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Hampshire squad

James Adams (Champ/CB40 capt) 23/09/1980 Winchester LHB LM
George Bailey (Overseas) 07/09/1982 Launceston, Aus RHB RM
David Balcombe 24/12/1984 London RHB RMF
Michael Bates 10/10/1990 Portsmouth RHB WK
Danny Briggs 30/04/1991 Newport, IoW RHB SLA
Michael Carberry 29/09/1980 Croydon LHB OB
Liam Dawson 01/03/1990 Swindon RHB SLA
Sean Ervine 06/12/1982 Harare, Zim LHB RM
David Griffiths 10/09/1985 Newport, IoW LHB RFM
Dimitri Mascarenhas (T20 capt) 30/10/1977 Chiswick RHB RMF
Neil McKenzie 24/11/1975 Johannesburg, SA RHB
Hamza Riazuddin 19/12/1989 Hendon RHB RFM
Michael Roberts 13/03/1989 Oxford RHB
Bilal Shafayat 10/07/1984 Nottingham RHB RMF
Jack Sheppard 29/12/1992 Salisbury RHB RFM
Sean Terry 01/08/1991 Australia RHB OB
James Tomlinson 12/06/1982 Winchester LHB LFM
James Vince 14/03/1991 Cuckfield RHB
Chris Wood 27/06/1990 Basingstoke RHB LM

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