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Twenty20 Cup finals day


1st semi-final:
Gloucestershire 152-2 beat Lancashire 148-6 by eight wickets

2nd semi-final:
Kent 141-5 beat Sussex 140 by five wickets

Kent 147-6 beat Gloucestershire 146-8 by four wickets


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By Sam Lyon


Alex Tudor
"Brilliant, brilliant stuff from Kent. A few of their players are putting their hands up this season for selection for England - none more so than Rob Key - and this victory is richly deserved."
Alex Tudor on BBC Five Live

"I don't know whether to scream or cry!!!!"
Sarah, Canterbury in the TMS inbox

"Followed that in Estonia. Lost none of the drama. Epic stuff."
Paddy in the TMS inbox

"Well done Kent... Now lets see a couple of players picked for the England squad, starting with Key & Denly."
Paul (formerly from Kent), Russia in the TMS inbox

20th over - Kent 147-6 - KENT WIN
Unbelievable! Kent win by four wickets thanks to two explosive brutalisers for four from Darren Stevens. The big man hits the first delivery over midwicket for four and, after he and Yasir Arafat grab a couple each, leaving Kent needing six to win, Stevens crunches one through the covers off a no-ball to see Kent home with three balls to spare. What drama! What tension! What entertainment! What am I talking about? Who knows, who cares - mine's a beer, cheers.

19th over - Kent 134-6
Darren Stevens keeps Kent in the hunt with a bludgoned one-bounce four over midwicket but just three come off the last two deliveries of the over and 13 are needed off the last. Who will take it? It's going to be Carl Greenidge, who has been carted all over the gaff tonight. What drama...

Wicket falls
18.3 overs - WICKET! Jones run out 4, Kent 127-6
Disaster! Geraint Jones goes for a run on the overthrow, slips in the middle, and can't recover his ground as Ben Edmondson throws down the stumps.

Wicket falls
18th over - WICKET! McLaren b Lewis 5, Kent 123-5
Oh how Kent could do with a boundary or two to ease the nerves - but Marshall does his bit in preventing one off Lewis, diving full stretch on the boundary to stop a Darren Stevens pull. And England seamer Lewis pulls out a jaffa to nip out Ryan McLaren with a straight off-cutter that the South African misses and out goes the middle stump. Oooh, it's tense. One off the final ball of the over means 23 are needed off two overs.

BBC Sport
"Some really drunken stuff from out of the media centre window: "Glorrrrrrster... Glorrrrrrster" [repeat ad nauseam]. "They're warming up for the Shed next season," says someone. (I think that's a rugby reference)."
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Edgbaston

17th over - Kent 118-4
Ben Edmondson comes back into the attack, as TV shots show one poor fella so sunburned he looks like he's come to the match sponsored by a tomato ketchup company, and it's more accurate fayre with just five singles coming from the over. Rob Key is a picture of concentration on the bench...

16th over - Kent 113-4
Excellent return over from Lewis, a wicket and just four runs coming from it. Who's got the bottle now...

"He bowled so well earlier, Ryan McLaren, but it will count for little if he can't back it up with the bat now."
Ashley Giles on BBC Five Live

Wicket falls
15.1 overs - WICKET! Walker c Greenidge b Lewis 45, Kent 109-3
Walker's gone! Just to keep Sarah from Canterbury on the edge of her seat nicely, Jon Lewis comes back into the attack and fells Walker with his first delivery, the big guy pumping one down the throat of Ian Fisher on the pull and this match really is in the balance again.

15th over - Kent 109-3
Matt Walker might just be the key here - he races from to 44 from just 32, smashing one through square for another boundary and Kent now need 38 from 30 balls. It's tighter than a, erm, really tight thing this...

"Still few alarms for Kent"... Nice one, Sam. Grrrrrrrrrrr"
Sarah, Canterbury in the TMS inbox

14th over - Kent 103-3
Darren Stevens comes to the crease - got all the shots this boy - but he and Walker are still content to pick up the ones and twos... that is until Stevens latches onto a short and wide one from Hardinges and crashes it square for four to bring up the Kent 100.

Wicket falls
13.1 overs - WICKET! Van Jaarsveld b Hardinges 9, Kent 96-3
Oopsy daisy - Van Jaarsveld goes for something a bit different, walking across his stumps and trying to flick down to fine leg, but he misses a straight one and Hardinges sends his leg stump flying out of the ground.

13th over - Kent 96-2
The atmosphere is rather quiet at the moment as the late afternoon drinking session takes its toll and Kent go about their business without boundaries. Six from the over and, at this stage, Gloucestershire were 91-4 so Kent are undoubtedly on the right track here with wickets in hand.

12th over - Kent 90-2
Ooh - so close from Chris Taylor! Walker brutalises one square of the wicket and Taylor instinctively goes for the catch and gully, but can only parry it short of the boundary. Great effort that and it will sting. One can only hope it's not his drinking hand. Ones and twos still keeping Kent ahead of the game here.

Ashley Giles
"This is an absolutely key stage. Hardinges and Gidman must try to put the squeeze on and if they can restrict the runs and maybe pinch a wicket, we'll really have a game on our hands."
Ashley Giles on BBC Five Live

11th over - Kent 85-2
Alex Gidman comes on to bowl with Jon Lewis asking for something a wee bit special, and the all-rounder does just fine, restricting Van Jaarsveld and Walker to a couple of ones and twos, four from the over.

10th over - Kent 81-2
Martin van Jaarsveld gets off the mark with a couple and sees out the rest of the over without alarm. Kent are still favourites here, but the Gladiators need only get another wicket or two to set the cat among the pigeons...

Wicket falls
9.3 overs - WICKET! Denly c Marshall b Hardinges 28, Kent 78-2
Oh ho - what a catch! Joe Denly clobbers one right out of the middle on the pull and Hamish Marshall flings himself to his right on the dive and plucks it out of the air. There's no doubt that carried. Denly can barely believe the Kiwi has held on and Gloucestershire are believing again...

9th over - Kent 78-1
Still few alarms for Kent, with Denly and Walker ticking things over quite nicely and poor old Jon Lewis looks a little like Stanley in the outfield, head-scratching to the extent he's burrowing a hole in those flowing locks.

8th over - Kent 73-1
Matt Walker is really looking the part out there - the Vernon Dursley lookalike brutalising Hardinges through a packed off-side field for four before keeping the strike ticking over with a couple of singles. Joe Denly greets the end of the over with a thwack through the covers and that's a terrific over for the Spitfires.

Graeme Swann
"The difference between Sussex in the semi-final and Gloucestershire here is that Sussex have two magicians in spinners Saqlain Mushtaq and Mushtaq Ahmed, whereas Glos skipper Jon Lewis doesn't really have that to call upon, so Kent are able to tick things over quite comfortably at the moment."
Graeme Swann on BBC Five Live

7th over - Kent 63-1
Having reduced the asking rate to around about a run a ball, Walker and Denly poke Ben Edmondson around for singles without alarm and the message to GLos captain Jon Lewis is clear - these two won't be giving their wicket away.

6th over - Kent 60-1
Matt Walker leaves Jon Lewis to smile ruefully at point as he under-edges a boundary before latching onto a short Greenidge delivery and helping it on its way behind square for another. And it's three in a row next ball, Walker punching one square and that's another profitable over.

5th over - Kent 48-1
Joe Denly is not going to let Rob Key's unfortunate dismissal affect him, and he pumps one through the covers for four. He and Matt Walker open their shoulders a bit and Gloucestershire are struggling to contain the scoring.

Graeme Swann
"You can't blame Marshall for claiming that, I don't think, and it's within the umpire's right to give it out if he thinks he's caught it. But Key will rightfully feel very hard done by."
Graeme Swann on BBC Five Live

4th over - Kent 36-1
Well, with Rob Key kicking anything and everything that stands in his way on the outfield, Joe Denly and Matt Walker focus and keep the boundaries coming to end the over.

Wicket falls
3.3 overs - WICKET! Key c Marshall b Greenidge 18, Kent 32-1
Joe Denly under-edges one for four first ball - but big man Bobby Key goes! And not without controversy... Hamish Marshall dives forward at midwicket and claims the catch, with Neil Mallinder giving it out at square leg. Key is livid, though, as replays suggest it was a bump catch. Cheeky, very cheeky, from Marshall that.

BBC Radio Five Live
"We're pretty confident going into this chase. Our aim is to get the rate under six as quickly as possible and then just tick things over."
Kent's Geraint Jones on BBC Five Live

3rd over - 27-0
Key has picked up where he left off in the semi-final here as he swots Jon Lewis's first ball through midwicket for the fifth four of the innings, before deliberately edging down to third man for another boundary. Rumours that the big man is on a pie bonus for victory are as yet unfounded. That's 10 from the over, and it's a comfortable start this...

2nd over - 17-0
Carl Greenidge finds a bit of zip but is sent to the boundary with disdain by Rob Key after falling short third ball. The Kent skipper grabs a second boundary with a thick edge over the slip cordon off a slower ball and pinches a single off the last and it's a decent start for the Spitfires.

1st over - Kent 8-0
Accurate stuff from Jon Lewis first up, although Denly latches onto a wide-ish one third ball and bludgeons one over the covers for four. And the youngster opens his shoulders off the last ball too with a kerpow down the ground and that's eight from what looked a decent over. It's a funny ol' game innit...

2040: The teams stride out, and Joe Denly and Rob Key know exactly what they have to do under lights now. It's not the biggest of targets but cut my legs off and call me Shirley if this isn't going to be tense...

20th over - Glos 146-8
Carl Greenidge does his job and gives the strike back to Mark Hardinges first ball, and he responds by spanking a slower one for a massive six back over Malinga's head. He thumps the last delivery for a couple, Matt Walker pulling off a terrific stop on the boundary, and he finishes 39 not out and Gloucestershire have something to defend. Ooh, it's gonna be tight peeps!

Wicket falls
19.3 overs - WICKET! Lewis lbw Malinga 17, Glos 137-8
Couple of singles to start Malinga's over, before Lewis walks across his stumps attempting to clip it to the leg side and succeeding only in making himself a plumb lbw candidate. Malinga obliges with a full and straight one and the Gloucestershire skipper has to depart.

19th over - Glos 135-7
Well, Jon Lewis and Mark Hardinges are doing their best to ensure Gloucestershire will have something to bowl at as both open their shoulders. Hardinges's brutalises one through the covers for four and eight come off the over. McLaren finishes with 3-24 off his four overs but Kent need to guard against letting a decent position slip...

BBC Sport
"Sorry to go on about these floodlights, and well bowled Ryan McLaren etc, but did you notice how Marshall completely lost his way when the shadows came across the square? You'd get more light from a family of glow worms."
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Edgbaston

18th over - Glos 127-7
So much rests on Jon Lewis's shoulders for Gloucestershire now - and he laughs in the face of Lasith Malinga's zippers with three brutal boundaries, one through the covers, one over the keeper's head and one over midwicket. In fact, the big guy snatches 15 off that over and it's just what the doctor ordered for Gloucestershire.

Ashley Giles
"Unbelievable over from McLaren who has really hit his straps all day. On any big day, you need someone to put their hand up with match-winning performances and Macca is doing just that for Kent."
Ashley Giles on BBC Five Live

17th over - Glos 112-7
Ryan McLaren almost makes it four in four with a brilliant ball first up to Jon Lewis, but the Alan Davies lookalike digs it out for a single. What an over that was!

Wicket falls
16.4 overs - Fisher lbw McLaren 0, Glos 111-7
HAT-TRICK!! Full, straight and plumb lbw for McLaren as Ian Fisher falls first ball, missing with a defensive prod and the ball catching him full on leg stump. What a moment for the big South African and Gloucestershire are on the brink.

Wicket falls
16.3 overs - Adshead b McLaren 0, Glos 111-6
Two in two! Kent are loving it, loving it, loving it as McLaren sends down an almost identical delivery and Steve Adshead goes bowled first ball. Oh ho ho, Gloucestershire need something special now while McLaren is on a hat-trick.

Wicket falls
16.2 overs - Marshall b McLaren 65, Glos 111-5
Marshall goes! Big, big blow that. Nelson has much to answer for and Ryan McLaren's the man with the golden arm, Marshall attempting to cut down to third man but succeeding only in chopping on.

16th over - Glos 110-4
Hamish Marshall is taking something of a liking to James Tredwell, sweeping him away for a well-struck four first up. He and Hardinges then push and prod for the rest of the over - eight from it.

Ashley Giles
"These two are doing a very good job for Glos, their partnership, while not explosive, just keeping a decent total within reach. As has already been shown today, a total of 140-plus might be more tricky than it looks."
Ashley Giles on BBC Five Live

15th over - Glos 102-4
Mark Hardinges pulls a Ryan McLaren long hop away for four to bring Gloucestershire's 100, but then almost commits sporting suicide, taking a stupid single that would have seen him run out by a country mile had Matt Walker's shy hit. Hardinges then plays and misses off the last ball, six from the over.

"If Kent win this one, I'll eat my hat. I feel the need to point out that I'm currently sporting a chocolate orange triby with hundreds and thousands."
Charlie R, Barnsley in the TMS inbox

14th over - Glos 96-4
Geraint Jones dances about like a nine year old girl at a ballerina audition first ball, but his appeals for a stumping against Mark Hardinges are refused by the television umpire, the batsman just getting the ball of his foot back behind the line. Kent fielder Matt Walker pulls out a dive of the highest quality to prevent a Hardinges inside edge going for four, and it's just that three and a couple of singles from the over. At the current run rate, Glos will post around 140 - not enough in my book.

That's 50
13th over - Glos 91-4
James Tredwell comes on - and his first one rips back towards the stumps from way outside off. Hamish Marshall deals with it well, though, cutting it fine for a couple to bring up his 50 from 38 balls. The Kiwi then strides down the wicket next ball and thwacks one through the covers for four - about blooming time man! Mark Hardinges gets in on the act with a bludgeon down the ground for a boundary and the Gladiators break the shackles a bit - 14 off that over.

12th over - Glos 77-4
Not one boundary has been struck since the sixth over and yet Mark Hardinges is perfecting his forward defensive against Darren Stevens. Hhmm. Just two from the over, aided by a splendid stop at point from Rob Key, who is belying his fuller frame with an all-action display in the field.

11th over - Glos 75-4
It's easy to get carried away in these games, and I must admit I've only just worked that Gloucestershire are still going along at over seven an over. That, and a late slog, could be enough you know. Still, Simon Cook continues on his miserly way, conceding just four singles from a tight over. Hamish Marshall might have to open his shoulders in a bit. Cook's spell is done - 1-16 from his four overs. Jubbly.

10th over - Glos 71-4
Boundaries are still scarce on the ground and Darren Stevens's accuracy again has Gloucestershire's batsman scrabbling for ones and twos.

Graeme Swann
"Kent are once again showing that top drawer fielding can really give you the crucial edge in these games."
Graeme Swann on BBC Five Live

Wicket falls
9th over - WICKET! Gidman run out 5, Glos 62-4
Brilliant fielding from Martin van Jaarsveld, who runs round from point to throw down the stumps on the dive and Alex Gidman's single attempt ends in disaster. With Gloucestershire dealing exclusively in ones and twos at the moment as well, Kent are positively cockahoop. Mark Hardinges gets off the mark with a single.

8th over - Glos 59-3
Gloucestershire are finding boundaries hard to come by at the moment, with ones and twos the order of the day for Marshall and Alex Gidman. Darren Stevens's opening over goes for just seven and you get the feeling Kent would take that at the moment.

BBC Sport
"These are truly the most feeble floodlights I have seen. In the USA or Australia they might suffice for a school sports day but this is Twenty20 finals day for heaven's sake. Just as well the cricket's so absorbing..."
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Edgbaston

7th over - Glos 52-3
More excellent, unerringly accurate stuff from Simon Cook, who has a big lbw shout second up, but the ball was just sliding down leg - another good Neil Mallinder decision. Just three singles from the over.

6th over - Glos 49-3
Hamish Marshall continues to tick over quite nicely, despite wickets falling at the other end, and a clever little dab down to third man brings up another boundary. Just a few singles after that, though, and Kent are buzzing in the field again...

Graeme Swann
"A hell of a lot rests on Hamish Marshall's shoulders now. If he can bat through Gloucestershire can still post a big total here, but if he goes soon..."
Graeme Swann on BBC Five Live

Wicket falls
5th over - WICKET! Taylor lbw b Cook 1, Glos 42-3
Simon Cook comes on to bowl and it's a ticking over, erm, over for the Gladiators until Cook gets a straight one through Chris Taylor's defence and the youngster has to go lbw! Replays suggest the ball was hitting leg and that's a good decision from Neil Mallinder.

Wicket falls
4th over - WICKET! Kadeer c Tredwell b Arafat 7, Glos 36-2
Kadeer Ali drills one down the ground for four to get his first boundary of the day and another wayward Arafat delivery is clipped down leg for an easy four for Marshall. But Arafat gets his revenge! The paceman sends down a slower one and Kadeer Ali is through the shot far too quickly, James Tredwell taking a comfortable, high catch to send the number three on his way. Hamish Marshall grabs a single off the last delivery.

3rd over - Glos 26-1
Ryan McLaren, so impressive in the field in the semi, makes his second rickett of the final in the field, allowing a Hamish Marshall dab down to third man bounce off him and over the rope. Lasith Malinga looks annoyed, but I'm not sure he's well enough 'in' with his new team-mates to really let them know how it feels. Marshall then gets on to the last ball of the over and drills it over midwicket for another boundary.

2nd over - Glos 18-1
Kadeer Ali grabs a couple down to third man but a big over that for Kent.

Wicket falls
1.4 overs - WICKET! Spearman c Van Jaarsveld b Arafat 2, Glos 16-1
The dangerman goes early! Seconds after Hamish Marshall clips one down fine leg for four, Craig Spearman goes at a wide Yasir Arafat delivery and Martin van Jaarsveld pouches a neat catch at slip. Big wicket that.

"Sam, just a word please - if you "commentator's curse" the Spitfires in the next couple of hours, I may never email you again!!!"
Sarah, Canterbury in the TMS inbox

1st over - Glos 10-0
Lasith Malinga, who was expensive early on in the semi-final, is clipped for four first ball off his hips by Hamish Marshall. It's tighter thereafter, though, with Craig Spearman even - audaciously - leaving one delivery alone. This is Twenty20 man, you swing at it no matter what! Still, Marshall dabs a four down to third man and it's a flier again from Gloucestershire.

Alex Tudor
"Gloucestershire were absolutely fantastic in their semi-final win over Lancashire and, taking nothing away from Kent or their performance, I make them favourites now. It'll be really close, though."
Alex Tudor on BBC Five Live

Ashley Giles
"We've seen that the most effective bowlers on this pitch by some distance have been those that have taken pace off the ball. That will be absolutely key again in this final."
Ashley Giles on BBC Five Live

1902: News of the toss comes through - tails never, ever fails - and big Bobby Key calls it right and Kent will field first again, meaning they will chase under lights. Given that losing the toss has proved a decent omen for the Spitfires so far in this competition, does that point towards a Gloucestershire victory? Rob Key does not strike me as an utterly convincing character on the pitch - umming and arghing before saying, "oh alright, we'll have a bowl". Interesting.

Gloucestershire: C M Spearman, H J H Marshall, Kadeer Ali, C G Taylor, A P R Gidman, M A Hardinges, S J Adshead (Wkt), C G Greenidge, J Lewis (Capt), B M Edmondson, I D Fisher.

Kent: J L Denly, R W T Key (Capt), M van Jaarsveld, M J Walker, D I Stevens, R McLaren, G O Jones (Wkt), Yasir Arafat, J C Tredwell, S J Cook, S L Malinga.

Umpires: N A Mallender and P Willey

1855: Well Mr Brett may not have been impressed with the pre-final entertainment on show, but the crowd are certainly in full voice as we approach the start of the final. Nothing to do with the extraordinary levels of alcoholic consumption taking place at Edgbaston, obviously. Anyway, we're just minutes away now so as Rob Key tears himself away from a cheeky ice cream, get yourself comfortable for what should be a bit of a stonker...

"Mutya Buena's support act - some charming lass who missed out on the final stages of both Pop Idol and The Xfactor - completely murdered the Police classic Roxanne. Meanwhile, the floodlights emerged stealthily, like something out of the 1980s BBC series The Tripods."
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Edgbaston

1805: Right, while the Edgbaston crowd enjoy the 'wonders' (cough!) of Mutya Buena, I'm going to grab some nosebag. See you in an hour for the Gloucestershire-Kent final people!


"It was a similar game to our quarter-final against Notts in that we were looking at having to chase a big total at one point. But James Tredwell, Ryan McLaren and Darren Stevens turned it around for us brilliantly. I enjoyed batting out there - but I'm pretty much done now, I'll let someone else have a go in the final!"
Kent captain Robert Key

"Great game. Few errors from our batsmen - but we lost our way because Kent fielded brilliantly. I can't castigate any members of our team, who fought all the way. I never thought we would defend 140 but the way we fought did me proud."
Sussex skipper Chris Adams

"I can't believe the game was finished with such a lack of skill. when I played it was an honour to bowl the final over and an opportunity to shine. How is it possible to overstep the popping crease? Rob Key deserves man of the match, a great performance!"
Charlie, Barnsley in the TMS inbox

20th over - Kent 141-5
What is he playing at?! Rana Naved no-balls the first of the over and Geraint Jones pinches a single off the free hit to leave Kent needing just six off five balls. Huge shout for lbw next ball - the delivery striking Rob Key millimetres outside the line, much to Naved's most obvious chagrin - and the Kent batsmen run two. And that's it! Unbelievably, Naved throws down another (another!) no-ball and Key nudges a couple to win the game for Kent. Suicidal from Naved and Key (68 not out off 54 balls) is the hero.

19th over - Kent 132-5
Rob Key is finally back on strike for Kent - and the big man bludgeons the first four for five overs through the covers first ball. A brilliant bit of timing next ball goes unrewarded as it crashes into the non-striker's stumps, but he carves one through midwicket for another boundary before taking aim off the last ball and smashing yet another boundary. Top over from the Kent skipper that, and it'll be nine off the last over for Kent to meet Gloucestershire in the final...

Wicket falls
18th over - WICKET! McLaren b Naved 2, Kent 118-5
Chris Adams is fuming in the outfield as Rana Naved over-steps for the second time today and it's a free hit - Rob Key can only get a single off it, though, and it's relief all round for the Sharks. The Sussex skipper has half an eye on time as well - this next over must take no more than a couple of minutes - but Adams is a changed man now as McLaren falls! Rana Naved slips one through his defences and the South African goes bowled. Kent need 23 from 12, oooh it's getting a bit tricky now...

17th over - Kent 114-4
Ryan McLaren can only grab a single off the rest of Kirtley's over and Kent now need 27 from 18 balls. Bobby Key, who has not faced a ball for an age, is looking very fidgety out there...

Wicket falls
16.2 overs - WICKET! Stevens c Adams b Kirtley 1, Kent 113-4
You better believe this game isn't over yet - Stevens prodding a Kirtley slower ball high in the air and straight to Chris 'Grizzly' Adams. Suspicion of a bump-ball first up but replays show the catch was clean and the Sharks are sniffing here.

16th over - Kent 112-3 Darren Stevens sees off the rest of the over without alarm, but the required rate is up to 7.25 and Sussex have certainly not given up the ghost just yet...

Wicket falls
15.3 overs - WICKET! Walker c Kirtley b Yardy 18, Kent 110-3
Well well well, is this game alive still? Michael Yardy gets Matt Walker on the pull, the Kent batsman aiming one straight down James Kirtley's throat, and that's Kent three down.

Dougie Brown
"Very much a captain's role all day from Rob Key, who has been magnificent. Instrumental in Kent picking up crucial wickets earlier and now he's taking the game away from Sussex with the bat. Tremendous work."
Dougie Brown on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

That's 50
15th over - Kent 109-2
James Kirtley is called to the crease but he can do little to stop Rob Key easing to his half century off 41 balls, including five fours and two sixes. The big man captained brilliantly in Sussex's innings and he has followed that up with a tremendous knock.

14th over - Kent 102-2
Michael Yardy will turn his arm over for the first time this afternoon, but Matt Walker takes advantage of a full toss and pulls away for four. Three singles end the over and, after a brief alarm, Kent look well set again... (cue commentator's curse?)

13th over - Kent 95-2
Saqlain will also bowl out... but Key and Walker are finally getting to grips with the spinning ball. Walker grabs three with a reverse-sweep that Rana Naved does well to field on the boundary rope, but Key goes one better with a spanked reverse-sweep for four next ball. Brilliant end to the over from Key as well and he kerpows it for four on the sweep. It's now 46 to win off 42 balls for Kent.

Dougie Brown
"I just get the feeling something is going to give here soon - either a wicket, or someone striking out."
Dougie Brown on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

12th over - Kent 82-2
Mushtaq Ahmed will bowl out his spell and Key and Walker continue to prod and poke against the spinners. Five from the over, decent enough at this stage but the run-rate is creeping up. Mushtaq's spells yields 1-21 off four overs.

11th over - Kent 77-2
This pitch is turning considerably now - food for thought for any slow bowlers competing in the final - and Saqlain twice narrowly beats Matt Walker's bat to bring cries of agony from the Sussex fielders. Four singles from the over and Kent are limping a bit at the moment.

10th over - 73-2
Key and Walker appear content to see off the spinners at the moment, with another couple of singles the limit of their ambition. Decent shout for lbw with Walker reverse-sweeping to end the over, but Nigel Llong is having none of it.

"Twenty-Twenty cricket is like junk food and the sign of bad taste, if not, total abomination in cricket. Not all fast track is bad, but my limit is one-day cricket. Twenty-Twenty cricket is cricket without its soul!"
IntellectualGunner on 606

9th over - Kent 71-2
Another excellent over from Saqlain, just a couple of singles coming from it, and anyone who thought this would do anything than go to the wire (myself included!) were sadly mistaken...

Wicket falls
8th over - WICKET! Van Jaarsveld b Mushtaq 2, Kent 69-2
Van Jaarsveld goes! Mushtaq Ahmed wheels away nicely, keeping Kent quiet with a series of balls that dip and turn, and Van Jaarsveld then goes for one sweep too many and gets bowled behind his legs. Matt Walker sees off the last ball of the over, but there will be a few butt-clenches occuring on the Kent bench I reckon.

BBC Sport
"I am beginning to suspect the beer is watered down here. There's a remarkable air of sobriety about the place, even though some people have been drinking for hours."
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Edgbaston

7th over - Kent 67-1
Smart cricket for the rest of the over from Key and new batsman Martin van Jaarsveld, the pair grabbing a single each. Kent now need 74 off 78 balls for a place in the final against Gloucestershire.

Alex Tudor
"That's a crucial breakthrough for Sussex. This Kent side bats all the way down but we saw what happened to Sussex once the first wicket fell."
Alex Tudor on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

Wicket falls
6.1 overs - WICKET! Denly c Kirtley b Saqlain 31, Kent 65-1
It's twin spin for Sussex - Saqlain Mushtaq replacing Rana Naved - and it pays immediate dividends, Joe Denly sweeping straight to James Kirtley at deep midwicket and that's the breakthrough Sussex so desperately needed.

6th over - Kent 65-0
Chris Adams, desperate to turn this game around, turns to Mushtaq 'The Break' Ahmed. The spinner kicks off with a leg-side wide, but soon has Joe Denly wafting at a wide one and the youngster does well to get off strike with a swept single. Big Bobby Key shows no mercy, though, taking a couple of steps and smashing two huge sixes in succession. A final-ball googly is saved well down the leg side by Matt Prior, but the wicket-keeper can't throw down the stumps from off the ground and Key survives.

5th over - Kent 51-0
Having seen him a couple of times this season, Joe Denly really looks the part to me - and the youngster greets Robin Martin-Jenkins's second ball of the over with a smash down the ground for six. Having grabbed a couple with a nudge to midwicket, he then adds another four with a deliberate prod down to third man to bring up the Kent 50.

4th over - Kent 37-0
Another run-out attempt from Chris Adams just misses - Rob Key would've been a goner had that hit. Joe Denly thwacks one down the ground for a brilliant four and Rana Naved then over-steps on the front foot to give Rob Key a free hit... but the opener can't get under the slower ball and it's a dot. Naved ends the over with a slower ball that somehow misses Denly's stumps, but that's still nine from the over.

BBC Radio Five Live
"Fantastic start by Joey and Keys - something they've done all campaign for us - and it sets a great platform for the other batsmen to just go in and knock it around comfortably."
Kent's Geraint Jones on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

3rd over - Kent 29-0
Tidier work from Robin Martin-Jenkins, restricting Key and Denly to just four from the over. Saqlain Mushtaq has a shy at the stumps third ball with Denly struggling to make his ground, but his throw misses the stumps.

Graeme Swann
"Kent are putting the pressure on the fielding side immediately, and Sussex are just a little bit frantic at the moment. They really need to settle as soon as possible."
Graeme Swann on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

2nd over - Kent 25-0
Rana Naved will share the new ball and Rob Key greets the paceman by striding down the wicket first ball and gliding one through the covers for four. He grabs a second boundary next ball, clipping a slower ball off his legs fine for four, before Naved sews a little seed of doubt with a jaffa through the gate that misses the stumps by inches. I say a seed of doubt, what I meant was nothing of the sort - Key deliberately nudges a bouncer over Prior's head behind the stumps for four next ball and then pinches an easy single. Terrific start from these two Kent boys.

1st over - Kent 12-0
Sussex struggled in their innings when pace was taken off the ball, and with that in mind Robin Martin-Jenkins, and not James Kirtley or Rana Naved, takes the first over with Matt Prior up to the stumps. A bit of nibble first up, but Joe Denly edges the ball down to third man for the first boundary of the innings. The opener then punches one over long on for four before driving beautifully between point and cover for a third boundary of the over.

1630: Out come the Kent openers, Joe Denly and Rob Key looking in determined mood, with Edgbaston still smothered in glorious sunshine.

BBC Radio Five Live
"They got off to a fabulous start, of course, but we took the pace off the ball well and dragged them back. We certainly would have taken a chase of 140 before the game, so we just hope to knock these runs off without alarm."
Kent's Darren Stevens on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

Dougie Brown
"Sussex are not going to stop Kent scoring 140 if they bat their overs. Sussex need to bowl them out, Kent just need to bat sensibly for seven an over - the Spitfires are in charge."
Dougie 'in the dugout' Brown on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

Wicket falls
19.4 overs - WICKET! Saqlain c Van Jaarsveld b Malinga 5, Sussex 140 all out
Saqlain Mushtaq drives a beauty down the ground for four, but he falls two balls later, skying one off Malinga to Martin van Jaarsveld and Sussex have capitulated here. Kent in the driving seat now and no mistake...

Wicket falls
19.1 overs - WICKET! Naved c McLaren b Malinga 23, Sussex 136-9
Malinga bangs one in short and Naved, trying to help it over the boundary for six, can only top-edge it to Ryan McLaren, who pouches another fine catch on the boundary.

19th over - Sussex 136-8
Rana Naved shows the more senior batsmen how it's done with a huge hoik over midwicket for six and a brutal hit over the covers for four next ball. Vital runs those for Sussex, you feel. Yasir Arafat keeps Saqlain quiet for a couple of balls, just a single coming, and Naved pinches the strike for the final over when Jones throws down the stumps with the batsman well in his crease, allowing the duo to race through.

Wicket falls
18th over - WICKET! Mushtaq c McLaren b Malinga 4, Sussex 123-8
Lasith Malinga returns and full-and-straight appears to be his modus operandi. Mushtaq Ahmed is doing his best to get as far away from the ball as possible, pinching a couple of singles with the bottom of his bat on the stretch with his feet miles outside leg. The approach does not work off the sixth ball, though, the spinner top-edging on the stretch to third man, Ryan McLaren taking a super catch diving forward.

17th over - Sussex 118-7
None of this poking and prodding from Rana Naved, the Pakistan international going down on one knee and launching the ball down the ground and out of the stands. Brutal hit. It puts a bit of a dent in Tredwell's figures, but a nice 1-24 from his four overs nonetheless.

Wicket falls
16.1 overs - WICKET! Yardy st Jones b Tredwell 4, Sussex 109-7
Yardy's gone! A nice bit of flight from Tredwell brings Yardy down the wicket and the ball grips just enough to beat the bat and Jones takes off the bails.

16th over - Sussex 109-6
More terrific stuff from Darren Stevens, refusing to give the batsmen any width and that's just three singles from the over. That's his spell done - 1-13 from four overs - and how he has helped Kent turn this game on its head.

Dougie Brown
"This is now a massive partnership. A couple of late-order Sussex batsmen can put bat to ball but these two have to tick the score over until hitting out late on."
Dougie 'in the dugout' Brown on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

15th over - Sussex 106-6
Singles are the order of the day as Sussex look to compose themselves, with Kent on absolute fire in the field - even the rather plump Matt Walker is getting in on the act, throwing himself all over the gaff to keep a couple of Yardy punches to singles.

Wicket falls
14th over - WICKET! Martin-Jenkins run out 0, Sussex 102-6
Robin Martin-Jenkins comes and goes in a flash - James Tredwell throwing down the stumps from fully 25 yards away and RMJ goes off in a huff. Suddenly, the Sharks look a little out of their depth, while the Spitfires are flying high... ey fank yaow.

Wicket falls
13.3 overs - WICKET! Adams run out 15, Sussex 102-5
Brilliant fielding from Ryan McLaren and Geraint Jones and Chris Adams is a goner. Yardy looks to pinch a single but McLaren dives and back-hand throws it to Jones, who takes the ball in front of the stumps and rips out the stumps with Adams millimetres short of his ground. Superb effort.

13th over - Sussex 97-4
Chris Adams reverse-sweeps over short fine leg for four but the skipper misses out with the same shot next ball and that's a good over from Tredwell.

12.3 overs - WICKET! Prior c Denly b Tredwell 5, Sussex 90-4
Matt Prior gets going with an ugly swipe for a fierce four, but an attempt at the same shot next ball goes high in the air and Joe Denly pouches gratefully near the boundary rope. What a turn-around...

12th over - Sussex 85-3
Another tight over from Stevens, and Geraint Jones goes up for a catch, convinced Chris Adams edged one behind on the reverse sweep. Nigel Llong is not interested, leaving Jones utterly bemused. Just three from it, though, and Kent might just restrict Sussex to 150-odd.

Dougie Brown
"Twenty20 cricket is very much about momentum. Sussex had it all at the start of the match but a couple of wickets go down from a couple of tight overs and Kent are right back in this."
Dougie 'in the dugout' Brown on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

Wicket falls
11th over - WICKET! Goodwin run out 38, Sussex 82-3
Brilliant opening over from James Tredwell - five dot balls to start to Matt Prior and then collecting a superb throw from Rob Key to rip out the stumps to run out Murray Goodwin attempting a second run. Kent are dragging this back brilliantly.

"Do we have a nickname for the legend that is Alex Tudor yet? We've got 'Gilo' and 'Dougie in the Dugout'?... may I suggest Alex 'the Monarch' Tudor."
Paul in the TMS inbox

Wicket falls
10th over - WICKET! Wright c McLaren b Stevens 3, Sussex 81-2
Darren 'military medium' Stevens comes on and it's trendous stuff from the big man. Just a couple of singles from the over and then Ryan McLaren runs round from point to pouch a high one and Luke Wright departs. The dangerman is gone... only for Matt Prior to stride to the wicket. No sign of jelly beans just yet, but I'll keep you in the loop.

9th over - Sussex 79-1
Luke Wright almost meets his end when he backs up too far and Martin van Jaarsveld's throw misses the stumps by inches. Goodwin settles the nerves next ball, though, smashing McLaren for a massive six over cow corner. Big hit, that, big hit.

"By sunnystoke, i mean basingstoke - a quaint business/industrial town in the SE famous for monstrous architecture, the largest banana ripening factory in europe and nick moran from lockstock!"
James, Basingstoke in the TMS inbox

8th over - Sussex 71-1
Murray Goodwin gets the first boundary in a while - comparatively speaking, of course, this is still a Twenty20 slogathon - with a hoik through midwicket, and a few pushed tickles bring another four singles.

BBC Radio Five Live
"It's my job to try to get the boys off to a flier, so I just went out there, swung from the hip, and had a bit of luck. Now, hopefully, someone can hang around - maybe Luke Wright, who's in fabulous form - and we can push on."
Sussex's Chris Nash on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

7th over - Sussex 63-1
Simon Cook is mixing up his pace nicely now, and he is reigning Sussex in a little, yielding just one off the first three balls. Luke Wright has another slog attempt, but Cook's slower ball does him and it just misses the stumps. A big lbw shout against Goodwin comes late in the over, but it was a little high and there was a suspicion of an inside edge. Just two from the over - fantastic stuff.

6th over - Sussex 61-1
Luke Wright, the dangerman in the Sussex team, shows positive intent from the off, throwing his arms through the line, but he fails to get off the mark and that's a splendid over from McLaren.

Wicket falls
5.2 overs - WICKET! Nash c Tredwell b McLaren 37, Sussex 60-1
Ryan McLaren makes the crucial breakthrough, luring Nash into another swipe that goes straight up in the air and is pouched by James Tredwell. Nash's 37 came off just 16 balls - just the start Sussex will have wanted.

5th over - Sussex 59-0
Simon Cook comes on to replace the wayward Malinga, but it's more width with the ball and Chris Nash is feasting on it. Goodwin punches a three through the covers, before Nash kerpows one down the ground and another through midwicket for a couple of fours. This is now a record first-wicket partnership for Sussex in Twenty20 cricket and Kent are on the ropes...

BBC Sport
"Kent's fans certainly win the prize for sartorial elegance - all manner of panama hats and smart ties. There are also two blokes with false waxed moustaches and pilot's helmets (complete with goggles) as well. They are the Spitfires, after all..."
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett at Edgbaston

4th over - Sussex 42-0
Two leg-side deliveries are flicked for two easy boundaries by Nash and neither Arafat nor Malinga have found their line yet. A decent end to the over, to be fair, though, yields only a couple more.

Graeme Swann
"Sussex are absolutely flying here, Kent face a massive ask to restrict the rate."
Graeme Swann on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

3rd over - Sussex 32-0
Chris Nash's role at the top of the innings is to give it some humpty - and he thwacks Malinga back past his head with a baseball-style bludgeon for four off the first ball of the over. He then takes a step down the wicket third ball, launching the ball through point for another boundary. More width to end the over gifts Goodwin a boundary and that's another expensive over.

2nd over - Sussex 19-0
Yasir Arafat will share the new ball with the Slinger, but his first ball is pumped through the covers for four by Goodwin. The opener then flicks one off his pads for another boundary and Arafat struggles with his line as he sends down a leg-side wide. A wayward over ends with an optimistic shout for lbw, the ball going down leg and too high.

"Will you tell James in 'sunnystoke' that he isn't going to work on his tan when he goes in the back garden. I'm in Stoke and the only sun I can see has a headline saying 'Foot and Mouth's' back!"
Ben, Stoke-on-Trent in the TMS inbox

1st over - Sussex 8-0
Malinga gets going with some accurate stuff on off-stump and Goodwin and Nash pinch a single each with dabs down to third man. Nash has the first hoik of the innings, but he can only inside-edge it for one, before he brings up the first boundary of the innings with a swipe through midwicket. Eight from the over.

1455: Sussex openers Murray Goodwin and Chris Nash stride to the crease, with Lasith Malinga warming up on the outfield as he prepares to take the first over. With Gloucestershire awaiting the winners of this second semi final, let's have a reminder of the teams before we get started.

Kent: J L Denly, R W T Key (Capt), M van Jaarsveld, M J Walker, D I Stevens, G O Jones (Wkt), R McLaren, Yasir Arafat, J C Tredwell, S J Cook, S L Malinga.

Sussex: C D Nash, M W Goodwin, L J Wright, M J Prior (Wkt), C J Adams (Capt), M H Yardy, Naved-ul-Hasan, R S C Martin-Jenkins, Saqlain Mushtaq, Mushtaq Ahmed, R J Kirtley.

Umpires: N J Llong and N A Mallender

"The team with the most runs will win this one."
Charlie, Barnsley in the TMS inbox

"I'm taking my chance to see my name on the live text - due to the lack of emails i may actually stand a chance today (and don't have to try and be wittier then everyone else)!! but as soon as i see that name in lights I'm afraid I'm ditching you: im all greased up and ready to grapple with the sun in the garden!"
james, sunnystoke in the TMS inbox

An all too graphic image of young James there, people, but an excellent chance for me to remind you all that, even if you are out and about, you can keep up with the commentary on your WAP and PDA services. Multi-platform joy.

Alex Tudor
1450: Let's all take a deep breath after the 'drama' of the mascot derby, then, and look ahead to the second semi... "The wicket's holding up pretty well and it's definitely a bat-first pitch. Much will depend on how Lasith Malinga gets on for Kent - if he fires, Sussex may struggle."
Alex Tudor on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

"Come on Kent! It's been too long since we last had a trophy, its our turn now! Bring on the Stevens show!"
Rob in the TMS inbox

The Spitfire climbed off the deck to beat the Giraffe in a 'thrilling' race
The Spitfire climbed off the deck to beat the Giraffe in a 'thrilling' race

1442: Hugh Bear gets into the early lead - off what looked to be a false start, the cheeky tyke - but Lanky of Lancashire comes out of the ball pit striding out in front...but what a finish! The Kent Spitfire strides through at the last, picking him/herself up after a rather nasty looking nosedive at the penultimate fence to pip the Lancs giraffe at the line and it's a stunning result... what drama! Ahem.

1441: And they're off...

1440: Out come the mascots, to much mirth and applause from the crowd. A series of inflatable obstacles are on the outfield, as is a ball pit, and it won't be easy for these people to get round the course let alone win it! You could cut the tension with a rather blunt spoon...

Graeme Swann
"As was proven by Gloucestershire's victory earlier, anyone can win a Twenty20 game on the day, with form and whatever going out of the window more often than not. Sussex might be favourites for this one but no-one will be writing Kent off. It's a bit of a lottery."
Graeme Swann on BBC Five Live Extra

1432: Tails never fails, they say, and so it proves at the toss - Sussex captain Chris Adams calling correctly and opting to bat first. Rob Key, fresh from candy floss, ice cream and a go on the dodgems apparently, is fairly philosophical and points out that losing the toss is usually a good omen for Kent. We shall see...

"Come on Kent, I have a bet going on a Kent v Glos final - not many others on that one I'm sure."
Stuart, Devon in the TMS inbox

"I emailed!! But then I am ridiculously bored at the moment ... :P"
Sarah, Bucks in the TMS inbox

1426: Oh, and by the way, poor old Mitch received a grand total of five emails during his stint - shame on you all. The poor guy is slaving away on a glorious Saturday afternoon and you can't even bring yourself to mail in your thoughts, tut tut tut. Consider your wrists slapped and get your musings flowing in...

1422: Right, a hearty thanks to the Mitchmeister for a sterling stint this morning/early afternoon. The big guy's advice is that "it's pretty hectic, I tell you", so I'm preparing myself for a marathon type-like-a-maniac effort for the rest of the day. Before the business of Kent-Sussex gets under way, though, it's the day's main attraction - the Mascot Derby. My money's on Eddie the Eagle of Essex...

By Mark Mitchener


1411: That's it from me - Sam Lyon will be your guide for the second semi-final and the final, but first he's going to have a go at the Mascot Derby.

"It was a bit of a hammering, to be perfectly honest - the pitch got slightly better, but that isn't much of an excuse as we didn't get nearly enough runs. It didn't go well for us - the first six overs are crucial whether you're batting or bowling, but we lost both of those sessions today. Gloucestershire were efficient in the field, got a couple of good run-outs and Craig Spearman struck the ball very cleanly"
Lancashire captain Mark Chilton on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

"It was awesome watching Spears from the other end - it's always good to bat with him as he scores so quickly that there's no pressure on you"
Gloucestershire batsman Kadeer Ali on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

16.5 overs - Gloucs 152-2
It's all too easy as Taylor takes a single before Kadeer, now the senior partner, slashes Keedy for four, while the fat lady clears her throat and does some vocal exercises. A quick single to mid-off brings the scores level - and Taylor hits a four past mid-on to wrap up the eight-wicket victory with 19 balls to spare. Take a bow, Mr Spearman.

Alex Tudor
"Gloucestershire have outplayed Lancashire in batting, bowling and fielding today. This is the third time Lancashire have made it to finals day, but they've not been able to kick on"
Alex Tudor on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

16th over - Gloucs 142-2
New batsman Chris Taylor isn't hanging araound - he sweeps his first ball for four, before taking a single off the last ball of the over.

Wicket falls
15.4 overs - WICKET - Spearman c Chilton b Muralitharan 86 - Gloucs 137-2
With only 12 needed, Muralitharan returns for his final six deliveries - but at this stage, Spearman could probably play out a maiden if he wanted, and his side would still be nailed-on favourites to win. Spearman then looks to prod forward to the fourth ball but spoons a catch to Chilton at midwicket. His glorious innings of 86 off 55 balls is over rather tamely, but you sense it's too little, too late for Lancashire.

15th over - Gloucs 137-1
It's Cork again for his second over, but Spearman increases his score to 75 (from 48 balls) with a flat six over midwicket. He then hooks one backward of square - for a second, it looks like he's going to be caught by the diving Chapple, but he can only push it over the rope for four. Spearman then hits a mighty six over long-on, before taking the strike again with a single off the last ball, but Gloucestershire won't mind. He's now got 86.

Dougie Brown
"The Lancashire guys not playing are all looking really disconsolate, while Gloucestershire are cheering - they think they're going to be in the final"
Dougie Brown, aka "Dougie in the Dugout", on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

14th over - Gloucs 119-1
While an enormous ham and cheese club sandwich arrives in the BBC box for Ashley Giles's lunch before anyone else's has arrived (preferential treatment for Warwickshire players at Edgbaston? Surely not), Lancashire turn to magic man Flintoff as they search for the wicket they need. Kadeer takes a single and the irrepressible Spearman just fails to find the cow corner boundary as they take two. Kadeer then nearly plays on with a lucky inside edge which sails past the stumps and keeper Cross for four. It's just not Lancashire's day - but don't take this away from Gloucestershire, they've played well.

13th over - Gloucs 109-1
Cork is the seventh bowler introduced, but his first ball is a no-ball which brings up the Gloucestershire hundred. Kadeer takes a wild swing at the resulting free hit, but misses and it goes through to keeper Cross. Spearman is making this look easy - he lifts the Corkmeister over square leg for six before pinching the strike with a delicate single. Just 40 needed to win now off 42 balls.

BBC Sport
"Watching Spearman bat like this, I am reminded of the paucity of England's top-order batting in one-day cricket. Though New Zealand-born and bred, Spearman is now qualified to play for England"
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett, our man at Edgbaston

12th over - Gloucs 98-1
Lancashire turn to Brad Hodge's off-spin, but Kadeer strikes him for a glorious six that bounces on the pavilion roof and goes out of the ground. It nearly dislodges Allan Donald and his binoculars. Lancs are out of luck as yet another Spearman reverse sweep goes into the air, but safely.

Ashley Giles
"The Lancashire heads are dropping, they're really up against it now"
Ashley Giles on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

That's 50
11th over - Gloucs 85-1
Third man and fine leg are up in the circle as Keedy bowls to the tall Kadeer, who drills one to long-off for a single. Still seven-and-a-half-an-over needed, but Spearman brings up his fifty (off 35 balls) with a lofted six over the bowler's head. Then, an orthodox swept single keeps the scoreboard ticking over.

Ashley Giles
"Law, Muralitharan, Cork and Chilton are all having a conference about what they should do, as Gloucestershire are walking this at the moment. They might need some of Cork's aggression, so I'd think he'll bowl soon"
Ashley Giles on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

10th over - Gloucs 76-1
Kadeer hoists Murali down the ground, Cork fields at long-on and they take two. Lancs desperately need a wicket - Murali has a big shout against Spearman but ump Peter Willey is unmoved. Spearman is happy to push the singles as that's just four runs from the over - but three of the mercurial Sri Lankan's four overs are gone.

9th over - Gloucs 72-1
Spearman's reverse sweep is in action again as he works Keedy for four past Freddie at third man. "He's manipulating the field well", says Gilo. Kadeer works a single to short fine leg - but even an apparently quiet over produces seven runs for the West Country boys.

Ashley Giles
"The key to Muralitharan is that when he takes one wicket, he often takes bunches of them. Gloucestershire will be happy if they take about six runs from his last two overs"
Ashley Giles on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

8th over - Gloucs 65-1
Murali has changed ends, he's now at the Pavilion End. Given that he can only bowl four overs, Gloucestershire seem happy to see him off after their flying start. Spearman faces three dot balls before pushing a gentle single to cover. Kadeer rocks on to the back foot, but can't get it past Chapple at mid-off. A better shot sees him drive a single to mid-on.

7th over - Gloucs 63-1
Has Murali been hit (swept) out of the attack, or is he just changing ends? Either way, it's left-arm spinner Gary Keedy replacing him - Lancashire have used five bowlers in the first seven overs. Spearman reverse-sweeps again, while Murali shows his football skills by flicking the ball up into his hand to restrict them to a single. Kadeer keeps the score ticking over, and Spearman's suddenly up to 38.

Alex Tudor
"Freddie's pace is up around 87mph, he'll be disappointed with that last over but it's good to see him steaming in and testing that ankle"
Alex Tudor on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

6th over - Lancs 58-1
Can Freddie do it again? Kadeer dabs one into the leg side for a single, and then Flintoff strays with a legside wide. Bumper bonus for Gloucs as Flintoff bowls a no-ball which Spearman despatches to long-on for four. That's a free hit, chief. The free hit is an inviting full toss, which flies to the cow corner boundary for four and is fielded by Five Live's Philip Studd, while summarisers Alex Tudor and Liam Plunkett make fun of his attempt to return the ball. Another expensive over for the men from the north.

BBC Sport
"An almighty cheer from the Lancashire PR girl sitting in the media centre when Hodge took that catch. She told me the build-up to the match had been so dreadful, for Lancs, with Sky requesting interviews even as they were trying to assess Mal Loye's injury..."
BBC Sport's Oliver Brett, our man at Edgbaston

5th over - Gloucs 45-1
Spearman tries an outrageous reverse sweep from Muralitharan's first ball, and although he doesn't middle it, it races away for four. Another reverse sweep has the same result, although he completely misses with a conventional sweep. Chilton inserts close fielders at slip and silly point to stop the reverse sweeps - but it's 10 runs from Murali's first over.

4th over - Gloucs 35-1
New batsman is Kadeer Ali - his favourite food is lamb chops, apparently - and he defends his first ball successfully. Now it's time for Murali.

Wicket falls
3.5 overs - WICKET - Marshall c Hodge b Flintoff 15 - Gloucs 35-1
There is a definite buzz in the air as Flintoff runs in to Marshall, and his first ball is a dot. The England all-rounder is wearing a huge pair of new white boots that would not look out of place on Flash Gordon. He's being watched by England bowling coach Allan Donald, who is spying on Freddie from afar with a pair of binoculars, in the manner of a twitcher or even a Peeping Tom. Spearman is lucky to survive a loud lbw shout - but then the Freddie magic strikes as Marshall is caught at point for 15 off 12 balls.

3rd over - Gloucs 33-0
With the sun shining brightly, Marshall flays Anderson past backward point for four - his first boundary. A cover drive then evades Gary Keedy at mid-off and just about makes the boundary rope. Marshall then makes it three fours from three balls when he lifts a shorter one to the cover boundary. Anderson then appeals for lbw but a leg bye is the only consequence. Spearman then hoists it inches over cover for six - one of the best shots of the day, before hooking one to fine leg for four. A shocking 23 from Jimmy's over (including the leg bye) - and it's Freddie time.

Alison Mitchell
"Craig Spearman gave up his New Zealand career to come to the UK to be a banker, but John Bracewell took him to Gloucestershire and he's been there ever since"
Alison Mitchell on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

2nd over - Gloucs 10-0
It's swingers from both ends as 33-year-old Chapple takes the second over. He raps Spearman on the pad and there's a big shout, but it's a good decision by umpire Peter Willey as it hit him outside the line of off-stump. Marshall then scampers a single as a wild throw from Muralitharan is well wide of the stumps. Spearman then cuts loose, flashing a four to the backward point boundary.

1st over - Gloucs 4-0
Anderson, fresh from England action, opens up with two slips and Marshall takes a single off the first ball. They add a couple more singles before Marshall plays and misses to the final delivery.

1257: Gloucestershire's opening pair Craig Spearman and Hamish Marshall stride out, clad in their bright yellow and dark blue one-day kit.

1256: Captain Mark Chilton has Lancashire in a huddle as they prepare to defend their lead. He's got three swing bowlers in his armoury in Cork, Chapple and Anderson - while you can never forget the magical Muralitharan.

Dougie Brown
"Gloucestershire have always been a fantastic fielding side - you've got two of the best fielders in county cricket in Chris Taylor and Hamish Marshall - but Dominic Cork said 'No, no' as soon as Ben Edmondson picked up the ball to run out Cross - and he was right"
Dougie Brown on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

Ashley Giles
"Dominic Cork loves to get in the face of the opposition, loves the big occasion and loves to get his face on TV as well. Gloucestershire will be confident of reaching that target"
Ashley Giles on BBC Five Live Sports Extra

"We were looking at one stage to keep them under 140, but we've just got to take it easy and knock it around"
Gloucestershire seamer Mark Hardinges, who took 2-16 off his four overs

20th over - Lancs 148-6
Lewis keeps Edmondson in the attack rather than recalling himself - and Chapple scampers a single, before taking a look at his bat as if to say "it's not my fault that looked a completely mistimed shot". Cork and Chapple both try unorthodox leg-side scoops, which earn them singles, but Gloucestershire will be happy to stop the boundaries. Chapple bangs his bat into the ground in frustration. Cork edges the last ball for four through the non-existent slips - and we have a target.

19th over - Lancs 140-6
Chapple gets a top edge off Greenidge, which flies up in the air but just evades the diving Gidman at cover. Cork takes a big swing but can only get a single to third man. Another heave-ho from Ch

How to win at Twenty20
02 Aug 07 |  Skills


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