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County Championship finale - day one as it happened


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By Stephan Shemilt

1824: That's it from me for today folks, I hope you've enjoyed the coverage. Steve Marshall will be in the chair tomorrow morning, hopefully he'll have a little more luck with the weather.

1822: Here's what I think the Division One table looks like tonight:

Notts 205
Somerset 203
Yorkshire 199
Lancashire 176
Durham 165
Hampshire 153
Warwickshire 146
Kent 131
Essex 126

1818: And that's the close at Chester-le-Street, with Durham reaching 132-2. A rain-affected day across the country ends with Nottinghamshire's two-point lead at the top of the table intact. Full standings to follow.

1812: A maiden from Ben Phillips. As easily as Dale Benkenstein is scoring, Gordon Muchall has struggled to get it off the square. He's 19 not out from 92 balls.

1807: The runs are coming pretty freely now. Durham have moved on to 126-2 and Somerset will be looking forward to the close. Three overs left.

That's 50
1800: Dale Benkenstein has passed 50 at Chester-le-Street, moving on to 62. Durham are 119-2 as the close looms, it's not been a good evening session for Somerset.

1757: A little earlier than usual, but because all of the Division Two games are done for the day, here's the updated table:

Sussex 231
Glamorgan 197
Worcestershire 190
Leicestershire 178
Gloucestershire 170
Northants 164
Middlesex 155
Surrey 142
Derbyshire 132

1751: There are 40 overs scheduled in the day at Chester-le-Street and we are currently into the 33rd. Durham have gone past the 100 mark, with Benkenstein homing in on a half-century.

From Lee in the TMS inbox: "Pickled gherkins are far better than eggs, especially in a salt beef sandwich, liberally doused with English mustard (as opposed to Phil Mustard, obviously)."

1742: They're still going at Chester-le-Street, where Durham continue to defy the Somerset attack. Dale Benkenstein and Gordon Muchall have added 61 for the third wicket. The hosts are 94-2.

From Chris in Manchester, in the TMS inbox: "I don't see how Kent will be happy with how the day has unfolded, they need Hampshire to beat Warwickshire."
Good point, events at The Rose Bowl haven't exactly aided Kent today.

1735: And that's the close at New Road. Division Two champions Sussex have stuttered to 191-7 and, given Glamorgan's struggles against Derbyshire, Worcestershire's promotion hopes are very much alive.

1731: Away from the action, Essex chief executive Ray East says Ravi Bopara is close to agreeing a new contract.

1728: We have 13 or 14 overs left in the day at Chester-le-Street, where Gordon Muchall is having trouble getting bat on Alfonso Thomas. The Somerset vice-captain is making the ball sing, but can't get the breakthrough.

1724: Stumps are called at Headingley. Yorkshire will resume in the morning on 205-7. Relegation-threatened Kent will probably be happier with how the first day has unfolded.

From Barney in Manchester, in the TMS inbox: "Once on a night out I ordered three pickled eggs as my post-drinking snack. I would recommend that no one ever does that."

1720: They've called time at The Rose Bowl, with Hampshire 147-6 against Warwickshire. They're still off at Headingley and New Road.

1717: Dale Benkenstein edges Alfonso Thomas only for the ball to drop short of the slips. The hosts have made steady progress to 70-2.

1713: The umpires are out in the middle at Headingley and it's looking a little brighter. We may have some more play today.

From Jay in Blackpool, in the TMS inbox: "I've always been a fan of having a pickled egg with my fish and chips, that way you get the vinegar but with a bit of substance."
I've never had a pickled egg, they don't sound too appealing. However, I do like pickled onions and pickled gherkins. Should I take the plunge with the eggs?

1706: The close is called at both Bristol and Northampton. Surrey are 112-3 against Gloucestershire, with Kevin Pietersen unbeaten on 40. Northants are 186-6 against Leicestershire, whose slim promotion hopes are still alive.

Bad light stops play
1704: I've no idea if you can get gravy with fish and chips in Worcestershire, but New Road has always struck me as a very civilized place. Civilized or not, they're off for bad light with Sussex 191-7. We now only have action at Chester-le-Street.

From Richard in Manchester, in the TMS inbox: "There is no part of the civilised universe where gravy is ever served with fish and chips."

From Jon in Taunton, in the TMS inbox: "Tea at Durham! Its been raining all day, they have only been out there for 19 overs and now they need a cheese sandwich and a scone. Get back out there before it rains again.
They've listened to you Jon, the bell has gone and the players are on their way.

Wicket falls
1652: Yorkshire claim their first bonus point, but lose their seventh wicket. Ajmal Shahzad is lbw to Dewald Nel for 21. The Tykes are 205-7. As I type, the players are taken from the field because of bad light.

1644: News reaches us of a double title triumph at Hove as Sussex have clinched the Women's County Championship. A six-wicket victory over Kent at Horsham yesterday did the trick and handed Sussex their second title in three seasons.

1642: Turns out that was the last over before tea. Durham go to the interval on 64-2 - and that gives me a chance to finish my crisps.

1638: Some spin has been introduced at Chester-le-Street, with Murali Kartik into the attack. Durham are 63-2.

1634: The weather has forced an early close at Cardiff, with Glamorgan having recovered slightly to 120-6 against Derbyshire. I've finally cracked under all this talk of food and opened my packet of crisps. Steak flavour, the choice of champions.

That's 50
1632: Jonny Bairstow, who guided Yorkshire to victory over Notts last week, brings up an 81-ball half-century at Headingley. The Tykes are 190-6 in the Leeds gloom.

Bad light stops play
1630: Bad light has delayed proceedings at Northampton, but they're back out at New Road, where Sussex are 174-7.

From Stewart in Bristol, in the TMS inbox: "When in a chippy in Huddersfield, a mate of mine took a fancy to the lass in front of us in the queue, and offered up the line 'Chips and gravy, baby?' They're still together three years later. I haven't enquired as to what her response would have been if he'd included fish in the offer."

Get involved on 606
From Robbie Nielson for Brazil aka gosh on 606: "Derbyshire are doing their bit against Glamorgan, but trust the league winners to let us down and give Worcestershire second place."

He's reached 100
1621: Rob Newton has reached three figures for the first time, but has also fallen to Claude Henderson. His 102 has helped Northants to 184-6 against promotion-chasing Leicestershire.

From Andy McMahon in the TMS inbox: "Fish and chips = salt and vinegar. Pies = peas and gravy."
I salute you sir, you are truly the voice of reason. Northants are 172-5 against Leicestershire, with Rob Newton closing in on a maiden first-class hundred.

From Steve in Hull, in the TMS inbox: "There is only one truly great accompaniment to fish and chips - curry sauce."
I must protest. Curry sauce should only accompany sausage and chips. Tea at New Road, Sussex are 171-7.

From Barry in the TMS inbox: "There is no place on earth for tomato ketchup. The man who invented it should be damned 10 miles beyond hell, where even the devil can't get for the stinging nettles.
Thanks to everyone for pointing out my mistake. It was of course Craig Kieswetter who caught Mark Stoneman, rather than Phil Mustard. There's too much talk of condiments around here...

1554: They're back out at Headingley where Yorkshire have lost their sixth wicket. Adil Rashid has been caught behind for 20 to leave the Tykes 158-6. That's a second bonus point for Kent. At Chester-le-Street, Michael di Venuto has been trapped lbw to leave Durham 33-2.

1552:Kevin Pietersen top-edges an Anthony Ireland bouncer for six at Bristol and the umpires immediately take them off for bad light. Surrey are 112-3.

From Ken in the TMS inbox: "For me, putting gravy on fish and chips is the only thing that should still be a capital offence. And don't give me any of this tartar sauce nonsense either. Ketchup! It has to be ketchup!"

From Cor in Edinburgh, in the TMS inbox: "Why is everyone just lying down for Worcestershire? First Middlesex, now Sussex - it's an anti-Welsh conspiracy, I tell you."
You probably don't want to know that Sussex have lost another. James Anyon falls to Alan Richardson to leave the visitors 148-7 at New Road.

Wicket falls
1543: I'm getting quite good at dishing out the curse of the commentator. Mark Stoneman has edged Charl Willoughby through to wicketkeeper Craig Kieswetter. Durham are 25-1. The rain has stopped at Headingley and the covers are coming off.

1541: Durham have moved onto 21-0 without alarm. To reiterate, they are off at Headingley with Yorkshire 153-5 and Hampshire are 147-6 as the rain falls at The Rose Bowl. Surrey and Kevin Pietersen are back on Bristol.

From Darius, hanging his head in shame in Scarborough, in the TMS inbox: "An even bigger question is what is acceptable to have mayonnaise on? I have been known to have it on everything, including bacon sandwiches and, dare I say it, fish and chips.
Mayonnaise and tomato ketchup is a good combination, especially on a kebab.

1534: Another one joins the Sussex procession at New Road. This time it's Yasir Arafat, who's been trapped lbw by James Cameron for one. The Division Two champions are 145-6. Back on at Northampton, Northants are 142-4.

From Edward Borton in the TMS inbox: "Gravy with fish and chips is more than acceptable and is the most amazing discovery of our times. Now I'm hungry and bored of waiting for Somerset to win the Championship."
This is one of many emails saying that fish, chips and gravy is acceptable, but I remain unconvinced. Next you'll be telling me that it's OK to have tomato ketchup with a pie. That's a huge mistake in my book. Pies were made for gravy.

1524:In fact they are on at Chester-le-Street, Charl Willoughby is steaming in at Michael di Venuto. Bad news for Yorkshire though, the rain is coming down harder at Headingley.

1522: Big news. Play has been abandoned for the day at Old Trafford, with Notts 8-0 off just one over. If they can get on at either Chester-le-Street or Headingley, this could be a huge opportunity for either Somerset or Yorkshire.

Wicket falls
1520: Another wicket goes down at New Road. Luke Wells is caught by Gareth Andrew off Alan Richardson for 62. Sussex are 136-5.

From Terry in Bournemouth, in the TMS inbox: "Re: Ben H and Barney Trafford wager - I am actually the third member of this fish-based tripod, a Somerset man through and through and it pains me to have to amuse myself with this bet while the Cidermen sit idle in one of the biggest weeks in their history. Anyway, as it's raining can you put this up so we're all level going into tea?
Done. Is all this talk of fish making anyone else hungry? While we're at it, can I ask if it's acceptable to have gravy with fish and chips? Peas yes, but gravy?

1513: Sussex have lost another, with Luke Wright falling for a duck. 136-4 at New Road. They've taken tea at Northampton.

Get involved on 606
From JimboHammers - Sir Bobby Moore: "Great batting by young Dawson and old Cork has ensured that Hampshire aren't embarrassed."

From Pat Pen in the TMS inbox:"Re: Nic (see 1322) - That story about Brian Rose's declaration in 1979 seems to get embellished more and more with each re-telling. If things carry on at this rate, we'll be told Somerset declared even before the game started. For the record, Rose emphatically did not declare after only one ball of the Somerset innings. Nor was Somerset's score 0-0 at the declaration. In fact, Rose let the Somerset innings run for a full over, and they made 1-0 (thanks to a Vanburn Holder no ball). Oh, and they also got thrown out of the competition for doing it."

1508: More rain at Chester-le-Street. The covers are back on.

1506: Pitch inspection underway at Old Trafford...

BBC Radio Kent's Matt Cole at Headingley: "I'm no Carole Kirkwood, but I reckon we'll be back on within the next half hour or so."

BBC Radio Bristol's Rob Scanlon at Chester-le-Street: "Very interesting decision to bat first by Durham. Blanket grey cloud cover overhead and moisture in the air. Could be very testing for the openers - Somerset are excellent when the ball is swinging."

1458: We in fact only have action in one game, and that's at New Road. Sussex captain Murray Goodwin has fallen to Alan Richardson to leave the Division Two champions 131-3.

1453: They are taking tea at The Rose Bowl. Hampshire have recovered to 147-6 thanks to a stand of 62 between Liam Dawson and Dominic Cork. This means that we currently have no action in Division One.

1452: I return with exciting news. Durham have won the toss at Chester-le-Street and have decided to bat. They get under way at 1510.

BBC London's Mark Church at Bristol: "Be back out at Bristol at 1510. 44 overs left in the day."

By Steve Marshall

1444: You'd never guess, but they're back off at Headingley, with Yorkshire having moved on to 153-5. In protest at all this blessed bad weather I'm going to storm off and hope Stephan Shemilt's sunny disposition brightens all our moods.

BBC WM's Mike Taylor at The Rose Bowl: "Rain and bad light may soon intervene in Southampton."

BBC Radio Newcastle's Martin Emmerson at Chester-le-Street: "The covers are gradually coming off here under grey skies. Somerset have brought their own mini five-a-side goals and are warming up with a game of footy. Durham's players are doing a mixture of slip catching practice with Geoff Cook and a few of them are kicking a footy about as well. Blotter going full pelt to get the rest of the rain off the covers. Forecast remains mixed for the rest of the day though and the light could well be a factor too."

And from what I'm hearing they're inspecting just about now.

1434: Whisper it quietly but we're back out again at Headingley, but looking at the Sky pictures from Old Trafford I'm not convinced we're going to get too much more play there today.

1426: Guess what? Off again at Cardiff, so of our eight games we only have play at The Rose Bowl, where a certain S Jones is making his first-class Hampshire debut, and New Road. Hampshire have moved on to 115-6, while their south coast neighbours Sussex have hit nelson - 111-2.

From an impendingly bankrupt Ben H in Oxfordshire in the TMS inbox: "Ref: Fish supper wager. I have just returned from an interview to find an email from Mr Trafford gloating at his current lead. Now you would post this twice if you saw the size of this guy as this fish supper is going to cost me an arm and a leg. Please, please, for my children's sake, keep me level pegging."

Ben, I consider it only fair to post this - but as I'm a fair man I'm only going to do it once.

Rain delay
1418: You know I said they were heading back to the middle at Headingley? Well, now they're heading for the pavilion again. The good news is we're back underway at Cardiff and New Road... but for how long is anyone's guess.

From Sam in the TMS inbox: "The rain in Durham has made me think... would Somerset be the first side ever - should things work out that way - to be runners-up in every domestic competition in the same year?"

Rain delay
1411: Gloucestershire and Surrey continue to do the hokey-cokey at Bristol as another passing shower forces the players off. Rain has also hit at Cardiff, while the players have been briefly off at Headingley but are now making their way back to the middle.

1401: Time for my John Craven impression with a quick newsround. I'll start with some transfer news, with confirmation that Middlesex have signed paceman Corey Collymore from Sussex. Worcestershire have announced that they have released seamer Imran Arif. And, at Derbyshire, it's no surprise that Chesney Hughes has been named their player of the year.

Wicket falls
1356: Warwickshire take another small step towards safety at The Rose Bowl where Keith Barker bowls Michael Bates to leave Hampshire 85-6. That's a second bonus bowling point in the bag for the Bears.

Get involved on 606
From clarkyboy72 on 606: "As a Yorkshire supporter, I feel number of games lost means more than number of games won. Many games have manufactured results due to the weather. A hard fought draw is part and parcel of cricket. Surely a defiant rearguard action is worth more than a win earned by 'friendly bowling'?"

Rain delay
1350: Anyone fed up of the rain yet? Well, it's now hit Northampton. Seems like every time we get one game back underway, another one bites the dust. One milestone ticked off for Yorkshire at Headingley, where the 100 has come up.

BBC Radio Bristol's Rob Scanlon at Chester-le-Street: "They haven't inspected the pitch as yet. Not raining at the moment but lots of residual water still on the cover sheets."

1340: I have good news for you - we're just about to get back underway at Bristol. And if you could hit manual refresh I'd be much obliged.

By Stephan Shemilt

1337: Right, that's enough from me for now. I'll leave you in the hands of man who would never dream of praying for rain. Here's Steve Marshall.

From Andy Bristow, hoping for rain at Old Trafford and Chester-le-Street and runs at Headingley, in the TMS inbox: "I am sure the players would be delighted with the weather down here in the south of France (see 1311). Warm and sunny on the Cote d'Azur today. Our astro strip and dodgy outfield at the Riviera Cricket Club may not be quite to their liking though."

1331: Deep trouble for Yorkshire now, as Gerard Brophy plays on off Matt Coles. The Tykes are 93-5.

Wicket falls
1329: As much as Kent fans will be happy with their side's efforts at Headingley, they won't like the news from The Rose Bowl. Rikki Clarke has done for Sean Ervine and Hampshire are now 74-5.

Wicket falls
1325: Are Yorkshire wobbling? Jacques Rudolph has his timbers tickled by Dewald Nel to depart for 25. The Tykes are 92-4. At Northampton, Leicestershire have shifted Stephen peters to leave Northants 122-4.

1322: Rain at New Road has forced the players off. Jonny Bairstow survives a big lbw appeal at Headingley. Yorkshire are 91-3.

From Nic in the TMS inbox: "Re: Richard (see 1304), I remember from the 1970s, Brian Rose the Somerset captain doing a similar trick in a Gillette Cup game against Worcestershire. Somerset were all but through, while Worcestershire could only go through by beating the Cidermen and significantly improving their run rate. Somerset declared after the first ball on 0-0, leaving Worcestershire with an easy win but unable to improve their run rate.
Because of this, the laws were changed preventing a side from declaring in a limited-overs game.

Rain delay
1311: It's raining in Bristol too. You'd think that after the ECB asked Surrey to give KP a game or two, they might have moved their fixtures to somewhere that's rain free. Maybe the game against Gloucestershire could have been played in the south of France? Anything for our Kevin...

1310: They've resumed at Headingley and New Road, but it's raining in Cardiff.

From James in a dull, overcast, yet dry Leeds, in the TMS inbox: "I'm a Lancastrian, living in Leeds, who has promised to his Yorkshire member best mate who lives in Edinburgh that I will pop down with my camera to Headingley if Yorkshire win the title. It would be a bitter pill to swallow."

1304: A development at Chester-le-Street, we have a pitch inspection at 1315.

BBC Radio Nottingham's Dave Bracegirdle at Old Trafford: "Any thoughts of a prompt re-start after the early lunch can be put to bed as it's throwing it down at the moment and the square remains covered."

From Richard in the TMS inbox: "Your Hampshire fan in Chichester (see 1044) may think he has a long memory, but some of us Warwickshire fans recall a game between Hants and Surrey in 1971, when Hants skipper Richard Gilliat declared after he lost his wicket, thereby granting Surrey the bowling point they needed to pip us for the County Championship. Had he declared before he got out we would have taken the title. Today is payback time."

Get involved on 606
From pierredelafranchesca on 606: "Whoever wins the title will be the deserved winner as they will have gained the most points over the year. I've got everything crossed that it's Yorkshire, and if we do it with Somerset and Notts having their last games rained off I can guarantee the win will be just as sweet."

BBC Radio Leeds' Dave Callaghan at Headingley: "The very fact that Yorkshire have managed to get underway is a bonus. Kent are well in the game on a green pitch. The dismissal of Andrew Gale was a blow to the Tykes in the final over before lunch."

BBC Radio Bristol's Rob Scanlon at Chester-le-Street: "Rain has stopped for the time being and the ground staff are soaking up the surface water from around the covers, which remain on.

1243: Northants have made it to lunch on 115-3 against Leicestershire thanks to an unbroken stand of 92 between Stephen Peters and Rob Newton.

BBC WM's Mike Taylor at The Rose Bowl: "A splendid spell of attacking swing bowling from Darren Maddy has put Warwickshire in charge. The first of the nine points they need to be safe is in the bag."

1237: Lunch at Cardiff too, with Glamorgan in dire straits at 71-6. They're still playing at Northampton, where the hosts have recovered to 115-3.

1233: In Division Two, Surrey go to lunch on 68-3 at Bristol. Kevin Pietersen is unbeaten on 16. At New Road, Sussex have made it to 92-2, with Luke Wells, son of Alan, 48 not out.

Wicket falls
1231: Andrew Gale falls lbw to Dewald Nel to leave Yorkshire 81-3 at lunch. They've also called time on the morning session at The Rose Bowl, with Hampshire 69-4.

Wicket falls
1229: Oh dear, Glamorgan really are up against it now. Steffan Jones removes Mark Wallace to leave the home side 70-6 in Cardiff. Surely they aren't going to blow promotion in the final week? Are they?

Wicket falls
1225: Trouble for Hampshire at The Rose Bowl. Darren Maddy has struck twice more to leave them 60-4. Warwickshire inch towards survival.

From Barney Trafford in the TMS inbox: "My friends and I have a wager on this week to get as many emails posted on the live commentary as possible with the winner getting a fish supper paid for by the others. With this sort of pressure on me, my witty analogies and sparkling repartee have vanished into thin air in a similar vein to KP's batting ability. Could you post this on the website as the email equivalent of KP's trademark dashed single into the offside in the hope that it brings good form back for the both of us?
I can, but will your humble text commentator be involved in the fish supper?

Wicket falls
1218: A couple more wickets go down in Division Two. Mark Cosgrove is bowled by Greg Smith to plunge Glamorgan deeper into trouble at 56-5, while Sussex have lost Ben Brown. They are 92-2 at New Road.

1207: Let off for KP at Bristol. The England batsman, on four, checks his drive but although Anthony Ireland gets a good hand to it he cannot hold on to the return catch.

From Andy Moores in the TMS inbox: "Re: Michael in Taunton (see 1143) - Surely if you are going on the number of losses it would be just desserts for Yorkshire to win the title as they have only lost one game? Personally, I don't think it matters how many games a team loses, it is how many games they win and as such I believe the title deserves to go to Notts."

1201: Another wicket at Bristol, Mark Ramprakash departs to leave Surrey 45-3. Early lunch to be taken at Old Trafford.

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From Jud_Danger on 606: "Surely the team with the most points are the best team? If Somerset and Notts are rained off and Yorkshire go top because of this, then the best team has won. If it's narrow-minded and selfish to want your team to win the league for whatever reason, then narrow-minded and selfish is what I am and I'm proud of it."

Wicket falls
1154: Hampshire have lost their second wicket, Jimmy Adams has been trapped lbw by Darren Maddy. 42-2. Yorkshire have moved to 58-2 at Headingley. The umpires have been out to inspect at Old Trafford, but there's no sign of a resumption. A very wet outfield seems to be a major source of concern.

1149: Tom Lancefield departs at Bristol, leaving Surrey 37-2 with Kevin Pietersen striding to the middle. Remember I told you that Warwickshire are without Neil Carter? He has an abductor muscle injury.

Wicket falls
1143: Oh dear, could we have a Welsh wobble in Cardiff? Glamorgan have slipped to 48-4. Worcestershire and Leicestershire fans take note, your chances of promotion are growing.

From Michael in dry Taunton, in the TMS inbox: "This is excruciating. Please let the weather not settle this year's silverware. Somerset have never won the Championship and have done everything right this year and yet may still lose out to Notts, who have lost five times compared to Somerset's two. Are we never going to get our just desserts?"

BBC Radio Bristol's Rob Scanlon at Chester-le-Street: "Still steady rainfall here in Durham. Ground staff have joined the players and umpires in the shelter and left two tractors on the field. Quite significant puddles on the covers now.

1136: Just one over is possible at Old Trafford before the rain forces the players from the field. Notts are 8-0.

Wicket falls
1134: A wicket goes at The Rose Bowl, with Michael Carberry falling to Chris Woakes. 31-1.

Nottinghamshire captain Chris Read tells BBC Radio Nottingham: "It would mean everything and it's a fantastic opportunity for us to go and win the Championship. The 2005 win was one of the highlights of my career, if not the highlight. If we can do that again this year under my captaincy it would mean the world."

1127: Good news from Old Trafford as the players take the field. Have Yorkshire fans ever wanted a Lancashire win more than they do now?

Wicket falls
1123: Another one goes at Headingley as Anthony McGrath edges Matt Coles to second slip for just one. 31-2.

Get involved on 606
From ElbowofGod on 606: "I know Yorkshire fans want their county to win the Championship, but to hope for Notts and Somerset's games to be rained off is the sort of narrow-minded, selfish thinking that gives some people a reputation."

Wicket falls
1119: Jon Clare has struck again in Cardiff, this time removing Jamie Dalrymple to leave Glamorgan 43-2. Surrey have lost Jason Roy at Bristol and are 16-1.

Wicket falls
1116: Apologies to Tykes fans, but the commentators' curse has struck and Yorkshire have lost their first wicket. Adam Lyth edges Simon Cook to slip to depart for 17. 30-1.

1112: It's slow going for Hampshire. They've reached 11-0 off 10 overs against Warwickshire, who are without key all-rounder Neil Carter. Yorkshire have moved to 30-0 against Kent.

Wicket falls
1108: Leicestershire are having a good morning, Northants are now 27-3. Glamorgan have lost Gareth Rees and are 36-1. They're back out at Bristol too.

Get involved on 606
From erathirea on 606: "Surely it is possible for Yorkshire to win the title and keep Kent up? Yorkshire get five batting points, three bowling points, lose, and then Notts and Somerset both play appallingly?"
Good point, but I'm happy to wager 50p that it doesn't work out that way.

Wicket falls
1102: They've begun at Northampton, where Matthew Hoggard has trapped Mal Loye lbw. Northants are 2-1. Glamorgan are 27-0 against Derbyshire and Sussex are 30-1 at New Road.

BBC Radio Bristol's Rob Scanlon at Chester-le-Street: "Steady rain here, the heavy covers are on and all the players are in the pavilion. The forecast tomorrow is so bleak that a trawlerman in the north east thinks he won't be able to get his boat out."

1056: More disappointment at Old Trafford as the covers have gone back on. We have no immediate sign of play at Chester-le-Street, while Yorkshire have moved to 20-0 at Headingley.

From Liz, Tyke in exile in Cambridge, in the TMS inbox: Can Yorkshire be champions and keep Kent up at the same time? I'd miss not playing Kent, and it would make me feel better with the Bears going down after Saturday's disappointment.
Alas not, Yorkshire need a win and that would condemn Kent to Division Two.

1047: Notts have won the toss and will bat at Old Trafford. Ryan Sidebottom plays after being released by England.

1044: Play about to commence at Headingley, Sussex are 8-1 at New Road, while they're off for rain at Bristol.

From a Hants fan with a long memory in Chichester, in the TMS inbox: "There'll be a few Hants fans who will be quite pleased if we don't beat Warwickshire, and therefore help to send Kent down. In 2005 we were denied a chance of going for the title in the last game when Kent flat batted for a draw in a game they could have tried to win. Warne was fuming with them.

1038: We hear that play will begin at Old Trafford at 1110. There's been a change of heart at the The Rose Bowl, where play has begun, and Kent have won the toss at Headingley and will have a bowl.

1034: Rain has delayed the start at The Rose Bowl, where Warwickshire have won the toss and will field. Sussex are batting at New Road, Glamorgan are batting at Derby and Surrey, who have Kevin Pietersen the side again, are batting against Gloucestershire at Bristol.

1029: With no play imminent at the top of Division One, I'll try and explain the situation at the bottom of the table and in the Division Two promotion race. Kent will be relegated if they fail to beat Yorkshire, but they can catch Warwickshire if the Bears are beaten by Hampshire. Glamorgan will go up if they beat Derbyshire, with Worcestershire, who are nine points adrift, the side best placed to take advantage of a slip up. Leicestershire still have a mathematical chance of taking second place.

1027: Ah, just when Yorkshire thought they might be able to take advantage of the rain in Manchester and Durham, the covers get rolled on at Headingley.

Rain delay
1024: It's raining at Chester-le-Street, so Durham and Somerset will not be starting on time.

1022: Kent have won the toss at Headingley and have invited Yorkshire to have a bat. The visitors need to win to have any chance of avoiding relegation.

1020: So where do we stand? Notts will win the title if they take 22 points from their game against Lancashire. Any fewer and Somerset, who are at Durham, could be crowned champions for the first time in their history. If both sides slip up, Yorkshire, who are seven points behind the leaders, can take advantage.

Get involved on 606
From RKW - Bred Pole on 606: "Hopefully Notts and Somerset's games get rained off and Yorkshire can get a resounding win over Kent and take the title."

BBC Radio Nottingham's Dave Bracegirdle at Old Trafford: "Leaden skies and steady drizzle around Manchester, the covers are on and the players are off. The warm-up has been cut short and a lengthy delay seems probable."

Rain delay
1005: I have some early bad news for Nottinghamshire fans. It's raining at Old Trafford.

1000: The end of the summer is undoubtedly the saddest time of the year. Dark nights, cold mornings, Strictly Come Dancing, not good at all. But before all that unpleasantness, we have a humdinger of a finale to the County Championship. Are you ready to get started? Me too.

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