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Last Updated: Wednesday, 5 May, 2004, 21:14 GMT 22:14 UK
England win to level series
West Indies 261-6 lost to England 262-5 (47.2 overs) by five wickets

England claim a five-wicket victory to square the one-day series 2-2.

Paul Collingwood and Chris Read closed out the win after good work further up the order from Andrew Strauss and Marcus Trescothick.

Ramnaresh Sarwan's unbeaten 104 was the cornerstone of the West Indies' effort of 261-6.

But that target was made to look at least 20 runs light when Trescothick set about the Windies attack to plunder 82 runs off 57 balls.

Latest action:

48th over: Collingwood slices an expansive drive over a short third man to reduce the target to two, and then cuts the next delivery to the boundary to claim a five-wicket victory with 16 balls to spare.

47th over: Read clubs a four off Dillon's first ball, and then flicks the fifth ball, a full toss, to the ropes to leave England needing four off three overs.

46th over: Read discards the patient approach by heaving a Bradshaw slower ball to within a few feet of the long-on boundary. England now need 12 runs from the last four overs to square the series.

45th over: Another two-run over for England, but the target is still a very manageable 19 from 30 balls.

44th over: A better over for the West Indies as Bradshaw limits Read and Collingwood to a single apiece. But the hosts need wickets if they are going to save this match.

43rd over: England enjoy another risk-free five-run over. The target is now 23 from 42 balls.

42nd over: The home side's poor display in the field continues when Lara lets a looping Read drive go through his legs. England are strolling to victory.

41st over: Collingwood picks up a four when Smith, usually the Windies' best fielder, fails to stop the England player's pull shot on the midwicket boundary.

40th over: Bradshaw marginally misses out on a run-out as he gets a hand to Read's straight drive but misses the stumps with Collingwood well out of his ground.

39th over: New batsman Read and Collingwood trade in ones and twos.

38th over: Strauss opens up, pulling Bradshaw over mid-wicket for another boundary. But the paceman hits back, Strauss playing back onto his stumps. England: 218-5 (Strauss 66)

37th over: Sarwan continues with his leg-spinners but cannot make another breakthrough.

36th over: Bradshaw returns to the attack and is treated to more punishment, Collingwood hitting to the mid-wicket fence.

35th over: A Rampaul misfield in the deep gifts Strauss a boundary. A single then brings up the 200.

34th over: Chanderpaul is given the ball as Lara continues to opt for slow bowling. The part-timer looks very scratchy and is carted by Collingwood over square-leg for six.

33rd over: Strauss cannot get Sarwan away, the Windies vice-captain's over costing just one run.

32nd over: England pick singles to take three off Gayle's over.

31st over: Strauss takes a single off Sarwan to register his second one-day fifty.

30th over: Gayle continues with his steady off-spinners, leaking only five runs in his seventh over.

29th over: England begin to look unsure as Flintoff departs, caught and bowled by Sarwan. England: 169-4 (Flintoff 11)

28th over: Powell misfields at mid-wicket to gift Flintoff an easy single. It is the only run scored off Gayle's over.

27th over: Sarwan is brought on to bowl his leg-spinners.

26th over: More impressive stuff from Gayle. His over goes for only two runs but it is wickets the Windies need.

25th over: Flintoff smears Bradshaw through the covers for four. Strauss follows up with a boundary past square.

24th over: New batsman Flintoff takes things easy as Gayle concedes just two runs.

23rd over: Clarke fails to impress, working a leading edge into the hands of Smith. England: 146-3 (Clarke 9)

22nd over: England look happy to consolidate as Gayle's over concedes four runs.

21st over: Clarke is watchful to Bradshaw as England's run-rate slowly recedes.

20th over: Dillon's nightmare continues as a misfield in the deep gives away runs the Windies can ill afford to lose.

19th over: Bradshaw replaces Powell, going for four runs in his first over.

18th over: Gayle comes on and strikes straight away as Trescothick misses down the leg-side and is stumped. England: 123-2 (Trescothick 82)

17th over: England take their foot off the gas, taking only three from Powell's fifth over.

16th over: Dillon ends his over with a rare dot ball but eight are still scored against him. The paceman's figures stand at 0-59 from eight overs.

15th over: Strauss's reverse sweep misses by a long way but Trescothick has no such problems, driving Powell over mid-on for six.

14th over: England race into triple figures, scoring at greater than seven runs per over.

13th over: Trescothick is unstoppable as he carts Powell for successive boundaries.

12th over: Trescothick keeps up the good work, cutting and driving to take Dillon for two boundaries and moving to fifty. Four overthrows then gift the rampant left-hander more runs. Strauss follows up with a four as 17 runs are scored off a hapless paceman's sixth over.

11th over: Strauss employs the sweep to Powell as five runs come off the West Indian's second over.

10th over: In fact it is Rampaul who takes a breather as Dillon re-emerges at the other end. It's all the same to Trescothick, who drives over mid-off for four. Fourteen runs are scored in the over.

9th over: Dillon is rested after four overs as Powell is given a chance with the fielding restrictions still up. New batsman Strauss is watchful with just wo runs taken.

8th over: Trescothick survives as his mis-hit cut just eludes Powell at point. He then turns Rampaul off his pads for four and moves England to fifty with another to long-off.

7th over: Dillon keeps things tight at the other end, conceding just two runs.

6th over: Uncertain fielding from Bradshaw down at fine-leg turns a Vaughan single into two. Next ball the England skipper is gone, caught behind off an inside edge that even Rampaul didn't see. England: 36-1 (Vaughan 14)

5th over: More runs for Trescothick as he splits the cover field and sends Dillon to the fence. Another boundary follows after a thick edge through the vacant slip cordon.

4th over: Trescothick advances down the pitch, taking Rampaul for four more down to third-man.

3rd over: Bowling short, Dillon tempts Trescothick into a hook shot that the left-hander misses. He connects with an identical shot later in the over that just evades Lara at square-leg.

2nd over: Vaughan picks up Rampaul early, lofting over mid-wicket for a glorious six.

1st over: Trescothick picks up two down to third-man off the first ball of the innings.


50th over: Flintoff ambles in to complete the innings. The batsmen throw the bat but take only eight runs off the final over.

49th over: Jacobs slog-sweeps Gough backward of square for four.

48th over: Sarwan takes a quickly run single to bring up his second one-day century, but Flintoff concedes just four runs in a good over for England.

47th over: Sarwan unwittingly top-edges a Gough slower ball over the keeper and to the fence. A more purposeful clip to the mid-wicket fence takes him to 98.

46th over: Sarwan swats Harmison over mid-on and point for two boundaries, his second one-day century now firmly in sight.

45th over: Gough returns to the attack with three overs left of his allocation. He concedes just four runs.

44th over: The first ball of Harmison's new spell is glanced by Sarwan down to the fine-leg fence.

43rd over: Flintoff beats Jacobs' outside edge before the batsmen scamper through for a quick single off the last ball of the over.

42nd over: A Sarwan single brings up the hosts' 200 before new batsman Jacobs edges Clarke delightfully to the third-man fence.

41st over: Flinbtoff returns to the attack and strikes instantly, bowling Bravo off an inside edge. West Indies: 193-6 (Bravo 11)

40th over: Bravo edges Clarke discreetly down to third-man for two.

39th over: Sarwan cuts hard at Anderson, not getting it right but edging to the fence nonetheless. The paceman then strays down leg-side and is taken for another four to fine-leg.

38th over: Bravo swings and misses at Clarke's slower ball to end an over that cost five runs.

37th over: Anderson is back for his second spell and Bravo's drive is almost caught by Gough but it falls just wide .

36th over: A delicate edge from Sarwan notches up his 10th one-day fifty.

35th over: Gough eventually gets his man, swinging one in to Smith and trapping him in front of his stumps. West Indies: 159-5 (Smith 39)

34th over: Clarke - replacing Harmison - keeps things nice and tight, conceding just two runs.

33rd over: Collingwood hits the stumps at the non-striker's end but a diving Sarwan survives. Smith helps himself to another six before Gough spills an easy return catch.

32nd over: Harmison's eighth over costs four runs. Will Vaughan bowl his opener out or save him for the death?

31st over: Smith takes a liking to Batty, hooking and driving the off-spinner to the fence.

30th over: Harmison returns to the attack, Smith edging the paceman through the vacant slip region for four.

29th over: More runs for Sarwan as Clarke over-pitches and is driven to the long-off fence.

28th over: Batty doesn't learn his lesson, giving Sarwan more room outside his off-stump and paying the price again.

27th over: Clarke raps Smith on the pads and rises in appeal, but the ball looks to be heading down leg-side.

26th over: Batty replaces Anderson. Sarwan helps himself to a late-cut boundary to third-man.

25th over: Smith's trademark chip off his pads sends Clarke high over the mid-wicket fence - so high that the ball is lost and replaced.

24th over: Sarwan plays a delightful cut to the fence off Anderson's wayward delivery.

23rd over: Clarke is tossed the ball as Flintoff is given a rest. The all-rounder strikes as Lara edges into the safe left glove of Read. West Indies: 90-4 (Lara 8)

22nd over: Sarwan hops onto his front foot to Anderson, driving safely through the covers for three.

21st over: Flintoff responds to the punishment of his last over with one that goes for only two.

20th over: Lara strikes the third West Indies boundary in four balls, picking Anderson off his legs. The paceman responds with five dot balls.

19th over: Lara plants his feet to the ground and swishes hard outside off-stump at Flintoff, missing also. Sarwan cuts past point for his first boundary, following up with another to long-off.

18th over: Sarwan drives Anderson's half-volley for three. His decent lbw shout to Lara is then turned down.

17th over: Sarwan plays Flintoff off his legs for two as four are scored in the over.

16th over: Anderson unfurls his top-class yorker to knock over Gayle's off-stump. West Indies: 57-3 (Gayle 41)

15th over: Fielding hero Flintoff supplements his good work with a maiden.

14th over: Anderson is brought on to relieve Harmison. A Powell single secures the home fifty. Gayle follows with an audacious flat-bat six over mid-wicket. Superb fielding from Flintoff at mid-off sees Powell run-out at the non-striker's end. West Indies: 57-2 (Powell 9)

13th over: Flintoff's short ball gets big on Gayle as opener's cramped hook shot clears the infield. Poor fielding from sub McGrath turns a single into two.

12th over: Harmison's sixth over is littered with hit-and-misses from the batsmen with two runs coming from it.

11th over: Gough is given a rest after five overs (0-13) as Flintoff starts his spell. Powell lives dangerously as his mis-hit pull just evades the bowler's left hand.

10th over: Gayle wants a single but is sent back to the non-striker's end, Vaughan missing the stumps to squander a run-out chance. The left-hander flicks Harmison to the mid-wicket fence on the last ball of the over.

9th over: It is Gough's turn to feel the wrath of Gayle as the opener punches over mid-off for four before taking two through the covers.

8th over: Harmison errs down the off-side, inviting Gayle to cut high and wide of point for the second boundary of the day.

7th over: Powell is the new batsman as Gough's fourth over costs just one run.

6th over: Harmison strikes as Chanderpaul picks out Anderson at square-leg. West Indies: 16-1 (Chanderpaul 3)

5th over: Gough delivers another stifling over, conceding just two runs.

4th over: Clarke spills a tough chance in the covers to give Gayle a life. The tall left-hander makes England pay next ball by hooking Harmison for four.

3rd over: Gayle plays a diagonal-bat shot through the covers, taking Gough for two.

2nd over: Gayle slashes hard at Harmison, edging high down to third-man for one.

1st over: Gough opens for England as Gayle pushes to mid-off for a single to open the scoring. The veteran paceman then beats Chanderpaul's outside edge.

West Indies: CH Gayle, S Chanderpaul, RL Powell, RR Sarwan, BC Lara (capt), DR Smith, RD Jacobs, DJJ Bravo, IDR Bradshaw, R Rampaul, M Dillon.

England: ME Trescothick, MP Vaughan (capt), AJ Strauss, A Flintoff, PD Collingwood, R Clarke, CMW Read, D Gough, SJ Harmison, JM Anderson, GJ Batty.


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