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Last Updated: Sunday, 28 August 2005, 16:59 GMT 17:59 UK
Final day as it happened
FOURTH TEST - MATCH SUMMARY (Trent Bridge, Day 4):
England 477 & 129-7 bt Australia 218 & 387 by 3 wkts

England wobbled before holding their nerve at Trent Bridge to beat Australia by three wickets and lead an Ashes series for the first time since 1997.

Set 129 after dismissing Australia for 387, England slumped to 57-4 and 116-7.

Shane Warne (4-31) and Brett Lee (3-51) threw everything at England, but the hosts clung on grimly with Ashley Giles hitting the winning runs.

England, 2-1 ahead, need only to draw the final Test at The Oval to win the Ashes for the first time since 1986/7.


1829 A quicker slider goes between bat and pad and misses off-stump by a fraction, but the next is turned away for the winning runs and Giles is the hero of the hour - the crowd exhausted, astonished and ecstatic.

1828 A full toss from Warne is clipped away by Giles but it hits Katich at short-leg and no runs are scored.

1825 A neat turn off his toes brings him two more and now there are only two more to find, as Warne takes the ball again.

1823 Hoggard's eyes light up with a full toss and he puts it away to the extra-cover boundary like Sachin Tendulkar, the crowd erupting as the ball rolls over the ropes.

1822 The first two deliveries are short and Hoggard is content to have nothing to do with them, the next is fuller and he pokes at it, pushing it straight to point.

1820 Giles keeps out the remainder of the over and Hoggard will now face up again to Lee.

1818 But the redoubtable spinner pushes it firmly through mid-wicket and collects two, with eight now required.

1816 Hoggard calmly keeps out anothe rapid full-length delivery and the pressure now switches to Giles, who has not had the greatest success against Warne over the years.

1814 Bucknor is involved again, his no-ball call taking the runs required to 10, and Lee is unlikely to send him a Christmas card.

1813 Lee charges down the pitch convinced he has trapped Hoggard on the foot, but the languid Jamaican Bucknor will not be swayed and he correctly rules that the ball was missing leg-stump.

1811 Hoggard, who didn't know much about the first one, pushes the next nicely through the covers and they scamper through for two.

1807 WICKET: England 116-7 (Jones 3)
Jones capitulates and tries to hoist Warne over the top, succeeding only in finding Kasprowicz, who doesn't have to move as he takes the catch at long-off.

1807 Having survived a slider that holds its line and narrowly misses the target, Giles is grateful for a full toss that he can clip away for a single.

1805 The next offers Jones the chance to move back and clip it through mid-wicket, but only for a single.

1804 Warne's delivery is too good, ripping past the edge of Jones but beating the off-stump.

1801 Giles keeps out a no-ball, and then calmly clips one through mid-wicket for two, and 15 are now needed.

1757 WICKET: England 111-6 (Flintoff 26)
A stunning delivery from Lee nips back at pace and knocks back the top of the off-stump, England's hero has gone, with 18 still needed.

1756 Flintoff turns it to mid-wicket and picks up two as the boundary fielder moves round.

1755 A firm push from Jones off Lee is well stopped by Damien Martyn moving to his left at mid-off but the batsmen take a single.

1753 Flintoff then pushes positively into the gap at mid-wicket for two more, leaving 21 more to find.

1752 A big leg-spinner rips off the pitch and Jones does well to jab down on it and Flintoff dives in for a single.

1749 Warne tries round the wicket to Flintoff, who is able to wait and go back to push one firmly through mid-wicket for a single.

1746 New man Jones does little for the nervous systems of the home supporters, playing and missing at a wide one.

1742 WICKET: England 103-5 (Pietersen 23)
His impact is instant, Pietersen drives and there is a hint of swing, an edge safely swooped upon by the agile Gilchrist.

1741 Lee comes back in the bright sunshine with 26 more needed by England.

1739 Warne continues round the wicket to Pietersen, who spoons one up on the off-side, the ball hangs agonisingly in the air, almost in slow motion, but there is no fielder there and England escape with a single.

1735 Pietersen takes a single to Katich who scores a direct hit at mid-on, the third umpire is called for but the batsman is safely home.

1734 A low full toss from Tait drifts in to Pietersen and he is on to it quickly, clipping it firmly through mid-wicket for four to bring up the 100.

1732 Pietersen's hook off Tait forces umpire Bucknor into quicker action than he would normally indulge in at square-leg, but there is just a single to the fast-armed Lee on the boundary.

1729 Warne launches a vociferous appeal for lbw against Flintoff with the score on 91, but umpire Dar says no, and the next one is lofted away nonchalantly for four.

1728 Flintoff shapes up for a big one as Warne continues over the wicket, a big puff of dust as he mis-times it through mid-wicket for two more.

1726 A loose one from Tait is too far towards the pads and Pietersen happily clips it off his hip for a welcome boundary.

1724 Pietersen risks two to Kasprowicz at fine-leg but puts in the big steps and is comfortably home.

1723 Tait continues and finds Flintoff's inside edge, and the ball is not far from the stumps as they scramble a single.

1720 Flintoff hammers a short one from Warne but Justin Langer dives to his left superbly to prevent any run, then Flintoff proves he can play the subtle shots too, waiting for the ball to come to him and pushing it behind point for a single.

1718 A thick edge from Pietersen is suitably placed to pick up two runs, taking him into double figures.

1715 There are no slips as Tait races in to Flintoff, but there are plenty of gaps and Flintoff's chip into the leg-side produces a single and leaves 50 to win.

1712 The ball is spinning away having pitched on the middle stump, and Flintoff plays one down off a thick edge for a single.

1711 Warne, over the wicket to Flintoff, tempts him outside the off-stump, and a checked drive is uppish but suitably wide of the field, so the big man collects four more.

1709 A fine yorker swings back in but Flintoff is able to keep it out and pick up a single, then the next one is a rapid bouncer that Pietersen hooks, top edges and wills over Gilchrist's head for four.

1708 Tait drifts onto the pads and Pietersen clips it away through mid-wicket, but there is a man on the fence and it is only a single.

1707 Flintoff's flat-footed prod again produces an edge but again there is no gully as the ball sails away for a single.

1706 The fast and furious Tait is given a chance with 64 runs left for England to get, and Pietersen is relieved to get a thick inside edge to a rapid full length delivery that takes him to the bowler's end.

1702 Warne tries from round the wicket to Pietersen, who pads away the first one pitched outside leg, but then tries to take the cover off the next one and is fortunate he doesn't make contact with bat or glove as the ball loops a fraction away from stumps and an assortment of close fielders.

1657 Flintoff, having been greeted to a huge ovationfrom the crowd, begins with a firm push that flies off a thick edge through the vacant gully area for four.

1653 WICKET: England 57-4 (Bell 3)
Bell will not want to confront his colleagues for a while, falling for the three card trick as he hooks Lee straight to Kasprowicz at fine-leg.

1650 WICKET: England 57-3 (Strauss 23)
More sharp spin from Warne and Strauss tries to clip it away, an inside edge onto the pad flying to leg slip where Clarke takes a sharp chance, the third umpire confirming the catch after the batsman queried it.

1642 Lee comes round the wicket and slips one under the bat of Strauss with a yorker, but it misses off-stump.

1637 Next up he turns another sharply spinning ball firmly past the optimistic left-hand of the short-leg fielder for a single.

1636 Lee finds more expansive turn from the rough but Strauss is quickly on the back foot and he strikes it superbly through the covers for four.

1633 Short and wide from Lee and Strauss gives it the full treatment, a thick edge flying over the slips and away for four, then a firm cover drive brings three more and the England fifty.

1631 The next one he tries to pull and it hits the inside edge, going past the stumps for two more to take Strauss to 10.

1630 Strauss picks Lee's slower one, which is poorly directed, and picks up two more.

1627 An unplayable one from Warne drifts in to middle and leg and then fizzes away off the pitch to miss the off-stump by six inches, Bell happy to see that he is still in business.

1624 As Lee continues to steam in, a short one does not bounce as much as Bell expects, but he is still able to work the ball away for two.

1620 Warne concedes his first run, as Bell clips it past the short-leg fielder Katich to pick up a welcome single.

1615 WICKET: England 36-2 (Vaughan 0)
Vaughan tries to turn Warne into the leg-side, and with the sharp turn that the master leg-spinner is able to impart, he gets only a leading edge and offers a catch to slip.

1611 Strauss picks up four, nudging the express pace of Lee down to fine-leg, with Kasprowicz just unable to claw the ball back from the ropes, but next ball the left-hander attempts a lavish drive on the up and is fortunate to make no contact.

1606 WICKET: England 32-1 (Trescothick 27)
Warne is introduced and typically makes an immediate impact as Trescothick is caught at silly point to a routine bat and pad push.

1602 Lee is charging in like a man possessed and had got up to 95mph, but already he has over-stepped the line, and the fast deliveries zip off Trescothick's blade again with three more through extra-cover to England's key opening batsman.

1557 Trescothick thumps a wide one high over cover for four more and he races to 24, as 12 come from the over.

1556 Over-compensating, Kasprowicz is on middle and leg and Trescothick clips it away easily, collecting three more with only two on the leg-side, then Strauss gets away with a cut that is only for one as there is a man on the square cover fence.

1555 Trescothick no doubt has plans for tomorrow and lashes a cut lietrally through Clarke at point, as Kasprowicz strays with line and length again.

1553 A gentle nudge into the leg-side from Strauss and good running between the openers results in two more.

1550 Trescothick stands and delivers, perfectly upright to punch one at over 92mph from Lee through mid-on for four more.

1549 A better one bounces and takes Trescothick on the splice, fizzing through the gap between the slips and gully for three.

1548 Kasprowicz is given the ball from the Pavilion End, but fails to get his line right with his early deliveries and Trescothick clips off his pads for the first boundary of the innings.

1546 Strauss is almost undone by his very first delivery, the ball slipping between bat and pad as the left-hander tries to drive, and it passes a fraction past the off-stump.

1544 Cranking the pace up above 93mph Lee hits Trescothick high on the leg but there is no chance of an lbw, and the opener is then away with a single into the on side.

1542 Lee takes the new ball to Trescothick, and the second delivery is left alone, missing the off-stump by a matter of inches.


1522 WICKET: Australia 387 (Tait 4)
There is nothing expert about the next one, Tait moving across the line and seeing the ball fly past his legs and knock back his middle stump, England left with 129 to win.

1521 Tait is prepared for the yorker and keeps it out expertly.

1520 A Harmison bouncer flies past Tait's head and Jones dives spectacularly to prevent four byes.

1518 Lee then gets an inside edge to the unfortunate Flintoff and the ball races away for four, taking the lead to 128.

1517 Once again in this series, the ball clips the stumps and the bails fail to dislodge.

1512 A quick and brutal ball from Harmison rears up at Tait who takes evasive action and hangs the bat out to dry, but the edge flies past the airborne Flintoff at second slip and the tailender survives.

1510 The destructive Lee swings wildly at Harmison and it fizzes high over the slips to safety for four, then next ball he takes a single, leaving Tait with four to face.

1509 Far from convincingly he keeps out the final two deliveries.

1508 Lee topples over in keeping out a fine Flintoff yorker, then is able to squeeze a run out into the leg-side, taking the lead to 115 but leaving the inexperienced Tait on strike.

1505 Aleem Dar called the end of Harmison's over and all was in readiness for Flintoff's next over, but it was brought to the attention of the officials that only five balls had been bowled, so Harmison had to come back and bowl another, which fortunately for the sake of harmonious relations Tait was able to keep out.

1500 WICKET: Australia 373-9 (Kasprowicz 19)
The dropped catch is not overly costly as Kasprowicz nicks one from the impressive Harmison and Jones takes it safely.

1458 Night-owl Pietersen puts down his sixth chance at Test level, unable to pouch one above his head as Kasprowicz clips Flintoff away

1455 Flintoff is charged with the responsibility of finishing the innings, but his loosener is smacked to the sweeper on the cover boundary for a single, then Kasprowicz chips one away for two and he moves to 18.

1452 A lofted drive from Lee drops safely at backward point and another mis-cue also evades the fielders and brings him two more to take the lead to 110.

1451 Another superb ball from Harmison angle in and then holds its line as Kasprowicz pushes hesitantly forward, grateful not to get a touch.

1444 Lee pushes one through the gap at gully for two and then scampers a single as the lead reaches 100.

1443 Harmison rattles Lee with a terrific ball that jags back into his ribs, then beats him outside the off-stump with a fuller one next up.

1440 A top-edge from Kasprowicz off Giles spoons into a gap 20 yards short of the square-leg fence, a sprawling Harmison with an ungainly attempt at a diving catch but not quite getting there.

1437 Kasprowicz continues to look anything but a rabbit and pushes smoothly through the line to claim two more off Harmison as the 350 comes up and the lead stretches to 92.

1435 A stroke of good fortune for Lee, who gets an inside edge past the stumps and down to fine-leg for a single.

1433 But Kasprowicz strokes his first delivery in glorious fashion through the covers to the boundary.

1432 As Michael Kasprowicz comes to the wicket, the lead is only 83 and there are two renowned rabbits to come.

1429 WICKET: Australia 342-8 (Warne 45)
Having reached 45 in double quick time, Warne continues his assault and makes no contact, this time Jones makes no mistake and there is no need for a third umpire.

1428 Warne takes two strides down the pitch to Giles and smears a short-arm jab for six more.

1427 Harmison looks completely different in the afternoon session, charging in and finding some bounce and pace off a length, rapping Lee on the gloves with a brutal delivery.

1420 More misfortune for Harmison as Lee edges another one and it clips the fingertips of Strauss at second slip before running away for four. Had Flintoff been there it might have been a different matter.

1418 Harmison finds more bounce and catches Lee's edge, but the ball falls short of a sprawling Strauss at second slip.

1413 High drama as Warne survives a strong lbw appeal from Giles, and as the majority of fielders are still appealing, the batsmen attempt a quick single. Strauss hurls the ball at the stumps, but replays show that the under-fire Jones broke the stumps with his gloves and Lee is not out.

1411 Another fearsome strike soears past Giles and also beats the man on the long-on boundary.

1410 Giles is brought back and Warne decides to have a dart at him, smearing a mighty blow over long-on for six.

1408 Jones spills another chance behind the stumps, Lee edging Harmison and the wicketkeeper diving across in front of Trescothick, who would have been able to take the catch comfortably.

1403 WICKET: Australia 314-7 (Katich 59)
Replays suggest that the ball was not doing too much right, too wide and too high, but Aleem Dar after careful consideration, decides that Harmison has trapped Katich and the left-hander's long vigil ends.

1402 Harmison replaces Flintoff, who disappears to the dressing room, which will not endear him to Ricky Ponting.

1356 Warne picks a rare slower one from Flintoff and hammers it through the covers for his third boundary of the over, already he has 19 and the lead is 52.

1352 The two showmen are in opposition, and Warne pulls a short one from Flintoff for four, then plays an authentic cut shot to the other side for four more.

1349 Having pushed a half-volley defensively to mid-off, Katich is confronted by Warne for a mid-pitch discussion, and whatever was said pays dividends as he clips an in-swinging delivery off his toes for four.

1346 Warne, not the most athletic member of the side, is perhaps not ideal for the quick single and would have been short of his ground had Pietersen's throw not gone over the bails.

1344 Flintoff digs one in short and Katich gets an inside edgeas he pulls, but the ball bounces wide of the stumps.

1342 Hoggard swings one back in to Warne, who is keen to play his shots an every opportunity, straight driving it firmly back down the ground and well parried by the bowler.

1335 The next shot is not so clever, a wild swish that narrowly misses the edge, and prompts a cautionary word from junior partner Katich.

1334 Flintoff digs one in short to Warne, but he angles the bat to guide it over the slips for four.

1331 Katich clips a neat boundary off his legs to the boundary to bring up fifty from 160 balls, recognised by the crowd, although they are more receptive now Clarke and Gilchrist are back in the pavilion.

1329 A major mix-up as Katich is halfway down the wicket before retreating, but England's specialist sub fielder Trevor Penney is unusually wayward with his throw.

1324 New man Shane Warne survives his king pair and has a determined look in his eye as Australia look to build on a lead of 17.

1321 WICKET: Australia 277-6 (Gilchrist 11)
Umpire Bucknor is worse than TV host Chris Tarrant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire for keeping the crowd waiting for a decision, but he eventually decides that Hoggard's delivery to Gilchrist has done everything it should have and England have a key wicket.

1317 Pietersen, in the British Sunday tabloids for his "off the field" antics rather than anything on the pitch, hurls himself at short cover to stop a run, and Gilchrist is then beaten by a beauty from Flintoff, who is getting the ball to shape away from round the wicket.

1310 Katich almost gives England an early bonus, slicing the opening ball of the afternoon session from Hoggard just over Andrew Strauss at gully.

LUNCH: Australia 270-5 (Katich 41, Gilchrist 9)

1229 A fine response from Flintoff beating Gilchrist on the back foot, but no touch and there is still plenty of Australian batting to come after lunch, the tourists 11 runs ahead at lunch.

1227 Gilchrist thumps one ruthlessly through the covers for four as Flintoff over-pitches and then pivots to pull away another boundary.

1226 The crowd are now heavily involved again, giving Gilchrist the bird as he makes Flintoff wait before taking guard.

1222 Gilchrist shows he will not be hanging around, driving one on middle stump to the leg-side, a thick edge giving him a single.

1220 WICKET: Australia 261-5 (Clarke 56)
At long last the breakthrough comes, and it is Clarke who succumbs, for once showing a lack of commitment and edging one from Hoggard that moved away a touch off the seam.

1217 It revives the crowd who roar on their hero, but Katich survives the pressure.

1216 A chance for big Freddie when Katich comes halfway down the pitch before being sent back, but the throw is wide of the mark and the breakthrough continues to elude England.

1215 Flintoff nips one back to take the inside edge of Katich, but it comes back onto the back pad and there is no chance.

1212 A century partnership is recorded from 285 balls.

1210 Katich clips a single off Hoggard and the scores are level, much to the delight of the yellow-shirted Australian contingent in the crowd, who have made themselves known again.

1206 Harmison has failed to cut the mustard and Vaughan turns to his most reliable performer, Flintoff, who comes round the wicket to Katich, bowled at Old Trafford not playing a stroke, surely too much to ask for England supporters that he will make that mistake again.

1204 At last Hoggard nips one back to pin Clarke on the crease, but umpire Bucknor, after an agonising wait, decides it will miss leg-stump.

1201 The dominance of the Australian batsmen has affected the Trent Bridge crowd, who have become rather subdued, they join forces to cheer on Hoggard, but the magic delivery cannot be found.

1156 Similarly Katich, who has been out playing some injudicious strokes in this series, defends with determination and looks in complete control against Hoggard.

1155: Daniel, Belgium (ex UK), via email
England have to be patient. Australia are scoring at about two an over at the moment. They are hanging in by not scoring. They will make mistakes and get out. Give it time.

1152 Harmison gets some bounce and carry but it is not in the right area and Clarke can afford to simply let the ball go through to the keeper.

1149 An accurate over from Hoggard outside the off-stump, but crucially there is movement to hamper the batsmen.

1146 The Australian 250 comes up and the first boundary of the morning comes about in fortuitous fashion, Clarke getting a thick edge through the vacant fourth slip area off Hoggard and with no third man it runs for four.

1138 Hoggard comes in to Katich, who comfortably strokes one to the man on the cover boundary for a single, a noticeable lack of swing to concern the England followers.

1134 No concerns for the Australians, and celebrity waiters McGrath and Gillespie bring their colleagues some well deserved liquid refreshment.

1132 Midway through the over the new cherry is called for, but it fails to provide any favourable early indications.

1130 Harmison replaces Bell, initially using the old ball, which is comfortably turned for a single by Katich.

1128 Clarke proves that by reaching his fourth Test fifty from 135 balls and the deficit is now a mere 12, Australia sensing something remarkable.

1126 Kevin Pietersen's errant throw could have done just that, striking Clarke on the back of the leg as a quick single is taken, but there is no serious damage.

1125 An accurate maiden from Bell, but his best chance appears to be if Clarke loses his patience, or suffers an injury.

1123 Hoggard returns to the field having completed whatever he had to do, but it is Bell that continues his game of cat and mouse with Clarke.

1120 The new ball is due but England decide not to take it and persist with Giles, Matthew Hoggard having joined Jones off the field.

1119 Bell sends down a series of widish deliveries to try and tempt Clarke, but the nearest he comes to a chance is when an inside edge bounces back past the stumps.

1114 Giles finds Clarke's edge with some turn out of the rough but there is no chance, and the same is true of an ambitious lbw appeal to one that pitched well outside the off-stump.

1109 With one of their prized assets, Simon Jones, still off the field, Vaughan is forced to turn to the gentle medium pacers of Bell in an attempt to break the partnership.

1107 England's best chance of a wicket may come in the form of a run-out, with Clarke sent back and Giles narrowly missing the stumps with his throw on the turn.

1103 The best moment of the morning for England so far as Clarke tries to evade a brutal one from Flintoff and the ball strikes the shoulder of the bat, before looping to safety, but the crowd take the opportunity to try and lift the home side again.

1101 Clarke slices a cut off Giles but Marcus Trescothick is more second slip than first and the ball flies past his outstretched left hand.

1058 Flintoff maintains an impressive line, but Clarke looks very much in control and has an answer to everything presented to him so far, leaving the big Lancastrian with much to think about.

1052 Clarke comes down the pitch and drives, offering a technical chance to Ian Bell no more than two yards from the bat, but with less than a nano-second to see the ball it is not surprising to see it go past.

1051 With Harmison looking particularly ineffective, Michael Vaughan turns to his old friend Ashley Giles, and has a short-leg and a slip in place, but Katich is easily able to turn the opening ball for a single.

1046 Flintoff comes round the wicket to Katich with three slips and two gullys, still looking the more likely to strike with his away movement, but continuing to over-step regularly.

1044 Both batsmen finding Harmison easier to play, Katich pushing a full toss for a single and Clarke taking an easy run into the covers, the big Durham fast bowler yet to hit top gear and not helped by a placid pitch.

1041 Clarke takes a more watchful approach against Flintoff, leaving any that are wide and pushing forward resolutely in defence when required.

1035 Steve Harmison takes the ball from the Radcliffe Road End but is immediately clipped away by Katich and then driven straight for two by Clarke as the Australians continue their positive response.

1033 Some seam movement away for Flintoff but it's negotiated comfortably by the two Australian batsmen.

1030 Andrew Flintoff charges in over the wicket to left-hander Katich and angles the first ball across him.

1025 The England team are greeted by a standing ovation from the packed crowd as they prepare for their now traditional pre-match huddle.

1015 Similar conditions to Saturday morning, with plenty of warm sunshine around, perhaps not what England wanted as they try to claim some early success against the increasingly dangerous Michael Clarke and Simon Katich, wary of a certain A Gilchrist to follow.


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