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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 September 2005, 15:54 GMT 16:54 UK
Reaction to England Ashes win

Hundreds of thousands of fans lined the streets of London and marched on Trafalgar Square on Tuesday as England celebrated their first Ashes series success for 18 years.


All times BST.

1645: Wendy, England, via email
I was at The Oval to see England win yesterday. I got sunburnt and drunk but it was all worth it for a great day, and to see them lift the Ashes was utterly beautiful.

1640: Jess Hindes, London, via email
I went down to Trafalgar Square today - it was amazing, such a great atmosphere and Jerusalem was never so much fun in school assemblies. KP even waved at our banner - wooooo!

1635: Jake Holloway, UK, via email
I went to the game yesterday on spec and got in thanks to a nice man with a spare ticket. But I got so "Freddied" that I forgot to meet my girlfriend and now she is going to dump me! How do I explain the Ashes to a Colombian?

1630: Bob Forrester, England, via email
I note from your pages that Tony Blair watched the Test series ball by ball (see 1409). If this is true who was running the country?!

1620: Daniel Wolman, England, via email
I was in Trafalgar Square today and it was amazing to see the guys celebrating the way they did. Unfortunately I fell off the fountain in the middle and did myself loads of injuries but thank you guys for giving me an excuse to celebrate.

1616: PC, England, via email
To the selectors - please put Ian Bell out of his misery and tell him he's selected for next Test. He looks so lost.

1613: Dave Freestone, England, via email
Let's knight them all. Sir Freddie, Sir KP, Sir Warnie (well he did drop the Ashes).

1608: Michael Vaughan, Radio Five Live
I've got to survive a night with Freddie Flintoff before I can look forward to our next series, and tour! But this has been an awesome series - not just the standard of play but the spirit in which the game has been played. We play it hard but if you play it fair as well it's a great game. The most amazing moment today was seeing the sheer volumes of people greeting us but it was also good to meet the Prime Minister. He didn't give us any wine to start with but he eventually had to crack some open from his fridge! I know Freddie wasn't too happy initially.

1557: Ashley Giles, England bowler
When we lost a few quick wickets yesterday I went out the back with Matthew Hoggard to play a game of cards. I've never turned away from a game like that in my career before but I just could not watch. Then I had to put on my pads after a bit and I felt physically sick at the prospect of going out to bat.

1552: Andy Dean, England, via email
I wonder how long Freddie Flintoff's hangover will last.

1547: Paul Collingwood, England all-rounder
This has been such a close series and it was so exciting to come in for the last game. I was very, very nervous as there was a lot riding on the match. It's amazing how much this means to the England team and the rest of the country... and we finally got there.

Marcus Trescothick
1541: Marcus Trescothick, England opener
We've done a lot in the last two years but I didn't think we were quite ready to do what we have done in this series. I'm over the moon. To appear in an Ashes series and to win it is difficult to put into words. Only when we all head home will we finally get a chance to realise what we've achieved. I remember in Sri Lanka watching the Rugby World Cup final with Michael Vaughan and Ashley Giles. It was great and, when we saw their street celebrations, we felt we wanted a piece of that. That has helped drive us.

1532: Natalie George, England, via email
I have no idea about cricket but the players are definitely getting better looking since Ian Botham's days! Kevin Pietersen... finger lickin' good.

1530: Dominic Dennis, UK, via email
I was down at Mansion House for the start of the parade. Great scenes - the image of KP, jug of Pimms (I think?) in one hand, England flag in the other, will live with me forever.

1527: Jonathan Agnew, Radio Five Live
Freddie Flintoff's eyes are barely open and his tie is similarly barely held together. He has clearly been sampling the best that No.10 Downing Street has to offer.

Clare Connor
1523: Clare Connor, England women's captain
It's been the most amazing day. It's gone far too quickly but the girls are enjoying every minute of it. There's been a bit of champagne flowing and some amazing scenes at Trafalgar Square. There was also a great reception at No.10 Downing Street. I think Freddie played on the climbing frame for a bit and then Michael and I introduced him to both of the teams. I just don't want the day to end.

1518: Jonathan Agnew, Radio Five Live
The players are heading onto the pitch led by a steward. I can see Duncan Fletcher, Michael Vaughan and co. I was going to say Freddie Flintoff is striding across the pitch at Lord's but that's probably a bit generous.

1512: James Moberly, UK
[After his Ashes drops] I was a little bit worried about Pietersen's ability to catch the bus.

1510: England players arrive at Lord's for Ashes presentation.

1507: Mike Gatting, Former England captain, BBC Sport
I feel overawed. It was a wonderful feeling at Trafalgar Square. There must have been at least half-a-million people on the streets of London. It was wonderful. Beating the Aussies is a wonderful thing but there's an experience the guys haven't had before and that's beating Australia in their own country. These guys haven't had that yet but I think they can do it.

1503: Sandy Leu, England, via email
I've not had a boyfriend for five years and now my goal is to learn as much about cricket and find myself a nice English fella!

1457: Alec Stewart fan, London
I was at Trafalgar Square earlier and had tears of joy in my eyes as 18 years of dreams and hopes from childhood through to married life finally came to a wonderful crescendo. The "We could be heroes" tune was very apt.

1453: D, London, via email
A very funny advertisment in the Metro newspaper today - there's a photograph of the England Cricket team and below it says "the only tourists not welcomed in Australia".

1447: Dave Wilson, England, via email
Having been at The Oval, I don't think I will ever witness a sporting event like it. Every dot ball before lunch was cheered like a six. To see Shane Warne cheered by the crowd for everything he has done for cricket but then to be harshly reminded that "Warney's dropped the Ashes" over and over was also fantastic.

1441: John Pienaar, Radio Five Live
The players are all spilling out of 10 Downing Street and are getting together for the group photograph. After being offered tea and water, there was an exchange of words, and some beer and wine came out pretty sprightly. The players obviously wanted to continue the party. Tony Blair is letting some of their success rub off on him.

1436: Adrian Gregory, England, via email
The series reminded me of the film "Fatal Attraction". Every time we thought we'd killed off the Aussies, they leapt back out of the bath at us, roaring like the bunny-boiler bullies they've been for so long. That's why, when we finally finished them off, the celebrations are dripping with relief as well as ecstasy - the series that had everything.

1419: Matt, Amsterdam, via email
You only have to look at the headlines from the press after the first Test to see what fair-weathered fans most the country are: "You bunch of drips" - The Mirror; "Vaughan again losers" - The Sun I guarantee the majority of those stood out in London never saw a whole cricket match before in their lives - most probably didn't even watch the first Test.

1409: Mike Sergeant, BBC News at Downing Street
The players are expected out from No.10 Downing Street pretty soon. The players are currently getting refreshments in there and I'm assured it's not alcoholic. I think they've had plenty of that already. Prime Minister Tony Blair says he has followed the series ball by ball and he was one of the first to write to the England team to pass on their congratulations after their series win.

1406: Patrick cadwallader, UK, via email
I've just been in Trafalgar Square and the atmosphere was electric. I'm still trying to take in what this England team has done - absolutely brilliant and the most brilliant thing for me is that when the England players stepped up on that stage, they enjoyed it and wanted to join in. Thanks England for a brilliant summer and thanks for letting us celebrate this magnificant win with you.

1403: Andrew Flintoff is awarded the freedom of his home town of Preston.

1352: Paul, France, via email
I just clicked on the link to Cricket Australia and got this message: The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed or is temporarily unavailable. No comment needed!

1350: Lappo, UK, via email
Looking at the players singing in Trafalgar Square, Matthew Hoggard has to be our best vocalist - he knew every word.

1345: John Pienaar, Radio Five Live
The England team coach has just reversed down Downing Street. There's a crowd at Whitehall to greet them. From there they go into No.10 for the official reception where they will meet Tony Blair.

1339: Dan, UK, via email
I've just got back from Trafalgar Square, where Andrew Flintoff's speech and sunglasses were extremely wonky. I think the big man might be a tad squiffy.

1329: Bang and the Ralph, England, via email
We have decided in the euphoria to get married and live a happy life with the memory of Freddie whipping the Aussies with all his might.

1327: Morrissimo, UK, via email
I've just back from Trafalgar Square where it is baking hot and the atmosphere is incredible. Holly Flintoff is incredibly cute and, if Freddie is as good a dad as he is a cricketer, then maybe we have a future women's champ on that bus as well.

1323: Pat Murphy, Radio Five Live
There was a general feeling before yesterday that Kevin Pietersen had not justified the hype. But he did it when it was needed and his attacking positive attitude was quite sensational. His partner with the bat, Ashley Giles, modestly accepted the accolades, while Pietersen was absolutely loving it.

1317: Sports minister Tessa Jowell
Today we've seen people come out defiantly after the bombings with the optimism to celebrate.

1312: Simon Mayo, Radio Five Live
The England team are still there in strength with their arms around each other taking in the atmosphere at Trafalgar Square. The women's victorious Ashes team are also there.

1310: Martin Hughes, UK, via email
The series has been like a five-day penalty shootout every time. The nerves are gone but I am very happy and proud to see an England team fight like that.

1308: Ady Burton, England, via email
I was driving home from work last night at about 1720 listening to the coverage on Radio Five Live. I had my window down and pulled up at some lights. A young woman in the car next to me shouted over to ask the score. I can't believe how much people have really got into it.

1306: John Cogar, USA, via email
Even the Charlotte paper mentioned Pietersen's amazing stand with Giles. Truly, this was a global victory.

1304: CB, UK, via email
Can i have my life back now please?

1259: Benjamin Dirs, BBC Sport, Trafalgar Square
An England fan bedecked in a flag and carrying one too is happily let onto the stage by the security guards. And he is happily welcomed over to stand between England captain Michael Vaughan and coach Duncan Fletcher.

1255: Andrew Flintoff, England all-rounder and Ashes man of the series
It's been a great series but, to be honest, I'm struggling now. I've not been to bed yet. Behind these sunglasses is a thousand stories. The emotional rollercoaster has been fantastic and we've come out on top. We played against a great Australian side full of world-class performers. But one of our guys always stood up to the plate when needed. In fact, everyone's played their part in this win.

Clare Connor
1250: Clare Connor, England women's cricket captain and Ashes winner
This is the most unbelievable time of our lives. It's been the stuff of dreams. Hopefully we can now stay number one.

1248: Jason Smith, London, via email
I was walking through the crowds at the top of Trafalgar Square at 1225. A very flustered woman pushed passed me and ran up to the police. It was Tessa Jowell, the sports minister. She made it onto the stage with about 30 seconds to spare!

1244: There's a banner in the crowd from one scantily-clad spectator saying "Simon Jones, you can bowl me over any day".

Andrew Strauss
1241: Andrew Strauss, England opener
We were awful watching from the pavilion yesterday. In fact, in that way, this series has been a nightmare! Australia hit us pretty hard. We expected that, once we got on top of them, we'd be alright but they kept getting back time and time again. It's been pretty exhausting but this has made it all worthwhile.

1236: Jon R, England, via email
At 121-5 at lunch yesterday, I walked into Bluewater shopping centre, and Robert Key the Kent bastman walked past me. Slightly shocked, I asked if it was him and he nodded. I then asked if he thought we could still win it, he smiled and said "of course we can". As the lunch break went on, I was kept calm by what I thought was a strange little sign that maybe, just maybe, we could do it. I'm proud to be English today, the boys have made us great again.

1231: Alison Mitchell, Radio Five Live
The music's booming out now, there's action from the Test matches at the moment and all of England's players are on the platform. The crowd is starting up once again and there is flag-waving galore.

1228: Mick, Cornwall, via email
It's great to have the Ashes back, but let's not forget the Australian contribution. Rodney Marsh, for instance, has put so much back into the game over here and I believe that there were some other Aussies in the English camp as well.

1226: Chap, Ireland, via email
My God, England fans and the media are so over the top on what was only a glorified friendly. Exciting series, but why all the razmatazz and Hyperbole? Understandable if it was a World Cup event.

1224: Miranda, London, via email
I have just got back from the parade. It was awesome. The summer weather is even hanging around to celebrate.

1222: Jonathan Agnew, Radio Five Live
This is unbelievable. Trafalgar Square is full. The players are all standing up and cannot believe this. This is absolutely amazing on this beautiful sun-lit day. I know these players very well and they had no idea people would turn out in these numbers. There are plenty of people even wading around inside the Square's famous fountain.

Andrew Flintoff
1219: A slightly-worse-far-wear Andrew Flintoff, England all-rounder
The people of London have turned out for us. It shows how much people enjoyed the Ashes. Getting up this morning was a bit of a shock.

1215: Rachel Flintoff, wife of Freddie, Radio Five Live
It's absolutely amazing. Our daugher Holly's getting a bit too used to all of this. But her dad's done pretty well. It's a long summer but thank God it's all over - we can now all breathe. Even with breaks off he's been training hard so I've not seen much of it. But it's all worth it as he's been a complete star.

1213: Duncan Fletcher, England coach
I don't think we really measured the enormity of the whole occasion. I'm very, very surprised. We never expected it. When I set out in May we didn't realise how big this was. Only now have we realised the importance of this.

1210: Geraint Jones is spotted on top of the open-top bus carrying an inflatable Dalek, with the words "Aussies exterminated" printed on the front.

1207: John B, London, via email
I was at Mansion House and it was a great atmosphere. I'm not a "real" fan but it is always great to see England win and especially against the Aussies. Well done England.

1202: Michael Vaughan, England captain
It's hard to describe the emotions of all this. The turnout today shows what this summer of cricket has all been about. This is something that we will remember for a long, long time.

1157: Benjamin Dirs, BBC Sport, Trafalgar Square
I'm right under Nelson's Column at the moment. There's someone with a sign saying "England expects every man to do his duty". Both the players and supporters have done just that.

1152: Alex Ivison, via email
I was there at The Oval yesterday having also been there in the dark days in 1999 when we lost to New Zealand. It's amazing to see how far the England team, and indeed cricket itself, has come since then both in terms of skill levels and entertainment. Long may it continue!

1148: Pete Herring, Sydney, via email
This is from an Australia supporter - well done, England. Worthy winners and holders of the Ashes - looking forward to the next contest in Aus 2006-7. Have yourselves a party - you deserve it.

1143: Benjamin Dirs, BBC Sport
Trafalgar Square is pretty much full and beginning to buzz. It's like one big coming-out party. We're all cricket fans and we're proud.

1141: Andrew Coad, Japan, via email
I had no choice but to watch it in a pub in Roppongi, Tokyo - about 10 pints I'd say and I'm just recovering now. Absolutely marvellous.

1138: William Lynn, Northern Ireland, via email
My dog had puppies yesterday. One of them was black with a blonde streak across his head - I think you can guess what I am going to call him.

1136: Geoff Lawson, Former Australian Test cricketer, BBC Sport
Australia fans will have gone to bed at three in the morning knowing the sun will still come up in the morning, but you don't like losing to England at anything.

1134: Mark Shepherd, England
Every Aussie in our office is getting comments of "you're our only good at swimming" sent to them all day.

Kevin Pietersen
1132: Kevin Pietersen, England batsman
This is absolutely sensational. I was speechless when it all happened yesterday and I'm virtually speechless again today. I'm taking it all in and, I've got to say, this is great for the game of cricket.

1130: Graham, Manchester, Radio Five Live
I'd promised to run nude through the streets of Manchester if England won the Ashes and this morning was true to my word. I ran pretty quickly and unfortunately my mother turned up. I think my work colleagues think it's idiotic for a managing director of a company to be doing this.

1126: David Gower, BBC Sport
I'm pretty confident - England have got quite an interesting winter in Pakistan and India when it's really hot over Easter. Whatever happens there the next big challenge is down under. Most of this squad will still be there in years to come. Dear old Duncan Fletcher, who has done all this work, even last last night he was still po-faced, but they admire him immensely, he's given them such stability.

1124: Simon Dyster, UAE, via email
My mate said he's just seen Jason Gillespie at Heathrow airport. He's not very happy - I guess he won't be back.

1121: Matthew Hoggard, England fast bowler
I said last night I only expected to see three men and his dog come along to this but once again this country has backed us. I remember having a few beers last night and then it all went a bit hazy. I passed out on the bedroom floor and the wife covered me with a dressing gown. I was even told I was in the room ten minutes before I even managed to speak!

1118: Richard Wise, England, via email
I'm going to get the initials AF shaved in the back of my head in honour of Andrew Flintoff's amazing Ashes series.

1115: Geraint Jones, England wicketkeeper
This is unbelievable. I didn't quite get this working in a pharmacy four years ago! We weren't sure how many people would turn up but the support has been fantastic all summer. It was a good night.

1115: Jonathan Agnew, Radio Five Live
Freddie Flintoff is swaying and staggering as he comes onto the top deck of the England team bus. It's been a long night for him. There are people as far as the eye can see. To see the thousands of people line up - I don't know where they've come from - is amazing.

1112: Debbie Armstrong, England Is it me or does Flintoff still look completely drunk from last night?

1110: Matthew Bannister, Radio Five Live
Freddie Flintoff staggers off the step outside Mansion House. He shares a joke with the Lord Mayor on his way to the team bus. For a man still drinking gin and tonic at 0545, he looks in very good form indeed. Kevin Pietersen just keeps drinking.

1107: Paul Burnham, Barmy Army, Radio Five Live
When we've dropped an Aussie in the past, they have made us pay. Now the tables have been turned after Kevin Pietersen was dropped by Shane Warne.

1103: David Gower, former England captain, BBC Sport
We have tried to think of a better series... and can't. But what's made this so special is how long the wait has been for us to win the Ashes.

1059: Barry Wilbourn, England, via email
Spare a thought for poor old Warney this morning. It can't be pleasant for him waking up on his 36th birthday and the first thing that enters his head is "I lost the Ashes".

1051: Chris Hames, London, via email
I was at my uncle's funeral yesterday. He was a huge cricket fan and very involved with his local team for many years. As with many English sports fans Jerusalem was on the hymn list. The funeral was due to start at 1030 but was brought foward by five minutes. We sang Jerusalem at the same time as The Oval crowd. It was how uncle Derek would have wanted it. We knew we'd win the series. Cheers To uncle Derek, cheers to England!

1047: Kieran C, London, via email
Just saw Freddie Flintoff getting off the coach with his little girl in hand. He looks like a man who's been celebrating... and rightly so.

1041: Arlo White, Radio Five Live
England's players arrive at Mansion House for a brief meeting with the Lord Mayor before heading onto open-top buses through the streets of London.

1037: Dinoj Surendran, USA, via email
I was on a United Airlines flight to Chicago from Heathrow yesterday. Just when I was wondering what the score was and whether I could ask the cabin crew to radio London for results, the American pilot revealed that the match had been drawn. The scattered clapping told everyone where the English and American passengers were sitting. (And yes, of course I clapped too.)

1030: Andy Stevens, England, via email
I had the England Rose tatooed on my chest when we won the Rugby World Cup and I am now giving serious thought to having the Three Lions on my shoulder. I'm not sure how the wife will react though!

1027: Mark Smith, England, via email
We were there yesterday - Laker stand, row G. Afterwards, everyone up and down the Brixton Road with horns blaring and people waving. Memorable. Today, sore throat and head with lots in the memory banks. I can die now.

1023: Mark Foster, England, via email
My son was born yesterday and I'm trying to persaude my wife to let us call him Rory Edwin Ash Foster.

1018: Arlo White, Radio Five Live
Michael Vaughan leads the England side out of the hotel lobby to a massive cheer. Andrew Strauss gives a thumbs up as he comes out while Ashley Giles walks out carrying his daughter. But the biggest cheer is saved for the last man out, Andrew Flintoff.

Marcus Trescothick
1009: Marcus Trescothick, England opener
That was a magical, superb series and I enjoyed every moment that we played. I genuinely felt we could lose the match when I got out. And it was not until Kevin Pietersen came in and took the way things away from Australia that things really changed. It was a sensational innings.

Kevin Pietersen
1004: Kevin Pietersen, England's Oval hero
I was speaking to a couple of the other guys and it's difficult to say how we feel. That'll take us a few days I think. We're not the greatest side in the world yet but we are working towards it and we want to be the best side in the world by 2007.

1001: Arlo White, Radio Five Live
There's a terrific atmosphere outside the England team hotel. There must be about 300 people there. They're getting the best vantage point for England, who have gathered in the lobby of their hotel.

0958: Gladstone Small, Former England fast bowler and Ashes winner, Radio Five Live
Yesterday at The Oval had to be the most thrilling moment of my life... perhaps after the birth of my children.

0956: Simon Finch, England, via email
Yesterday was my birthday and boy what a crackerjack birthday present that was. The girlfriend wasn't too impressed when I said the Ashes were the best birthday present I'd been given! Thanks England.

0953: Red Harrison, Sydney, BBC News
News of England's victory reached Australia during the night so Australians woke up on Tuesday to learn that for the first time in 18 years the Ashes had been lost. On talk-back radio many seemed to think that's no bad thing. Former Australian captain Ian Chappell says Australia has been feasting on moderate opposition for too long. Now there can be a good shake-up of players, selectors and administration. The Sydney Morning Herald describes Kevin Pietersen as the most unlikely hero - cocky, with a streak of dyed hair and a massive sense of occasion. England's victory, says the Herald, will be talked about breathlessly for generations. The Age newspaper says England lived on its nerves right until the end - and quite right too - the Ashes ought not to be won or lost easily.

0947: Brian Clough, England, via email
Among all the gongs being handed out yesterday evening it is a pity there was not one for constant sportsmanship throughout the series - surely it would have gone to Brett Lee. We must also not forget Shane Warne's grace in defeat - if he had been the captain I do not think we would have regained the urn.

0941: Tim Hunt, England, via email
"Hubris" was how Geoff Boycott described Kevin Pietersen referring to him before his Ashes winning 150 yesterday. Hubris is a word meaning overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance. Where are you this morning Geoff - polishing Kevin's boots or still presiding on your lofty perch?

0937: Mark Follows, UK, via email
I had a bottle of champagne in the cupboard for a couple of years that was waiting to be opened on a special occasion. I no longer have said bottle and boy did it taste good.

0934: Stephen Chittenden, Perth, BBC News
A few bars were still open late enough to show the result on television swamped with cheering English tourists. The country's prime minister, John Howard, who is a self-confessed cricket tragic or fan, gave his congratulations to England and commiserated with Australia's captain Ricky Ponting. He said the true victor in this series had been this wonderful game. But not all Australians shared his generosity. One young fan who had never known anything but Australian victories said the loss had made him ache inside. The result is sure to bring changes to the once dominant Australian side. Former cricketers and Test players have called for several Australian players to be dropped. Now the Australian team faces the humiliating and unusual prospect of flying home having lost the series.

0927: Paul Collingwood, England all-rounder, Radio Five Live
I've got a bit of a croaky voice from all the singing. It was 10.30/11 before we left the dressing room, then we went to the hotel for a drink before heading to a nightclub. Freddie Flintoff led the singing - mostly Elton John as has been the case all summer, particularly Rocket Man. All the players were ecstatic last night and everyone realises how momentous an occasion it was.

0923: Andrew Townson, England, via email
While catching the highlights on TV I was in the kitchen during a commercial break and heard a large cheer from the TV in the lounge. Charging through the hall I slipped, falling to the floor in agony. I spent yesterday evening in Poole A&E department and am now strapped up and on crutches. The silver cloud is that I am at home able to watch TV coverage of the parade. Well done to both the men's and ladies' cricket teams. What a really fantastic and entertaining summer.

0921: Michael Parkinson, Radio Five Live
At its best, cricket is the most wonderful entertainment in the world. Vaughan has been a wonderful leader, quietly inspirational and shrewd. To be the best, England must beat the Aussies in Australia, but let's rejoice in the moment. It was a reminder of how good sport can be. Compare the demeanours of Flintoff and Rooney, and you'll get what I mean. The respect between the teams was wonderful - and respect for your opponent is better to have in your armoury than contempt.

0915: England captain Michael Vaughan, BBC Breakfast
It is amazing to see the front pages and hear people's responses. The most pleasing aspect is that we have made a lot of people very happy. Emotions really ebbed and flowed throughout the summer but we were a young side that seemed to show no fear. And it was nice to finish with 158 from Kevin Pietersen and 59 from Ashley Giles.

0910: Geoff Miller, England selector, Radio Five Live
The players are made of stronger stuff than they used to be and I always thought one of them would come to the party and save things. And that's how it turned out.

0907: Matthew Bannister, Radio Five Live
There are already some die-hard fans in place for the celebrations at Trafalgar Square. Many more are expected along the way from Mansion House where the players will be meeting the Lord Mayor to Trafalgar Square itself.

0904: Martin Hargreaves, via email
I shall miss Adam Gilchrist's cries of "Noiiice Shaayyne!"

0901: Stu Hallows, Australia, via email
Well, I have just finished the best day at work I've had for years. I'm a Pom and work for Travelex (the Aussie team sponsors) in Australia.

0857: Mark Wakeling, UK, via email
I was at The Oval and it was awesome. I never thought when I bought the ticket for 10 many months ago that the Ashes would be decided on the last possible day.That's the best 10 I've ever spent.

0850: Andrew Flintoff's grandmother Elsie tells Radio Five Live
...Andrew batted terribly.

0847: Lisa Murton, England
Having been forced to watch endless hours of cricket by my late father and various friends I was not a fan. However, I found this series compelling viewing, tinged with a sadness that dad just missed it.

0844: Jason, UK, via email
Has anyone else got a hangover? The only thing making it better is that I am sitting next to an Aussie at work.

0841: Shaun, Germany, via email
Why all the fuss? I am just so happy it is all over, because I am sick of hearing about it. It's a game between two countries not a world competion and has no value in the world of sport outside of England and Australia. It is still the most boring sport in the world in my mind, just in front of tennis. And yes I am English.

0839: Roshan Gungabissoon, UK, via email
I think I'm going to cry again.

0832: Sue Thearle, BBC Sport
I ran into Matthew Hoggard in the lift at the team hotel a minute ago. I asked him how his evening was and he told me he couldn't really remember. He couldn't remember when he went to bed but that it was late. His wife tucked him up in bed but he ended up sleeping on the floor. He had quite a good night, so it seems, as did Andrew Flintoff, who is still in the bar upstairs... but drinking coffee this time.

0828: Jason, England, via email
I haven't felt this good since 1987 (see 0822).

0826: Dave Greet, Australia, via email
As a Pom living in Oz I can't tell you how good it feels to win the Ashes. To be fair, the locals are taking it reasonably well and are full of admiration for our boys. Long may it continue.

0822: Jason, Australia, via email
I haven't felt this bad since 1987.

0818: David Graveney, England chairman of selectors, Radio Five Live
At one stage yesterday after we'd lost two quick wickets I went to sit in the car park. And us cricketers are a superstitious bunch so I sat there for a while listening to the radio after Kevin Pietersen was dropped and then started to hit out.

0814: Jonathan Agnew, Radio Five Live
This has been the most exhilarating, entertaining, tension-packed series there has ever been. It's a big statement to make but, let's be honest, we're talking about modern cricket here in the modern era - nothing matches this in any way. To witness and experience this has been a dream. The future looks incredibly rosey for England. I've done this for 15 years - my first tour as a journalist was in Australia when they were trying to recapture the Ashes. They've never come close in that time - it's not been just about losing, they were horribly one-sided affairs.

0809: Pete Griffiths, England, via email
First The Webb Ellis Trophy. Second The Ashes. Third the Football World Cup beating the Aussies in the final. Well done the lads.

0803: John Harling, England, via email
Russell Crowe, Stefan Dennis, Clive James, Mrs Mangel. Are you watching? Your boys took one hell of a beating.

0801: Dave Palmer, England, via email
After all the stick he has taken it was fitting that when his country needed him, Ashley Giles stood up and was counted. Why does every victory parade have to be in London? Send it up the M1.

0759: James Ellis, Australia, via email
It was great going to school today and being English no one mentioned a word to me about it. Just like when England won the Rugby World Cup. It was one the best days I have had in a while.

0758: Tony Rowlstone, United Arab Emirates, via email
As Henry Blofeld commented, it would have seemed impossible for England to regain the Ashes, but they have now shown that they are a team not to be taken lightly. Brilliant all-round performance.

0754: Brian Pietersen tells BBC Radio Five Live the latest on brother Kevin's hair
Rumour has it he is shaving it off. Word from the girlfriend's mouth but apparently he said he's going to do it too.

0753: Colin, Nottingham, UK, via email
In years to come, everybody will be able to recall where they were when the Ashes were regained, just as for the rugby World Cup. That's two we've got over the Aussies now! Bragging rights for 18 months at least.

0747: Kevin Pietersen's brother, Brian, on BBC Radio Five Live
I can't even explain how proud I am of Kev. I don't think it will hit me until after the parade. Him looking at me and saluting me while he was batting, I was just crying tears of joy.

0745: Vishal, England, via email
Have got a meeting in central London, at 1300 - plans have changed and a detour to Trafalgar Square for an hour or two is now on the cards.

0743: Kevin Pietersen's mother, Penny, on BBC Radio Five Live
I'm just proud of his achievements. It's him - he went out there and did what he had to do.

0737: Katherine Shaw, UK, via email
It's great to see this celebration but it seems to be a very British habit that we only support our sports stars when they're winning. As a life-long cricket fan I hope that this won't be a repeat of the Rugby World Cup with everyone forgetting about it in three months time.

0735: Jeff Robinson, England, via email
I cant believe it ,its been so long when we won the Ashes it didnt sink in. My lasting moment is Brett Lee's and Shane Warne@s sportsmanship when England were winning,the sign of Great sportsmen,thank you Australia ,Well done England.

0729: Matthew, England, via email
We won the Ashes! Woooohoooo!!! I never thought it could happen and, when we were 80-3, I was having doubts.

0715: Henry Blofeld, Test Match Special commentator
It was a day I'll never forget. I never thought I would see England regain the Ashes.

And my goodness me, didn't Kevin Pietersen capitalise on his luck? It was an astonishing performance. So many strokes!

0705: Paul Welsh, BBC News at Trafalgar Square
If the England rugby parade is anything to go by, the reception for the England cricketers is going to be pretty special. The organisers have been hard at work down here for the last 12 hours or so.

0645: Arlo White, BBC Five Live
Freddie Flintoff was still in the bar at the England team hotel at 0545 this morning! They are made of stern stuff these boys, and he was still going strong in the Penthouse bar.

0615: Terry Alderman, former Australian fast bowler
I would have loved a bit of a run chase, even at eight or nine an over. But Australia were lucky to be in the position to retain the Ashes. England had the right mindset and you have to give credit to Michael Vaughan and Duncan Fletcher.

It's great for the game, for the series and 18 months down the track when England come over here - I think they will see a different Australia side.

It's the changing of the guard, we'll probably see that four or five of that team probably will not be there.

England regained the Ashes on Monday after an 18-year wait and a thrilling series against Australia this summer.

And the victorious team will be paraded through London on Tuesday as fans get the chance to salute their heroes. We will have the latest comments from the key figures throughout the day, as well as updates from our reporters.

But we want you to join in too.

If you are at the parade or out in London, please send us your pictures. and we will put the best on the site.

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