0)
Shoaib produces an absolute ripper, swinging it in and then seaming away, and England's captain edges it helplessly to Kamran Akmal. A golden quacker, and what a delivery - Strauss had no chance at all with that.

1st over:Shoaib Akhtar opens the bowling to Marcus Trescothick. After three dot-ball inswingers, he gets one to go away and Trescothick edges it just short of the wicketkeeper. Trescothick pushes a quick single, leaving Strauss on strike.

Someone in a position of influence has been reading these updates - they've now cut the overs per side to 46. Good work, bigwigs.

1143: Here come the umps. Interesting decision from upstairs - the game has been shortened. By two overs. That's right - it's now 49 overs per side. No way we could have squeezed in an extra 12 balls, old boy - simply impossible. Why, it would have taken a good six minutes.

1140: The Pakistan team take the field again. The covers are even tucked away behind the advertising hoardings - brazen optimism.

1130: Inzi's rest is almost over - play is now pencilled in for 1145 BST. The hover-cover comes off, a few more spectators take their seats and Paul Collingwood does some stretching on the England balcony.

1115: Inzamam trudges back out onto the Pakistan balcony and drops into his chair like a man under the influence of double gravity. He plonks his boots up on the balcony rails and puffs out his cheeks.

1110: Uh-oh - with the Pakistan team jogging out onto the pitch, a few drops of rain begin to fall. The players come to a halt, pause for a moment's consultation and then jog back up the steps. The covers come back on, and our chances of starting at 1115 BST have just disappeared.

1055: Good news for Pakistan fans, bad for England: Pakistan have won the toss and will bowl. On a surface this green, with a sky this heavy, you fear for any batsman walking out there this morning.

1040: Roughly half the covers are now off. It's a brave show of optimism - it's still gloomy enough for head-torches out there.

1024: Play will now start in about 50 minutes time - that's the chat from umpires Billy Doctrove and Mark Benson.

1015: The entire square is hidden under the covers. Men in anoraks are sweeping water off the mint-green plastic sheets with large brooms. There's some groundsmen banter going on - possibly about mops and evaporation rates.

1000: Drizzle. That's the one-word summary of the action at Lord's this morning. The stands are pretty empty, the umpires are wandering around under large umbrellas and the only sign of the players is the occasional glimpse of someone on a balcony, staring up morosely at the clouds.

0930: "There's a fine drizzle here...I'd be surprised if we see more than an hour or two's play today. It is expected to become finer later this afternoon but by then it might be too late." Pat Murphy, BBC Five Live

Andrew Strauss (capt), Marcus Trescothick, Ian Bell, Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood, Jamie Dalrymple, Rikki Clarke, Chris Read (wkt), Jon Lewis, Darren Gough, Stuart Broad.

Inzamam-ul-Haq (capt), Mohammad Hafeez, Shoaib Malik, Younis Khan, Mohammad Yousuf, Abdul Razzaq, Shahid Afridi, Kamran Akmal (wkt), Rana Naved-ul-Hasan, Shoaib Akhtar, Mohammad Asif.



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