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Last Updated: Saturday, 27 August 2005, 17:40 GMT 18:40 UK
Ashes log: Fourth Test - Saturday


The log is over for the day - rejoin us again on Sunday.

1834: Indy, UK, via email
There is still a long way to go in this match. If we get Jones fit and bowling, then no probs, but if not, Gilchrist, Lee and the two guys in bat could give them a lead of 200. I hope not. A nervous wreck of a fan!

1828: Emma, Exeter, England, via email
C'mon the Aussies! It's far from over yet - we've still got our best batsman to come!

1825: John Higham, Arctic Circle, via email
What a game, keeping the few English guys on-board our survey vessel riveted to their PCs. Our token Aussie is in hiding. Apparently there's been some football on today. Who cares?

1823: England coach Duncan Fletcher, Test Match Special
From our point of view we felt we had momentum there and that it was a good position to put Australia in again. We're hoping to knock them over pretty early and we'll take it from there.

1820: Tony Day, England, via email
At 201-4 in Australia's second innings I put 10 on the Aussies to win at 8 to 1.

1815: Rodney Marsh, Test Match Special
One of Brett Lee's sixes put a dent in the Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club chairman's car. I had lunch with him and he said he was going to put it up for sale.


1811: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
That is stumps for the day, with Australia on 222-4. These two have added 61 runs and done a grand job for Australia. While they are together, there is something for Australia to hope for.

1805: Uzair, UK, via email
I wish I was there at Trent Bridge but alas I am on call, busy with patients. Thanks to the internet I am able to update and now waiting for an England victory impatiently. Come on Freddie, wrap it up today.

1800: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
Geraint Jones has given Clarke a life with that missed stumping. It somehow got stuck in amongst his arms and elbows and he couldn't get his hands on it. We've decided it was certainly a more difficult offering than the one he missed at Old Trafford - an unfortunate fluff rather than an absolute howler.

1745: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
Australia are now 200-4. The score on the board says 500-4. Don't change it!

1740: Sally Hartnell, England, via email
As a 43-year-old who has hated cricket all her life my new husband - who is a fanatic - introduced me to the 20/20 game. I now have the five-day set up on the internet and minimised so that whilst I am working I can keep an eye on the score. Love rugby - but actually cricket is cool too!! Come on England - we are proud of you.

1731: Mohamed Z Rahaman (Breado), USA (via Guyana)
Cricket, lovely cricket! The death of Test cricket has been greatly exaggerated. I cannot believe that I am pulling for England to win. I am at work on a Saturday just so that I can listen to the match on the net without my wife badgering me.

1730: Stephen Pettett, Chile, via email
It's a horribly wet day here in Santiago, ideal for sitting and listening to TMS and hearing an almost certain England victory unfold. I haven't seen a ball all series but it's been great listening via the internet. Cheers!

1725: John in Maine, USA, via email
As a Hull-ite, born and bred, living in Maine, USA, I am having the most wonderful weekend so far. Marvelous England turning the screw and Hull FC beating Leeds in the Challenge Cup final... YESSSSS.

1720: Mike Selvey, Test Match Special
Time is not an issue here. There is no need for England to push unduly. They just have to stay in control, be patient and take the opportunity when it comes. One of the crucial things is going to be how they approach Adam Gilchrist when he gets in, because if Australia have the chance to defend a lead of 150, they could make life difficult for England.

1705: Martin Gough, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge
England have announced Simon Jones has gone to hospital with a right ankle injury.

1700: Stevie, Wales, via email
Ponting was short of his ground and could have been run out by any of the England fielders. He'll regret that outburst I think - a sign of the pressure?

1653: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
We could have another two hours and seven minutes' play today. The half past five finish is already extended until six o'clock, there's a possible extension until 6.30 to allow the required overs to be bowled, and then maybe a further half hour if it looks like England might win the game.

1652: Mark, Middlesbrough, England
Moving house on Tuesday, and "should" be packing, but I cannot tear myself away from the computer. Oh well, the wife is packing. That will do me.

1645: Martin Gough, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge
There is plenty of speculation over the cause of Ponting's outburst but England's policy of resting fast bowlers and bringing young substitutes on to the field has been rankling with the Aussies all summer. Surely, though, Jones would have been on the field if fit - he had dismissed Ponting in his previous two innings.

1647: Alan, England, via email
Ricky Ponting is convinced there's some sort of conspiricy going on out there. He's right - the Aussies are conspiring to give away their wickets on pointless singles!

1645: Sarah, England, via email
Can somebody tell me, who was the "injured" player Pratt was on for? It seems as if England use their 12th man whenever one of their players is in need of a break, or in the case of Vaughan this morning, to consult his coach.


1642: Rodney Marsh, Test Match Special
I reckon he's too good for Australia, this bloke Flintoff. Every time he gets the ball in his hand, he takes wickets, and every time he goes out to bat he looks like he has runs in him. It was a gem of a delivery. It was one Martyn had to play at, he got the faintest of edges and it went through to Geraint Jones. He's such a humble young man and such a fine player. You can only applaud what he's doing - it's just fantastic.


1630: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
That's a marvellous piece of fielding by the substitute Gary Pratt. He had just one stump to aim at, he hit it and Australia have lost their third wicket. He's now being chairlifted by his team-mates.

1628: Rodney Marsh, Test Match Special
Flintoff is the 'go to' bowler for England. Whenever you want a wicket, you just throw the ball to him and he gets one. Australia will want to get through the next hour and see where they stand, but they have Flintoff standing in their way.

1627: Alan, England, via email
Vaughan should bowl himself at Ponting and try and get his revenge. Revenge is a dish best served when the other team's following on!

1615: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
A procession of chanting Father Christmases goes through the gangway in the stand. It's a bit early in the year for Father Christmases to be chanting, I'd have thought.

1603: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
Simon Jones update. He has some discomfort in his right ankle and is receiving treatment.

1555: Simon, Teesside, England, via email
No one expects the Spanish spinquesition!! Bowling Gilsey!


1543: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
Langer was a bit uncertain pushing forward, he got a nick on it and Bell made the catch. Aleem Dar's finger went up and Giles has got a very crucial wicket. Australia still need 130 to make England bat again and that's a long way off at the moment. They have batted with more solidity and assertiveness in this innings, though.

1540: Mike Selvey, Test Match Special
These two are very comfortable at the moment. The bowling does not look so threatening. There's not so much pace on it. The batsmen look like they are settling in well.

1535: Mark, England, via email
Vaughan did the right thing enforcing the follow-on. This England side knows only one mode and that's attack. Having outplayed Australia this summer in most of the sessions they deserve this one to go 2-1 up.

1518: Diana, England, via email
I'm doing the accounts for the family business, listening to TMS via the internet and watching the score at Worcester via the ECB site! The Ladies have won their series - hopefully the men can follow their example and beat the Australian men as convincingly!

1515: Tim Fry, Wales, via email
The thing is with enforcing the follow on, unless you have a predominantly swing attack, it can mean your bowlers are pretty tired in the second innings. England still have plenty of runs to play with, though, and a wicket will soon lift spirits. Maybe time to give Gilo and Vaughan half an hour, though, to change the pace a bit and give the seam attack a rest.

1513: David Castle, Australia, via email
What's wrong with Simon Jones? Is he unfit to bowl after a follow-on decision based on his ability to swing the ball?


1510: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
That's Langer's fifty. He has fought really hard and taken some bruises again. He's had some luck when he was dropped in the slips, but he's a gutsy little fighter.

1505: Rupin, Vancouver, Canada, via email
I live in Vancouver and am getting up at 3am to watch the matches. In the course of the the last two and a half matches my housemates have heard me shout "Yes! Yes!" so often that one of them has warned me that guests are not allowed in my room after 11pm!! I think Vaughan and his boys will quite easily finish the Aussie lads off. I hope they do it really fast. Then I can go back to sleeping at nights and not getting awkward looks from my housemates.

1500: Atif, USA, via email
I think 500 is not out of the question for this Aussie attack and if they do reach that mark, it would really set up this game, making it almost as exciting as the last two games!

1455: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
Harmison is sweating prodigiously. The water is really running off him. Australia are 100-1. Ashley Giles is coming on now for his first contribution with the ball this match.

1449: Simon, England, via email
Langer and Ponting need to be stopped. These two have the capability to stay in all weekend and break English hearts!

1444: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
That's four from Ponting. No, it's gone for six! That was a splendid blow, reminiscent of some of those he hit in the Old Trafford Test. It was a short-arm jab kind of shot.

1434: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
Strauss has dropped Langer. It went to Strauss' left and it came out of his hands. Langer has got away with it when on 37 and that could be expensive. Strauss took an absolute pearler this morning. How things change. That was much easier. When you drop a catch like that it lingers in your mind for quite some while.

1430: Mike Selvey, Test Match Special
Justin Langer is playing rather well and is working himself in for the long haul here.

1425: Robina, Basra, Iraq
I'm here in Basra as part of the British Forces, and the lads wanted me to say that we are backing them all the way to victory in the Ashes

1415: Ali Azim-Araghi, Tehran, Iran
I can't believe I am missing all this. Here in Iran they don't even know what cricket is. I am sitting here and jumping up and down every time a wicket goes down, and all my family look at me thinking I have gone mad! Never mind, I can live with that as long as wickets are falling. I don't see this going to the final day.

1410: Glen, New York, via email
Listening at my girlfriend's parents out on Long Island and we're meant to be going to the beach on this beautiful day. Do I dare cause an incident and remain here? Yes!

1355: Neil R, Glasgow, Scotland, via email
Cricket is the only major sport where I support the English national team, as I have always found the players and media involved with the national football and rugby teams arrogant. Please tell me that if England win the Ashes this fantastic team won't go the same way and I'll have to become an 'anyone but'!

1355: Gary Purchase, Australia, via email
Things don't look too flash for the Aussies but it's not over yet. Still half this Test and one more to come. I'm not giving up on the boys yet. If they do lose the Ashes it will just make it more exciting for the Aussie fans when England come out here and we take them back.


1353: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
Hayden is caught in the gully by Ashley Giles. Flintoff has bowled brilliantly to the left-handers this series and he's got another one. You would think they might have a look at him before playing a flamboyant shot like that. That's the breakthrough England wanted.

1350: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
Some rather tepid clapping signals the arrival of the Australia 50. Langer has 22 and Hayden 26.

1337: Ian McArthur, Australia, via email
Look, don't write off the Aussies yet. They have an immense amount of talent out there and if they start to click... well they can beat anybody... and remember they are only playing at about 65%. England can't play any better but I think Australia certainly can.

1335: Graham Bewley, England, via email
I'm sat watching this with my eldest friend, Donald. We are both 79 years old and we are both glued to a wonderful sporting display from our English cricket team. It makes me so proud once again to be English.

1330: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
As the lacquer has gone off the new ball, it has begun to swing for Hoggard.

1326: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
It looks like Hayden has split his bat. Brad Hodge is bringing a couple on for him to choose from.

1320: Sam W, England, via email
My kittens are here sitting next to me and strangely every time England have got a wicket, one of them meows like crazy!!!!

1315: Elue, Nigeria, via email
I think Australians need to come to terms with the fact that their world champion cricket team is in decline. Whatever happens over the next two days, cricket is the ultimate winner. Other nations will regain self-belief in the knowledge that the Aussies are indeed human, ultimately ending their long dominance of the sport.

1314: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
Hayden is going through his preliminaries like Russell Crowe in Gladiator, bending down and almost picking up a handful of dust to throw in the enemy's face.

1312: Rachel, England
My two-year-old son has finally given up trying to watch Thomas the Tank Engine and has started chanting "Freddie! Freddie!"

1307: Alex, England, via email
Big mistake making the Aussies follow on. We should have batted and taken them out of contention to win. If they can get a 200-250 lead on us we will collapse.

1305: Paul, Australia
Wake up Aussie selectors. It's time to have a clear out and bring in some fresh blood who have a passion to win the game. Not merely go on past glory!

1255: Mahip Vyas, India, via email
Only on three occasions has a team won a Test match after following on in the history of Test match cricket. On all these three occasions Australia has been on the losing side. So will Australia be on the winning side this time?

1245: Gaynor, Scotland, via email
The bookies have wised up since 1981. Can't get 500-1 on an Aussie victory.

1241: Adam Myers, USA, via email
I read somewhere that Warne should be considered an all-rounder in this series. Well, Simon Jones now has a better bowling average, and a better batting average (in this Ashes) than Warne. England's new all-rounder?

1240: Marko Koning, The Netherlands, via email
I keep saying it's always difficult to bowl out the Aussies twice cheaply in a Test Match. But I have faith in Vaughan's decision and have to say that this is the strongest England attack for decades.

1238: Darren Crook, Magaluf, Majorca, via email
The atmosphere here in Benny Hill's bar is rising quicker than the Aussies' run rate! Fantastic display from the England boys! I have never wanted to win a little pot of ash in my life, but my God, what a prize that would be right now!!!

1235: Wesley Winegarden, England, via email
I've got a good friend who is Australian. Before the first Test I told her we would re-claim the Ashes this year. She said I was MAD... she just rang to apologise!


1231: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
That concludes the morning session. What entertainment it has been.

1227: Martin Gough, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge
Some lengthy research in the press box reveals Australia have played 190 matches since last being forced to follow on, by Pakistan in Karachi in September 1988.

1225: Shane, England, via email
I am supposed to be selling cars but I am sat in the office refreshing TMS every 10 seconds and have been for three days.

1223: Michelle Wilkinson, Australia, via email
Sat in a bar in downtown Sydney with my poor Australian boyfriend and we are surrounded by Aussies crying into their jars of amber nectar! Not so tasty now, is it boys? Come on England, let's carry on through to the end and do ourselves justice!

1221: Graeme, Poland, via email
Vaughan could regret enforcing the follow-on. A couple of Aussies, particularly Hayden and Martyn, must be due big scores.

1220: Mike Selvey, Test Match Special
I didn't detect any inswing there from Hoggard. That will not worry him too much, though. Sometimes the brand new ball does not swing and you have to wait until about 10 overs in.

1215: Iain Cox, UK, via email
If we don't win the Ashes from here, then it will be official. God is an Aussie.

1213: Graham, Spain, via email Just got back from being dragged into Barcelona shopping by my Spanish girlfriend and find the Aussies all out! Trying to explain the joys of cricket to her and told her I am sitting here all day listening to TMS!

1209: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
The follow-on has been enforced. No surprise there.


1206: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
Bell's taken the catch at third man. Five wickets for Simon Jones and Brett Lee's extraordinary innings has come to an end. He almost got another six with that shot.

1158: Ken, Finland
A thunderstorm a short while ago meant a lost internet connection. It comes back half-hour or so later and four wickets have fallen! What a match! A life-long fan listening from Finland.

1156: Nic, England, via email
I go off and take my boyfriend out to breakfast to make up for being glued to the commentary all weekend and come back to find Hoggy being hoicked all over the pitch. Settle in my lucky chair and wickets immediately start to fall! Go England!

1150: Rodney Marsh, Test Match Special
We've just arrived at the ground and there have been 100 runs scored and four wickets falling. What is going on? The entertainment value has been fabulous. There have been three almighty sixes. I think the ones from Lee were among the biggest I've ever seen.

1148: Jon Sofier, Paris, via email
When Harmy got the final wicket in the second Test match, I jumped and punched the air and injured my fist on the ceiling. Each wicket that tumbles this morning and I'm at it again. Will I ever learn?

1147: Nick Gee, England, via email
If catches win matches, that one from Strauss will surely win the series!

1145: Mario, Oman, via email
I'm sitting here on a drilling rig in the middle of the Omani desert totally hooked on TMS.

1142: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
That's a huge swipe from Lee and it's gone out of the ground. I'm not sure they are going to get it back. It's not often Harmison gets treated like that. Someone has thrown it back now, and I imagine they were rather startled.

1140: Terry, England, via email
Wow!!! Please don't let me wake up.


1138: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
There has been a power failure here in the stand. Australia require 102 to avoid the follow-on.

1135: Ferdinand Dalhuisen, Germany, via email
My suggested combined team for the series: Trescothick, Strauss, Ponting, Vaughan, Pietersen, Flintoff, G Jones, Warne, Harmison, S Jones, Mcgrath. Only three Aussies! Who would have thought that at the beginning of the series?

1136: Gareth Ellis, Oxford, via email
That was the best catch of the series. Outstanding. At this rate it'll be all over by tonight.


1128: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
My goodness me, what a catch! Strauss flung himself miles to his left and somehow managed to hold on. It was an extraordinary effort. Vaughan is running off the field. I don't know if he's going to discuss follow-on matters with Duncan Fletcher, or whether he's been taken short.

1125: Simon, In bed, London, via email
Supposed to be going on a date at lunchtime - do you think she'll mind if I take her to watch the cricket?

1124: Graham Belton, Mexico, via email
My wife thinks I'm crazy for getting up at 4.15am every time cricket is on, but who would miss it? A Brit living in Mexico.

1122: Simon Jones, England, via email
My name is Simon Jones too....get in there my son! He never fails to deliver when it matters. Go on Sozzy Jones!!!

1120: James Farrar, England, via email
How quickly emotion can change around. One moment starting to feel a little down as the Aussies spray the ball to all corners, two balls later, exultation!

1118: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special
It's the end of a splendid over from Simon Jones, which has put this match very firmly back into English hands. He gets a big pat on the back from his team-mates.

1115: Conor Whelan, Ireland, via email
Isn't it amazing that Vaughan's bowling changes alway seem to produce a wicket. Great stuff! Come on England.


1113: Vic Marks, Test Match Special
It was an ugly shot from Warne, that of a man who had just come in, and it ballooned to an exultant Ian Bell at cover.


1110: Vic Marks, Test Match Special
It an ordinary ball, a wide half-volley. He went at it, didn't get on top of it and hit it straight and hard to Andrew Strauss. Despite the pummelling in the first 40 minutes, England will be cockahoop. Maybe Katich got carried away with the pyrotechnics up the other end.

1105: AJ Sadler, Birmingham, UK, via email
I see no trouble with Gilchrist hitting our bowlers round the ground for a bit because they'll be one ball that will swing a bit more, or get a bit more bounce and he'll just snick an edge on it, be it inside and bring it on to his stumps, or outside and caught behind.

1100: Jim Maxwell, Test Match Special
The 150 has come up already for Australia. It has been a dazzling half hour. Australia have burst out of the blocks and the ball is being slammed around on a ground where they were marooned yesterday. That was an economical over from Hoggard - only 10 runs from it!

1055: Harry B, Monaco, via email
Listening to the coverage on the radio, no hope lost for Australia - 200-run partnership between these two isn't unlikely! Great series, great cricket.

1051: Rodney Marsh, Test Match Special
That was an amazing shot from Gilchrist off Hoggard. He's probably the only man in the world who could have played it. It's gone for miles. It's good tactics from Gilchrist to try and belt Hoggard out of the attack. But he didn't bowl badly.

1050: Steven Grech, Iraq, email to TMS
Thought I would drop you all a quick email from the Green Zone, in Baghdad - all the Brits working with me have cancelled meetings this afternoon, and we have a sweepstake to see how many times Blowers mentions the pigeons! This is an awesome Test series to listen to, and a little slice of Englishness that completely baffles our American friends!

1032: Rodney Marsh, Test Match Special
A lot of swing there for Matthew Hoggard. He will be encouraged by that. Gilchrist must also watch for the one that doesn't swing.

1027: Jonathan Agnew, Test Match Special
A standing ovation for England as they come out to field. It really is awesome and if reflects the way cricket has caught the imagination this summer. I hope Australia have a better day than I'm having. My wife and kids are off on holiday at 5am tomorrow and the taxi came a day early.

1017: Brad, Australia, via email
If England can't win from this position they don't deserve the Ashes.

1015: Alec Stewart, former England wicket-keeper, BBC Five Live
Adam Gilchrist is probably the most dangerous cricketer in the world on his day, but Australia are right up against it. The way England are playing they are not allowing Australia a sniff at the moment. I think we will have the option to enforce the follow-on, but if the lead gets down to about 220 we should probably bat again. I'm really enjoying being an England supporter and seeing them play such good cricket. I personally believe that in two years time England will be the number one side in the world and that they will hang on to that tag for a very long time.

1005: Richard, Bournemouth, UK, via email
Looks like my wife is going into labour. Is it out of order to ask for a radio or tv in the delivery room?

0955: James, England, via email
Huge morning in the context of the series coming up. If (this is also a big if) we can bowl the Aussies out for around 220, max, by shortly after lunch, I don't think Vaughan will spend much time thinking about whether to enforce the follow-on. If the lead gets under 250, I think England will elect to bat again, try to put on 200-250 by lunch tomorrow and give themselves five sessions to bowl Australia out again. But a good morning like yesterday's good evening will see the game pretty much safe already.

0947: Martin Gough, BBC Sport at Trent Bridge
There are a few grey clouds around the ground as the warm-ups take place but the forecast is generally good again. Geraint Jones is practising against spinner Ashley Giles on a pitch to the side of the main Test strip while likely last man Shaun Tait takes batting practice to coach John Buchanan in the Australian corner, demonstrating the agricultural style suited to a country boy.

0940: Giles, UK, via email
If (and its still a big if) we win this Test and go on to win the Ashes wouldn't it be nice to burn some bails and present them to the Australian team to take home, to declare the death of Australian cricket. Then they can stop complaining about not having the Ashes in Australia.

0938: Aaron, England, via email
While we are in a great position, I'm always scared the Aussies can fight back. We need to knock them over quickly first up, as Gilchrist and co will be doing their level best to turn this on its head.

0935: Deven, USA, via email
Let us hope Gilly finds his form at this crucial stage and show the Poms why the Aussies are great and fighters. This is their last chance to restore some pride. Come on Gilly - go for it and do it.

0930: Justin, Hampshire, England, via email
How good this series has been for English cricket. The atmosphere has not only been amazing in the ground itself, but it has spread everywhere. To the C&G semi at the Rosebowl last weekend, the workplace has never been so lively during Hoggys spell yesterday and will no doubt spread to our local league game this afternoon. Come on Hoggy, time for a five for!!

0930: Ron Jaques, Chicago, USA, via email
It's 3AM in Chicago... staying up reading Friday's log... and to stay awake not to miss this terrific match... can sleep after an English victory!!

0915: Anand Gorthy, India, via email
I decided to focus on this Ashes series rather than cursing our team which stands at absymal depths. The cricketing fraternity should not be surprised if we struggle against Zimbabwe in our next game. Well done the Englishmen... but I am also longing to see some team finish off the job which we left unfinished in our last visit down under.

0910: Robert-Gilles Martineau, Japan, via email
A new generation is appearing at last, breaking the monotony of a perennial winner. Every true cricket lover in the world should be grateful for it!

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