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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 December 2005, 05:38 GMT
Third one-day game as it happened
THIRD ONE-DAY INTERNATIONAL, KARACHI - MATCH SUMMARY: Pakistan (353-5) beat England (188) by 165 runs

Pakistan's Kamran Akmal hit his second successive century as England equalled their heaviest defeat ever, with a 165-run loss in the third one-day game.

Put in to bat, the hosts reached 353-6, the most ever conceded by England, with Akmal hitting 109 and Abdul Razzaq 50.

Shahid Afridi blasted 31 from 14 balls and Inzamam-ul-Haq 45 from 35.

England never looked like matching the total and were bowled out for 188, with Rana Naved taking 2-31 and super-sub Ian Bell the top scorer with 37.



42nd over: WICKET 188 ALL OUT (Harmison 1)

WICKET ENGLAND 186-9 (Plunkett 7)
Malik bowls Plunkett, shuffling to outside his off-stump, off his pads. Harmison is last man in, and reverse sweeps Malik straight to local hero Afridi at point. A dismal effort by a tired-looking England who are beaten by 165 runs - their joint-biggest loss ever.

41st over: Razzaq comes on and Bell dollies the ball up to Shoaib, who drops a sitter. Bell rams the disappointment down Razzaq's throat with a lofted drive to the extra-cover boundary. 186-8

40th over: Four more from the over as the Karachi faithful, 30,000 of them, await the last two decisive blows. 179-8

39th over: Bell guides Afridi away for another four and, on a personal note, he will be hoping to salvage a 50 from the wreckage of England's innings. 175-8

38th over: Four from the over. The match has fallen into a deep sleep. 169-8

37th over: The match is now a perfect example of why the authorities are looking at ways to make one-day cricket more sexy. With the game meandering, England's batsmen are sticking around, limpet-like, attempting to run down the overs. 165-8

36th over: Bell runs the ball away to the third-man boundary as England add five runs. 162-8

35th over: Bell attempts to loft Afridi over extra cover but gets a thick outside for four. He follows up with a text-book cut for four. 157-8

34th over: England's required run-rate is now more than 12 and Plunkett and Bell are only able to nurdle three singles. 148-8

33rd over: WICKET ENGLAND 145-8 (Blackwell 14)
Afridi continues to fly through his overs and has Blackwell caught by Sami in the covers. Blackwell's tame demise is a snapshot of England's innings. Plunkett is the next man in. 145-8

32nd over: Bell gets off the mark with a single as Malik continues to twirl away. Bell, hardly an expansive player, faces a forlorn task to save the day for England. 143-7

31st over: WICKET ENGLAND 140-7 (Jones 14)
A desperate Jones attempts to reverse sweep Afridi and dollies a catch to Arafat at gully. Super-sub Bell is next man in. 140-7

30th over: Some sloppy fielding from Shoaib allows Blackwell a couple, but the game continues to drift away from England as they await the coup de grace. 138-8

29th over: More singles from Blackwell and Jones as Pakistan continue to suffocate England with some keen fielding. 133-6

28th over: Jones hits Malik just short of Sami at extra cover and England are reduced to nudging and nurdling when lusty blows are required. 130-6

27th over: Blackwell is off the mark but England's batsmen look like condemned men. 126-6

26th over: WICKET 122-6 (Collingwood 19)
Collingwood goes after off-spinner Malik and is caught by Butt on the mid-wicket boundary. Wicket maiden for Malik and Pakistan sense a kill. 122-6

25th over: Collingwood gets a leading edge off Afridi but the ball falls just short of the off-side fielders. Afridi then fizzes one past Jones' outside edge. 122-5

24th over: Arafat is giving England's bowlers a lesson - pitching it full and making the batsmen sweat for their runs. Collingwood chips one to deep mid-wicket for three. 119-5

23rd over: Collingwood tickles Afridi down to the fine-leg boundary before Akram almost does himself a mischief appealing for a feathered caught behind off the same batsman. 114-5

22nd over: With Jones and Collingwood at the crease, England still have a slim hope, but the game appears to have dribbled away from the visitors. Younis drops Jones off Arafat and the Kent wicket-keeper scampers a couple from a sweep. 107-5

21st over: Leg-spinner Afridi joins the attack and keeps things tight. 104-5

20th over: WICKET ENGLAND 101-5 (Flintoff 36)
Flintoff, clearly sensing he has nothing to lose, slaps Arafat over extra cover for four to take England past 100. But the next ball, Arafat cleans Flintoff up with a spearing yorker to leave England on their knees. 102-5

19th over: Collingwood gets off the mark with a scampered single before threading one through the covers for four. 97-4

18th over: Flintoff punches Arafat down the ground for four and follows up with two mis-timed shots to the wide mid-wicket boundary. 91-4

17th over: WICKET ENGLAND 79-4 (Strauss 23)
Sami beats Strauss all-ends-up with a heat-seeking yorker that brings the Middlesex batsman to his kness and has umpire Hill raising the finger. Wicket maiden for Sami and England are up a certain creek. 79-4

16th over: Super-sub Arafat, playing his first one-day international for more than four years, comes on. Strauss sways backs and cracks him away for four and follows up with another neat glide to third man. 79-3

15th over: Flintoff is beaten by Sami attempting to run the ball down to third man and England add just one run to their total. 72-3

14th over: Flintoff plays a classic straight drive back over Naved's head for four but Naved is still making England's batsmen think with a mixed bag of deliveries. 71-3

13th over: Malik pulls off a fine diving stop at point and Flintoff is still not filling his boots when the opportunities present themselves. Strauss moves to 15 with a cover-drive for four. 63-3

12th over: Afridi shells Flintoff in the covers before the England all-rounder is apparently caught by Akmal - but umpire Koertzen rules it fell just short. Flintoff rubs Pakistan's face in it by threading a drive through the covers for four. 56-3

11th over: Pakistan take their second powerplay and Sami comes into the attack. Flintoff is champing at the bit and prepared to play expansively but struggling to find the gaps. Strauss plays a couple of neat glides to keep the score rolling over. 50-3

10th over: England need an innings of control and pace from Flintoff. He almost plays on and takes a huge swing-and-a-miss off the final ball. A maiden from the impressive Naved. 47-3

9th over: Cometh the hour, cometh the man...Flintoff gets off the mark with an improvised pull for four off Shoaib and keeps out a slower ball next delivery. 47-3

8th over: WICKET ENGLAND 40-3 (Solanki 0)

WICKET ENGLAND 40-2 (Trescothick 22)
Strauss tickles another leg-side delivery from Naved to the fine-leg boundary and England are bubbling away nicely...until Trescothick chases a wide one and Inzamam takes a straight-forward catch at first slip. Off the next ball, Strauss is almost run out by Sami at point before Solanki is caught in the slips by Younis. 40-3

7th over: WICKET ENGLAND 22-1 (Prior 2)
Prior, desperate to keep the score ticking over, tears down the pitch after Trescothick has dabbed the ball down and is run out by Shoaib attempting to make his ground. Trescothick lofts the ball over the covers for four from the next ball. Strauss gets off the mark with a nudge down the leg side for four. Eleven from the over. 33-1

6th over: Pakistan look lively in the field, Younis preventing a Trescothick run from his position at slip. Just three singles from the over. 22-0

5th over: Before the over can start, Shoaib is involved in an animated chat with umpire Hill, presumably about the slower, waist-high ball in his previous over. Prior flails-and-misses at two consecutive balls, England's massive target clearly weighing on his mind. Three from the over. 19-0

4th over: Trescothick breaks the shackles with a pull off Naved for a couple before pushing two more through the covers and clipping his first boundary over mid-wicket. He then plays a delightful late cut off the final delivery for another four. 16-0

3rd over: Shoaib flumoxes Trescothick with a slower ball and finds the outside edge of both Trescothick and Prior's bat. He appeals for a caught behind off the final ball and generally has England's batsmen twitching. 4-0

2nd over: Ominously for England, Naved is also getting the ball to boomerang. Prior gets off the mark with a single, as does Trescothick. 2-0

1st over: Shoaib is getting some movement and Trescothick is happy to shoulder arms to his first over. 0-0


50th over: WICKET PAKISTAN 350-6 (45)
Inzamam eases Flintoff's first delivery from outside off-stump for four and tickles the next one down to the backward square boundary. However, Flintoff cleans him up with a yorker next ball. Malik gets off the mark first ball before Razzaq brings up his 20th one-day 50 from 22 balls off the final delivery. It is the highest score England have ever conceded in one-day internationals, beating the 326-8 scored by India at Lord's in 2002.353-6

49th over: Tighter stuff from Anderson and he is unlucky not to claim a wicket when Prior misjudges a difficult skier off Razzaq. 342-5

48th over: Flintoff is ploughing a lonely furrow for England, pitching it up and not allowing Pakistan's batsmen to free their arms. 336-5

47th over: Inzamam top-edges Anderson over backward square leg for six. Anderson's grim day gets worse when Razzaq spanks him for two steepling sixes and a four off four balls. Twenty three runs from the over for Pakistan and England are on the ropes praying for the final bell. 332-5

46th over: Flintoff comes back on and shows the rest of England's bowlers the way with some well-controlled, full-length deliveries. 309-5

45th over: Inzamam latches on to a Harmison long-hop and drags him for four through mid-wicket. The skipper then brings up Pakistan's 300. Razzaq then cuts a bedraggled looking Harmison away for another boundary. 304-5

44th over: Razzaq carts a full-banger back over Plunkett's head and under Blackwell's belly for four, then cuts him away for another. He follows up with another boundary through the covers and lofts the next ball for six over long-on. 4-4-4-6 and 19 from the over. 293-5

43rd over: WICKET PAKISTAN 272-5 (Yousuf 68)
The umpires decide to change the ball, which by now resembles a haggis. Harmison grabs the new one and Yousuf carts his second delivery to the mid-wicket boundary. Yousuf laces the next ball through the covers for four. However, Collingwood then runs out Yousuf with a direct hit from point after the batsman was sent back by his skipper. 274-5

42nd over: Plunkett is crashed over wide mid-wicket by Yousuf before Inzamam drives him through the covers for his first boundary. Eleven off the over and Pakistan are well on their way to 300. 262-4

41st over: Yousuf brings up his 50 from 56 balls and Pakistan are milking Collingwood with some ease. 251-4

40th over: Collingwood, at short extra-cover, just fails to reach an Inzamam drive. Blackwell continues where he left off with a disciplined line and length. 244-4

39th over: Inzamam gets off the mark with a single off Collingwood, but will be readying himself for some fireworks down the final stretch. 238-4

38th over: WICKET PAKISTAN 234-4 (Afridi 31)
Anderson, clearly rattled by Afridi's exploits, sends down two wides. However, a horrible mix-up between Yousuf and Afridi allows Collingwood to run out the latter - to the obvious relief of England's players. Yousuf can expect the silent treatment from Afridi for the rest of the day. 234-4 37th over: With Afridi beginning to fire, Trescothick turns to his heavy artillery in the form of Flintoff. Afridi is not fazed and dumps Flintoff's second ball over the long-off boundary for six before showing soft hands to glide the ball away for four. Afridi, showing there is more to him than hoiks and slogs, straight bats the final ball past Flintoff's outstretched hand for another boundary. The crowd are in raptures. 228-3

36th over: Yousuf shows delicate hands again, gliding Collingwood to third man for two, courtesy of a mis-field by Harmison. A Yousuf single takes Pakistan past 200 before Afridi warms to the task. First, he drags Collingwood for four before hammering him over wide mid-wicket for six. Be afraid England, be very afraid...212-3

35th over: The crowd have got themselves into a lather over the presence of Afridi at the crease. Rather disappointingly, he pushes Anderson for a single to move to two Yousuf gets to do the bullying in this over, cutting Anderson elegantly for four. 197-3

34th over: WICKET PAKISTAN 188-3 (Akmal 109)
Akmal brings up the 100 partnership with a cheeky paddle for four off Collingwood. But he then throws his wicket away, skying an attempted pull to Plunkett at mid-on. Akmal scored his runs off 111 balls. The explosive Afridi, a local boy, is roared to the wicket and gets off the mark with a single. 190-3

33rd over: Anderson is reintroduced and is chipped around the park for five runs as Pakistan carry serenely on. Pakistan will be eyeing 350 at this rate. 181-2

32nd over: Akmal glides Solanki's first ball down to third man to move to within one run of his second successive ton. Akmal reaches his third one-day hundred with a gentle push to mid-on. It took 105 balls and uncluded 11 fours. He looks to have a very big future.176-2

31st over: Akmal moves to 95 with a square cut which is stopped on the boundary by a diving Strauss. Six runs from Flintoff's over. 169-2

30th over: Trescothick turns to part-time bowler Solanki, whose second ball is carved away for four by Akmal, who moves to 91. Solanki finds some turn with the penultimate ball and almost gets one through Akmal's defences. 163-2

29th over: Flintoff, miserly in his first spell, is wheeled out again to apply the brakes. Collingwood almost runs out Yousuf from backward point. Four runs from the over. 158-2

28th over: Jones goes up for a catch off Yousuf, but umpire Koertzen is having none of it. To be fair, neither is Blackwell. Akmal then carts Blackwell for four through mid-wicket. 154-2

27th over: Sharp fielding from Solanki at backward point, diving full-stretch to prevent a boundary from Akmal. Akmal carves two more singles to backward point before Yousuf lifts Collingwood over mid-on for four. 148-2

26th over: Blackwell changes to around the wicket. Akmal, who appears to have all the shots, starts to employ the reverse sweep, and Jones is having all sorts of trouble guessing which way to go. 141-2

25th over: Collingwood is still varying his speed and making the Pakistani batsmen think. Yousuf plays one delightful late cut, but it is only worth one. 132-2

24th over: Akmal and Yousuf are happy to paddle Blackwell away for singles and England are happy to let them. Six from the over and Akmal is on 75. 127-2

23rd over: Collingwood starts to mix up the pace and drops a straight-forward caught-and-bowled off Akmal. Otherwise, it is a disciplined over. 121-2

22nd over: Blackwell of Somerset comes into the attack and the burly spinner immediately reins Pakistan in with a tidy over. 119-2

21st over: Akmal welcomes Collingwood into the attack with a lofted four over mid-on. The Durham bowler's third ball is heaved away to the mid-wicket boundary as Akmal moves to 67. Are we watching one of the great one-day innings? Either way, England are in a bit of a pickle. 116-2

20th over: Yousuf brings up the hundred with a top-edged pull for four off Plunkett. He guides another down to the fine-leg boundary and things are looking ominous for England. 107-2

19th over: More stand-and-deliver stuff from Akmal, who is having Harmison on toast. He takes nine from the over, including one imperious cut for four. 99-2

18th over: WICKET PAKISTAN 84-2 (Younis 0)
Plunkett gets his second wicket, Younis swishing at a wide one and Jones taking an easy catch behind the stumps. Akmal, however, will not be shackled and drives Plunkett through the covers to bring up his fifty. 90-2

17th over: Akmal carves Harmison away for four and pulls him for two next ball. Akmal then moves to 46 with his fifth boundary, a glorious off-drive. Plunkett's wicket has not exactly applied the brakes. 84-1

16th over: WICKET PAKISTAN 74-1 (Butt 29)
Plunkett makes the breakthrough, Butt attempting to whip him through mid-wicket only to find Flintoff lying in wait.

15th over: Butt laces a good-length Harmison ball through the covers for four and England look to be in a spot of bother. When Butt sways back contemptuously to a Harmison bouncer, you get a good idea of the pace of the pitch. 71-0

14th over: Plunkett replaces Anderson and is spanked over mid-off by Akmal. Akmal, moving his feet well, glides the next ball down to third man for a single and is really warming to his task. Butt turns the penultimate ball off his hips to the fine-leg boundary and Pakistan take nine off the over. 66-0

13th over: Three singles from Harmison's over as Akmal moves on to 28 and Butt 20. 57-0

12th over: A better over from Anderson - just two singles from it. 54-0

11th over: Harmison is pulled through mid-on for four by Akmal, who looks in very good touch. The shot brings up Pakistan's 50 - and Trescothick may be beginning to rue his decision to bowl first. 52-0

10th over: Trescothick perseveres with Anderson and he repays his skipper's faith with a tight over - until the final ball, an attempted yorker, which is flicked away for four by Butt. 46-0

9th over: Harmison comes into the attack and his first ball is timed straight down the ground by Butt. 40-0

8th over: Pakistan continue to milk Anderson for ones and twos. A frustrated Anderson tries to dig in another short one to Akmal with his final ball and is pulled from outside off-stump for four. 34-0

7th over: Akmal steers the first ball to square leg for two. Harmison, sprawling to the floor like a daddy long-legs, pulls off a fine stop at mid-off to make sure it is another mean over from Flintoff. 26-0

6th over: Anderson digs in a bouncer that has Akmal ducking - and is called for a wide. Akmal pulls the final ball for three. 23-0

5th over: Flintoff has slipped into a mean line-and-length and is getting some sideways movement. He has Butt feeling for the final two balls and it is only England's second maiden over of the series so far. 18-0

4th over: Akmal misses out on a couple of juicy half-volleys on leg stump but Pakistan are happy to chip Anderson into the gaps and are progressing at a decent pace. Prior has a shy at the stumps off the final ball and almost runs out Butt. 18-0

3rd over: Prior pulls off a fine stop at cover to limit Akmal to a single from a well-timed drive. 14-0

2nd over: Anderson opens with a wide before Butt cracks him through the covers for four. 13-0

1st over: Flintoff takes the new ball and goes up for a raucous lbw appeal first ball. Butt survives and gets off the mark with a single, as does Akmal, while Flintoff sends four wides down leg side. Seven off the over. 7-0

Pakistan: Salman Butt, Kamran Akmal, Younis Khan, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Mohammad Yousuf, Shoaib Malik, Shahid Afridi, Abdul Razzaq, Naved-ul-Hasan, Shoaib Akhtar, Mohammad Sami. Supersub: Yasir Arafat

England: Marcus Trescothick, Matthew Prior, Andrew Strauss, Vikram Solanki, Andrew Flintoff, Paul Collingwood, Geraint Jones, Ian Blackwell, Liam Plunkett, James Anderson, Stephen Harmison. Supersub: Ian Bell


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