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Northants squad

Kyle Coetzer 14/04/1984 Aberdeen RHB RM
Steven Crook 28/05/1983 Adelaide, Aus RHB RFM
Lee Daggett 01/10/1982 Bury RHB RFM
Con de Lange 11/02/1981 Bellville, SA RHB SLA
Ben Duckett 17/10/1994 Farnborough LHB WK
Luke Evans 26/04/1987 Sunderland RHB RMF
Andrew Hall 31/07/1975 Johannesburg, SA RHB RFM
James Middlebrook 13/05/1977 Leeds RHB OB
David Murphy 24/06/1989 Welwyn G'den City RHB
Robert Newton 18/01/1990 Taunton RHB LB
Stephen Peters (Ch'ship capt) 10/12/1978 Harold Wood RHB LB
David Sales 03/12/1977 Carshalton RHB RM
Matthew Spriegel 04/03/1987 Epsom LHB OB
Samuel Sweeney 15/03/1990 Preston RHB RM
Alex Wakely (one-day capt) 03/11/1988 London RHB RMF
David Willey 28/02/1990 Northampton LHB LMF

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