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Last Updated: Friday, 26 August 2005, 17:33 GMT 18:33 UK
Day two: As it happened
FOURTH TEST - MATCH SUMMARY (Trent Bridge, Day 2):
Australia 99-5 v England 477

An Andrew Flintoff century and three wickets from Matthew Hoggard put England in control of the fourth Ashes Test against Australia at Trent Bridge.

Flintoff (102) and Geraint Jones (85) staged a 177-run partnership to help England go from 241-5 to 477 all out.

Hoggard and Simon Jones then put in a stunning burst to have Matthew Hayden, Ricky Ponting and Damien Martyn lbw.

Hoggard dismissed Justin Langer and Michael Clarke was lbw off the last ball as Australia closed on 99-5.


1828: WICKET Australia 99-5 (Clarke 36)

Two balls after his let-off over the slips Clarke is beaten by a Harmison delivery which nips back into him and umpire Bucknor sends him on his way lbw. It is the final ball of the day and Australia will resume on Saturday on 99-5.

1827: Off the first ball of the next over Clarke flashes at a Harmison delivery and the ball flies just out of reach of Flintoff at second slip.

1824: Clarke twice drives swinging Jones deliveries to the sweeper on the cover boundary but the bowler will be happy to see him chancing his arm.

1819: After a rocky start Katich has settled down and is playing some neat shots off his legs off Jones and Harmison.

1817: Jones continues to get nice shape into the left-hander Katich but a couple of deliveries on leg stump enable the Australian to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

1812: Clarke greets Harmison's return with a flashy, flat-footed drive for four off a very wide ball, which seems rash in the extreme, given the Australians' perilous state.

1809: Jones beats the edge as Katich chases a wide one but the Aussie left-hander lives to fight another day. Off the final delivery of the over there is a big appeal for lbw but Katich got an edge before the ball cannoned into his pads.

1801: Flintoff, who is not getting as much swing as Jones and Hoggard, if any at all, twice over-steps the mark. They are the fifth and sixth no-balls of the Australian innings so far.

1753: Simon Jones comes back into the attack in place of Hoggard and he is immediately on the mark. Drinks are taken at the end of the over.

1747: Clarke survives a stentorian appeal for lbw from Flintoff as England keep the pressure on.

1740: Bell nearly makes it two catches in two balls but puts down the chance of Hoggard after Simon Katich turns his first ball firmly to short leg.

1736: WICKET Australia 58-4 (Langer 27)

Ian Bell flings himself headlong to remove Langer after the gritty Australian opener is beaten by a Hoggard ball which nips back into him. The ball catches the glove and bounces onto Langer's pads before ballooning in the air, with Bell making yards to take a fine catch.

1733: A Flintoff delivery rears from just short of a length and cracks Langer on the side of the head. The batsman is unhurt but looks briefly shaken.

1731: Pietersen, who has yet to take a catch in Test cricket and has dropped five chances, takes a drive from Langer which was hit straight into the ground and pretends to have taken the catch, fooling half the crowd at Trent Bridge.

1730: Clarke works Hoggard through mid-wicket for a couple to bring up the fifty and next ball drills him down the pitch for a marvellous four.

1728: Hoggard forces an inside edge from Langer and the ball squirts through square leg for a single. The next delivery draws Clarke forward and catches the outside edge but the ball falls short of the slips.

1724: Clarke clips Flintoff away through mid-wicket of his legs for a sweetly-timed four.

1722: Flintoff, who scored a fine hundred earlier in the day, comes into the England attack for the first time.

1720: Hoggard struggles a bit with his line in his next over and the pressure has just eased off on Australia.

1712: Jones continues to concentrate on full-to-yorker length as Clarke squeezes the ball out towards mid-wicket for one. Langer flashes the next behind point for four.

1708: Hoggard ends another tidy over with England well on top.

1702: Langer is knocked off his feet by a fine Jones yorker which swings into his pads, but the Aussie hits back a couple of balls later with a cover drive for four.

1659: Hoggard rounds off a fine over by forcing Michael Clarke to edge into the slips, although the ball bounces well in front of Flintoff at second slip.

1654: WICKET Australia 22-3 (Martyn 1)

Hoggard nips one back into Martyn and wins his second lbw decision, although it looks as though the Australian got an inside edge and is unlucky to be given out.

1649: WICKET Australia 21-2 (Ponting 1)

Jones nips one back into Ponting and umpire Bucknor raises the finger to send the Australian skipper on his way. There is a suggestion that the Ponting may have got an edge before the ball hit his pads.

1641: WICKET Australia 20-1 (Hayden 7)

Hoggard has looked threatening virtually every ball and he gets the breakthrough as he pins Hayden right in front with a marvellous swinging delivery to win an lbw decision.

1638: Hayden manages to get a swinging Jones delivery away for a single. The Australians have struggled to score runs for the past few overs against Hoggard and Jones.

1630: Jones is definitely getting some shape into the tourists' openers, and beats Hayden with a fine delivery to end his first over.

1627: England captain Vaughan has wasted no time in ringing the changes, with Simon Jones coming on to replace Harmison. Presumably he has seen the swing Hoggard is getting and fancies Jones to do the same. Harmison offers pace and bounce, but is not renowned for his ability to swing the ball.

1624: Hoggard launches a big appeal after hitting Langer on the pads but umpire Dar declines to send the Australian on his way. Hoggard is definitely getting some in-swing to the left-handed Aussie openers.

1620: Harmison beats Langer outside his off stump but the opener hits back with a four off the next ball. Harmison switches his attack from over to round the wicket with little effect.

1615: Hoggard swings one back into Hayden's pads, but it was passing down the leg side and Hoggard's appeal is muted. The last ball also swings into the Australia left-hander and squirts down to square leg for a couple.

1613: Langer gets a good one from Harmison but drops his hands and the ball passes harmlessly wide of third slip.

1610: Langer is undone by extra bounce from Harmison but the resulting inside edge whistles past his leg stump. Next ball he cracks a wider delivery through point for four.

1608: Hayden, short of form so far this series, belts a wide delivery from Hoggard through the covers for four.

1605: After his slightly shaky start Langer sees the rest of the over out OK and the innings starts with a maiden.

1600: Harmison opens the attack for England, with Langer facing the first ball for Australia. Harmison raps Langer on the pads but umpire Bucknor declines the resulting appeal.


1539: WICKET England 477 all out (Hoggard 10)

Warne wraps things up by finding the outside edge of Hoggard's tentative forward defensive and Gilchrist takes the catch. Tea will now be taken.

1534: The crowd goes wild as Hoggard cuts Warne through point for four.

1530: Lee serves up some short stuff to Simon Jones and he is rattled by the fourth ball of the over which bounces off the grill of his helmet and hits the leg stump but somehow fails to remove the bails.

1525: Warne torments Hoggard but cannot remove the obdurate England tail ender.

1520: Lee is brought back into the attack and immediately hurries a couple past Hoggard's outside edge.

1518: Simon Jones confirms his ability as a hitter by lofting Warne straight down the ground for four. He digs the next ball out and somehow sends it racing though the covers for a second boundary.

1512: Simon Jones cracks Kasprowicz through the covers for four. Tea has been delayed either until the fall of the 10th wicket, or until 30 minutes pass.

1506: WICKET England 454-9 (Harmison 2)

Harmison launches himself down the pitch at Warne and fails to get anywhere near the ball. Gilchrist takes the bails off and Harmison is stumped for two.

1504: Matthew Hoggard gets off the mark with two runs driven through extra cover.

1501: Harmison, unlike Giles, manages to connect with a sweep to get off the mark.

1456: WICKET England 450-8 (Giles 15)

Giles tries to sweep a straight one from Warne and umpire Bucknor has no hesitation in raising his finger.

1453: WICKET England 450-7 (G Jones 85)

Jones tries to force Kasprowicz through the one-side but gets an inside edge onto his pad and Kasprowicz makes good ground to pouch a return catch.

1452: Giles clips Kasprowicz through square-leg to bring up the 450.

1448: Giles sweeps Warne through square leg to post the highest score of the series as England move on to 448-6. It was a frustrating end to a fine over for Warne, who beat Giles's outside edge several times.

1444: When Kasprowicz drops short Giles drills him through point for a four and a couple of balls later Jones straight-drives the Australian seamer for a marvellous boundary. Jones' drive takes England onto 444 and equals the highest score of the series. The previous total came in England's first innings of the last Test at Old Trafford.

1441: Jones twice runs Tait down to third man as England keep the scoreboard ticking over.

1437: After another long delay to set the field, Kasprowicz returns to action and yields a single from a solid over which ends with a good yorker to Giles.

1430: Australia appeal for caught behind off Giles but the ball flicked off his thigh pad from Tait.

1425: With Flintoff's departure the energy levels in the middle have dropped, and the fact Australia are taking a long time over their field changes is not helping matters.

1422: Giles gets off the mark with a square-drive for four off Tait.

1420: Jones mis-times a pull off Tait but the ball falls harmlessly between mid-wicket and mid-on.

1416: Langer, after his earlier misfortune, is cheered to the rafters after managing to stop a well-struck Jones shot on the extra-cover boundary.

1410: WICKET England 418-6 (Flintoff 102)

Flintoff tries to swing Tait away over square leg off a good length delivery and when the ball cannons into his pads umpire Bucknor takes his time before sending Flintoff on his way.

1407: Justin Langer is left floundering on the ground after mis-judging a Jones cover drive which swerved its way across the outfield before evading Langer and skipping across the rope.

1405: England pick up four leg byes after Flintoff misses with an attempt to hoist Tait over square leg. England have scored 70 runs in the 13 overs since lunch.

1358: Flintoff receives a standing ovation after working the ball through square leg to bring up his first Test century against Australia off 121 balls. It contained 14 fours and a six.

1355: Tait is getting a bit of swing and is much more on the mark than previously, sending down a maiden.

1350: Warne comes round the wicket and immediately pushes one past Flintoff's outside edge. The leg spinner bowls the rest of the over into the rough outside leg stump and Flintoff is unable to get the single he needs to bring up his century.

1345: Tait is brought back into the attack in place of Lee. Flintoff (99 not out) pivots and pulls his first delivery to square leg, where Lee keeps him to a single. Jones steals some of the limelight as he cracks a boundary through extra cover.

1343: An inside edge onto his pad which runs down to fine leg brings up the 400 for England and moves Flintoff on to 98.

1340: Shoddy fielding from Martyn gifts Jones a couple as England tick along with the minimum of fuss, four runs coming off Lee's over.

1337: Jones dances down the pitch to Warne and straight drives for four. A single off the next ball brings up the 150 partnership.

1334: With his pace attack disappearing round the park Australian captain Ponting has turned to leg-spinner Warne to try and stem the flow of runs.

1333: Jones goes to his fifty - his fourth in Tests - with a single off Kasprowicz.

1329: Since lunch 38 runs have come from just four overs.

1325: Flintoff latches onto a short delivery from Kasprowicz and leathers the ball through mid-wicket. Next ball Kasprowicz drops short on the off side and Flintoff belts him off the back foot through extra cover for another boundary. Two deliveries later Flintoff follows up with another four through the covers to move onto 91 after Kasprowicz sends down the 25th no-ball of the innings. Flintoff then farms the strike with a single off the fifth legitimate ball of the over.

1322: A cut brings Jones two more as he moves to within two runs of a fifty. Runs are coming thick and fast after the lunch interval.

1319: Kasprowicz concedes four leg byes after drifting down leg and from the next delivery Flintoff works the ball into the same fine-leg area for a couple.

1314: Off the fifth ball of his over Lee can only watch in despair as Jones edges the ball wide of third slip for four. In total eight runs come off an over which could easily have started with a wicket.

1310: Lee opens the bowling with a 77mph loosener which Jones appears to edge behind, but umpire Bucknor refuses to answer the huge Australian appeal for a catch by giving it out.

1308: The players are back on the field after lunch and play is about to resume.


1230: Jones picks up a single off Kasprowicz after Hayden half-stops a cut in the gulley. Flintoff then essays a booming drive but Damien Martyn moves well to cut off a certain boundary and two balls later the umpires remove the bails and call lunch.

1225: Lee sends down another solid over which Flintoff is content to play out as he eyes the rapidly-approaching lunch break.

1221: Kasprowicz is brought back in place of the disappointing Tait and Flintoff is immediately rapped on the pads by an in-ducker, but the England all-rounder survives an appeal for lbw. Two balls later Flintoff gets an outside edge as he tries a straight drive but the ball lands agonisingly, for Australia, just short of a diving Ricky Ponting at extra cover.

1217: Lee hurries one past Jones' outside edge and follows up two balls later with anther fine delivery which eludes Jones and thunders into Gilchrist's gloves behind the stumps.

1212: Flintoff (73 not out) works the ball through mid-wicket to bring up the 100 partnership.

1208: Lee replies for Australia with a much better over than Tait managed last time and only concedes a single to Jones, who moves onto 29.

1203: Tait drops short against Flintoff and he pummels him away through mid-wicket for four. From the next ball Flintoff produces the shot of the day so far as he steps out and drives Tait gloriously through wide mid-on for four to move onto 66. Two balls later he pulls the slingy Australia paceman through mid-wicket for another four as 13 come off the over. England have now scored more than 100 runs this morning for the loss of Pietersen's wicket.

1157: Australia opt for genuine pace at either end with the new ball and Brett Lee immediately beats Jones' airy waft with a rapid out-swinger. Jones chips the next ball into the mid-wicket area but it lands safely and he collects a single. From the fourth ball of the over Lee snakes one past a squared-up Flintoff's outside edge but the big man ends the over by check-driving Lee straight back down the ground for four. This is going to be a vital half hour to lunch. Game on.

1152: Shaun Tait is given first use of the new ball but his first delivery is a half-volley and Jones sends it racing to the cover boundary.

1150: Flintoff opens his shoulders for the first time, depositing Warne over mid-wicket for six to bring up his fifty. At the end of the over Australia take the new ball at the first opportunity.

1147: England are moving along nicely, but with sweepers back on the boundary on both sides there are no easy fours available. Jones has moved onto 22 with Flintoff two short of a fifty.

1143: Warne catches the edge of Jones' bat with a big leg-spinner but the ball falls short and wide of Matthew Hayden at slip. Jones then sweeps and picks up a couple through square leg to bring up the 300 for England. The sun is out at Trent Bridge and Flintoff and Jones look as though they are settling in nicely, bar the odd alarm against Warne.

1138: Jones plays a sublime square cut off Kasprowicz to pick up his second boundary.

1135: Flintoff drives Warne off the back foot through extra cover for a couple and follows up two balls later by dispatching a long-hop through the same region for a crunching four.

1132: The first hour has passed with England adding 57 runs for the loss of Kevin Pietersen.

1129: Flintoff moves onto 37 as he takes a couple of runs off each of the first two deliveries of Kasprowicz's over. From the final ball he takes a quick single, and in his hurry to make his ground he slides in and demolishes the stumps at the non-striker's end.

1124: Flintoff punches a single off Warne, who then strays down leg side and is swept for a couple by Jones. Another single off the fourth ball has the leg-spinner exclaiming in frustration. His mood is not improved when Flintoff works him down the ground next ball, but Jones does his best to put a smile back on Warne's face by bottom-edging an attempted square cut, although the ball falls harmlessly to the ground.

1121: Runs are coming steadily for England and three more singles off Kasprowicz see them move onto 276-5.

1116: Warne bowls a rare short delivery and is grateful there is a sweeper back on the cover boundary to restrict Flintoff to a single.

1112: Australia ring the changes in attack, bringing on the steady Michael Kasprowicz in place of Lee. Flintoff clips the third ball of the over just past the diving Gilchrist for four. The ball appears to brush the tip of Gilchrist's glove as he flings himself full-length in a despairing dive.

1108: Warne rips one past the edge of Jones' groping bat. The veteran Aussie spinner looks in prime form.

1105: Jones works Lee through mid-wicket for a single. Flintoff picks up a single of his own a couple of balls later to move onto 23 and Jones follows up with a cover drive for four as Lee oversteps and is called for a no-ball.

1100: Flintoff shapes to cut what he thinks is a leg spinner from Warne and smiles ruefully after the ball goes straight on and he just manages to jab down on it. Two balls later he mis-hits a straight drive but it still flies miles and goes for a one-bounce four.

1056: Flintoff sneaks a quick single off Lee to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

1054: Warne is getting some big, although fairly sluggish, turn. He over-pitches from the penultimate ball of the over and Flintoff drives through extra cover to bring up the 250.

1049: Geraint Jones comes out to bat for England and is squared up by his third delivery from Lee, but picks up a single through cover. From the next ball Flintoff collects four as he drives and gets a thick outside edge over gulley.

1046: WICKET England 241-5 (Pietersen 45)

Lee fires in a rapid full-pitched delivery and Pietersen edges it into the gloves of Adam Gilchrist.

1044: Warne launches a huge appeal for leg before against Flintoff but umpire Bucknor is unmoved.

1041: Pietersen pulls the last ball of Lee's second over through square leg but the Aussies have a man back and he only gets a single.

1039: Pietersen cracks Brett Lee backwards of square on the off side for four.

1037: Shane Warne is thrown the ball to open the bowling at the other end from Lee. The Australia leg-spinner, the world's leading Test wicket taker of all time, concedes a single to Pietersen, his great mate from Hampshire.

1033: The first over ends with England having added five to their total. Pietersen and Flintoff were both circumspect and left the ball when it was wide of off stump.

1030: Brett Lee starts with a leg-side gift to Pietersen, who clips him through fine leg for four.

1027: The umpires - Steve Bucknor and Aleem Dar - take to the field ahead of the Australian team. The tourists are followed by England batsmen Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff, who are greeted by a big cheer from the crowd.

1014: It is expected to be dry and sunny at Trent Bridge for the second day's play, with the temperature in the mid 60s. There is currently some light cloud, and the ball may swing, but there are also patches of blue sky overhead.


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