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England v Pakistan 3rd Test

England 515 & 345 bt Pakistan 538 & 155 by 167 runs

England wrapped up victory over Pakistan by 167 runs on the final day of the third Test to win the series 2-0 with one match remaining.

Sajid Mahmood took 4-22, his best Test figures, with only Younis Khan (41) and the half-fit Inzamam-ul-Haq (37) threatening to defy England.

Monty Panesar (3-39) bowled Younis and had Inzamam stumped for the last wicket as Pakistan were all out for 155.

Paul Collingwood took a great catch and crucially ran out Mohammad Yousuf.


By Ben Dirs


1454: WICKET - Pakistan 155 all out - Inzamam st Read b Panesar 37
Inzamam, who clearly fancies a few Bakewell slices, skips down the wicket, misses with a huge hoick and is stumped by Read. England win the match by 167 runs and seal the series.

1448: Mahmood sends down a vicious lifter to Inzamam. Nasty. Inzamam leans into Mahmood's next delivery and the ball runs away through the covers for four. All of a sudden there's all sorts of variable bounce and Inzamam gets one that almost chops him in two. Kaneria roots out a Mahmood yorker and Pakistan live to see another over.

1446: Panesar beats a lunging Inzamam with a ball that turns sharply. Another very tidy over from the Northants spinner and Pakistan are staring over the precipice.

1441: WICKET - Pakistan 149-9 (Gul c Collingwood b Mahmood 0)
Inzamam crossed while the ball was in the air but nudges a single to get Gul on strike. Gul then gets a probing ball that he outside edges to a diving Collingwood third slip. Another wonderful catch to add to the Durham man's collection.

1437: WICKET - Pakistan 148-8 (Nazir c Trescothick b Mahmood 17)
Mahmood is the Man With The Golden Arm today and dismisses Nazir with the first ball of his new spell, Nazir top-edging a short one and Trescothick, running back from slip, pouching the catch.

1434: Inzamam may look like the Honey Monster after a blow-out in Blackpool, but he floats around the crease like Darcey Bussell. He tip-toes down the pitch to Panesar and slaps him over long-on for four.

1431: Nazir gets a short one from Harmison and guides it over the slips for four. A smart shot, if a little sketchy. More stand and deliver stuff from Nazir next ball as he crashes Harmison through extra-cover for four. England are now 50-1 on to win - Pakistan are available at a monstrous 66-1, 8-1 the draw.

1428: A maiden over from Panesar. Tough for Inzamam, who has the job of shepherding the tail-end. He'll have to rein in his natural attacking instincts - or will he just throw caution to the wind?

1423: Inzy square-drives Harmison for one. Pietersen slips as he throws the ball in and gets a bit of barracking from the Pakistan fans. Nazir throws his bat at one and the ball flies over the slip cordon and runs away for four. Nazir then plays uppishly to short mid-wcket and grabs another couple.

1420: Inzamam clips Panesar away for two to mid-wicket and follows up with a dreamy off-drive for four. Panesar then gets one to balloon up at Inzy, but Bell can only get his fingertips to the bell at short leg. Panesar does a little jig of disgust, as opposed to his usual jig of delight.

1416: Nazir gets a full-bunger from Harmison and leaves well alone. Nazir then gets a rip-snorter from Harmison, but it's too good for the Pakistan seamer and he doesn't get a touch.

1413: Nazir is the new batsman and gets off the mark with a single. Inzamam rocks back to a short one from Panesar and whips the ball to deep mid-wicket for two.

1409: WICKET - Pakistan 113-7 (Sami run out [Pietersen] 0)
Pakistan are melting in the Headingley sun. Sami nudges the ball into the off-side, waits two seconds and then calls Inzamam through. Pietersen keeps his head, underarms the ball to Hoggard and the England bowler removes the bails. It's Keystone Cops stuff from Pakistan.

1403: WICKET - Pakistan 112-6 (Younis b Panesar 41)
A crackerjack delivery from Panesar to dismiss Younis Khan. The ball pitched on middle stump, turned across the face of Younis' bat and flicked his off bail. Younis had no chance. England are into the tail-end and Sami is next man in. An optimistic lbw appeal by Panesar first up - but Sami sees off the rest of the over. A wicket-maiden and Pakistan are in the sticky stuff.

1400: Inzamam piles into a short one from Harmison - arrogant, dismissive, glorious. Harmison is riled and serves Inzy up some chin music that gets the Pakistan skipper hopping around the crease.

1358: Inzamam gets three leg-byes down to fine-leg. Otherwise, another tidy over by Panesar.

"It's been an excellent pitch for Test cricket - if you put it in the right place as a bowler there's something in it for you, if you don't you get punished."
TMS summariser Graham Gooch

1353: Younis gives it the flashing blade and Pietersen makes a good half-stop at point to save four. However, Pakistan pass 100. Younis then laces Harmison through the covers for four to move to 41. Harmison hits back with one that pitches and leaves Younis. Pulsating stuff.

1350: Panesar to Inzamam and England have the Pakistan skipper surrounded. Panesar drops in a rare wide one and Pakistan get two leg-byes down to third man. Extravagant turn from Panesar's final ball - too good for a groping Younis and well taken by Read behind the timbers.

1345: Harmison slices Inzamam in half - but there is no inside edge. There is still a leg-slip in place for the Pakistan skipper. Harmison then beats Inzamam with a jaffer that pitches and spits off the pitch like fat from a frying pan. A maiden over.

1343: Panesar is tickled round the corner for a couple by Younis. Panesar has four men around the bat - claustrophobic for Younis. Two from the over and Younis is now on 34.

1340: Players are back out after lunch and Inzamam drags Harmison down to long-leg first up. Younis is still looking slightly unhinged, hopping about and twitching at the crease like a man possessed. He pushes his first ball after lunch for three to mid-off. Harmison looks to have a plan against Inzy. He's aiming just short of a length and outside leg stump, bodyline if you will. Harmison's radar packs up before his final ball and Inzamam carves him away for four.

1258: Younis slams his front foot down the track and drives Monty through the covers for four. Younis and Inzy survive the over and the players take lunch. Younis and Inzamam share a joke as they trudge back to the pavilion. If I was an England player, I'd be slightly peturbed by Younis' slightly maniacal bearing this morning - he looks like the man who's lost everything and doesn't give a damn.

1253: Inzamam, whose late arrival at the crease is down to a rib injury, is welcomed to the crease with a bit of chin music from Mahmood. Inzamam, who last got excited some time around 1982, sways gently out of the firing line like a palm tree bending to the wind.

1249: WICKET - Pakistan 80-5 (Akmal c Read b Mahmood 0) Akmal lasts just two balls, fencing at a good length ball and feathering an outside edge to Read. Pakistan fall further into the mire and it's going to take a great knock from Younis or skipper Inzamam to save this match now.

1245: WICKET - Pakistan 80-4 (Iqbal c Read b Mahmood 11)
Sumptuous off-drive from Iqbal for four, but he's out next ball, glancing an innocuous delivery from Mahmood to Read behind the stumps. Fine catch by Read, tumbling to his left.

1242: Bell claims a catch off Younis at short leg, umpire Doctrove is having none of it. Some chat between Younis and Bell ensues, but it looks like good-natured stuff.

1234: Testing stuff from Panesar and Pakistan's aim will be to get to lunch without losing a fourth wicket. Iqbal plays an uppish flick which falls just short of short mid-wicket. Umpire Hair tells Pietersen, chirping away in the covers, to put a sock in it. It would take a very big sock to keep the Hampshire man quiet. Spicy stuff from Mahmood, who has a shy at Younis' stumps - Younis says "well fielded". Top drawer stuff, very intense.

1227: WICKET - Pakistan 68-3 (Yousuf run out [Collingwood] 8) Headingley is three-quarters full, tremendous for a last day of a Test. Suicidal running from Younis and Yousuf and the latter is dismissed. Younis plays the ball down to point and calls Yousuf through and Collingwood, diving full-length, runs him out by a good few yards. New batsman Iqbal is getting a bit of chirp from Pietersen - they're not best chums. Iqbal gets three with a flick down to third man.

1223: Panesar v Younis - a contest to get the Headingley faithful slobbering like a senile old St Bernard. Younis top-edges a cut over the slip cordon and Panesar then locates the edge of Yousuf's bat. Yousuf, almost as laid-back as his skipper Inzamam, leans into the final ball of the over and gets two into the off-side.

"You can rest assured Ashley Giles would have been over the wicket and into the rough in this situation..." TMS commentator Vic Marks

1218: It's Yousuf and Younis in harness for Pakistan again. They put on 363 in the first innings. Younis gets up on tip-toes and steers Mahmood away for four off the back foot. Mahmood is topping 90mph, but seven from his second over.

1213: WICKET - Pakistan 52-2 (Taufeeq c Cook b Panesar 11)
Monty goes up for a catch against Taufeeq, Cook taking the catch at silly-point. Umpire Doctrove is having none of it. Taufeeq, scratching around like Mr Magoo, attempts a sweep and gets an inside edge onto his pad - Cook snaffles the catch and the momentum swings back England's way. New batsman Yousuf caresses Panesar through the covers for four. Dreamy.

1208: Strauss turns to Mahmood, who has been expensive so far this series. Three slips in and Bell is at short mid-on - the Matthew Hayden field. Bit of reverse swing from Mahmood and his first over is a maiden.

1205: Monty is into the attack. Taufeeq drives sketchily and gets four down to third man. Panesar is getting a bit of turn, though, and Taufeeq, lunging forward, very nearly gets an inside edge to Bell at short leg. An exacting over from Panesar, who will get through a stack of work today.

"How much can Strauss trust Mahmood if it becomes a tight situation. When push comes to shove, you always go back to your most trusted bowlers..."
TMS summariser Graham Gooch

1203: Energy drinks all round and six or seven England players disappear from the pitch. Dodgy Ruby last night or a slap on the wrist from coach Fletcher?

1157: Panesar is limbering up and could be wheeled into the attack sooner rather than later. Younis carves Harmison past a groping Pietersen at point for a couple and then latches onto a short one from the Durham paceman for four down to mid-wicket.

1153: Younis looks like he's walked straight to the crease directly from one of Leeds' more hedonistic nightclubs - he's wired. He times Hoggard through extra-cover for three.

1148: If Pakistan make the 323 they need to win the match, it will be their highest ever run chase. Harmison drops one in short and Younis, who's going to have a go at everything, mis-times a pull and runs two. Harmison strays onto Younis' legs and is tucked away for a single. Harmison comes around the wicket to Taufeeq and the Pakistan opener just checks a reckless cut shot at the very last moment.

1146: Hoggard is teasing Taufeeq outside the off-stump and the Pakistan opener has a nibble at one which drops just short of the England slip cordon. The Yorkshire workhorse then pulls out of his delivery stride and appears to have turned an ankle, but is fit to finish his over.

1140: Harmison sends one arcing down Younis' leg-side and Read can only deflect it to the third man boundary for five wides. Profligate from Harmison. Younis slings the kitchen sink at a wide one from Harmison and fails to make contact. "Oohs" and "aahs" from the crowd. Younis then tries to pull Harmison and misses again. A couple of England's slips ask for a caught behind, but it is no more than a polite enquiry.

"With the introduction of Younis Khan to the crease, I expect more action. This could be a good contest between him and Harmison."
TMS summariser Graham Gooch

1133: WICKET - Pakistan 23-1 (Butt c Trescothick b Hoggard 16)
England make the breakthrough, Butt having a dart at a good-length ball from Hoggard and Trescothick pouching a dolly at first slip. Relief for Hoggard and England. Younis isn't mucking about and pushes his first ball to mid-off for a couple.

1130: Taufeeq tucks Harmison away off his legs and grabs a couple. Pakistan now need exactly 300 to win. The crowd is filling up now, but little to cheer the England fans so far.

1128: Butt times Hoggard straight down the ground for four and follows up with a cut to the point boundary. A bright start by Pakistan's openers who haven't been greatly troubled yet.

"I parked next to Alastair Cook this morning and he's got the most brightly-coloured, orange, garish car I've ever seen. He mentioned something about the @@@@ sponsor..." TMS commentator Jonathan Agnew

1118: Apparently Headingley haven't printed enough tickets and there's a bit of a scrum outside the ground. Begs the question, why do they need tickets at all? Why not just pay at the gate and pick a seat? This country...Harmison raps Taufeeq on the knuckles and there is a break as the magic spray is brought out. A no-ball from Harmison and Pakistan move onto 12.

1114: The first boundary of the day and it comes from Butt, who clips Hoggard through mid-off. Butt follows up with another four through the covers. Butt has a punchy technique through the off-side and, Hoggard would contend, a very irritating one. Not much swing from the Hogster so far. Eight from the over.

1110: Taufeeq, momentarily forgetting the gravity of the situation, wafts at a full length delivery from Harmison and the ball slaps into Read's gloves behind the timbers. Taufeeq pushes Harmison into the covers for another couple. Harmison has a bit of 'dog' in him this morning, as our Aussie friends might say, and sticks in a nasty bouncer next ball. His final ball is 89.9mph - strap yourselves in ladies and gentlemen, we're in for a white-knuckler.

1105: A fleeting appearance by Panesar and Hoggard is on from the Football Stand End. Hoggard will want to stamp his mark on this Test on the final day - he's had a quiet one. Panesar fields at mid-off and gets his first ironic cheer of the day from the Headingley faithful. A bit of swing into the left-handed Butt with the final ball - a good sign.

1103: Panesar appears to have taken the first over to allow Harmison to bowl from the Kirkstall Lane End. Harmison digs his first ball in short to Taufeeq and the rest of the over is safely negotiated.

1057: Pakistan's openers take to the field and Monty Panesar is to have first go with the ball. Taufeeq thrusts forward and keeps out his first delivery. Taufeeq then attempts to flick Panesar away and the ball just evades Bell at short leg. A typically probing opening over by the England spinner.

1035: No obviously overcast conditions to help Hoggard's swing, the weather set reasonably fair, but the much fabled cracks are beginning to widen and all eyes will be on Harmison steaming in with the new ball.



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