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Last Updated: Sunday, 16 July 2006, 17:14 GMT 18:14 UK
Lord's Test: Day 4 as it happened
England 528-9d & 258-7 v Pakistan 445

Andrew Strauss became the third man to hit a century in his first Test as England captain as the hosts led Pakistan by 341 at Lord's.

Strauss was caught just before stumps on day four off Danish Kaneria (3-73) for 128 with England on 258-7.

Kevin Pietersen made an entertaining 41 and Ian Bell added 28 before being run out trying to help Strauss to his ton.

Earlier Mohammad Yousuf was last out for 202 in Pakistan's 445 on a pitch which is essentially good to bat on.


By Oliver Brett


1810: The last ball of the day is driven through the covers for four by Plunkett.

1805: Afridi is bowling with his cap on. I haven't seen that since Boycott in the early 1980s! Plunkett gets a run.

1802: If Plunkett is a bad number eight, Hoggard is not the greatest number nine. The two batsmen are having a long chat about something and there are two slips in position.

1801: WICKET - Kaneria picks up another wicket, a weary Strauss edging him to slip. Nice catch from Farhat, who hasn't had a great match.
England 253-7 (Strauss 128, Plunkett 0*)

1800: I hate to say this, but Plunkett is one of the weakest number eights I've seen. He is completely foxed by a googly, the first ball.

1756: WICKET - Kaneria gets his second wicket in the innings at the end of another marathon spell, Jones edging tamely behind to a ball he should have probably left, or driven firmly.
England 250-5 (Jones 16, Strauss 128*)

1753: I had made some comments about Pakistan's improve fielding display, but now Kaneria lets the team down with a hopeless dive at fine leg as Jones gets four for a smart pull shot off Gul. Three overs remaining.

1747: It seems that Strauss and Jones are very nervous about the batting ability of numbers 8-11. They have almost shut up shop.

1740: Strauss has a new record - he has the best score ever by a man leading England in a Test for the first time. Congratulations!

1737: There is some speculation that England may not even think about the declaration, should they be lucky enough to bat on until lunch tomorrow. Not much fun for people wanting a result, but there are three matches left after this.

1734: DROP - That's the third catch missed by wicket-keeper Akmal in this match. Jones is the man getting lucky this time, but in fairness it was quite a thick edge to the spinner, so cannot be too critical of him.

1729: There's another lull in the play now. England's lead is not cast iron, hence the caution.

1724: Jones cuts Gul. Nice shot, but a man in the fashionable deep point position keeps it to a single.

1719: Strauss cuts Kaneria just over the shoulder of a slow-reacting Farhat at slip. Mark Waugh might have got that one, he was brilliant at those half-chances, but today at Lord's that's four more runs.

1717: The net result of all that is that Kaneria has switched ends.

1713: And now we've got a bit of pace, with Gul back into the attack.

1709: Here's a bit of a surprise, some more leg-spin but this time from Farhat. And Strauss is slightly inconvenienced, hitting a streaky cut shot past slip for four.

1705: Some video evidence has come to light which suggests that Akmal may have broken the stumps with his gloves before Inzamam's throw hit them. Let's hope Bell isn't watching the highlights tonight.

1701: It's been two spinners in tandem since 1447 BST (I just scrolled down) so it's very depressing to see the batsmen insist on keeping their helmets on. I bet the photographers are a bit upset about that too.

1654: A calm little push to square leg gives Strauss his century, making one wonder what on earth all that fuss was about six minutes previously.

1648: WICKET - Bell loses his wicket trying to run the single that would have got Strauss to his century. A direct hit from Inzamam it was, yes a direct hit from Inzamam.
England 203-5 (Bell 28, Strauss 99*)

1645: Bell lofts Afridi in spectacular fashion for four (nearly six). The next ball is cover-driven beautifully for four more.

1643: "How absolutely splendid. Buzzers it is!"
Henry Blofeld on TMS

1642: Strauss gets to 98, helped out by four over-throws after a wild throw.

1641: Strauss moves into the 90s. Only three Englishmen have scored a century in their first Test as captain, incidentally.

1638: England get their first boundary for a long time, but Strauss has a huge grin on his face. It came off his pad but Bucknor gave it as runs down to fine leg.

1635: Bell is learning. After facing Warne, Kumble and Kaneria he has definitely worked out how to spot the googly. Good effort.

1627: That run rate is threatening to get back towards four an over, but we'll have to make do with ones and twos. What is odd is that those balls that were really fizzing just before tea are no longer in evidence at all. Tired fingers and wrists, maybe?

1621: Afridi lets out a Sharapova-style groan at the end of an over in which England score seven runs without hitting a boundary. Good cricket.

1619: Intelligent stuff for the skipper who has spotted an area deep on the leg-side where he can collect a couple - and by doing that twice he gets the scoreboard moving again.

1615: Pakistan are cutting down Strauss' scoring opportunities. It's very much a case of 'yes you can have a single here or there, but you'll have to take a gamble to hit a four'.

1610: Kaneria has been bowling a fraction too full after tea and Bell is looking a bit more comfortable than he did just before the interval.

1606: Time for some cat-and-mouse cricket. Neither team wants to risk losing this game, and Pakistan can currently afford to attack more than England. The spinners are operating in tandem again.

1600: It's Afridi again, and it's worth pointing out that Strauss, the only left-hander left, is playing both him and Kaneria with ease. The right-handers, on the other hand, have often been troubled by the leg-spinners.


1539: Kaneria is really relishing this now. He ends this over - and the session - with two slips and silly point in for Bell, who is beaten twice.

1536: With the close men inching in, Bell breaks the shackles by cutting the last ball of Afridi's seventh over for four.

1533: Kaneria and Afridi are extracting lots of fizzing bounce and turn now. One has to hope Panesar can find the same assistance tomorrow.

1527: The fascination of Test cricket. Now, the momentum is squarely with Pakistan, who were just "sitting in" during the Strauss-Pietersen partnership. Lordy, that England tail looks long now, with Plunkett at eight.

1524: WICKET - Collingwood does like the chip over mid-wicket, but now's not the time. Kaneria, after suffering so much at Collingwood's hands in the first innings, turns the ball enough to have the catch taken at mid-off.
England 146-4 (Collingwood 3, Strauss 70*)

1521: That wicket, sadly, makes a result slightly more improbable. The bustling Collingwood gets off the mark with a quick single to square leg.

1517: WICKET - A great piece of bowling from Afridi, who spots Pietersen trotting down the wicket and bowls a fast leg-break which turns across him. Akmal takes his second stumping of the match with some aplomb.
England 141-3 (Pietersen 41, Strauss 68*)

1515: That's broken the impasse, Strauss playing a textbook-perfect cover-drive for four.

1513: "A rather grey-looking pigeon - well, pigeons mostly are grey aren't they - flies over our right shoulder."
Henry Blofeld on TMS

1512: If England can coast to tea, there might be an outrageous bun fight in the final session today. They do seem to have throttled back a bit now, while Inzamam is kind of letting things happen. Maybe the members were right to have their siesta after all.

1505: Pakistan's spinners are disappointing at the moment. Kaneria has lots of variations but we haven't seen many of them, and just where is that lethal Afridi fast ball?

1500: Kaneria is round the wicket to Pietersen, which almost suggests the tourists don't reckon they can win this match any more. The batsman still manages some fancy footwork to drive him back down the ground for four.

1457: Afridi spins round to appeal vociferously for lbw against Pietersen. The ball hit the batsman's left boot in front of leg-stump but Bucknor remains impassive.

1455: Good grief. You've only got the most exciting batsman in world cricket and two leg-spinners on but there are an alarming number of members snoring at the moment. And don't blame the high alcohol talent of those New World wines.

1450: Pietersen moves to 29 by playing an on-drive for three and the lead is now past 200.

1447: Spin at both ends as Afridi replaces Razzaq, who was having trouble with with the foot-holds. Now look out for his quicker ball England - it comes out at about 78mph!

1443: Drinks, and the first hour since lunch is probably England's, by a whisker. Despite losing a wicket, they have pushed their lead to nearly 200.

1436: Strauss pulls a short ball from Razzaq for four. The run rate is picking up and even some of the crowd have woken up now.

1431: Pietersen sweeps Kaneria very fine for four. It looked a tad risky that and the Pakistanis were actually appealing for lbw. Next, he drives against the spin for four wide of mid-on.

1425: Strauss reaches his fifty with another tremendous cut shot, this time off Kaneria, his seventh four in all and his fourth played with the cut shot. (The other three, incidentally, were leg-glances)

1423: What is in Pietersen's bat? Attempting to hit past mid-on, he gets a thick edge that speeds through the covers, and down to the boundary.

1417: Kaneria is back on, and about time too. His second ball is wristily deflected for a Pietersen single. The last three cause Strauss a few problems.

1415: Nobody leaves a ball quite like Pietersen. He has a most theatrical withdrawal against Razzaq in an over containing four singles.

1409: As if... The next ball is a majestic on-drive for four more.

1408: Pietersen drives Gul along the deck past a sprawling extra-cover. There we are, that feels better now, now calm down.

1407: After a quiet Razzaq to Strauss over, we're back with the Gul v Pietersen battle.

1402: That's 11 dot balls bowled by Gul to Pietersen and you can almost smell the pent-up testosterone inside him.

1358: That Strauss cut shot is looking well-oiled today. No current batsman knows the idiosyncracies of this wicket as well as him and he is batting very smoothly now. Two consecutive fours for him but a typically quiet Lord's crowd can barely get excited about the skipper's innings.

1353: Pietersen really wants to get going. He twice attempts to carve Gul through the covers, but Pakistan's fielders do their stuff admirably - how come they couldn't field like this on day one?

1349: WICKET Oh Cooky, this isn't Twenty20 old son... A ball bowled by Gul just a fraction short and doing nothing at all outside off-stump is miscued to mid-on by the Essex batsman, attempting an outrageous pull.
England 64-2 (Cook 4, Strauss 36)

1346: What has Strauss got in his box of tricks this afternoon? First he glances Gul intelligently for four but then drives the under-rated Razzaq horribly through a gap in the slip for four more. At least the runs are flowing.

1341: The mercury has risen to its highest levels in the match as Gul resumes, bowling to Strauss. The second ball is clipped away for a single.

1338: Now is the crucial act of this Test match. If a winning team is to emerge, they must make their move here, one would have thought. England will be happy with 120 runs in the session for a couple of wickets down. For Pakistan the task is straightforward - they need regular wickets.


1258: Kaneria starts well, but the two left-handers each scurry a single to keep that scoreboard moving.

1256: I love watching Kaneria bowl. He's on now.

1255: Another Strauss cut par excellence rattles to the boundary boards for four. Gul's hands are on his hips.

1252: Pakistan fielded poorly on the first two days, but signs of an improvement already today - some wonderful work from Iqbal in the covers to stop off a Strauss cut shot.

1249: Strauss and Cook won't do anything outrageous this side of lunch, though the skipper still drives Sami nicely wide of mid-off for three more.

1242: WICKET - Gul has his revenge as Trescothick, with a horribly angled blade and limited foot movement, inside-edges a ball onto his timbers. That's a shame, just when England looked poised to dominate.
England 38-1 (Trescothick 18, Strauss 15*)

1241: Shot of the morning. Gul bowls slightly too full and slightly too wide and Trescothick creams him wide of mid-off for four.

1235: DROP - Akmal dives across Inzamam to try to take a low catch and Gul, the bowler, winces after watching the ball go in and straight out again. Trescothick is the man reprieved and that's Akmal's second dropped catch of the match.

1234: Trescothick slashes Gul high, if not handsomely, over the slips for four.

1232: Having been at the crease or in the field for nearly the whole match so far, a weary-looking Yousuf misfields at deep point to give Strauss an extra run.

1230: If you don't get your angles right to left-handers you tend to struggle. Here, Sami bowls too straight and it's easily tucked off Strauss' hip to fine leg for four.

1225: Gul is barely bowling medium pace to ensure his foot lands inside the popping crease.

1217: Gul has an ambitious appeal for lbw against Strauss - that one pitched a long way outside. This has been a fairly easy start for the two openers and Gul has no-ball problems to boot.

1211: Strauss plays a confident-looking cut shot off Sami for four, meeting the ball on the top of its bounce and getting it down past point and away to the fence.

1206: Captain Strauss can finally stop sweating over fielding positions and watch some fairly tame stuff from Gul carefully onto the middle of his bat.

1202: Sami hurls one down short and wide of off-stump and Trescothick gobbles that up like a plate of Lincolnshire sausages - four runs, thank you very much.

1200: With an hour to go until lunch, and England leading by 83, the hosts start their second innings, Trescothick facing Sami.


1150: Harmison gets a richly deserved wicket - quite frankly the man has been on fire this morning and could offer a serious threat tomorrow. An emotionally-drained Yousuf is the man to go, giving Jones his fifth catch of the innings.
Pakistan 445 (Yousuf 202, Kaneria 1)

1146: That's his fourth double-century, and his highest score of all was also against England - 223 in Lahore last December - the last time he faced these bowlers.

1142: It's the sajda again, Yousuf touching his forehead to the wicket after getting to his 200 with an edged drive off Hoggard. This one would have been snaffled by first slip, but Strauss doesn't have a man there despite all the batsmen struggling today.

1142: A lucky single for Yousuf as a delivery rears up to take the shuolder of the bat and drop in the no man's land between gully running back and third man running forward. What's more - that's a single off the last ball of the over.

1141: Yousuf gets to 196. It should have been 197 but umpire Taufel spotted that he hadn't completed the first run.

1136: Kaneria survives - just. He fends off a Hoggard throat-ball which loops agonisingly close to Pietersen at square leg, but the fielder cannot quite get to it.

1129: Hoggard gets his third wicket as Gul drives injudiciously, edging to Jones to depart for a two-ball duck.
Pakistan 436-9 (Gul 0, Yousuf 194)

1127: That's almost the vital wicket of Yousuf. An inside-edge narrowly evades the timbers.

1125: My boss, sitting next to me, shouts: "That's got to be six". But no it isn't. Afridi tamely lofts Hoggard to mid-off where Bell safely pouches the chance.
Pakistan 435-8 (Afridi 17, Yousuf 193)

1122: Afridi finally middles one, hammering a drive off Hoggard back over his head for four more. He's still bothered by that sore right thumb, mind you.

1119: Nothing is going England's way today. Now Yousuf moves into the 190s by driving at catachable height through the vacant third slip for four more.

1117: More fortune for Afridi, whose expansive drive off Hoggard flies over the slips and trickles to the rope for four. England should be worried if they don't get him out early. Heaven knows what will happen when he starts middling it.

1112: Afridi is not a happy man because his right thumb is causing him a bit of pain. Happily for him, he does at least manage to get off strike with a single to mid-on.

1110: Afridi is whacked hard on his right glove by Harmison, but Collingwood at gully cannot quite get there to complete the catch.

1105: Afridi is keeping everyone on their toes. He edges Hoggard but the ball doesn't carry to Jones. Then there's a huge appeal for lbw as he moves across his stumps, but umpire Bucknor reckons it would have passed leg-stump.

1101: Harmison is pounding in from the Nursery End and Yousuf collects an easy single. Now, what will Afridi do? Ah, he gets off the mark with a top-edged pull for four over Jones' head.

1052: Personally, I would not opt for a charcoal grey suit on a glorious Sunday in July at Lord's, but that's David Gower's choice. Perhaps all his linen suits are at the dry cleaners.

1049: Although the draw should be the slim favourite, if either team has a bad day today they will siddenly be under huge pressure. Much will depend on the pitch which offered Panesar hardly any turn yesterday despite giving Kaneria assistance on the first two days.

1036: Well, this has been one of the best summers in recent years so far, so it's no surprise that the sun is beating down on Lord's again. The crowd tend to arrive really early these days - nobody wants to miss Afridi's innings.

1030: "The first session is going to be vital. If Pakistan can go past England's total, it would be very difficult for England to win. If England can bowl Pakistan out straight away, they can then force the pace."
Alec Stewart, Five Live



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