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England v India, First Test day four, Lord's, as it happened

  1. 1030 Commentary  

    Pleasantries in a second, but first a little breaking news: Sachin Tendulkar has a viral infection and is "resting under medical advice". He won't be on the field of play this morning, but may come back later after further medical assessment.

  2. SMS  

    From Torquil at Lord's: Just seen Rahul Dravid get asked for I.D. at the entrance to the Indian dressing room. Highest test run scorer and an unknown apparently."

  3. Twitter  

    England seam bowler Tim Bresnan: "Big lead then skittle them Monday! 1-0, come on boys."

  4. 1041 Commentary  

    A reminder of our match situation: England lead by 193 runs with all 10 second innings wickets in hand. Zaheer Khan will not bowl, so - on a pitch that's show few dangers and on a warm, sunshine-heavy day, boots in theory should be filled.

  5. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Lots of Indian fans here at Lords.\u00a0By the way\u00a0Dhoni is 7/2 to be the leading wicket taker in the 2nd innings!!!!"

  6. 1058 Commentary  

    All set? Here come the players, the stands filling fast, the sky a soothing bright blue.

  7. Twitter  

    England's Stuart Broad, after taking four wickets during the third day's play: "Wow the legs r tired! Swim, steak,\u00a0shake, 10 hours sleep and I'll be sorted!"

  8. Twitter  

    From monkeyhead78: "At work in Dubai watching live on\u00a0BBC website. The Indian contingent here are very quiet. Last week they predicted a white wash."

  9. 1104 Commentary Eng 6-0  

    Ishant Sharma with the first over of the day, three slips and a backward point in, extra cover, square leg, fine leg, mid ons and offs. Is Strauss beaten by that one? Angled across the bows, drawing a little push - may have just taken his bat out of the way at the last moment. Touch off the pads to midwicket for the first run of the day.

  10. Commentary  

    Richard, on a Sofa in Sutton recovering from a stange stag do, TMS inbox: "Can you post details for tickets on the day for Monday. Will they be \u00a320? I can't find details on the Lords website."

  11. 1107 Commentary Eng 16-0  

    Kumar to take the first over from the Pavilion End. Really is a lovely day out there, the flags of St George and India wafting atop the pavilion. Strauss rocks back to pull away with time and timing to deep square leg for the first four of the day, and then dinks one fine off for four more. Former international batsmen all around talking of centuries being there for the taking, should concentration and application be maintained.

  12. 1115 Commentary Eng 22-0  

    Parade of India and England greats at lunchtime here - Sunil Gavaskar, Michael Vaughan, Farokh Engineer, Ravi Shastri, Graham Gooch, Derek Underwood, Keith Fletcher, Teddington Dexter. All going round the boundary in gold carts, I'm told. Poking single from Strauss, and Kumar switches from round the wicket to over. Is he being ticked off for running on the pitch here? He's shortened his run-up, and Strauss loosens his shoulders in response to cream another four to the midwicket fence.

  13. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Sachin Tendulkar's illness could have an effect on where he bats in the India innings due to the rules over non-external injuries. As we understand it,\u00a0if he is off for two hours, he won't be able to bat until at least two hours into the innings and so on. The lowest he\u00a0would have to bat is\u00a0No.7 though. It raises the prospect of Sachin batting with the tail to save the game on Monday afternoon.\u00a0That would be worth watching."

  14. Commentary  

    From Jeremy, Oxon, TMS inbox: "Has it occurred to you that these laps of Lord's by the great and the good will be taking place at the same time as the German Grand Prix? Will there a a prize for the fastest lap?"

  15. 1120 Commentary Eng 22-0  

    Excellent start from the England pair. No swing at all for either Sharma or Kumar, the track benign, the ball seemingly the size of a melon. I'm tempting the mockers, aren't I? Maiden as Cook leaves the angled ones across him well alone.

  16. WICKET Cook c Dhoni b Kumar 1 (Eng 23-1)  

    I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry... Kumar just ran it across Cook a fraction, and the Essex opener couldn't help himself - a little inadvertent twitch at the ball, enough to snick through to a leaping wicketkeeper. One day I'll learn - I promise...

  17. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Who says that you can't get wickets at that pace if you don't move the ball? Perfect line and perfect length, well bowled Kumar."

  18. SMS  

    From Graham, Notts: "Tom I'm holding you personally responsible for that!"

  19. 1129 Commentary Eng 23-1  

    Trott comes in, and as he strides to the crease I will make the following stern pledge: at no point today will I so much as write the word fate, let alone try to tempt it. I also hereby promise to send a card of condolence to Alastair Cook. Maiden from Sharma.

  20. 1135 Commentary Eng 24-1  

    In reply to Jeremy in Oxon, there'll be a prize for fastest lap, a Le Mans style running start from the carpark out the back of the grandstand and a full pit-crew pitlane in front of the pavilion, staffed exclusively by a combination of MCC members in egg-and-bacon overalls and Vodafone girls waving 4/6 placards. Other mobile network marketing strategies also available. Trott beaten by another cunning one that just holds its own up the slope.

  21. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "In answer to post-stag Richard (1104), the MCC informs us that there is no decision yet on how many tickets will be available for tomorrow and at what price. They will let us know at about 3pm when they have a better idea of how much play there is likely to be."

  22. 1137 Commentary Eng 25-1  

    A few questions about the reference at 1115 to "gold carts". They may well be made of precious metal, particularly the one ferrying Lord Geoffrey of Boycott about, but it's more likely they'll be golf carts. Trott drives crisply into the covers, Harbhajan making a decent diving save and the large Indian contingent in the ground cheering his sterling efforts.

  23. Commentary  

    From James, Newcastle, TMS inbox: "Tom, will you stop telling us that there doesn't seem to be any danger of a wicket. From now on, whenever England are batting please tell us it looks like there could be a wicket every ball. Centurions are assured."

  24. 1142 APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 28-1  

    Kumar doing a good job out there in the absence of Zaheer Khan. He doesn't have any great pace, but he is accurate and gets just a little bite off the seam. Trott gets stuck on the crease as one comes back in - there's a big appeal, and for a dread moment Umpire Billy Bowden looks like he's going to lift the trigger finger - no, hand stays down, ball just sliding down leg.

  25. 1150 Commentary Eng 36-1  

    Sharma drops short, Trott swivels on his heels and pulls away through midwicket for his first four. Trees in full bloom beyond the old pavilion, the Coronation Gardens already filling up with picnic blankets, hampers and gluggers.

  26. Commentary  

    From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "I hate to come over all conspiratorial, but two key players taken out of the game, first with a stabbing pain to the leg and then by a mystery virus? All very KGB. I wonder how they'll get Dravid. That ID incident you reported on does suggest some kind of John Travolta face-altering scenario may be at hand."

  27. 1151 Commentary Eng 39-1  

    Re Paul in Lancs, I can see a role for a poison-tipped MCC umbrella in all this somewhere. Kumar strays down leg and Dhoni can't quite gather as the ball dips late in classic Lord's fashion - three byes, run hard by the keen England pairing.

  28. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "Harbhajan looks to me like he's played too much one-day cricket, he's not quite in the rhythm of bowling in a Test match. He's not giving the ball any air whatsoever."

  29. 1155 Commentary Eng 44-1  

    Harbhajan will have a twirl from the Nursery End. Trott steps away to dab late through the vacant gully slot for two. Could be lots of overs for Bhaji to get through today, with Zaheer out of action and Sharma getting little joy so far.

  30. APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 50-1  

    Kumar again, bustling in again, shorter and wider - cut away hard, straight through Sharma at point for four. Sloppy work in the field, but that's much better - Strauss calls Trott through for a tight single, Raina there in a flash, scooping the ball up and hurling down the timbers - this looks close, very close, and Umpire Bowden will send it upstairs.... oooosh, Trott home by an inch. Drinks.

  31. 1203 Commentary  

    Morning all, Sheringham for Fordyce very briefly. While the players imbibe some fluids, some officials trot out to repaint the lines of the crease. Everything shipshape we're ready to resume again. What target will England be looking to set India then? 420? 450? How bold will Strauss be?

  32. 1207 Commentary Eng 53-1  

    Harbhajan sends one down outside off and Trott pushes on the off side for a Sunday stroll of a single. Phew, that was a let-off for the England skip. He goes for a sweep, gets a bottom edge and watches anxiously as the ball bounces within a whisker of his stumps. They run two.

  33. 1210 Commentary Eng 53-1  

    Kumar to Trott, off a short run, and England's Mr Reliable is right in behind it. Lots of chat about India's slow over-rate, sounds like Dhoni may be asked for a few coins at the end of the match. The last ball is edged, but Trott's hands are soft and it bounces well short of the slips.

  34. 1214 Commentary Eng 54-1  

    Fordyce back with you. Big queues for the room I was trying to access. 50 minutes to go until lunch, and Sharma will continue from the Nursery End to Trott. The Warwickshire man plays across the line a little there, his bat coming down at an angle as he tries to work a straight one away to leg. Oooh - did that one stay a little low? Trott had a poke at it, but his feet were rooted. Sharma puts a hand to his head, stares for a moment and then tucks that long hair back behind his ears.

  35. WICKET Strauss lbw Harbhajan 32 (Eng 54-2)  

    Skipper sweeps... misses, huge appeal... gone!

  36. 1221 Commentary Eng 55-2  

    Strauss didn't look entirely happy there, but that may well have been because he was so disappointed to get out on such a good pitch - there was no hesitation from Umpire Rauf, and replays show that the ball was indeed hitting. It was the wrong shot to play to a ball that carried no inherent danger.

  37. WICKET Pietersen c Dhoni b Sharma 1 (Eng 55-3)  

    Short, genuine lift, KP startled and fending off - OUT! Best ball that Sharma's produced all match - KP was coming forward and couldn't get weight back or gloves out of the way. The match is alive, the ground seething...

  38. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar  

    "What a delivery that was, a real beauty, just short of a length, bounced and took the top of his bat. Pietersen was on the front foot, his balance was wrong and that's a great bit of bowling. Sharma has bowled very well."

  39. WICKET Bell c Dhoni b Sharma 0 (Eng 55-4)  

    If it was alive before, it's kicking and screaming now - Bell with an uncertain push to one going down the slope, and Sharma is rampant. England's lead is just 243...

  40. 1233 Commentary Eng 56-4  

    Three wickets for a single run in 10 balls, and in a flash the match has been transformed. What a Test this is turning out to be, every bit as good as we had hoped for, just as tight as one would expected from the top two teams in Test cricket. Every result possible, every seat in the house taken.

  41. Contributor  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "For any England fans surprised by Sharma's superb spell this morning, don't be - in the recent three-match series in the West Indies, he was the leading wicket-taker on either side with 22 at a cost of less than 17 runs each."

  42. Twitter  

    From Hayes_Potter: "I wake up, England lose\u00a0three wickets. What a great excuse for going back to bed!"

  43. 1238 Commentary Eng 57-4  

    Morgan now, the weight of expectation and responsibility heavy on his shoulders. Sharma sends them across him and the leftie leaves alone. Trott, of course, will relish this situation. An energy about India in the field now that had been entirely absent over the first three days.

  44. 1241 Commentary Eng 62-5  

    Harbhajan, arms windmilling as he prances in. Fraction short, Trott stepping away as he has frequently against the spinner, cracking a splendid drive away off the back foot for four through extra cover. 20 minutes until lunch, and this is a session MS Dhoni will never want to end.

  45. WICKET Trott b Sharma 22 (Eng 62-5)  

    Full, fast... BOWLED HIM! Sharma is rampant, England been taken to the cleaners - four prime wickets gone for eight runs, a collapse from the golden era. Sharma has now taken three wickets in 16 balls for one run...

  46. 1249 Commentary Eng 63-5  

    Trott, you felt, was the key wicket, the one remaining England batsman who has shown that he can stick around all day long. England's lead just 250, Morgan and Prior the last estabished batsmen. Remarkable session, gripping Test match, no-one daring to tear their eyes away from than thin strip of pale-green grass.

  47. BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Phil Tufnell  

    "That's another great delivery, fantastic, Sharma is on fire for his captain here. India have dragged themselves back into the game - I reckon England need another 100 runs still."

  48. SMS  

    From Pat, Sheffield: "I'm not pointing the finger of blame but ... Forders 11:20, really? Couldn't you have at least waited until lunch?"

  49. 1255 Commentary Eng 67-5  

    Let's remind ourselves, in case the hoopla and clatter of wickets had momentarily wiped the memory banks, that India are doing all this with their primary strike bowler sat injured in the dressing-room. Three slips in as Sharma sprints in to Morgan, the sunshine bright, the blue sky smeared with hazy vapour trails. Thick outside edge but a controlled one - two for Morgan down to third man to take him to three off 16 deliveries.

  50. SMS  

    From anonymous: "Re captains parade at lunch - can I suggest the England contingent of the said parade run over Fordyce a few times."

  51. INTERVAL Eng 72-5  

    Kumar will replace Harbhajan from the Pavilion End. Almost lunch, and even as England's hungriest man I'd completely forgotten, so gripping this session has been. Slicing drive from Prior down to third man - excellent sliding save from the fielder - before Morgan pushes two more. That's lunch - breathless, thrilling cricket. If you're just waking up, England went from 54-1 to 62-5 in the space of 32 balls. The all-important lead? 260. Lordy.

  52. Twitter  

    From Anon: "Just got back from lunch at work and spluttered the remains of my pasty all over the computer. Seriously, WHAT!"

  53. Twitter  

    From Tom: "I reckon a 350 lead will be good enough, and England's bowlers will fancy this!"

  54. Contributor  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "Big day for the cricketers of Italy and Denmark today too, with the European Division One Championship final starting at the FB Fields ground in Jersey at 1430. The not-very-Italian-sounding Damian Crowley saw them through to the final with an innings of 55 off 44 balls in their win over the tournament hosts on Saturday."

  55. SMS  

    From Ellis: "On the train to the North, gripped by England getting torn apart. What a kerfuffle."

  56. 1328 Commentary  

    Former England captain Keith Fletcher on Test Match Special: "I'd\u00a0rather be in our position than theirs - three quick bowlers plus Swann, I still fancy our chances."

  57. SMS  

    From Jas: "World number one side showing why they are number one, ripping apart England without their key bowler Zaheer. Go India!"

  58. 1342 Commentary Eng 76-5  

    Anyone care to predict what'll happen in this session? Madness this morning, in the best possible way. Suresh Raina will take the first over after lunch for India, a little gentle tweak that Prior will drive and dab to get the scoreboard ticking over.

  59. Commentary  

    From Andy in London, TMS inbox: "Tom's 11:20 entry\u00a0was akin to Michael Fish and his weather prediction in 1987."

  60. 1345 Commentary Eng 78-5  

    A slice of stat pie for your lunchtime desert: the highest fourth innings winning total here at Lord's is the 344 hit by the West Indies in 1984. Harbhajan back on at the Pavilion End - short extra cover, slip, a big tempting gap at midwicket, Morgan gripping his bat at the crease with backside stuck out in exaggerated fashion. Turner on middle and leg, and Morgan falls line and sinker for the trap - he's aiming to clip through that inviting hole, is done by a little turn and gets a leading edge that somehow eludes all three men close in forward of square on the off side. Gulp.

  61. 1351 Commentary Eng 81-5  

    Raina given just one over by Dhoni before Kumar is switched to the Nursery End. Prior drives away and Yuvraj lets the ball slide through his fingers - three picked up, and this England pair will look to score at pace, from instinct as much as necessity.

  62. Twitter  

    From mattntarrant: "What in the?! Been at work and just seen the madness. Best do less work and see if that helps."

  63. BBC Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Henry Blofeld  

    "This is turning into a wonderful, wonderful game of cricket and there is an awful lot more still to come today and tomorrow."

  64. 1355 Commentary Eng 89-5  

    Cunning cut and thrust from Morgan. First he goes down on one knee to flick Harbhers over his shoulder for three, and then, after Prior turns to leg for a single, steps back to cut away through point for three more. The lead to 277, the seats normally empty post-lunch filled with alacrity by the rapt spectators.

  65. Commentary  

    From toepress, TMS inbox: "This feels vaguely nostalgic with England getting a terrible second innings score."

  66. 1400 APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 93-5  

    Big shout against Matt Prior as he aims to sweep the spinner - may just have pitched outside leg before turning back in and thwacking into the front pad. Leg bye taken, and then a lovely late cut by Morgan - he may just have been hurried a little by that one, but he adjusted quickly and let the pace of the ball take it away off the bat's face.

  67. 1404 Commentary Eng 97-5  

    A stiffening summer breeze tugging the red-and-yellow MMC flag atop the grandstand, just taking the edge off the late July heat. Splendid day to be watching cricket, the scene an aesthetic delight, the action alluring. Prior clips Kumar off his toes for two to deep square leg and then turns another a touch finer for one more.

  68. SMS  

    From Anon: "Driving to London with the girlfriend. Have loved following this test and am now having to bribe her with luxury gifts so she'll turn TMS on the radio. No joy so far and I've hit the fifty quid mark!"

  69. Twitter  

    From onedarkmoment: "Game is becoming an absolute cracker. I've got radios upstairs and down stairs all tuned in and PC, don't want to miss anything."

  70. 1412 Commentary Eng 99-5  

    Pulled away by Prior - Sharma racing round to cut that one off, and he does well to keep that down to just one. Strange to look at the match scorecard and see that, despite KP's double century and Dravid's ton, no other batsman has reached 50. One more to Prior, pushing a scampered single to deepish point.

  71. 1414 Commentary Eng 104-5  

    No sign of Sharma bowling since lunch, which is a little puzzling considering his brilliant burst of wickets in the last 40 minutes before the interval. Five singles off Bhaji as the pressure eases a little - Dhoni may just have eased the pressure on this England pair here.

  72. Commentary  

    James on the X96 bus in Athens, TMS inbox: "Taxis on strike in Athens so on a bus bursting at the seams surrounded by moustachioed Greeks trying to follow this England 'hiccup'. I am trying to explain to whoever will listen what has happened and how serious it is. I've likened it to the dramatic implosion of the eurozone and a Greek default - I think they can now relate to an England middle order collapse."

  73. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "I just cannot believe it took India 35 minutes after lunch to get Ishant Sharma into the attack. It's just simple, schoolboy stuff. The batsmen are more in now and they've been gifted 32 extra runs. I'm staggered."

  74. Commentary  

    From Jamie, Dubai, TMS inbox: "Sunday is a working day in Dubai, its 40 degrees, the A/C is playing up in the office and my colleagues are getting frustrated by my cricket-induced mood swings. I have never had so much cricket-watching envy."

  75. 1420 Commentary Eng 105-5  

    Ah-ha, here's Sharma. He has a little practice bowl to a pleased-looking Umpire Bowden, who unfortunately muffs the resultant one-handed snag. Full and testing, Prior angling away a single. Re the 1412 update - like a fool I neglected Trott and Prior's first innings 50s. Apologies - I blame the giddy excitement. The lead now 293, every run a vital one.

  76. 1423 WICKET Morgan c Gambhir b Sharma 19 (Eng 107-6)  

    Prior pings past point for two. I'd like to say that the pressure has eased off since lunch - I'd like to, but I won't. And that's why... Short ball, mistimed pull, Gambhir sprinting in from midwicket to take a brilliant diving catch. There's a completely unnecessary delay as Umpire Bowden sends it upstairs to check that it carried - we all knew it did, we could see it from 100 yards away...

  77. 1431 Commentary Eng 108-6  

    The lead 296, the momentum turning this way then the other. Poor shot from Morgan, particularly in the circumstances - Stuart Broad is now crouched at the crease on a king pair. Sharma... no, Broad pulls away as the bowler reaches his delivery stride - I think a wasp flew into his helmet grille. Sprinted single pushed down the ground. Sharma now has 4-17 off 15 overs...

  78. Commentary  

    From Mark, TMS inbox: "I am on a train back down to London and can barely contain my excitement. I contemplated getting off at York to watch it and catch a later train but decided the subsequent grief would not be worth it. A clear lack of commitment on my part. Sorry everyone."

  79. 1436 Commentary Eng 110-6  

    You also have to wonder why Dhoni didn't have Sharma on straight after lunch. Gorgeous afternoon at Lord's; with every passing minute, the remaining white clouds disappear a little further into the warm ether. Poker past short leg by Broad for a dashed two, but Harbhajan then does him outside off. Gut-wrenching stuff.\u00a0

  80. Commentary  

    From Andrew Mason, TMS inbox: "Trying to explain the tense situation to my French in-laws. Difficult, because after more than 20 years they can't understand a game that lasts\u00a0five days, ends in a draw, with the two sides having vastly scores - and that it can be\u00a0excruciatingly exciting."

  81. 1441 DRINKS BREAK Eng 118-6  

    Sharma has now taken four wickets for eight runs in 32 balls. He can almost smell the paint of his name being added to the honours board. Broad trapped by a fast one that comes back down the slope, but that's peachy from Prior, a drive through cover that's hopping over the boundary rope in front of the packed Mound Stand before the bowler has finished his follow-through.\u00a0

  82. SMS  

    From Stu in Brighton: "Re Anon at lunch. I too shouted WHAT? out loud to my phone when checking the score, scaring a nearby young couple in the process. I wonder how many times that was repeated up and down the country."

  83. 1448 Commentary Eng 120-6  

    Here we go then, drinks taken, Harbers to kick off the second hour of the second session. The tweaker targetting Broad's stumps, but he digs it out and they run a single. Ooh, that one has beaten the bat, possibly the doosra, kept low. Good, tight, tense cricket.

  84. 1454 Commentary Eng 128-6  

    Sharma, tearing in from the Nursery End, feeds one right in the slot for Broad, who cannot resist driving with a flourish and picks up three runs through cover. Three to Prior as well, but he's helped out by a very sloppy piece of fielding by Mukund, who is nutmegged by the rolling cherry.

  85. SMS  

    From Gabrielle, London: "Anyone called Delilah fancy going and giving Ishant Sharma a haircut?"

  86. Twitter  

    From danlhewitt: "About to hit tunnel on Eurostar, at least\u00a0four other people in my carriage are in a panic about connection. Lordy."

  87. 1457 Commentary Eng 129-6  

    Broad and Prior scoring at pace, the lead climbing up to 312. At what point would England supporters start to feel more confident than concerned?\u00a0

  88. 1502 Commentary Eng 138-6  

    Sharma, short, Broad pulling - gaagh, just over midwicket for a spoony two. Short again, and he's marmalised that, crashed over the infield and away the advertising boards to appreciative roars from the sun-kissed patrons. Cracked away to the other side this time, the sweeper keeping it down to one, and then Prior runs a very good two to the same spot - not sure Broad was quite ready for that, and the pair exchange some spicy body language.

  89. BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham  

    "Stuart Broad quite likes batting at Lord's you know. His Test average at HQ is 49.75 from seven Tests, including two half-centuries and that supreme 169 against Pakistan last summer."

  90. Commentary  

    From Andy in Greece, TMS inbox: "Sat around the pool in a hotel in Alkadiki, Greece, surrounded by Russians wondering why a fat middle-aged duffer keeps shouting at a Blackberry mobile. Can't take much more of this, or can I?"

  91. 1509 APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 148-6  

    Driven away by Prior, a muscular stroke, and he moves to 42. Kumar will come on for Sharma from the Nursery End, and he's an instant danger - that looks close, it looks very close... no, says Bowden, the ball possibly pitching just outside leg before thunking into the back pad just above the knee roll. Broad will flash outside off - edged, missed! Dhoni barely moved, Dravid at a wide first slip just stared - the ball flew straight between the two of them...

  92. Twitter  

    From woblis: "Usual spec on hols, in a bar, with a beer, sweating heavily, wondering why we always have to do things the hard way."

  93. SMS  

    From Arun: Been watching this test match religiously and Dhoni has been extremely shoddy behind the stumps. Ive counted four drops, three that he didn't dive for when he should have and countless mistakes. The skipper has to do much better."

  94. 1517 Commentary Eng 157-6 (lead 345)  

    The TMS tea interval guest will be former West Indies opener Desmond Haynes, who a) featured in that record Windies fourth innings run-chase back in 1984, being the only wicket the rampant tourists lost, and b) is now the Windies batting coach, so saw the Indian attack at close quarters in the recent series in the Caribbean. Broad slogs Kumar over mid-on for four, but he's nowhere near the next one - squared up by a beaut.\u00a0

  95. SMS  

    From Ben: "Officer Cadet on a 22 hour guard duty at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst and struggling to get a wireless signal. Don't think my scream of "what the hell has happened!" post-lunch to my laptop screen went down well with the tour group outside the guard room.... 400 lead will settle my nerves."

  96. OUCH! Eng 157-6  

    Prior down on one knee to sweep, and Gambhir at short leg wears that flush on the elbow. He's in big trouble here, writhing around on the deck. Concerned team-mates dash to his side; the team physio soon joins them. Gambhir will have to leave the field here - impossible to say what damage has been done, but you casn already see a large bursa-style sack of fluid appearing on the point of the elbow.\u00a0

  97. 1528 Commentary Eng 165-6 (lead 353)  

    Gambhir would probably like to kiss that wound better, but since it's on his elbow we all know that's an impossibility. Excellent running again by Prior to move to 48, and then Broad - ole! - batters the tiring Kumar through cover for a majestic four to move to 34. Partnership to 58, the biggest of the innings so far.

  98. Commentary  

    From Rod, TMS inbox: "Stuck on Air China flight 982 in Shenyang (i think) diverted on way to Beijing and have now been sat on tarmac watching subtitled movies for 4 hours now but thank heavens I've got my phone and can get TMS updates."

  99. 1533 Commentary Eng 168-6 (lead 356)  

    Raina on now as the denuded Indian attack grows weary. Single tickled away by Prior, and that's his second 50 of the match - priceless innings from England's stumper. In the big "best wicketkeeper batsman in the world" debate, Prior is increasingly making an unarguable case.

  100. 1538 Commentary Eng 174-6 (lead 362)  

    Tea fast approaching. I'm hearing Sachin Tendulkar is back in the ground in time for the refreshments. Two more punched away by Broad to move to 36.

  101. INTERVAL Eng 174-6 (lead 362)  

    Broad sees off a maiden from Raina, and that's tea. Absolutely England's session, a fine recovery driven along by Matt Prior's chuzpah and aided by Broad's happy biffing. 102 runs for the loss of just one wicket - hay could be made at pace after the interval...

  102. SMS  

    From Nick: "Sitting in rattan chair on verandah near Batu Pahat in old Malaya following every ball. As the chaps take tiffin I reach for another gin pahit. Bottoms up, old things."

  103. 1543 Commentary  

    Former West Indies opener Desmond Haynes settles in for a tea-time chat with Aggers....when you've finished listening, why not take a look at our archive video of some of the Caribbean greats:

  104. Contributor  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "For those of you anxious for news of the ICC European Division One Championship final in Jersey that I mentioned earlier - bad news for all Italy cricket fans reading this, your team were bowled out for 83 in 17.2 overs. Denmark have just begun their reply."

  105. 1558 Commentary  

    Time for a pit-stop up here as we equip our text commentary vehicle with a fresh set of typing fingers. Sam Sheringham to take you through the first hour after tea. Give your screen a quick manual refresh and all should be clear. The India boys are out, unified in the obligatory huddle. Prior and Broad are well set - will they push for a declaration?

  106. 1605 Commentary Eng 180-6  

    Sharma sends down the first ball of the evening session to Prior, who cuts effortlessly for a single. Broad is struck on the pad and there's a stifled appeal before Raina shies at the stumps and the ball runs away for four overthrows. "Shoddy" says Sir Geoffrey. Last ball of the over is full outside off stump and Prior wafts lazily and misses.

  107. Commentary  

    From Andy the vet, Tanzania, TMS inbox: "Huddled under a Baobab tree in the southern higlands of Tanzania round a laptop explaining to our Masai companions the beauty of cricket. Using tea interval for a quick demonstration - Masai sword for a bat and a few unripe mangos for balls three spears for stumps, about as strange a game of cricket as I have ever had."

  108. 1611 APPEAL - NOT OUT Eng 185-6  

    Harbhajan to Broad, pads, appeal, turned down, a little unlucky for the bowler perhaps but the batsman had taken a big stride. Lord's an absolute picture this afternoon, bathed in sunshine, team flags fluttering in the breeze, booze beginning to take effect on contented punters.

  109. BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Geoff Boycott  

    "Their fielding is hopeless, India. I can't believe how shoddy they've been in this Test match. I hope England have decided exactly how many runs they need before declaring - they can't afford to waste this chance to nail India. They are the best team in the world, remember."

  110. Twitter  

    From bally1001: "This is why England are the best team in the world, even in trouble we get out of it, just like Australia used to in their pomp."

  111. 1615 Commentary Eng 189-6  

    Prior right in the zone now - he has all the time in the world to steer Sharma down to third man for another single. Then a wristy single off his pads down to no less than Tendulkar in the field - the Little Master having risen from his sick bed to take his place on the stage. We have news on tickets for tomorrow. It will be 20 notes for adults, 10 for senior citizens and free for under 16s. You are advised to come early.

  112. 1618 Commentary Eng 196-6  

    It certainly looks like England have a declaration on their mind as Prior has an old-fashioned slog. The ball flies into orbit, but amazingly lands safely between two scampering Indian fielders. Broad then shows Prior what he should have done, launching Harbers over the top for a meaty four.

  113. Commentary  

    From Ash, TMS inbox: "Sitting in upstate New York under the shade of pine tree watching my 9 year old make a total hash of playing football with 200 people that have no clue how important it is that they SHUT UP and let me hit refresh to see how England is doing!"

  114. 1624 Commentary Eng 202-6  

    England are going through the gears now, their lead 389. Sharma drops\u00a0short to Broad, who hooks round the corner for four.\u00a0Then a flick off his hip to take his score to 49. Don't forget the highest successful run chase at Lord's is 344 by the Windies in 1984.

  115. 1628 OUCH! FIFTY FOR BROAD (Eng 208-6)  

    The runs doth flow and the field is spread. One to Broad to take him to fifty off 76 balls, two to Prior, who then has a huge thwack at a Harbhajan ball and splays one straight into Broad's shins. Without pads on, that would have put a hole in his leg.

  116. SMS  

    From Dukesy: "I'm following this great drama whilst listening to Michael Schenker at the High Voltage festival. What a memorable afternoon!"

  117. 1633 Commentary Eng 213-6 (lead 401)  

    I don't think we can be far off a declaration here, it depends how gutsy Strauss is feeling. No Sehwag in the India line-up remember, so they are unlikely to get off to an absolute flier, although Mukund can certainly hold a bat. Sharma bowls a slower yorker to Broad, who prods it off his toes to take the England lead to 400. That's a bit ugly from Prior, a slap outside off, but no edge.

  118. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "There's no need for Andrew Strauss to do anything silly like declaring now. Why would you give India a sniff of a chance at winning a game you have dominated for four days? Bat aggressively for a few more overs, get the lead above 450 and then bowl at them."

  119. 1638 Commentary Eng 221-6 (lead 409)  

    Raina to Broad, who slices an uppish drive but the ball lands safely with the fielders largely hugging the ropes. Prior then dances down the track and plants a one bounce four into the Tavern Stand. What a partnership this is - they came together at 107-6. Here we go then, Dhoni is going to have a bowl. And meanwhile a young nipper brings out drinks for the England boys, and undoubtedly passes on a message about the declaration.

  120. SMS  

    From Leon: "Sat in Dublin airport about to be herded onto our flight home. Never seen so many leggings worn!! Unfortunately, they seem to be more stretched than Duncan Fletcher's patience. Declaration must be imminent."

  121. 1643 Commentary Eng 233-6 (lead 422)  

    Dhoni comes close to taking a wicket as Broad lofts one just short of a fielder. Then a thick edge flies through the vacant slips' cordon for a boundary. One more to Broad before Prior pulls out the Dilscoop and picks up four more. Maybe they will declare when Prior gets to his ton.

  122. 1647 Commentary Eng 246-6  

    Raina drops a bit short to Prior, who launches him into the Mound Stand for six! This feels like Twenty20 stuff and there are still 34 overs left today. Prior takes a single from the last ball of the over to move to 95 - he has made 40 in 30 balls since lunch. A class act.

  123. 1650 Commentary Eng 254-6  

    A couple of plays and misses and then a very risky second run takes Prior to 99 and England to 250. Dhoni\u00a0to Prior - on 99 - is that his century? No, four byes down the leg side, sub stumper Dravid motionless as the ball sails past him at glove height.\u00a0Fantastic entertainment in the evening sun.

  124. THAT'S 100 Eng 269-9  

    More sloppy work from Dravid as Broad edges past his mits and they run two. Then, with the field suddenly in the circle, Broad cracks two more boundaries through the covers to move into the seventies. Ragged India looking anything but the world number one side at the moment. Prior on strike now - trademark square cut takes him to three figures! AND ENGLAND HAVE DECLARED.

  125. Twitter  

    From Boski09: "Matt Prior is officially the most unselfish batsman in the England team. Wonderful player, unsung hero."

  126. BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan  

    "Prior really has played splendidly, he came out when England were in such a tricky position. His offside play is as good as legside now and his positive attitude rubs off on the players at the other end. Just pure class, that. He's the best wicketkeeper-batsman in Test cricket right now."

  127. 1658 Commentary Eng 269-6 (INDIA TARGET 458)  

    Wow, what a passage of play that was. Prior's hundred came off 120 balls, while Broad made 74 not out off 90, their partnership 152. India need 458 runs to win. Right, I'm off to catch my breath, and I'll leave you in the more than capable hands of Thomas Fordyce.

  128. 1705 Commentary  

    Here come the England team. Breathless. Fordyce back at the wheel - do me a quick manual refresh if you're on the web, would you? Good areas.

  129. 1711 Commentary India 5-0 (target 458)  

    No Gautam Gambhir for India - he's gone for scans on that injured left elbow of his. First innings centurion Rahul Dravid will lead from the front alongside Abhinav Mukund. The little leftie clips Anderson away through square for a brace of twos before strolling a strike-stealing single. Hearing that the orchestra backing Portishead at Alexander Palace tonight are with us over-by-over - I'd like to come out with some sort of Glory Box reference about KP's abdominal protector but I can't quite manage it.

  130. SMS  

    From Rich: "Finishing a piece of medical research in a hospital library today. No more research needed into the best wicket keeping batsman in the world after that display."

  131. SMS  

    From Anon: "The Mrs got rid of the sports channels and changed it to the movies for the summer. I agreed to this as its the closed season for the footy, but that has proved to be a real rookie error on my part."

  132. 1714 Commentary India 9-0  

    Not much rest for Matty Prior, was there? Tremlett from the Pavilion End - almost exclusively used from the Nursery End in the first innings. Suffered from a tight hamstring over the first few days, but when you've got as many muscles as Tremors you simply ask a few others to take over duties for a while. Four, clipped off the hips by the perky Mukund.

  133. 1718 Commentary India 14-0 (target 458)  

    Stuart Broad off the field for the moment; nothing to run around screaming about, just a little strapping on his temperamental heel. Three slips in for Dravid, staggered from keeper in an eye-pleasing arc. Pinged away with elegance and class by the old stager for four through point.

  134. 1723 Commentary India 15-0 (target 458)  

    Black blocks of shadow inch out from the base of pavilion. Not a seat spare for the members on those old white benches. Forward short leg in for Dravid, Tremlett with that measured approacg, the long arm coming back and whipping through - ah yes, jafferoo cutting back up the slope to leave the Wall wobbling.\u00a0

  135. Commentary  

    From Steve in sunny London, TMS inbox: "Any chance you could state that the pitch is so good that India will bat for the rest of the game with no chance of a wicket falling to guarantee them all out by the end of today?"

  136. 1728 Commentary India 17-0 (target 458)  

    Mukund enjoys a drive, and Anderson is trying to tempt him into an injudicious poker. Three angling across, left alone; two straighter, defended with vertical blade. Minimum of 25 overs left in the day; we'll be here till 1900.

  137. Contributor  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "Before today, Dravid has opened for India in 12 Tests and scored 494 runs at an average of 32 - that's 20 below his overall average. He did, however, manage two tons as an opening bat against Pakistan five years ago."

  138. Twitter  

    From Jukebox_Jack: "Just a question- is Pietersen now a record holder for the biggest difference (201 runs) between his first and second innings?"

  139. 1736 Commentary India 17-0 (target 458)  

    Tremlett causing Dravid a few problems here. Edge, short of second slip; edge, short of third slip. Looks much more effective striding in with the pavilion at his back, the big man. Tighter from Jimmy, and Mukund stays watchful.

  140. 1740 Commentary India 18-0 (target 458)  

    Discussion here with Alec Stewart about the most painful part of the body to be hit by a cricket ball. Top five, not in any particular order yet: man-areas, elbow, inside of knee on the bone, toe (yorker) and the ear. Hip-bone is bad too, I'm told. Super over from Tremors, beating both batsmen with zippers away from the blade.

  141. WICKET Mukund b Broad 12 (India 19-1)  

    The final Stewart top three: 1. man areas 2. elbow 3. ear. Broad on - full... played on! Broad's first over of the innings, and what a match he's having - Mukund didn't need to play at it, but he does like a drive through off. Played on to the same bowler in the first innings, of course...

  142. APPEAL - NOT OUT India 20-1 (target 458)  

    VVS Laxman the new man - no Gambhir, to remind you, and Sachin can't come in until no.7 today after missing the majority of the day's play with a viral infection. Huge shout for lbw against Dravid - going over the top, I fancy. Broad jogs down to fine leg after his wicket-taking over to a raucous, rabble-rousing reception from the Mound Stand masses.

  143. SMS  

    From Hardik, Wellingborough: "Mukund has a technical issue with the angle of his bat, same dismissals in WI too."

  144. 1753 APPEAL - NOT OUT India 20-1 (target 458)  

    Re Tendulkar, there's a theory he won't be able to bat until an hour and 20 minutes into Monday, because of that time off the pitch today. The subplots twist once again. Tremlett bowling beautifully down the slope - a rapid one jags back viciously at Laxman and batters into his back leg - big appeal, and it was in front of the timbers... no, just going over. Good umpire, Raufers.

  145. 1756 Commentary India 20-1 (target 458)  

    Broad bowling as well as I've seen him here. The full ones are moving away, the shorter ones have both surprise and pace about them. Dravid enduring a torrid time, playing and missing outside off to ooohs and aahs from the delighted packed house. Really has been a sensational day of cricket. Re the Jukebox_Jack question, shouts coming in for Graham Gooch's 333 and 123 here in 1990.

  146. BBC Test Match Special's Alec Stewart
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alec Stewart  

    "England would love to have three down going in to tomorrow's play and they\u00a0are really putting pressure on these two hugely talented batsmen. But\u00a0Dravid and Laxman\u00a0are playing well and standing tall at the moment."

  147. 1800 Commentary India 24-1 (target 458)  

    Absolutely packed as far as the eye can see. On the top deck of the pavilion the silhouettes of portly MCC members stand sharp against the frosted glass back wall. Laxman steps back to Tremors and pulls away down the slope for his first four. Re gap between first and second innings scores, even more shouts for Ricky Ponting's 242 at Adelaide in 2003, followed by a full-on quacker.

  148. Commentary  

    From Carl Evans in Crepy, France, TMS inbox: "Surely Alec has forgotten about the coccyx, but failing that any ball induced paper-cut"

  149. 1809 Commentary India 29-1 (target 458)  

    Broad with a rare strayer down leg after a brief drinks break, tickled as fine as fine can be by Dravid for four. Now hearing that Sachin Tendular won't be able to bat until the fifth wicket goes down OR at 1413, whichever comes first. Still not prepared your sick-note for the morning yet?

  150. Twitter  

    Claire Taylor, who retired from England women's team earlier this month: "TMS has kept me company today for a full day of post cricket spring cleaning!"

  151. 1812 Commentary India 33-1 (target 458)  

    Re Carl Evans, a new one from Alec Stewart: the sternum. Anderson replaces Tremlett from the members' end and struggles a little - wide of off, cracked away with horizontal bat by Dravid. 45 minutes/16 overs to the close. If we get all of those in they'll have to bend time. And there's not enough cloud cover for that sort of hoop.

  152. 1820 Commentary India 37-1 (target 458)  

    Now being offered Hanif Mohammed for Pakistan against the Windies "sometime in the 1950s" - 337, 17. Dravid in peachy shape, gliding Jimmy away backward of point for four more.

  153. 1825 Commentary India 41-1 (target 458)  

    Splendid ding-dong now between the rampant Broad and obdurate Laxman. Crash - short one pulled away for four. Oooh - ripper outside off leaving the batsman fencing feebly.

  154. 1830 Commentary India 47-1 (target 458)  

    Hanif's doesn't count - the 17 was in the first innings. Nothing pedantic about that from our correspondents. Time for some Graeme Swann - Dravid played him beautifully in the first innings, and he's picking up where he left off - wonderful back-foot drive to the extra cover fence, eye-candy drive to the same slot for three more. Andy Sandham, England v the Windies, Sabina Park April 1930: 325 first innings, 50 in the second. Any takers?

  155. 1835 Commentary India 54-1 (target 458)  

    They're going after Swannage here. Laxman lofts with bottom hand dominant - risky, but the odds fall in his favour - to pick up four to deep midwicket, and then drives off a meaty outside edge for three more as Jonathan Trott chugs round in front of the grandstand to third man.

  156. Commentary  

    From Ian Lerner, TMS inbox: "Currently trying to follow events from the Captains cabin of the good ship Ocean Spirit whilst waiting to start the Tall Ships race in Shetland. Surrounded by Scandinavian and East European ships (+ 1 from Colombia) who cannot work out why we have not been on deck since 1100."

  157. 1841 Commentary India 55-1 (target 458)  

    News coming through from Camp India of Gautam Gambhir's scans: his elbow is heavily bruised but not broken. No news on where he might appear in the batting order, or how it might affect him - I could speculate wildly, but Lord Reith's tutting from beyond the grave would upset the atmosphere. Tremlett struggling a little with that tight hamstring, I'd say - down in pace from his big numbers against Sri Lanka earlier in the summer, but still spicy enough to fox Laxman outside off.

  158. Commentary  

    From Dave in northern Alberta, TMS inbox: "Work has stopped on the oil fields of Alberta Canada as the ex pats gather around a 3" screen waiting for the crucial wicket to fall before the close of play."

  159. 1847 THE SUN IS OUT India 69-1 (target 458)  

    Beautiful evening here. One large cloud the shape of an Imperial Star-Cruiser away towards Paddington, but pale blue everywhere else. Laxman going late bananas here - fours, slashed and cut away, the punchy Indian fans relishing the mini renaissance. If Star-Cruiser is the wrong description, forgive me - long day, brain weary, please don't deluge me with correctors.

  160. Commentary  

    From Tom De-La-Hunty, Head Coach, Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton (BCS), TMS inbox: "Also summer bobsleigh training has stopped in Calgary Alberta, waiting for a wicket.. Come on England..."

  161. SMS  

    Matt from Middlesbrough: "Missed my flight to Zante from Newcastle this morning, only made better by the fact I could follow this all day without paying a fortune abroad. What price I miss tomorrow's flight from Birmingham? Hotel was only \u00a325, bunk beds for me and the Mrs though!"

  162. 1855 Commentary India 73-1 (target 458)  

    Oh my life - Anderson's best ball of the day, a nasty spitting climber outside off that Dravid very nearly edges through to Stumper Prior. The elongated shadow from the cherry-picker crane out beyond the Harris Garden reaching almost completely across the outfield to the opposite corner of the ground.

  163. Commentary  

    From Prakash, TMS inbox: "Here in a small village called Bakharla near Porbandar (birth place Mr M Gandhi) surrounding a large flat screen tv. Prayers being said in corner, numerous people offering all sorts of scarifices for a wicket free close of play. Tomorrow is another day!"

  164. 1859 Commentary India 77-1 (target 458)  

    Too short from Swann, boffed away by Dravid for another single. Time for one more before the close? Smashing day of cricket.

  165. CLOSE OF PLAY India 80-1 (target 458)  

    Anderson to polish us off. Strayers down leg, brushed away to leg and then pushed through the covers for easy singles. Whoooah - Dravid beaten by a Jimmy jafferoo. How much England would have loved to demolish the Wall before the close. Dead bat, left alone, and that;s our lot. Dravid on 34, Laxman will return on 32 n.o.

  166. 1904 Commentary  

    Enjoy that? Of course you did. So, on Monday, India will require another 378 runs, England nine wickets. All results still possible, in the likely following order: draw, England win, India win, tie. A reminder that there are 20,000 tickets on sale at Lord's from 0830; \u00a320 for adults, \u00a310 for others. And, since it's the school holidays, under-16s can come in unaccompanied. Date?

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Live Scores - England v India


  • England beat India by 196 runs
  • England: 474-8 & 269-6 (71.0 overs)
  • India: 286 & 261 (96.3 overs)
  • Venue: Lord's

India 2nd Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 261
Mukund b Broad 12
Dravid c Prior b Anderson 36
Laxman c Bell b Anderson 56
Gambhir lbw b Swann 22
Tendulkar lbw b Anderson 12
Raina c Prior b Anderson 78
Dhoni c Prior b Tremlett 16
Harbhajan Singh c Tremlett b Anderson 12
Kumar b Broad 2
Z Khan not out 0
I Sharma lbw b Broad 1
Extras 6nb 2b 6lb 14

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