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Last Updated: Saturday, 27 August 2005, 16:10 GMT 17:10 UK
Day three as it happened
FOURTH TEST - MATCH SUMMARY (Trent Bridge, Day 3, close):
Australia 218 & 222-4 v England 477

Australia were trying desperately to get back into the fourth Ashes Test on day three at Trent Bridge after being made to follow on by a rampant England.

The visitors closed on 222-4 in their second innings, with Michael Clarke and Simon Katich sharing 61 unbroken runs after Justin Langer struck a gritty 61.

Australia's deficit stood at 37 runs, having been made to follow on for the first time in 191 Tests and since 1988.

Simon Jones earlier took 5-44 as the Aussies were dismissed for 218.


1811: After a brief consultation the umpires offer the light to the batsmen, who need no second invitation and head for the pavilion.

1808: Katich gets one off the toe of the bat that squirts past the gloves of Jones and away for four, reducing the gap to only 39 runs.

1803: Flintoff, looking to enliven an almost subdued final session atmosphere, bangs in a bouncer that Clarke comfortably evades.

1755: A reprieve for Clarke on 35 when he is beaten in the flight by Giles, but Jones cannot take the ball cleanly and the stumping chance goes.

1752: Giles tries his luck from the Radcliffe Road End, but drops short with his opening two and Clarke helps himself to successive boundaries.

1750: Clarke gets an inside edge onto the inner thigh, then another past the stumps as the next ball rises.

1747: Flintoff comes in again, and the cheers are still considerable.

1745: The more languid Clarke guides one through the gap in the covers to bring up the 200, 59 runs now the difference.

1743: Flintoff and Hoggard enjoy a joke as stumps draw closer, but there is no smile from Katich, who is battling stoicly not only for his team but for his own Test future.

1740: The redoubtable spinner beats the edge of Clarke and is close to clipping the off-stump.

1739: A superb stop from Strauss diving at full length again saves four as Clarke lashes a short one from Giles.

1735: Another indefatigable performer, Hoggard, returns to replace Harmison and gets one to swing a fraction, but at the reduced pace of mid-70's mph Clarke is able to spot it and play the ball away for a single.

1733: Some sharp turn out of the rough from the perservering Giles, Katich playing back and the ball looping just past Bell's dive at short-leg, but no bat or pad involved.

1729: Harmison comes round the wicket to Katich, bringing the ball in on the angle to the left-hander, but not enough to threaten the stumps.

1727: Clarke pushes purposefully through the covers off Harmison, but the enthusiastic Pratt slides in to limit the scoring to three.

1724: Giles hurries Clarke with some spin out of the rough but the ball is played down to slip safely.

1720: An unproductive over from Harmison, an attempted slower ball easily picked by Clarke and too wide, time for Jason Gillespie to bring on the drinks and light snacks for his colleagues.

1712: Harmison offers some width and Clarke shows no signs of going into his shell, lashing the ball through the gully for four.

1702: Clarke nudges one straight to Pratt at cover and calls for a single, but Katich wisely bellows out a negative at the other end.

1659: Harmison returns to the arena and immediately takes the ball, beating Clarke with his opening delivery.

1656: With Jones and Harmison still off the field nursing injuries, Bell is asked to continue from the Pavilion End, and his slower pace causes Michael Clarke to mis-time one, but there is no real danger.

1653: Pietersen shatters the stumps with a throw from mid-wicket but this time the single has not been risked.

1649: Bell continues and employs a line well wide of off-stump to lef-hander Simon Katich who gets an inside edge to one and then thumps another high over cover for four.

1641: The beleagured Martyn, who has been given out unfairly in successive Test innings and has now run out his captain, edges a lifting delivery from Flintoff that seams away and gives Geraint Jones a straightforward catch.

1641 WICKET: Australia 161-4 (Martyn 13)

1637: Vaughan turns to the diminutive Bell for some gentle medium pacers, hoping for a similar effect to Ponting, who dismissed him.

1634: New man Michael Clarke is swiftly rapped on the gloves by Flintoff, but then turns the next one off his hip for a boundary.

1630: They find it, but not in the manner expected, Martyn calling for a quick single and substitute Gary Pratt picking up on the run and throwing down the stumps to run out Ponting by a foot.

1630 WICKET: Australia 155-3 (Ponting 48)

1628: The burly figure of Flintoff marks out his run at the Radcliffe Road End as England search for a breakthrough.

1625: Martyn takes a pace down the pitch to turn a loose one from Giles into a full toss and clip it powerfully for four.

1620: Hoggard continues to find some occasional shape away from the right-handers, but the edge proves elusive and England will have much to ponder as they enjoy a drinks break.

1615: England bring in a man at short extra-cover in addition to the slip and silly point, but the delivery from Giles is poor, and it needs a superb effort from Pietersen diving on the fence to save the four, a similar delivery to Martyn needing another good stop.

1606: Ponting dances down the wicket and hammers Giles through the covers for four, but the spinner responds well and turns one sharply.

1603: A wide one down the leg-side from Hoggard brushes some part of Ponting's anatomy or equipment and Jones takes an excellent tumbling catch, but there is no appeal.

1601: Ponting tries to pull Hoggard away into the stands but the ball keeps a shade low and he fails to make contact.

1559: Martyn clips Giles elegantly through the gap at mid-wicket to pick up two runs.

1551: Damien Martyn, vicitm of two unfortunate umpiring decisions in his last two innings, is almost dismissed in a similar fashion to earlier in the series, when Giles turned one sharply out of the rough to bowl him, but this time it misses the off-stump.

1544: Giles ends the stubborn resistance, Langer livid with himself after prodding forward and gloving one up to short-leg, where Bell swooped like a swallow to pouch the chance inches from the turf.

1544: WICKET: Australia 129-2 (Langer 61)

1543: Some turn from Giles out of the rough but Langer has time to nudge it away.

1537: Hoggard is charged with the responsibility of breaking the partnership, but he cannot find the right areas and to virtual silence Langer clips the ball off his pads for four to move to 60.

1534: Ponting slices one away through the covers for two as Giles fails to find a way through.


1515: A good omen for England to take into the final session, their female counterparts have won the women's Ashes, beating Australia by six wickets to win the two-match series 1-0.

TEA INTERVAL: Australia 115-1 (Langer 54, Ponting 28)

1509: Langer pokes a wide one from Harmison over the slips for four, recording his 28th Test fifty.

1507: Giles continues over the wicket to Ponting but there is no man close in on the leg-side and there is an easy single.

1502: Harmison forces Langer into an inside edge off his thigh but the ball loops harmlessly out into the off-side.

1500: Atif, USA, via email
I think 500 is not out of the question for this Aussie side and if they do reach that mark, it would really set up this game, making it almost as exciting as the last two games!

1457: Giles is given his first bowl of the match, trundling in over the wicket to the right-handed Ponting from the Pavilion End.

1455: Langer is rocked by another one from Harmison that rises up and catches him on the glove, then survives an lbw appeal as the ball is pitching outside the leg-stump.

1453: Ponting brings up the 100 with a single and nods quietly to his comrade in arms Langer, the deficit 159.

1451: Langer moves to 47 with a fluent cover drive for four, Strauss still rueing the dropped catch.

1450: Flintoff beats the outisde edge of Ponting's bat with one that rears up and wobbles away, but the Australian skipper survives.

1443: Ponting rocks back and pulls Flintoff for six, a stroke worthy of rather more than the indifference shown to it by the partisan crowd.

1442: More accurate probing from Flintoff finds Langer's edge again but it drops well short of Strauss at slip, whilt he next one gives the opener another momento of the occasio, rapping him painfully on the glove.

1440: Flintoff, back over the wicket, angles one across Langer and comes within a whisker of the outside edge.

1433: Inexplicably, Strauss, who took such an astonishing catch in the first innings, fails to hold a routine catch at second slip and Langer is given a reprieve on 37, Flintoff the unfortunate bowler.

1427: The Australian skipper is much more comfortable with the hook, and even though he doesn't get it out of the middle he picks up four more.

1426: Ricky Ponting is not in control against Harmison but the ball quirts off the edge and races away for four.

1424: England have Pietersen in close again but Langer leans on one from Flintoff and crunches it through the covers for four to reach 37.

1420: Another lifting ball from Harmison forces an inside edge from Langer that goes narrowly past the stumps and away to fine-leg for a single.

1418: Langer misses a short one from Harmison that Jones, for the first time today, fails to hold on to behind the stumps.

1411: From round the wicket, Flintoff moves the ball sharply away from Langer then sends one down that goes straight on, but the obdurate left-hander is equal to it all.

1359: Langer moves to 28 with a neatly timed cover drive for four as Jones fails to find any swing wide of the off-stump.

1352 WICKET: Australia 50-1 (Hayden 26)

1352: The people's champion strikes again, having moved several away from Hayden he tempts him into a drive and produces bounce, as well as more swing, the edge flies rapidly to Ashley Giles, who takes a sharp catch expertly at a hybrid slip, between second slip and gully.

1350: Huge cheers can only mean that Flintoff is being brought back into the attack.

1348: Hayden lashes a short one that Strauss does well to partially stop, as the fifty comes up off 77 balls.

1346: Kevin Pietersen is deployed just off the cut strip on the off-side about 10 yards from the bat, and Hayden only just clears him with a lofted drive, Hoggard replying with a yorker that is only just kept out.

1339: Hoggard moves one back in off the seam this time and beats Hayden's wild swipe, but also the off-stump.

1336: Langer tries to leave one angling him from Harmison, but is deceived by the steepling bounce and the ball catches him another nasty blow on the elbow.

1332: More in-swing hones in to middle stump but Langer clips it through gap at mid-wicket for three.

1330: Hoggard finds some movement and pins Langer back on the crease, but umpire Bucknor deems that it was sliding past the leg-stump.

1328: Langer guides one through the gap in the slip cordon to the boundary to move to 18.

1326: Having had to replace a trusty bat that cracked, Hayden soon finds the centre of his new one and picks up three through mid-on.

1320: Hoggard gets one to brush the glove of Hayden, but there is no short-leg in place and the ball lands safely.

1318: Harmison sprays well wide of the off-stump and Langer, who had earlier in the over been rapped on the glove, is delighted to get forward and crunch it through the covers for four.

1314: Hayden, batting well outside his crease, pummels one straight down the ground as Hoggard continues to struggle.

1311: With a touch more cloud around, England turn to Hoggard to try and bring the ball back to the left-handers, but the first ball fails to deviate.


LUNCH: Australia (following-on) 14-0 (Langer 9, Hayden 5)

1228: Jones causes further problems for Hayden, beating his outside edge with a beauty and then finding the inside edge with one that comes back, Hayden happy to get down the other end with a streaky single.

1226: Hoggard probes Langer wide of the off-stump and the ball goes straight on, but the final delivery is closer and as Langer plays no shot it drifts back and is perilously close to the timbers.

1222: Matthew Hayden opens his account with a dismissive pull for four from a short one that does not get as much bounce as previous ones.

1219: Five-wicket hero Jones is given the new ball from the Pavilion End, despite having had his success in the first innings from the Radcliffe Road.

1216: Hoggard is given the first over as Australia bat again, and Justin Langer edges the second ball through the gap between the second slip and the first of the two gullys.


1208: Vaughan chooses to enforce the follow-on, the first time Australia have had to do so since 1988, and England's bowlers will have a few minutes before lunch to try and make some further progress.

1205 WICKET Australia 218 (Lee 47)

1205: Jones claims his fifth wicket as Lee cuts high into the air and Bell takes an excellent catch running along the third man boundary.

1203: Lee frustrates England again with a single to keep the bowling.

1201: Another mammoth hit from Lee off Harmison sails over the stands and into the car park, and he moves to 46 from 39 deliveries.

1158: Lee backs away again and though the ball follows him he scrambles a single to keep the strike, leaving 68 required to avoid the follow-on.

1155 England are grateful to see Tait on strike but his edge falls short of Trescothick at first slip, and he then gets off strike with a prod into the leg-side.

1153 Lee backs away almost off the cut strip but is still able to squirt it away over the solitary slip for another boundary.

1148 Attempting to launch it over mid-off Viv Richards-style, Lee slices it over the slips and then brings up the 200 with a clubbed drive down the ground for a single.

1147: Nick Gee, England, via email
If catches win matches, that one from Strauss will surely win the series!

1146 Lee leans back and swings the bat through again, the ball soaring into the stands for another six.

1144 The giant paceman comes within a whisker of shattering the leg-stump, before Lee scrambles a single to reach 20 and retain the strike.

1142 Harmison is brought back and is swotted clean out of the ground by the defiant Lee.

1140 Lee straight drives superbly for four to bring some brief respite, as Jones is treated to a richly deserved ovation on the boundary.

1139 Debutant Shaun Tait gets off the mark with a single but would have been run out had substitute Gary Pratt's throw hit the target.

1137 WICKET Australia 175-9 (Kasprowicz 5)

1137 A perfect late out-swinger from the inspirational Jones beats Michael Kasprowicz all ends up and rattles into the timbers.

1135 Lee breaks the shackles with a boundary as Flintoff over-steps again, but then almost has his own shackles broken as the big man nips one back to catch him in a very sensitive area.

1128 WICKET Australia 163-8 (Gilchrist 27)

1128 One of the very great catches, Strauss at absolute full stretch to his left at second slip to dismiss the dangerman Gilchrist, who has yet to pass fifty in the series.

1124 Jones evokes memories of Malcolm Marshall with a brutal delivery that rears up off a length past Lee's nose.

1120 Lee, who has defied England on several occasions before with the bat, lashes one off the back foot for four off Flintoff, who then jags a short one back and pings him on the shoulder.

1116 Brett Lee keeps out two more good ones from Jones, who receives a tumultuous reception as he heads back to the boundary.

1113 WICKET Australia 157-7 (Warne 0)

1113 Warne is turned round by a quick and full delivery that catches the leading edge and pops up easily to Ian Bell at cover, leaving Jones on a hat-trick.

1110 WICKET Australia 157-6 (Katich 45)

1110 Jones is introduced and strikes immediately again, Katich slicing straight to Andrew Strauss in the gully.

1109 As rare as hen's teeth, a maiden from Flintoff, with Gilchrist failing to make contact with a wild swipe outside off-stump that might have gone out of the ground had he hit it.

1103 Hoggard continues over the wicket but Katich finds it to his liking and drives one straight down the ground for another boundary.

1101 Michael Vaughan shows his confidence in Hoggard by keeping him on, but another no-ball is driven to the cover boundary by Gilchrist to record the fifty partnership.

1058 The final ball is driven fluently to the boundary as Katich moves to 41 and the attacking instincts continue.

1057 Flintoff continues with his line well outside off-stump and Katich slices it high over gully for four, but the next one is straighter and rises up to catch the glove.

1055 A bemused Hoggard makes his way to fine-leg having conceded 22 from the over.

1052 Hoggard's problems continue with a no-ball that is also well wide of off-stump and Katich guides it to the square cover boundary.

1050 Gilchrist takes a different tack, smearing four through mid-wicket from one outside off-stump by Hoggard, and hoisting another respectable delivery over long-on for the maximum to move to 21.

1047 A firm push through the covers takes Gilchrist into double figures, Jones toppling over the ropes as he hauls the ball back and saves a run.

1043 Gilchrist is beaten outside the off-stump as he pushes forward to Hoggard, but the warmer, sunnier day appears to have negated the amount of swing for the England bowlers.

1040 Flintoff over-steps twice in succession as he probes outside the off-stump, Gilchrist able to put the second one smartly away to the cover fence to move to six.

1036 Crowd hero Andrew Flintoff takes the ball from the Radcliffe Road End as England try to exploit his recent hold over Gilchrist.

1035 Simon Katich gets away for the day with a confident drive for two, Hoggard unable to swing it back when the ball is well wide of the off-stump, Simon Jones partially stopping the ball at mid-off.

1032 Harmison having completed the over begun last night and culminating in Michael Clarke's wicket, Matthew Hoggard is given the responsibilty from the Pavilion End and drifts one back into Gilchrist with his opening loosener.

1030 A little cloud around too which may provide some assistance and there is a huge roar as Steve Harmison races in for the opening delivery, Adam Gilchrist clipping it off his hip for a single confidently to bring up the 100.

1015 Plenty of sunshine around for England to continue their quest to bowl Australia out, five more wickets required and 179 runs needed by the tourists to avoid the follow-on.


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