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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 August 2005, 09:14 GMT 10:14 UK
Ashes log: Third Test - Monday


Click refresh for updates - all times BST. The log for the astonishing third Test is now over.

Thank you all for your great contributions throughout a remarkable Test. We look forward to hearing from you again when the fourth Test gets under way at Trent Bridge on 25 August.

But if you want to continue the debate now, then please use our TMS messageboards.

1929: Murali, New York
Great game. These are probably the two best teams at the moment. This is a superb English side against a seasoned and determined Australian one.

1926: Joe, Scotland
Let's not get distracted by comments about Vaughan! England played superbly, and if not for the rain, would have easily won the Test.

1921: Nik Patel, USA
This has to be the best cricket I have ever seen in my life. Hats off to Australia for getting a draw and getting back in the series.

1916: Frank, England
Shows our improvement to push the Aussies so hard in back-to-back Test matches! Both captains came alive for the first time in the series, great innings by both!

1915: Glen, New York
Ian - both teams played some excellent cricket and Vaughan is more likely to receive a knighthood than the sack!

1907: Ian, England
Vaughan must resign! Sorry but if he can't win this today, he doesn't deserve to be captain. He has let the nation down!

1905: Jason, UK
Maybe a draw was the fairest result. Although England were the better side, neither side really deserved to lose. Next time the rain won't save Australia though!

1904: Liam, Netherlands
I don't think I've ever seen a more tense game of cricket - this coming from a bloke who watched the second Test. Full credit to Ricky Ponting for an outstanding captain's knock.

I'm really, really glad that I'm not McGrath, Lee or Harmison though. The pressure must have been crazy.

1902: England captain Michael Vaughan
The Ashes series has been fantastic to play in and this Test had everything. I want to congratulate our team - we've shown a lot of character. The rain was costly for us but you can only control the performance in the middle.

Ricky Ponting played a fantastic innings and congratulations to him.

1857: Australia captain Ricky Ponting, TMS
Things don't get much tighter than that. I thought I'd cocked it all up at the end but congratulations to Brett Lee and Glenn McGrath.

We're relieved, it was a big game for us. A draw is a good result for us after probably being outplayed for most of the match.

1855: Marko Koning, The Netherlands
I'm so proud of the England team. To be involved in probably the most amazing back-to-back Tests of all time is a great, great performance. Unfortunately England haven't won but in the next two games we have a great chance to win the Ashes!

1853: Michael, Scotland
The Aussies are happy with a draw after being helped with weather - that says it all.

1851: Christopher Adams, Netherlands
Incredible, both teams deserve a standing ovation.

1850: Stephen, England
What a match! Credit to Lee and McGrath for seeing out the last four overs, but man of the match has to be Ricky Ponting! What an innings!


1845: Ed, France
I am not even watching the game and I am nervous! Incredible!

1844: David, UK
If the series carries on like this I'll have to increase my life insurance cover!

1842: TK, Singapore
Whatever happens now, this is undoubtedly the greatest game in the world. Well played England and Australia.

1838: Tony Morgan, England
I never thought cricket would have me on the edge of my seat. This is just as bad as watching Liverpool in the Champions League final. Come on boys, one more to go.

1835: Jonathan Agnew, TMS
All around the ground people are on their feet. The noise is unlike anything I've ever heard at a cricket ground before.

1832: Sean K, Germany
Congratulations to Ricky Ponting on a truly remarkable innings. He has done his country proud.

1830: Conor Whelan, Ireland
How long does it take for (Umpire) Bowden to give Ponting's caught behind decision? That was unbearable! Come on England!


1827: Asif Chowdhury, Belgium
Hats off to Ponting! He's doing an amazing job keeping the strike for the most part.

1825: Keith, Canada
I just returned from a three-week holiday in the UK. My first introduction to the wonderful game of cricket and I am glued to the action here in Canada. I'm hooked.

1822: Akil Sethuraman, USA
This is certainly not something for the faint-hearted or pregnant women!

1819: Ian Robinson, Australia
Who's writing the scripts for these matches? I'm a wreck!

1818: Kevin, Canada
So much for ice hockey being exciting... this beats any NHL game I've seen in 48 years. The commentators make you feel like you're actually there.

1817: Jonathan, United Kingdom
I'm scared, very scared. This is just as bad as Edgbaston on Sunday. Another superb advert for Test match cricket though.

1812: Shamim Aziz, India Bring back Harmison, he will bang one in to Lee and Lee will be gone.

1810: Sarah Knight, UK I can't handle this anymore. I didn't have any nails left after the last test! They will never be the same again after this!

1809: Simon Essex, England
Caught Jones, bowled Fintoff! Amazing! If we go on to win now that will be catch of the series, nay...the universe!

1807: Nick Blyth, Surrey
I defy anyone to try to predict anything in this series. Just when you think you know where it is heading there are more twists. Go Geraint - nice reflexes!

1804: Conor McCormack, Scotland
Geraint Jones has just redeemed himself in spectacular style!

1803: Sean K, Germany
Who says this is all over? Warne gone and away we go again! Sitting in the office, should have gone home by now but dare not leave the commentary...


1758: Aaron, Australia
This reminds me of Alan Border and Terry Alderman in the 1980s. Hopefully it proves different this time. Nice to see England are finally giving us some opposition after years of Ashes whitewashes. Whatever happens, well done England, hope to beat you in more tough matches like this one.


1755: David W, England
Once again the Aussie tail is proving too good for our bowlers. If England don't learn to polish off the so-called tail enders they'll never win an Ashes series.

1753: Daniel, USA
12 overs and 86 to win - I think Australia have a chance. If they do, Ponting will be next to Bradman.

1750: Isaac Hockett-Watt, Norway
I can't take it anymore. Maybe if I go home a wicket will have gone down by the time I get there...

1747: Matt, Singapore
These 15 overs will determine the series. England have allowed Australia back in the last two Tests and if they don't pull off this one I'm afraid this won't be their year.

1745: Sags, UK
I can't see Warne getting out. He has been the thorn in England's side nearly every innings.

1743: Barry, France
I think this must be Ponting's finest innings, what an outstanding effort!

1740: Nigel, England
Kevin Pietersen couldn't catch a cold. (Pietersen dropped a difficult chance off Warne at mid-wicket)

1735: Jonathan Agnew, TMS
I'm just a bit worried that the English bowlers have shot their bolt. It's been a long, hard day so far.

1731: Isaac Hockett-Watt, Norway
Time for Vaughan to have a dabble methinks! I agree with Angus Fraser that Vaughan under-rates his own talents

1729: Natalie, England
Even if we don't win this Test, at least we've given the Aussies some of their own medicine. England will not go down without a fight!

1727: Steven Grason, English, living in Japan
I don't think I can take anymore of this! Another late night rooted to the drama of this wonderful series. And there are two more Tests to come...

1721: Christopher Martin-Jenkins, TMS
It won't be too much longer til the umpires start getting a bit restive about the light for the batsmen here at Old Trafford.

1720: Simon Roulston, Edinburgh
Michael Vaughan has out-captained his Australian counterpart all series, but the decision to take the new ball after the quick successes may prove to be Vaughan's first error in judgement. All credit to Ponting though, tremendous fighting spirit.

1719: Mark Jolly, England
They think it's all over...

1717: Janet, Edinburgh, Scotland
I predicted early in the day that Ponting would play a captain's innings to (at least try to) save the day. My prediction is proving spot on! I wouldn't mind if Ponting were out now and Warne stood on his wicket again, but I'd like my prediction recorded!

I'm sitting in an office in Edinburgh, surrounded by golf and football fanatics. Reward my loyalty to the genuine beautiful game, please!

1715: Ron, UK
The opinion in the office regarding the new ball is the same as Graham Gooch's! Another few overs could have given more success!

1714: Min Johnson, England
How about a comment from a girlie for a change!? I've sat through the 1981 tests and managed to squeeze in exams at the same time but nothing as awesome as this. Brilliant tension in the office here.

1711: Andrew, USA
England have thrown it away by taking the new ball. The Aussies will hang on now.

1710: Krinix, India
This is electric, Test cricket at its best. I've never seen Englishmen so animated on the field and off. Emotions are overflowing there and here.

1708: Piers, London
Being a Scotsman, for the first time in my life I'm supporting England, get in there!

1704: Graham Gooch, TMS
I would have persevered with the old ball a little bit longer, I think. Flintoff's going to have to produce something special now.

If England can break this Ponting-Warne partnership the match is probably theirs. Warney is playing within himself and playing well defensively. I didn't think he had it in them to be honest

1702: Steve Robbie, Australia
I'm offshore on a rig on the north west shelf of Australia and all the boys are riveted! Australia will manage the draw!

1657: Braz, England
From my office I can see a large group of people standing in the street watching the match on a TV in a shop window!

1655: David Richard, UK
This is the spirit of the Dambusters! Flintoff is the bouncing bomb and Warne is the dam about to be burst!

1650: Tom Trewick, England
Come on lads. Once Ponting's wicket goes, Warne will panic and it will be game over... Keep the faith!

1648: James G, England
Surely one of the most unproductive days in office history... who cares! It doesn't get any better than this. There were rumours it was rugby but cricket is the new football. Fact!

1645: Nick Higgins, UK
This is the most thrilling Ashes series since 1981

1640: Ron England, UK
Small boys in the park, wickets made from sticks, three lions on the shirt, marvellous! Come on England!

1636: Vic Marks, TMS
I would have given Simon Jones another over with the old ball I think, but Michael Vaughan is nothing if not decisive.

1640: Geoff, England
The match will be over before one of my comments make it through the vetting!

1636: Vic Marks, TMS
I think Australia may well rue the Gillespie decision. Warne cannot play his natural game now, and there is not the ballast of having Gillespie to come. I found it a really weird decision.

1635: Ashok Menon, UK
Oh my God, only three wickets to go. This is as good as Edgbaston! Come on lads, let's swing the Aussies out of the match.

1633: Gary Etherington, USA
The tension is unbearable. Can anyone out there actually remember being this excited about an England Test performance? I keep waiting for defeat to be snatched from the jaws of victory. I'm taking David Hoskin's advice and going for coffee!

1631: Chedgzoy, UK
That's the last action Gillespie will see in Test cricket...

1627: Neil Patel, England
England never do things the easy way, do they? They always want to keep us on the edge of our seats. Should make it even sweeter when we win though!

1624: Frederick Smith, England
What a battle! Who needs Twenty20 for gripping cricket? There is no place to hide out there.

1622: Nigel Weston, USA
Come on, this is fantastic! I've never heard a cricket crowd like this before. Everyone there will remember this for a very long time to come! My three-year-old is dancing around the room...she has no idea what is going on!


1617: Dave, Valencia
I'm doing cartwheels here in the office! Come on England, four wickets to go!

1613: Geoff Lawson, TMS
The decision to bring Jason Gillespie in ahead of Shane Warne is a suggestion - more than a suggestion, actually - that they have decided to play for a draw.


1607: Geoff Lawson, TMS
Simon Jones seems to be getting more bounce than anyone else and the crowd just love him for it. Every time he walks back to field at backwards square he gets an ovation like he's just taken a hat-trick!

1604: Eva Le Pessimist, Channel Islands
Time is running short for the England bowlers. A draw is looking more and more inevitable. It's still there for the taking, but unless Vaughan picks the right bowler from his hat, I can't see five wickets falling before close.

1602: Ian Pitman, England
Are England in danger of throwing this away?

1557: Gerhardt Meurer, USA
Good on Ponting for his century. Will Australia try for a win?

1553: David Hoskin, West Midlands
May I encourage all England supporters to move away from the radio every so often - each time I put the kettle on a wicket falls.

Presuming moving away from the radio does indeed get Australians out - then Australia supporters should refrain from comfort breaks unless they can take the radio, laptop etc with them.

1550: Martin Raw, Brazil
This is wonderful. It's a sunny bank holiday here in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I am listening to the commentary on a creaky old, and rather slow computer, so the commentary keeps disappearing. But unlike England's chances in the old days, it keeps returning. What a marvellous renaissance of English cricket. Even my Brazilian wife is impressed!


1541: Jonathan Agnew, TMS
I've never seen Steve Bucknor move so quickly! (Umpire Bucknor had to dive to the ground to avoid a throw at the stumps)

1540: Nicholas Tilson, France
I can't stand the tension. I think I'm going to have to have a cold shower! I can't remember a series that was so exciting.

1538: Graham Gooch, TMS
Maybe Michael Vaughan thinks Clarke and Ponting are more vulnerable to Harmison than Simon Jones, but I'm surprised Jones wasn't the first bowler on after tea.

1532: Lou Chaston, England
This is ridiculous! I can't tear myself away from the radio. I'm rushing between computer and earphones to car and Radio 4.. even trying to time my loo breaks so they are between overs! Who needs football? Cricket Rules! C'mon boys! Make us proud!

1528: Julian, UK
For Stewart - I pray that England win as you haven't experienced 18 years of Aussie gloating! I went to the 2002 Ashes Down Under and everyone in the country had a dig - in the nicest possible way!

1525: S Webster, UK
Having just read Jonathan Stevenson's article on Cricket v Football, I must say that I couldn't agree more. Having been brought up on cricket I find the game has the respectability that it deserves, if not the media attention. Football should stay out of the summer - bring back the proper season and give the children today the chance to get involved without the pressures of which game to forsake at the start or end of the season.

My son has determinedly put cricket first, and has revelled in every one of his U13 innings, and I too have thoroughly enjoyed watching, knowing that the opposition supporters will acknowledge good play from both teams. Football - know your place!

1520: Stewart Smith, UK
As an Aussie fan living in England, I pray that Ponting and the boys can at least draw the match. I don't want to live through the gloating if we lose the Ashes.

1516: Timothy Crooks, Old Trafford, via textIn the ground with my mate Brett. We are loving it. Freddie is a legend.

1514: Craig Laver, Bristol, via text
Freddie, Freddie, he's our man, if he can't do it no-one can!

1509: Sam Griggs, England
In response to ECB's Colin Gibson - why sell out TV rights to Sky then? You'll be the first to complain when there are no youngsters coming through in a few years time and all this interest is lost forever.

1507: Tim Bryder, England
Why does Harmison not try this slower ball again to either Ponting or Clarke? Must be worth a try.

1505: Dominic O'Reilly, UK
With the ball more than 60 overs old surely now is the time for Simon Jones to find some reverse swing?

1503: Christopher, UK
I have thought of a way in which the Aussies can have a batsman at the start of the innings who can stick around whilst the others flay the ball: Jason Gillespie.

This will also solve their fifth bowler problems...

1455: Alan, Germany
Vaughan must put Harmison and Jones on for a burst either side of tea. Just two more wickets and perhaps we can get nine,10 and jack out quickly this time.

1450: Matt, England
Let's not get too excited just yet. Ponting is playing well, and with Shane Warne still to come, an Aussie win is not out of the question, let alone the draw.

1444: ECB head of communications Colin Gibson
(Football's) Premiership is a great competition but I can't ever remember its opening day being overshadowed by cricket.

1440: Angela, England
As a 19-year-old girl, people often react with confusion when i tell them that I'm a massive cricket fan. Watching this series has been a highlight in my cricket life so far. Absolutely blinding lads, keep it up!

1439: Twinkle, Dubai, UAE
My optimism grows by the minute. Fabulous Freddie strikes again. Can we win? just changed to we CAN win.


1429: Jefferson, Brunei
No worries.. the Aussies will strike back - keep going Ricky Ponting. He'll silence all the critics and steady the ship once again. I have to give England credit for their showing, especially Flintoff.

1420: Pat Murphy, Five Live
Although people might think there's not much batting to come, Jason Gillespie has batted for four hours in the past to save a Test for Australia and Shane Warne has been in superb form.

1419: Eddie Wilson, England
Quality stuff from England, when was the last time officials had to turn away 10,000 people from a cricket ground? Hopefully we can bowl well at the tail for a change...

1416: Geoff Lawson, TMS
England have bowled better than four wickets and Flintoff's been superb. There's a lot going on between the ears, really good thinking cricket.

1414: James, Australia
To the Aussies on this board - be gracious and let the Poms have their day in the sun. Heaven knows they don't get too many of them.

1411: kiwinavega, via TMS messageboards
Freddie Flintoff - I've said it before, and will say it again. I love you. In a manly, respectful way, obviously.


1358: Ormsbyc, via TMS messageboards
I need an excuse to leave my desk and watch the rest of today's play at the nearest Aussie bar!

1356: Paul Halfpenny, UK
The bugler in the background on TMS is really keeping my hopes up for a win...keep up the great atmosphere, its like a party!

1350: Graham Gooch, TMS
Flintoff has been England's best bowler of the series so far. This new spell of five or six overs could be the key spell of the match for England.

1348: N H, England
I am glued to the BBC web site updates at work. Absolutely thrilling. Come on England - take your chance. Make the Aussies suffer! Giles - King of Pain!

1345: Mubeen Ahmed, UK
Simon Jones is the man to strike the Aussies down. Give him as many overs as possible and watch them tumble.

1340: Matt, Western Australia
That is poor umpiring at this level of the game, and at this point it could prove very costly. Tom - Martyn's catch yesterday looked clean, his fingers were clearly under the ball when he took the catch.

1335: Tom, UK
Martyn may well feel hard done by but didn't anybody else notice his catch off Strauss yesterday? It was a half-volley off the grass and he didn't own up to it - bad karma for Damien.


1329: Aussia Bateau, United Kingdom
What! You get your tails up once and now you are kings of the world! Come on! You have been trashed for years. I am happy you are doing well but be realistic guys.

1320: Dave Mason, UK
Excellent coverage. Just home after setting off for the game five hours ago. Queued for over an hour before chaos set in and a mass rugby scrum was allowed to form due to the lack of stewards. I went yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed play, but so disappointed at Lancashire's lack of stewards to control the queues at 9am.

1318: Johnboy, Bournemouth
I don't think England are going to win but by Jove, what a way to announce England are the best team in the world. The way we tamed their bowlers was phenomenal.

1312: Former England footballer Bobby Charlton, TMS
I only played cricket twice and was clean bowled both times so I decided it wasn't the game for me. My team was nine all out, but I love watching it.

1300:Ian Brown, Sweden
It's getting increasingly hard to concentrate at work. My friend, Ian, and I tried to find a cheap flight to Manchester last night to see if we could get over. He's in the pub (in Stockholm) watching while I'm chained to my PC for at least two more hours. TMS over the net is a godsend!

1255: Kenneth, Scotland
For Russell - Ashley Giles is the King of Spain. His county, Warwickshire, order a consignment of mugs to sell, describing him as "The King of Spin". Unfortunately, the company printed each and every mug with "Ashley Giles - The King of Spain"!

1252: James Harrow, Blighty I'm thinking about calling it a day at work. All my customers seem to be glued to the cricket and not answering their phones! Can England really get eight wickets in two sessions?

1247: Pete, Manchester
I went on Saturday and bought a ticket for Sunday, after the washout. It was my wife's birthday on Sunday, so I am in big come on England, make it worth the grief!

1246: Phil, UK Looks as though England will miss out on the win, it will be tough to get eight more wickets this afternoon. England must remember however that Australia can still bat themselves into a position to win this game. It's going to be a tricky afternoon for Vaughan.

1238: Russell Hinton, UK
Could someone please tell me who this King of Spain character is? I have watched all three Tests on TV and this still eludes me.

1234: Tom, UK
Simon Jones is the key once the ball gets old - it's all about the reverse swing.

1233: Geoff Lawson, TMS
I think England will be happy with having taken two wickets, but there's still a long way to go. The bowlers have bowled well, except for Harmison's opening spell. I can't remember Ashley Giles bowling a bad ball.


1228: Ray George, Brunei
My beer is cold, my work is done and England are dominating the Aussies at cricket. Is this heaven?

1220: R. Iyer, Canada
I suspect this might be a lot closer than most people think. Australia have kept up with the run-rate.

1216: Richard, England
Work productivity dips and internet traffic soars! Every second person here has the BBC live score open on their PC. Come on England! Keep Freddie on until lunch.

1210: George, Azerbaijan
Following it on the net thanks to the BBC live updates every over, it must be a cracking atmosphere at the ground.

1205: Mark Kidger, Tenerife, Spain
Australia may yet scramble a draw, but it is interesting that the ball that did absolutely nothing in the hands of the Australian attack yesterday is suddenly moving around everywhere and batting looks almost impossible. If England win this match a 3-1 or 4-1 series win looks a real possibility.

1158: Graham Gooch, TMS
England have got to bring this slip cordon in - it's too spread out at the minute. With Flintoff's accuracy, a more standard field would be more profitable.


1138: Andrew Thompson, Devon
On holiday on a south Devon beach. Not sure who is making the most noise, the kids playing cricket or their parents listening to TMS. Extraordinary atmosphere!

1130: Darius, London
I'm working in the City for the summer and have done no work during the Ashes thanks to messrs Flintoff, Vaughan and Giles. Good to see the King of Spain showing those Aussies who's boss!

1129: Vic Marks, TMS
Michael Vaughan is showing a few signs of nerves. He's walking around with his hands behind his back like the Duke of Edinburgh at a military inspection - but a bit more quickly!

1124: Paul Richards, England
Worse than those that can't get a day off work - I have my final university exam at 1.30 this afternoon! The exploits of Hoggy and Giles will have to wait until the evening session.

1120: Oztraxed, England
Aussie Aussie Aussie.... Oi Oi Oi! Come on fellas, do us proud. Our rugby is not doing well with old men, show the world even with old men we can at least win the cricket! By the way, well played England so far this series!

1115: Graeme Smith, England
It's great to see a young England side knowing what they need to do to win and showing their determination to be seen as world class. Eriksson, are you watching?!

1109: Iain Mantle, England
If the Aussies want to bat all day, why didn't they open with Warne and Gillespie, with Lee coming in at three? England's bowlers have more problems removing them than the top order!

1107: Geoff Durbin, Lancashire County Cricket Club marketing manager
I'd say around 10,000 fans had to be turned away.

1102: Ronan, Nigeria
I'm not sure which is more bizarre: England potentially taking a 2-1 lead in an Ashes series or an Irishman hoping they do from his work in West Africa? Come on guys!

1100: OR, via TMS messageboards
I have just danced a jig to the office kitchen (after Langer's wicket) - luckily my boss' door is closed...C'mon!

1052: Hazel Irvine, Colin Jackson, Sally Gunnell, and the TV team!
The BBC Sport TV team are here at Helsinki Airport awaiting our flight back to the UK after the World Athletics Championships and enjoying the TMS commentary. Best wishes!

1049: Martin, England
I'm from Scotland and I'm supporting come on England!

1048: Alex Walker, Harpenden, Herts
I am really looking forward to this final day! It's given me something to do over the summer holidays, and being new to cricket, I never thought it could be so gripping! I now class myself as a huge cricket fan!

1045: Martin, Chester
I sat under an umbrella all day on Saturday. I have a cold. I'm back in work. I should be livid, but something inside tells me there's magic on the way. Australia, move over, we're on a charge! Once more into the breach, dear friends!

1040: David Jack, Scotland
C'mon Australia. Don't let us down. Hang on for the draw and win the final two Tests. Everyone in Scotland is right behind you!


1035: GH, UK
I remember people laughing at Steve McManaman when Liverpool were 3-0 down to AC Milan in the Champions League final.... and look what happened there Come on Aussies we all believe in you. You are world class, so show your class!

1034: Chris, Manchester
Dan W - pretty optimistic of you to leave London at 5am and expect to get in, mate! This is one of the most exciting days in the history of English cricket...!

1034: David Shaw, Qatar
Being a native from Northwich, Cheshire but having lived in the Middle East for almost 27 years, my wife and I are following this potential glory on Fox Sports. Just keep up the tenacity England and put the "pensioners" out to grass. The day can be all yours. Good luck!

1031: Geoff Lawson, TMS
The crowd are going to be knackered if they keep this up all day! They are living every ball.

1028: Kevin Wright, England
Surely we can't have the same drama as with the second Test...can we?! It's great to see everyone get behind the England cricket team... Come on England!

1026: Jonathan Agnew, TMS
The England players are getting a standing ovation from the sell-out crowd for their warm-up. These really are incredible scenes. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this. What a day this is going to be!

1022: Peter, Czech Republic
I'm going to spend a rainy day in the internet cafe following England's progress. It's going to cost a fortune so I hope it's worth it!

1020: Sam R, London
Come on boys, you can do it! I am gutted it's gone to a fifth day as I have to work and have no radio - will have to use ball-by-ball updates!

1017: Angus Fraser, BBC Radio Five Live
I think Michael Vaughan should be bowling himself a bit more. He is a good bowler and could do a lot of damage if he gives himself the chance.

1013: Earlybird, UK
Dan W you should have left earlier! I set out at 3am and am in the ground! C'mon England.

1013: Richard Darvill, Singapore
Today is arguably the most important sporting day in England for decades. We simply must underscore our dominance over Australia with a win.

1011: Hamid Janjua, Pakistan
Good fielding and no missed catches will make England winners today.

1003: Sam, UK
Gutted, went on Saturday and got pretty much no action. Got in to work today and my boss has gone! We'll get them all out though, we've got loads of time.

1002: Dan W, outside Old Trafford, via text
Absolutely gutted. A four-and-a-half hour journey up here after leaving London at 5am only to be told by a policeman there's no point in queuing up.

The queue - I'd say it was over a mile long - is dispersing now, with despondent fans looking for local pubs to watch the action.

0954: James, New York, USA
Just about to leave home at 5am to get to the Aussie bar in town to watch the boys try to bowl them out... don't let me down England! I'm taking a half-day off for this!

0950: Lancashire Cricket Club press release
Following four fantastic days play in the third npower Test Match at Old Trafford, cricket fans aiming to travel this morning for the fifth and final day's play are now being advised not to set out for the match.

Huge queues at the ground early this morning have meant that the stadium is sold out and the gates are now closed. Play is due to commence at 1030.

0924: Dan W, just outside Manchester, via text
Left London at 5am. Stuck in massive traffic jam just south of Manchester. Faint drizzle in air. Still not sure whether this is going to be an amazing day or a flop. Wish us luck!

Five Live's Mark Pougatch
0858: Mark Pougatch, Five Live
The ECB have told us that 19,000 tickets are available at Old Trafford but the queues are massive.

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