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England v India third Test day four as it happened

News updates from the fourth day's play at Edgbaston

  1. 1030 Commentary  

    Sometimes the truth lies hidden in tiny statistical corners. Peer into this: England's batsman have made six Test double-hundreds in the last 15 months - the same number as they achieved in the previous 15 years.

  2. 1035 Commentary  

    A formal reminder of our match situation going into day four: India trail by 451 runs with nine second innings wickets in hand. Virender Sehwag went last night for a king pair; the ball is turning for the twirlers and the forecast looks 85% fine and dandy for the remaining two days.

  3. 1040 Commentary  

    Trust you breakfasted well ahead of this huge weekend of sport. I went for a three-cereal combination (muesli, well-known brand of cornflake featuring honey and nuts, well-known brand of popped rice with added chocolate colour) accompanied by Eggs Benedict. One of my favourite jazz musicians of all time, old Eggs. Man that cat could blow!

  4. Commentary  

    From Tom, TMS inbox: "My dad couldn't understand why you would feel disappointed to get out 6 runs short of a triple-ton. I tried to explain it as being like matching five numbers and the bonus ball."

  5. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Room bill paid. Car packed. England to be No1 in the world at around 523pm today."

  6. Twitter  

    From brettsterview: "Re: stat about double hundreds. Does this show that our batsmen are better or the bowling attacks faced are worst in 15 years?"

  7. 1055 Commentary  

    "BRING ME MY ARROWS OF. DEE. ZIRE!" Jersualem booms out around Edgbaston as the umpires stroll onto the outfield, followed by the England team. All set?

  8. 1103 Commentary India 35-1  

    Graeme Swann to take the first over from the City End - big turn for him last night. Rahul Dravid defends with the softest of hands.\u00a0

  9. WICKET Gambhir c Swann b Anderson 14 (India 35-2)  

    Bet you've just spilled your coffee, haven't you? Anderson's first delivery of the morning, angled across the left-handed opener, drawing a nervous little push, the edge flying low to second slip's\u00a0left. What a start for England...

  10. Commentary  

    Roddy from Thailand, TMS inbox: "If he was an old blues musician. You just use three words in this order. Disability, fruit then city. EG 'Blind Lemon Memphis' or 'Gimpy Orange Scunthorpe'."

  11. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    That was a horrible prod to a ball Gambhir could have left alone. It was like slip catching practice for England.

  12. 1109 Commentary India 36-2  

    You know who's walking slowly down the pavilion steps now, don't you? Clue: the entire ground is on its feet applauding. Anderson pawing the ground, three slips angled away, gully, backward point. Come on Sachin - what do you have for us? Gaagggh - tentative push forward, the ball zipping past the outside edge on the way through to Stumper Prior. Short, coming back in - oooof, clattering down off the bottom edge just past the timber.

  13. Commentary  

    From Marcus in Stockport, TMS inbox: "Tom, please can you tell me how many snookers India require?"

  14. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    Tendulkar is all at sea at the moment - this is Tendulkar as you very rarely see him

  15. 1114 Commentary India 40-2  

    Gambhir's scalp means James Anderson now stands eighth on England's list of all-time Test wicket-takers. He's just gone past Andy Caddick, and now stands just behind Alec Bedser. Stuart Broad will replace Swann as Skipper Strauss switches to an all-pace attack. Mmm, lovely gentle drive away through square by Tendulkar for his first four of the day. Full again, wide, chased - WAAAA..... no, the edge dropping just shy of Tim Bresnan at fourth slip.\u00a0

  16. WICKET Dravid c Prior b Anderson 18 (India 40-3)  

    What a ball - swung in, moved away off the seam, skinniest edge behind. Masterful - two overs, two wickets, The Wall demolished...

  17. 1121 Commentary India 40-3  

    Edgbaston loving every single second of this. There's a brace of chaps dressed as a pantomime horse being paraded round the Eric Hollies Stand by his jockey - world record attempt for fancy-dress today, in case you hadn't heard. VVS Laxman the new man - just viewing that Jimmy ball again, and it was a thing of great beauty. No edge showed up on Hot Spot, by the way - Dravid didn't hang about though...

  18. 1125 Commentary India 41-3  

    More on that world record fancy-dress attempt. Mike Gatting will be judging a 'best dressed' competition at tea-time, with the winning entry given free lifetime entry to Test matches at Edgbaston. Many, many things I love about cricket is contained in that sentence. Four slips in for Broad as Laxman waits, Bell under the lid at short leg - spitting up just shy of a length, hammering into the thigh pad, snagged by the diving Bell to hopeful yells from the crowd.

  19. Commentary  

    From Matthew, TMS inbox: "Re Mr Vaughan packing his bags and leaving at 5.23 , well what he going to do for five hours? This will be done by lunch."

  20. 1130 Commentary India 45-3  

    Should England dismiss India for less than 126, it will apparently be the biggest innings victory ever in a non-timeless Test. An arc of four slips curved round to the right of Matt Prior, and they rise back off their haunches as Tendulkar drives Anderson sweetly through the leg-side for his second four.

  21. Twitter  

    From Brian_D_Steel: "Can someone please slow down the drama for a few moments, because I need to go to the greenhouse to water my chilli peppers."

  22. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "If anyone needs a reminder of what Sachin Tendulkar is capable of, look no further. Here's some classic BBC archive footage of the Little Master (or perhaps best to call him the apprentice back then) making\u00a0his first Test century at the age of just 17 at Old Trafford in 1990. A treat for our UK users."

  23. 1135 Commentary India 45-3  

    Hearing that Dravid's dismissal may have been a result of his bat hitting aglet - that small plastic ending on a shoelace. Apologies for not having the commensurate graphic prepared. Laxman being peppered like a German steak out there - short from Broad, right up into the body; short again, fizzing past the snout. So let's get this straight: Velcro would have saved Dravid (other burr-like hook-and-eyelet based fastening systems also available).

  24. Commentary  

    From Steve Lowe, TMS inbox: "How about India dressing up as the best team in the world? After all this could be their last day."

  25. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    If Dravid had reviewed his dismissal he would have been given not out. It shows a side that just isn't thinking clearly at the moment.

  26. 1139 Commentary India 56-3  

    Zipped shoes would also have worked, of course. Why don't you see more zips used on shoes? Tendulkar push-drives Anderson straight for an elegant four and then runs another away through third man off the open face. Single to leg, and Laxman will face having gone 15 balls without scoring. Make that 16 - very late onto a full one, the slips ooohing and aaahing. Thickish edge through gully, and finally he's off the mark with a two.

  27. Commentary  

    From Tony, London, TMS inbox: "Re Mike Gatting Judging the Fancy Dress During Teatime. Is the competition a money-saving ruse to get Mr Gatting out and about whilst tea is taken? At the cost of free Test cricket to the winner - methinks this is a bargain."

  28. 1145 Commentary India 56-3  

    Are those blokes in the Hollies Stand jockeys or jesters? Someone pass me the binoculars. Splendid over from Broad to Tendulkar, pinning him back with fast menace.

  29. Commentary  

    From James, TMS inbox: "All\u00a013 wickets so far have been taken by bowlers whose names begin with either A or B."

  30. WICKET Laxman c Prior b Anderson 2 (India 56-4)  

    "OH, JIMMY JIMMY..." Another ball so good you want to elect it president, coming in, climbing away, taking the edge of the hapless Laxman. Wonderful bowling - four wickets for Anderson, 3-16 in 4.3 overs this morning, England as rampant as rampant can be...

  31. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    I don't care if you're in form or out of form - that was an absolute beauty from Anderson. By lunch I'll probably be reviewing the game the way it's going.

  32. 1156 Commentary India 57-4  

    Someone telling me that zips can't be used on shoes because they're about as watertight as the Indian top order, which will come as a surprise to any surfers/divers/triathletes who use wetsuits. Suresh Raina the new man, Broad scaring the gloves off him with a series of vicious lifters and grille-ticklers.

  33. Twitter  

    From WaxJackal: "Ah, good old Benedict. Has a short-lived collaboration with Eggs Florentine in the jazz duo "Sunday Morning Breakfast". Nice."

  34. DRINKS BREAK India 58-4  

    Interesting - Matt Prior is going to stand up to Jimmy Anderson, because Sachin Tendulkar is batting out of his crease. 85mph. Standing up. Anderson asked him to do it, and heroically the wicketkeeper agreed. Short - short! and Tendulkar saves Prior's face by jabbing down into the off-side for one. "CAN WE PLAY YOU EVERY WEEK?" bellow the happy punters, which as Michael Vaughan pointed out on Friday doesn't quite make sense in the middle of a Test series - we are playing them every week...

  35. Commentary  

    From Leigh Lawrence, TMS inbox: "Or if you place the name 'Lee' in the middle of a name, you get a great rock 'n' roller, in the mode of Graeme 'Lee' Swann, or Andrew 'Lee' Strauss. My name sadly doesn't work though."

  36. Twitter  

    From BasGooner: "Alastair Cook 294, India 282-14."

  37. 1207 Commentary India 64-4  

    Three Mr Blobbys in the Hollies, plus 30 gorillas and a banana. Nice pic sent through on Twitter from Tom Stephens - you should see how scared the banana looks. Tendulkar drives Broad away majestically through the covers. India were the equivalent of 23-3 in that first hour before drinks.

  38. 1212 Commentary India 64-4  

    Being pointed out to be that zipped wetsuits do indeed let water through. The clue's in the name, apparently. Fair shout. Tim Bresnan replaces Anderson from the Pavilion End, which for the pulverised Raina must feel like watching Big Daddy clamber out of the ring only to turn round to see Giant Haystacks vaulting the ropes in the other corner. India still trail by 422 runs. 422!

  39. Twitter  

    From MrZakalwe: "Re 1139, I used to have a pair of zip-up shoes. Beige suede numbers that zipped from toe to ankle. Trendsetters they were not."

  40. SMS  

    From Alex\u00a0 in Newcastle: "Sehwag, Gamhbir, Dravid, Laxman and .....\u00a0Tendulkar? Jimmy is one wicket away from the most impressive fivefor ever."

  41. 1218 DROPPED CATCH India 71-4  

    Time for Graeme Swann to return. Tendulkar comes down the track to slog-loft through midwicket for a four greeted with defensive cheers from the small Indian contingent in the ground. Single run away, and then - was that dropped by Strauss at gully? It was - firm push from Raina, quick edge, straight in and out of the hands. MightyJimbob on Twitter points out that zips are seldom used on shoes because of their poor ability to adjust, a la laces.\u00a0

  42. Twitter  

    From pg4real: "And on saxophone the unforgettable Omlette Coleman."

  43. 1221 Commentary India 75-4  

    Instead of a single zip vertically from ankle to toe, however, what about a series of four horizontal zips? Hey presto - instant zippy adjustability. Bresnan goes full to Tendulkar, and what a shot that is - driven past Umpire Taufel with utter ease for his seventh four. Eight! Creamed away through cover with supreme timing.

  44. WICKET Raina lbw Swann 10 (India 87-5)  

    You know those 30 gorillas? They're now chasing the solitary banana along the front of the Hollies Stand. He taunts them with his yellow-skinned pace, waving a smaller hand-held banana in his right hand as they close in before sprinting up the steps. OUT! The ball after hoisting a second consecutive four, Raina is trapped in front.

  45. Commentary  

    From Richard Benton, TMS inbox: "Re:11:56 - Can you ask that same 'someone' about zips not being watertight just how watertight laces are please."

  46. 1230 Commentary India 87-5  

    Hitting leg stump, says Hawk Eye. Raina walked slowly up to Tendulkar at the non-striker's end after the finger went up, but a review was impossible. MS Dhoni the new man. Tendulkar is 61 runs short of his 100th international 100. He's going to run out of partners, isn't he?

  47. Commentary  

    From Adam in Melbourne, TMS inbox: "Weren\u2019t Benedict and Florentine joined by Lame Rhubarb Pontefract for the live album 'More Brains in a Pork Pie'?"

  48. BBC Test Match Special's CMJ
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's CMJ  

    We must appreciate Tendulkar while we can. It must be an illusion but it really looks to me at times as if his bat is broader than everyone else's.


    You won't believe this - Dhoni has driven Swann back, the bowler has deflected the ball onto the stumps, and I think Tendulkar might have been out of his ground...

  50. WICKET Tendulkar run out 40 (India 89-6)  

    There's unlucky, and there's unlucky. He's never going to get that 100th 100, is he? Tendulkar was batting beautifully, too - Dhoni's drive was a firm one, Swann dived down to his right and the ball ricocheted off his fingertips and onto the stumps. Umpire Davis sent it upstairs, but you could tell from the slump to Sachin's shoulders that he feared the worst.

  51. 1244 THE SUN IS OUT India 96-6  

    What a morning. Five wickets down for the addition of just 61 runs. Bresnan howls as Dhoni's thick outside edge squirts just past gully for two. Mishra the latest domino to be placed on the table. Packed again at Edgbaston, sun shining, beverages a'quaffing.

  52. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    I thought Sachin was beginning to play well, I wasn't sure at the beginning of his innings but he had started to get his feet working. I thought we would get an hour or two of his quality but these things happen to everyone once in a while. It's just one of those things.

  53. Commentary  

    From Mike, TMS inbox: "Now the deficit is below 400 is it time for more defensive fields?"

  54. 1250 Commentary India 100-6  

    There's the Indian 100, Dhoni angling away for two to leg. If there's a happier atmosphere at any sporting occasion this weekend, I'll replace all the zips in my wardrobe with laces.\u00a0

  55. 1253 Commentary India 101-6  

    "One of the Hollies gorillas here," tweets Stephen Pidcock. "We have spare costumes - how do we get them to you and Aggers?" Nasty from Bresnan, rearing one up onto Dhoni's bottom hand and away for a painful single.\u00a0

  56. Twitter  

    From Chelstar88: "International fancy dress day apparently. At least the 11 Indian lads dressed as cricketers look the part."

  57. 1256 OUCH! India 105-6  

    I'll send Blowers over, Pidders. Dhoni scampers a brace as he turns Swann away off his pads through midwicket. India's skipper is calling for the physio. Either Bresnan's lifter caused him genuine problems or he doesn't fancy facing more than one over before lunch. I'm saying nothing.

  58. Commentary  

    From Mark Finnerty, TMS inbox: "Concerning the Zip versus Lace debate the main reason that zips are not
    used is not Waterproofing (as they can be waterproofed)
    is cost as it takes a lot more to stitch a zip than to punch a few holes
    in the side and send it out with a bit of string. Also laces can
    stay closed under heavier strain than a zip."

  59. 1301 INTERVAL India 116-6  

    Kevin Pietersen to twirl away the final over before luncheon. Mishra slogs over Bopara at midwicket for four - why not, what further harm can it do - and then drives a fuller one nicely through cover for four more. One ball to go... pushed away for one more. Splendid morning for England, the crowd rising to them. James Anderson the pick with his three wickets, Tendulkar the unluckiest. The session? 26 overs, 81 runs, five wickets.\u00a0

  60. Twitter  

    From JJGass: "England need 4-15 to end up with twice as many runs as India in half as many innings."

  61. 1342 Commentary India 118-6  

    More news from the gorillas in the Hollies Stand: an admin error has seen them accidentally purchase an extra 20 outfits. If you're interested, they'll knock one out to you for a fiver, with a free banana thrown in. Dhoni drives Swann square for the first run of the afternoon session before Mishra late-cuts nicely for two more.

  62. 1348 Commentary India 125-6  

    James Anderson to chase his fifth wicket of the day. Short leg in (Bell), four slips (KP close in at four, then Bresnan, Swann, Strauss). Edged by Mishra, past the diving Bres for a streaky four. The ball 40 overs old now, much less swing visible there than when the cherry was ripe.

  63. WICKET Mishra c Broad b Swann 22 (India 130-7)  

    Slashing drive, high to Broad's left at mid-off - oh, excellent catch... He ran hard, reached up and snaffled with both hands. Three more wickets and England's coronation as the number one team in Test cricket will be confirmed.

  64. 1356 OUCH! India 139-7  

    Roll it round the mouth. Savour it. The number one team in Test cricket. Having got there with three monumental innings victories. India need 21 more runs to avoid their heaviest ever Test defeat. Anderson steaming in to Kumar, the batsman not looking like he fancies this very much. Short, off the splice... CATCH IT! No! Swann can't quite leap high enough at second slip. On second glance that came off his bottom hand, and Kumar looks in some distress here.

  65. 1407 CHAMPAGNE MOMENT India 162-7  

    "NO TIME FOR LOSERS. COS WE ARE. THE CHAMPIONS... OF THE WORLD!" roar the celebrating cavorters in the stands. "This is like bring seven years old on Christmas Eve," tweets Gary, " - so close you can almost touch it." Kumar seems to have recovered relatively well - four, smashed way over Swann's head for a one-bouncer, and then - KABOOM! six more, deep into the crowd beyond long-on. Chap there tried to catch it in his pint glass - the ball smashed straight through the receptacle, soaking him with the fizzy contents. Kumar down the track again - that's going to the same place... six more! 19 from the over, even India's token ripostes causing great joy among England's supporters.

  66. Twitter  

    From aidanjwbrowne: "Very kind of the England cricketers to get this Test match finished before the Premier League starts back up again."

  67. Commentary  

    From HE Sawyer, TMS inbox: "I know it's the middle of the night Down Under, but trust me, now's
    the time to phone an Australian. Any Australian. All of them."

  68. 1411 Commentary India 165-7  

    Chaos in the stands - a phalanx of Mr Blobbies are racing up and down the gangways, arms flapping, heads bobbing. Splendid take by Prior, leaping to his left to snag Jimmy's nasty lifter. Nowhere else to be as an English sports fan than Edgbaston this afternoon.

  69. 1414 Commentary India 180-7  

    Kumar's going after Swann again - four more, this time the streakiest of the lot - down the track, top edge over Stumper Prior's head. Dhoni now throwing caution in the dustbin - four, smashed back over Anderson's head, four more, pulled off the chest down to long leg. Chants bouncing back off the roofs and walls - "STAND UP. IF YOU'RE NUMBER ONE..." - and Dhoni is very nearly run out by the swooping Pietersen at point.

  70. 1426 Commentary India 201-7  

    60-man strong conga going round the stands. So much going on - Swann sees Kumar coming, tries to drag one wide of the flailing bat and instead pulls four wides down to the fence. Kumar now, relishing every second, flailing out to the square leg fence - four more! Down the track, the ball marmalised high, high, hgih towards Bresnan on the midwicket boundary... SIX! Bresnan went full length with his feet an inch inside the ropes, but the ball skimmed just over his fingertips. Stumping chance for Prior - no, done by the bounce. Dhoni, foot down the track, bat carving througn - that's another four, battered over the man at midwicket...

  71. Twitter  

    From petejellis: "I'm in Sydney, my cricket-mad neighbour won't answer his phone. I'm helpfully using a microphone to update him through the wall."

  72. 1430 Commentary India 205-7  

    Eight men dressed as WWII pilots, arms outstretched, run along the bottom of a stand. A burglar in stripey jumper and mask, chased by 15 policeman waving inflatable truncheons. 12 penguins, waddling at pace in the other direction. Lord Boycott sounds like a man experiencing a nightmarish trip. "Imagine the kids!" he bellows. "A grown man leaves 'is 'ouse in the morning, dressed oop in a blond wig and a skirt. What do they think?"

  73. WICKET Kumar c Bopara b Broad 40 (India 205-8)  

    Ah, it's all over for the plucky slogger. Change of bowling, Broad with a short one, adrenalised waft, easy snag at cover. England need two wickets for the match, series and number one ranking.

  74. 1435 Commentary India 209-8  

    Kumar's 40 came off 18 balls. The partnership 75. Ishant Sharma to trudge in, the champagne corks being eased from the necks. Two wickets...

  75. 1439 Commentary India 221-8  

    Dhoni to his second 50 of the match with a sweet clout over midwicket as Anderson seeks the magical five-for. Short, helped on its way down leg for four more. Stuart Broad will now have six balls at Sharma.\u00a0

  76. WICKET Sharma lbw Broad 0 (India 221-9)  

    Make that one wicket. I think it was going over the top, but with no lbw referrals Sharma's on his way. England on the very brink, Broad on a mini-spell of two wickets for no runs in nine balls.

  77. Commentary  

    From Osip in Glasgow, TMS inbox: "Has there ever been a more one sided contest between the top two in the world in any sport?"

  78. 1450 Commentary India 231-9  

    Jimmy Anderson with the chance now to seal the coronation with his fifth wicket of the innings. Dhoni waits, the inconsequential batting talent of Sreesanth at the other end. Easy single out there to the man at deep point, and of course he can't take it. That's a lovely pull shot for four, and another to a scampering Bopara at deep midwicket for two more. Slashing, slicing drive over the slips, four more.\u00a0

  79. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "With England set to become number one they have to now look to be the team of a generation and they have a great opportunity to do it."

  80. Commentary  

    From Laurie, Washington DC, TMS inbox: "Should we let India bat again in the interests of fair play?"

  81. 1456 OUCH! India 235-9  

    Sreesanth wears a brutal Broad snorter in the ribs. Good old-fashioned rough-house tactics. Sreesanth holds his bat in front of his face to prevent another one from re-arranging his dentistry and then laces a beauty of a drive away through cover for four. 119 runs scored in the 15 overs since lunch.\u00a0

  82. Twitter  

    From AdsSayer: "Wish I was in a gorilla suit in Birmingham right now."

  83. 1459 Commentary India 239-9  

    Bresnan will replace Anderson, who just couldn't find that fifth wicket. Dhoni flips a full one round the corner for four, and Broad will have six more balls against Sreesanth.

  84. Commentary  

    From Frank, TMS inbox: "Yesterday was my birthday. Today it's my birthday all over again. In over 50 years of following England cricket, I can't remember a more consistently compelling England performance than this series."

  85. BBC Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld  

    "The good thing about the slightly delayed ending is that it's given the crowd some cracking entertainment."

  86. 1504 Commentary India 244-9  

    England supporters singing the Mitchell Johnson song. It'll haunt him till the end of his days, that number. Spiderman climbing up a pillar in the stands - he'll get nicked for that. Dhoni creams Broad away for four after Sreesanth jabs a terrified single away.

  87. WICKET Sreesanth c Pietersen b Bresnan 5 INDIA 244 ALL OUT  



    Short, nasty, off the shoulder of the bat and looping up to KP in the gully. This is the moment England officially become the number one team in Test cricket. Champagne! Open the champagne!

  89. Commentary  

    From Roger Frost, TMS inbox: "Is it too late to get cricket as an official Olympic sport?"

  90. 1511 Commentary  

    Or an orange juice - you can have whatever you like. Remember being thrashed at home by New Zealand? Remember being humilated by Australia all over the place? Remember collapsing, and being flayed to all corners, and being laughed at, and having to laugh at ourselves in order to cope with the misery of it all? It's over. England are the best team in the world.\u00a0

  91. Commentary  

    From Richard in Italy, TMS inbox: "England number 1 in the world? That's all very well but I'm not sure I can cope with it psychologically. It's just not in the national psyche as I understand it. Am too used to supporting the plucky loser. May have to move to Scotland and start following the tennis/football/rugby/Jacobite reenactment society."

  92. Twitter  

    From QueensWolfUK: "I have been watching England Cricket for 30 years, and this is simply the greatest day....ever."

  93. Twitter  

    From calmcguire: "I'm not sure I've ever read a better sentence on the BBC Sport website than 'England beat India by an innings and 242 runs.'"

  94. 1515 Commentary  

    Handshakes and hugs from the England team, and the defeated Indian side trot out to shake them all by the hand. Good work. MS Dhoni ended high and dry on 74, James Anderson with 4-85, Stuart Broad 2-28.

  95. Commentary  

    Andrew Strauss: "Its fantastic to know that what we have aspired to we have reached today. This is something we stated we wanted to\u00a0do and it is a great testament to the players we have in our squad to achieve that."

  96. 1520 THAT'S A RECORD  

    Let's go through these numbers. The victory by an innings and 242 runs here at Edgbaston follows the wins by 196 runs at Lord's and 319 runs at Trent Bridge. Comprehensive, dominant, outstanding. The series is sealed, and so is England's place atop the world.

  97. Commentary  

    From Chris Calverly on Twitter:\u00a0"Its taken 13801 days for me to see England ranked as the best side in the world. Its taken my first-born son Blake 6 days."

  98. Commentary  

    From @fatboyclayton on Twitter: "Dancing round Sao Paolo hotel room in my pants. Residents in tower block opposite will just have to lump it. Number 1!"

  99. Commentary  

    And now this from Indian captain MS Dhoni: "It's a big defeat, a disappointing defeat. I don't think in the series we've scored enough runs - I'm quite happy with the performance of the bowlers. When you're representing your country you try your best, but this is a classic example of being outplayed at the top level. This team will come back. It hurts to lose each and every game - every time we lose a game, irrespctive of whether it loses a series, it hurts. You can only be number one by playing consistent cricket, and England have done really well."

  100. Commentary  

    From Rotund65, TMS inbox: "Been a bit low lately. Third child due in six weeks, moving in three, work very busy, money worries. All the usual stuff. At a National Trust garden with the children and the wife, keeping an eye on the text. Mood lifted some now, simply terrific. Thanks chaps."

  101. Commentary  

    From Aidan Bell, TMS inbox: "Mixed emotions...Was meant to be there today but double booked myself on holiday with wife and son to Scotland. Currently sampling the delights of the Falkirk Wheel while my sister texts from Edgbaston that she's now a cricket devotee. Its like seeing your best mate win the lottery."

  102. BBC Test Match Special's Alec Stewart
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alec Stewart  

    "It is all about winning Test matches, winning series, and we can now quite rightly say we are the best side.\u00a0The challenge for Andrew Strauss and Andy Flower will be to make sure the players don\u2019t too far ahead of themselves, to win every series and absolutely dominate world cricket."

  103. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "The West Indies side and Australia were so obviously\u00a0the best\u00a0sides in the world. Is\u00a0it possible that Strauss and this team can be dominant for a period of five years or so?\u00a0This group could go on for quite a long time, could this be a real golden period for England cricket? They have to beat South Africa and sides in the sub-continent."

  104. 1533 Commentary  

    We'll take our leave there, stepping away through the champagne corks and crushed plastic pint pots as the news that Alastair Cook is named man of the match surprises no-one. Standing ovation for the emails, texts and tweets over the past four days. Did I mention England were the number one team in Test cricket?

  105. Commentary  

    From Nicholas Harvey, TMS inbox: "Also in my pants, overlooking Bangkok.. I think I can fly..."

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Live Scores - England v India


  • England beat India by an innings and 242 runs
  • England: 710-7 (188.1 overs)
  • India: 224 & 244 (55.3 overs)
  • Venue: Edgbaston

India 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 244
Gambhir c Swann b Anderson 14
Sehwag c Strauss b Anderson 0
Dravid c Prior b Anderson 18
Tendulkar run out (Swann) 40
Laxman c Prior b Anderson 2
Raina lbw b Swann 10
Dhoni not out 74
A Mishra c Broad b Swann 22
Kumar c Bopara b Broad 40
I Sharma lbw b Broad 0
Sreesanth c Pietersen b Bresnan 5
Extras 7w 6b 6lb 19

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