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Last Updated: Monday, 12 September 2005, 18:51 GMT 19:51 UK
Ashes log: Fifth Test - Monday

The log is over for the day and for a thrilling Ashes series. Thank you for all your contributions throughout a glorious summer!

1944: Paul Lulham emails to say:
I was never much of a cricket fan before this summer but I can honestly say that this Ashes series has been as thrilling to watch as any football World Cup that I've ever seen. I've been on the edge of my seat throughout every Test and just want to thank Michael Vaughan and his boys for ignoring those who said they'd crash and burn at the start of the summer and for providing inspiration for the young people of England through their phenomenal grit and determination. You have demonstrated with every ball that has been bowled why we should be so proud to live in this great country of ours!

1943: RD emails from Sri Lanka to say:
Well done England! You have brought an end to an era in cricketing history and the throne is yours to fill!

1942: Alexander Lewis Jones emails to say:
The difference between this team and the Rugby World Cup winners is the cricket team is young and can only improve from here, whereas several key members of the rugby team were approaching the end of their careers and with their retirement the team has struggled.

1930: Ben Golding emails to say:
How wonderful to witness the sporting manner in which the teams have approached this series. How depressing knowing that all we can look forward to now is spoiled petulant footballers and their unsporting, sour-faced managers - roll on next summer!

1925: Elwyn Peters emails from Canada to say:
This Ashes series is simply the best sporting contest you can see! I don't think rugby, soccer, baseball, gridiron, boxing, cycling, swimming, anything can match the sheer excitement generated by this Ashes series! I only wish Canadians would drop thier hockey sticks and join in!

1913: Honor Morris emails from Canada to say:
My husband Chris - a die-hard cricket fanatic - has got up at 5am local time every day through this series to listen to the commentary. Ten minutes ago, I phoned him at work to announce that England had regained the Ashes, to the strains of Jerusalem playing l in the background. As he was in a meeting with an Australian colleague at the time, he was one happy man!

1911: Cricket Chick on the TMS message board:
Just finished talking to my parents back in England, and have managed to stop sobbing and shaking now. Sooooo happy. Huge congrats to England - thoroughly deserved.

1905: Ignacio Fernandez emails to say:
The Ashes has transformed my view of cricket. Well done boys - surely one of the greatest sporting contests of my generation. Can't wait for the next Ashes series!

1902:Jon emails to say:
Off to Oz for three months tomorrow - England cricket shirt packed and unlikely to leave my back while I'm there. I might smell awful by the end, but what the hell.

1900: Lizzie Davidson emails from Canada to say:
I'm listening to Jerusalem on TSM with such a lump in my throat. I'm going to be picking up the children late from school, for the third time this summer. Congratualtions to everyone, and a big big thank you to everyone who has enabled me to listen to this occasion on the internet. I just wish I was home!

1858: Nick emails from America to say:
So now what do we do with the rest of our lives? Can it get any better than this?

1855: Former Prime Minister John Major on TMS:
This has lifted cricket to a high we haven't seen for generations and we have proper heroes for youngsters. Michael Vaughan's captaincy has been invaluable and the spirit in the dressing room is clear. It's important for world cricket that England are competing again.

1852: Ricky Ponting on TMS:
England outplayed us and have been too good throughout the series. We felt that we could win with every team we put out on the park but our batting wasn't good enough and we've got to make sure we improve. I'd like Shane Warne to be in the side in four year's time - I'd like him to be in my side for as long as he can walk.

1845: Tim Venables emails from Bolivia to say:
I haven't stopped crying since it finished. NOTHING equals this feeling.

1843: Andrew Monk emails to say:
The Rugby World Cup was special, but this has been insane. Duncan Fletcher should be knighted and Nelson replaced with a statue of Freddie. The Ashes have come home!

1837: Carew Hatherley emails from the Congo to say:
Congratulations England. Off for a warm beer and peanuts to celebrate an outstanding achievement. All the British Army contingent here are very proud of you.

1833: Dave emails to say:
What an amazing series, every Test a rollercoaster of a ride and not least this last one! Not an anti-climax in any way - we've been on the edge of our seats since 10.30 this morning. Well done to the team and all the fans for making this series so memorable!

1832: Peter Dowling emails to say:
I am sitting around the laptop in the countryside outside Munich listening to TMS online with a Yank from New York who didn't know what cricket was until two months ago, an Irishman who I convinced to love the game and me from England, who has just experienced total life fulfilment.

1830: Peter Coleman emails to say:
The Ashes were supposed to represent the death of cricket but this series has been a celebration of the life of Cricket. Long may the contest continue in this spirit!

1829: Peter emails to say:
This has surpassed the Nou Camp in 1999 as my greatest sporting moment - tears are flowing down my face!

1827: Her Majesty the Queen:
The Queen has sent a message of congratulations to the England cricket team on their "magnificent achievement".

1825: Barb Breadman emails to say:
I joined the ever-increasing band of females who watch and support cricket,during the fourth Test. England winning the Ashes - what a great start for a cricket virgin!

1823: Ashley Giles on TMS:
I'll never get a more important innings. I can't believe we've got the Ashes back.

1821: Andrew Flintoff on TMS:
I thought we'd made a balls of it at lunch time but Kevin Pietersen played one of the great innings. The strength of this side is that people put their hand up at different times and today it was his turn. It's been competitive but there's great respect between the sides and some of the Aussies don't deserve to be on the losing side.

1819: Vivien emails from America to say:
I'm sat in my friend's house in San Francisco with tears pouring down my face - tears of joy! Who knew that booking this holiday to visit her would mean missing out on the best sporting moment for England since November 2003 - who was it we beat that time?!

1816: Richard Gellineau emails to say:
Well done England! Can't wait to see you guys with the urn at the parade tomorrow. Shane Warne and Andy Flintoff should share the Man-of-the-Series award.

1813: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:
The umpires are going to take the bails off and that will be the moment that England reclaim the Ashes. And England have won the Ashes in the most bizarre ending!

1807: Iain C emails from Scotland to say:
As a Scot, I don't generally have much affection for the English but the number of times I have cheered for England this summer is scary! Congrats to both sides on one of the most amazing sporting series I have ever seen.

1804: Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator:
It's an absurd situation - the game needs a mercy rule. It's a bit of an anti-climax. It would have been better if England had been bowled out earlier and given Australia a bit of a chase. As it is, the crowd are waiting for a queue to start the party.

1800: Cricket Cricket on the TMS message board:
Warne should be man of the series, because without him, there would have been no contest.

1757: Martin Langlois emails from America to say:
I'm sitting here in Union Square, pretending it's England's green and pleasant land. Oh, to be back just for today, 20 years has been too long. Well done boys, proud to be English.

1755: Paul Sawyer emails from Togo to say:
This year we have lived through many problems in West Africa, but this year will be remembered for one thing and one thing only - THE ASHES! Well done England!

1751: John Mahler emails from Canada to say:
I'm sitting here listening to the commentary, holding my new-born son, and I'm off to Australia in a couple of weeks' time! Does it get any better than this!

1746: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:
There will be a 10-minute break and Australia will have to come out and bat. Warne is holding up his sun hat and walking off with Glenn McGrath. They may be tempted to come back and give it another go in four years' time.


1744: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:
Everyone here is on tenterhooks - it's like a firework's been lit and everyone's just waiting for it to go off.


1739: David Wolf emails from Spain to say:
Currently sailing past the Strait of Gibraltar and I can hear the cheering from the bars! Well done to England and the commentary team for lighting up my dark, dark nights at sea...

1734: Nick emails from America to say:
Is it unacceptable for a 35-year-old man to be in tears of joy? My Korean girlfriend is amused, and possibly suspects that I, and the English nation, are quite simply mad.

1730: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:
That's not the Ashes - they're going to have a drinks break! People are running on and the stewards are trying to stop them...All the great and the good are waiting to see if this game is going to be called off. A few more bouncers from Brett Lee and that could be it...

1728: Christopher Martin-Jenkins, TMS commentator:
Another short ball from McGrath and Giles rolls his wrists as if he was Walter Hammond...

1724: Rod Marsh, TMS summariser:
I'm going to make way for Foxy Fowler - I think it's only fair an Englishman should be at the microphone to savour the moment when England win back the Ashes.

1720: Carnation Cat on the TMS message board:
Making Ponting concede is about as close as you can get to emasculating the entire Aussie team. It will really hurt. A total and complete failure of his entire gameplan for the match.

1713: Don Bratman on the TMS message board:
I'm not sure Ponting would concede if there was a declaration. This would be a public shame for an Australian, in my opinion, even if winning was impossible.

1706: Rod Marsh, TMS summariser:
The hardest part about going into England's dressing room for a beer after the match is looking their opponents in the eye and saying, "well played". That will hurt, and it should do.

1705: Doug on the TMS message board:
It's a bit harsh, but quite funny, that Warne will be remembered in this Test not for his amazing leg-spinning and blistering run-making but for dropping Pietersen on 15 and most likely costing Australia the Ashes.

1705: Stuart W emails to say:
What's the similarity between Eric Morcambe and Michael Vaughan? Eric has already handled a little Ern, Michael is just about to!

1700: Rod Marsh, TMS summariser:
The last 140 of Pietersen's knock was spectacular. Warne ran 30 metres to congratulate him. He's a character and he savoured the applause for an Ashes-winning innings.


1654: Paul Hickman emails to say:
Freddie may be a shoo-in for the sports personality of the year, but it will be a travesty if the overseas personality award goes to anyone other than Shane Warne - it wouldn't have been the summer it has without his contribution.

1653: James Rousell emails to say:
Vaughan should declare with about 10 overs remaining. I would like to see all of the England team out on the pitch at the end to celebrate this Ashes victory in absolute style.

1650: Dave Richards emails to say:
"What is the point of Ashley Giles?" Easy! He wins you the Ashes!

1649: Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator:
Some people thought Giles would be fruit for the sideboard in this series with his left arm spin, but he has been an integral part of the England team.

1644: Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator:
Flintoff would probably be the man of the series ahead of Warne - to the victors go the spoils...

1644: Bill Frindall, TMS statistician:
That was Pietersen's seventh six and he has now passed Botham's six sixes against Australia at Old Trafford in 1981.

1641: Barry Wilbourn emails to say:
Let's not forget Gilo's contribution to this eighth wicket partnership. We could be looking at a different scenario if one or two wickets went in the low 200s, the yips would've truly set in.

1635: Darren Woodhall emails to say:
Rolf Harris, Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Paul Hogan, Steve Irwin, Dame Edna Everage, John Howard - your boys are taking one hell of a beating!

1633:Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator:
I think the Aussies have got to the point where they just want it over. They'll struggle to bowl England out at this rate.

1632: Owen emails from South Korea to say:
I'm sat in a PC room in Korea, it's half midnight and I have to be up for work in a few hours. There's now way I'm leaving this seat until the Beeb loads up the pics of McGrath traipsing off the field!

1628: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:
It's protracted agony for Australia out there at ther moment. But I don't think too many Englishman will have much sympathy.

1625: Richard emails to say:
What's the betting the entire Aussie team claim asylum at close of play if we win the Ashes? They could probably make a convincing case for them facing torture if they dare to set foot in Australia!

1615: Angus Fraser, TMS summariser:
A lot of the players are on the balcony and I think they know they've won it. There were stories coming out of Trent Bridge about players hiding in showers and in the physio's room out the back.

1612: Michael Gale emails from America:
I have just cancelled a flight to San Jose, California to listen to this. I would have been unable to wait until the plane landed for an answer. This is the most gripping sports experience I have ever had. With all the modern amenities at hand I am crossing my fingers toes and legs for this game to be over.

1609: Christopher Martin-Jenkins, TMS commentator:
Langer has gone up to Warne, patted him on the back and, I think, told him the game is up...

1608: Jamie Baker emails to say:
The way KP's going I think Vaughan shold think about declaring with 30 overs left - lets send these Aussies home in style!

1606: Ben emails to say:
One of the girls at the office reported me to the head of service for listening to the cricket on the radio. His response? He came and listened to make sure Pietersen lasted until tea, then asked for me to keep him updated! Just shows not all bosses have had their decency removed.

1605: Craig NIcholson emails from New Zealand to say:
Is CMJ on drugs? Declaration? You HAVE to be kidding! My nerves could not take it.

1600: Peter Strandly emails from Japan to say:
C'mon Warnie! Hat-trick, Hayden goes the tonk and we are all smiles.

1556: Duncan emails to say:
I'm a chiropodist/podiatrist working in Stoke and I've had three patients not come this afternoon. When rung up to find out why, they said they had become too transfixed by the Test match! I'm not complaining - it's meant I've been able to listen more to TMS!

1550: Annie emails to say:
Never mind just a British passport - Duncan Fletcher should be knighted.

1547: Ianto emails from Wales to say:
Cricket is the only sport where you can hear Welshmen shout: "Come on England!" We're Ashes mad here and it's a nice change to stand alongside our Saxon cousins for once.

1544: Graeme Fowler, TMS summariser:
The Aussies look to be flagging and they need a wicket to birghten themselves up. And they will brighten up if they get a wicket...

1541: Des Howlett emails from Russia to say:
This whole contest should be used as an example of sportsmanship and competitiveness for years to come. You've got two teams who are desparate to win, have played out of their skins and yet applaud each others' acheivements. What more could you want? The $35 I've spent on internet access here in St Petersburg is the best money I've ever spent. I just hope the locals will understand what I'm cheering about!

1540: Nick emails to say:
I hope the nation's hair stylists are well stocked with colourful hair dye...

1538: Matt emails to say:
Arise Sir Kevin! I can't wait to get home and watch the highlights. Today should have been declared a national holiday.

1535: Phil emails from Romania to say:
My girlfriend has just told me that she has booked tickets for Charlie and the Chocolate factory at 5.15pm BST. She thinks that is amusing...little does she know that a second revolution is about to take place in Bucharest!

1531: Gavin Simpson emails from Scotland to say:
As I'm a Scot, I've never really been into cricket, but I must admit, this match has me on the edge of my seat! Come on ye Sassenachs. You can do it!

1530: Simon Whitaker emails from Iraq to say:
This morning I had to finish breakfast underneath a table after a rocket attack on the US Embassy in Baghdad....and it didn't frighten me a bit. Now I'm hiding underneath my desk, occasionally daring to watch the score updates on the website - I can't take it any more, this is really scary stuff!

1526: Keith Wood emails to say:
What a pleasure to see the opponents congratulating Kevin on his acheivement during the highly- contested battle. Great sportsmanship all round.

1524: Hugh Grant on TMS:
I've always been frightened of the ball - ever since my brother got all his teeth horribly smashed out. They came out at the roots. They looked like dinosaur teeth. People near me in my box, a higher class of people, are all joining in with the Barmy Army. I like people singing Jerusalem - but it's better without that woman screeching. That was Lesley Garrett? It was excellent. This is the most exciting experience of my sporting life...

1522: Alice emails to say:
Work has been suspended so we can run around chanting King KP! Finally explaining the rules to people has been rewarded!

1520: Ian emails to say:
Twenty years of hurt finally over. The Champagne is about to be cracked open - they're coming home!

1512: Angus Fraser, TMS summariser:
As that session wore on, the faces on the Aussie players suggested they thought it had slipped through their fingers.


1509: Tony D emails to say:
Cometh the hour, cometh the man! King Kev!

1506: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:
Like a gladiator, Pietersen holds his bat and helmet aloft. People are leaning out of windows, standing and applauding. He was dropped on 0 and 15 - but he made Australia pay.

1504: Martin Sullivan emails to say:
Just heard from my brother Paul in Dar es Salaam; I'm in Holland and we're both listening to your superb coverage...are you making it up?

1459: Rick Warr emails to say:
Nice to see the streaker spent more time at the crease than Ian Bell did...

1454: Annie emails to say:
There's a primal roar waiting to be released as soon as KP hits 100. Hang in there KP and make it true.

1452: Jonathan emails to say:
I've said it before and I'll say it again - time for Jones to be dropped. There are better wicket-keepers that can bat out there! Give Matt Prior a go on the next tour.

1449: Angus Fraser, TMS summariser:
It's got to the stage where everyone has got past nervous and is just laughing at what's happening.

1445: Kadfr emails to say:
Just when you think that things are settling down the Australians come back into it. I still think that 230 is the benchmark score. If we can hang on until tea we will have done brilliantly...

1442: Angus Fraser, TMS summariser:
I can only apologise to the England fans for not dragging Rod Marsh out of the commentary box before that over!


1440: Malheuresement emails to say:
Oooooh....I feel a bit sorry for Taity. After the hassle that the crowd have given him, it takes an immense character to turn the game under those conditions. Malheuresement

1437: Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator:
This streaker is wearing a kind of petticoat. He's caught and been muscled off the pitch. And I'm sure they don't have TV in the cells.

1431: Rod Marsh, TMS summariser:
England don't have to do much - just keep on batting. But that's easier said than done against Warne and McGrath. If Jones and Pietersen are still there at tea, I'd say the Ashes are gone...

1428: Sean emails to say:
Get the Fat Lady to warm up, KP's bringing it home.

1426: Ian Howarth emails to say:
Am I right in thinking Australia haven't made more than 250 in a fourth innings to beat England since 1948?

1424: Ian Sweet emails to say:
I can't help thinking I'd like to see the Aussies chase 260 in 40 overs! What an end to the series!

1418: Kadfr on the TMS message board:
Colly's gone. Mind you, even though he didn't get many runs, he hung around for a long time and helped us to (relative) safety. Good solid performance.


1415: Holland's Marieke Vink emails to say:
I moved here from The Netherlands last year and this is my first Ashes. I am utterly absorbed by it. I keep referring to the English team as "we". I have the radio on at work, the TV is on in our boardroom. I have not done any work so far.

1412: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:
Rod Marsh is taking his place in the commentary box - surely he can't keep taking wickets. But I sense he isn't the calm, collected character that he makes out to be - he's made some pretty sharp exhalations from behind me.

1408: Carnation Cat emails to say:
Colly's doing a great job - he's like a dose of Immodium once Montezuma has tried his revenge.

1405: Graeme Fowler, TMS summariser:
Collingwood is not just a one-day or bits and pieces player. He's a quality player full-stop.

1406: Chris emails to say:
Oh for a Botham, a Greig or a Gatting
Someone to go out there, stop blocking, start smashing
But my I forgot, it's so easy I see, why have an old guy, when we've got KP.

Oh for a Willis or a Trueman who rages, hitting some skulls, sheer class down the ages.
But no, hold on there, we can put them in pain, cos we have King Gilesy, the wheelybin of Spain.

1402: Wendy Mansell emails from Australia to say:
I'm in bed listening to the cricket with my beloved, at our home in the bush south of Brisbane in Queensland. I'm English and he's a dinkie die Aussie. He's agreed to learn the words to Jerusalem if England win the Ashes. Go Pietersen - for England and St. George!

1400: Graeme Fowler, TMS summariser:
It's a new thing questioning the umpire's decision - and I'm not sure I like it. That shot (by Pietersen off Warne) went to ground/boot.

1358: Christopher Morley, Chief music critic of the Birmingham Post:
Take it from me, that trumpeter is very good! PS. I heard him live at Edgbaston.

1351: Andy Kerr emails from Scotland:
COME ON ENGLAND! I don't care if Pietersen never scores another run after this match. He's doing the job nicely. Let him smack the boundaries away - it's better than cowering, waiting for Warne to strike again...

1351: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:
That spell from Brett Lee was the quickest I've seen for some time - but he got hit for over 30 in three overs...

1349: Stuart W emails to say:
KP has the heart of a lion. If he gets his century he will be able to sit at Sir Freddie's right hand.

1345: Graeme Fowler, TMS message board:
I feel like I'm outside the headmasters office hiding behind a sofa! Pietersen has got into gear and it will be difficult getting him out of it. Although Glenn McGrath will just nag away...

1345: Stewart emails to say:
I have sales targets to meet today. Not a hope - too busy checking for updates. Job centre next monday perhaps...

1341: Alan Downes emails from the cupboard under the stairs to say:
Exciting as it is to see Pietersen opening his shoulders and smacking sixes and fours - surely it is too early? If he keeps taking the bowling on it can only end one way, and once he's out the Aussies are only one away from the tail and closer to a match victory and saving the Ashes.

1338: Johnny Buckle emails to say:
Pieterson will never get a more important 50 - if he makes it to 100, it's all over!

1335: Tommy emails to say:
I'm in school desperately tryin 2 find out da score. Hope dat vaughan will have his hands on da little urn by da end of the day.

1331: Andrew emails from Michigan to say:
I have the horrible feeling that Australia will really rue those two missed chances. KP is making us PAY!

1328: Christopher Martin-Jenkins, TMS commentator:
There are more and more people straddling the apex of the roof of the old Cricketers looks very perilous...

1325: Samantha emails to say:
I hope England win, but no matter what, I cant wait for the Ashes to end! At least then i'll have my husband back!

1323: Gareth emails from around the world to say:
Travelling all over the place listening to the commentary on my laptop. Now I'm in a train in Holland trying to catch a plane to Hong Kong. Commentary top volume. Very strange looks from natives - it's all driving me crazy but keep up the good work!

1320: Uncle Slippy on the TMS message board:
Australia's batsmen will not fancy a 200+ run chase off 40 overs facing a fired up Harmy, Hoggy and Flintoff...

1317: Henry emails from New Zealand to say:
Come on England! NZ and the rest of the cricket world just wants to see Australia get beaten, as impossible as it seems.

1315: Christopher Preston emails to say:
We are all at school, trying to find out the England score. It's all anyone is talking about! England can still get the Ashes, and we are all still rooting for them - although we have double science next! Come on boys! Dont get nervous, stay focused and keep the dream alive!

1313: Simon emails to say:
Fitting that Warne, possibly the greatest player ever, will decide one of the greatest ever Test series in the final hours of the final day.

1311: Andy emails to say:
I'm only 40 miles from London, and it's very gloomy and has started to rain! Can always hope for bad light.

1306: Radcliffe Roar on the TMS message board:
30.8m has been traded on Betfair on the match odds. The biggest single sporting event market since it was founded.

1306: Philip emails from Belgium to say:
There is no question that Australia will bat again but anything more than 180 in this atmosphere will be very daunting for them. Come on England!

1303: Barry Henderson emails to sing:
Oh! For an Atherton or Boycott!
A slow and steady man
Not a hell for leather up and at 'em crew cut
Not a brief flash in the pan

We need a slow man, a steady man,
A nose over the ball man.
A wicket's worth my life man
With a steady, even hand.

Oh! For a Barrington or a Graveney!
A slow and steady man

1301: SRC emails to say:
England are, and have been, the better side all series. However, they cannot cope with intense pressure and judging by this morning's performance, deserve to lose!

1250: Dave emails from India to say:
My office in Mumbai has come to a stand-still. The Indians have gotten off the fence though and are cheering England on!

1250: Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator:
The Australians won't worry about batting in the dark if they're chasing down a score.

1242: Andrew Hall emails to say:
Come on guys, show everyone what you're worth. Pietersen is right to play "his" way and he has been more circumspect to date. Remember he is a real cricketer willing to have a go and the Aussies don't care for that - but they have to respect him.

1242: Adam emails to say:
We must be the only country in the world that can get so close to something without actually winning it. I dread watching the score waiting for an update...

1239: Chandra emails from Singapore to say:
Warne strikes again and the Poms are sweating now. The Aussies will never say die, go Warney.

1236: Jason Yannacopoulos emails to say:
Being a cynical person, may I suggest that it is perhaps time for England to start preparing for a fielding session?


1234: Rod Marsh, TMS summariser:
Pietersen's had more luck than last Saturday's lottery winner. But they won't remember all those dropped catches if England win the Ashes. It is fitting that such a remarkable Ashes series should got down to the last day.

1230: David emails from Hungary to say:
I am in the office in Budapest. I can't believe what I am hearing. The Hungarians here haven't a clue why I am worked up over a small pot of burnt wood!

1230: Rod Marsh, TMS summariser:
I've just been speaking to former England bowler Alex Tudor and he said he has a feeling it's all going to come down to a Twenty20 situation...

1226: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:
Like a massive opera singer launching into an aria, Warne bellowed and bellowed and bellowed...


1208: Rod Marsh, TMS summariser:
There's a sign up in the crowd saying 'I missed my wedding for this'

1221: Lee emails to say:
I can't remember ever being this nervous over a sporting event - it's making me ill. Perhap's I should be sent home from work?

1221: John emails to say:
We're all Poms now. All true Scottish cricket fans are fours-quare behind England on this one, always have been.

1218: Caroline emails to say:
What is Pietersen playing at?! Is 'playing for a draw' not in his vocab? I'm all for exciting cricket but...

1216: Dean emails to say:
If Ricky Ponting fails to bring the Ashes home we're gonna stick him on the barbeque!

1211: Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator::
Land of Hope and Glory on the Last Night of the Proms - that really gets the juices going...

1210: Helen emails to say:
GO ENGLAND GO! I'm at college and the nasty Head of Upper 6th has removed our television because we skipped lessons to watch the cricket! A travesty!

1208: Rod Marsh, TMS summariser:
Pietersen has to play with a great deal of care and play each ball with a great deal of respect. He can't afford to get out before lunch.


1202: Out for Duck on the TMS message board:
Now is the time for KP and Freddie to build the partnership everybody's been expecting...

1202: Graham Gooch, Radio Five Live:
Some of Kevin Pietersen's statements sound a bit ludicrous at times - but you need that sort of confidence to be a top-class sportsman.

1200: Surrey exile on the TMS message board:
Every 6 is another over that the AUssies will need. KP only knows one way to bat. he might as well get 40 and out than scrabble around and get out anyway.

1159: Ben emails to say:
I can't bear this. I can't listen, can't work, can't go to the toilet, can't stop listening. Help...

1157: Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator:
(On Pietersen's second six in an over off Warne) That was disdainfully dismissed from his presence...

1153: ROR on the TMS message board:
I want KP to play a (relatively) conservative innings. Keep time in the middle and don't go nutty, boyo!

1151: Chistopher Martin-Jenkins, TMS commentator:
(After seeing Warne drop Pietersen off Lee) I can't remember the last time Shane Warne dropped a slip catch...

1149: William Wallace emails from Scotland to say:
Come on Aussies, Scotland are right behind you..

1147: Andrew emails from New Zealand to say:
An Aussie in New Zealand surrounded by several lads from India - and I'm dying a death by 1000 cuts!

1144: Graham emails to say:
Marcus Trescothick seems to be showing great character and patience, following the example of Hayden. His experience is vital.

1140: Larry Kwirirayi emails from Zimbabwe to say:
While seeming to have all been obssessed with the Warne factor we forgot about a certain Glenn McGrath.

1138: Wee Jonnie on the TMS message board:
It looks as though the decision to play Paul Collingwood may be correct - the extra batsman may just save us.

1132: Jai Mehta emails to say:
Where's the steel of Graham Thorpe when you need it?!

1132: Christopher Martin-Jenkins, TMS commentator:
It's good to see Rod Marsh becoming a true Australian again as the truth begins to dawn...

1130: Claire emails to say:
Come on Pietersen and Trescothick! Pull together and become England's heroes! We're behind you all the way!

1123: Rod Marsh, TMS summariser:
Pietersen does not want to become a shotless player out there - that might get him into trouble. He's got to play his shots.

1121: John Haley emails to say:
Come on you Aussies! I sense a collapse!

1120: Al emails to say:
Is it me - or has Bell been a complete waste of space for the whole series?!

1116: Bill Frindall, TMS statistician:
That was the first dismissal by a wicket-keeper this match and a pair for Bell...


1110: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:
There are a "stereo" of streakers - at least one of them is a lady. It's our first lady streaker for many years...


1102: Rod Marsh, TMS summariser:
I like the Cockney taxi drivers - they know where they're going...

1101: Richard Hardy emails to say:
England have been awesome this summer, outplaying Australia for the last three Tests. So why have I got a voice in the back of my head telling me Warne is gonna bowl us out before 4 o'clock?!

1100: Rod Marsh, TMS summariser:
I like the way England have come out and played shots. Vaughan and Trescothick are doing the right thing.

1058: Chris emails to say:
Stuck in the office. We have a radio but the girls won't change the station. Help...

1056: Famous Can on the TMS message board:
I was seriously considering pulling a sickie today but that would have just been far to obvious to everyone I work with!

1053: Pat Murphy, Radio Five Live:
When Michael Vaughan plays that cover drive off the front foot it's an aesthetic pleasure...

1031: Billy B, England, via email:
My crooked finger will be kept firmly in my pocket today - wishing England all the luck in the world.


1028: Lola, England, via email:
They wont let us have the TV on, and there's no radio reception. Lets keep these updates very very up-to-date on the BBC, I can't cope with the stress.

1025: BBC Sport Online coverage, via email:
There is light cloud with watery sunshine over London and conditions look set for a full day's play.

1017: Steve Gordon, NZ, via email:
This will be the greatest comeback in cricketing history. Come on Warnie!

1013: Paul, London, via email:
Just to say that Ram really has hit the nail on the head. Great sportsmanship, great for the sport, great for the UK. Go England, make it happen.

After the shambles and bad sportsmanship shown by the national football team last week, the England cricket team have restored my national pride and regardless of the result, the boys have made us proud!

1010: Darrell, UK, via email:
Barmy Army - raises you voices and sing out loud, sing out proud. The Ashes are coming home.

1007: Barry M, Wales, via email:
I got a feeling that Paul Collingwood will turn out to be a match winner today. You heard it here first.

1006: Jen, England, via email:
I love cricket and yes, I love bandwagons- and I'm onboard. It aids my procrastination at work and that's never a bad thing.

1006: Ram, England, via email:
Good luck England but, either way, let's invite Austraila to join the England team on the bus taking the team through London tomorrow. Cricket has been the biggest winner this summer.

Rave for rain and help England win the Ashes

0957: George Bremer, via email:
Never Before in the field of human contest has so much depended, by so many, on so few.

0954: Paul, Tynedale England, via email:
Can I repeat the comment made yesterday about the quality of Justin Langer's writing this summer (and in previous years of course)? He comes across as a decent, thoughtful and committed man and it has been a pleasure to read his facinating column through the series.

0949: Stewart, UK, via email:
Just a shame Simon Jones hasn't been able to play this Test. He's been bowling like a man possessed, but then again all our guys have.

0942: Colin T, Wales, via email:
To Michael Kelly, an excuse you I can give your missus to explain why you haven't done the list of jobs she's given you: Tell her just as bad light can stop play, good light can stop work.

0939: James, England, via email:
The weather's on England's side all the Aussies tell me. Short lived memories???? If I remember rightly, this would all be over if the weather had not hampered England at Old Trafford.

0938: Greg, UK, via email:
To Michael Kelly - I told my American wife this was like the Red Sox putting an end to "the curse" and winning the World Series. Worked like a charm! Not sure if this will help you though.

I'm at school in a free period, waiting for 10.30 with a hole in my stomach. The worst thing is, I will miss most of the action today. At lunchtime I'll be running around like a maniac looking for a school TV that is showing the Test. Flintoff for man of the series.

0932: Peter Herbert, Lancashire, via email:
Benaud's last day? I wish him much joy throughout this and all his remaining days. In my youth I detested the old boy, largely because he kept beating the England team by power of his own will. When he became a commentator, my whole femily knew him as "Bitchie Renault" but over the years I have come to love this Aussie and have forgiven him for blighting my childhood. Good on yer mate.

0928: Darrell Painter, Hong Kong, via email:
Answering Scotsman Graham - as a fairminded Englishman I am not praying for rain, however, if it does rain and thus washes out the entire day's play England will win because we are 2-1 up in the series. If a winning margin is not OK for you, Graham, then there is not much else I can say.

0923: Becky, England, via email:
Come on England. I've called in sick to work, bought myself supplies, taken the dog out, phone will be disconnected and I can get on with the more important task of (hopefully) watching England make the runs to victory. I pray we'll win it but as they say, it ain't over till the fat lady (warne) spins.

0915: Jon Nettlefold, France, via email:
Reply to Graham, Scotsman - Oh dear, the Scots always seem to have a sense of humour failure when the English close in on sporting success. Stop being a spoilsport, Graham, and join in the fun. (Now then, where did I put my snorkel and flippers...)

0904: Jay Shanker, India, via email:
English batsmen will have to go full stretch on their front-foot against Warne. They cannot afford to let the ball turn out of the rough like Strauss did. Do a Tendulkar on Warne, I say. Warne hates to go for over six an over. He loses his variations when he gets hit a few times.

0845: The BogMonster, UK, via email:
I cannot believe how the negative English mindset has kicked in here. I've even heard it said that it was a 'mistake' to get Australia out yesterday, since we have to bat for longer. Rubbish! It was an incredible achievement, and if Tresco and co can't bat Australia out of the game today, then they don't deserve the Ashes. But they can, and they will.

0835: Gerald Seymour, Israel, via email:
Lets stop praying for rain and hope England can be positive. Tentative batting against Warne and McGrath is very dangerous.

The best way to secure the Ashes is to get runs on the board and push Ponting into more defensive fields and, after all, that's the way England have won this summer, so it would be the most fitting way to take the urn. Vaughan to make a captain's century.

0831: Graham, UK, via email:
As a Scotsman, I find it incredible that so many are praying for rain. This is supposed to be a display of sporting excellence -can't you win fair and square rather than winning by default?

0829: Frank Keegan, England, via email:
Answering Phil Jordan earlier: If the Aussies assume that they can only lose once, and throw the bat at everything, then it would be like a limited overs one day chase. If they had to chase 170 in the final session that is only about 6 an over. Therefore, England need to bat until after tea and need to be at 250+.

0828: Bern, UK, via email:
This is not a formality! It's going to be a horrible nervy day and England will have to be at their most focused to win the Ashes. Come on boys, England (and Wales) expects!

0824: Mike, Japan, via email:
Getting ready to rush home through the Tokyo traffic to follow every ball on TMS! In a perfect world, England would bat for the first two sessions, get a nice tidy total on the board and then have a crack at winning it after tea! Taking the last wicket in the last over. What are the chances of that happening?

0829: Michael Kelly, England, via email:
Can anyone help me with some excuses that I can tell my missus to explain why I haven't done the list of jobs she has given me? I have tried explaining how important The Ashes are but it has fallen on deaf ears. Come on the lads.

0821: Ron Jaques, Chicago USA, via email:
We need a 'Trevor Bailey' to hold down one end and let the other lads enjoy themselves and guide England to a great victory. Bank on it.

0818: Gavin Broomhead, Australia, via email:
As a Englishman living Down Under, I am prepared for a late night in front of the TV cheering England to a famous Ashes victory. But as they are saying over here, it's not over until the fat lady spins - come on England, keep Warney at bay!

0815: Mike, UK, via email:
Prediction. England collapse to 90-6. Colly and Jones battle for a 70 run partnership, the tail wags and we leave Australia 190 to win off 30 overs. Manic run chase ensues. Oz need nine off the last over with last pair at the crease. Freddie has McGrath caught at third man by Pieterson to win by three runs and regain the Ashes.

0811: Mickey McCool, England, via email:
Phil - I reckon 200 leaves Australia a chance. It's an odd situation because England need to bat for time rather than runs, which goes against their aggressive batting style of the whole summer. I want to see England bat for 70 of today's 98 overs.

0806: Radha, Spain, via email:
If we have a full day's play, then Australia have a great chance to pull it off because of Warne & McGrath. To be safe, England have to bat for two sessions & score at least 180 more, which would leave Australia 221 to win from 38 overs. Will that not be a fascinating last session and a fitting end to this Test series.

0801: Anon, England via email:
Now in the office looking for the ball by ball updates icon - is anyone doing any proper work today?

0750: Nick Unni, China, via email:
I am in downtown Beijing,China heading towards an Aussie Bar to watch the final day of the historic Ashes series. Come on poms!

0748: William, Malaysia, via email:
Whatever the outcome today, the victory parade must go ahead . This England team have done us proud, win or draw. No question of losing the series .. the Aussies can only draw. It will be a moral victory for England even if they manage to scramble to a draw and save handing over the Ashes!

0741: Anthony Burr, Seychelles, via email:
This could be the greatest sporting day for England since Jonny put one through the posts in 2003. Let's hope England stay mentally strong and don't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

0737: Mark Slater, Worcester, England, via email:
This could be the day when absenteeism from work reaches a new record level.

0733: Terry Johns, Australia, via email:
Just to say how much I am enjoying being a 'pom Down Under'......finally! Go England.

0729: Chris, New Zealand, via email:
Come on England. All of (well most of) New Zealand is rooting for you!

0723: Sam Williams, England, via email:
If England try to defend while they bat today, they might well create more problems for themselves. They need to stick to the normal routine, and if that means getting 250 all out by lunch, then so be it.

0714: Dave, Bahrain, via email:
Its a beautiful sunny day in Bahrain, I'm sat in my office next to two Aussies and it's going to be beautiful English day the world over.

0702: Steve Marshall, Luxembourg, via email:
Answering Phil Jordan - work backwards: Assuming Australia bowl England out (and remember 120 odd for 7 in the last match) how many runs could they chase down of 30 overs / 40 overs etc. I reckon that if England can score at around 3 an over, then if they can bat for 65, they'll probably squeeze home? Score slower, then maybe they need to bat a little longer. Still time to chew through the umbrella handle.

0659: Stephen Mayhead, Japan, via email:
I am an English man living in Japan and teaching English. I saw the first Test before I came here and had little hope after that. I am only disappointed that I will be asleep when we clinch the Ashes!

0654: Phil Jordan via email:
Can anyone tell me how cheaply England would have to be bowled out for to actually lose this Test today?

0651: Julie L via email:
I still can't believe it, but it's not over until Hogg.. I mean the fat lady sings. I'm not taking anything for granted until Vaughany got his hands on that little urn.

0645: Terry Bridgewater via email:
This is it folks, the moment we've all been waiting for! Come on England! Rain or shine, it's going to be a glorious day for our boys!


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