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Last Updated: Saturday, 15 July 2006, 15:05 GMT 16:05 UK
Lord's Test: Day 3 as it happened
England 528-9d v Pakistan 409-7

Mohammad Yousuf (185) defied England on day three of the the first Test as Pakistan reached stumps on 409-7.

Yousuf shared 173 with Inzamam-ul-Haq (69) after Mohammad Sami edged Matthew Hoggard behind to make it 68-4.

Inzamam was bowled around his legs by Liam Plunkett and Steve Harmison got Abdul Razzaq (22) just after tea.

But Yousuf and Kamran Akmal (58) eased Pakistan past the follow-on mark and closer to England's 528, although Kevin Pietersen had Akmal caught behind.


By Oliver Brett


1812: Pietersen's reward is to bowl the last over of the day and on Sunday morning Afridi will be batting on nought not out. Could be interesting. Yousuf will be on 185, and looking for his second successive double century against England.

1803: WICKET - Pietersen comes into the attack and amazingly has the crucial breakthrough. Jones takes a good catch from an edged cut shot and that's a maiden Test wicket for the Hampshire man.
Pakistan 399-7 (Akmal 58, Yousuf 175*)

1800: OK - maybe Yousuf has summoned up a final burst of energy for the final few overs. Here's a lovely drive through the covers for four.

1754: With Yousuf just playing for stumps, Akmal remains the man playing the shots, and they include a cover-drive for four off Collingwood, easily spotting the slower ball.

1746: What can Collingwood do about matters? He has a big shout for lbw but eventually Akmal gets the single he needs for his fifty.

1739: Is Yousuf still there? All the focus is on Akmal, whose cover-drive for four off Panesar takes him close to a half-century.

1735: It's that man Akmal again, irritating England by edging Hoggard just short of Jones and then ending the over with a perfect square drive for four.

1726: Akmal's great good fortune continues as an edged drive is only just wide of gully at catchable height.

1723: Panesar has a good appeal for lbw against Akmal, but umpire Bucknor gives the batsman the benefit of the doubt. That's the closest Monty has got to taking a wicket.

1718: Strauss' refusal to put in a third slip to Akmal is shown up as the batsman twice edges Hoggard in that area. The first may have been a catch if the slip was well forward, the second edge goes on the ground for a single.

1713: Yousuf reaches his 150 by smashing the first ball of a Panesar spell wide of mid-on for four.

1711: Akmal edges again, and again evades the slips - this one goes down and wide of second slip off Hoggard.

1705: DROP - Pietersen at short extra cover and it goes straight to him - very disappointing. That should have been the end of Akmal. Bad luck, Plunkett.

1702: This Yousuf innings is proving a monumental effort, but it's vital for Pakistan that he's still there at lunch.

1654: Harmison continues to trouble Akmal but then Plunkett rather lets his Durham mate down by serving up a leg-stump half-volley which is stroked by the little right-hander to the fence.

1649: Plunkett replaces Hoggard as England strive for this seventh wicket.

1642: Akmal hits his third boundary behind square on the off-side, moments after being beaten yet again by Harmison. Three slips and two gullies are desperately hoping for an edge to carry now and the crowd are roaring them on.

1637: Akmal moves to 10, but only because there is no third slip placed for Hoggard. Agony for the popular Yorkshire swing bowler.

1630: Akmal almost gives Jones another catch as Harmison begins to trouble the Pakistan wicket-keeper with some fine deliveries. You feel Akmal wants to feel bat and ball and a square drive behind point brings him his first boundary.

1625: There are four batsmen still to dismiss. The two men currently in, Yousuf and Akmal, are both very good. Waiting in the wings is Afridi, arguably the most entertaining batsman in world cricket. Pakistan could either be all out for 375 or they could better England's 528.

1621: WICKET - Harmison gets one of his fast, short balls on target and Razzaq edges it through to Jones.
Pakistan 300-6 (Razzaq 22, Yousuf 136*)

1618: That's the 300, Yousuf pulling Hoggard fine for four.

1617: "Hoggard stops his run because he has something in his eye. I think it was a fly, or a winged beast of some sort. I hope it's not a wasp. You don't want to get stung on the eye."
Henry Blofeld on TMS

1612: It's not a good over, sadly. Four byes speared down the leg-side and a lot of short stuff way outside off-stump.

1609: Has to be Harmison now, and it is. Wickets urgently needed.

1604: Harmison bounds back onto the field and Hoggard bowls, but with the old ball - that's a bit strange. Mid-over he takes the new cherry and Razzaq leaves a delivery that comes perilously close to dislodging his off-stump.

1602: William Porterfield is not going to take the second new ball, so it's worrying to see him on the field in place of Steve Harmison.


1542: Collingwood bowls the final over before tea. Yousuf and Razzaq have a fifty partnership and England will be desperately hoping that the second new ball, due in one more over, can provide some devils.

1537: Though Yousuf has been quite brilliant today, the most dispiriting thing from an England point of view is the lack of turn provided by Panesar.

1532: With tea rapidly approaching, it's worth noting that Pakistan are 40-odd runs away from avoiding the follow-on. Collingwood is in his second spell, by the way, and the second new ball is just around the corner.

1525: Panesar, trying to get through his deliveries as quickly as possible, looks outclassed by the wily old Yousuf, who hits another of his lovely late cuts for an effortless four.

1519: This turns into an expensive over, because Razzaq hits his first four, driving Panesar wide of mid-on for four.

1517: After a lengthy lull, Yousuf shows some attacking intent, skipping down the track to hit Panesar handsomely over long-on for six.

1515: That most unflustered of cricketers, all-rounder Abdul Razzaq, has been batting for half an hour by the way. He's not yet reached double figures but looks totally untroubled.

1509: "I heard Pietersen had got engaged. Celebrity girlfriend... Liberty X or Girls Out Loud isn't it, or something?"
Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1506: He's not normally the reverse-swing king, but Hoggard is getting this old ball to whoop around a little bit. Only a little bit, mind.

1500: Strangely, Strauss opts to end Plunkett's spell and recall the fresh Hoggard. Runs are coming much more slowly since that wicket.

1453: Monty is back on after that expensive Collingwood experiment and Plunkett, his confidence renewed with that wicket, is bowling quite sharply and accurately.

1444: WICKET finally. Everyone was wondering whether this partnership would be ended before Monday and Plunkett produces the goods. It's a bizarre dismissal, Inzamam clean-bowled behind his legs, jumping out of the way as though he had spotted a particularly dangerous spider.
Pakistan 241-5 (Inzamam 69, Yousuf 112*)

1438: Collingwood - one of the world's best fielders and a wonderful century over the first two days, but he's an ordinary bowler at Test level. A long-hop is pulled quite brutally by Yousuf and lands an inch short of the boundary rope.

1430: Nothing is going England's way. Inzamam edges a Collingwood inswinger straight to second slip, but there's only one slip in position.

1426: Yousuf performs the sajda - touching the turf with his forehead in traditional Muslim style after steering Collingwood's first ball wide of the slips for four. He has reached a chanceless century and there have been some wonderful shots in there, too.
Yousuf century: 157 balls, 15 fours, 209 mins

1425: What one can say is that England are crying out for Flintoff's ability to make the old ball 'talk' - the home team are struggling at present, so much so that Collingwood is asked to bowl.

1423: Imran Khan is in the box for a spot of commentary. He says he is surprised Flintoff isn't playing here. His reasoning is that he would much rather return to fitness in a Test match than in a Twenty20 game or a Championship match for Lancashire.

1420: A leg-stump half-volley from Harmison to Inzamam... you know the rest.

1415: Plunkett produces five lovely balls, beating Yousuf twice, but then spoils everything by ending with a wide half-volley which is driven stylishly to the extra-cover fence.

1409: Inzamam hits a languid on-drive off Harmison which has Panesar scurrying down to the boundary rope. He flicks the ball back but the TV umpire rules it's a boundary. Hmm, didn't look clear-cut to me but c'est la vie.

1408: Harmison has been bowling with hostile pace and no little accuracy since lunch. But this wicket has flattened out just like it did over the last three days in the Test against Sri Lanka.

1402: Well, well, well. Plunkett is back on, and Yousuf almost tosses his wicket away with a flicked drive that bounces half an inch short of a diving Collingwood at mid-wicket.

1355: Inzamam completes his 43rd Test half-century and about 35 of them seem to have come off England. By the look of him, his hunger does not look sated in the slightest. I reckon he wants about 150.

1352: Yousuf plays a delectable late cut for four off Harmison. A fine re-working of an old classic.

1345: Harmison, one feels, might be the man to make something happen. And Yousuf inside-edges a good ball just past his off-stump for the streakiest of boundaries.

1342: Inzamam and Yousuf each amble a single with nonchalant pushes to a deep mid-off and a third single in Panesar's over brings up the 100 partnership.

1340: Hoggard and Harmison, both wearing sun-hats with wide brims, discuss tactics as England attempt to gain this crucial breakthrough. But the first man to bowl is neither of them - it's Panesar again.


1301: That's lunch on day three, with Pakistan 165-4, and this partnership is worth 97. There could be lots more pain for England's bowlers this afternoon, I'm afraid.

1257: With almost outrageious optimism, Panesar appeals for lbw. It pitched about a foot outside leg-stump, Monty.

1254: "This was always likely to be the partnership that troubled England the most. But that's not to say Pakistan don't bat a long way down."
Christopher Martin-Jenkins on TMS 1250: It's that time at Lord's on a Saturday when the chablis is uncorked, the champagne bubbles fizz around people's noses - and in the cheaper seats, Tesco multipack doughnuts are polished off. Out in the middle, it's all gone quiet.

1244: Hoggard is bowling at the Nursery End, the end where most people feel he should have been operating all morning.

1240: Panesar switches to over-the-wicket, and Inzamam decides to try skipping down the wicket to play a lofted drive. The net result is an ugly scuffed shot for a single.

1237: If England don't get a wicket before lunch, they'll feel a little deflated. If truth be told, Yousuf and Inzamam don't exactly look like getting out. Panesar does some nice fielding at mid-on, and I'm pleased to report that there was no sarcastic cheering from the crowd. Maybe they've gone to sleep.

1232: Plunkett bowled a lovely first over of his spell today, then rather lost his line. Now he is bowling a bit better, but the batsmen are in good nick now.

1228: Boycott makes the pertinent point on the airwaves that Panesar is trying to spin the ball up the hill. That might explain his lack of threat so far. In my opinion, he is also bowling a fraction too full most of the time.

1222: Yousuf gets his fifty, and Inzamam plays one of the shots of the day so far, a high-elbow back-foot force for four. This is beginning to look problematic for England as Panesar fires in his left-arm spinners from round the wicket. Where's that lavish turn that Kaneria was getting?

1218: "If he's going to be a quality Test bowler he's got to solve it. I'm frustrated with him. When I see a good ball I think 'that's good - lovely.' "
Geoffrey Boycott on TMS despairs as Plunkett's action unravels further

1211: Well it had to happen eventually. The first leg-bye of the Test match is scored. More importantly, Plunkett's radar packs in. He bowls a wide and Yousuf then cuts another rank bad ball high over the in-field for four.

1207: Plunkett's bowling briskly after drinks. He got Farhat out yesterday, almost removed Inzamam just now and here he beats Yousuf with a ball shaping away nicely.

1203: Umpire Bucknor, cast in the role of county sherriff, refuses to hang Inzamam as Panesar appeals for lbw.

1200: It's high noon and it's time for Monty. Can he be England's Gary Cooper?

1157: Now here's that man Plunkett in action. Things tend to happen when he is bowling and Inzamam cuts his second ball over Trescothick's head at first slip. The Somerset man gets his right hand to it but it doesn't stick as England fans let out a collective sky. It has to go down as a drop.

1152: Yousuf glances a ball on middle stump to fine leg. Panesar is almost square on the boundary so that's four more and Pakistan are suddenly motoring along.

1149: Plunkett's back on the field, and in action at mid-off as Inzamam, after almost edging Harmison behind, drives for two. Inzamam then blows away the early cobwebs by stroking Harmison for two smooth boundaries.

1144: Plunkett hasn't bowled today yet - and I tell you what, he isn't fielding either at the moment. Step forward Gary Wilson of the MCC groundstaff.

1142: "It does annoy me when Henry uses the word 'batters'. The word is batsmen unless he is thinking of his fish supper!"
Andy in Hampshire (Text message to Five Live Sport)

1138: Aravinda de Silva played some of the most ferocious cover-drives in his prime. Yousuf, weight balanced evenly, back leg bent, does something similar to thrash Harmison to the fence in style.

1133: Silly mid-off is a rare bird indeed in Test match cricket, but Hoggard is left to bemoan his absence as Inzamam fends straight to that position. Ah, now he goes in there... Horses... bolting...

1131: Yousuf gets a ball from Harmison which he reckons is slightly shorter and slightly wider than it really is and an ugly flailing shot flashes past gully in the air. The man positioned there, Alastair Cook, reacts too slowly to make it into a chance. For a young man, Cook's reactions in the field are not the sharpest.

1127: If I was looking for a delivery to get off the mark with I would select a low full-toss on off-stump. Lo and behold, Hoggard bowls exactly that to Inzamam and that's the Pakistan skipper off and running for the day as he hits it for four.

1123: Harmison concentrates on a barrage of short-pitched balls at Yousuf, but is not quite bowling at full tilt and the right-hander calmly negotiates a maiden.

1119: "The cranes look in good order by Paddington Station - there's a helicopter there too. A very white gull has a look at us and is rather envious of Mike Gatting's breakfast..."
Henry Blofeld on Test Match Special

1118: Yousuf, heavily bearded and wearing a loose-fitting short-sleeved sweater, is batting with a sense of purpose, looking for a quick single here or an attacking shot there.

1111: The third over of the morning and the third bowler is in action, Harmison's high action eliciting some awkward bounce. Yousuf plays a most injudicious shot at the first ball but gets on top of the bounce later in the over to steer behind point for four. One can almost hear his skipper Inzamam purring with appreciation at the other end.

1107: Hoggard is bowling into the breeze, which is also providing a bit of assistance to his outswinger, and Sami edges low to Strauss at second slip, but the ball does not quite carry to the England captain. The next ball is edged straight to Jones, however, and that's the nightwatchman shifted without too much bother.
Pakistan 68-4 (Sami 0, Yousuf 22*)

1103: Sami plays an ambitious drive to Panesar's fifth ball, misses, and Jones fail to collect. There are some oohs and aahs among the close-in fielders because there was some suggestion of a thin edge, but it was probably just toe of the bat brushing the wicket.

1059: Yousuf is on strike with nightwatchman Sami at the other end and Panesar is going to open from the Nursery End - now that's a bit of a surprise.

1057: We are three minutes away from the scheduled start and England's players meet for the familiar huddle in the outfield, about 15 yards from the pavilion steps.

1045: The MCC has allowed England's players to wear one red sock in the field to support Comic Relief. It's a sparkling, bright sunny day and there's already a buzz of anticipation among the crowd.

0630: "With only four front-line bowlers to play with, this will be an interesting test of (Andrew) Strauss's captaincy"
BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew



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