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Last Updated: Friday, 4 August 2006, 14:20 GMT 15:20 UK
Third Test: Day one as it happened
THIRD TEST, HEADINGLEY, DAY ONE: England 347-6 v Pakistan (stumps)

Kevin Pietersen's 104 allowed England to recover from a lunch score of 110-3 to hit 347-6 on the first day of the third Test against Pakistan.

Pietersen retired hurt with cramp in his forearm having blazed his runs from just 131 balls, but Ian Bell continued his fine form to be unbeaten on 66.

Bell and Chris Read (38) playing his first Test for more than two years, then put on 86 late in the day.

Umar Gul took four wickets, including two with the second new ball.


By Ben Dirs


1818: WICKET - England 347-6 (Hoggard b Gul 0)
Gul finds Bell's edge but the ball falls short of second slip. Gul then roots out Hoggard's off-stump and play ends for the day.

1815: Sami continues to drop in short and is dragged away for a single by Bell. Hoggard, chewing expansively on some gum, digs out a Sami yorker. Sami's work for the day is done - and he finishes with figures of 1-102. Nightmarish stuff.

1808: WICKET - England 345-5 (Read lbw b Gul 38)
Read leaves a straight one from Gul and is trapped in front. Umpire Doctrove has no hesitation in giving him out. The Hoggster is next man in. Gul gives Hoggard a tempter first up and Hoggard leaves extravagantly. Hoggard gropes at the penultimate delivery and he shares a wry smile with Gul. Wicket-maiden from Gul.

1805: Read gets up on his hind legs and cuts the hapless Sami away for four. The Pakistan paceman, who can sometimes look quite threatening, continues to be one of the biggest enigmas in Test cricket.

"The cheers are for Superman, who has just run up the terrace and disappeared into the bar. Oh dear, Mohammad Sami's back..."
TMS commentator Jonathan Agnew

1800: Five overs to go. England scamper a couple of singles.

1757: Bell shoulders arms and a rising ball from Nazir deflects off his forearm and falls just short of second slip. Bell then steers one into the covers for three. Read pulls a short one from Nazir for two.

1751: Gul beats Read all-ends-up with a ball that jags off the seam. Pakistan then have a big appeal turned down. The ball looked high and to be going down leg-side.

1747: The tempo has fallen markedly since Pietersen's departure and the last hour or so has resembled Test cricket circa 1985. Three from the over and England are quite happy to potter through the rest of the day.

1743: Gul has an lbw appeal against Read turned down by umpire Doctrove. The ball looked to be going over the top. Read piles into a ball of full length and misses completely. One from the over.

1740: Pakistan takes the new ball in the middle of the 80th over. Nazir has first go with it and Read plays out a maiden over.

1738: England fiddle their way to 328-4. Neither batsman wants to be out near to the close having a dart at Butt's lollipops.

"I wonder who's got the biggest beard in Test cricket at the moment - Yousuf, Inzamam or Amla of South Africa?" TMS commentator Christopher Martin-Jenkins

1731: Bell brings up his fifty, perhaps the easiest he'll ever make in Test cricket. Read rocks back to Kaneria and pulls the ball wristily over mid-wicket for six to move to 31.

1725: Read smears a Butt full-toss to the cover boundary. Geraint Jones, if he's watching down in Kent, will be, as the Aussies like to say, spewing. Bell whips Butt away to the long-on boundary and follows up with a pull for four.

1721: Bell carves Kaneria away into the covers and Read tries a bit of adventure, planting his front foot and slapping the ball to extra-cover for a single.

1719: Skipper Inzamam brings on another part-time bowler in Butt. Read brings up England's 300 with a nudge into the on-side. Respectable stuff from Butt.

1717: Kaneria shies at the stumps after Bell pushes a ball back to him. A bit of verbals between batsman and bowler ensue. A Read single into the off-side takes England to within one of their 300.

1715: Umar is retained and still bowling liquorice all-sorts. England are happy to milk him tenderly rather than yank his udders off and take four singles from the over.

1712: A maiden over from Kaneria, who isn't proving as effective as some may have expected on this tour.

1709: Pakistan opening batsman Umar is into the attack and his first ball, a rank long-hop, is paddled round the corner for two. Read repeats the trick for a single and Bell gets in on the act with paddle of his own for one. Read is then almost caught out with one that keeps low. Peculiar over.

1700: Inzamam looks like he's got the hump. He's got the air of a man who has trodden in some dog's business on the way to his daughter's wedding. Three from the over and players take drinks.

1658: Read pushes a single to mid-off and follows up with a wristy back-foot square-drive for four.

1654: Read plays the first quality shot of his innings, a well-timed steer through the covers. But he is cut in half by Nazir next ball, caught going neither back nor forward.

"As a climber, I have experienced a good deal of cramp in the arm and it is very, very unpleasant. I find it pulls the fingers in towards the hands very tightly such that I can't uncurl them. If KP is experiencing that kind of cramp, I can sympathise with him."
Ian Stewart in the TMS inbox

1649: Read reaches at Kaneria's googly like Mr Magoo and the ball fizzes over his stumps and dribbles away for a single. Pakistan will fancy rooting him out cheaply. Bell, with a velvet touch, carves Kaneria away for four.

1646: Read throws the kitchen sink at a wide one from Nazir, but fails to connect. Read turns Nazir away for another single.

1643: Bell paddles Kaneria down to fine-leg for a couple. With Pietersen out of the picture for the moment, Pakistan will want to apply some pressure over the last hour or so.

1638: Nazir's first ball to Read passes a long way outside off-stump. Read then Chinese cuts Nazir for four - streaky. The Notts keeper survives the rest of the over.

1636: Read, in for Geraint Jones, has not played a Test since March 2004. His knees will be jingle-jangling. Bell plays out a maiden over from Kaneria.

1629: With Sami slapped out of the attack by Pietersen, Inzamam turns to Nazir, who has been Pakistan's only reliable seamer thus far. Bell guides Nazir to the backward point boundary. "Very Athertonian", according to Christopher Martin-Jenkins in the TMS commentary box. Some members of the crowd have made a giant plastic-pint glass snake. Is that David Hasselhoff I see among them? Pietersen is dropped by Butt at short mid-wicket. It was going like a train - but Butt should have pouched it. Pietersen then retires hurt and Chris Read is suddenly shoved into the spotlight.

1627: Pietersen is still wringing his left arm but safely negotiates the over. Four from it.

"It's a close call as to who is the most over-the-top actor - Alan Rickman or Kevin Pietersen..."
ESC on the TMS messageboards

1622: Bell, rendered almost invisible by the swashbuckling Pietersen at the other end, brings up England's 250.

1620: Kaneria keeps it tidy at his end - just one from the over.

1608: Pietersen pulls Sami away to the mid-wicket boundary and then requires treatment on his strained left arm. A bit of the physio's magic spray and Pietersen is off again. He slaps Sami away for four and then laces him through mid-on for the third boundary of the over. Pietersen now has 99 and a fifty partnership with Bell. Physio Kirk Russell is back on. Pietersen loves a bit of theatrics. Play restarts and Inzamam saves four with a fine stop in the covers. However, Pietersen brings up his fifth Test ton with a drag down to fine-leg for one. Sami, meanwhile, is bowling like a drain.

1605: England are finding singles easy to come by with the field spread as it is. Three from Kaneria's over.

1559: Players are back out after tea and only time will tell whether a couple of Bakewell slices will slow Pietersen's progress. He rolls his wrists on a short one from Sami and picks up a single down to mid-wicket. Six from the first over after the break.

1539: Pietersen isn't bothered tea is imminent and slaps Kaneria over his head for six. The crowd rumble their approval, like 17,000 Sid Jameses who have just clapped eyes on Barbara Windsor's behind. Players go off for energy drinks. Pietersen is 82, Bell is nine.

1534: Bell rolls his wrists on a short one from Gul and runs a single. Pietersen then plays a dreamy shot for four, getting up on tip-toes and whipping the ball from outside off-stump to the long-on boundary. Pietersen climbs into Gul's final ball, a half-volley, and the ball races through extra-cover for four.

1531: Pietersen is almost undone by a Kaneria delivery that grips and fizzes into his legs. The England batsman just manages to keep it out.

1527: Two from Gul's second over after lunch. Pietersen and Bell's priority will be surviving until tea now.

1521: Pietersen brings up England's 200 with a sweep off Kaneria. Gul, running round from third man, is made to look a buffoon by the bounce and the ball spins away for four.

1513: WICKET - England 192-4 (Collingwood c Umar b Gul 31) A shocker from Collingwood, who follows up a perfectly-executed pull with a top-edged hoick to Umar at deep square-leg. Collingwood's team-mates will be scattering for cover in the Headingley dressing room. Bell replaces Collingwood at the crease and times Gul through extra-cover for four. A pleasant way to get off the mark.

1511: Three from Kaneria's over and England are becalmed for the time-being.

1507: Pietersen tickles Nazir round the corner for a couple. Pietersen now has 62 from 90 deliveries.

1504: A ripper from Kaneria with his last delivery of the over. The ball pitches and jags back dramatically at Collingwood who plays no stroke.

1459: A maiden over from Nazir. Collingwood is happy to weigh anchor while Pietersen makes waves down the other end.

1454: Pietersen is at his overbearing best now. He skips down the wicket and flicks Kaneria away for four. Wonderfully arrogant.

1450: Nazir, hair flopping as he makes his way to the crease, plonks one in short and is pulled away by Pietersen. Fifty up for the Hampshire batsman, his sixth in Test cricket.

1447: Three from Kaneria's over. Collingwood and Pietersen, dare I say it, are looking pretty untroubled at present.

1438: Classic off-drive from Pietersen brings up the 50 partnership. Cut out the follow-through and paste it on your wall. Pietersen then demonstrates the on-drive for four - what next? A back-foot drive for nothing. Players take drinks.

1435: Pietersen and Collingwood continue to chip away at Kaneria - three from the over. How long can Pietersen rein himself in for? Stand by for some pyrotechnics.

1431: Collingwood plays a false stroke at a Nazir away-swinger and it's a maiden over.

1427: A bit of beef in the crowd as someone's beach ball is confiscated by a steward. Boos all round from the Headingley crowd. No-one likes a spoilsport. Collingwood brings up England's 150 with a nurdle off Kaneria. Pietersen then strides down the pitch and swats Kaneria over long-off for six.

1420: Nazir, so effective before lunch, is shuffled back into the attack and his first ball slices Pietersen in half. It pitches outside off-stump, beats wicket-keeper Akmal behind the stumps and runs away for four down to fine-leg. Nazir then inside edges another inswinger to Akmal - but umpire Hair quickly signals a no-ball. To add insult to injury, the England batsmen sneak a single after Akmal throws up the ball and spills the catch. Seven from the over.

"Following on from your conversation about ideal English bowlers for Headingley, I compiled these stats: 1 Geoff Arnold (av. 13.17) 2 Jim Laker (16.97) 3 Mike Hendrick (17) 4 Fred Titmus (17.5) 5 Peter Loader (17.62)"
CW Morrison in the TMS inbox

1412: Pietersen sweeps Kaneria straight into Iqbal, who is fielding at short leg. Thankfully, the ball missed his unmentionables.

1408: Collingwood nudges Sami off his legs for a couple and follows up with a single to the same area. Pietersen plays a text-book on-drive off Sami for four. Pietersen, slipping into the groove now, rocks back and steers Sami away for another boundary.

1405: Kaneria is wheeled into the attack in place of Gul. Pietersen comes down the pitch to Kaneria and the bowler shies at the stumps, forcing the batsman to take evasive action. Kaneria then goes up for an lbw, but Pietersen had got in a very long stride. The bowler almost knocked umpire Hair's hat off with the forcefulness of the appeal.

1403: England nudge and nurdle their way to 124-3. This is very much a period of consolidation for the hosts.

1358: A tidy over from Gul. Collingwood remains on nine while Pietersen is 18.

1353: Sami gets one to shoot on to Collingwood, who just manages to jam down on it. Collingwood is hurried again off the next delivery and gets a thick inside edge.

1349: Gul serves up a lollipop and Collingwood smites him over square-leg for six.

1346: Sami resumes at the other end and produces a far more controlled over than some of his morning fare, the second straight maiden since lunch.

1342: Collingwood is happy to find his bearings as Umar Gul resumes his over, having bowled just one ball of it before lunch before dismissing Cook. Collingwood misses out on a juicy half-volley but looks solid defensively.

1338: Kevin Pietersen and new batsman Paul Collingwood stride to the crease as the players prepare to start the second session of the day.

1259: WICKET - England 110-3 (Cook c&b Gul 23)
England lose their third wicket in the last over before lunch, Cook nudging a leading edge back to bowler Gul. The players take lunch.

1254: A bit of leg-spin before lunch as Kaneria comes into the attack. Cook dabs him away for a single to point. Pietersen plays all round a straight one, but survives.

1252: Gul is back on and Pietersen piles into a delivery wide outside off-stump for a four. Pietersen moves to 17, Cook is 22.

1246: Sami is doing his best to hand the initiative back to England. He digs one in short and is dragged away for four by Cook and follows up with a half-bunger on Cook's legs which the Essex man dabs down to the fine-leg boundary.

1242: Pietersen gets his first boundary with a dismissive flick off his legs. Umar, diving full-length, attempts to stop the ball on the rope, but only succeeds in giving the Headingley crowd a view of his bethonged buttocks.

1236: Sami goes through Cook like a dose of salts and appeals for another caught behind. This time it's umpire Doctrove who turns Pakistan down, despite the fact Cook appeared to get a decent bit of willow on it. Two big let-offs for England. Cook rubs Pakistan's noses in it by slapping Sami away for four, Yousuf doing him a favour with some geriatric fielding at point.

1234: Cook pushes a single through the off-side and it's a time for quiet consolidation for England's new men at the crease. Just two from the over.

1230: One from Sami's over and he seems to have found more rhythm coming down the slope from the Kirkstall Lane End.

1226: Nazir goes up for a vociferous caught behind against Pietersen, who appeared to get an inside edge onto his thigh and on to wicket-keeper Akmal. A let-off for Pietersen, who has only made two.

"I am having a few computer issues this morning which means that the commentary from TMS keeps stuttering. It sounds like CMJ and Graham Gooch are the latest rap act. It is a bit disturbing, but oddly better than most of the rap that is about these days." Andy Ashby in the TMS inbox

1218: New batsman Cook plays and misses at a Sami delivery. Cook reaches for one and the ball flies down to third man for four. Cook adds another three with a stroke through extra cover.

1214: WICKET - England 67-2 (Strauss c Younis b Nazir 36)
Nazir dismisses the England skipper with a pearler that darts away and takes Strauss' outside edge. Younis pouches the catch at second slip. Pietersen is next man in, and he may have to rein in his natural, swashbuckling game.

1207: WICKET - England 67-1 (Trescothick c&b Sami 28)
Snickometer suggests Strauss should have been out in the previous over. But Pakistan do make the breakthrough, Trescothick driving a full length ball straight back at Sami, who grabs the ball at the second attempt. Lazy shot by the Somerset man, who is really scratching about for some form this summer.

1200: Nazir serves up an absolute beauty, the ball pitching on off-stump and darting across the face of Trescothick's bat. Nazir then beats Strauss with an away-seamer, but his appeal for caught-behind is turned down by Hair. Splendid stuff by Nazir, but he's ploughing a lonely furrow. Players take drinks.

1154: Inzamam brings Sami back into his attack from the Kirkstall Lane End and will be hoping for some more disciplined fare. However, Sami drops another one in short and Trescothick steers him through the covers for four. Sami, clearly frustrated, retaliates with a decent bouncer. But his final ball is over-pitched and smeered through the covers by Trescothick for yet another boundary. This is easy meat for England thus far.

1150: Nazir gets a good length ball to spit off the pitch and clatter Trescothick on the forearm - a bit of old-school Headingley. Another maiden from Nazir, who is bowling well.

1145: Dross from Gul, who drops in short and is carved away by Strauss. Strauss brings up England's 50 off the last ball of the over with another cut for four. The Pakistan bowlers need to learn - and fast.

1141: Trescothick has a fish outside off-stump - better length from Nazir. Trescothick is beaten again and Nazir appears to have bedded in. Maiden over.

"The 2d pattern for a cable stitch sweater was used by my mother for all my school cricket sweaters between 1952 and 1959. I know the Surrey opener Tom Clarke (early Fifties) modelled some patterns."
Anton Wills-Eve in the TMS inbox

1138: After a promising start, Gul seems to have lost concentration and is slapped away for two successive fours by Trescothick. Tresco is 18 and Strauss is 25. Solid start by England who are vindicating the skipper's decision to bat first.

1131: Nazir comes in for the hapless Sami - it's his first Test since 1999. His second ball is plopped in short and Strauss drags it away towards deep mid-wicket. Yousuf, thinking the ball will run down the slope, gives up the ghost - but is horrified to see the ball run out of legs just short of the boundary. Much mirth among the Yorkshire fauthful. Nazir then beats Strauss with an away-swinger.

1128: Strauss pushes one through Trescothick's legs and nicks a quick single. Gul dredges up a bit of extra bounce and beats Trescothick with a lifter just outside off-stump.

1123: Sami is having a bit of a mare and is cut away for four by Strauss. Six from the over and Sami has now bowled four overs for 22 runs.

1120: Gul finds the edge of Trescothick but the ball drops just short of Younis at second slip. Gul, who is hardly express pace, seems to know just where to bowl on a Headingley pitch - on a length, just outside off-stump. However, Gul then decides to dig one in short and is carted away by Trescothick to the mid-wicket boundary.

1115: Sami gets one to nip back and the ball just misses Strauss' off-stump. Better from the Pakistani paceman.

1113: Gul sends one across Trescothick's bow just to prove there are some gremlins in this track if you pitch it up. Gul's final ball jags the other way and chops Trescothick in two.

"Sami is like the girl in the nursery rhyme - when he's good, he's very good, when he's bad he's horrid..."
TMS commentator Christopher Martin-Jenkins

1107: Sami invites Strauss up to the buffet with a short delivery and the England skipper, eyes bigger than his belly, cuts him away for four. Sami strays onto Strauss' legs with the final ball and is flicked away for another boundary. No devils in the pitch so far.

1103: Gul, who could be useful at an overcast Headingley, shares the new ball with Sami and his first ball is tucked round the corner by Strauss. Three from the over.

1059: England openers Trescothick and Strauss enter the fray. Sami bowls the first ball of the match and Tresco pushes it down to his feet quite comfortably. Sami finds some swing into the left-handed Trescothick with the next few deliveries, but Trescothick is unflustered. Trescothick times the final ball of the over through extra-cover for four.

"The key to bowling at Headingley is line and length, keeping it up to the bat and being patient. Let the ball do the work. The first session will be tricky for England."
TMS summariser Graham Gooch

1055: "Despite the cloud it will stay dry. It should brighten up this afternoon and will feel pleasantly warm with light winds. Tomorrow will be fairly muggy. Sunday will start dry but cloud over and rain could set in. Rain could delay the start on Monday but will clear and Tuesday should be fine and bright."
BBC weather forecaster Everton Fox

1050: "Monty Panesar may have to provide the controlling role for England that Shane Warne has done for years because I don't expect this wicket to break up and turn."
Former England captain Graham Gooch on Test Match Special

"The pitch is looking good but in the first two hours I think the ball will move because it looks a bit damp. If we won the toss we would have batted first."
Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq

"We thought about bowling first. The wicket looks pretty dry. There's not much green in it."
Andrew Strauss

1030: In slightly overcast conditions, the toss comes down in Andrew Strauss's favour, and he opts to bat first, looking for a big total.

0930: "It's been known as a result ground. The wicket has been getting better and there have been a lot of runs scored here this season so it will be interesting to see how the groundstaff prepare the wicket. Hopefully we can get a victory and seal the series."
Yorkshire fast bowler Matthew Hoggard on BBC Radio Five Live

0830: "It does help the swing bowlers here. It's not going to be the quick bouncy wicket we saw at Old Trafford but that doesn't mean it's not going to help out seamers."
England captain Andrew Strauss in a pre-recorded interview with BBC Radio Five Live

"I don't think Monty will be running through Pakistan this time since Headingley doesn't usually take spin if I recall."
From WeStMiDz on the TMS message board

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