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England v India, First Test day five, Lord's, as it happened

  1. 1020 Commentary  

    Here you go - a special cut-out-and-keep note for this very special day:


    Dear my boss. Unfortunately I will be unable to come into work today as I have contracted a nasty 24-hour bout of influenza/gout/The Staggers. I will be particularly ill between the hours of 1100-1300, 1340-1540 and 1600-1900; please do not contact me during that time. Also, my twin brother/sister (delete as appropriate) is going to the cricket today, so please give them a wave if you see them on the telly. Yours sincerely, your loyal employee.


  2. 1025 Commentary  

    The queues outside Lord's this morning? Extraordinary. The 20,000 tickets went on sale at 0830 this morning, and by 1000 they were turning them away at St John's Wood Tube station. The queue is four deep and stretches from the North Gate all the way up the Wellington Road, past the hospital, along the side of the garage, past the newsagents...

  3. Twitter  

    From AD Munro: "What an atmosphere. Test Cricket is dead? Not a bit of it."

  4. Commentary  

    From Dave, lately in the line to get in, TMS inbox: "If England play as well as we queue then this game will last precisely 32.5 minutes."

  5. Twitter  

    From Jon: "The queue is just a visual representation of what the England bowlers need today: Line and Length!!"

  6. Twitter  

    From chris_whitehorn:\u00a0"There's an old lady threatening people in the queue, says she drinks with Camilla Parker-Bowles and to stop\u00a0pushing her.\u00a0She's now saying that she's cooked for her armed guard, she's a couple of stumps short of a wicket this one!"

  7. SMS  

    From James, Chalfont St Peter: "Got to Lord's at 9.30 and they were already turning people back. Hopefully I'll get home for start of match!"

  8. 1032 Commentary  

    Wonderful scenes inside the ground, and we're still half an hour from the start - as the England team jogged slowly around the perimeter of the outfield, they were given a standing, shouting ovation by the giddy fans lucky enough to have made it in. I was excited before. I'm now a little shaky. Stiffen that upper lip, Fordyce.

  9. Commentary  

    From MJF, Liverpool, TMS inbox: "I'm in a queue and that's just to watch it on the TV. I've been told I'll get into the lounge but people are being turned away in the vestibule."

  10. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "So what chance an India victory today then? The bookies don't fancy it, offering odds of 20/1, with England at 5/4 and the draw 4/6. For fans of cricketing history, there are strong parallels with the Oval Test in 1979, when India were set a target of 438 and were 76-0 going into the final day. A double-hundred from Sunil Gavaskar meant the match went into the final over with all four results still possible, but some fine bowling from Ian Botham ensured India finished up nine runs short."

  11. 1041 Commentary  

    Apparently a policeman holding a megaphone up by the Tube station has just come up with this: "Ladies and gentlemen. The queue you are in does not exist. THE QUEUE YOU ARE IN DOES NOT EXIST."

  12. Twitter  

    From samnics: "Measured the queue from when I joined at 8:50. Took 1hr, 15 mins and was 0.82 miles long. So happy to get in."

  13. 1044 Commentary  

    Splendidly surreal for an officer of the law. If you're in a queue that doesn't exist, is that curtains for you too? And can those curtains be drawn?

  14. Commentary  

    From Tony in Jakarta, TMS inbox: "Waiting in hospital for my wife to deliver our second child. I need advice on how best to break it to her that the baby is only the second-most important happening in the world at this time - slowly or quickly. Please help."

  15. 1048 Commentary  

    The record crowd for a fifth day of a Test here at Lord's is the 24,000 who turned up for the Ashes Test in 2009 to see Freddie send Aussie wickets a'tumbling. MCC chief executive Keith Bradshaw reckons that'll be smashed today. The capacity here? 28,500.

  16. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "The players must cherish days like this. They arrived at 9am and they saw the queues, they had an amazing ovation when they warmed up and if they can bowl at a decent pace on a good length they will be able to take wickets throughout the day. I think Swann will tie an end down, but the pacemen are going to be key."

  17. Commentary  

    From Karina in Hampshire, TMS inbox: "Mother in law and myself are in and settled in the grand stand. Sun cream on, first cuppa down the hatch and ready for a great day's play, come on England."

  18. 1055 Commentary  

    A reminder, amid all the giddiness, of the match situation going into this final day. India need another 378 runs to win; England nine wickets. Sachin Tendulkar cannot bat before 1240 or the fall of the fifth wicket (off the field for most of Sunday, has to make that time up); no word yet on where or how Gautam Gambhir will bat after he injured his elbow while fielding. All set?

  19. Commentary  

    From David Rees, TMS inbox: "RE: Tony in Jakarta. If your wife is delivering your second child as well as birthing it, frankly I would keep schtum."

  20. 1104 THE SUN IS OUT India 80-1 (target 458)  

    Here we go - Chris Tremlett pawing the ground in front of the rammed pavilion, snorting, three slips, a gully, backward point, deep square leg, fine leg... Laxman blinking calmly into the bright sunshine, tapping the toe of his bat into the crease, edging down into the ground and through to second slip to pantomine ooohs all around. Short, jabbed off the chest to midwicket for the first single of the day. 582 balls left in the day. Can someone keep a tally?

  21. SMS  

    From Matt Reed: "Unbelievable! There for 9 45 and got turned away, amazing to see this level of interest for a non-Ashes Test though."

  22. SMS  

    From Stu in Hants: "Please spare a thought for teachers in Hants - we don't break up til Weds! Still, got\u00a0TMS on in the classroom, hope the kids appreciate it!"

  23. 1109 Commentary India 87-1 (target 458)  

    Huge numbers of Indian fans in the ground. There were people queing from 0200 this morning, I'm told, shooting-sticks and deckchairs out by 0400. James Anderson from the Nursery End, and Laxman will jab away past point for one, cheered like a six by those spectators clad in white, orange and green. Large swathes of empty seats on the top deck of the grandstand and the Tavern - they're selling the tickets in blocks, and those white seats will soon be filled. Wide, going away down the slope, glided away by Laxman past third slip for four to the third man fence.

  24. SMS  

    From anonymous: "Who remembers Old Trafford 2005. Will Dravid be India's saviour like Ponting was for Australia? Or are we going to see Broad produce a Freddiesque spell to destroy the Indians? That stage is set! Cometh the hour cometh...we'll have to wait and see!"

  25. Twitter  

    From ChrisKellard: "Queue moving very slowly. Only got about 100m in 15 mins. 50/50 England India fans."

  26. 1113 Commentary India 87-1 (target 458)  

    They're running to their seats in the top tier of the Tavern. Pale blue skies overhead, smears of wispy cloud like cumulo calligraphy. Tremlett tearing in, Dravid motionless at the crease, fast and full on off - late push, edged... no! Landed a metre in front of a diving Pietersen at gully.\u00a0

  27. Commentary  

    From Jon, London, TMS inbox: "Forders, failed to deal with a Faustian jaffer this morning. Informed my fianc\u00e9 that I was set for a sickie in order to head to Lord's to avail myself of a ticket picked up by a queuing friend. She informed me that if I was going to pull a sickie it would be to spend the day with the in-laws, who are making a rare visit to the capital. Panicked, I failed to deal with that late inswinging yorker and now find my stumps shattered, that is to say I've ended up at work after all."

  28. 1117 Commentary India 87-1 (target 458)  

    Maiden from Jimmy, but a rather wasted six balls - Laxman can leave the lot, knowing that the outswinger starting on off will almost always keep going away down the slope. The top tier of the Tavern now ramma-damma-ding-dong. Took about 15 minutes, that.

  29. SMS  

    From Aneesh, still in the queue: "I wonder how many times people called in sick today and turned up to Lords only to find their boss in the queue as well?"

  30. DROPPED CATCH India 88-1 (target 458)  

    Tremlett powering in so fast, the adrenaline so obvious, you fear he could just keep charging past the umpire, through batsman and stumps, down the pitch and then through the Compton Stand, leaving an enormous Tremlett-shaped hole in the concrete. Fast, furious, Dravid jabbing - ball onto pad, fizzing at the face of Ian Bell at short leg - DROPPED! Very, very tough chance - he did well to get a hand on it, but he could only palm it over an imaginary crossbar...

  31. 1127 Commentary India 92-1 (target 458)  

    Ooh, risky from VVS, flicking with bottom hand dominant in the air between midwicket and mid-on for three. Last time I glanced at the top tier of the grandstand it was completely empty. Just looked up at it again. Rank after rank of beaming faces.

  32. Twitter  

    From amitabhapte: "Very nice seat, beautiful sunshine and\u00a0two masters of modern cricket batting...\u00a0two hours of queuing was worth it."

  33. 1131 CHAMPAGNE MOMENT India 94-2 (target 458)  

    All four results possible, but in which order are you ranking them? You'd have to say draw, England win, India win, draw, tie. Wide of off and going wider from Tremlett, and then - what a ball! one that come back like a boomerang as to whistle over the top of middle. Fantastic take from Stumper Prior too.

  34. Commentary  

    From Neville, Shropshire, TMS inbox: "Just a bit of advice for those in the ground who have thrown a sickie today - apply lots of suncream, nothing worse than standing in front of your boss with a bright red nose and forehead, trying to explain how you spent the day in bed with Delhi Belly."

  35. WICKET Dravid c Prior b Anderson 36 (India 94-2)  

    GOT HIM! Anderson just served up another away-dipper, but this time Dravid just couldn't fight the temptation - little fish in the murky waters, a nibble on the line and Stumper Prior reels it in. Huge moment for England, The Wall blown away....

  36. Contributor  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "With Dravid gone and concerns about the health of Sachin Tendulkar, this is an absolutely huge day for VVS Laxman. His highest score against England is only 75 - a big surprise considering he has scored six centuries against Australia - two of them doubles."

  37. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "That is just what England wanted. The shot was very unlike Rahul Dravid - he fished at one outside off stump and was gone. This is an unbelievable atmosphere: I have never heard a forward defensive being met with oohs and aaahs before. Cracking stuff."

  38. Commentary  

    From Bob Cheval, TMS inbox: "Re Jon in London. The quick-thinking cricketer would have thrown the sickie to the boss while simultaneously throwing the 'workie' to the fiance. It is the skiver's equivalent of the reverse slop sweep - high odds of seeing your stumps shattered but spectacular if you pull it off."

  39. 1136 Commentary India 96-2 (target 458)  

    Dravid swished his bat furiously at the stumps as he turned on his heel. He knew the error he'd made, and what it could mean for this match. Gautam Gambhir will come out now, two slots down on his usual berth after that elbow injury. How will it affect him? Jimmy in, breeze tugging at his tight white short-sleeved shirt - oh, the sweetest of peaches, the ball starting outside off and then hooping back in to skim the top of the off bail as the leftie shoulders arms.

  40. Commentary  

    From Marcus, TMS inbox: "Apologies to all in carriage C going south from Inverness on the Highland Cheiftan for the whooping at the fall of the Wall."

  41. 1143 Commentary India 98-1 (target 458)  

    Febrile atmosphere around the famous old ground, the sun bright, the scene as close to sporting perfection as you could wish for. The three slips wait with hands on knees, Skipper Strauss in a stiff-brimmed sunhat, Swann and Anderson in blue caps. Tremlett angles them across Gambhir and keeps him nervy. If there were some giant control room somewhere where you adjust every tiny nuance of the scenario in front of us here - the sort of giant mixing-desk you'd expect to see George Martin leaning over during a "recording of Sergeant Pepper" retrospective - you wouldn't touch a single button.

  42. 1147 Commentary India 98-2 (target 458)  

    "IN-DEE-AA! IN-DEE-AA!" come the raucous chants, and we'll have a Mexican wave. Cartoon boos as it fails on the impermeable breakwater of the members' pavilion. Laxman angles a single away square before Gambhir pulls his polished blade high above the path of the ball.

  43. Twitter  

    From topdowntoedown: "I go to get a coffee and Jimmy takes a wicket. As a service to England, I expect to be on a quivering caffeine high by about 2pm."

  44. 1151 Commentary India 100-2 (target 458)  

    Skipper Strauss decides to shuffle his cards: it;s the ace of Swanns to be thrown on the felt. Three men around the bat, those sponsors' 4/6 cards being lobbed into the air like rectangular frisbees by the feverish punters. Gambhir - ooof, cut away off the bottom edge just past Stumper Prior's venus fly-traps.

  45. Commentary  

    From Tom Whitaker, TMS inbox: "Re Bob Cheval \u2013 if the workie/sicky combo is the reverse slog sweep then leaving the house in the morning in a suit with a briefcase carrying shorts, flip flops and sunnies is absolutely planting that slog sweep into the grandstand."

  46. Twitter  

    Former England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff: "Would love Sachin to get 100 today and England win - Obviously."

  47. APPEAL - NOT OUT India 104-2 (target 458)  

    Time for some Stuart Broad, and that feels like the right decision. Always feisty, he'll relish this saucy scenario. Bang on the money, Gambhir torn between the leave and the dread fear of an unguarded off stump cartwheeling away. Uncertain poke, edged, just short of third slip. What's this? Strauss flings the ball back at the stumps, there's no-one there and the ball flies away to the fence in front of the Mound Stand. A giddy Indian fan jumps over the fence and runs onto the outfield to field the ball - wallop, squashed like an errant fly by two burly stewards. Full, fast - that's got to be out, it looks plumb... no! Billy Bowden is indicating it may have pitched just - just - outside leg, and by cracky he's right.

  48. SMS  

    From Toby F: "I'm going to spend all my lunch hour sitting in my car listening to the cricket. Will my work colleagues think\u00a0I'm weird?"

  49. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar  

    "Matt Prior has been collecting the ball around his ankles a little bit, and when Gambhir got those overthrows the ball didn't carry to slip, so maybe the keeper and the slips need to move forward a little. It's a fifth-day pitch and the ball is nearly 40 overs old too."

  50. DRINKS BREAK India 105-2 (target 458)  

    Gambhir blocks, dabs, leaves. Good over from Swannage, and that's drinks. Breathless, breathless stuff; you simply cannot take your eyes off this for a moment.

  51. 1207 Commentary Eng 106-2  

    Drinks taken, play resumes, Lord's a-buzzing. Broad to Laxman, a little clip off the hips for one. Next ball to Gambhir is a peach, shooting past the edge and through the Prior. Broad asking questions with every ball here, making them play. but Gambhir is equal to it, prodding back with blade straight.

  52. 1211 OUCH! 111-2  

    Ouch indeed. Swann drops a tad short, Laxman pulls and the ball bounces before striking short leg Alastair Cook on the rump. A single brings Gambhir on to strike - Strauss brings in a second slip, so five men round the bat including Prior. That is a gift from Swann though, much too short and cut hard to the fence.

  53. Commentary  

    Keith, hard at work in Dorset, TMS inbox: "Re: Tom Whitaker. I like the reverse sweep into the stands. But I\u2019m more likely to top edge to keeps, as the briefcase falls open depositing contents on the drive leaving me red faced and wishing I\u2019d just pushed it into covers."


    Dusty wipes of \u00a0white cloud overhead - Broad likes this, he thinks Laxman's snicked this through....

  55. NOT OUT  

    No, nothing on Hot-Spot, and Laxman will survive to deafening roars from the huge Indian contingent...

  56. Commentary  

    From Helen, TMS inbox: "Re: People running on the pitch at cricket. At the Notts v Gloucs match at the Cheltenham Cricket Festival yesterday, a man, completely butt naked, managed to run the whole length of the pitch twice, and get back to his seat, without a single steward even moving."

  57. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "There's enough happening out there. There are still 82 overs left to take eight wickets, they only need a wicket an hour almost, England have a great chance of winning this match."

  58. 1221 Commentary India 117-2 (target 458)  

    Too short from Swann, Gambhir on to it in a flash to cut away past the labouring Tremlett for four. Strauss pushes Tremlett back on the fence, something which former England captain Michael Vaughan is far from happy with. Runs not an issue, goes his thinking, so try to draw the injudicious stroke. Short again, biffed away, Tremlett puffing his way round the rope... EEEOOOW, going down like a giant redwood, the ball snagged by an extended branch as the Indian pair run three.

  59. SMS  

    From Jack in Canterbury: "Supposed to be in a box watching what's going to be a historical final day at Lords. Unfortunately, huddled up in front of the TV with horrendous flu...fuming."

  60. 1225 Commentary India 121-2 (target 458)  

    Mmm, nice from Laxman, dinking Broad fine off his front thigh for the four that takes his to his half-century. From the reception he gets you'd think he'd just invented the flying car.

  61. Commentary  

    From Jack in London, TMS inbox: "Found a pub close to office that's so rough there's no way any of the senior management of my firm would venture in. Or so I thought until halfway through my celebration dance at Jimmy's breakthrough, my boss walks in! We've now agreed to use it as the venue for an all day strategy meeting with tag team "shows of face" back in the office."

  62. 1227 Commentary India 124-2 (target 458)  

    What's that? You've seen a flying car? Made by Chitty-Chitty-Ban.... oh, I see, big joke to you is it? Swann is driven away off the back foot by Gambhir, and the effervescent offie has not quite been at his fizzing best this morning.

  63. Commentary  

    From Bladders of Bracknell, TMS inbox: "I played the 'forward defensive' shot this morning---- at work listening to the cricket on headphones and pretending to be busy. This afternoon planning an elegant 'leave'.....Lunch will be in the pub watching live.... but may not make it back to work later today."

  64. 1231 THE SUN IS OUT India 127-2 (target 458)  

    Broad will switch to round the wicket here, aiming to tenderise the meaty Laxman. CATCH IT! No, into the empty space at short extra cover off the leading edge. Sizzling out there now, the forecast set fair for the remainder.\u00a0

  65. Commentary  

    From Darren, TMS inbox: "Re. Jack in Canterbury - am I to understand that there's now a spare seat available in one of the boxes?"

  66. 1235 Commentary India 130-2 (target 458)  

    England need another wicket in the half-hour before lunch, but you knew that. Swann being angled and run away for singles, a slip, forward short leg and silly mid-off all glaring in at the batsmen with an intimidatory air.

  67. WICKET Laxman c Bell b Anderson 56 (India 131-3)  

    Kiss my face... It was nothing more than a loosener from Anderson, the first ball of his first over back, and Laxman just slogged it down Bell's throat at midwicket. Reverse mockers - after years and years of costing England wickets with the commentator's curse, I might just claim 5% credit for that one...

  68. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "VVS was looking in some good form, that was a loosener by Anderson, first ball, not much pace and Laxman has got it high on the bat, what a time to get a wicket for England. If they can get another before lunch..."

  69. SMS  

    From anonymous: "Need to work out how I can follow the cricket while seeing outpatients this afternoon. Can I have runner?"

  70. 1242 CHAMPAGNE MOMENT India 135-3 (target 458)  

    The excitement cranks up, and up, and up - barely have the cheers for the departing Laxman and celebrating Anderson died down when bedlam breaks out - it's Sachin Tendulkar in his last ever Test innings at Lord's. Standing ovation - no, it's more of a pogoing ovation, the place is going ripe bananas. Jimmy careering in, slips crouching, waves of noise bouncing off the commetary box windows - HOWZAAA... no! Crikey, straight through the gate, how did that miss?

  71. WICKET Gambhir lbw Swann 22 (India 135-4)  

    AND ANOTHER! Swann to the party in his best trousers - loop, late dip, Gambhir half forward, the ball cannoning into the front pad, the entire England team pointing at Umpire Rauf, and he'll point an index finger back...

  72. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "This is the crucial partnership for me now. One of these boys has got to get a hundred and they need to put on a hundred together really, otherwise India are struggling badly."

  73. Twitter  

    From ideas4action: "Tom, I'll kiss you face all day long if you can make wickets fall like that."

  74. 1253 Commentary India 140-4 (target 458)  

    What a morning, what a day, what a plot. It's Suresh Raina now, but all eyes are on Tendulkar - he has the time, you know, to make that elusive debut Lord's century, even if the prospect of an Indian victory seems to be fading with every moment. Anderson suddenly hitting his straps, accuracy mixed with pace and a soupcon of swing... played late by Sachin, inside edging out to Bell at midwicket. Not worth moving the fielder right in close, not even for this last ten minutes before lunch?

  75. Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Surely one of these two needs to get a hundred if India are to save the match. We know all about Sir Sachin, but what about Suresh Raina? The attacking leftie has 120 one-day internationals under his belt but only 11 Tests since scoring a century on his debut against Sri Lanka last year. He came into the series in good form after fifties in all three of the Windies Tests, but only lasted two balls in the first innings here before he was trapped in front by Swann."

  76. 1256 Commentary India 141-4 (target 458)  

    73 overs left in the day, two before the interval. Lots of chat coming in on email, text and Twitter that England fans would rather like it if Tendulkar could both get that ton and fail to prevent an England victory. Thoughts?

  77. INTERVAL India 142-4 (target 458)  

    Quick burst of Tremlett from the Nursery End in the final over before the sandwiches. Short leg in, bumper to follow. Raina gets underneath it sharpish. That's lunch - thrilling session, England's all the way. Dravid, Laxman and Gambhir all back in the hutch, but the Little Master remains. No-one going anywhere.

  78. Commentary  

    Ollie, revising/watching cricket\u00a0in the sun, TMS inbox: "Re Jack in Canterbury - Tendulkar's last visit to Lord's, England in a strong position to beat the number one ranked team, a box to top it off and you are letting something like flu beat you...? I expect to hear you are there this afternoon - it's only an hour way run, man run."

  79. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "Every day has had something special about it, there has been a landmark - it's all set up for Tendulkar to score a hundred on the final day. Pats on backs all round for the England boys as they were walking off, that morning couldn't have gone much better."

  80. SMS  

    From Benjy, London: "As much as I respect Tendulkar, today isn't about him. Its about the mighty England continuing their rise to the top of the ICC rankings. So if Tendulkar doesn''t score more than 20, I'm not too bothered."

  81. Twitter  

    From sparker_76: "The indian supporter to my left is counting down the deliveries for his batsmen... ahem.. only 426 to go then."

  82. Twitter  

    From topdowntoedown: "Really want Tendulkar to get out 1st ball after lunch & then Raina get a quick ton... for pure Fantasy Cricket reasons."

  83. Commentary  

    From Andy, Manchester, TMS inbox: "I would love for England to get 1 up in this series before Sehwag is available but I also really want Sachin to get to 100 hundreds at Lords. He's easily the best batsman I've seen in my lifetime."

  84. Commentary  

    From Paul, TMS inbox: "Sometimes have to regret being an ex-pat; even though Denmark won the European Championships yesterday (tilykke drenge), nobody else in my office understands what cricket is, let alone understands the whoops of unbridled joy."

  85. SMS  

    From Jules: "Wasted on some people. 3 lads sitting in front of me can't be bothered to stand up 4 Tendulkar - then walk off an over later - haven't reappeared. Greatest batsman you're ever likely 2 see guys - if u can't appreciate that u shouldn't have come - doesn't matter which team u support."

  86. 1344 Commentary India 144-4 (target 458)  

    Here we go - players jogging out, stands packed, sun battering down. Graeme Swann to continue from the Pavilion End, and did that first ball keep a little low? Noticeable turn there too. Toppish edged sweep falling safe for two.\u00a0

  87. Commentary  

    From Dann, TMS inbox: "In Moscow and not only have I found a bar showing the cricket 50 yards away from the Kremlin but also another English chap to watch it with - too easy."

  88. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "It's very exciting. I don't think England are home and dry yet at all, but they will have plenty of opportunities to win the match - after lunch, now, is one, and the new ball will be due just before tea as well."

  89. 1347 Commentary India 144-4 (target 458)  

    Stuart Broad for the first over from the Nursery End, and that's absolutely the right decision - he's mixed up his lengths a treat, carried menace in almost every delivery and made the batsmen hop and jab. Short leg in for Raina, and they'll pop a leg slip in there too. May as well write YOU CAN'T PLAY SHORT STUFF in whitewash on the pitch in front of him. Ooof - rapid lifter into the rib-cage, ridden out off the quivering splice.

  90. Commentary  

    From Middlesex and England pace bowler Steven Finn: "No better place than Lord's on a day like today. Looks amazing. Shame I'm viewing it on a TV screen and not there in person. Come on England."

  91. 1356 APPEAL - NOT OUT India 147-4 (target 458)  

    This ball is 56 overs old now, but Tremlett still making it snarl. Tendulkar flips away a single and now - trapped in front, Broad screaming, the slips screaming, gully screaming... no! Umpire Bowden took an age, the merest inclination of the head indicating that he's dismissing that appeal. Broad can't quite believe it, and neither can I - replays show that the ball pitched in line and would have hit middle stump a ball's diameter down from the top...

  92. Commentary  

    Neil at work in Stafford, TMS inbox: "Sachin to be 99*, India 9 down, Sachin attempts to run 2. He completes the first, his incredible landmark achieved, what a player! But running back for the second he pulls his hamstring and gets run out, India lose and he misses the rest of the series through injury. Seems a fair compromise."

  93. 1403 Commentary India 149-4 (target 458)  

    England couldn't ask that to be reviewed, of course, because the Indian management didn't want ball-tracking technology to be used in the series. That might be why - if that had gone upstairs, Tendulkar was on his way. "INDIA! INDIA!" come the cheers. Three slips, gully, point. forward short leg, Sachin resolute in defence, head over the ball and elbow high.

  94. Commentary  

    By Philip Ball, TMS inbox: "Just like how reading a book can be better than seeing the film, as I piece together in my mind's eye the proceedings from first Test's final chapter; the perfect day hangs over the Lord's pavilion, straw boaters and cold beverages are aplenty, and I can hear that unique noise of satisfaction from crowd and commentary box alike as another near miss whizzes through the corridor of uncertainty."

  95. Twitter  

    From Piers Morgan: "Next LBW shout from StuartBroad will be fascinating - he's been telling Billy Bowden he got it wrong for last five minutes."

  96. 1409 Commentary India 155-4 (target 458)  

    Raina on the drive, clunking Broad through cover for an unconvincing four. People moving behind the bowler's arm, and Raina will pull away as the bowler comes into his delivery stride. On TMS, Lord Geoffrey of Boycottshire is asking why spectators aren't allowed to sit on the grass. I say asking. He's asking in the same way that a traffic warden asks if you'd like a parking ticket.\u00a0

  97. Twitter  

    From Franziipan: "In a Moscow bar. I was quite enjoying the cricket until another Englishman came along and started talking to me."

  98. 1416 Commentary India 160-4 (target 458)  

    Tremlett's been in good shape this innings. 0-32 off 17 overs so far, but he's deserved a scalp. There's time. In-dip to Tendulkar, yelps from the three slips as a late inside-edge silences an lbw shout on their lips.

  99. SMS  

    From Jonah; the delivery suite, Great Western Hospital, Swindon: "My second daughter, Ava, has literally just been born; 1126 this morning. The only way to get updates is via the BBC website. A perfect little girl to be followed by a perfect win for England."

  100. 1420 Commentary India 161-4 (target 458)  

    Some debate here about the merits of England having a mid-off in for Raina. Protects the bowling average but meaningless when the batting side are highly unlikely to win - why not open the slot and let them chase, sticking the man in a catching slot? Raina slips a leggish one away through midwicket for two.

  101. 1423 Commentary India 162-4 (target 458)  

    Tendulkar has been stuck on 11 for 28 deliveries now. One of which was the lbw shout which should have been given. Bowden's been magnificent in this match so far, so we shouldn't blame him too much, but it looked out from all the way up here. Maiden from Swann.

  102. 1428 Commentary India 164-4 (target 458)  

    The top tier of the Mound Stand was the only segment of the ground to be spectatorless before lunch, probably because those seats are all debentures. You own the seat, the ticket is never on sale. Except today, when they've waited to see if any of the long-termers arrive and then flogged the lot when they haven't. Raina takes two more as Broad drifts onto his pads with rare misjudgement.

  103. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "We're seeing a player who is playing for the team in Sachin Tendulkar. You don't play for so long without being a team player. If India can get in the bus tonight with a draw it will feel like a win to them. You've still got to score, though. It's staggering how long he's gone without scoring a run."

  104. 1431 Commentary India 164-4 (target 458)  

    30 dot balls for Sachin, 31, 32 as he forward-defends to Swann, 33, 34. Let's not forget that he was struck down with a viral infection on Sunday and spent most of the day back at the team hotel. Get the fluids down you, sir.

  105. SMS  

    From anonymous: "In the office of anonymous Welsh politician, earphones in whilst writing a press release on a post office closure. Give me a wicket, please! Tension is too great."

  106. 1436 Commentary India 164-4 (target 458)  

    James Anderson to replace Stuart Broad from the Nursery End. Both Broaders and Tremlett off the pitch right now - two substitute fielders on. Raina waits, crouched, bat up in his backlift, pulling the blade away late... ooh-la, almost plays on! Let's have a look at that again - gracious, the ball ricocheted off the inside edge, down into the sun-baked turf and clean over his timbers. Anderson sticks hands on head.

  107. Commentary  

    From Michael, Bury St Edmunds, TMS inbox: "RE: Tendulkar LBW. Did Billy assume family BBQ Cricket etiquette for this decision? Like when your lovable Grandad\u2019s bails come off but no-one\u2019s got the heart to tell him?"

  108. 1440 Commentary India 165-4 (59 overs remain)  

    Good shout from @chris_j_dixon on Twitter - he wants me to replace India's victory target (458) with overs left in the day. Good shout, consider it done. Going a little flat for England at the moment, even as Tendulkar scores his first run for a remarkable 47 minutes; if that comment doesn't trigger something off, nothing will.\u00a0

  109. WICKET Tendulkar lbw Anderson 12 (India 165-5)  

    Anderson - bending it onto off, Tendulkar withdrawing his bat way, way too late - DROPPED! The skipper has dropped him at slip. How expensive could that be? OUT! Tendulkar's out!

  110. CHAMPAGNE MOMENT India 165-5 (58 overs remaining)  

    Kiss my face again and again! Not too much - you're smothering me. Ah, go on, fill your boots - that is the one wicket England wanted more than any other, and just two balls after Strauss's spill seemed to have blown their big chance. It was a fine delivery, sent back up the slope after a succession of away-swingers, and the Little Master was trapped in front. This time Umpire Bowden had no doubt; Tendulkar will go into eventual retirement having never scored a Test century at the home of cricket.

  111. Commentary  

    From Ollie, TMS inbox: "Crivens Mr Fordyce - you're on fire with the reverse mockers today! XXXXXXX (face kisses)."


    Raina, reaching forward, Prior flicks off the bails - England celebrating, they're certain they have him here, they're celebrating so wildly that Umpire Rauf actually dashed over to almost pull them apart. Raina's toe looked to be bang on the line and so out, but just as the bails were taken off he may just have pushed back a crucial fraction. It's all happening...

  113. BBC Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld  

    "The pressure is really seriously on India now, but this is a simply brilliant day of Test cricket again. More brilliant if you're supporting England, of course."

  114. 1457 Commentary India 167-5 (55 overs remaining)  

    Five wickets required for victory. India's skipper MS Dhoni joins Raina in the middle, and what a captain's knock is required now. England will have the new ball in 10 overs too, so that bagging of Tendulkar is even more of a bonus than it should have been. He was genuinely out of sorts in retrospect; not only that 47-minute runless trot but in the should-have-been earlier lbw and solitary boundary off 68 balls.

  115. Contributor  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "What a sad sight to see Tendulkar making his way off the field at Lord's for probably the last time in a Test. One has to wonder about\u00a0how well he was feeling, having been off for much of Sunday's play with a virus. Even in this situation, a fully-fit Sachin would surely have tried to knock the ball about and not allow the bowlers to have things all their own way."

  116. 1508 Commentary India 177-5 (52 overs remaining)  

    Dhoni goes aerial, crunching Anderson over the in field on the offside for four wildy-cheered-for runs. A rare chance for the Indians at Lord's to get off their seats.

  117. 1510 Commentary India 178-5 (51 overs remaining)  

    Severe technical issues have hit us, just at the wrong point - we're trying to update you, but some awful glitch is preventing it. Grab your spanners, we're going in...

  118. Commentary  

    From Brian, TMS inbox: "Only one man of the match for me, Matt Prior!!!!"

  119. 1511 Commentary India 178-5 (51 overs remaining)  

    Swann twirls away, Raina rocks onto his back foot and nicks a single through the covers, but this is about survival for the tourists and Dhoni sees out the rest of the over with no alarms. Swann trying to get that ball above the eyeline here.

  120. 1514 CHAMPAGNE MOMENT India 178-5 (50 overs remaining)  

    We're back, we're back... Frightening moment there, but you didn't miss too much. Except, it seems, the news that Raina was reprieved by the third umpire. Trott to Raina, England trying to rattle through these last few overs before the new ball.

  121. 1519 Commentary India 188-5 (49 overs remaining)  

    KP on now, and he'll love this. Hello! Turn and bounce, Raina startled. KP with a flatter arm ball, and he winces there as if poked on the hooter - Raina jabbed down late, and for a moment the bowler thought he might have got through. India 270runs from an unlikely victory.

  122. Twitter  

    From simonainley: "I hope this is not an attempt to add more suspense and drama!!!"

  123. 1523 Commentary India 198-5 (48 overs remaining)  

    Raina clumps the chunky Trott back down the ground for a four cheered with a righteous fervour by the Indian fans. Some thought a whole heap might head off when Sachin was dismissed, but not a bit of it. Four more! Cut away this time, and the real thrust of this match has almost been suspended while we wait for the cherry.

  124. Twitter  

    From SirRodders: "Sort it out please. I almost had to contribute to a meeting there."

  125. 1527 Commentary India 203-5 (48 overs remaining)  

    If anyone else had forgotten Adelaide last December and the identity of the bowler who got rid of the key wicket of Michael Clarke, KP hasn't. Oohs and aahs, most of them as theatrical as Kenneth Williams but the last entirely justified as Raina is almost cleaned up with the quicker one.

  126. 1531 Commentary India 212-5 (46 overs remaining)  

    Swann with loop - "CATCH IT!" screams the bowler, but it flies just past Pietersen at extra cover. Two to Raina, and that's his 50 - 90 balls, seven fours, his sixth in Tests. Still five wickets needed by England for the win - how are the nerves?

  127. 1534 APPEAL - NOT OUT India 213-5 (45 overs remaining)  

    KP leaps - he thinks he might have Raina here - Umpire Rauf's hand is coming up... ooh you tease, only to give Pietersen back his cap. New ball will be taken - repeat, new ball will be taken.

  128. Commentary  

    From Doug, TMS inbox: "With all talk of elaborate "sickies" being perpetrated earlier today and earning plaudits for ingenuity, it's somewhat ironic that in Tendulkars case we have someone who has turned up for work whilst sick missing out on the plaudits he deserves, i.e a ton at Lords."

  129. INTERVAL India 218-5 (44 overs remaining)  

    The man handed the cherry is James Anderson. Media Centre at his back, the sun playing peekaboo behind a small skimmer of a cloud. Raina angles one away to fine leg for four, and that's the interval - 76 runs and just one wicket in the session, but it was Sachin Tendulkar. England need five more for victory, India need 240 runs. There's a whole heap of cricket to be played yet - grab a raspberry cooler, mop the brow and we'll go again in 20.

  130. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "The Indian lower order all play shots as well, don't they? They don't particularly look like the guys who will get stuck in and get behind the ball. England will be thinking they need one more wicket and they are in, big time."

  131. Commentary  

    From Josh, TMS inbox: "Just thinking back to 2005, Shane Warne missed out on the Lord's Honours Board as well, never having taken 5-fer. That's the best bowler and the best batsman of their generation missing, any other notable names that never made it?"

  132. SMS  

    From Anon: "Been invigilating exams today; lots of Indian students. Restrained myself from updating the score on the big whiteboard."

  133. 1604 Commentary India 221-5 (43 overs remaining)  

    Here we go then. Quick change in the commentary box after tea. Sheringham in, while Fordyce rests his delicate paws. I believe I am stating the obvious when I say that this next hour is huge. Break this stand, and India's long, wagging tail is exposed. Tremlett to bowl the first over and he spears one through in between Dhoni's bat and pad. Dramatic deviation after ball passed blade. Then a ball on leg stump and Raina takes a couple.

  134. 1608 Commentary India 222-5 (42 overs remaining)  

    King of the Swingers Jimmy A from the Nursery End, three slips and a gully in place. He's bowled well today has Jim, but he's a bit too wide here and Dhoni is happy to leave. Blowers reckons a wicket could fall at any time. England need one soon.

  135. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "England have dominated most of this Test match so well done India for staying in the contest. In my short time in the commentary box this has been the most enjoyable Test match I've seen. So much to enjoy, so much high-quality cricket between two top-class sides."

  136. 1612 Commentary India 223-5  

    Tremmers to Raina, short but the leftie is up on his toes, pushing into the covers for a single. Dhoni now, eyes a picture of focus and determination. He won't want to see that shot again though, a wild swish, but no edge. Then a thick outside edge is well stopped by KP.

  137. Twitter  

    From somersetnick: "About to watch the final Harry Potter film. Who will prevail first, Potter or England - or will Voldemort pull off an upset?"

  138. 1617 Commentary India 224-5 (40 overs remaining)  

    Now then, here's a turn-up, a Mexican wave at Lord's ... and not surprisingly it peters out as it reaches the pavilion, the disapproving tuts of the members audible even from 100 yards away in the commentary box. Just the one to Raina. Tense.

  139. WICKET Dhoni c Prior b Tremlett 16 (India 225-6)  

    He's got 'im! That is the wicket England so badly needed. Greeted by a roar from the Lord's punters. Tremlett, outside off stump, Dhoni nibbled, Prior snaffled. Four more to go.

  140. Commentary  

    From Zbigniew, TMS inbox: "There's all this talk of Greece, Portugal, etc. dragging the EU market down. What about Test cricket being played on a working day? Productivity has surely dropped significantly today across the board.".\u00a0

  141. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "You think that's the game - you think. But there has been an awful lot of drama in this match. India need someone to hang around with Raina because he's playing a real gem of an innings."

  142. 1624 Commentary India 227-6 (39 overs remaining)  

    Great stat about Tremlett - he has taken a wicket in every innings he has bowled in for England. And he is running in like a man possessed now, the crowd a-buzzing as Harbhajan jabs the bat down on a yorker and scampers a single. Raina hands him back the strike straight away - thanks buddy - and Harbers is all at sea, waving the bat at a ball that kept very very low.

  143. Twitter  

    Danielle Wyatt, England women's team: "Just had a net with Yuvraj, Patel, Mishra, and this other guy! Nice lads! This sun is GAWJUS! Come on Eng!"

  144. 1628 Commentary India 228-6 (38 overs remaining)  

    Anderson now from the Nursery End, the crowd cheering every ball. He fires one right into the blockhole but Harbhajan jabs down the bat and pushes to gully. Maybe time for Broad to replace Jimmy?

  145. Commentary  

    From Ian, TMS inbox: "Did you know an anagram of Sam Sheringham is \u2018Seam harms nigh\u2019. Spooky!"

  146. 1633 Commentary India 235-6 (37 overs remaining)  

    Prior concedes a bye, but England won't mind that because it brings Harbers on to strike. The next ball thuds into his pad, and Prior appeals, but that's more than a tad optimistic with the ball missing leg by some distance. One off the hips to Raina, and then a huge whack from Harbhajan, over mid-off for four. England won't mind that.

  147. 1637 Commentary India 240-6 (35 overs remaining)  

    Loving the anagram of my name Ian (1628), but can it spark encore de wickets?Broad is back but Harbers is gaining in confidence here, cracking a square cut to the fence. Last ball is right on middle - but Harbers keeps it out. Well played sir.

  148. Commentary  

    From Gareth, TMS inbox: "If this game goes beyond 5 o'clock I will be forced to stay on at work to continue watching the updates, meaning I will be extorting my employer of double time rather than the single rate they have been paying me for doing diddly squat all day. Them's the breaks, eh?"

  149. 1642 Commentary India 240-6 (35 overs remaining)  

    Warm handshake to Sam Sheringham - Fordyce back with you for the denouement. Nerves clanging all around Lord's, the tiers of the high stands still packed with rapt punters. Two slips - no, three slips, actually a third slip in at fourth, if that makes sense - plus gully, deep backward point, fine leg and deep midwicket. Raina on 63 now, the last established batsman between England and the tail proper. Oohs from the ground as Anderson skids one past his outside edge.\u00a0

  150. Commentary  

    From Matt, TMS inbox: "Sat on the train between London and Cornwall, snaking along the coast around Teignmouth. No wifi on the train so trying to keep tms on air with mobile broadband... every time it drops out a wicket has fallen, gutted to miss them but hope it cuts out again soon..."

  151. SMS  

    From Hoggs: "An anagram of Stuart Broad is "absurd tarot" so who knows what will happen..."

  152. 1648 APPEAL - NOT OUT India 243-6 (34 overs remaining)  

    Broad from the Nursery End, Harbhajan waiting. The old twirler asked for some eye-drops, possibly from the patented Sloggalot range. Tickle away for one and then - HOOWWZAAA,.. Raina's got to be out, Broad on his knees after a Hadleesque appeal... Bowden says no! Broad pounds the turf with his hands - he''ll be in trouble for that - but you can understand his righteous ire. That looked plumb with the naked eye, and it looks even more plumb on the replays - pitched on leg, hitting middle threequarters of the way up...

  153. WICKET Harbhajan c Tremlett b Anderson 12 (India 243-7)  

    GONE! Terrible, terrible shot from Bhaji, a T20 slog across the line, the ball spiralling high and Tremors teetering back at mid-on to take the snag. What was he thinking? What was he thinking?

  154. SMS  

    From Chris: "Drawing caricatures in Bath city centre listening to TMS. Just leapt up and yelled HOWZAT! A large group of American tourist scattered in panic. I don't think I\\'ll bother trying to explain."

  155. Commentary  

    From James, TMS inbox: "Sat in Dublin airport hoping the boys get the last\u00a0three wickets before the Blackberry's battery goes! Red light is flashing!"

  156. 1658 Commentary India 247-7 (31 overs remaining)  

    4-57 for Jimmy now - seemed far from his best earlier in this match, but he's come to the party with his dancing shoes on. Three wickets needed, one of them the hamstrung Zaheer. Praveen Kumar the new man, and if his knees are knocking like a xylophone he's not the only one. Broad snorts one past his snout. Barely a single backside has left a seat all day long, and they're not starting to depart yet.

  157. Commentary  

    From Nick, TMS inbox: "Can someone tell James in Dublin airport that if the red light is flashing on his Blackberry it means he has an e-mail. Just saying..."

  158. Twitter  

    From AliJMB: "Amazingly an anagram of Sachin Tendulkars name is "and I lack the runs" - rather unfortunate given this match."

  159. 1702 DRINKS BREAK India 248-7 (31 overs remaining)  

    Anderson with that sweet, smooth rhythm of his, sprinting in, gathering himself into a ball of kinetic energy at the crease and then unleashing at a blinking Kumar. Short leg, two slips, gully, backward point, plus two men out deep behind square on the leg side for the misjudged hook. Full, tickled round the corner for one. A few grey clouds overhead but they're nothing but decoration; we'll have dry, warm weather though to the close, wherever it may be.

  160. WICKET Kumar b Broad 2 (India 256-8)  

    Broad, white towelling wristband on his left arm, blond hair smeared back with sweat. BOWLED HIM! It was full and fast and far, far too good for a tail-ender of Kumar's class. So close now, so close...

  161. WICKET Raina c Prior b Anderson 78 (India 260-9)  

    29 overs left for England to take these final two wickets. Zaheer has come out, waddling a little, and Mukund will do any running for him. Raina.. edges.. OUT!

  162. CHAMPAGNE MOMENT India 260-9 (29 overs remaining)  

    That's five wickets now for James Anderson (he can have the champagne graphic for that) but more importantly it's England on the verge of a sensational Test victory. They were put in, let's remember, and have fought back brilliantly from every reverse. Just Ishant Sharma and Zaheer left in the middle. Hold onto your seats....

  163. WICKET Sharma lbw Broad, India 261 all out  

    What a day of cricket - what a match to mark the 2000th game of Test cricket. Sharma quaking in his spikes, and no wonder - three slips, two gullies, short leg, silly mid-off, square leg, fine leg. Full, fast, as plumb as you'll ever like. ENGLAND WIN BY 196 RUNS!

  164. SMS  

    From Steve: "England supreme. Patient, calculated, ruthless. 2 batting declarations. No 1 side in the world out in under 300 in both innings."

  165. 1726 Commentary  

    Brilliant display from England. Broad disappears under a leaping pile of team-mates, his back and head being slapped and rubbed. He finishes with 3-57, Anderson with 5-65, and England have forced this final-day victory in the manner of the great Australian sides we all used to fear so much. They had 29 overs to spare. Best team in the world?

  166. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "England declared in the first innings and declared in the second innings... In that dressing-room right now, Andrew Strauss will be looking back on how well that Test match went. The Indians didn't get close to taking 20 wickets and didn't score 300. If I were Strauss, I'd be having a glass of something and reflecting on a job well done."

  167. 1737 Commentary  

    Presentation on the way, man of the match? Kevin Pietersen and James Anderson will have a shout, Rahul Dravid too, maybe Matt Prior as well.

  168. SMS  

    From Ryan, Swindon: "I've not cried since England's semi in Euro 96... but that match deserves a tear. Well played England. The passion is back."

  169. 1740 Commentary Man of the match Kevin Pietersen:  

    "It's always nice to get some runs and especially in a winning cause. It's a very hard task to get 20 wickets at Lord's, it's brilliant for this team. You've got to keep hitting the ball in the right areas. Ishant did that on Sunday and we did it today. Scoreboard pressure won us the game today. It was a superb wicket, just offered enough."

  170. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "Can't argue with that decision. It was a fantastic knock, Kevin Pietersen's, don't forget it wasn't an easy pitch to bat on, especially at the start."

  171. 1743 Commentary England captain Andrew Strauss:  

    "Outstanding performance from the bowlers today, they really stuck to their task and the seamers complimented each other perfectly. The wicket was flat and they had to be patient. I'm delighted that Stuart Broad came out in this Test match and showed everyone what a great player he is."

  172. Commentary  

    From Vikram, Mumbai, TMS inbox: "As an Indian fan, I am not perturbed by this result. This is the worst India have played in a long time and England were probably at their best. With a little luck, India could have saved this game. If India can play to its potential, it can still win from here. The recent past has taught us that this England team has a knack of winning big and then failing badly in the subsequent test. If the series is 1-1 going into the third or fourth tests, I will put my money on India. They are a tough bunch."

  173. 1748 Commentary India captain MS Dhoni:  

    "Considering the situation, missing Zaheer from the start, it was very difficult. The fast bowlers really stepped up, I thought as a bowling department we did what we could. Then we had Sachin who was ill and Gautam who got injured, so we were unlucky. We're quite happy with the kind of cricket that was played for five days. There are three Tests left and plenty more good cricket to come."

  174. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "India are going to get better, England know that. They will be hurt by this, I'm sure they will be having a few chats with Duncan Fletcher over the next few days. The series is going to catch fire - it's really caught the imagination already. The cricket will get better and better."

  175. 1757 Commentary  

    Bless the schedulers - part two of the series is only four days away, so see you at Trent Bridge on Friday, kick-off 1100 BST. Enjoy your week.

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Live Scores - England v India


  • England beat India by 196 runs
  • England: 474-8 & 269-6 (71.0 overs)
  • India: 286 & 261 (96.3 overs)
  • Venue: Lord's

India 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 261
Mukund b Broad 12
Dravid c Prior b Anderson 36
Laxman c Bell b Anderson 56
Gambhir lbw b Swann 22
Tendulkar lbw b Anderson 12
Raina c Prior b Anderson 78
Dhoni c Prior b Tremlett 16
Harbhajan Singh c Tremlett b Anderson 12
Kumar b Broad 2
Z Khan not out 0
I Sharma lbw b Broad 1
Extras 6nb 2b 6lb 14

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