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Gloucestershire squad

Jonathan Batty 18/04/1974 Chesterfield RHB WK
Ian Cockbain 17/02/1987 Liverpool RHB RM
Richard Coughtrie 01/09/1988 North Shields RHB WK
Richard Dawson 04/08/1980 Doncaster RHB OB
Chris Dent 20/01/1991 Bristol LHB WK
Alex Gidman 22/06/1981 High Wycombe RHB RM
Will Gidman 14/02/1985 High Wycombe RHB RMF
Cameron Herring 15/07/1994 Abergavenny RHB WK
Daniel Housego 12/10/1988 Windsor RHB LB
Benny Howell 05/10/1988 Bordeaux, Fr RHB RM
Michael Klinger (Overseas, capt) 04/07/1980 Kew, Aus RHB
Hamish Marshall 15/02/1979 Warkworth, NZ RHB
Graeme McCarter 10/10/1992 Londonderry RHB RM
Craig Miles 20/07/1994 Swindon RHB RM
Liam Norwell 27/12/1991 Bournemouth RHB RM
David Payne 15/02/1991 Poole LHB LFM
Gareth Roderick 28/08/1991 Durban, SA RHB WK/RM
Ian Saxelby 22/05/1989 Nottingham RHB RMF
Tom Stayt 18/12/1985 Salisbury RHB RM
Jack Taylor 12/11/1991 Banbury RHB OB
Ed Young 21/05/1989 Chertsey RHB SLA

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