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One-day int'l Scotland v India
Glasgow: 16 Aug 2007
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ONE-DAY INTERNATIONAL, Glasgow Titwood: Scotland 203-9 v India 212-3

India sealed a comfortable seven-wicket win with 37 balls left in their first one-day international with Scotland.

Chasing a revised 209 from 46 overs they reached 100-0 in 20 overs as Robin Uthappa hit a huge six in a fluent 55.

Gautam Gambhir shared 61 in eight overs with Yuvraj Singh and remained unbeaten on 84, his fourth one-day half century.

Gavin Hamilton and Neil McCallum had rescued the Scots with a stand of 82 and Craig Wright's innovative 37 from 34 balls took them to a useful 203-9.


By Rob Hodgetts

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40th over - India 212-3: Rahul Dravid hits the winning runs as they triumph by seven wickets. The skipper ends on 10 with Gautam Gambhir 85 not out.

39th over - India 206-3: Bowler Nel is almost cut in half by a Gambhir drive but the critics will say he spilled a caught-and-bowled chance. Dravid clips a leg-stump full toss for four to take India to the brink but they'll have to wait until the next over.

"This hasn't been a cakewalk."
Dougie Brown on BBC Sport


Wicket falls
38th over - WICKET Yuvraj b Blain 38 (India 198-3): Yuvraj Singh forces Blain through the offside for four off his back foot as India edge towards the target. Two balls later Blain beats him behind his legs to remove leg stump.

But the good news is that the home crowd get to see erstwhile local lad Rahul Dravid, who spent three months in these parts a while back. Blain gives him a bouncer first ball and then grins at him. They're old chums.

37th over - India 193-2: Gautam Gambhir brings up the 50 partnership with a soaring six over long off. The ball hits a little girl in the crowd but her dad indicates she's OK. Not that she's feeling OK, though, by the looks of it.

"Yep, Glasgow kids definitely back at school today, my bus ride to work took double the time. Never been so grateful for my earphones either ? soon popped them in to avoid hearing all about family summer holidays, Big Brother romances and the standard barrage of irritating ringtones from youngsters' cell-phones."
Grumpy Old Welshy (28), Glasgow, in the TMS inbox

36th over - India 184-2: John Blain can count himself unlucky that over. One keeps low past Gambhir's outside edge and he also sees the left-hander get an inside edge back towards his stumps. That's another maiden.

35th over - India 184-2: Crowd favourite Paul Hoffman is back into the attack to shouts of "Hoffy, Hoffy, Hoffy, oi, oi, oi".

The Queenslander, playing in his last game for Scotland, is not spared by the Indians, who feast on his medium pace.

Graham Gooch
34th over - India 178-2: "Rahul Dravid is padded up, so we might yet see him come out finish off this 'innins' [he's from Essex]."
Graham Gooch on BBC Sport

33rd over - India 170-2: Yuvraj is having a great time and pulls one through mid-wicket before launching an exocet down the ground for six. India take 16 off the over and we might not see Dravid at this rate.

32nd over - India 154-2: Yuvraj seems untroubled by his sore thigh and kneels into a silky drive for four off Haq. India get four more when Haq's fifth delivery keeps low and scuttles through wicket-keeper Smith's legs.

31st over - India 142-2: Craig Wright hits Yuvraj Singh on the "inside of the thigh" and the batsmen throws away his bat and doubles up in agony. He spends the rest of the over rubbing it but manages to keep the score ticking over.

Wicket falls
30th over - WICKET Karthik c McCallum b Haq 14 (India 137-2 ): Neil McCallum takes a sharp catch at mid-wicket to remove Dinesh Karthik off Majid Haq. The crowd boo when honorary Scotsman Rahul Dravid sends in Yuvraj Singh next instead of coming out himself.

29th over - India 136-1: Someone in the Scottish side is nicknamed Fraggle. I think it might be Fraser Watts. Anyone know? And why?

28th over - India 135-1: India are grinding inexorably towards victory here.

27th over - India 132-1: "Come on boys, energy here, come on," shouts Scottish skipper Ryan Watson, who needs to conjure up a breakthrough.

26th over - India 127-1: "Hey, hey Majjy" would appear to be the close fielders' rallying cry for Majid Haq.

25th over - India 124-1: Left-hander Gambhir leans back on a short-pitched ball from Wright and hoists it over midwicket for four. He nudges along to 50 with the next ball.

24th over - India 119-1: Majid Haq gets a bit of punishment as Gambhir moves to 45.

23rd over - India 111-1: Wright is tight again and limits the Indians to just two.

22nd over - India 109-1: Spinner Majid Haq is brought into the attack and immediately forces a slight mix-up between batsmen. But he drops a couple short and India punish him.

Sum total of cups of tea since 1pm - 0.

Wicket falls
21st over - WICKET Uthappa b Wright 55 (India 104-1): Out of nowhere, Craig Wright beats Robin Uthappa and skittles his off stump. Dinesh Karthik is next in and is almost undone leaving his first ball. "Oh Wrighty" they shout.

20th over - India 100-0: Uthappa is having a great time and flicks Nel down to third man for four. Nel responds with a high bouncer but it is ruled wide. Two balls later Uthappa reaches his 50.

19th over - India 89-0: Craig Wright gets a half chance of a caught-and-bowled off Uthappa but the ball falls short.

"Chris [see below] - I definitely saw my little urchins heading off to school with their shiny uniforms and bulging satchels this morning. Unless, of course, they've spent all day playing pool down the local (again)."
Alan, Edinburgh, in the TMS inbox

18th over - India 87-0: Uthappa loves a whack and monsters a six over long on. Nel replies well with a bouncer, making Uthappa swing and miss. Uthappa is batting like he's got a date later.

17th over - India 80-0: A maiden from Craig Wright. Good work, that, because at this rate these two could finish it on their own.

"Scotland's only chance of winning this game is to take wickets but they've got no variation in the bowling at all."
Graham Gooch on BBC Sport

16th over - India 80-0: Bish, bash, bosh. Robin Uthappa wallops Dewald Nel back over his head for a sumptuous four.

15th over - India 71-0: Craig Wright, wearing 99 on his back, turns his arm over, to cries of "Oh yes, Craigy Wright" and "This is your pitch Craigy boy, your pitch".

It's raining, but so far no sign of an interruption.

Former India skipper Sourav Ganguly brings some drinks on for the batsman, eliciting uproar in the office. Apparently, that's the first time he's ever done that. He wasn't very keen to do it as an 18-year-old, according to my sources.

14th over - India 65-0: Uthappa times a peach through long on for four off Nel. He looks classy. Uthappa, that is, not Nel.

13th over - India 60-0: The left-handed Gambhir wallops Hoff for four over long on and Uthappa joins in with a four also through long on. Hoff ends the over with an lbw appeal but the umpire shows no sign of any interest.

That's 50
12th over India 51-0: Scotland introduce the differently named Dewald Nel into the attack. He's got a good line in highlights and spitting. And wides. Mind you, Gambhir has a little swing at a semi-wide one and wasn't far away from a nick.

11th over - India 43-0: Scotland skipper Ryan Watson takes the powerplay but Uthappa strolls down the pitch to a Hoffman delivery and swats it for four off his legs.

"Don't know where Elaine Marshman [see below] sends her kids, but everyone else in Scotland goes back to school next week!"
Chris Leonard in the TMS inbox

10th over - India 38-0: Left-hander Gambhir strokes a classy shot through mid-off for four off John Blain. The bowler has a half-hearted appeal last ball of the over.

9th over - India 28-0: India are playing with fire a bit, well, maybe a small spark anyway, and chance another dodgy run.

Graham Gooch
"That's not adhering to the basics of the game - you always run the first run quickly. Put the fielder under pressure."
Graham Gooch on BBC Sport

Uthappa, though, calms things down with a four off the Hoff as India build a solid foundation.

8th over - India 21-0: Gambhir chases perhaps one too many off a good shot and Fraser Watts arrows in a deadly throw. But keeper Colin Smith is a touch cumbersome before whipping off the bails and Uthappa survives a close scare. Blain has a muffled lbw appeal the next ball and Scotland are showing good aggression.

"Anyone have tickets for the England A vs India game on Saturday? I need 8! There are people who will put a price on my head if I don't deliver..."
Hardik in the TMS inbox

7th over - India 15-0: "Sean from Southampton's tale of the office clown [see below] reminds me of the time we had to send out letters to a number of clients (around 250) and we asked the Temp to send them out.

"Watching him lick 250 envelopes that were actually self-sealing is an afternoon I'll never forget and always brings a smile to my face." Stephen, Belfast, in the TMS inbox

6th over - India 14-0: Scotland are looking sharp in the field and Neil McCallum saves a certain four with a good diving effort.

5th over - India 13-0: Everyone's favourite Hoff keeps it tight and has an lbw shout and a run out scare in the over.

"Lovely to see Scotland v India televised. However, as a keen cricket fan who lives in Scotland. Who decided to schedule this match the day after the schools went back for the Autumn term? I have two teenage boys who are keen cricketers and they would have loved to have gone to this match, particularly as they have played matches at Titwood. There are little enough opportunities for our young players to see test playing nations without driving a minimum of 4 hours to either the Riverside or Old Trafford. Definitely a wasted chance to promote cricket to young Scottish players by the schedulers."
Elaine Marshman in the TMS inbox

4th over - India 11-0: John Blain bowls the first maiden of the match to keep India under control.

3rd over - India 11-0: Good stuff from the Hoff as he limits India to one from that over.

2nd over - India 10-0: John Blain goes for four off his first ball down Uthappa's leg side.

"Enjoying the coverage. The wonders of modern technology blackberries etc blah blah blah but great to be kept up to date in the car 600 miles from home. C'mon the bowlers! C'mon Hoffman!"
David from Crieff in the TMS inbox

1st over - India 4-0: Paul Hoffman opens up for Scotland with a wide as India's openers Robin Uthappa and Gautam Gambhir look lively, sneaking runs.

Graham Gooch
1515 BST: "I think it's a competitive total. Scotland need to get a couple of early wickets so India have to take stock. But India will be thinking ,'if we bat the overs out, we'll win the game'."
Graham Gooch on BBC Sport

1510 BST: A good response for "nitespots" in Biarritz:

"Blue Cargo is THE place to go out in Biarritz. By day and evening it's a restaurant on the beach (literally), by night it's an awesome club night, dancing on tables etc. Going out there next week, funnily enough."
Inder Sood in the TMS inbox

"We visited on a stag do last month, combined with a bull running in nearby Pamplona. A word of warning - Do not get over excited when you see a bright neon sign screaming "playboy" outside one particular late night establishment for it does not lead to the shining light of all stag do's but rather to a very European style discothèque? fun nevertheless."
James, Guernsey, in the TMS inbox

"Le Caveau ? Rue Gambetta."
Keith "Sniffer" Sell in the TMS inbox

1500 BST: India will chase a revised total of 209 after two short rain delays reduced Scotland's innings to 46 overs.

"This match reminds me that Rahul Dravid owes me £10. This is the sum I paid for the pleasure of watching this consummate world class performer play for the Saltires against Sussex Sharks in 2003, only to see him perish 2nd ball to Sussex spinner Mark "Dangerous" Davis.
Alan in Edinburgh in the TMS inbox

1449: "Am I right in my impression of Ben Dirs as being the office clown? I myself played such a role in a previous temp job and activities included regularly spilling coffee on me and my keyboard, gluing my fingers together and offering silly jokes around to a usually pretty unresponsive crowd. Those were the days..."
Sean, Southampton, in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
46th over - WICKET Wright run out 37; WICKET Blain c Chawla b Patel 4 (Sco 204-9): Wright is run out by more than a yard after a great pick up and throw from Agarkar, who only moments earlier was berating his fielders. The beauty of that, though, is that it ushers in Paul Hoffman in what will be his last game for Scotland.

What's not so beautiful is that John Blain holes out to Chawla at long on. The Hoff gets five as Scotland end with a respectable total. Not many predicted that a couple of hours ago.

We're just waiting for the boffins to decide what India will have to chase via Duckworth/Lewis.

"I'm quite happy with that total. I would have liked to kick through in the end but we came through relatively unscathed."
Scotland's Gavin Hamilton on BBC Sport

"As the friend of Mike in Orpington, i should also point out that we feel Clockwatch is applicable to almost any situation from Womens beach volleyball to a House of Lords mass debate."
Andy in Tooting in the TMS inbox.

"Kieran won today's sweepstake [see below] guessing correctly that Colin Smith would be out for 4 runs. I was slightly more optimistic and went for 21. Stu went for an insanely high 83!"
Colin France in the TMS inbox

45th over - Scot 198-7: Get oot. Craig Wright thunders Agarkar back over his head for a monstrous six. He follows up with the same thing on a smaller scale for two and then goes square for more. Scotland hit 14 off the over and Agarkar has words with his fielders.

44th over - Scot 184-7: It's all got very frenetic and John Blain thumps a good drive back over the head of bowler Patel. They only get one, though, before Wright joins in the thrash.

Wicket falls
43rd over - WICKET Hamilton b Agarkar 44 (Scot 178-7): Hamilton almost misjudges a run and is fortunate when the ball misses the stumps. Next ball Wright gets a thick edge for four. Scotland are playing intelligently at the end here... and just as I write that, Hamilton tries a sweep and is clean bowled.

42nd over - Scot 167-6: Glasgow Titwood is bathed in bright sunshine now. Craig Wright hits a good back-foot drive in the covers and gets two for it. Two balls later a direct hit at the stumps brings the third umpire into play but Wright's comfortably home.

41st over (cont) - Scot 163-6: No further score as Scotland look to keep up their momentum.

1417: Stand by your beds everyone. They're coming back out. It's 46 overs now.

We've used the break to discuss the merits of hybrid clubs in golf. I'm going to get involved. Padraig Harrington said during the Open that amateurs shouldn't be using any irons lower than a five, replacing them with hybrids.

1410: Changing the subject slightly, anyone know of a good spot to go out in in Biarritz? It's Stable Lad's stag do this weekend.

Rain delay
1401: Rain stops play. To be fair it's belting down now.

"Just seen an article on the news on the people who chained themselves to the gates of Biggin Hill airport in protest to disrupt charter and business flights. Alas all the passengers were just sent to a different entrance. Has there been a more pointless protest anywhere?"
Chris in the TMS inbox

"What is it with Scottish cricket fans? You lot seem to moan and complain even more than us English ones do! You are aware that because you're playing a sport where the players are required to leave the field when it rains, coupled with the fact that you live in a country with two seasons - June and Winter, that no-one realistically expects you to be world beaters?"
Jason, South of The Wall, in the TMS inbox

41st over - Scot 162-6: Hamilton has a massive thrash off Singh and the ball soars skywards. Rohit Sharma is scampering to get under it but the ball falls just short.

Graham Gooch
40th over - Scot 160-6: "A lot of players these days play the reverse sweep because it's fashionable and looks cool. But if you're going to do it, you've got to do it well."
Graham Gooch on BBC Sport.

39th over - Scot 153-6: "Is it just my childish sense of humour or does Glasgow Titwood amuse anyone else?"
Lewis, Caerphilly, S Wales

I'm glad you said that, Lewis.

He's reached 150
38th over Scot 150-6: Ramesh Powar has a little something of the Arjuna Ranatungas about him, but with hair swept back in an alice band (as I believe they're called) and big shades.

Wicket falls
37th over - WICKET: Smith lbw b Chawla 4 (Scot 149-6): Chawla strikes again with a ball down the leg side which straightens and hits Smith's back pad.

36th over - Scot 145-5: Colin Smith has come out to play "It's a Knockout" and tries a couple of reverse sweeps, the second inducing him to fall over after having done the splits. What would Eddie Waring have made of it all? Ramesh Powar also sends down four wides which helps Scotland's cause.

35th over - Scot 133-5: Hamilton and Smith consolidate.

34th over - Scot 132-5: Colin Smith's the new man in and he and Hamilton get into a slight running mix up. Nothing to worry about, though.

"We have a guy at work called Colin Smith and during the World Cup would run a sweepstake on how many runs he would score. If I recall correctly he did quite well."
Colin France in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
33rd over - WICKET: McCallum c Dhoni b Chawla 41 (Scot 131-5): McCallum sweeps well down to third man for a couple of fours off Chawla. But as Scotland looked to be cruising, Chawla persuades McCallum to bottom edge one into the gloves of wicket-keeper Mahedra Dhoni.

32nd over - Scot 122-4: Bowler Ramesh Powar is sporting an unfeasibly large pair of red shades.

31st over - Scot 118-4 "What is he?" Chawla appears to cry out in an appeal against McCallum. "Keep going, you're playing well," offers Hamilton from the other end. To his team-mate, obviously, not to the bowler.

30th over - Scot 113-4: McCallum top-edges one high in the air down towards third man but fielder Karthik can't quite get there in time.

29th over - Scot 110-4: Hamilton and McCallum keep chipping away, rotating the strike and chivvying the score along.

I don't know how Ben Dirs finds it, but the amount of tea being fed to me by my colleagues is poor, to say the least.

28th over - Scot 105-4: "In light of the Test Match Special coverage on a one day game, a friend and I have been discussing other events where a TMS clockwatch would be suitable. I would be far more comfortable if i was following a clockwatch littered with inane little musings as a meteorite (or similar) hurtles towards Earth intent on wiping us all out!"
Mike, Orpington, in the TMS inbox

He's reached 100
27th over - Scot 100-4: That's the 100 up and also the 50 partnership. Young Chawla is being tested here by a couple of canny operators.

26th over - Scot: 95-4 The wily Hamilton is serving Scotland well here, nudging and steering the ball around.

25th over - Scot 91-4 "Onslaught" as my colleague just put it, is probably too strong, but Hamilton smashes a four with the first ball of the over off Chawla. Four balls later there's a big shout for lbw to McCallum but he survives. These two have made 47 off 62 balls.

24th over - Scot 86-4: The amply-covered spinner Ramesh Powar is brought into the attack and McCallum hoists him high into the grandstand over the long-on boundary.

23rd over - Scot 78-4: Hamilton has made the most of his rest and thrashes young Chawla for four. Yuvraj, who dives in despair at the ball, appears to be wearing white football boots.

22nd over - Scot 74-4 : McCallum's heart is in his mouth as he flicks one in the air to a flying Yuvraj at square leg. The fielder can't hang on to it, though, and McCallum survives. Patel also bowls the 14th wide of the match.

1254: The covers are off! Action stations everyone. The match has been reduced to 49 overs a side.

1253: "Please stop continually having a go at the Scottish scoring rate. I suppose England were scoring at a rate of knots during the World Cup? I think not, that WAS test scoring rate. We have lost 4 early wickets and still there are 30 overs to go, so kindly stop it."
Derek Johnson, Scotland, in the TMS inbox.

1244: There's talk of a 1300 BST resumption if there's no more rain.

"It's not an easy wicket to bat on but if we can grind out another 120-130 runs it might make it tricky."
Scottish captain Ryan Watson on BBC Sport

Rain delay
1228 BST: The players edge slowly back out but the rain immediately starts again. It's teasing them, and they wander back to the pavilion. There's outrage in the BBC commentary box as Messer Gooch and Brown decry the use of a plastic sheet to cover the wicket. There do seem to be perfectly good proper covers on the boundary but they are sitting there redundant. The grass under them is dry, mind.

"Please pass on my thanks to Keith Sell. He has identified the problem we've had in Scottish cricket: we've been bowling with haggis! Now we've got that sorted, surely the higher echelons of cricketdom await? The man's a potlroon, back to the pie and mash and jellied eels, there's a good lad."
Scottish Steve, living in Wales in the TMS inbox.

"It would have been great if India had divided their 7 ODIs against England into 3 against Scots and 4 against England. No point playing 7 against England because they are not going to improve in the shorter version of game."
Sachin Thakur, in the TMS inbox

1214 BST: Rain stops play. The players scuttle off as a brief shower sweeps the ground. Ground staff drag out a big tarpaulin but the umpires look keen to get back on.

21st over - Scot 68-4: Excitement abounds as leg-spinner Piyush Chawla is brought on. He's a little chap.

Hamilton gets one away, while McCallum watches each ball very carefully.

20th over - Sco 67-4: Hamilton and McCallum continue to grind it out on the first day of the first Test, it's not a Test is it. You'd think so, though, given the scoring rate.

"Gavin Hamilton is a messy room-mate. Within five minutes of getting into the room at the World Cup there was stuff everywhere."
Scotland and Warwickshire all-rounder Dougie Brown on BBC Sport.

19th over - Scot 64-4: Singh bowls three wides in the over. He's been on since the start and is maybe getting a bit bored. As for Scotland, steadying the ship is one thing, going nowhere is another.

"You do realise that Scotland lost those two wickets because you said '?and this pair just scent the start of a partnership.' Maybe if you say something negative, we'll start to do a bit better? Please!?"
Ben Read in the TMS inbox

Scotland have no hope. How's that Ben?

18th over - Scot 60-4: McCallum edges Patel through the vacant third slip area and is lucky there's no-one there. Scotland have blunted India's attack for the time being.

17th over - Scot 58-4: Singh finds some more lift and worries Hamilton's outside edge. The Scotsman gives a wry smile but at least he's still there as battling through a sticky patch.

"Which would give more swing, the good ol' English Duke, the Aussie Kookaburra, the Indian SG or the Scottish Haggis?"
Keith Sell, Covent Garden, in the TMS inbox.

I've always found a yellow dot squash ball on a parquet floor works well.

16th over - Scot 56-4: Hamilton and McCallum steady the ship as the wind picks up. Umpire Ian Gould at square leg is using the discs to mark the fielding ring as Frisbees.

"Well done England and Kevin Pietersen! (he says with a lot of sarcasm). Their bad sportsmanship when KP was dismissed and refused to leave has now led to others doing the same in this match, the Scotland skipper Ryan Watson.

"The umpire's decision should ALWAYS be final. The only upside is that he was out 3 balls later-thank God for the Law of Karma!!!."
Vivek Parbhakar, Essex, in the TMS inbox.

Wicket falls
15th over - WICKET: Haq c Chawla b Singh 11 (Sco 51-4: Majid Haq tries to pull Singh but instead plops an easy catch into the hands of Chawla at square leg. Former England and Yorkshire star Gavin Hamilton is next in and he and Neil McCallum see out the over safely.

Sachin Tendulkar, by the way, signs autographs left-handed.

Wicket falls
14th over - WICKET: Watson c Chawla b Patel 24 (Scot 49-3): Watson lofts one to Singh at mid-off and is given out. The corpulent Scottish skipper isn't happy, though, and loiters on the outfield shaking his head before being called back. Actually they didn't so much call him back, as not stop him coming back. With the last ball, though, Watson thumps one to Chawla at square leg is definitely out this time.

13th over - Scot 45-2: Ootcha, fetch 'ee out they stingers - Tubby flicks a cracker over square leg for four off Beanpole (that's for you Paul, see below.) Or Watson takes four off Agarkar (for Chris.)

12th over - Scot 36-2: Munaf Patel is called on to bowl and troubles Haq's outside edge. The Scotsman weathers the storm, though, and this pair just scent the start of a partnership.

"Ref Chris Smith.......Just want to say how SAD it is to finally this summer read the text commentary without the ridiculous nicknames for every batsman (or batter, as one of your colleagues may say), match making attempts or telling us how the curry tasted yesterday."
Paul Cook, in a very hot and sunny Russia, in the TMS inbox.

11th over - Scot 35-2: Indian skipper Dravid calls for a second powerplay, meaning he's got to have a certain number of fielders inside the ring. Just one from the over.

"At this stage Scotland should be looking to score around 180, 190 or 200."
Scotland and Warwickshire all-rounder Dougie Brown talking on BBC Sport.

10th over - Scot 34-2: Singh has a big shout for lbw against Watson turned down. It was a long wait, mind. Watson, a brewery salesman, then opens his shoulders at a wide one but misses, but he chops the next one through Yuvraj Singh at point for four.

9th over - Scot 29-2: That's the first boundary as the left-handed Majid Haq crashes one square on the offside for four.

"Make Indians wear kilts, with nothing underneath to respect the custom, and the chill and the wind will help Scotland secure a victory."
Peston from Paris, in the TMS inbox.

Wicket falls

8th over WICKET: Watts c Dhoni b Singh 6 (Scot 22-2): Now that's a cricket shot. Watson hits a full-blooded drive through on the offside but the slow outfield means the fielder stops it inches short of the boundary rope. A bit spicier, this over. Singh shies at the stumps after one delivery, while Watts has a massive heave at another. To complete the fun, for India at least, Singh eventually finds the edge and Dhoni pouches Watts.

"Just want to say how refreshing it is to finally this summer read the text commentary without the ridiculous nicknames for every batsman (or batter, as one of your colleagues may say), match making attempts or telling us how the curry tasted yesterday."
Chris Smith, in the TMS inbox

7th over - Scot 19-1: A bit of a breather this over for the Scottish batsmen as Agarkar sends down some easier stuff. Watson even manages to hoist one over the top of the covers for three runs.

6th over - Scot 15-1: Singh traps Watson offering no shot but the umpire is not interested. A couple of balls later Watson is hit again in the pads. He's in a bit of trouble here but Watts manages to call him through for a quick single to take the pressure off.

Wicket falls
5th over - WICKET: Poonia lbw b Agarkar 1 (Scot 12-1) : Poonia's got Watts's disease and has a swipe - a fresh-air shot. Next ball Agarkar raps his pad and gets his reward. Skipper Ryan Watson is in next and clips three runs of his legs through midwicket.

"Let's hope Scotland can start a demise in the Indian ranks. How embarrassing would it be if the Scots were to perform better than England? Mind you, England do have the comedy of Prior behind the stumps!"
Richard Garbutt, in the TMS inbox

4th over - Scot 8-0: The first big shout comes up from India as Singh lures Watts into a waft outside his off stump. Not out this time, but if left-armer Singh - and Watts, for that matter - keep this up it's only going to be a matter of time.

3rd over - Scot 6-0: Agarkar looks like any stiffer a breeze and they'd have to anchor him down. He's finding his range, though, and worries Poonia's outside edge.

"Scotland have a great opportunity today, though it's a shame the English counties don't give us fair treatment in the releasing of players - it would have good to see Kyle Coetzer out there today.

"Still, with the additions of Nel and Poonia, we're a stronger side and we can look to make the Indians work in conditions they're not used to. A great chance to make up for a disappointing World Cup, and to raise Scotland's status as a cricket-playing nation."
Keith Mullins, in the TMS inbox

2nd over - Scot 5-0: RP Singh almost forces Navdeep Poonia to drag one on to his stumps first ball. Poonia forces the first run off the bat with the second but Singh has sent it both ways and looks threatening. Watts also gets off the mark.

1st over - Scot 3-0: It's a chilly, blustery day and Ajit Agarkar kicks things off to Fraser Watts. It's a wide. Watts leaves the second and fends off the third before another couple of wides. "Are you Scotland in disguise?" certain fans might be thinking. The seventh ball narrowly misses the outside edge and gives a clue to what he's capable of.

1040: "This is an inexperienced side and Scotland will know that and try to exploit it."
Scotland and Warwickshire all-rounder Dougie Brown on BBC Sport.

1035: "It's a massive day for us," said Scotland captain Ryan Watson. "Financially there'll be gains, but just for the profile in Scotland it will be massive."

Indian skipper Rahul Dravid, who spent three months playing cricket in Scotland, said: "In my experience of playing here, wickets do tend to be a bit slow and nip around a bit early on.

"We have some spinners with a few tricks up their sleeves which the Scottish boys might not have seen, so we're looking to get them into action as quickly as possible."

1020: Morning everyone. India have won the toss and decided to bowl in their first ever one-day game against Scotland.

The visitors will be using it as a warm-up for the one-day international series against England which starts on 21 August, while Scotland have their eyes firmly on the Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa.

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