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Cricket World Cup - day 29 as it happened

  1. 0305 Commentary TOSS NEWS  

    Morning, everyone. "You're missing the party," someone told me in the lift here at BBC TV Centre as I arrived. But why would I be tempted to gatecrash the post-Red Nose Day festivities (please give generously if you haven't already), when I can be here to keep you posted on Bangladesh v South Africa from Mirpur - a game which will have a large bearing on whether England qualify for the World Cup quarter-finals?

    Briefly, England - currently in Delhi waiting to see if they make the last eight - will qualify if South Africa win today. A Bangladesh win (or a tie or no result), and we'll have to wait until the final Group B game between India and West Indies tomorrow. News from the toss is that South Africa have won the toss and will bat first.

  2. 0315 Commentary  

    Let's not forget, though, that Bangladesh have plenty of reasons to win today - the co-hosts will bow out of the tournament if they lose today, as their net run rate is hugely inferior to West Indies', even if the Windies were to lose to India tomorrow.

    Bad news for England fans hoping for a Proteas steamrollering is that they're resting pace duo Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel, with Lonwabo Tsotsobe and Wayne Parnell brought in - while fit-again spinner Imran Tahir returns in place of batsman Colin Ingram. Bangadesh recall Naeem Islam in place of fellow spinner Suhrawadi Shuvo.

  3. 0320 Commentary TEAM NEWS  

    Here are the full teams:

    Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Junaid Siddique, Shahriar Nafees, Shakib Al Hasan (capt), Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mahmudullah, Naeem Islam, Shafiul Islam, Abdur Razzak, Rubel Hossain.

    South Africa: Graeme Smith (capt), Hashim Amla, Morne van Wyk (wk), Jacques Kallis, JP Duminy, Francois du Plessis, Johan Botha, Robin Peterson, Wayne Parnell, Imran Tahir, Lonwabo Tsotsobe.

    Umps today are Pakistan's Aleem Dar and Australia's Daryl Harper on the field, Aussie Rod Tucker on TV replays and former Bangladesh spinner Enamul Haque as fourth ump. Kiwi Jeff Crowe is match referee.

  4. 0326 Commentary  

    We've had the anthems - Bangladesh's tune getting a great reception from their fans - and we're almost ready to go.

    To explain our plan today - it's a big day of sport with the Six Nations and all that - I'll be keeping you posted on this game from beginning to end, and the implications for England. Test Match Special are on air from 0845 GMT - while Jonathan Stevenson will keep you updated with Australia-Pakistan (which starts at 0900), and then take over the live text when this game finishes.

  5. 1 over Commentary SA 6-0  

    Right-arm paceman Shafiul Islam's first delivery keeps a bit low, but Hashim Amla dabs the second for a single to third man. That brings Proteas captain Graeme Smith on strike - he's not in great nick with the bat, but he's off the mark by poking a single to mid-off. Amla carefully knocks a four through the covers, a good start by South Africa - who, you're hopefully aware, have already booked their place in the quarter-finals.

  6. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Bangladesh could surprise the world by beating South Africa today."

    Do keep in touch today - you can text us on 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word - remember to stick your name on), email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), or if you're a Twitterer, tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup. Let us know what you think.

  7. 2 overs Commentary SA 17-0  

    The slingy pace bowler\u00a0Rubel Hossain will share the new ball as usual, and Smith pulls his first ball to mid-on - with an unsatisfying "thunk" that sounds like a broken bat. AB de Villiers - resting his injured quad again today - comes on with a selection of bats for his skipper. An attempted leg-glance brings two leg-byes, then Smith connects with the middle of his new bat by turning another legside delivery away for four. Big appeal then from Rubel, they think about a review but decide against it (looked like it pitched outside leg stump to me), while another Smith single and a fierce cover-driven four by Amla round off an expensive over for the Tigers.

  8. 3 overs Commentary SA 27-0  

    Shafiul strays with his line, Smith knocks another four off his pads. You just can't bowl to him there... A single to third man brings the in-form Amla on strike - and just as you can't bowl legside dross to Smith, you can't feed Amla's cover drive - as he laces another four through that area. Shafiul sends down a wide, Bangladesh are a bit ragged here early doors.

  9. Commentary  

    From Jack Dunn, TMS inbox: "SA may purposely lose to Bangladesh just to eliminate the competition (England). Come on SA please win!"

    I'm sure England's selection of another South African-born player - seamer Jade Dernbach, who's been brought into the squad for the injured Ajmal Shahzad - will raise the usual moans and groans from the usual suspects!

  10. 4 overs OUCH! SA 30-0  

    Nice work by Abdur Razzak, Bangladesh's "Boundary Fox", as Smith whacks a three to the cover boundary. And then there's a rather comedic collision as Amla, trying to make his ground at the striker's end, collides with wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim - neither of them were looking where they were going. The Tigers physio comes on to have a look at the little stumper, but he's OK to continue.

  11. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    On Twitter: "SA rest Steyn & Morkel. Gives Bangladesh more of a chance and keeps Eng and WI fans nervous. ABV also not in today's line-up. Even more nerves."

  12. 5 overs Commentary SA 33-0  

    Bangladesh turn to spin - not surprising considering they have four spinning options - and it's slow left-armer Abdur Razzak into the attack. Smith steers a single, while a fumble at point allows Amla what would be noted in baseball as two "unearned" runs. The square-leg umpire has to be quick on his feet to get out of the way, too.

  13. 6 overs Commentary SA 44-0  

    Rubel the slinger will continue for his third over, after straying to the leg side in earlier overs he slings one wide of off stump and Smith punches it through extra cover for a fierce four. A pull for two and another sharp single take the SA skipper to 22 - he's started well in most games of this World Cup, but his highest score so far is 45. Amla, by contrast, has scores of 14, 113, 42, 61 and 18 so far, and he guides his fourth four of the innings - Rubel proving rather expensive.

  14. Commentary  

    From JP Dumas, TMS inbox: "Even if SA don't have Steyn or Morkel, it will be an easy enough victory for the Proteas. And now, after all that and a night of partying it's time to sleep. So happy that I'll wake up to a South African victory."

    JP Dumas? Are you any relation to JP Duminy?

  15. 7 overs Commentary SA 46-0  

    Razzak's off after one over, even though it only cost three runs, and off-spinner Naeem Islam is into the attack. He's all whirling arms and legs in his run-up, but bowls tidily and yields only two singles.

  16. Twitter  

    From ollie_smith2001:\u00a0"I honestly cannot remember ever hoping SA win a match in any sport! Am I betraying my country in doing so?!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  17. 8 overs Commentary SA 48-0  

    Rubel's off, predictably, but Razzak has changed ends, tossing it up to Amla who pushes a single to mid-on but a direct hit has umpire Harper making the "TV screen" signal with his arms... Amla's quite quick between the wickets and to the crowd's disappointment, "not out" is displayed on the big screen. Smith punches the last ball for a single to long-on, and while spin has put the brakes on a little, Bangladesh - and their fans - will be hoping for a quick breakthrough.

  18. 9 overs Commentary SA 51-0  

    Two singles against Naeem bring up the fifty partnership. Smith is looking to use his feet to the off-spinner, knocking it to mid-off and hustling through for another single.

  19. Commentary  

    From Mark in Guiseley, TMS inbox: "Morning Mark, stuck awake with insomnia but nice to be able to check in on the cricket. SA dropping Steyn and Morkel makes me nervous. Would be just in keeping with England's unpredictable campaign if two unlikely results saw us exit from the brink of progressing. Cheers for the updates."


    Razzak gets down on one knee to appeal for lbw against Smith, he has a long chat with Amla and calls for a review!

  21. NOT OUT  

    Bangladesh's fans are on their feet as third ump Rod Tucker looks at his replay screen. And it reveals that the impact was outside off stump - and as Smith was playing a shot (a sweep), he's not out, and Harper's decision is overturned.

  22. 10 overs Commentary SA 51-0  

    Smith is resolute in defence against Razzak, who had 168 wickets in 116 ODIs prior to today, and completes a maiden over.

  23. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "The English are just absolutely pathetic. What's wrong with home grown talent, you have hundreds of British-born cricketing talent and you decide to put another South African in the team... How embarrassing!\u00a0Hope South Africa lose!"

  24. 11 overs Commentary SA 56-0  

    Bangladesh take the fielding powerplay at the first opportunity, so they can have a maximum of three fielders outside the circle in overs 11-15. Amla and Smith help themselves to ones and twos against Naeem. Amla has 26, Smith has 27.

  25. Twitter  

    From Iffy_aka_Giggs: "Good start from SA... Come on SA, put England thru."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  26. Commentary  

    From Andrew Jones, Qld, Australia, TMS inbox: "Any talk of SA deliberately losing is way off the mark. The winner of Group B gets NZ, while the 2nd place getter will have to deal with either Pakistan or the Aussies. That's plenty of motivation for the Saffers."

  27. 12 overs Commentary SA 65-0  

    Single from Amla, then Smith cracks a four backward of point. The Proteas openers milk Razzak for four more easy singles, they've built their side a good platform at this stage.

  28. 13 overs Commentary SA 77-0  

    Naeem skips\u00a0in for his fourth over, Amla and Smith keep pushing the singles, then there's a lovely push through the covers for four from Amla. He's great to watch when he's "in the zone" like this. In case any viewers missed it, he repeats it next ball.

  29. SMS  

    From Emma:\u00a0"This is a marvellous situation for me. South African born but English citizen. A South Africa win really would be a win/win for me!"

    I have a couple of South African friends who live in the UK and will, I'm sure, be expressing similar sentiments!

  30. 14 overs Commentary SA 80-0  

    No flourishing boundaries this over, but three more singles added to the score. South Africa have a marginally weaker batting line-up than they did in their last game against Ireland, but they won't need their lower order at this rate.

  31. 14 overs Commentary SA 83-0  

    Off-spinner Mahmudullah into the attack as Bangladesh's third spinner, bowling round the wicket to the left-handed Smith who angles a single off his legs. Two more mean it's three from the over, that's it for the fielding powerplay and Bangladesh can put the field back.

  32. 16 overs Commentary SA 87-0  

    Captain Shakib Al Hasan comes on as Bangladesh's fourth spin option - but his orthodox left-arm spin is equally easy pickings for Cap'n Smith and First Mate Amla - who add two singles apiece. Amla has 43, Smith has 41.

  33. 17 overs DRINKS BREAK SA 90-0  

    These two are sneaking towards their half centuries, three careful singles from Mahmudullah's over. Drinks.

  34. Twitter  

    From foggyfoy: "Any idea what SA's projected total is at their current run rate?"

    I think we can safely say "a lot", considering their wickets in hand! Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  35. 18 overs Commentary SA 91-0  

    Shakib hits Amla on the pad as he steps back in front of his stumps, big appeal, not out, is that going down leg? Bangladesh don't think it's worth a review, and replays show that was the right decision.\u00a0Just a single from the over.

  36. SMS  

    From Ollie: "The reason England rely on South Africans in their cricketing system -\u00a0our school sports system is tough, competitive and breeds character. Something that is lacking in many British schools today."

  37. 19 overs Commentary SA 94-0  

    A single takes Amla to 47, Smith profits from some careless fielding by Shafiul at mid-on and they run two to the final ball of Mahmudullah's over. The bowler's not happy - are they ever?

  38. 20 overs Commentary SA 97-0  

    Four spinners means an impressive over-rate by Bangladesh, but Amla's patient caresses and Smith's more pugnacious blasts are proving a potent combination for the Proteas. Three singles from the over, Amla nicks the strike and he has 49 from 55 balls - Smith has 45 from 65.

    A reminder, Test Match Special will be on air from 0845 GMT, with commentary on the closing stages of this game and the whole of Australia-Pakistan.

  39. 20.4 overs WICKET Smith st Rahim b Mahmudullah 45 (SA 98-1)  

    The bearded Amla knocks a single to reach his 14th ODI fifty (he has eight hundreds - a good conversion rate). Then Smith goes down the pitch and misses, little Mushy whips the bails off and he's out! His bat was in the air over the line, but not grounded - so Smith equals his previous best score at this tournament.

  40. SMS  

    From Chris: "Why is it only the English who get grief regarding South African-born players? Surely the South Africans should be looking at the reasons why and trying to stop their players changing sides. The anti-English attitude is starting to become an utter bore."

  41. 21 overs Commentary SA 99-1  

    The newly-hirsute Jacques Kallis is the new batsman, he's off the mark with a single.

  42. SMS  

    From Woody: "Wish folk would give over with this 'South Africans playing for England' rubbish. They're eligible, get over it. Tredwell, Bopara and Swanny got all the wickets against the Windies. What part of the Transvaal are they from please?"

  43. 22 overs Commentary SA 106-1  

    A Kallis single brings up the Proteas' hundred, Amla pushes the score along well while Kallis crashes a four through the covers.

  44. 22.3 overs WICKET Amla b Razzak 51 (SA 107-2)  

    After a single from Kallis, Amla cuts at the recalled Razzak and chops onto his stumps!

  45. 23 overs Commentary SA 107-2  

    Looks like Geoff Boycott's notorious "add two wickets to the score and see how the scoreboard looks then" theory has come true. JP Duminy is in at four, having scored 99 against Ireland he's in ahead of keeper Morne van Wyk who batted at three in that game but is yet to emerge in this one. He sees off the over, the Bangladesh fans are on their feet, waving their flags and waving their toy tigers in the air!

  46. Commentary  

    From Alistair, just getting out of bed, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, TMS inbox: "Morning Mark! Amla is one of those few bespectacled players, although he wears specs off the field. If we'd try to make a cricket XI of bespectacled players, I'd think of Brendan Taylor (Zimbabwe), Vettori, Sreesanth... who else?"

    If you include past players, Devon Malcolm, Zaheer Abbas and David Steele would get nominations I'm sure - while G Boycott Esq also batted in specs early in his career

  47. 24 overs Commentary SA 110-2  

    Cap'n Shakib rattles through his fifth over, three singles from it and he has 0-18 from five. Kallis has 10, Duminy has one.

  48. Commentary  

    From Ian, Thailand, TMS inbox: "I think that South Africa\u2019s move to rest some of their top players actually increases their chances. There\u2019s always a chance that automatic picks such as Steyn will subconsciously switch off when there is not so much on the match whereas those replacing them will be eager to stake their claim to be included in the next game."

  49. 25 overs Commentary SA 117-2  

    Razzak spears in a legside wide, Kallis drives a single to long-on, the left-handed Duminy is careful early on but they both plunder some ones and twos in a bout of typical middle-over accumulation - indeed, we're at the half-way point of the innings.

  50. SMS  

    From David from London: "Bangladesh are a fairly poor side, their best batsman Tamim Iqbal has been out of form in this World Cup. Even without De Villiers, Steyn and Morkel, SA should easily see off Bangladesh and put them out of the tournament. I have AB to be top runscorer in the tournament at 50/1, he has missed two matches now but still in contention to be top runscorer. He is world class."

  51. 26 overs Commentary SA 121-2  

    Kallis plays Shakib into the covers, Duminy is halfway down the track before realising his partner hasn't moved, and has to turn sharply to dive back to the bowler's end. (Kallis or even Smith may\u00a0have had trouble turning that sharply). Four singles from the over, the third-wicket pair are finding the gaps well without troubling the boundaries.

  52. Commentary  

    From Stuart Picton, TMS inbox: "Re: cricketers with glasses - what about Lancashire's Paul Allott and Clive Lloyd?"

    That's 10 players, we need one more for a full XI - possibly another bowler?

  53. 27 overs Commentary SA 124-2  

    Mahmudullah returns after that two-over burst of Razzak, three singles from the over and umpire Aleem Dar has a look at the ball, which is looking quite rough. Fourth ump Enamul Haque comes on with an attache case full of replacements.

  54. 28 overs Commentary SA 128-2  

    A "Mirpur wave" circles the ground as it's a double change in the bowling - Rubel Hossain returns in place of Shakib, what can he do with the replacement ball? Kallis prods a single, Duminy knocks a two off his legs and runs one down to third man.

  55. SMS  

    From Double O at the match: "Sweep on SA score in our group has a spread of 220 to 320 (done just before Amla was out). High end looks rather distant just now!"

  56. 29 overs Commentary SA 135-2  

    Steady but effective from South Africa, Kallis starts off with his customary single before Duminy threads a four through the covers. The raucous atmosphere in the stadium appears to be inhibiting the batsmen's calling for runs, though Duminy manages one off the last ball. He has 16, Kallis has 19 and this pair have added 28.

  57. 30 overs WICKET Duminy c Rahim b Rubel 17 (SA 141-3)  

    Duminy dabs a single, Kallis punches Rubel through the covers for a perfectly-timed four. Kallis rotates the strike, but then the slinger strikes when Duminy miss-hooks and gives an easy catch to the keeper.

  58. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Cricketers with glasses - Dilip Doshi."

    That's 11, but we may be building up a squad here!

  59. 31 overs Commentary SA 149-3  

    The Tigers fans are in full voice as Francois du Plessis walks to the crease. Shafiul Islam is back on, so we have an all-pace attack again and Kallis steers the first ball of his over for three. Du Plessis pushes a single into the covers to get off the mark, and Kallis unleashes another well-timed four back past the leaping non-striker.

  60. Commentary  

    From Ramesh G, TMS inbox: "Cricketers with glasses - Anil Kumble?"

    This is going to be a strong squad for spin!

  61. 32 overs Commentary SA 154-3  

    Cap'n Shakib shuffles his bowling attack, bringing himself back on - three singles and a two from a rapid over of left-arm spin.

  62. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "England having two\u00a0days off training here in Delhi. Suspect a few of them have Bangladesh game on TV in their room. Others prob off for some golf."

  63. 33 overs Commentary SA 159-3  

    Du Plessis shows no sign of nerves despite his relative inexperience at international level - this is only his ninth ODI. Some good running brings him a two and a single against Shafiul, while fellow right-hander Kallis effortlessly guides a two off his legs - taking him to 1,068 World Cup runs, a South African record - overtaking Herschelle Gibbs' 1,067. (In fifth place, AB de Villiers already has 690 - you wouldn't put it past him being top of this list sooner rather than later).

  64. SMS  

    From Vid, London: "Cricketers with glasses - Don't forget Sourav Ganguly!"

    He's added to the squad, as is Surrey's Rory Hamilton-Brown, suggested by AJGAsher on Twitter. Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved.

  65. 34 overs Commentary SA 160-3  

    Rubel's back after that one over of Shakib - he has Du Plessis tied down before he can rotate the strike with a single, that's the only scoring stroke this over. Time for the compulsory ball change - after 34 overs, the ball is changed for one of similar age which has been cleaned and whitened.

  66. 35 overs DRINKS BREAK SA 165-3  

    Mahmudullah back with his off-spin, SA push five singles, mostly working him with the spin through mid-wicket. Time for drinks.

  67. SMS  

    From Anonymous (a different one): "Jade Dernbach is a UK citizen who's lived in England since he was 12. Nothing to do with school systems or quotas."

  68. 36 overs Commentary SA 168-3  

    Razzak back into the attack, South Africa continue to knock it around with abandon, Du Plessis helps himself to a two and a single, but Kallis can't beat the infield.

  69. SMS  

    From James in hospital in Sunderland: "Cricketers with glasses -\u00a0Botham and Flintoff were famous for rarely being without glasses, albeit off the field and in particular on West Indies tours."


  70. 37 overs Commentary SA 177-3  

    Du Plessis lashes Shakib for four through the covers, the Bangladesh captain is rotating his bowlers (including himself) in one-over spells at the moment, but his fielders aren't doing him many favours - after a single from FDP, Abdur Razzak's poor excuse for a "long barrier" at short third man allows Kallis a streaky four.

  71. 38 overs Commentary SA 180-3  

    Razzak rattles through his ninth over, three singles from it. South Africa still have a batting powerplay to take at some point.

  72. Twitter  

    From ngbellur: "Cricketers with glasses - must include speed merchant Geoff Lawson."

    He's added to the squad! Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  73. 39 overs Commentary SA 186-3  

    Naeem Islam has been the least-used of Bangladesh's four spinners, but on the evidence of the first ball of his new spell, rightly so - it's a short delivery on middle and leg which begs to be spanked to the boundary for four - and Du Plessis does the honours, he's worked his way to 24 from 28 balls. A single brings the slightly more sedate Kallis on strike, he swishes and misses with a big heave but knocks the last ball for a single.

  74. 40 overs Commentary SA 192-3  

    More rotation of the spinners, Mahmudullah's back on having taken the prized wicket of Smith earlier. Four singles and a wide bring up the fifty partnership, then Kallis nicks the strike.

  75. Twitter  

    From frosty371:\u00a0"For the Glasses XI -\u00a0Eddie Barlow, MJK Smith, Bill Bowes (Bodyline series), Alf Valentine (Ramadin's partner)."

    Ah, 'those two little pals of mine' - the squad is getting large! Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  76. 41 overs Commentary SA 195-3  

    Naeem continues as Bangladesh try to make the breakthrough, but it's more of the same - three singles and a wide from the over, and Kallis is up to 49.

  77. 42 overs Commentary SA 201-3  

    A single takes Kallis to his 82nd ODI fifty (he has 17 centuries - this is his 313th ODI) as the fourth-wicket pair continue their steady accumulation. But they're not hitting the gas yet - will that come with the batting powerplay?

  78. 43 overs Commentary SA 211-3  

    No powerplay taken - so it's more of the same with a couple of singles until Kallis cuts loose for the first time and powerfully slog-sweeps Naeem for six over mid-wicket! Two more singles, 10 from the over.

  79. Commentary  

    From Nik in Lane End, Bucks, TMS inbox: "Dilip Doshi\u00a0was the only player I know that couldn't throw the ball, he could only bowl the ball in. It used to cause my old man such frustration watching him."

  80. 44 overs Commentary SA 221-3  

    You batting powerplay fans are going to have to wait at least another over... Mahmudullah concedes yet more singles, although Kallis whacks his fifth four through square leg.

    And thanks to the many of you who have suggested Zimbabwe's Charles Coventry and ex-Somerset skipper Peter Roebuck for the Bespectacled XI - I'll try to collate the squad at the interval between innings!

  81. 44.3 overs WICKET Kallis c and b Shakib 69 (SA 223-4)  

    The batting powerplay has been taken (for overs 45-49) - and once more it produces a wicket when Kallis aims a back-foot heave and pops a return catch back to the crouching Tigers captain Shakib!


    New batsman is wicketkeeper Morne van Wyk, he could be more like Morne van Whack against a powerplay field as he was pretty uninhibited hitting boundaries against Ireland. He's off the mark with a single to cover, then Bangladesh think they have Du Plessis stumped off a wide? Or is it caught behind? They ask for a review...

  83. NOT OUT  

    There's a possible bottom edge off the bat as the ball passes the pad as FDP tries to work it down the leg side. He's not stumped, although it was some smart glovework by Mushy. But was he caught? Aleem Dar crosses his arms below the waist, so third ump Rod Tucker must have thought it wasn't an edge. But interestingly, Dar rescinds his call of wide.

  84. 45 overs Commentary SA 225-4  

    Du Plessis nudges a single to take his score to 36 from 43 balls.

  85. SMS  

    From NJM: "Asif Din (bespectacled late order hitter and handy for a few overs of medium pace) He was also born in Uganda."

    I remember Asif Din playing for Warwickshire, quite an entertaining player.

  86. 46 overs Commentary SA 241-4  

    Razzak to bowl his last over, Du Plessis launches a long-hop over cow corner for the 219th six of the tournament - before hoicking the next two deliveries for four to bring up his fifty - one through mid-wicket, the second a slightly streaky inside edge for the ex-Lancashire man's fifty. Two singles end a bumper over for the Proteas.

  87. 46.4 overs WICKET Van Wyk b Shakib 5 (SA 245-5)  

    MVW knocks a single to get FDP on strike (what is it about the South Africa side and their multiple initials, with ABDV and JPD also in the squad!). Du Plessis rotates the strike, Van Wyk hoicks a two over mid-on, then edges onto his stumps and Cap'n Shakib has struck again in his last over.

  88. 47 overs Commentary SA 247-5  

    Johan Botha in at seven, with 14 balls of batting powerplay remaining. He steers Shakib's last ball for two, the Tigers skipper finishes with figures of 2-46 from his 10 overs.

    And many of you have emailed in for the Bespectacled XI - we've already had David Steele and Clive Lloyd mentioned, but Paul Wilce from South Florida adds ex-Aussie batsman Dirk Wellham who we've not had yet.

  89. 47.3 overs WICKET Du Plessis c Tamim b Rubel 52 (SA 249-6)  

    Rubel Hossain back into the attack, a couple of singles and then Du Plessis holes out as he steps back to leg but lifts one straight down the throat of mid-off.

  90. 48 overs Commentary SA 259-6  

    Robin Peterson is the new batsman, he proved a very useful late-order biffer against India - he aims a big pull but gets a bottom edge past the keeper for four, before scampering a single. Botha angles the bat to ramp a four just over short fine leg's head.

  91. Commentary  

    From Ganesh Prabhu, TMS inbox: "I would be extremely surprised if anyone can find a bespectacled wicketkeeper!"

    At the moment, I'm intending to give the gloves to Brendan Taylor, although his Zimbabwean team-mate Charles Coventry has also been a recognised wickie!

  92. 49 overs Commentary SA 273-6  

    Shafiul Islam to bowl the penultimate over of South Africa's innings - and the last of the batting powerplay. Peterson and Botha\u00a0exchange singles, while Peterson tries a heave to leg but it disappears for four through long leg. A rank full toss is punched through extra cover for four - Peterson has 14 from five balls. A single brings Botha on strike, he blasts the last ball of the powerplay over mid-off for a first-bounce four. SA scored 52-3 in that powerplay.

  93. 49.1 overs WICKET Botha run out (Rubel) 12 (SA 273-7)  

    Rubel to bowl the last over, the first ball is right in the blockhole, Peterson digs it out and the diving bowler leaps to throw down the stumps and run Botha out at the bowler's end!

  94. 49.4 overs WICKET Parnell b Rubel 0 (SA 280-8)  

    Peterson steps back to leg and whacks an inside-out four through the covers. He then steps across for a "frying-pan"-style scoop over short fine leg, it's in the air but falls safely and they run three. Wayne Parnell faces his first ball and is bowled through the gate!

  95. 50 overs Commentary SA 284-8  

    Pace bowler Lonwabo Tsotsobe to the crease - he's only batted five times in 19 previous ODIs. He can't score off his first ball, but drills the last ball back past the bowler for four! So Bangladesh will need to score 285 to win - remember, a South Africa win sends England through to the quarter-finals.

  96. 0703 Commentary  

    Some late nominations for the Bespectacled XI on Twitter (use the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved) - charlesday nominates John Inverarity, and bruled suggests a name I should have thought of, the former Hampshire and West Indies opener Roy Marshall (as well as ex-Warwicks keeper Tony Frost). Pranav in Pune, India has found a bespectacled keeper - South African Dennis Gamsy, while Grahame Morgan recalls "a rather inept Kenyan keeper by the name of Tariq Iqbal". So here's the squad (I'll think of my best XI while I grab a sandwich during the interval)...

    Roy Marshall, Peter Roebuck, Charles Coventry, Sourav Ganguly, Zaheer Abbas, Eddie Barlow, MJK Smith, David Steele, Clive Lloyd, Brendan Taylor (wk), Tony Frost (wk), Dennis Gamsy (wk), Tariq Iqbal (wk), Rory Hamilton-Brown, Daniel Vettori, Paul Allott, Anil Kumble, John Inverarity, Geoff Lawson, Dilip Doshi, Sreesanth, Alf Valentine, Bill Bowes, Narenda Hirwani, Devon Malcolm.

    Geoff Boycott and Gordon Greenidge were nominated by people who acknowledged they only wore glasses for part of their career - while Jack Russell keeping wicket in sunglasses doesn't really count. Hashim Amla doesn't wear them to play so he misses out.

  97. 0714 Commentary  

    So, Rubel Hossain finished with 3-56 (and a run-out) - well done him. Bangladesh's splendid over-rate (bowling 37 overs of spin helps) means we get a full interval, their reply is due to start at 0745 GMT.

    If you haven't been with us from the start, a reminder that Test Match Special will be on air from 0845 - with coverage of the closing stages of this game, and then commentary on Australia-Pakistan.

  98. Twitter  

    From MHasanSikder: "Bangladesh just need to keep their composure with the bat, Tamim needs to build a good start. Bangladesh, this is your hour."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  99. 0725 Commentary  

    Right, for what it's worth, here's my Bespectacled XI of choice from the squad we've assembled. Taylor gets the gloves, normally a hard-hitting\u00a0opener so a useful man at seven, and Sreesanth gets in ahead of Devon Malcolm on comedy value to wind up the opposition. Barlow and Ganguly to bowl the fifth bowler's overs between them.

    Bespectacled XI: Eddie Barlow, Roy Marshall, Sourav Ganguly, Zaheer Abbas, Clive Lloyd (capt), MJK Smith, Brendan Taylor (wk), Daniel Vettori, Anil Kumble, Geoff Lawson, Sreesanth.

  100. Twitter  

    From mawdudchoudhury:\u00a0"Well done Bangladesh. Hopefully they can chase this target down. India beat Windies then England go through with Bangladesh!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  101. Commentary  

    From Richard Sutherland, Denver, Colorado, TMS inbox: "Graeme Pollock\u00a0wore glasses for a short time around the early 1970's, before switching to contact lenses. I remember because I watched him play! He'd be a shoe-in for your team."

    But with such a large squad to choose from, I had to leave out those who only\u00a0played in\u00a0glasses for a short period of their career (hence no Boycott or Greenidge).

  102. Commentary  

    From Tony H, TMS inbox: "Another nomination for the Bespectacled XI. The mighty Bumble himself. I seem to remember David Lloyd wore glasses when he first played for Lancs. Don't think he ever wore them when playing for England though. Sorry if somebody else has already nominated him but I only just got up."

    Nobody else had picked Bumble - I fear he may struggle to make it into the final XI but he could fill so many other roles (umpire, coach or commentator) - he could be in the press box with Roebuck and Allott. Tony Frost can be groundsman as he worked on Warwickshire's groundstaff before returning for a second spell as a player.

  103. Twitter  

    From Matthew__Hirsch: "Imran Tahir is going to be a monster on this wicket. Highest successful chase in a day game there is only 251."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  104. 0744 Commentary  

    Many Bangladeshi flags are a-fluttering as Tamim Iqbal and Imrul Kayes stride out to begin the Tigers' reply. Can Bangladesh delight their own fans by booking a place in the last eight? Or will South Africa's\u00a0unfamiliar attack blow them away and hoist England into the quarter-finals? Here we go...

  105. 1 over Commentary Ban 4-0 (TARGET 285)  

    South Africa have experimented with opening the bowling with spin at this World Cup (having failed to field a front-line spinner at some games in 2007, they now have three) - and it's off-spinner Johan Botha to take the new ball. The pugnacious Tamim smacks the third ball of the innings past point for four, but otherwise Botha keeps it tight.

  106. 2 overs Commentary Ban 13-0  

    Paceman Lonwabo Tsotsobe to take the second over. His middle name is Lopsy - so Beatrix Potter fans may wish to imagine a South African bowling attack of Lopsy, Morksy, Cottontahir and Peterson. (And would Mr McGregor's garden take spin?) Anyway,\u00a0Tsotsobe's first ball is down the leg side and disappears for four leg byes. When they appeal for a catch down the leg side, umpire Harper spreads his arms to signal a wide, and Kayes belts the last ball of the over for four through the covers.

  107. 3 overs Commentary Ban 14-0  

    Botha slows the scoring rate with four dot balls before Tamim hammers a single to long-off. The Bangladesh fans' volume rises every time he scores a run.


    Big shout for a catch behind from Tsotsobe against Tamim, umpire Harper remains stony-faced but SA call for a review...

  109. 3.3 overs WICKET Tamim c Van Wyk b Tsotsobe 5 (Ban 14-1)  

    There's definitely a noise, was that a bottom edge? Harper's decision is overturned again, and that's a huge wicket for South Africa!

  110. 4 overs Commentary Ban 14-1  

    Junaid Siddique is the new batsman, but losing Tamim so quickly\u00a0must have knocked the stuffing out of many of the home fans in Mirpur - we weren't even treated to a cameo of 30 or 40. He sees off the over - Lopsy has a wicket maiden.

  111. Twitter  

    From Thee_Nyiko: "Anyone know what the record is for the most consecutive matches taking 10 wickets\u00a0in a World Cup is? SA are going for\u00a0six today."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  112. 5 overs Commentary Ban 14-1  

    Botha is right on the money, a maiden to Kayes and he has figures of 3-1-5-0.

  113. 5.4 overs WICKET Kayes b Tsotsobe 4 (Ban 15-2)  

    Single from Siddique, then Lopsy strikes again as Kayes offers no shot and is bowled!

  114. 6 overs Commentary Ban 15-2  

    Shahriar Nafees is the new batsman, another left-hander and there's another big lbw shout from Tsotsobe, who's on fire here bowling left-arm quick over the wicket. But it looked as if the impact was outside off stump.

    That "leave" from Kayes looks worse and worse with each replay, by the\u00a0way\u00a0- in the team I play for, we call it "a Steve Chase leave" after an unfortunate shouldering of arms when he was on nought in a game last summer!


    Siddique doubles his score with a single, then Nafees puts a smile on the crowd's faces with a fierce cut for four. A single brings Siddique back on strike, then Botha looks like he's trapped him lbw but Bangladesh call for a review...

  116. 7 overs WICKET Siddique lbw b Botha 2 (Ban 21-3)  

    Impact in line, and hitting the stumps... Siddique is out and Bangladesh are in dire straits.

  117. SMS  

    From Kunal Bajpai: "I can't get a five-match ban or a fine but when Daryl Harper is umpiring I fear the worst! C'mon SA! I have an exam on Monday, can't afford to watch the India v WI game tomorrow if Bangladesh win today."

    At this rate, your wish may come true...

  118. 8 overs WICKET Nafees b Tsotsobe 5 (Ban 21-4)  

    Wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim is the new batsman (his wicketkeeping has come on leaps and bounds since England toured Bangladesh a year ago), but it's left-hander Nafees on strike. He sees off five dot balls, then gets an inside edge onto the stumps from the last ball and Bangladesh have four back in the hutch. Lopsy has figures of 4-2-6-3.

  119. 9 overs Commentary Ban 21-4  

    Wayne Parnell joins fellow left-arm seamer Tsotsobe in the attack, Rahim is on the defensive, and plays out a maiden over\u00a0as the Bangladesh fans may be fearing a repeat of the West Indies game when they were skittled for 58.

  120. 10 overs Commentary Ban 29-4  

    Captain Shakib Al Hasan (who came in when Nafees perished) ends Bangladesh's run drought with\u00a0two powerful fours, a firm straight drive followed by a pull through mid-wicket, making Lopsy's bowling figures look rather Lop-sided. He now has 3-14 from five.

  121. Commentary  

    From Herbie, TMS inbox: "Most commonly used phrase in this World Cup - 'Harper's decision is overturned'? Do you think the ICC will get the hint?"

  122. 11 overs Commentary Ban 30-4 (TARGET 285)  

    Rahim is off the mark, the little keeper dabbing a single to third man as Parnell concedes his first run.

  123. Twitter  

    From jamesentwistle: "Not to count chickens, but if Bangladesh lose here what date will England be playing their qf?"

    It's yet to be determined - as India and Sri Lanka are sort-of-guaranteed to play at home. Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  124. 12 overs Commentary Ban 30-4  

    Left-arm spinner Robin Peterson into the attack, he rattles through his over and Rahim unleashes his favourite cut shot (as I've mentioned before, he's very much a Bangladeshi Tim Ambrose - a short wicketkeeper who favours the cut shot) but it's straight to the man at short third man. Maiden over for Peterson.

  125. Commentary  

    From Tom, TMS inbox: "I know lots of cricketers who should have worn spectacles\u2026\u2026"

  126. BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson
    Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson  

    "Greetings one and all from our second World Cup tie of the day as Australia take on Pakistan in Colombo. The Aussies, who haven't lost in the tournament for 34 matches, last tasted Word Cup defeat at the hands of the Pakistanis on 23 May, 1999 - a remarkable 4,319 days ago. Australia name the same side that beat Canada, while Pakistan bring Umar Akmal back in for Ahmed Shehzad. Sadly for fans of wild, super-quick bowling, Shoaib Akhtar misses out again."

    Australia: Haddin, Watson, Ponting, Clarke, White, M Hussey, Smith, Johnson, Lee, Krejza, Tait.
    Pakistan: Hafeez, K Akmal, Shafiq, Younus, Misbah, U Akmal, Razzaq, Afridi, Rehman, Gul, Riaz.

  127. 13 overs Commentary Ban 32-4  

    Shakib pulls Parnell for a single, Rahim guides one down the leg side (signalled as a leg bye)\u00a0as Bangladesh desperately try to rebuild their innings.

  128. 14 overs Commentary Ban 34-4  

    Rahim dabs a single, Cap'n Shakib works one off his legs. Pedestrian, but secure so far.

  129. 15 overs Commentary Ban 36-4  

    The good news is that Test Match Special are up and running - they'll have commentary on the closing stages of this game (Bangladesh-South Africa), then full coverage of Australia-Pakistan from Colombo. Back in Mirpur, Shakib and Rahim manage a single apiece from the tidy Parnell.

  130. 15.1 overs WICKET Rahim c Smith b Peterson 3 (Ban 36-5)  

    The bowling powerplay may be over, but Rahim gets an edge to Peterson and the lumbering Cap'n Smith dives to take a good one-handed slip catch!

  131. SMS  

    From Anthony, Oxford: "Number of reviews team gets should be based on umpire, eg you get\u00a0one for Taufel, maybe 10 for Harper..."

  132. BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson
    Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson  

    "The toss, not incidentally, fell the way of Australia captain Ricky Ponting, who has plumped for a bat first up at the R. Premadasa Stadium. 'Ol Punter needs some runs - and to start making some headlines for the right reasons."

  133. 16 overs Commentary Ban 36-5  

    All-rounder Mahmudullah is Bangladesh's number seven, there's a man in at silly point who has to take evasive action as he chops one into the covers. Wicket maiden for Peterson, who has figures of 3-2-2-1.

  134. SMS  

    From B Norris, London: "What a dumb decision to call up Dernbach, who presumably will be carrying the drinks in the QF. If we are going to beat Sri Lanka on their home turf and win the tournament, we need the second best spinner in England in the team, Monty Panesar, to bowl out teams. Why not play\u00a0three spinners? Calling up Kieswetter to replace the ineffective Prior might also have been a credible option. Calling up Dernbach who won't play is just more rubbish from the selectors, who have got it very wrong for this World Cup."

  135. 17 overs Commentary Ban 41-5  

    You'd think that at 36-5, a team ought not to be taking risky singles, so what does Shakib do? Steer Botha to leg, come back for a risky second and he's nearly run out as keeper Van Wyk's backhand throw takes the stumps down. A single takes the Tigers skip to 14, and Mahmudullah is off the mark with a single. Shakib pokes the last ball into the covers for one, but frankly their first target will be to exceed that total of 58 they made against the Windies.

  136. Commentary  

    From Graeme, TMS inbox: "A Lonwabo Lopsy Tsotsobe anagram - 'e bats not, bowls so loopy. I'm working on something more complimentary... yes, it's a slow morning in my household."

  137. 18 overs Commentary Ban 44-5  

    Leg-spinner Imran Tahir into the attack, Shakib cuts for a single before Mahmudullah slaps a two into the covers.

  138. 18 overs Commentary Ban 46-5  

    Shakib and Mahmudullah are watchful as Botha trots in for his sixth over, a single apiece from the over.

  139. Commentary  

    From Rob, TMS inbox: "Daryl 'Overturned' Harper aside, one of the main benefits of the DRS has been to illustrate how brilliant most umpires are."

  140. 20 overs Commentary Ban 53-5  

    South Africa are going for the jugular here, Tahir has men in at slip and short leg. He strays with a legside wide, Mahmudullah knocks a single and when Tahir overpitches, left-hander Shakib forces a four through the covers to take his side past 50 - although five of his team-mates have fallen to get them to this stage.

  141. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "In Dhoni press conference. Sehwag doubt for West Indies game after getting an allergic reaction in his right leg."

  142. 21 overs Commentary Ban 58-5  

    Botha begins his seventh over, Shakib late-cuts him for four - the skipper has 26 from 37 balls, despite his team-mates' failures with the bat. There's a big cheer when Shakib dabs a single - seemingly because Bangladesh have equalled the score of 58 they made against West Indies!

  143. BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson
    Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson  

    "Fans of Pakistani pacemen continue to endure a torrid time this morning - firstly Shoaib Akhtar is left out of the side to face Australia and then, prior to running in to bowl the third over of the Aussie innings (6-0), Umar Gul goes down with an injury. After a bit of magic sponge treatment, however, Senor Gul is back up and steaming in. Sighs of relief all round."

  144. SMS  

    From John, Leicester: "Re: Bespectacled XI - Bit disappointed no one mentioned Hallam Moseley."

    Ah, the old Somerset and Barbados paceman! He'll make the squad but may struggle to make the final XI...

  145. 21.3 overs WICKET Mahmudullah run out (Botha/van Wyk) 5 (Ban 58-6)  

    Peterson returns, and what did I say about taking dodgy singles? Botha's sharp throw does for Mahmudullah...

  146. 22 overs Commentary Ban 58-6  

    Naeem Islam is the new batsman, blocking out the rest of Peterson's over. Bangladesh just haven't been at the races this innings.

  147. 23 overs Commentary Ban 59-6  

    Tahir has changed ends, and those Bangladesh fans who haven't walked out already give another loud cheer as a Shakib single through the covers takes them past 58... to 59. Still a slip and a short leg in. At least some of the crowd look determined to enjoy their day, even if Bangladesh are chasing a hopeless cause.

    (By the way, if they lose, they're as good as out - as their net run rate will be so far behind West Indies', even a heavy defeat for the Windies tomorrow wouldn't be enough to save the Tigers).

  148. BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson
    Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson  

    "Anyone know a good furniture repair man in Colombo? I ask only because Umar Gul has just made a horrible, horrible mess of Shane Watson's off stump, the opener departing for nine. Aussies are 12-1 in the 5th."

  149. 23.4 overs WICKET Shakib c Van Wyk b Peterson 30 (Ban 61-7)  

    Cap'n Shakib steers Peterson for two, then he edges to the keeper - and Bangladesh's very, very faint hopes may exit the arena alongside him.

  150. 24 overs WICKET Shafiul b Peterson 0 (Ban 61-8)  

    New batsman is Shafiul Islam, he goes for a village-style heave over mid-wicket and is bowled second ball!

  151. 25 overs WICKET Razzak c Peterson b Tahir 0 (Ban 62-9)  

    Bangladesh's lowest ODI total against SA, by the way, is 93 at Birmingham in 2004. Abdur Razzak is the new batsman - and while they're facing humiliation here, without Shakib's 30 they would be looking at complete humiliation. Or did I speak too soon? Naeem steers a single, Razzak slogs Tahir into the sky and Peterson takes a good diving catch at wide mid-wicket.

  152. 26 overs Commentary Ban 66-9  

    Rubel Hossain is the last rabbit out of the hutch for Bangladesh, how long can they deny the inevitable? Peterson's last ball is blasted for four through the covers by the Tigers number 11,\u00a0it rather dents his otherwise\u00a0impressive figures of 6-3-8-3.

  153. 27 overs Commentary Ban 74-9  

    Naeem is playing with freedom, nurdling a two off his legs, while Tahir strays with a legside wide. A single brings Rubel on strike - there are two slips and a short leg in for the number 11, who belies his lowly position in the order by lofting a four over the bowler's head!

  154. SMS  

    From Darren, Bristol: "What's happened to a Bangladesh side which four years ago offered so much promise? If anything, they seem to have got worse."

  155. 28 overs WICKET Naeem b Peterson 8 (Ban 78 all out)  

    Naeem, bat raised Gooch-like as the bowler runs in, batters a four past mid-off - but it's all over as he's bowled by the last ball of the over. South Africa win by 206 runs - and both England and India have qualified for the quarter-finals.

  156. SMS  

    From Aqeel, Blackburn: "Doesn't this performance from Bangladesh just make you wonder how on earth we managed to lose to them?"

  157. BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson
    Contributor BBC Sport's Jonathan Stevenson  

    "After losing Shane Watson early on the Aussies are doing a rebuilding job in Colombo, with captain Ricky Ponting - under pressure for lack of runs and throwing his toys out of the pram - in circumspect mood. It's 35-1 from nine overs, Punter's got two from 11 balls."

  158. 0945 Commentary  

    The Bangladesh scorecard makes very sorry reading - captain Shakib Al Hasan's 30 shines out in a total of 78 where no-one else made double figures. But take a bow, Robin Peterson, with figures of 7-3-12-4.

  159. Commentary  

    South Africa spinner Robin Peterson: "Wayne and Lopsy have been bowling very hard in the nets, and to have them in the side today was great. We're through to the quarter-finals and hopefully we can go further than last time."

  160. 0949 Commentary  

    To fill you in, South Africa have won Group B, and will play the fourth-placed Group A team in the quarter-finals. India and England have both qualified, while West Indies' net run rate is so far in excess of Bangladesh's that it virtually assures them of the fourth quarter-final place, even if they were to lose heavily\u00a0to India tomorrow.

  161. Commentary  

    From Martin Black, TMS inbox: "Looks like England have been saved the embarrassment of coming home early."

  162. 0953 Commentary  

    Right - time for a change on the text commentary front. This is Mark Mitchener signing off after South Africa's win over Bangladesh - and I pass the baton to Jonathan Stevenson, who's going to take you through the remainder of Australia v Pakistan, a game you can also listen to on TMS. Stick with Stevo and he'll keep you entertained.

  163. 0955 Commentary  

    If there was going to be a live text commentary on Mark's Bespectacled XI, I can guarantee it would be yours truly who would be covering it. Hello there - I'm Jonathan Stevenson, and I'll be bringing you the rest of Australia v Pakistan from Colombo (yes, I wear glasses. I'm wearing them right now. Was that bit not clear?).

  164. 0957 Commentary  

    By the way, if you could manually refresh your page, you'd see the heroic Mark Mitchener consigned to the dustbin of text commentary history (for now) and my name at the top. If you can't be bothered, frankly I won't chase you up on it.

  165. 1001 Commentary  

    Let's get this show on the road then, shall we? Australia won the toss and are batting, they lost Shane Watson early but Brad Haddin and Ricky Ponting have taken them on to 52-1 after 13 overs. Get in touch like this: text to 81111; tweet me @Stevo_football (yes, I'm aware of the irony); tweet with the hashtag #bbcworldcup or send an e-mail to with For Jonathan Stevenson as the subject.

  166. 14 overs Commentary Aus 64-1  

    Pakistan's left-arm quick Wahab Riaz is on and it's an over of liquorice allsorts. A half-hearted appeal for an outside edge off Haddin is turned down before a false Ponting pull shot flies over the wicket-keeper's head for four, there's a wide down leg side and from the last ball Ponting drives imperiously through the covers for four. Twelve from it.

  167. 15 overs Commentary 67-1  

    Mohammad Hafeez is in the attack too, his tweakers conceding only three runs from a pretty non-existent over. No alarms and no surprises.

  168. 16 overs Commentary Aus 70-1  

    Captain Shahid Afridi is back on for Pakistan - he appeals long and loud for lbw against a tentatively pushing forward Ponting, but nothing doing there. Just the three more singles.

  169. Commentary  

    From Stephen in Scotland, trying to work but my pc keeps reverting to BBC Sport, TMS inbox: "I wear spectacles, but I can\u2019t play cricket. How sad is that?"

    Breaks my heart.

  170. 17 overs Commentary Aus 71-1  

    It's still Hafeez. I like to see my off spinners throw that ball up there, get it above the eyeline and give it some loop, and this boy is all about that. Haddin is watchful, just a single off the over.

  171. 18 overs Commentary Aus 73-1  

    Haddin so nearly chops on, the ball missing his off stump by a whisker and ricocheting on to Kamran Akmal's boot. Afridi is getting some flight, too - so used to him bowling almost middle pacers these days. Two from it.

  172. 19 overs UMPIRE REVIEW  

    Now, was that a chance? Ponting sweeps Hafeez and it's aerial, but Misbah can't get there at square leg. Now Hafeez thinks Punter's edged him behind, and after some argy-bargy we're going upstairs...

  173. 18.4 overs WICKET Ponting c K Akmal b Hafeez 19  

    Yep, he's nicked it behind, no doubt about it. Brad Haddin wasn't best pleased with something going on there, but he's just lost his captain.

  174. 19 overs Commentary Aus 76-2  

    Michael Clarke comes in at the dismissal of Ponting. Punter's edge was enormous - great catch from Kamran Akmal (wow), but how on Earth could umpire Erasmus not have seen it?

  175. 20 overs Commentary Aus 82-2  

    Afridi is changing things around constantly and Wahab Riaz is back, presumably to try and get Clarke early. It almost works, Clarke getting an inside edge from the last ball and Riaz watching on in agony as the ball flies away to the boundary.

  176. Twitter  

    From DBRG: "Ponting not walking again - looks like his sportsmanship has deserted him along with his form."

    Deserted him?

  177. 21 overs Commentary Aus 83-2  

    Hafeez is the constant at the moment, tight as you like with his right-arm twirlers and there's just a solitary single from the over. He's got 1-8 from four so far, super stuff.

  178. Commentary  

    From Peter, Havant, in the TMS inbox: "Even if India get 500 and bowl West Indies out for 0, WI's net run-rate is still above Bangladesh's."

  179. 22 overs Commentary Aus 87-2  

    At the other end of the economy spectrum it's Wahab still, who has now gone for 29 from his four overs. Much better over this one, though, as the left-armer - a wide apart - gets it bang on the money. The holders are on 87 - unlucky for some (Aussies).

  180. Commentary  

    From James in the TMS inbox: "Ponting had to walk. His behaviour in allowing it to go to review was against the spirit of cricket and he should be fined."

  181. 23 overs Commentary 89-2  

    Hafeez really is floating that ball up there, almost toying with Haddin and Clarke, goading them into having a go. Have a go heroes they are not, not just yet anyway. Two singles is all.

  182. 23.4 overs WICKET Haddin c K Akmal b Riaz 42  

    That's the one they wanted - Haddin throws away a good foundation, nicking a Riaz outswinger behind with Kamran Akmal making no mistake. Haddin was involved in a spat with some of the Pakistanis when Ponting was out, so they're pretty pleased with that.

  183. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "CMJ is going to do the next three games at Colombo. Thought I'd keep him in the same city so he doesn't get lost."

  184. 24 overs Commentary Aus 92-3  

    Riaz gave Haddin the big send-off there, no love lost between those boys. These two teams might already have qualified, but there's a cracking tension between the players. Makes it even more watchable. Cameron White joins his vice-skipper.

  185. 25 overs Commentary Aus 93-3  

    Hafeez could land it on a 5p piece right now, I'd wager. When I was 12 Chris Lewis came to my cricket club and said whoever hit his car keys (on a line and length) could have a drive of his BMW. Turns out we couldn't, in actual fact. Single from the over, halfway through the innings.

  186. SMS  

    From Fletch in Northampton: "I know Punter-bashing is a fave sport here, but even as an Englishman I'd remind you that the batsman does not alway know if he hit the ball and is within his rights to allow the umpire to adjudicate."

    Oh, he knew (probably).

  187. 26 overs Commentary Aus 100-3  

    Wahab is given another one and Clarke slashes him down to third man for four - if you're going to flash, I was always told, you're probably best off flashing hard. Ton up for the Aussies, but this isn't plain sailing by any means.

  188. 27 overs Commentary Aus 102-3  

    Hafeez now has figures of 7-0-12-1, which is stunning in old money or new. Two singles, and Clarke has 15 from 22 balls, he's bedding in big time here.

  189. Commentary  

    From Dr Cricket, Kent, TMS inbox: "Re: Chris Lewis' car keys. You couldn't hit them, or drive the Beemer?"

    Oh, I hit them (once). I hit them. Still can't drive, mind.

  190. 28 overs Commentary Aus 107-3  

    So Wahab's given a well-earned breather and Shahid Afridi brings himself back on, with his usual mix of quicker-than-normal-spin leggies. He's milked for five, with Clarke looking super comfortable.

  191. 29 overs Commentary Aus 112-3  

    Clarke sweeps Hafeez away for a couple in the leg side, a rare agressive shot off the off spinner. Five off the over, they're flying by at the minute aren't they?

  192. Commentary  

    From Pranav, in Pune, in the TMS inbox: "I think people should cut Punter some slack. Ninety-nine per cent of today's cricketers wouldn't walk. I remember a certain Sachin Tendulkar not walking once when he had clearly edged it.Maybe Erasmus was in shock as Kamran Akmal actually pouched one!"

  193. 30 overs Commentary Aus 117-3  

    Afridi flies through his overs too, there's no slouching from Pakistan at the moment. Clarke lofts uppishly into the leg side, but it's safe - and the Aussies aren't letting them in. Door bolted, partnership crucial. White clips over cover for a couple more, but that's neatly played too. Five off it.

  194. 30.1 overs UMPIRE REVIEW  

    Crazy single, and I think Cameron White is in serious trouble here...

  195. 30.1 overs WICKET White run out (Misbah) 8  

    What was he thinking? Cameron White calls Clarke through for a suicidally quick single and Misbah picks up cleanly, hurls the ball in to Kamran Akmal and he whips the bails off. Very un-Australian.

  196. 31 overs Commentary Aus 121-4  

    Michael Hussey, a man you could put your mortgage on, were you so inclined to bet so haphazardly with your life, comes in. Pakistan mist wish Hafeez could bowl 20 overs, because he's been superb. Now 1-21 from nine.

  197. 32 overs Commentary Aus 125-4  

    Afridi hurtles through another six balls, stopping only for the occasional field change. Hussey averages 71 against Pakistan in ODIs, so he's unlikely to be phased by this. Four singles from the over and Afridi has 0-27 from seven.

  198. 33 overs Commentary Aus 130-4  

    Clarke cuts behind square for a couple, nicely rocked on to the back foot there. Wonder if the England players are watching him move so effortlessly in his crease? Five from the over and that's spell done. Take a bow, son. Mohammad Hafeez - 1-26 from his 10 overs. Awesome.

  199. 34 overs Commentary Aus 134-4  

    Abdur Rehman, who opened what seems like days ago, is back on for Pakistan. He's left-arm spin, in case you haven't seen him ply his trade before. The Pakistanis have fielded well so far today, keeping pressure on the batters all the time. Four singles, that's all. We're boundary-less.

  200. 34.4 overs WICKET Clarke b Razzaq 34  

    Abdul Razzaq is on for the first time today and Clarke totally misses an attempted pull shot from his first ball, seemed to just die on him. From the fourth ball Razzaq gets his man, Clarke trying another front-foot pull, hitting nothing but thin air and Razzaq taking his bails clean off.

  201. 35 overs Commentary Aus 136-5  

    Steve Smith is the next Aussie in in Colombo, and he could do with some runs too. In a massive way. Is this 34-match unbeaten run about to come to an end, he said unbelievably prematurely.

  202. Commentary  

    From Peter, High Wycombe, in the TMS inbox: "Pranav (below), let\u2019s not forget it was Ponting who was whinging not so long ago about batsmen NOT walking."

  203. SMS  

    From Tom in Birmingham: "Re: the car keys - so you hit them but couldn't drive - was that driving down the ground or through extra cover for four? At first I thought Chris Lewis was bowling beamers at 12-year olds asking them to drive them :)"

    Haha. Now I'm confused.

  204. 36 overs Commentary Aus 140-5  

    Abdur Rehman twirls away, four singles off the over and the Aussies are going to need a big finish here to get a big total. The Pakistan fielding in the circle is still right out of the top drawer. Suffocating.

  205. 37 overs Commentary Aus 142-5  

    You can't really trust this pitch - low bounce one minute, tennis ball the next. Steve Smith looks surprised when once rears up past his nose, but then Smith always looks a bit stunned. Smith makes his ground as Younus throws his stumps down, and the fielding remains electric.

  206. 37.4 overs WICKET Hussey c Misbah b Rehman 12  

    They are running out of batters who are capable of getting them to a decent target, here. Abdur Rehman gets one to stick in the pitch and Michael Hussey turns it into the leg side, looping it gently into the grateful hands of Misbah ul-Haq. The Pakistanis are enjoying this, make no mistake.

  207. 38 overs Commentary Aus 144-6  

    Mitchell Johnson is in at eight for Australia, who are in a real game of cricket in Colombo. Anything over 220 looks good from here.

  208. 38.4 overs WICKET Johnson c K Akmal b Razzaq 0  

    Steve Smith won't play himself in - he whacks Razzaq high into the leg side for a couple, but now they've lost Mitchell Johnson for a duck! The left-hander gets a feather to a Razzaq ball going across his body and Kamran Akmal isn't in the dropping mood today. Seven down, and staring ignominy in the face.

  209. 39 overs Commentary Aus 147-7  

    Jason Krejza is next man in, wonder how much batting he's done recently? Three runs and a wicket from the over, and Pakistan are in danger of bowling the Aussies out in Colombo.

  210. 40 overs Commentary Aus 148-7  

    Abdur Rehman's figures are looking pretty sharp too, he's got 1-28 from nine overs now. He beats the outside edge of Krajza's bat all ends up, gorgeous delivery. One from the over, wonderful bowling.

  211. 41 overs Commentary Aus 149-7  

    What a decision to leave Razzaq until now, though. Australia can barely get him off the square. A single to Smith is all the Aussies can manage and Razzaq's got 2-8 from four staggeringly competent overs.

  212. 42 overs Commentary Aus 155-7  

    Smith paddles a sweep off Rehman but it bounces on him, the ball going straight up in the air and landing safely about 10 yards behind Kamran Akmal. Smith isn't put off, sweeping once more for two quick runs, and there's six off Rehman's last over, he finishes with 1-34 from his 10. Got to be Gul time soon.

  213. 43 overs Commentary Aus 163-7  

    It is indeed Umar Gul o'clock. His first ball to Krejza is an inswinging yorker that is dug out for a single, think we're due a few more of those in the next four or five overs. Krejza has a wild swing and a miss, but Smith sumptuously drives Gul for four through the covers. Eight off it.

  214. Twitter  

    From _JosephFoster: "Stevo, I would love to see Tremmers on this track if we're there for QF's. Good bounce for once."

  215. Commentary  

    From Mike in the TMS inbox: "If Pakistan win this, it looks like the q/f line ups will be SA v NZ, SL v Eng, Aus v India and Pak v WI - interesting games and good for England I would have thought as they avoid Australia and either Australia or India are out...!"

  216. 44 overs Commentary Aus 167-7  

    Afridi is back on too, fizzing a couple in as he hones in on Krejza's pads. But these two are doing fine, four runs off the over and setting themselves up for a big finish. Looks like they'll be leaving the batting powerplay for the last five overs.

  217. Commentary  

    From Wasim, Bradford, in the TMS inbox: "Sir Geoffrey Boycott said you never know what you're gonna get from Pakistan, a bit like Forrest Gump's quote. Well, we're getting a boxful of strawberry creme's here!! Come On Pakistan!!"

  218. 44.3 overs WICKET Krejza b Gul 7  

    Krejza cuts Gul to cover for a couple, the Pakistan paceman struggling a bit for those yorkers... haha, now he's got it, spearing one in to Krejza and making a mess of the Australian's stumps.

  219. 45 overs Commentary Aus 173-8  

    The camera pans to Shoaib Akhtar in the stand, cutting a lonely figure as Pakistanis all around celebrate wildly. Brett Lee is in and he edges Gul past a vacant second slip area for four. Gul strives once more for that inswinging yorker, but Lee keeps him out.

  220. 45.5 overs Commentary Smith b Afridi 25  

    Very much in the batting powerplay now as Afridi continues and now Smith's the latest to fall, chopping on to the stumps as he tried to rock back and play Afridi into the offside. Afridi's 17th wicket of the tournament and he celebrates in the usual fashion, legs apart, arms outstretched... bit much, isn't it?

  221. 46 overs Commentary Aus 176-9  

    I think Ricky Ponting would snatch your hand off for 200 right now. Shaun Tait is last man in and he keeps out a yorker Afridi hurls in to his pads.

  222. 46.4 overs WICKET Lee c Younus b Gul 5  

    The unplayable Gul spears another in to Lee, good grief, you should get a run just for keeping this boy's yorkers out. Lee swings at a rare length ball, gets it high on the bat and sends it up into the air for Younus to take a simple catch in the covers.

  223. 1215 INTERVAL Australia all out for 176  
  224. Commentary Pakistan's Abdul Razzaq:  

    "Yes, we are very confident of chasing these runs."

  225. BBC Test Match Special's CMJ
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's CMJ  

    "It's a rather parlous position for Australia. There is something in this pitch so the match is by no means a foregone conclusion, but this is an under-par score."

  226. BBC Test Match Special's Roshan Abeysinghe
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Roshan Abeysinghe  

    "Australia have the bowlers to make it as hard as possible for Pakistan. The pitch isn't the paradise the Premadasa [Stadium] normally has and strokeplay hasn't been all that easy."\u00a0

  227. Twitter  

    From navyou111: "I still believe Australia can win this. I have seen Pakistan bowled out for low totals one-too many times against Australia."

  228. 1224 Commentary  

    Get the kettle on, make yourself a nice sarnie (cut into little triangles - it is mid-cricket food, after all) and have a breather. You could even pop along to Mr Sam Lyon's text commentary of today's Premier League games, but come back in a bit to see if Pakistan can end Australia's 34-match unbeaten streak in World Cups. They need 177. Laters.

  229. Commentary  

    From Umair in the TMS index: "Wasim (below) - it seems you haven't seen Pakistan play before. Just cross everything and wait for the last ball to be bowled."

  230. 1258 Commentary  

    Aw, you came back. Thanks a lot. Right, here's where we stand - Australia were all out for 176, so Pakistan need 177 in 50 overs to win. The Aussies, remember, haven't lost a World Cup game since May 1999, so even though they've both qualified for the quarters already, there's a fair bit on the line.

  231. 1259 Commentary  

    Whether you're here because you want to see the Aussies lose, you're still recovering from a big session last night or you just don't want to find out the footy scores before MOTD, get involved: text me on 81111 (put 'CRICKET' at the start of your message), tweet me @Stevo_football or with the hashtag #bbcworldcup or email me to with 'For Jonathan Stevenson' as the subject.

  232. Commentary  

    From Sid, Ivybridge, in the TMS inbox: "Are Australia deliberately playing this badly in order to play England in the Quarter Finals?"

    If we understand the situation correctly, an Australia v England quarter-final could only be a possibility if the Aussies win this game

  233. 1 over Commentary Pak 4-0  

    Brett Lee takes the new ball for Australia, with Kamran Akmal and Mohammad Hafeez first in for Pakistan. Akmal plays and misses twice times before half-playing a pull shot, the ball flying off his top edge and running away for four, much to the Aussies dismay. Next ball and Akmal goes looking for a run that isn't there and with a direct hit he's gone. Brainless.

  234. 2 overs Commentary Pak 11-0  

    Shaun Tait, who has been told - a little harshly - to raise his game by the Aussie chairman of selectors, has the new ball from the other end and starts with a 93.6mph ball outside off stump. But he strays on to Hafeez's pads and that is beautifully whipped away for four. Too early to call Hafeez for MOTM? Tait bowls a horror wide before beating the edge of Hafeez's bat. Compelling.

  235. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell  

    "I think Thommo (Jeff Thomson) at his quickest was at least 100mph. He was definitely quicker than Shaun Tait for me. At his best he was lethal."

  236. 2.4 overs WICKET Hafeez c and b Lee 5  

    The veteran Lee steams in again and he's over the 90mph mark too, no respite from blinding pace at the moment for Pakistan. It's a bit too hot for Hafeez to handle, the opener trying to turn a ball on to the leg side but it holds up a touch in the pitch and he chips it back down the pitch, Lee following through to take a fine return catch.

  237. 3 overs Commentary Pak 13-1  

    So an early blow struck by the Aussies, exactly what the doctor ordered for them. Asad Shafiq is in at three for Pakistan and it's the Aussies' turn to swarm all over an incoming batsman. I hope he's not claustrophobic.

  238. 4 overs Commentary 21-1  

    Shafiq pushes Tait into the offside and gets a couple as Ponting fails to pick the ball up cleanly in his left hand. I like the look of Shafiq, lovely innings against Zimbabwe the other day. He bags a couple more into mid-wicket and then clips a superbly-timed shot off his legs for four. Talent.

  239. Twitter  

    From leadballooner: "Great to see a sporting pitch for a change in CWC 2011 instead of the usual boring batsmen-friendly ones."

  240. 4.5 overs UMPIRE REVIEW  

    Brett Lee appeals for an lbw as Kamran is struck on the pad, but that's miles down leg side. Four dot balls later and Lee is once again appealing, having slammed Kamran on his front pad. We're going upstairs this time...

  241. 5 overs Commentary Pak 21-1  

    Replays show the ball was clipping leg stump, but there's enough doubt for Kamran Akmal to get the benfit of the doubt and he survives. The last ball is defended, that's a maiden and it's as you were.

  242. Commentary  

    From Mark, London in the TMS inbox: "Stevo, I was at the match at Headingley in May 1999 when Pakistan beat Australia. I was a wide-eyed 13-year-old, and my main memories were marvelling at both the pace of Shoaib Akhtar and the fanatical Pakistan supporters. Now a wide-eyed 25-year-old, and not much has changed."

  243. 6 overs Commentary Pak 30-1  

    After two overs costing 15, Tait is replaced by Mitchell Johnson, very much like for like. Kamran Akmal welcomes him into the attack by chopping him to the cover-point fence for four, classily. Three balls later Johnson throws the ball up there and Akmal drives on the front foot, clattering through the covers for four more. Length all over the place from Johnson.

  244. 7 overs Commentary Pak 33-1  

    Lee hurries in - he's one of those cricketers you'll probably only realise how much you enjoyed seeing play when he retires. He's on the money, three singles off the over and Shafiq seems to be enjoying the duels out there.

  245. BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja  

    "Shafiq may be tiny - but he's tenacious"

  246. 8 overs Commentary Pak 37-1  

    Johnson deceives Shafiq with a slower ball that the Pakistani flicks in front of second slip. A rare false shot from the 25-year-old. He is more circumspect afterwards and picks up four from the last ball thanks in part to a mis-field from Shaun Tait at mid-on. Cumbersome work, that.

  247. 8.1 overs OUCH! Pak 41-1  

    Akmal's turn to get a boundary on the board, flicking Lee off his toes for four behind square leg. Shafiq is in trouble here, looks like he has twisted an ankle or a knee turning for a run and he's going to need some treatment.

  248. Twitter  

    From kastricbane: "They should play Jaws music every time Brett Lee runs and bowls to Kamran Akmal."

  249. Commentary  

    From Matthew in the TMS inbox: "It amazes me how a side like Australia, who are really in a rebuilding stage, still manage to produce the goods when it matters. I know they are not doing that well today but there will be a very good chance you will see them in the final. If this was England in the rebuilding stage we would be out in the group stages. Why is there such a difference between two nations especially when the population of Australia is so much smaller than ours?"

  250. 8.4 overs UMPIRE REVIEW Pak 45-1 (Target 177)  

    Asad Shafiq has a lengthy spell of treatment, looks like he is getting his ankle strapped up, but he will be able to continue and he hasn't got a runner, at the moment anyway. Kamran continues on his merry way regardless, demolishing Lee past point for four. Now Lee's hit Akmal on the pad, he's given out but Akmal appeals, so we're going to the telly boys again...

  251. 8.4 overs WICKET Akmal lbw b Lee 23  

    Yeah, it's hit him on the back pad and the ball is hitting the top of leg stump, so on-field call and Akmal has got to go. Brett Lee is giving absolutely everything for Australia today, herculean stuff.

  252. 9 overs Commentary Pak 45-2 (Target 177)  

    After one of the longest overs of the tournament, Lee finishes with two dot balls to new batsman Younus Khan, who only averages 15 against Australia in ODIs. Fabulous stuff from the bleach-blond veteran, who has 2-16 from five overs.

  253. 10 overs Commentary Pak 45-2 (Target 177)  

    Pakistan need a partnership between these two. Johnson chucks two balls miles outside off stump and Shafiq is tempted by one of them, getting nowhere near a drive. Shafiq is more watchful from then on and it's a maiden.

  254. Commentary  

    From Roger in the TMS inbox: "Laying on a bed in a river hut in Borneo. There aren't any TVs here let alone coverage of the cricket. Thank the Lord for TMS."

  255. BBC Test Match Special's Tom Moody
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Tom Moody  

    "Mitchell Johnson has to stand up here. Brett Lee has bowled beautifully but he needs support from the other end."

  256. 11 overs Commentary 51-2 (Target 177)  

    Australia take the bowling powerplay as Shane Watson bustles his way into the attack in place of Brett Lee. Younus takes a quick single to Smith at backward point and it's nip and tuck, Smith just missing the stumps with his throw. Watson then strays on to Shafiq's pads and he tickles it down to fine leg for four, punishing. Pakistan need 126 from 234 balls.

  257. SMS  

    From Luke in Exeter: "(See Matthew, earlier) Because at the youngest level they make sure all the kids can do basic skills- meaning none of the talented ones fall through the net. We just let our kids get fat if they want to!"

  258. 12 overs Commentary Pak 58-2 (Target 177)  

    Younus takes a quick single off Johnson and Shafiq would have been out there, sub David Hussey missing from cover-point - to be fair, he only had one stump to aim at. Shafiq turns Johnson off his hips for three, good work in the deep from Jason Krejza there. Younus then nicks Johnson down to third man, lots happening, Aussies need another wicket soon.

  259. 13 overs Commentary Pak 59-2 (Target 177)  

    Younus looks like a man with an ODI average of 15 against Australia - unconvincing. Watson, who seems to get to the crease slower every time he bowls, gives Younus nothing to hit and two singles are the end result.

  260. Commentary  

    From Stewart in the TMS inbox: "Has anyone picked up that if Australia lose, England will be the only qualifier that hasn't lost in its three matches against other qualifiers? I'm sure some psychologist would like to play with that."

  261. 14 overs DRINKS BREAK Pak 59-2 (Target 177)  

    Australia need an injection of raw unplayability from Shaun Tait. He bowls a harmless, short bouncer before almost sneaking one through Shafiq's defences, the batsman just getting his bat down in the nick of time. Maiden over, rare for Tait and keeps the pressure on. Drinks (for the players, but feel free to indulge yourselves).

  262. BBC World Service's Lee James
    Contributor BBC World Service's Lee James  

    On Twitter: "Still trying to work out permutations with Tom Moody on TMS. India looking at a tough q-final against either Aust or SL."

  263. 15 overs Commentary Pak 62-2 (Target 177)  

    It's Watson again, trundling in and finding that corridor of uncertainly with regularity. Three singles off the over and the bowling powerplay is done. Just the batting one to come, but they probably won't need it, can't see this innings lasting 45 overs whichever way.

  264. 16 overs Commentary Pak 71-2 (Target 177)  

    Tait slings one down the leg side, wide called, radar not quite working at the minute. Younus drives pleasingly into the covers, chase there for sub David Hussey and they pick up three, good running from Shafiq. Younus drills the fifth ball, a full toss, straight back past Tait for four. Rubbish over.

  265. 17 overs Commentary Pak 72-2 (Target 177)  

    Still no spin for Australia, must be the only country in the World Cup not to go tweak in the first couple of powerplays or at least straight after. Watson continues to hone in on those stumps, just a single to Shafiq, 0-12 from Watto's four.

  266. 18 overs Commentary Pak 73-2 (Target 177)  

    Here we go, Ponting brings off spinner Jason Krejza on. He finds a line and length, Shafiq taking a single to mid-off, but there's no threat at all with no close-in fielders around the bat.

  267. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell  

    "Sometimes I think Ricky Ponting wants Jason Krejza to bowl like Nathan Hauritz, but he's a much more attacking bowler and they should get some men around the bat. You have to say to the batsman 'we're going to try to get you out, not just try to contain you'. Australia need wickets."

  268. 19 overs Commentary Pak 79-2 (Target 177)  

    Shafiq gets an edge to Watson and it flies away for four, probably would've been taken at second or third slip, that. The target is now ino double figures as Khan is denied a four by a superb Michael Clarke stop at point. Pakistan need 98 runs from 31 overs.

  269. 20 overs Commentary Pak 84-2 (Target 177)  

    Krejza tosses one up, too much on it, it's a full toss and Younus drills him back down the pitch for four. Australia are losing their grip on their 34-match unbeaten run in World Cups, they need two quick wickets. Attack, Punter, attack.

  270. 21 overs Commentary Pak 92-2 (Target 177)  

    A shattering over for the Aussies. Younus flays at one outside off stump from Watson and it flies down to third man for four, narrowly wide of Brad Haddin's dive. Even Superman would've struggled with that one. Younus then plays a glorious front-foot drive for four, the Colombo crowd going bonkers. Love it.

  271. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell  

    "Ponting's a little bit behind the game at the moment. He put a slip in after that edge off Watson and now a bat-pad has only gone in after Krezja has got a couple to pop up off the pad."

  272. 22 overs Commentary Pak 96-2 (Target 177)  

    Krejza continues, he's got that forward short leg and he's giving it a rip but nothing's happening for the Aussies. Younus and Shafiq take four off the over, they've brought up their 50 partnership in the process. Really sensible cricket from Pakistan.

  273. 22.4 overs WICKET Khan c Haddin b Lee 31  

    Brett Lee thunders back into the attack, he's Australia's best chance of wicket-taking their way back into the match, and he's struck fourth ball, Younus Khan playing a horrible waft away from his body and nicking it behind to Brad Haddin. Glimmer for the Aussies.

  274. 22.5 overs WICKET Misbah c Haddin b Lee 0  

    Another wicket here and Australia are in serious business. Oh my word, Brett Lee gets Misbah ul-Haq caught behind first ball and Pakistan are wobbling all over the shop in Colombo. Lee, who has all four wickets, is on a hat-trick...

  275. 23 overs Commentary Pak 98-3  

    Brett Lee, what a hero. He's single-handedly kept Australia in this contest. Umar Akmal keeps the hat-trick ball out, but his hard work has only just begun. This one's in the mixer.

  276. 24 overs Commentary Pak 101-4 (Target 177)  

    Shafiq nurdles a single off Krejza and Umar Akmal is on strike, the Aussies putting pressure on him. He whacks a ball outside off stump down to wide long-on, not going to just stand there and have a look. Three off the over, and we get a burst of Flo Rida. Brilliant.

  277. 25 overs Commentary Pak 109-4 (Target 177)  

    Shafiq plugs a Lee full toss into the turf and scampers through for a quick single - just for a minute, Lee is terrifying Pakistan, before Umar Akmal throws the kitchen sink and any other appliance he can get his hands on, thrashing Lee through the covers for four. He gets a couple more off his legs and this is so absorbing. Lee boots the last ball wide of the stumps and they run a single for an overthrow. That's what adrenaline does.

  278. 26 overs Commentary Pak 118-4 (Target 177)  

    Johnson is back on for Krejza and Akmal plays and misses at two slower balls. He gets bat on the third, tucking one off his pads for a couple to the mid-wicket boundary. After a wide, Akmal clatters one outside his off stump just over Ricky Ponting at cover for four, much to Punter's disgust. Good overs these, for Pakistan. They need 59 for a famous triumph.

  279. Commentary  

    From Oliver in the TMS inbox: "When it comes to defending low totals and fighting for each wicket, there is no team better than the die-hard Aussies."

  280. 27 overs Commentary Pak 120-4 (Target 177)  

    Brett Lee takes his battered body off for a rest and Shaun Tait is back on. His first ball always seems to be a ludicrous bouncer, Tait. Akmal rocks back and tries to thrash Tait through mid-wicket, but he bottom-edges it on to his boots. Tait tries to sneak a yorker through, but Akmal digs it out for a single. He's asking a question, the bowler, but maybe it's a rhetorical one(?)

  281. Twitter  

    From TheBarb81: "More like Ponting wants Krejza to be Swann like we wanted Salisbury, Schofield etc to be Shane Warne."

  282. 28 overs Commentary Pak 122-4 (Target 177)  

    Johnson elicits a play-and-miss from Umar Akmal, before the youngster gets a single to third man. Now it's Shafiq's turn to be done as he dangles his bat outside off stump twice and suddenly Johnson's in the game.

  283. 29 overs Commentary Pak 126-4 (Target 177)  

    Tait continues his ploy of trying to bounce anyone and everyone out, but Shafiq is better than that and he slaps the ball away to the mid-wicket boundary for four, top shot. Clarke stops the last ball of the over going for four, super pick up at point.

  284. 30 overs Commentary Pak 131-4 (Target 177)  

    That's a sign of intent - Umar Akmal doesn't want to hang around for another 20 overs, he walks down the track and dumps Johnson over mid-on, one bounce four. Just one more single off the over and Shafiq looks like he's got all the time in the world. Big talent.

  285. 31 overs Commentary Pak 138-4 (Target 177)  

    Jason Krejza is back on for Australia and Umar Akmal has a look for a couple of balls before dancing down the track and clobbering him over the long-off boundary for a wonderful six, all 91 metres of it. Only 39 needed from 114 balls now.

  286. 32 overs WICKET Shafiq c Watson b Johnson 46  

    Johnson's threatening spell looks like it might be over already, Akmal playing him comfortably from the crease, the ball not really doing anything for the seamer. Oh no, spoke too soon for Pakistan, Asad Shafiq's quality knock comes to an end as Johnson gets one to rear up at him outside off stump and he gets an edge, Shane Watson taking a fine low catch at slip with Brad Haddin diving across him.

  287. Twitter  

    From Imtiaaz_: "If any team can lose from this position, it's Pakistan, hope they can hold their nerve!"

    Sent before that last wicket, I hasten to add.

  288. 32.5 overs WICKET Afridi c Lee b Krejza 2  

    So captain Shahid Afridi comes in - he's scored only 63 runs in five innings so far at the World Cup, looked like he's never picked up a bat at times. Krejza is still on and Afridi takes a single, then picks up one more for an overthrow, which Australia can't really afford. But Krejza strikes as Afridi goes for individual glory, as per usual, and holes out in the deep to Brett Lee. Madness from the captain.

  289. 33 overs Commentary Pak 142-5 (Target 177)  

    Abdul Razzaq is next man in, the second of the unpredictables in the Pakistan middle order. Umar Akmal takes a single off the last ball of the over, and this is starting to get as tight as every single game England ever seem to play.

  290. 34 overs Commentary Pak 147-6 (Target 177)  

    Johnson gets it going in to the right-hander, Razzaq managing to squeeze a single off his hips and Akmal garnering another down to third man. Four singles from the over and Pakistan need 30 from 96 balls.

  291. 35 overs Commentary Pak 154-6 (Target 177)  

    Krejza hasn't got anyone around the bat now and he drops short, allowing Akmal to rock on to the back foot and clatter him away through backward point for four. That's a tension-easer for the Pakistan dressing-room and no mistake. Seven off the over, might not see Krejza again today. Amazing to think Akmal's only 20 years old.

  292. Commentary  

    From Jerry in the TMS inbox: "Hope Pakistan can hold their nerve, would be a massive shame if they lost it from here."

  293. 36 overs Commentary Pak 155-6 (Target 177)  

    Shaun Tait is back on and desperately trying to extract some juice out of this pitch, but his bouncers seem to plug and plop up harmlessly and he's struggling to threaten. Razzaq squeezes him away for one before Akmal plays a horrible pull shot, hitting the ball high on the bat and looping it into the leg side, just short of Johnson at mid-on.

  294. 37 overs Commentary Pak 156-6 (Target 177)  

    Wrong again, Stevo. Jason Krejza does indeed continue, trapping Razzaq lbw on the crease. The ball is possibly a bit too high and Ponting doesn't go for a review, surprisingly, given Australia's position. Could've been close. One from the over, good, tight stuff.

  295. 38 overs Commentary Pak 162-6 (Target 177)  

    Razzaq clips a couple off his pads from Tait, good running from the all-rounder. Next ball is an offside wide, unforgiveable, but he's back on the money with a beauty outside off stump that misses bat, stumps, everything by a whisker.\u00a0 Razzaq nicks one, but it hasn't carried to Haddin and now Pakistan need 15 from 12 overs.

  296. 39 overs Commentary Pak 167-6 (Target 177)  

    Brett Lee is warming up but Jason Krejza continues, almost getting Razzaq to play on, lucky boy. Three singles and two byes off the over and Pakistan need only 10 runs to become the first team this millennium to beat Australia in a World Cup.

  297. 40 overs Commentary Pak 169-6 (Target 177)  

    Brett Lee is back, Australia very much drinking in the last-chance saloon. Razzaq squeezes a single into the offside, he's playing the steady innings his captain should have. Single to Akmal, Lee's getting some good bounce from just short of a length, but Pakistan need only eight runs to win.

  298. 41 overs Commentary Pak 178-6  

    Jason Krejza continues and these teams really are dragging this one out, thought it would have been done and dusted five overs ago. There's Razzaq though, plunding a short once through the leg side for four before winning it by creaming Krejza through the offside for four more. Fabulous win for Pakistan.

  299. 1620 Commentary  

    Pakistan beat Australia by four wickets and end the Aussies 34-match unbeaten run at the Cricket World Cup

  300. 1622 Commentary  

    That is Group A all wrapped up, then. Pakistan win the group, Sri Lanka finish second, Australia third and New Zealand fourth.

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Live Scores - Australia v Pakistan


  • Pakistan beat Australia by 4 wickets
  • Australia: 176 (46.4 overs)
  • Pakistan: 178-6 (41.0 overs)
  • Venue: Colombo RPS

Pakistan Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 6 178
K Akmal lbw b Lee 23
Mohammad Hafeez c and b Lee 5
Shafiq c Watson b Johnson 46
Younus Khan c Haddin b Lee 31
Misbah-ul-Haq c Haddin b Lee 0
U Akmal not out 44
Shahid Afridi c Lee b Krejza 2
Razzaq not out 20
Extras 4w 2b 1lb 7

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