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Last Updated: Sunday, 28 August 2005, 18:16 GMT 19:16 UK
Ashes log: Fourth Test - Sunday


The log for the nail-biting fourth Test is now over.

Thank you all for your great contributions throughout a remarkable match. We look forward to hearing from you again when the fifth and final Test gets under way at The Oval on 8 September.

But if you want to continue the debate now, then please use our TMS messageboards.

1909: Yaz, Manchester, UK, via email
I have no nails left!! This series has been the BEST ever. Looking forward to some good ol' English weather now?

1908: Jamie, NJ, USA, via email
A bottle of red wine, 10 phone calls back to the UK and a handful of expletives later - what a match!!! Bidding on eBay for Oval tickets.

1907: Siddharth, India, via email
Now it clearly shows that the power has shifted towards England and they are going to dominate Test cricket for a long time.

1906: Kiran Surya, USA, via email
With due respect to Flintoff's performance, my choice for the man of the match would have been Matthew Hoggard. He took crucial wickets and batted beautifully to score those last few runs to win the match for England.

1905: Sol Rosenborg, England, via email
Today we may have seen the difference between the two teams. While at Edgbaston England managed to bowl the Aussies out in a tantalising finish, Australia could not repeat the feat in extremely similar circumstances, which maybe, just maybe, signals the change of power in world cricket.

1904: David, USA, via email
I'm in trouble! Was supposed to pick the wife up from the airport, but stayed glued to the log and the commentary. She's just called from the airport wondering where I am! I now regret moving to the USA and missing such a great series as this has been. Good luck England at the Oval.

1701: Keith, Korea, via email
Does anyone believe that the Ashes are safe? The last Test will undoubtedly be an absolute nail-biter and I, for one (an England supporter who firmly believes they will do it) am not looking forward to it!

1900: Martin Watson , England, via email
I'm 48. I haven't hidden behind the sofa, too scared to look at the TV, since Dr Who 40 years ago! Well done England.

1856: England's Ashley Giles, Test Match Special
We never make things easy. Sitting up on the balcony I was shaking with nerves. You feel more in control when you get out in the middle. Hoggy played Brett Lee beautifully. That extra-cover four will stick with me for life.

1855: Howard Bennett, Saubion, France, via email
I tried explaining the importance of this series to a table of Frenchmen yesterday. They didn't get it. I get it and England have got it! Well done guys.

1848: England's man of the match Andrew Flintoff
I was sat next to Andrew Strauss, gripping him, hitting him and doing all sorts. Matthew Hoggard has been my hero today and we're very proud of him and Giles for knocking the last runs off.

1845: Rebecca Comley, aka Cricket-chick, Switzerland, via email
Burst into tears and can't stop shaking and there is no one to hug! As bad as the Rugby World Cup final - not breathing worked!

1843: Australia captain Ricky Ponting
It was another unbelievable game. England played a great Test match and thoroughly deserved to win. We need to work on our batting and bowling. We're always fighting and coming from behind. We've got to rectify that but I'm very proud of the way the guys stuck at it.

1840: England captain Michael Vaughan, Test Match Special
We've played an extremely good game. We lost a bowler for the second innings and the other four came out and did brilliantly. To get over the line is great. We're 2-1 up and we want to make sure we go and win the Ashes now.

1836: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
I'm on the balcony and I've seen the England players in a bonding huddle in the room. The Australian players are somewhere in there. It's looking fairly quiet inside their room. The ground is still about 70% full. The crowd are waiting to see the players to give them an almighty cheer.

1834: Paul, Canterbury, UK, via email

1833: Mike, Japan, via email

1832: Lewis Price, England, via email
One of the great Test matches of all time, a thriller. This series has thrown up some classics and has to be considered one of the great series. England almost choked and the Aussies showed just why they are the world champions with their never-say-die attitude. A privilege to watch.


1829: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
That's it, England have won the Test match. Giles and Hoggard raise their bats. Who would have thought that England, with one match to play, now lead 2-1. They only need to draw at The Oval to win the Ashes. Giles and Hoggard are not running off, they are savouring it. Hoggard's got a stump, and he's waving it in all directions. The ground staff are just quietly and methodically wheeling on the covers to protect the pitch for the next match. It seems bizarre. The other players are coming out now to say well done to the Australians. What a game, for the third time in succession, and what a match we now have in prospect at The Oval.

1825: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
England need four runs for victory and Australia need three wickets to retain the Ashes, so there's not too much at stake. A brush to the boundary is all England need.

1821: Steve Buck, USA
Who's stopped listening to the online radio commentary, and is peeking at the ball-by- ball updates every few minutes or so? Me for one!

1820: Debbie Hays, Holland, via email
Via the laptop and mobile telephone I'm keeping an entire Dutch cricket team (with a few English expats boosting the atmosphere) up-to-date with a wicket-by-wicket commentary - the tension is unbearable!!

1818: Miles (9), Canada (on holiday from Bristol, UK), via email
My mum is yelling at me to get dressed and I have chewed all my nails off, but I cannot leave the screen until this is over.

1817: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
I know England desperately want to win, but it's an absolute triumph for cricket, whatever happens.

1815: Mukesh, USA, via email
I cannot believe that Test cricket can be so intoxicatingly exciting. I cannot leave the commentary. My wife is furious.

1812: James Roberts, UK, via email
That has to the end of the road for Geraint Jones. That was just awful cricket.

1810: Taku Mutasa, Essex
It's officially official - the Aussies have a pschological hold over England. Have my mum and aunts bat for them and Australia would still win.


1806: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
What a silly stroke by Jones in the circumstances. He tried to hit Warne over the top and it skied to Kasprowicz.

1806: Tanak, Zimbabwe, via email
Am going home .. Will watch the news in the morning. Wish you the best England!

1805: Raheel, Chicago, USA, via email
C'mon Aussies! Four more to go. Brett Lee has put his hand up when it counted! Plucking out KP and now Freddie out of nowhere!

1802: Dominic Stobart, UK, via email
This is unbearable.

1757: Gordon Soans-Wade, Germany, via email
I am so happy that Flintoff is at the crease. If it was Vaughan, I would not feel so happy. Nooooooooooooooooo he's out as I type.


1757: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
Flintoff is out. Almost from nowhere, Lee has got one to come back and he's bowled him. This is amazing. He has played the ball into his off-stump. This would be a miraculous victory if Australia achieve it.

1754: Vic Marks, Test Match Special
In a normal game, people would be packing their bags and beating the traffic at this time. I don't think we will see that here somehow.

1750: Andy, Dubai, via email
I can watch Tait and Lee but I keep having to turn over to the Man Utd game for Warnie's overs. I promise I am straight in my pool fully clothed if we do this!

1745: Darrin Morgan, Cincinnati, USA, via email
Living in the US I fully understand that this Test and particularly this final session is what makes being English truly great. I have walked approximately 10 miles around my office in the last hour!


1742: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
Pietersen is on his way. Now, all of a sudden, the game is on edge again. Pietersen tried to drive Lee, it was a bit wide, and Gilchrist took a very good catch low down.

1740: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
Shane Warne has bowled 10 overs, two maidens and taken 3 for 21. Virtually all the runs have come from the other end.

1734: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
A huge roar as that goes for four and brings up England's 100. They are now within striking distance of taking a 2-1 lead in the series. Tait, striving for a yorker with this reverse swing he's found, overpitched fatally.

1733: Simon, England, via email
My brother is best man at a wedding today and I have been asked to send updates. He has asked me to stop as the stress is getting too much for him!

1730: Lucy, UK, via email
It's my birthday and my hubby is glued to the screen. The romantic dinner is probably not happening in the next hour or so. He's Scottish, though, and supporting the Aussies!! The shame.

1729: Howard, Sweden, via email
Helen and I are on a driving trip through Europe. Somewhere between Hamburg and Malmo the Aussies were bowled out and we have just picked up 198LW to hear a crackly Blowers tell us we have lost four wickets already! Huddled in the car around the one working speaker. C'mon England. Our holiday will be in tatters if this goes wrong!

1725: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
England need 40 to win. They are 89-4 chasing 129 and that handy boundary for Pietersen off Tait was a bit of a gimme. My word, haven't 16,000 people had their money's worth today. I'm sorry for those of you who have tickets for tomorrow.

1720: Neil, Hong Kong, via email
I'm supposed to be busting a gambling den tonight, but I've handed responsibility over to my sergeant so I can listen to the most exciting times in English cricket in 20 years.

1720: Mark, California, USA, via email
I've paid $20 to watch the Newcastle vs Man Utd match on my tv, but it's wasted money - I can't leave the commentary on my laptop. Far too exciting!

1715: Richard, Norway, via email
I (an Englishman) have just got back from umpiring a game in the Oslo League. My umpiring and team colleague is an Aussie leg-spinner. He was praying for Australia to get a lead of 200, me for England not to have to bat again. Nerve-wracking isn't the word for it now. My girls' bed-time will be delayed - again.

1711: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
These boundaries are enormously precious. Each run may be a gram of gold, but every boundary is a big ingot. A green bus goes past there, but it's not time for buses, it's time for cricket.

1710: Peter, Switzerland, via email
If Australia pull this one out of the bag then frankly they deserve the Ashes and, more importantly, England do not. You have to have a ruthless streak to finish a game off - English teams have all too often lacked this streak.

1707: Aaron James, Durban, SA, via email
I'm in a sports bar in Durban and about 30 South Africans are all rooting for an English win, especially since Pietersen is at the crease!

1705: Travis, Australia, via email
At 4-57 I am so proud of the Aussies, particularly Brett Lee. His obvious delight at being at the centre of such a contest reminds me of the West Indian team of 84-85. Despite his efforts we won't win, but the Oval Test will be a completely surreal sporting experience.

1704: James, Bulgaria, via email
Flintoff will have it sorted in half an hour. We're chasing 129. Let's give 'em some for the first time in a long time. What if the shoe was on the other foot? They'd be as cocky as hell.

1702: Andrew, England, via email
What tension. This match has had everything, a stunning English batting perfomance in the first innings, a great fightback by Australia in the 2nd innings and now it looks like we are going to top it all off with a traditional English batting collapse. What else is going to happen?

1700: Billy, The Netherlands, via email
What makes Shane Warne so great, apart from his tremendous bowling ability, is the fact that he can single handedly intimidate a whole team. Fantastic.


1653: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
Bell has gone. It was a top-edged hook right down Kasprowicz's throat. This is high drama now.


1650: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
Shane Warne has taken three wickets and there is incredible tension building here in this chase towards a small target.

1637: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
In another time, Warne would have been a brilliant torturer, with all the racks and things. He loves imposing pain on people. He's a menace.

1634: Vic Marks, Test Match Special
Listen to the crowd. You get one good over when you're chasing a small target and it can give an entirely different feel to proceedings.

1622: Bill Frindall, Test Match Special statistician
If Australia were to win, England would be only the fourth team to lose after enforcing the follow-on.

1619: Russell Skingsley, Vietnam
This side may not be the invincibles but Shane Warne IS Australia's greatest Ashes hero ever, regardless of how this series pans out.


1616: Vic Marks, Test Match Special
The England captain has gone for a duck! Look at those Australians. They have rushed together. Suddenly they sense the possibility of something miraculous here. The magician Warne will milk this situation to its limit. He will be loving this.


1606: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
Warne has struck with his very first ball. Trescothick has gone, caught at silly point by Ponting. Could Australia have wished for anything better than that? That will cause a little shaking at the knees in the England dressing room, I dare say.

1600: Richard Graham, Cuernavaca, Mexico
Happy days basking in the Mexican sun and listening to the rout. I've now got my Colombian wife singing "Tu no cantas mas..." (to the tune of "You're not singing any more") every time we get a run closer to victory.

1558: Rodney Marsh, Test Match Special
If this was Test match cricket in Australia, you would say Marcus Trescothick has a barbeque to go to.

1555: Rodney Marsh, Test Match Special
England look a very competent unit. It's like chalk and cheese, the body language between the two teams. The only way Australia have any chance now is to get Shane Warne in as soon as possible and operate Brett Lee and Shaun Tait from the other end. They've got to bowl their most attacking bowlers.

1550: Ian Wathen, England
Please don't lose a wicket lads. Confined to bed with slipped disc and can't stand the suspense. Jumping up and down when we win will be worth the pain I will endure to see so much pride in a brilliant England side.

1542: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
It's all-out attack now. Australia have to bowl England out, and to do that you have to have enough men in catching positions.

1535: Mike, Japan, via email
Any chance of Freddie playing football for England in the World Cup next summer?

1535: Ged Denton, USA, via email
We are moving from South Carolina to Florida. My wife Lynn is down in the garage, cleaning, sorting and packing in the 100 degree heat. I may very well die for this, but I just can't leave the internet radio. Come on England. Don't let my death be in vain.

1529: Andrew, USA, via email
Shades of 1981, when the Aussies needed 130 to win at Leeds and were all out 111. Could be the Aussies' revenge?

1525: Steven Dawson, England, via email
England will have to come out batting with a professional attitude. They still have a full day left, so no need to go all guns blazing. Ponting has got to put Warne in to attack England from the very beginning.


1522: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
Harmison has struck. Tait moved right across his stumps and tried to play it from a foot outside off-stump. England need 129 for victory and one hopes, on this pitch, that it is a more than managable target from their point of view.

1515: Tim Sinclair, Japan, via email
I'm surrounded by people who don't even know what cricket is, but are fairly amused by my gasps and throes of passion as regards this series. When asked who's going to win, I say I'm not sure - after four days - and they look at me like I would a sumo in the slips!

1511: Sebastian Johnson, Oxford, UK, via email
I'm loving watching Lee and Flintoff's personal duel and the way they keep smiling at each other - really great sporting attitude from both!

1510: Nick Young, currently in Kenya, via email
Still can't believe that I decided to go travelling during the most exciting Ashes series in years... PS - Freddie Flintoff for BBC Sports Personality of the Year!

1502: Martin Gough, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge
The first chorus of "Ashes coming home" resounds around the louder sections of the ground and the question now seems to be when England will finish this off to take a 2-1 lead. Another wicket right now would mean around 50 overs to chase the 115 needed.


1502: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
Jones takes the catch. The lead is 114 and England need one more wicket. Pietersen can now join the fold. There will be no more relieved man on the field than him.

1458: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
It's in the air and... dropped by Pietersen at midwicket. It was above his head and he got both hands to it. It wasn't an absolute dolly but we keep saying that if you want to beat the best, you have to take your catches. And England are not doing that at the moment.

1450: Ron, Mexico, via email
I'm trying to teach my Mexican wife how to properly sing Men at Work's "Living in a Land Down Under". Just like these Aussies, she just can't seem to get it right. I love my wife, though.

1450: Stratty, on holiday in Rome, via email
Sat at a very expensive internet rate PC in a hotel in Rome following the updates. Come on England knock over the last couple of wickets, its too much for my credit card to handle!!!

1445: Graeme Lamb, Melbourne, Australia, via email
Wife and brother downstairs monopolising the TV, therefore me upstairs, study (and beers) and TMS on the PC. Great stuff England. Terrific to be living in Melbourne all of a sudden - can't wait until work in the morning.

1443: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
England will now have to chase at least 100 to win.

1442: David, Italy, via email
The Katich dismissal notwithstanding, England will win because they're the better team - and you don't need Hawkeye to spot that.

1440: Manoj, India, via email
Please don't shout at Geraint Jones. Indians too had a keeper named Parthiv Patel who used to be just like Jones. Give Jones more time before chucking him out.

1435: Sally, England, via email
People should get off Jones' back! If it wasn't for the partnership with Flintoff we wouldn't have been in the commanding position of being able to force the follow-on.


1430: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
Warne has gone and Giles is thrilled. Warne came charging down the wicket, took a wild swing, missed and off came the bails. There was no point looking at the umpire. That was out by a country mile.

1415: Stefan, England, via email
How long can England rely on such a bad wicket-keeper? Jones is starting to cost too many wickets and runs with dropped catches and missed stumpings. He has even started to mess up run out chances!

1413: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
It looks like Geraint Jones' glove took off the bail, and although Lee was out of his ground when the stumps were broken, it is given not out.

1410: Gordon Soans-Wade, Germany, via email
Why the post mortem on the dodgy lbw to Katich? We have had three decissions go against us that hawkeye suggested would have indeed hit the stumps.

1412: Yvonne, United Kingdom, via email
As I said previously, England will win because of the bad umpire calls - not at all a fair game now.


1405: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
A resilient display of defence and defiance from Katich has ended. Aleem Dar has had a very good match but that was not one of his finest moments. Katich is now doing a Ponting to some of the members. I don't think that's wise, but that was not a terribly good lbw decision when you weigh it up with the benefit of replay.

1400: Michael, Luxembourg, via email
People criticised Vaughan for enforcing the follow-on. This morning has proved them wrong. It was the right decision to put Australia in an unknown situation.

1355: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
Warne thumped that ball from Flintoff through extra cover and away to the boundary for the third time in the over. England must not let Warne cut loose here.

1345: Martin Gough, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge
That was the first time Gilchrist has ever been dismissed lbw by a pace bowler in 105 Test innings, and a crucial dismissal it was too.

1340: Michael, London, England, via email
Very frustrating stuck behind a desk in a hotel and only getting to know the score when I hear a big scream. But by those screams I know England are close.

1337: Mike Selvey, Test Match Special
Shane Warne is not going to get out wondering. He's played an exotic array of strokes already.

1335: Ramesh Shotham, Germany, via email
Gilchrist is gone! Yet again cheaply. All I've been hearing about him is how dangerous he could be, he is capable of taking the game away within a session, etc... Well, eight innings have gone by this series and he hasn't done anything of the sort! In fact, as vice-captain of Australia one expected more responsibilty and application from him.

1332: Alan, Canada, via email
Just got up at 5:15am and the first ball I listen to on TMS Gilchrist is out!!!! Big yell and now the rest of the family is awake. Not popular, but who cares. Come on England!!!!

1330: David Foskett, Perth, Western Australia, via email
With the help of the Freddie mask from the BBC website, Freddie was able to join us in Perth for brunch with our Aussie mates. The first time since we have been Australia that we have been able to have a laugh at their expense. As Corporal Jones used to say in Dads Army "They don't like it up 'em Captain, they don't like it up 'em!"

1325: Gareth Ellis, UK, via email
Hoggard gets the vital breakthrough and my dog races into the room to investigate why I'm leaping around and screeching. "Who let the Hog out?" she enquires.


1324: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
Gilchrist has gone. That is the wicket England really wanted and it makes the Ashes look just a little bit closer. That wicket has set the crowd chattering, and I would imagine the sacred urn at Lord's has started wobbling. Shane Warne has come in and he's on a king pair.

1310: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
I'm sure Gilchrist will come out in determined mood. If he gets a hundred, England could have a nasty total to chase. They will be hoping he will try perhaps too hard and one will go vertical or off the edge early in the innings.

1305: Sarabjeet Singh, India, via email
I would put the current partnership of Katich-Gilchrist as the decider of the Ashes. Whosoever wins this battle would take away the Ashes. I don't think the tail is gonna wag much. Batting in the fourth innings against Warne would not be easy.

1300: Trevor Pereira, UAE, via email
The stage is set for a Gilchrist special - will he? won't he? He will if he survives the next 10 overs!!

1237: Martin Gough, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge
There were just 31 scoring shots during a 29-over morning session, and Gilchrist hit two of the three boundaries in the final over.

1235: Ash, England, via email
England are on their way to winning this Test now. The Aussies need at least another 250 with the last 5 wickets - and I can't see them doing that. It's coming home!

1233: Lucy, UK, via email
My dad was there on Friday and is STILL hoarse from shouting "Hoggy, Hoggy, Hoggy, oi, oi, oi" around 100 times! He's 60!!! Come ON England!!


1230: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
Gilchrist plays and misses at Flintoff. How far away was that from brushing the outside edge and giving England the wicket they really want? Aleem Dar gestures towards the pavilion and that's the end of a session which has probably been the slowest in terms of runs scored in the series, but a really gripping one. Australia lead by 11.

1222: Alex, UK, via email
Wow. Has any series ever had as many crucial passages of play? The last 10 minutes before lunch is huge. Come on The Hog!


1220: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
Hoggard breaks through with the new ball. They are ruffling his hair. After a very defiant innings from Clarke, Australia finally lose their fifth wicket. He's batted ever so well for a free-scoring player but he will not be pleased when he sees the replay. The crowd are on their feet, the Pink Panther and all, to applaud Hoggard.

1218: Mark, UK, via email
Everyone keeps saying Simon Jones won't be taking any further part in this match. The way this series is going we'll need him to score the winning run!

1216: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
It was a suicidal run to go for. Flintoff had a throw of about 10 yards or so. It would have been tight and I think Katich probably would have gone.

1210: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
The scores are level and England will have to bat again. They would need one to win were Australia suddenly to lose six wickets for no runs, which I don't think they are going to do.

1205: Vic Marks, Test Match Special
Hoggard thought that was out. It jagged back into Clarke's pads. But it nipped back a bit too much for umpire Bucknor to be sure it would hit the stumps, and you can't complain about that decision. If you'd asked people before play started, the last equation they'd have come up with would be that Australia would have added 35 runs for no wicket by now.

1200: John, Calgary, Canada, via email
It is 5am here in Calgary and I've yet to wake up any neighbours with an Australian wicket fall! Come on Harmy, gimme something to raise the resting with!

1155: Daniel, Belgium (ex UK), via email
England have to be patient. Australia are scoring at about two an over at the moment. They are hanging in by not scoring. They will make mistakes and get out. Give it time.

1145: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
It's very much a game of chess - white-flannelled figures on green grass. England are trying to frustrate the Australia batsmen and so far they are refusing to take the bait. The England side are beginning to scratch their heads a bit more, because they would have hoped for something to happen by now.

1137: Jose Paul, India, via email
The Ashes is even better than a tense India-Pakistan match. This is awesome and we want more of it.

1135: Toby, South Korea, via email
This is incredibly tense. I can hardly bear to listen here in Seoul - let's hope we get them out quickly otherwise I'll have to stay up all night!

1129: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
That's Clarke's 50. The gestures from the Australia balcony seem to be saying 'well done, now keep going'. Australia are doing well. They're only 12 behind now.

1122: Martin Gough, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge
Sub fielder Darren Thomas leaves the field after a three-minute stint replacing Matthew Hoggard. Apparently the bowler's injury is not serious - perhaps a strained bladder.

1120: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
The new ball is now due, but it's not being taken yet, maybe because Vaughan likes the way Giles is bowling. England are trying to frustrate the batting.

1115: Andrew Dev, Cambodia, via email
I have never watched such a great game of cricket in such different surroundings - ie. rain forested. I've given up explaining the lbw rule to the locals.

1105: Ron Bird, UK, via email
We've heard a lot about whingeing poms over the years. Mr Ponting is out and moans about the rules. What is the Oz version of whingeing Pom?

1102: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
Clarke likes to play his shots and he's living dangerously there, edging it just between wicket-keeper and slip.

1100: Vic Marks, Test Match Special
It must be getting serious. The batsmen are blocking. They've not hit any sixes or fours. What's going on?

1055: Pete Fenn, Spain, via email
Am already in trouble with the girlfriend for getting up 10 minutes before play began to find an internet café when she has a vicious hangover! How could I begin to explain the utter necessity to listen to this enthralling match? Please England let's take some early wickets.

1050: Richard Graham, Cuernavaca, Mexico, via email
Rarely has there been a better reason for crawling out of bed at four o'clock on a cold Mexican morning.

1045: The lone cricket fan, Hawaii, via email
Come on England! I should be asleep by now, but I'm on here checking the score. As the only Brit here, no one shares my enthusiasm unfortunately. I hope there's a good score on here in the morning.

1042: Martin Gough, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge
A chorus of beeps around the press box heralds the ECB text that confirms Simon Jones is off the field, still receiving treatment on his right ankle. Further updates in due course, apparently.

1040: Martin Gough, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge
With Simon Jones still unavailable, Trevor Penney is the substitute fielder at deep extra cover. Glamorgan's Darren Thomas could become England's fourth 12th man during the course of the day as Gary Pratt is on Totesport League duty with Durham.

1035: Gordon Skidmore, Australia, via email
Be careful England. Beware the fighting Aussies. This Test is not over yet!

1032: Steve Lee, Spain, via email
I have lived in Spain for 10 years now and followed every English team in every sport and watched them fail. Having persuaded my local bar to show the cricket, many of the Spanish locals in my village are now shouting "Owsat" at every opportunity. Come on my English boys, give me something to shout about in this foreign outpost.

1030: Graham, San Francisco, via email
I am loving this - up at 2.30am to listen. Gripping stuff. Nice to see the Aussies whingeing.

1025: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
There has been an official complaint made about Ricky Ponting's behaviour when he was run out yesterday and there will be a hearing either tonight or at the end of the match.

1020: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
Welcome to a sun-drenched Trent Bridge. It's a lovely morning. What a day awaits us. How desperately important the first few overs will be. Will Michael Vaughan start with Andrew Flintoff or wait until the new ball is due in 13 overs' time?

0950: Simon Dyster, United Arab Emirates, via email
Forget the sun in Dubai, it's the cricket we await. Thanks BBC for making life so much more bearable with Test match commentary.

0945: Pat Murphy, BBC Five Live
We've just been told that Simon Jones will not take the field before lunch. England will be a bowler short in the pre-lunch session, which could mean some hard work for Hoggard and Harmison, who is due a good spell. Australia will be keen to capitalise.

0945: Martyn Turner, England, via email
My fingernails are down to the roots, my neck hurts with bobbing up and down from behind the sofa. Truth is, the way the previous Tests have gone, it is still anyone's game.

0943: Michael Havin, Israel, via email
Can anyone out there remember a more fascinating Ashes series, or a more vivid reminder of why we love this wonderful sport so much? As an expatriate Aussie, obviously I am hoping the lads can pull off the required miracle. However, coming into the series Australia were just a little too arrogant for my liking. I reckon the kick up the pants they have received - so far - from England has been good not only for them, but also for the game as a whole. C'mon the Aussies!

0940: John Elliott, England, via email
Millions in the UK alone will be watching and listening to this match today. This series has brought the whole country together. It's great to see the genuine national pride being shown for this team.

0940: Stuart, England, via email
I was there yesterday. Australia fought back really well and I can see us chasing 150+ on Monday morning. With a run chase like that it only takes a couple of quick wickets and we are the ones back under pressure.

0935: Pat Murphy, BBC Five Live
Simon Jones is not out there yet as the England players limber up. He could be having treatment in the pavilion. Even if he gets on the field he can't bowl until after lunch because he was off the field for too long yesterday, so that could mean hard yakka for England. We've said it many times before, but this really could be the pivotal session of the series.

0920: Former Australia captain Steve Waugh, BBC Five Live Sportsweek
I know from playing a lot of cricket with these guys that they will still be thinking about a win from this situation, even though it doesn't look good. Australia need two of Gilchrist, Clarke and Katich to get hundreds to have any sort of chance, but if they can get 150 in front they will fancy themselves to still have a chance of winning it.

0920: Adrian Whitehead, Kazakhstan, via email
I'm in the middle of an oil field but have the luxury of an afternoon off watching this thrilling exhibition of Test cricket on the box. England have to be ruthless today, finish the Aussies off and take a lead to The Oval. Good luck lads, the boys here in Kazakhstan are cheering for you!!

0915: Kevin Moorcraft, England, via email
"I have a good feeling and I think we'll all be singing on the fourth day". Not my words, but those of Geoff Boycott yesterday. Mr Boycott rarely gets it wrong, so let's have no more talk of a spirited Aussie victory after following on - it ain't gonna happen!

0910: Richard Booth, England, via email
Nice to see the boot on the other foot! The Aussies fighting to stay in a Test match, playing badly, looking for excuses (a run out) to hide their poor play. I love this game!

0900: Barry, France, via email
We couldn't bowl Australia out in time at Old Trafford and nearly failed at Edgbaston. There seems little logic in the decision to ask them to follow on. I can see us folding on the fifth day to Warne chasing a small total. I too have placed a bet at long odds on an Aussie win, at least then I will be able to drown my sorrows with champagne!

0830: Martin Gough, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge
There's an autumnal feel about the Midlands this morning - it's chilly and overcast.

The Ashes is one of sport's greatest contests.

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