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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 November 2005, 11:06 GMT
Day four as it happened
FIRST TEST - MATCH SUMMARY (Multan, Day 4, close) :
Pakistan 274 & 341 v England 418 & 24-1

England closed day four on 24-1, chasing 198 to win the first Test after bowling Pakistan out for 341.

The man out was Marcus Trescothick, edging Shabbir Ahmed into his stumps.

England's victory chance was set up in a destructive spell with the second new ball as Pakistan lost their last seven wickets for 75 either side of tea.

Salman Butt (122) made his second Test ton while Andrew Flintoff finished with 4-88, and eight wickets in the match. Inzamam-ul-Haq hit a patient 72.



1145: Bell negotiates a final googly and the umpires confer about the light, Inzamam wants to keep Shabbir in the attack and that is enough for the England batsman to be able to head for the pavilion.

1142: The umpires decide to continue, the latest the match has finished thus far, and spinner Danish Kaneria takes over to Strauss, who brushes the first one off the back foot for three to mid-wicket.

1140: In what is likely to be the final over of the day, Strauss is enticed by a Shabbir bouncer, never the quickest of deliveries, but he wisely opts out of the stroke and lets it through to the keeper.

1136: A fortuitous two for Bell low between the slips and gully prompts a cautionary word from his senior partner.

1127: Bell sets off for a single then sends Strauss back, and the opener is out of the picture as Shabbir's throw misses the target, there is more uncertainty next ball but this time they scramble a single and have a much needed conference in mid-pitch.

1124: Having nudged a single in the previous over, Bell flips Shoaib to fine-leg but it clears the ropes for six.

1122: Strauss gets an edge against Shabbir from round the wicket but it falls short of the diving keeper Akmal.

1119: WICKET ENGLAND 7-1 (Trescothick 5)
A wide one from the erratic Shabbir keeps low and Trescothick gets an inside edge with an angled bat and the ball takes the off bail.

1113: Shabbir sends two so far down the leg-side that Strauss cannot reach them but the England opener is able to glance the final ball of the over to open his account.

1110: The enigmatic Shabbir Ahmed is entrusted with the new ball, with three slips in place again.

1108: Having evaded a bouncer, Trescothick gets a welcome loose one on the pads that he clips authoritatively through mid-wicket for three.

1103: An excitable Akhtar takes the first over of a testing short session for England, with three slips and a gully in place .


1052: WICKET PAKISTAN 341 (Akmal 33)
Pietersen's first catch for England is a timely one, well placed coming in from deep mid-wicket to pouch a top edge as Akmal hooks Harmison, leaving England with a victory target of 198.

1047: Another sweep from Akmal is neatly fielded on the boundary by the large figure of Harmison, restricting the scoring to two, but the next one is cut away and races for four.

1045: Akmal is able to come back for the second as he sweeps a Giles full toss behind square, taking the lead to 190.

1042: WICKET PAKISTAN 332-9 (Shabbir 0)
Only one ball is required as Shabbir wafts injudiciously at a well pitched up delivery from Harmison and Jones makes no mistake with the catch moving low to his right.

1041: Harmison comes round the wicket to Akmal, who clips a single off his hip to subject new man Shabbir Ahmed to two deliveries.

1037: WICKET PAKISTAN 331-8 (Akhtar 11)
An astonishingly agile catch from Bell swooping forward at silly point to clutch the ball centimetres from the turf as Akhtar lunges forward.

1036: Akhtar's slog sweep soars high overs the ropes and takes the Paksiatn lead to 187

1035: Trescothick turns to Giles, who persists over the wicket and forces a bat and pad chance as Akhtar pushes forward firmly, but the ball evades the silly point fielder.

1032: As Harmison offers more width outside the off-stump, Akmal latches onto it and drives expansively through the covers for four.

1031: Akmal has a wild swipe at a wide one but plays an immaculate defensive shot at the next one as if to make amends.

1030: Harmison returns, but with the life having largely gone from the new ball, Akmal looks more comfortable than his predecessors.

1023: Akmal moves to 18 with his third boundary, a confident force off the back foot as Flintoff offers too much width.

1020: Akhtar's hesitant defensive push to Hoggard lobs high off the face of the bat, but there is no short-leg and Collingwood cannot reach it from short mid-wicket.

1018: A short one from Hoggard bounces off the helmet of Akmal, who is through with the pull shot too early, and away for a leg-bye.

1015: Flintoff fizzes in a near yorker that drifts into Akhtar but the experienced fast bowler, with a highest Test score of 37 against New Zealand in 2002, keeps it out.

1005: The inimitable Flintoff charges in for his sixth spell of the innings, with three slips and a gully in place.

1003: A gentle half volley from Hoggard does not deviate and Akmal drives fluently through the covers for four, but the seamer responds in style with a perfectly pitched away swinger that beats the outside edge.

1001: Hoggard takes the ball for the start of the shortened final session, and immediately squares up Akmal, who edges along the ground to Strauss at second slip.


0940: Harmison tests Akhtar with a short one and a slower ball but the paceman survives and Pakistan reach the interval with a lead of 164.

0935: Akmal pulls away a short one from Hoggard over mid-wicket and collects two more, as the lead extends to 164.

0929: Harmison replaces Flintoff to have a dart at Akhtar, treating him to two bouncers, but the paceman ducks them both with minimal fuss.

0926: Akhtar edges Hoggard uneasily but the ball bounces a yard short of Strauss at second slip.

0923: Kamran Akmal is also underway with a boundary as Flintoff drops short and wide and the young wicketkeeper slashes over point to bring up the 300 for Pakistan, the lead now 159.

0921: Shoaib Akhtar picks up four through the vacant third man area, tentatively pushing forward to Hoggard, who is now causing problems with almost every delivery.

0917: WICKET PAKISTAN 295-7 (Butt 122)
Next ball it is all over for the young opener, who leaves the field in distraught fashion having edged a good one from Hoggard that rose up in the infamous corridor of uncertainty outside off-stump, disturbing the crust of the surface.

0916: Butt continues to defy England, latching on to a wide one from Hoggard that does not swing and driving through the covers for four.

0912: WICKET PAKISTAN 291-6 (Raza 1)
Another poor shot from Raza, with no foot movement as he fishes at a good one from Flintoff and the safe hands of Trescothick low to his left at wide first slip clasp the ball, leaving Pakistan 147 ahead with only four wickets intact.

0906: A slower one bowled through the fingers by Hoggard moves into Hasan Raza but the new batsman is saved by an inside edge onto the pad that does not escape the ever-alert Bowden.

0858: Butt collects four more with a thick edge that runs along the ground through the vacant third slip area, an anguished Hoggard shaking his shaggy mane in disbelief.

0853: WICKET PAKISTAN 285-5 (Yousuf 16)
More success with the new ball for England as Yousuf's reckless innings ends with a wild slice at a very wide one from Flintoff, Bell taking a sharp low chance expertly at backward point.

0849: Luck eludes Hoggard again, an impressive away swinging delivery finding the leading edge of Yousuf and darting along the ground through the slips for four.

0848: With Hoggard continuing to find some movement with the new ball, Butt gets an inside edge but the ball flies past the stumps and away to fine-leg for a single.

0842: An attempted yorker from Flintoff is a fraction out and Yousuf turns it neatly away for four, before playing a similar shot next ball to bring four more, signalling the entrance of the bumbling drinks can once again.

0839: Flintoff returns and there are two slips and two gullies in place against the new man Yousuf.

0837: Hoggard responds well, tempting Yousuf forward and beating him with successive deliveries that leave the bat.

0836: Some gentle away swing from Hoggard but Mohammad Yousuf drives his opening delivery emphatically to the cover boundary.

0833: WICKET PAKISTAN 266-4 (Inzamam 72)
Inzamam mysteriously elects to pad away in front of all three stumps and umpire Bowden quickly raises the crooked finger.

0831: England opt for the new ball immediately, the old one now barely spherical, and hand it to Hoggard.

0830: Giles persists with his over the wicket line and appeals again against Inzamam, but umpire Taufel is correctly unimpressed.

0821: Having had two unrealistic lbw appeals rejected, Giles tries a quicker one but it is mis-directed and Butt slices it through gully for four.

0818: Inzamam is through his shot too quickly against Udal, getting a leading edge that loops agonisingly over Collingwood at mid-on.

0810: Dropping short, Udal offers too much width also and Inzamam rocks back and forces away to the square cover boundary, before sweeping powerfully and forcing Pietersen into drastic action on the opposite fence to limit the damage to two, an act that cuts his hand and requires treatment.

0809: Udal returns to Inzamam but again is not afforded a man in close on either side of the wicket.

0804: Butt wafts a shade lazily at a wide one from Flintoff that keeps a fraction low and passes under the edge.

0752: A second successive referral to the third umpire is far more contentious, Butt seemingly short of his ground pushing for a third as Jones takes the bails off from Collingwood's throw, but after a lengthy debate, the cheers from the crowd signify that not out is the decision.

0749: Even by Inzamam's standards there is a comfortable single but Collingwood's throw from square of the wicket hits the stumps and England appeal optimistically, the first time third umpire Asad Rauf has been called for, but the bat is easily grounded.

0747: Giles drifts down the leg-side to Butt, who completes his second Test century with a flick to leg for two.

0745: The redoubtable Giles is entrusted with the first over after the resumption and traps Inzamam on the pad with the first delivery, but the ball is pitched well outside the leg-stump.


0703: Butt looks for the all-important single but Inzamam sends him back as Pietersen swoops in at cover, and the opener remains on 99 at lunch as the final ball is turned straight to leg gully.

0701: Inzamam is gifted a chance to complete his 41st Test fifty with a full toss from Udal that is clipped forcefully to the mid-wicket fence, then gives Butt a chance to complete his century with a single that brings up the century partnership from 184 balls.

0659: No thoughts of playing for lunch as Butt slogs a four through mid-wicket against Udal, then moves to 99 with a nudge on the leg-side.

0656: More short pitched bowling from harmison to test Butt, although the killer delivery is not there and the opener cuts a single to move to 94.

0648: Harmison tries his luck from round the wicket to the right-handed Inzamam, but there is still no way through the obdurate stonewall defence, England's best chance of dismissing him remaining the run-out.

0646: Udal troubles Butt in the flight, with an lbw appeal rejected, but Inzamam launches a pre-meditated sweep and pummels another boundary.

0641: Harmison finds some impressive bounce, but Inzamam is well aware that there are no close fielders, just a wide slip and a short mid-wicket.

0637: Inzamam mis-times a sweep and the ball loops up just short of Jones rushing up from behind the stumps, but it was not off the glove.

0635: Shaun Udal comes into the attack for the first time today, and immediately prompts a false stroke from Inzamam, who gets a leading edge for two attempting to work the ball to leg.

0633: Some lift for Harmison but the field is very defensive, with a solitary wide slip, and Inzamam looks in little difficulty, nudging a single from the final ball to take the lead to 63.

0630: Harmison, ineffective in his early spell, replaces Hoggard, who was economical in his nine over spell, conceding 24 runs, but never looked likely to take a wicket.

0624: The nearest England have come to a wicket for some time, Butt pushing for a quick single to mid-off, Inzamam not so keen on quick singles and refusing to come, Flintoff hurling the ball in, but a direct hit is needed and the batsman has time to scramble back.

0619: Inzamam gets a bottom edge as he sweeps Giles on leg-stump, the ball trickling into the pads of Jones, but there is no chance.

0618: A drinks break fails to inspire Hoggard, who maintains a generally accurate line but fails to trouble either batsman.

0609: Too much width from Giles angling across the ample bows of Inzamam, who opens his shoulders and crashes the ball through the covers for four to move to 31 and then pushes a single to record the 200.

0606: An extreme rarity from Hoggard, who beats the outside edge of Butt pushing forward, but there is no edge and the opener remains, on 86.

0604: A casual nudge into the gap at cover from Inzamam brings him his 1,000th Test run against England.

0552: Kevin Pietersen, back on the field this morning after his elbow injury, patrols the cover boundary and restricts Butt to a single, throwing the ball in a little hesitantly, inspecting his bandages.

0546: With Giles continuing over the wicket, Inzamam sweeps and the ball goes very fine, almost behind the keeper, the batsmen collecting two.

0542: Butt slashes Hoggard safe in the knowledge that there is only one slip and he collects another single, before Inzamam coasts through for another to record the fifty partnership.

0535: Ashley Giles is given his first opportunity of the day and starts over the wicket to Inzamam, who survives an lbw appeal, correctly deemed by Bowden to have pitched outside leg, and pulls the next mightily for four.

0528: A stroke of good fortune for Inzamam, as he gloves a rapid short one from Flintoff over the wicketkeeper's head for four more.

0525: First ball after the resumption, Inzamam mis-times a pull at a short one from Flintoff, but the next ball is exquisitely punched off the back foot to the cover boundary.

0520: The huge mechanical drinks can, which supplies only the umpires, enters the fray for the first of the breaks, Pakistan content with the early exchanges 18 runs ahead with seven wickets intact.

0518: With Hoggard unable to find anything to trouble the batsmen, Butt takes successive boundaries on either side of the wicket.

0513: An attempted slower ball from Flintoff is too wide and is quickly spotted by Butt, who slaps it through the covers for four, bringing up the 150.

0506: Matthew Hoggard replaces the ineffective Harmison, who failed to trouble the batsmen.

0503: Economy of movement as ever from the big captain Inzamam, but the bat glides through the line and he works Flintoff past mid-wicket for four to take his team into the lead.

0456: Inzamam pads away to one that seem to move back in from Flintoff, but umpire Bowden rejects the impassioned pleas for lbw.

0450: A wristy flick from Butt flies between Strauss and Trescothick who are spaced wider than the standard slip positions.

0447: Local hero Inzamam, warmly greeted by the small but appreciative early morning crowd, negotiates three deliveries from Harmison with no alarm.

0442: WICKET PAKISTAN 131-3 (Sami 3)
Flintoff pitches one up and finds a faint edge to dismiss Sami, who looks unsure of the decision having begun to enjoy himself at the crease, but has to head for the pavilion.

0440: Flintoff tries a short one but Sami swipes it away in agricultural fashion to safety at mid-wicket for two.

0439: Mohammad Sami gets off the mark with a streaky edge through the slips, but Flintoff will have the chance to bowl at him.

0436: Harmison takes over from the northern end of the ground but starts with three wide ones to left-hander Butt.

0431: The first ball of the day is short and rises up at Salman Butt, troubled by the bouncer from Flintoff yesterday, ricocheting off glove or shoulder and looping to second slip, but umpire Billy Bowden calls it a no-ball.

0430: Having seen their captain continue his rehabilitation in the nets, England take the field for an important session and begin with Andrew Flintoff, who has two slips in place and a ball that is 36 overs old.

Interview: England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff


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