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Warwickshire squad

Thomas Allin 27/11/1987 Devon RHB RMF
Tim Ambrose 01/12/1982 Newcastle, Aus RHB WK
Keith Barker 21/10/1986 Manchester LHB LM
Ian Bell 11/04/1982 Coventry RHB RM
Paul Best 08/03/1991 Nuneaton LHB SLA
Varun Chopra 21/06/1987 Barking RHB OB
Rikki Clarke 29/09/1981 Orsett RHB RMF
Laurie Evans 12/10/1987 Lambeth RHB RMF
Recordo Gordon 12/10/1991 St Elizabeth's, Jamaica RHB RFM
Ateeq Javid 15/10/1991 Birmingham RHB RMF
Darren Maddy 23/05/1974 Leicester RHB RM
Nathan Newport 10/05/1989 Worcester RHB RM
Jeetan Patel (Overseas) 07/05/1980 Wellington, NZ RHB OB
Steffan Piolet 08/08/1988 Redhill RHB RMF
William Porterfield 06/09/1984 Londonderry LHB
Boyd Rankin 05/07/1984 Derry RHB RMF
Jonathan Trott 22/04/1981 Cape Town, SA RHB RM
Jim Troughton (capt) 02/03/1979 Camden LHB SLA
Ian Westwood 13/07/1982 Birmingham LHB OB
Chris Woakes 02/03/1989 Birmingham RHB RM
Christopher Wright 14/07/1985 Chipping Norton RHB RFM

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