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Friends Provident Trophy final

Durham 312-5 beat Hampshire 187 by 125 runs

Durham captured their first major title with a 125-run victory over Hampshire in the Friends Provident Trophy final.

Hants resumed needing another 155 from 17.3 overs, adding 16 before losing remaining frontline batsmen Nic Pothas and Dimi Mascarenhas in seven balls.

Both players hit boundaries but Pothas holed out to deep mid-wicket for 47 and Mascarenhas was bowled by England's Liam Plunkett, who impressed with 3-42.

Durham made 312 on Saturday and reduced Hants to 158-5 before rain intervened.


By Paul Grunill

1330: I think Daniel and Jim have said it all [see below] - what a great day for Durham. It's only a pity their supporters weren't there to see it. Maybe the team will be given a celebratory bus tour when they get back home, they certainly deserve it after that performance. Howay the lads - and thanks, as usual, for all your contributions!

From Jim Slater: Can't believe it, I'm 37 years old, follow Durham CCC, Newcastle and England, 37 years of hurt, never seen one of my teams win a major trophy. I moved to Queensland, Australia 6 weeks ago and missed it, finally one of my teams win something and I still didn't see it !!! Congratulations to everybody involved, enjoy those beers. Very Proud Durham lad in Australia, will be wearing my Durham CCC Cricket Hat with even more pride on the beach over here."

From Daniel Goldman: "I am a Durham supporter living in Israel. What a fabulous day for Durham cricket. Congratulations to all the team on the pitch and in the back office!! Durham CCC is now the highest achieving sports team in the NorthEast!! And so much of it based on local grown talent!!

"My late father was a season ticket holder from the time Durham became a major cricket country and unfortunately did not make it to see this day. He would have been very proud and I am indeed very proud to be a Durham supporter. Next stop the Championship!"

41st over: WICKET - Warne b Plunkett 5, Hants 187, DURHAM WIN BY 125 RUNS That's it - a pefect yorker from Plunkett is too much for Warne and Hampshire's misery is complete. Legend of the game he may be, but the one and a bit days of his first domestic final are likely to be ones Warne will want to forget.

From John L in Calgary: "Just a bit of a stattage tidbit for you - if Durham can win the match now, they would be in possession of the second highest run-victory margin in the history of the trophy. Yorkshire plastered Surrey in '65 for 175, and Lancashire did the same to Essex in '96 by 129 runs. The next highest after that is Yorkshire's 69-run win over Derbyshire during the Summer of Love."

From a Barnsley boy, thanks for talking up Yorkshire, John.

40th over: Hants 186-9 It would be fitting if one of Durham's local boys could wrap things up and Colly, a son of Shotley Bridge, could be the man as he looks for his fourth wicket - and boy, wouldn't he like to finish it by getting rid of Warney. Last man Bruce has most of the strike, however, and keeps England's ODI skipper at bay.

39th over: WICKET - Powell c Collingwood b Plunkett 1, Hants 183-9
It's an England double act for Durham as they close in on victory. A bemused Powell tries to direct the ball over backward point but merely gives Collingwood a simple chance he could have taken with his eyes shut.

From BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener at Lord's: "A sumptuous lunch has arrived, and most of the media - Aggers included - are digging in straight away, in anticipation of an early finish."

Our for a duck
38th over: WICKET - Tremlett c Di Venuto b Collingwood 0, Hants 180-8
Warne is decieved by a slower ball but opens his account with an ugly chip to mid-on. Colly shakes up his England team-mate Tremlett with a bouncer and an attempt to avenge it with a straight six next ball results in a steepling catch to di Venuto.

From BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener at Lord's: "With the ground virtually deserted and even the media centre less busy than yesterday, there's a real lack of atmosphere here, even when the ball's hit in the air. It's like a 2nd XI game."

37th over: WICKET - Mascarenhas b Plunkett 12, Hants 177-7
Mascarenhas continues to rely on a cross-batted heave as his main scoring option - it doesn't work as Plunkers cleans him up. Wicket maiden and Hants need a miracle.

Wicket falls
36th over: WICKET - Pothas c Onions b Collingwood 47, Hants 177-6
Pothas slices Colly over point for four but in trying to hoist him into a empty seats at mid-wicket, he picks out Onions on the boundary edge. Hampshire's chances were slim at the start, now they're skeletal - what can Warney do about it? Colly greets him with a no-ball bouncer - that's not very friendly....

From Chris Griffin: "What a good Saturday: Darlington won 3-0 at Accy, to go top of the league, Darlington RA beat Yorkshire Amateurs 6-0 to through to the next prelim round of the FA cup Durham put the posh lads from Hampshire to the sword. If I hadn't fell asleep after a few cold drinks to celebrate, I'd have probably won the lottery as well. Come on Durham, finish them off."

35th over: Hants 168-5
Mascarenhas mis-times an attempted flog over mid-wicket and has to settle for two. But he makes no mistake as Plunkett sends down a friendly leg-side full toss with the last ball of the over and collects a much-needed boundary.

34th over: Hants 161-5
It's Colly from the Pavilion End and his first over of the day is just what the Durham doctor ordered - line and length stuff and Hants can only advance the score in ones.

33rd over: Hants 158-5
In case you'd forgotten, Liam Plunkett is bowling to Mascarenhas. Dimmy can't add to the score from three balls - the rate required by Hampshire climbs immediately.

1225: The bell has been rung at Lord's, so it looks like we're going to see some cricket. Do Durham have the killer instinct, or can Hampshire turn the game on its head? See I can match Sean Ervine cliche for cliche.

From Steven Wright (a different one): "How come at the cricket world cup everyone complained that Sri Lanka had to chase some D/L total and that they should have gone into the spare day, then when it happens here and they do go into the spare day, everyone starts crying about it? Umpires really just can't win these days."

1220: "You never know, cricket's a funny game and we'll have to see what happens. Dimitri Mascarenhas is one of the best finishers in England, Nic Pothas is a consistent performer and Warney can hit it over the ropes."
Hampshire's Sean Ervine on their chances of victory, TMS

From BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener at Lord's: "While Hampshire are at the Nursery End, Durham are taking part in bowling and fielding drills, using part of the outfield, and one of the unused wickets at the edge of the square.

"Pothas and Mascarenhas are the quickest to return to the pavilion - Hampshire fans will hope this is not an omen. Warne is the next to follow, but he stops to inspect the wicket on his way back, stands at the crease and plays a couple of imaginary strokes from each end before he is collared for a Sky TV interview."

From Richard Jenkinson: "Re. your story of Much ado about Nothing. I once went to a comedy store type venue in NY where my mate and I were the only punters at the start. Not really conducive to a belly laugh. Hats off to the first guy, 'Anyone from England in?' Let's just say he strayed a bit from his prepared act (and in keeping with today's theme, Cricket came in for some abuse). But after about 10 struggling minutes, he took us off to the bar to wait for more punters to arrive. When they did, he started his act again: 'Anyone from England in?'""

From BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener at Lord's: "The main cover has been removed from the wicket, which is now being swept. The Hampshire players head to the Nursery End for practice - those who have not yet batted are padded up. Daren Powell has an enormous pair of white gloves on, which are about twice the size of normal batting gloves and look like hunks of white polystyrene attached to his hands."

From Craig Hilton: "I was at the match yesterday, and after enjoying a thoroughly entertaining bludgeoning of Hampshire with bat and ball, to be then told I won't be seeing my team lift their first trophy in their first final is remarkable! When play was called off, that tannoy announced they hope people travelling back to the north east have a safe journey, and that they see them people at Lord's realise just where the north east is in comparison to London?

"It's not like we can just roll out of bed in our homes and pop down for an hour or two. I think if there's no play today, they should present the trophy to us at the Riverside ground too, for all of those supporters who missed it due not to rain, but to official idiocy."

1140: Just when I was getting to the chorus, the covers have been taken off part of the square again, the umpires are taking a look and we are told play will start at 1230. Let's hope the 'window' [see 1110 entry] will stay open long enough to wrap the game up.

1130: It looks like the wet stuff has intensified at Lord's, so put the optimism back on hold for a bit. I'll get back to humming Roy Wood's The Rain Came Down on Everything to myself.

From Charles Patrick in Southampton: "I went to the match yesterday and while sad as a Hampshire supporter it was a very enjoyable match to watch. Durham quite easily deserve their result since they managed to find the boundary, whereas Hampshire didn't seem to create those six-moments.

"Regardless of the rules, given the circumstances that we had little realistic chance, the captain should have acted like a gentleman and conceded thus allowing the loyal fans who stayed on to see the natural conclusion the presentation. Sadly this way the match peters to an damp end where the brass band and their cat are all that will see the winners crowned."

Warney concede a game of cricket? Not before hell freezes over, in my opinion.

From Essex member Miall: "Why aren't more of the representative games (like the Women's ODI) played at Chelmsford? We've had a bit of a shower in the area earlier today, but otherwise it's OK. And the Lions game vs the Indians looked like, if not a sellout, close to it. Two really good days, downhill a bit on the third, but better than a lot of places. Great atmosphere too."

From Paul Cooke: "Are you the same Paul Grunill that use to write for clockwatch a couple of years ago? Or was that yet another of the world famous Paul Grunill's? Or are you really Guru Pall Nil....Thanks Paul in a not so sunny but still hot Russia."

I'm the same Paul Grunill I've always been (except with less hair and more weight).

From Sean Keogh: "Hasn't Bill Frindall revealed the inherent unfairness of the Duckworth-Lewis equations? [See 1048 entry] I thought that it's application resulted in a revised target for the chasing side but from what he is reported as saying, Hampshire won't be given a chance to chase any sort of target at all. Unfair or what?"

Sean, the present intention is for Hampshire to complete their innings , so D/L doesn't really enter into it. Bearders was merely pointing out what the result would be if there is no more play.

From Pete Porchos: "Most matches are won on the last ball. When a team wins, the match is over, is it not?"

Ok, everyone, I have been to the canteen, bought a fried egg and smeared it on my face. (You all know I meant that I hoped the game would be decided off the last ball of the 50th over of the Hampshire innings)

1110: Umpire Peter Hartley tells 5 live's Kevin Howells it will take 60-75 minutes for the groundstaff to get the ground ready for play if the rain stops and about the same to complete the match. So what we're looking for then is a two and a half hour 'window'.

From BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener at Lord's: "The covers are starting to come off! The 'side' covers which protect the rest of the square are being rolled back. Water is still being swept off some of the other covers, but things are looking up here."

1100: Bad news from Shakespeare country, the women's one-day international between England and New Zealand at Stratford-upon-Avon has been called off because of overnight rain. But there are more games coming up at Derby, Blackpool and Shenley, so get along there and support our girls!

Bright bloke the Bard, by the way. As he said in Twelfth Night: "For the rain it raineth every day". (Yes, OK, I did just look that up on the web!). Incidentally, during my Italian holiday -see below - I went to see a production of Much Ado about Nothing in Venice and there were seven in the cast and six in the audience. I felt so sorry for the actors....

From Steve Wright: "Ho ho ho my friend. I wish I were that angry man from Purley. You've just increased my potential earnings to 23,564 based on a pound for every time I've been asked since I was twelve." [See below]

Fair enough, Steve, but you'd be amazed by the number of people who mistake me for the other Paul Grunill.

From Tony Jones in Sunderland: "I may be a bit biased, but in my humble opinion Phil "Colonel" Mustard is the best Wicket-keeper / Batsman in the country and deserves a chance in the England team and definitely should to go on tour this winter."

1050: Looking back to yesterday, isn't it incredible that Ottis Gibson has only played two Tests and 15 ODIs when you think about some of the fast bowlers who've turned out for West Indies in the past few years? That said, isn't he England qualified now? Perhaps one of you can enlighten me. Let's get some more old 'uns in the team!

1048: "If there's no further play, Durham will have won the game by 48 runs"
Bearded Wonder Bill Frindall reveals the Duckworth-Lewis state of play, TMS

1045: "I suspect next year the domestic review group will say these games will be played under one-day international regulations. Under those regulations, Durham would have won by now"
MCC head of cricket John Stephenson, TMS

From Jack Byrne: "Once again a sporting body shows they don't care about the fans of either club. Do they think that Hampshire and Durham fans just live in Lords and they'll all be alright to stay there all night? Do they know how far Hampshire and Durham is from Lords?"

From Nick Beeson: "Re your exciting 17.3 overs. In most one day matches someone wins off the last ball. No one ever wins off the penultimate ball, and it would be utterly foolish to have more balls after the last one. The only other possibilities are a tie or a draw. My guess is that there will be an exciting six hours or so watching the rain, followed by an exciting announcement that play is abandoned, and an exciting presentation to whoever has won on D/L (who dat, by the way, at this stage?). If it's Durham, that would be like finding out you have won the lottery when you are in the middle of the Gobi. Whoopee, break out the party hat."

From Shafique: "Morning Paul. Wondering and debating whether to get out of bed for 10.45 start. Tough choice hot wife in warm bed or grey skys at!"

I last saw my wife at 0615. Hello, dear.....(who am I kidding? She doesn't like sport and won't be reading this)

1025: "It'll be some time before brighter skies return to London, so don't expect any play before the afternoon"
Weatherman John Kettley, Radio 5 live

Well, that's a tiny bit more encouraging - John does at least acknowledge a possibility of some play.

From Steve Wright: "Ayoop Paul, what will happen if the rain doesn't stop? Does it have to be completed today or will it keep going until the next day of available play? If it is abandoned do you think it's a win for Durham? I do. But then, I am biased."

Steve, I may be wrong but I believe Durham are what might be termed 'a distance' ahead on Duckworth-Lewis and if there's no play today, they'll be taking home the silver. By the way, you're not the jocular Radio 2 DJ, are you?

From Matthew in Jarrow: "Who are you and what have you done with both Tom Fordyce and Ford Tomdyce? Impress today though, and you'll have a Facebook group in no time."

Tom and Ford are enjoying a well deserved day off together. Facebook - what on earth is that?

1000: If you get bored waiting for play to start, by the way, you can have amuse yourselves by picking an England one-day XI to face India at the Rose Bowl on Tuesday...

Rain delay
From BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener at Lord's: "It's grey skies and heavy rain here at the home of cricket. The square and the bowlers' run-ups are completely covered, and there are two ground staff brushing surface water off the edge of the covers. At the moment, the tiny, tiny number of fans in the ground are vastly outnumbered by stewards and ground staff. The Lord's drainage system is legendary - but we need it to actually stop raining first."

0945: Just over a week ago I was lying on the rooftop sundeck of an Italian hotel and looking up at a perfect blue sky, with barely a cloud in sight. This morning, as I drove to work down the M1, all I could see was a sky which was grey like, in the words of the great Roger Waters, "the skin of a dying man".

But, hey, let's be positive - things will brighten up at Lord's and we're going to get 17.3 overs of thrilling cricket with either Durham or Hampshire winning off the last ball. Dream on, Paul, dream on......

Anyway, I'd be only too delighted to receive a few messages while we wait for the weather and the umpires to determine the fate of yet another cricket final - as Peter Gabriel once sang "come on, come talk to me".

Am I showing my age with these musical references?


By Tom Fordyce

1845: Right - that's it for today, officially. We'll be back on Sunday at 1045, with commentary duties for the denouement switching to Paul Grunill. Although with the forecast for Lord's looking as dodgy as a three-sided coin, who knows when we'll have a result...

1815: The umpires were due to inspect the pitch at 1830. But unless they're going to row out there, that's not going to happen now - it's lashing it down again.

1811: If you're interested, this is the official opaqueness from the match scorecard: "One reserve day has been allocated in case of weather interference. If there is a delayed start or one or more interruptions in play, the Umpires may order extra time on the first day if they consider that a finish can be obtained on that day.

"If the Umpires are satisfied that a result cannot be obtained on the first day, the timing for cessation of play on that day will be 8pm. Up to 60 minutes of extra official playing time is available on the Reserve Day to make up for playing time lost."

Pick the bones out of that lot...

1801: Right - here's what we think. If the rain wipes out play for the rest of Saturday - which seems likely - we'll be back again on Sunday morning. Sigh.

1755: Confusion reigns at HQ. Not about the rain - it's without doubt tipping it down - but about whether we have to come back on Sunday if we get no more play today. People are thumbing through the most confusing rule-book in sport, and the consensus seems to be that no-one has the faintest idea. It's the World Cup final all over again...

1742: It's whacking it down at Lord's. If I had to put money on it, I'd say it was all over for today.

From BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener at Lord's: "The rain is serious enough that the ground staff have completely covered the entire square as well as the bowlers' run-ups, while some north-east journalists are scouring the internet for London hotel rooms for tonight."

33rd over: Hants 158-5
In answer to my own question: yes it is. The players stroll off as the covers go in the opposite direction. Dunno how long this'll last for, but it's not looking too useful at the mo. Will keep you 100% posted.

32nd over: Hants 153-5
Five singles and a two, but is that rain in the air? Brollies begin to sprout like multicoloured mushrooms.

31st over: Hants 145-5
Masca in to face the funereal music. Colly's still over the moon with his bagging of Creepy, so Killeen keeps things tidy with his solid bustle.

30th over: WICKET - Crawley b Collingwood 68, Hants 142-5
Wicket falls
He's gone now - Creeps' luck runs out at last as he plays all round Colly's cutter and loses his leg stump. Off he trudges, and with him may well have gone the last skinny hopes of the south coast supporters.

29th over: Hants 138-4
The generously-jowled Killeen returns for his second spell. Creeps misses a fullish straight one with a bizarre half-sweep before Pothas makes room to cut edgily for two.

28th over: Hants 133-4
The 'Wobbler it is, and he gets an edge off Creepy to concede two off his first ball. Creeps then scampers a brace of leg byes. 180 needed off 132, which means the run-rate required is over eight an over. Still - if they play it like a Twenty20 match from now on...

27th over: Hants 128-4
Pothas is punting with some success now, picking up a lofted two to long-off and another sliced away through gully. 185 runs needed from 138 balls, and Colly looks like he's readying himself for a trundle.

26th over: Hants 121-4
Breese continues, and Pothas is as obsessed with the reverse sweep as our old pal Badger. He finally makes contact with one and picks up four, before Crawley swings one to deep midwicket for two and dabs to third man for two more. The D-L par at this stage is 170, although the rain - against all expectations - is holding off.

From BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener at Lord's: "Astonishingly, it's the Hampshire supporters who are finding voice here, cheering their hundred, Crawley's fifty and any boundary with gusto. Surely they can't think they can win from here. Can they?"

25th over: Hants 110-4
Ottis back into the attack, and breaths are bated all round Lord's. Pothas hangs on by a skinny whisker, and as he steals a single he gives Ottis a little bump on the way through. Hello...

24th over: Hants 106-4
That's 50
Somehow, Creepy has reached a half-ton. Notes kept by a BBC colleague reveal that he could have been out seven times, but he's hung around for the streakiest 50 in human memory. I know - it sounds like I'm being mean-spirited, but you should have seen it - an absolute head-shaker of a knock.

23rd over: Hants 101-4
Pothas, very much following Creepy's example, top-edges just past the field for a jammy two and then creams a cracker through cover for four.

22nd over: Hants 93-4
Gareth Breese pops up for his first blow of the day, and Pothas responds by aiming two hapless reverse-sweeps at the gentle tweak. He gets a combo of glove and pad on one and picks up a lucky two over the Colonel's head.

21st over: Hants 88-4
Back comes Mr Hyde, pulling wildly at one that's not that short and somehow avoiding being cleaned up. The Colonel is standing up to Onions, who's rattling them down at close to 85mph. There's a lot to like about the Mackem Gilchrist.

20th over: Hants 84-4
Nic Pothas to face Plunkers, and he nearly plays on twice as the tufty-haired paceman hurries them through on him. Crawley then Jekylls a drive through cover for four to move to one of the patchiest 42s the world has ever witnessed.

From Andy in Orpington: "If Warne is German, does he now bat in a helmet with a spike on top?"

19th over: WICKET - Carberry b Onions 23, Hants 75-4
Wicket falls
Wallop - Carberry backs away to give himself room, misses a follower and is comprehensively cleaned up. Joy for Durham; perhaps the final straw for HampsHopes.

18th over: Hants 75-3
Carberry slashes at two widish Plunkers efforts and picks up two fours to deep point. That's the 50 partnership between these two, but they're still chasing seven and a half an over for 32 overs. Hmmm.

17th over: Hants 62-3
There we go - Creepy produces the Dr Jekyll to his Mr Hyde, and pulls sumptuously through midwicket for four. Is he battling some sort of insanity issue out there?

16th over: Hants 54-3
It's deja-vu time here - Creepy, an almost permanent presence on strike, pops another woeful drive in the air towards mid-off but watches it drop fractionally short once again. Can you be dismissed through sheer shame?

15th over: Hants 50-3
Further selections from the Creepy pick 'n' mix stall - a concrete-booted waft outside off, followed by a sweetly-timed clip over midwicket for four.

From Ian Makgill: "For those of you wondering if the cricket-loving boyfriend of Kirsten Dunst, Johnny Burrell, will be at Lords today, you're in for a disappointment. I've just met him having a workout at my local boxing club. Seemed like a nice bloke, no future as boxer mind."

14th over: Hants 45-3
Right - here comes Plunkers. Creepy produces another spoon-loft of a drive just out of reach of cover for four, and then comes up with his first authentic shot of the day, clipping off his pads for a sizzle through square leg.

13th over: Hants 36-3
Onions into the pan, and Crawley looks desperate to get out here. For at least the fourth time, he spoons a looper just out of reach of the scampering in-field. At least he has the decency to grimace.

From Jonathan Barrand, Tynemouth: "In the great food debate of Mustard and Onions, how about a combination of wicketkeepers past and present? Jeffrey Dujon and Phil Mustard - Dujon Mustard?"

12th over: Hants 34-3
Killeen unchanged, and the grip remains vice-like. The Hants pair both escape with mis-hit clouts over mid-off.

11th over: Hants 30-3
Creeps attacks again, scooping Ottis sketchily over midwicket before prodding into the off-side. On the D-L, Hampshire are a mere 70 runs adrift. Ouch.

10th over: Hants 24-3
Creepy blazes frantically at Killeen and lofts one over point for the the first boundary of the Hants reply. Unbelievably narrow face, the Creepster. He could squeeze that bonce of his through a set of railings without any worries at all.

9th over: WICKET - Pietersen lbw b Gibson 12, Hants 17-3
Wicket falls
Ottis is rampant - now it's KP who's trudging back to the hutch, caught bang in front by one angled in. Let's get carried away here - Ottis is on track to get his second 10-for of the season...

8th over: Hants 17-2
Creepy jabs down late on a Killeen skidder and picks up two. At the same stage of their innings, Durham were 39-0.

7th over: Hants 14-2
Ottis is on fire, and the flames can be seen for miles around. He nearly bags Creepy on a caught and bowled, and then whistles one straight through his defence. How that missed the stumps I'll never know - the ball must have done a Terminator 2 and morphed through the timbers.

6th over: Hants 12-2
KP's not looking too cosy either - he aims a tight-gripped push at Killeen and edges just past Di Venuto's grasping digits at second slip. Grey clouds parked up above, and Durham are cruising it on the old Duckworth-Lewis at the mo. Although we need 10 overs for that to kick in.

5th over: Hants 10-2
Creepy's dicing with an early shower here - he thrashes wildly at an Ottis steepler and narrowly avoids a top-edger through to the Colonel behind the stumps. If I had time, I'd tell an anecdote which involves Creepy and a journo pal of mine in Cambridge which casts the former Fenners legend in a very unflattering light. But I don't - and I'd probably get in trouble anyway. Give me a nudge if you see me in the street and I'll spill the beans.

4th over: Hants 10-2
Killeen keeps it tight, to roars of approval from the Durham masses. Stunned silence from the Hants cru.

3rd over: Hants 7-2
What a let-off for Creepy - KP drives Ottis back at the bowler's end stumps, Ottis deflects the ball into the timbers and straight away appeals to Umpo Hartley. Crawley is miles out of his ground, but Hartley doesn't reckon Ottis touched it. Skipper Benky asks for it to be referred to the third umpire, and former Hants batsman Trevor Jesty turns it down. Ottis is fuming - he thinks he's being called a cheat and a liar. Drama every which way you look.

2nd over: Hants 6-2
Here comes KP, striding in like a gunslinger at the blown-away OK Corral. Having survived the hat-trick ball, he takes a single and then watches the chubby-cheeked Neil Killeen almost castle a wafting Crawley.

1st over: WICKET Ervine c Di Venuto b Gibson 0; Hants 0-2
Wicket falls
Even more what a start - it's an exact replica, Ervine bags a golden quacker and Durham are rampant. There's no stopping Ottis today - he's anything but Mr Pitiful.

1st over: WICKET Lumb c Di Venuto b Gibson 0; Hants 0-1
Wicket falls
Ottis has got the new ball in his hand and it's a golden start for the veteran as Lumb spars at his opening delivery and edges low to second slip. What a start!


From Bertie Spotteswoode: "Great score from Durham despite the Collywobbles. I'd give Ottis about half an hour after lunch to rattle through Hampshire - Herr Shane & co must be gutted - sorry, don't mention the warne."

50th over: Dur 312-5
That's 50
What a finish - Benky smashes for a six and two more fours to finsih on 61 not out off 43 balls, and Durham are cockahoop. Fantastic batting from the Lord's final debutants, and the Kaiser and his once-merry crew are utterly shell-shocked. Time for a late luncheon here - see you at 1500...

49th over: Dur 295-5
Here comes 38-year-old Ottis Gibson, and he's not hanging around - he smashes his first ball for a massive six and his second for a glorious cover-driven four. Tremmers then flings down a vicious beamer, and for a second it all looks like it's going to boot off. Otyis wants Respect, and Tremmers is finding it Hard To Handle. After deep breaths on both sides, Otis flays again and picks up two more to midwicket. This is now the highest-ever 50-over score in a Lord's final.

48th over: WICKET - Collingwood c Mascarenhas 22, Dur 278-5
Wicket falls
King Scratchy goes at last, top-edging a horrible slice over point where Masca takes a fine catch over his head. Took Colly 35 balls to get those shonky runs, and he was batting like a blindfolded mole out there.

47th over: 272-4
Benky throws his blade again, this time clearing out his front peg and thwacking Tremlett down to long-on for his fifth boundary. What a contrast with Colly, who's hit two twos and a pocketful of scratchy singles.

46th over: 265-4
That's the Benky magic - after four pitched-up ones from Powell, he flays a shorter one way into the grandstand for a cloud-brusher of a six. A man in glasses and a checked shirt watches it all the way and takes a fine catch leaning back over his seat, and is congratulated by all those in the vicinity.

45th over: 255-4
Benky throws his blade at Bruce's away-nibbler, gets a thick edge and picks up a streaky four through the vacant slips. He then tries to biff Bruce over long-on, mis-hits it and picks up a fleet-footed two. Reckon they can get to 300 here?

44th over: 247-4
Not sure about that bowling change - Ervine comes back on, and the previously-scratchy Benky flays a short one into the grandstand for six. A rotund man in a tight white shirt panics and covers his head with his hands as the ball sails towards him. Disappointing scenes.

43rd over: 237-4
Colly gets lucky against Bruce, prodding a lifter straight at a galloping Von Warnkopf at extra cover and breathing a deep sigh of relief as the ball drops fractionally short. The Kaiser screams a guttural curse at the clouds up above.

42nd over: 232-4
The Kaiser koncludes with another tight one, and the Benky/Colly combo is somewhat becalmed at the mo. 0-46 off 10 for Hants skipper.

From BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener at Lord's: "I can report that the dinner plates here in the media centre are absolutely enormous, rather like the one Alan Partridge takes into the Travel Tavern for the all-you-can-eat buffet."

41st over: 227-4
Benky's trapped in the Acme quick-drying cement too - he plays and misses twice against Bruce, before jabbing a lucky single down to third man. One run off the last 13 balls, and Chanders' run-out is looking more and more important as the clock ticks by.

40th over: 226-4
Colly needs to clear his head - the Kaiser's marched a platoon of doubt right into his brain. Six dippers leave the England man prodding desperately, and it's the first maiden of the match.

39th over: 226-4
Skipper Benky comes in to join a distraught Colly. He's served a slice of luck pie first up as an inside edge off Tremmers screams past his timbers and disappears to fine leg for a streaky four.

38th over: WICKET - Chanderpaul run out 78, Dur 220-4
Wicket falls
Dear oh dear - disaster for Durham, and joy unconfined to the Kaiser's krew. Shiv pushes to mid-on, turns for a second run that's never there and is sent back by a panicked Colly, but he's still miles out of his ground when Kaiser whips the bails off.

37th over: 214-3
When you need a man to tighten things up, Tremmers is your fella. Colly stays wary.

36th over: 212-3
Kaiser to Kolly, and the much-anticipated sledgefest stays schtum as the ginger battler pops a two off his hips and steals a single through point.

35th over: 208-3
Crash bang wallop - Shiv slices Powell to pieces, driving delightfully through extra cover for four, tickling round the corner for four more and then slapping through point for another. The Kaiser looks ready to kill a man with his bare hands.

From Chris in Stevenage: "Just wondering what your friend 'Fom Tordyce' did about his facial hair? Did he take any of the advice given on the TMS clockwatch and shape it into an entertaining style for the benefit of his work colleagues?"

I believe you're refering to my pal Ford Tomdyce, Chris. Well, he did indeed take the TMS advice, and for 10 long days sported a handlebar 'tache that scared old ladies and children alike. It finally got the chop after an unfortunate incident involving a mis-directed spoonful of broccoli soup.

34th over: 193-3
That's 50
What's happened to the stonewaller who snailed his way through the soggy summer series? Chanderpaul goes down on one knee and casually sweeps Ervine for a sweet, sweet six high over midwicket. That's his 71st one-day half-ton, and the Durham drinkers raise plastic pint pots.

33rd over: 185-3
Here comes Colly - and Von Warnkopf licks his lips like a lion eyeing a ginger gazelle. Masca strays a touch and Colly flicks to long leg for a double.

32nd over: WICKET - Coetzer c Warne b Ervine 61, 180-3
Wicket falls
Lordy, but they needed that - two balls after clipping the toiling Ervine onto the top deck of the grandstand for a wondrous six, Coetzer prods at a slower one and sends it straight down Kaiser's cavernous throat at short cover. He can't believe what he's just done, the scything Scot.

31st over: 173-2
Sloppy from Hants - a Masca wide is followed by a Kaiser mis-field, and Coetzer then creams a full one on off-stump through cover for a mantelpiece-mount of a moment. Durham rattling along at five and a half an over.

30th over: 164-2
That's 50
Crunch - Coetzer slams a Kaiser slider to deep square elg for four and then drives to Carberry at long-off for the single he needs to take him to his half-ton. 64 balls it's taken him, with six fours thrown into the mix.

29th over: 154-2
Masca back from the Pavillion End, and the runs flow once again - a flashing four from Coetzer through cover, a leg bye and then two scampered twos to the bushy-tailed Shiv.

28th over: 145-2
The Kaiser stamps on the brakes sharpish, licking his digits before sticking the battered cherry in his paw and fizzing it Coetzer with leggie venom.

27th over: 140-2
Karumba - is that Chanders out there or King Viv? After leaning back to batter a short one from Tremmers over midwicket for four, Shiv clips a fuller one effortlessly over the deep midwicket fence for a stunner of a six. Tremmers looks utterly bemused.

26th over: 128-2
Voosh - Chanders gets supa-lucky against the Kaiser, inside-edging an attempted drive onto his boot and then watching in wide-eyed horror as the ball dribbles past his vulnerable timbers.

25th over: 126-2
Tremmers signs off the halfway mark of the innings with another tight one, Chanders moving to 24 with a delicate glide to third man. The sun's out and about for the first time today.

24th over: 122-2
The Kaiser, his hair smeared back with perfumed pomade, strolls in to the crease and flips in six finger-rippers. Shiv waits for a shorter one and slaps it bottom-handed to deep midwicket for a twoer.

From Danny G in Marbella: "'Ve have vays of making you out!' Herr Shanrich Warnwurst is heard to remark after having too much Mustard on his German sausage."

23rd over: 119-2
Tremmers continues, and his probers keep Coetzer pushing. Just the two singles.

22nd over: 117-2
Kyle C takes on the Kaiser again, sweeping late against a leg stump-aimed tweaker and flapping it to the deep square leg boundary. Three more singles keep the Kaiser in a deep blue funk.

21st over: 110-2
Tremmers has a big shout for lbw against Chanderpaul turned down by Gould. It looked out on the replay but Shiv survives and Coetzer then caresses the ball through extra cover. Dicey times.

20th over: 103-2:
Guess who's on? Wilkommen to proper cricket, Coetzer. He's beaten by a ripper first up before battering Von Warnkopf down to long-off to take Durham past 100. This could be interesting.

19th over: 99-2:
Tremmers is brought on by Von Warnkopf and his first ball is inside-edged by Coetzer to the fine-leg fence. The Kaiser himself is warming up at slip.

18th over: Dur 94-2
A tickle here, a nudge there, and Ervine's keeping things tidy for his body-double skipper.

17th over: Dur 91-2
That's the Shiv magic - a dreamy drive past mid-off is followed by a delicate deflection to fine leg for four more. Bruce grimaces; Von Warnkopf simmers.

16th over: Dur 81-2
Singles all round off the chunky Ervine, who of course was man-of-the-match here two years ago. If you've not seen him before, he looks like he enjoys a meat-dominated barbecue rather more than he does long-distance running.

15th over: Dur 77-2
Bruce to Chanders, who eases into a delightful drive back past the bowler's laces for his first four. Still plenty of chat around the ground after the Colonel was sawn-off - the man himself is sitting somewhat stroppily on the Durham balcony, looking uncannily like a young Neil Warnock. That won't improve his mood.

14th over: Dur 73-2
Sean Ervine, who looks like he should be turning out at Knowsley Road rather the Lord's, trundles in meatily to Shiv Chanderpaul, who walls it in unflustered fashion.

All modes of dismissal apart from timed out, can be referred to the TV-umpire and all referrals must be made immediately.

The TV umpire will reverse a decision if it is beyond reasonable doubt that the on-field umpire has made a clear and obvious mistake.

ECB website

13th over: WICKET - Mustard lbw b Bruce 49, Dur 69-2
It's a shambles at HQ - Umpo Gould gives the Durham thumper out after a huge appeal from Bruce, only for replays to show that the ball pitched outside leg. Mustard's almost at the pavillion steps before his team-mates shout down from the balcony to tell him that he should ask for a referral to the third umpire, but Gould's had enough - he waves the confused Colonel off the field, telling him he's left it too late.

12th over: Dur 69-1
Masca's suffering death by Mustard here - the boff machine smashes him for consecutive fours off the first two balls of the over to move to 49.

11th over: Dur 59-1
Super over from Bruce, returning from the other end like he's been given a new arm. New-man Kyle Coetzer gets off the quacker with a steer to third man.

10th over: Dur 58-1
The Colonel waves his swagger-stick at Masca again, plopping him gloriously over long-on for a monstrous six and then falling just short with an attempted repeater. 39 off 32 balls for the Mackem Gilchrist.

9th over: WICKET - Di Venuto c Carberry b Powell 12, Dur 44-1
Wicket falls
Sensational snag from Carberry - what a catch! Di Venuto middles a cruncher off Powell's short one, but Carberry flings himself to his right to pluck the ball off the turf a full body-length to his right. Hants needed that one...

8th over: Dur 39-0
Masca tears in, and it's a pair of singles apiece for the Durham openers. Von Warnkopf takes off at a wide second slip in an optimistic attempt to pouch a guided edge from Mustard, misses, and thuds into the turf like a detonated cooling tower.

7th over: Dur 35-0
Powell v Mustard again, and it's Colonel who's coming out on top here - he boffs a casual lofted drive over mid-on for four and then carves another over point for two more to move to 21.

6th over: Dur 24-0
England's Dimitri Mascarenhas into the attack, hair shaved scalp-glisteningly short, and he keeps it tighter than a tourniquet for the first four balls. Di Venuto then crunches a cut away for a single before Mustard hoists a spiralling outside edge over KP at cover for two more.

5th over: Dur 21-0
That's more like it from Powell - nose-singeing pace, and Mustard fences hopefully without making contact. Powell's grown his hair out a little for this Lord's showpiece - quite an early 1980s look.

4th over: Dur 19-0
Mootarde slaps again at Bruce, gets a hand-rattling toe-end on it and picks up two over mid-off. Not messing about here, the flamboyant stumper.

3rd over: Dur 14-0
Powell's still calibrating his radar here - after the shorty business of his first over, he's now straying down leg and gets called for two wides. Von Warnkopf stands with podgy hands on podgier hips and goes all flinty-eyed.

2nd over: Dur 11-0
Mustard, in spicy mood, jousts lustily at James Bruce and clouts him at face height between point and cover for his second four. Lord's still filling up on this almost autumnal morning.

1st over: Dur 5-0
Here we go - Di Venuto to handle the fiery feistiness of Daren Powell, and he nibbles a single into the soggy infield to get things ticking. Phil Mustard then leans back to pop a short one over point for the first fence-slapper of the day.

1040: First sight of Shane Von Warnkopf - he's just jogged down the pavillion steps in a creme pair of lederhosen.

1030: "The shock news for Hants fans is that veteran spinner Shaun Udal has been left out, with James Bruce preferred as an extra seamer. Udal looked disconsolate as he was spotted in conversation with his father at the Nursery End - he wanted to be the first Hampshire player to play in four Lord's finals." BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener at Lord's

1026: Morning all - under heavy grey clouds (plus ca change), Hampshire have won the toss. And, to widespread oohs and aahs, they've stuck Benky's boys in.

By Paul Grunill

0950: "It's cloudy but dry at Lord's - the covers are off and the two counties have been going through some fielding drills on the outfield, while a steel band plays at the Nursery End. Waterloo station this morning was swarming with Hampshire supporters, but there are plenty from Durham here too - it's their first final and nobody wants to miss it."
BBC Sport's Mark Mitchener at Lord's

"Am studying in Wellington, New Zealand at the moment, but looking forward to an intriguing final. Being a Hampshire man, I hope we'll see a Southern Counties win but one of my best mates is a Geordie so there'll be some banter going today. Hope its a close game, we need one after the farce of the World Cup."
Luke Jackson in the TMS inbox

"As a Hants supporter I will be shouting as loud as I can for them, but being on the Kazakhstan/Russia border I may need some help from the Hants supporters back at home"
Andrew Lamnea in the TMS inbox

"Today promises to be a great day of cricket which will deservedly restore any negative perceptions about the one-day game. Hampshire have some real quality and will be thinking they are favourites but Durham have been on fire this term. De Venuto has been a massive signing. They are very well organised group that really believe. Watch out for Colonel Mustard!"
Danny Garcia in the TMS inbox

0830: 50 overs cricket has had a pretty bad press this year - not surprising if you think back to the World Cup - so let's hope Hants and Durham can serve up something special if the weather is kind. Anyway, if you want to send me your pre-match thoughts on how you think things will go, I'd be thrilled to receive them.

0800: "I think we'll get the first innings in, but it will turn very wet during the afternoon"
Weatherman John Kettley is pessimistic about prospects for the Lord's showpiece, BBC Five Live

0757: "Pizza, some chips, then a couple of beers and to bed, no different to what he normally does every day"
Hampshire spinner Shaun Udal on skipper Shane Warne's eve of the match preparations

0755: "We all feel for him, but hopefully we've got the guys who can put a good performance together "
Durham batsman Will Smith on the loss of injured fast bowler Steve Harmison, BBC Five Live

0745: Morning all. It's cup final day in cricket, so what have we got in store for you? If you're not going to Lord's and want to listen to the game, Test Match Special will be on the air from 1030, but, as an alternative, the venerable Mr Tom Fordyce will be taking charge of this text commentary from about 1000 to guide you through the day's proceedings.

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