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Last Updated: Saturday, 6 August 2005, 17:49 GMT 18:49 UK
Ashes log: Second Test - Saturday


The log is over for the day - rejoin us on Sunday.

1837: Geoff Lawson, TMS summariser:
That last wicket and that's Australia out of the game. That will make England sleep a little easier tonight.

1834: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:

That is one of the most extraordinary pieces of bowling I have ever seen. Three brutes to soften him up and then a beautifully-flighted slower ball.


1826: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:
Billy Bowden is having a word with Flintoff and Hoggard is saying "ignore every word he says". You'd think Clarke would be happy with low, swinging full tosses on leg stump.

1821: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:
There's a lot of chatter going on out there between Flintoff and Clarke and Flintoff is typically dismissive. We're told there's an ambulance waiting to take Flintoff away after the match - hopefully not after a boxing match.

1816: Go Aussie on the TMS message board:
[On Shane Warne's two sixes off Ashley Giles] Warne's just doing what comes naturally. He's not going to pussy foot around. Glory or bust.

1813: Bill Frindall, TMS statistician
Shane Warne has just hit Australia's first two sixes of the Test match. England lead that contest 16-2.

1810: Ashley emails to say:
I can't believe they've taken the extra half hour - there's absolutely no food in the house and I haven't been able to get out all day!

1807: Psychosomatic on the TMS message board:
The bookies have England 1/50 and Australia 10/1. Do Dennis Lillee and Geoff Marsh know?

1805: Steve emails from South Korea to say:
Can't believe how intense this game has been. Every time Blowers starts to talk about the pigeons a wicket goes down!

1804: Barry Woodrow emails from Iceland to say:
Here in Reykjavik almost everyone is downtown watching the Gay Pride parade...except for me. I'm glued to the Internet. C'mon England!

1802: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:

I've been up there on the roof among the potting sheds and the noise has to be heard to be believed. It could take your hair off.

1801: Hollywood Harris on the TMS message board:
Glenn McGrath to be the first human cloned?

1759: Nick Johnson emails from Delaware to say:
Note to Mr Oatridge in New York: I'm with you! Walking around down here in Delaware with the score running on my Blackberry punching the air periodically as the wickets fall. The locals think I'm mental and are going to call the cops!

1756: Paul emails to say:
This is wonderful stuff. Let's hope we can finish the Aussies off today so our boys can get a couple of extra days rest before the next Test.

1755: Richie on the TMS message board:
In the words of Motty: This just gets better and better and better!

1751: Harry emails from Argentina to say:
Loving this! In an internet cafe in Buenos Aires where no one even knows what cricket is! Doesn't lessen my enjoyment of beating the Aussies though!


1750: Peter emails from Switzerland to say:
Sorry, is this really England playing or did we get some ringers in? When was the last time we crushed the Aussies like this? Even Warne is hiding - scaredy cat!


1741: Jason emails to say:
Enter Gilchrist - the man who can make or break the game for the Aussies. Come on Flintoff - lets get him!

1738: Matt on the TMS message board:
Well done Giles and what an important wicket. If we can get Gilly tonight it could be curtains for the Aussies! Come on ENGLAND!


1735: Mike Selvey, TMS summariser:

A strange signal to the dressing room from Flintoff and he gets a drink and a banana. The banana for quick release energy? Or perhpas he just wants a banana. What was that song by Jimmy Edwards? Have You Ever Seen a Straight Banana?

1733: Nic Oatridge emails from New York to say:
Thank God for the BBC. But everyone thinks I'm mad on a sunny New York Saturday to be huddled over a computer, biting my nails over a game nobody here understands despite my best endeavours. Come on England, we can do it! The Aussies are cracking!

1731: Matt Bannister emails from Peru to say:
Having been affected by a nasty case of travellers' stomach from some dodgy fish I'm staying close to the hostel and loving listening to TMS on the internet. I'd love England to win especially as I'm travelling with a group of Aussies and I get a dinner and pint if they do!

1727: Mike Selvey, TMS summariser:
I think I'd want another punt with Flintoff before the close. Ashley Giles is not making a lot of headway.

1725: Go Aussies on the TMS message boards:
I'm not a huge scotch drinker. But I think the Glenlivet mellower than Dimple. But I'll drink most top-shelf scotches. It's the cheaper ones that bite, I don't like.

1723: Geoff Lawson, TMS summariser:
The Pope quota is down today - I've only seen four in the ground. There was a gaggle of Snow Whites and a gang of Johnners.

1713: Long Handle on the TMS message board:
After all the wickets they show our boys kissing and cuddling in slow mo. It's bad enough having to watch it once. I did like Fred's second wicket though - he just stood like a tree and everyone jumped on a branch.

1712: Dean emails to say:
If this was a feature film, it would be pure fantasy - no-one would believe what we've seen in the past three days!


1709: Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator:
Martyn drives Hoggard beautifully...and he's out!

1705: Alex emails to say:
Getting Martyn out tonight is the key to England winning as he has the experience, unlike Clarke and Katich.

1702: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:

When did "chasing a target" become "chasing down a target"? Got the Tipp-Ex out Bill? Oh dear...

1700: Mr Singh emails to say:
Australia will still win this, don't always get your hopes up so much England fans. Just look at the difference in talent and experience. It's worlds apart! Sorry all you over-zealous England supporters, get real!

1658: Alex emails to say:
C'mon Harmy, we need the spirit of the West Indies! Just sent the missus out for more drink.

1656: Geoff Lawson, TMS summariser:

They may feel Clarke is more vulnerable to Giles.

1652: Hate Bowlers on the TMS message board:
I just realised I am out of beer so will have to hit the vodka soon.

1651: Phil emails from the USA to say:
Just when I was thinking that Jones was going to be expensive he tempts Hayden and its OUT!


1649: SD on the TMS message board:
We still need two more tonight to really put the pressure on.

1649: Geoff Lawson, TMS summariser:
We don't want dobbly medium pacers, we want some pace, we want some pace, we want some pace man!

1644: Geoff Lawson, TMS summariser:
Flintoff is starting to get some early reverse swing and he's all the more dangerous for it.

1641: Henry Blofeld, TMS commentator:

Flintoff comes up to the wicket like a huge elephant. And he really is like an elephant. He is a huge man...

1640: Shodda on the TMS message board
What is going on here? This board has been taken over by two dreary Australians chatting about their television sets! Can we get back to the cricket please?

1638: Chris emails to say:
I can't go to sleep. It's getting in the witching hour in Japan, but this is enthralling. Dig in, Freddie. This is your game. You can make this "The Flintoff Test". Go down in history!

1637: Geoff Lawson, TMS summariser:
I was sitting next door and I was getting goosebumps watching Flintoff. He was getting great carry, moving it either way. Absolutely fantastic stuff.

1633: Go Aussies on the TMS message board:
Loving the cricket, but still can't get a good signal. A new TV is on the books. Just can't decide what the best option under $2,500 is.

1630: Henry Blofeld, TMS commentator:
Wonky bat handles, well, well, well...It's going to be Flintoff again, and he's not so wonky...

1618: An amorous CJ emails to say:
I never was a cricket fan, but I haven't left my house for three days solid. My girlfriend is livid but I am now in love with "Freddie the King" Flintoff! COME ON ENGLAND, DO US PROUD!

1615: Hate Bowlers on the TMS message board:
Jones just needs to get his line right - he's bowling at a good pace, is getting swing and is a skiddy type of bowler. Could cause some problems.

1611: Mike Selvey, TMS summariser:
That was as good a first-up over as I've seen for a very long time.

1610: Steve Pittard emails to say:
The most sixes scored in an Ashes Test has now been beaten, previously 14 at Melbourne, fourth Test 2002-03.

1608: James "Fat Boy" Rose emails from Sydney to say:
Get in! I've just had the Aussies from next door asking me to keep the noise down as I celebrated the golden arm of Sir Freddie! Let's keep my neighbours up with cries of celebration!

1605: Ben emails to say:
Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Could Flintoff win this game for England single-handedly?


1603: Alex emails to say:
Simon Jones needs to bowl alongside Freddie as they have the most passion needed to win this one!

1559: Long Handle on the TMS message board:


1558: Richie on the TMS message board:
Come on Freddie, line and length. Let's claw this back and not give ourselves a mountain to climb...

1550: Henry Blofeld, TMS commentator:
Harmison rubs the ball on the tight trousers of his taught behind...

1548: BringBackRandall on TMS message board:
I am beginning to think of the time when Bruno had Tyson in difficulty, very briefly. For a moment you thought that he could win, but it was just an illusion. Someone needs to do something very special now or it is 2-0 and the Ashes will be gone.

1536: HB Love on the TMS message board:
Into the breach brave Sir Ashley. Is he going to bore them out as usual? Or will some clever variations of flight add some added menace to his straight-un?

1526: Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator:

Mike Selvey is reading the biography of Neil Young. My son is into Green Day, and Mike had a lovely little discussion with him about them.

1520: Heartbreak on the TMS messageboard:
We're only half way through the Test match so some of these highest ever fourth innings total statistics need to be taken with a pinch of salt. I've a horrible feeling Australia will do it with four still standing.

1514: Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator:
I met a gang of Jonathan Agnew lookalikes at tea, and the Pope...

1508: Boots on the TMS message board:
Wow, as an Aussie I'm not feeling very optimistic to be honest. The target is achievable on most piches, but not on a wicket that is essentially a sandpit. The 20-run over from Kaspo might very well have given England victory.

1505: Dan emails to sing:
Oh Freddie is a giant, he wears an England cap
and when he faces Warney, he says I fancy that
he smashes him through the leg side
he smashes him through the off
and if they ever get him out
we'll send in Darren Gough!

1503: Dennis Amiss, former England batsman on TMS:

There's a bit in the pitch and if we bowl well we've got a great chance. But we have to take our catches.

1501: Turbo on the TMS message board:
I hate to say it, but a third day wicket, Flintoff semi-injured, a great batting line-up, two and a half days to get a low score...surely there's only one outcome...I hope that I am proved wrong though.

1458: Servesh emails from the USA to say:
Though this is the fourth inning, it is still the third day. So Australia should not have much problem chasing the target.

1449: SD on the TMS message board:
Simple: Hold catches=win, drop catches=lose.

1445: Mike Selvey, TMS summariser:
Australia will say they can chase anything down, but I don't know they've ever done so against an attack like England's on a pitch like this. Flintoff played twice as well as in the first innings. It was calculated hitting and there were shades of Dilley and Botham at Headingley in 1981.

1445: Mike Selvey, TMS summariser:
The game needed a definitive innings and Flintoff could have provided it here.


1442: Ben emails to say:
Go on Freddie! Watching this in a pub in Antibes on the French Riviera. The way he's batting I can see him getting to 100. Hope so anyway.

1440: Anon on the TMS message board:
Billy Bowden - we want his blood in Australia after turning that plumb lbw decision down. Another horrible decision by the New Zealander.

1436: Botham's Bat on the TMS message board:
Oh Freddie Freddie! Awesome stuff. The Australians are looking rattled.

1431: Henry Blofeld, TMS commentator:

Nigel Havers has become a newshound and found out that Flintoff, who I've inadvertantly been calling Botham, has torn a muscle in his left shoulder. Apparently Graham Gooch fielded Flintoff's first six from the gantry! The Australians won't be enjoying this at all.

1427: Hollywood Harris on the TMS message board:
I know you can't rely on history, but all those great teams throughout the last century, and none of them has managed to score more than 277 batting last at Edgbaston. Against some pretty mediocre England bowling attacks as well...

1425: Paul from Kuwait emails to say:
Looks like the English have enough to win this match. Australia struggled to make 300 the first time around, no way they can make it in the second innings.

1422: Geoff Lawson, TMS summariser:
[On Australia's bizarre field setting, with nine men on the boundary] For Flintoff, this is like a slogging net.

1414: Geoff Lawson, TMS summariser:

The game's still ebbing and flowing. Australia need to concentrate and if they don't bowl well to Flintoff, things will slip away pretty quickly. But the pitch is still playing well and they could chase down 250.

1410: Randello on the TMS message board:
[On Flintoff's two sixes off Kasprowicz] And that with a busted shoulder - the man is a legend!


1400: TFS on the TMS message board:
I know I'm tempting fate, but this innings from Flintoff could be a match winner. The Aussies won't want to chase over 250 on this unpredictable wicket.


1358: Geoff Lawson, TMS summariser:
Flintoff has adapted his game with his injury and he's playing an incredibly valuable role at the moment.

1353: Melvin emails to say:
Will we see Flintoff protecting his wicket while Harmison scores a few boundaries at the other end?

1351: Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator:

Ashley Giles is playing Shane Warne with a bit more respect than Warne played Giles yesterday.

1348: Randello on the TMS message board:
I think the luck is fairly even: injuries and poor umpiring decisions both sides. It's just frustrating for England that they came when under the cosh.

1345: Mike Selvey, TMS summariser:
[On Derbyshire coach David Houghton's pre-match criticism of Ashley Giles] Intriguing from a man who coaches a side who haven't won a County Championship match for two years.

1340: Henry Blofeld, TMS commentator:

Here comes Lee, prancing in. Lee is a great prancer...

1338: Matt Cannon emails to say:
Both Flintoff and Giles are missing retaining screws for their grilles on their helmets, Flintoff front left, Giles front right! Have a look!

1336: Henry Blofeld, TMS commentator:
If Flintoff's shoulder had been OK, that [hook shot off Lee] would have either been caught or gone for six.

1333: Ben Pace emails to say:
It's good to hear the Barmy Army has found its voice at last. We need all the help we can get at the moment. Surely the Aussies are well capable of chasing anything less then 300?

1323: Jonathan Agnew, TMS commentator:

Another Mexican wave, but this one's unusual in that it's clockwise. Though quite why they'd want to do a Mexican wave when the cricket is so tense is beyond me...

1322: Stuart emails to say:
I only have one question - why couldn't we have done this to England in the first innings? It would be a compliment to call this batting hopeless.

1314: Mike Selvey, TMS summariser:
Like Ponting, Tony Greig used to stand at silly point to Derek Underwood, chew very loudly and wave his hand just in front of the batsman's vision.

1317: Bill Frindall, TMS statistician:
Brett Lee has achieved his best analysis against England - 4-38. His previous best was 3-47.

1314: Mike Selvey, TMS summariser:

While England will be disappointed at losing Jones, there will be one or two eyebrows raised by the bowlers in the England dressing room at what that ball did.


1305: Bruno Kavanagh emails to say:
I think this shoulder injury might actually improve Freddie's batting. He'll play sensibly and calmly, and if he can get some support from the tail we may even get to the magic 300 lead.

1240: Elsie on the TMS message board:
If England put 250 on the board, we will still have a game on our hands and the Aussies may struggle. OK they have lost wickets, but with your first innings lead, you don't need that many.

1235: David Findlay emails to say:
Once again, we see how badly flawed the decision not to pick Thorpe is. It should have been Thorpe over Bell from the start of this series. England are paying for that critical mistake.

1228: Simon emails to say:
Don't worry about Freddie, the man's a warrior!

1220: GF on the TMS message board:
Damn, you English are a negative bunch. In my opinion, as an Aussie, you are still in the box seat. Any score of 250+ is always hard to chase batting last.

1216: Richie on the TMS message board:
Dropped catch by 'Dizzy' Gillespie - they are human.

1212: TMX on the TMS message board:

So who exactly thought it could possibly go THIS badly? Important batsmen giving away their wickets, Vaughan proving he is living on past glories, and one of our strike bowlers in trouble...

1207: Emma Kirby emails to say:
You think it can't get any worse - and it does. Guess my tickets for tomorrow are useless now.

1206: Tom Darling emails to say:
I hope that David Graveney has the decency to resign - he has ripped the heart out of our batting line-up by dropping our best batsman and rock, Graham Thorpe. Did the Aussies drop Steve Waugh? No, he retired. The way that Thorpe has been treated is a disgrace. Bell is a schoolboy compared to him.

1202: Ray on the TMS message board:
Great ball by Warne. Bell gone, match swung to Australia, even with a first innings deficit.


1159: Mark Lewis emails to say:
Love Blowers to bits, but GET HIM OFF! We can't afford to lose any more wickets, not for a while anyway.

1153: TC on the TMS message board:
A new way of getting out: caught off your pad and midriff. Way to go Warney, great umpiring.


1149: Henry Blofeld, TMS commentator:
Pietersen's having a little bit of a battle with a fly. He's won it, I think...

1143: Linseed on the TMS message board:
Pietersen is the biggest batting talent since Sachin Tendulkar. He has the air of Viv Richards about him. You can spot greatness a mile off.

1135: Mike Selvey, TMS summariser:
Pietersen is a great big ham - "Oooh, that one kept a bit low. Oooh, no it didn't..."

1135: Cricket Fan emails to say:
Pietersen must be the most lucky man in world cricket at the moment. Last Test Lee had him early and he wasn't given and again today. England are getting the rub of the green.

1121: Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator:

The tension reminds me of that time someone chewed off the end of their umbrella at The Oval...

1115: Turbo on the TMS message board:
If this is what we are like defensively, then bring on the attack. Pietersen is bringing the attack - just hope he hangs around until Freddie gets out there!

1113: Jim Maxwell, TMS commentator:
Is Pietersen the Prodigal Son?! (after watching the England batsman hit Warne for two massive sixes).

1108: John Buckman emails to say: How much longer before you recognise what I have been saying for months: Vaughan has completely lost it! He MUST be relieved of the captaincy and DROPPED.

1103: Henry Blofeld, TMS commentator:

Two ducks have just flown by - an ominous sign for Pietersen perhaps?


1057: Mighty Returns on the TMS message board:
Another rubbish effort from Vaughan. His bat was all over the place. His constant struggling is going to cost us dear in that important number three slot.

1056: Jeff Lawson, TMS summariser:
At some stage Hoggard will have to play some shots - you can't block every ball.

1050: Nick Toll emails to say:
With an England third day start like this, thank goodness that the Championship football starts at lunchtime!


1047: Henry Blofeld, TMS commentator:
England's fate is in the hands of two Yorkshiremen - and normally that's a good thing.


1037: Jeff Lawson, TMS summariser:
What happened to the aggressive England of yesterday? That's two maidens in a row!

1027: Bill Frindall, TMS statistician:
Shane Warne's dismissal of Andrew Strauss was his 100th Test wicket in England and he is the first player to take 100 wickets in a country other than his own. The highest winning fourth innings total at Edgbaston is 211.

1024: Thomas McDonnell emails to say:
I won't be confident even if we make 500! People forget the Aussies are still a great side and someone always stands up and does a fantastic job for them to win them the game.

1018: Jonny on the TMS message board:
England will stroll this. Apart from Warne, the rest of the bowlers do not pose a threat.

0947: Graham Gooch on how to combat Shane Warne:
Five Live

England had a lot of success against him in the first innings, and it was their aggressive nature which paid off - and I think that is the best way to play Shane Warne. If you let him dominate he will have success against you.

0938: Shodda on the TMS message board:
I don't think Australia will be able to reach more than 350. The pitch will have deteriorated by the time they bat, making conditions awkward. But if England make less than 250, I'll be worried.

0920: Belinda Clark, Australia women's captain:
Five Live

Australia's men are being outplayed at the moment but hopefully they'll pull it back.

0915: Pete on the TMS message board:
Even if England win this Test, the victory will be hollow because McGrath is not playing!

0910: Sebastian Lonsdale emails to say:
If Warne produces his tricks today I'm sure Gilo can match him on day four. Warne needs to be at his imperious best as the support without McGrath looks woeful. Terrific match all round.

0900: Tom Woodford emails to say:
Everyone seems to think they know the secret of how to play Shane Warne. Why can't people just accept that he's a genius?

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