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Cricket World Cup - India v South Africa as it happened

  1. 0830 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone. It's the morning after the night before, but I suspect a few parties may still be going on in Chittagong after Bangladesh's thrilling victory over England yesterday. If you've not seen them, you can watch the highlights on the BBC Sport website, or read Jonathan Agnew's verdict (which includes video reaction from the man himself).

    While you're picking the bones out of England's latest last-gasp game (single-handedly making this World Cup exciting), I can introduce you to today's main event: India v South Africa from Nagpur, which starts at 0900 GMT. Toss news and team news as we get it.

  2. 0832 Commentary  

    Another post-script to yesterday was that rather unsurprisingly, Graeme Swann has been fined 10% of his match fee for yesterday, having been in a right strop for most of the game, particularly with umpire Daryl Harper, and having pleaded guilty to using "obscene, offensive or insulting" language or gesture.

  3. 0833 Commentary TOSS NEWS  

    India win the toss, to the crowd's delight, and will bat first.

  4. 0836 Commentary TEAM NEWS  

    Both teams make one change - India seamer Munaf Patel returns in place of spinner Piyush Chawla. SA captain Graeme Smith admits he would have batted first too, and they're without Imran Tahir, who's expected to be out for 10 days with a fractured thumb - with fellow spinner Johan Botha restored to the XI.

  5. 0840 Commentary TEAM LINE-UPS  

    Here are the full teams:

    India: Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Dhoni (capt & wk), Yusuf Pathan, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Ashish Nehra, Munaf Patel.

    South Africa: Graeme Smith (capt), Hashim Amla, Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers, JP Duminy, Francois du Plessis, Morne van Wyk (wk), Robin Peterson, Johan Botha, Morne Morkel, Dale Steyn.

    England's representative today is umpire Ian Gould, who takes the field alongside Australia's Simon Taufel, with West Indies' Billy Doctrove as third ump (TV replays), Sri Lanka's Kumar Dharmasena as fourth ump (replacement balls), and match referee is Sri Lanka's Ranjan Madugalle.

  6. 0845 Commentary  

    Simon Mann welcomes Test Match Special listeners to the airwaves for today's commentary. Meanwhile, our best wishes go to yesterday's TMS crew who had a rather unpleasant time leaving the stadium in Chittagong, and had\u00a0a couple of mobile phones stolen.

  7. 0849 Commentary  

    Anyway, whether you're backing India or South Africa today, hailing from Bangalore, Bloemfontein or anywhere in between, we'd like to hear from you as usual. You can email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup, or text us on 81111 - and\u00a0this is really important today (as we'll be fighting for space in the text inbox with football, rugby and other sports), please put "CRICKET" as your first word.

  8. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    On Twitter: "Pitch looks good and true. I fancy SA - they are fitter and have better attack."

  9. 0853 Commentary  

    Anthem time. South Africa's sounds particularly sonorous and harmonious\u00a0today, as if it's being sung by a cathedral choir. Most of the India team sing their anthem (many of them wearing sunglasses), and there's a big roar around the ground from the Indian fans when their idol Sachin Tendulkar appears on the screen, singing along.

  10. 0858 Commentary  

    SImon Mann on TMS thinks the ground in Nagpur reminds him a little of the Rose Bowl. Ah, but does it have a Robin Smith Suite, and can you get a good roast lunch in the Derek Shackleton Carvery? Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar stride to the middle to open the innings for India.

  11. Twitter  

    From toysforoutdoors: "Here are the scenarios for England staying in the\u00a0World Cup."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved - I'll try to keep you posted on various scenarios during the day.

  12. 1 over Commentary Ind 4-0  

    While South Africa experimented with handing the new ball to a spinner in some earlier games, it's paceman Dale Steyn today... and first ball of the match, it's "Sehwag being Sehwag" for the hard-hitting\u00a0Indian opener as he bashes the opening delivery over mid-on for four! Then, a great stop by Johan Botha at extra cover turns another likely four into a dot ball.

  13. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Rahul Tandon  

    "The problem with India is that their fielding basically gifts the opposition 30 to 40 runs each innings, and the captain admits there's not a lot they can do about it."

  14. 2 overs Commentary Ind 9-0  

    "Sachin Do Your Best" reads a hand-written banner held up by some fans, and Tendulkar steers his first ball from Morne Morkel for four through the covers. Sehwag gets an edge, and there's a slice of fortune as it bisects keeper Morne van Wyk and first slip Graeme Smith and disappears for four. I think the keeper really should have gone for that one...

  15. SMS  

    From Anonymous:\u00a0"I'm lying in bed awaiting the start of play. Had this horrible nightmare about losing to Bangladesh. Each match I watch, we get into an unwinnable position. Then there's the hope. It's the hope that really gets me."

  16. Commentary  

    From Rudi, Cape Town, TMS inbox: "As a South African I can say that after so many World Cup flops I have learned to expect nothing and be pleasantly surprised rather than expect and be bitterly disappointed again. We can win and should win, but will we?"

  17. 3 overs Commentary Ind 23-0  

    Tendulkar adjusts his gloves between deliveries before driving firmly to extra cover and running a quick single, but\u00a0no-one backs up Johan Botha's throw at the stumps and India profit from four overthrows - so Tendulkar has scored a five! Steyn drops one short on the leg side and the grateful Sehwag hoists it over square leg for a first-bounce four. The Proteas paceman then fires an Anderson-esque (if you were watching yesterday's game) wide down the leg side, Van Wyk can't reach it so that's five wides to India, and 14 from a rather expensive over. Steyn appeals for lbw off the last ball, but umpire Taufel ain't interested, and SA decide against invoking the Decision Review System (DRS).

  18. 4 overs Commentary Ind 27-0  

    Lee James on TMS has noticed plenty of "clown wigs" at the ground in Nagpur today, but South Africa may have to\u00a0hide their faces\u00a0with embarrassment if they keep delivering free gifts to the Indian openers - as Morkel sends down a no-ball to Tendulkar which the "Little Master" hits for two. It means a free hit next ball, which is\u00a0a bouncer and Tendulkar can't get hold of it cleanly but manages to pull it for a single.

  19. 5 overs Commentary Ind 33-0  

    As the TMS commentators note, while many media outlets reported the other day that India had qualified for the quarter-finals after their win over Ireland, if they lose to South Africa today they could still finish behind England on net run-rate and miss out. Tendulkar rotates the strike, then Sehwag cuts Steyn for a fierce first-bounce four that bounces just inside the rope. A single takes him to 17, and Tendulkar weaves away from a bouncer. Decent start.

    And replays of that lbw shout at the end of the third over show that SA should have reviewed that - Sehwag would have been out!

  20. SMS  

    From Ade: "Watching the first\u00a0three overs of this match it's obvious what this Indian batting line up is missing. Jonathan Trott and Ian Bell in the middle order milking the spin for 1.6 runs per over."

  21. 6 overs Commentary Ind 46-0  

    Sehwag is in "stand and deliver" mode, cracking Morkel through the covers for four - a boundary off the first ball so often takes the pressure off batsmen for the rest of the over. A firm straight drive, inches away from the stooping bowler's left hand brings Sehwag four more - "he must drive you mad as a bowler", notes Rahul Tandon on TMS. Morkel gives it some width, and\u00a0Sehwag unleashes another square cut for his third boundary of the over! A single ensures he keeps the strike.

  22. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Rahul Tandon  

    "He may be the 'Little Master', but Tendulkar has only faced eight balls in the first six overs, he's been happy to give the strike to Sehwag when he's in this form."

  23. 7 overs Commentary Ind 57-0  

    As Lance Klusener takes on the TMS summariser's role, South Africa change the bowling for the first time as Steyn is replaced by the medium-fast Jacques Kallis (and his new hairline), who's unshaven today. Sehwag knocks a two through mid-wicket, then a bouncer is hooked for four by the pugnacious opener - that's his eighth boundary already, and the fifty stand. A single off the fifth ball\u00a0gives Tendulkar a rare opportunity of the strike, and he turns Kallis's last ball down the leg side for four! Sachin has 14 from nine balls, Sehwag has 37 from 34.

  24. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "My impression so far is that South Africa have started rather over-excitedly, allowing India to calmly get to 57-0."

  25. 8 overs Commentary Ind 70-0  

    Captain Graeme Smith has a quick word with Morkel, he's bowling to a 7-2 off-side field with only two men on the leg side, but Sehwag hammers an on-drive back past the bowler for four. A firm punch to mid-off brings him a single - there are three men on the leg side for Tendulkar, and\u00a0one of the two\u00a0compulsory close\u00a0catchers in a sort of "short cover point" position. But Tendulkar shows his class, leaning forward and guiding a four through the covers. "It's damage control now," admits Lance Klusener on TMS, as Tendulkar powerfully whacks another four back past the bowler! Three boundaries from the over, what can Cap'n Smith do?!

  26. BBC Test Match Special's Lance Klusener
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Lance Klusener  

    "This is such a good wicket, maybe South Africa need to bring mid-off and mid-on up, and try to force Sehwag to hit over the top. I think every first ball he's faced in this World Cup has gone for four."

  27. Commentary  

    From Aliy in Bangkok, TMS Inbox: "The scenario from 0858 is not entirely accurate... Basically if India win this game against SA and then\u00a0England beat the West Indies, then - barring an SA/Bangadesh\u00a0tie we're in the quarters, regardless of all the results of all the other games. If SA emerge triumphant tonight though - it all becomes much more complicated and perilous... Come on India!!"

  28. 9 overs Commentary Ind 77-0  

    A single takes Sehwag to 43, Tendulkar threads one through the covers and Botha gives chase to prevent the boundary - they run three. Sehwag continues to tuck into Kallis, opening the face to angle a single to third man. Tendulkar strokes one to mid-on, Hashim Amla's throw hits the stumps as Sehwag tries to get back at the bowler's end but rebounds far enough away to allow them a single. A single off the last ball takes Sehwag to 299 runs for the tournament - he's now top scorer ahead of Andrew Strauss (298). He's 45 not out.

  29. Commentary  

    From Ramesh, TMS Inbox: "Even for an India fan, this is turning into a farce. Don't know whom to blame though - South African bowlers or the ground curator! Is it going to be 400+ runs game?"

  30. 10 overs Commentary Ind 87-0  

    Steyn back on for Morkel (0-35 from four overs) for the last over of the compulsory powerplay and Sehwag cuts him for a single. Steyn digs in a bouncer, Tendulkar goes for the hook and swats him over fine leg for six! This is the highest mandatory powerplay (first 10 overs) score of the tournament. Tendulkar flicks into the leg side and they run three to the lumbering Morkel. Wonderful start by the co-hosts.

  31. BBC Test Match Special's Lance Klusener
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Lance Klusener  

    "One ball can change it here. Grab a wicket, get a new man in and create the pressure."

  32. 11 overs Commentary Ind 93-0  

    Rather surprisingly in my view (for what it's worth), South Africa have taken the fielding powerplay - so it'll still be only three men outside the circle for overs 11-15. I'd have been tempted to delay it until after a wicket... Anyway, Kallis is blasted for four through mid-on by Tendulkar, rather like Kevin Pietersen's one-legged "flamingo" shot. ("As a South African I am hurting inside, but sometimes you've just got to take your punishment and watch a batting display like this," says Lance Klusener on TMS). Another legside wide boosts the score, and a single takes Tendulkar to 40 (from only 24 balls). Sehwag has 46 from 42.

  33. BBC Test Match Special's Lance Klusener
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Lance Klusener  

    "This is clearly going to be a big score, but let's not forget that this wicket is clearly conducive to batting. If you're sitting in a waterhole somewhere in the Kruger National Park, don't get too upset."

  34. 12 overs Commentary SEHWAG FIFTY - Ind 101-0  

    With the TV and radio broadcast booths at opposite ends of the ground, Lance is preparing to walk back around to TV - but former India skipper Sourav Ganguly is to make the opposite journey by car, as he'd probably struggle to walk around the stadium without being mobbed by the adoring Indian fans.

    Back on the field, South Africa turn to the left-arm spin of Robin Peterson, and after a single from Tendulkar, Sehwag reaches his 37th ODI fifty (he has 14 tons, but none against SA yet) with another powerful four over the ring of cover fielders. A wide and another Sehwag single bring up the century stand, then Peterson spins another wide behind Tendulkar's legs. Looks like we're on for a high-scoring game, but the Proteas are doing themselves no favours bowling all these wides.

  35. Twitter  

    From nirbhaisingh: "South African attack being taken apart by Sehwag and Tendulkar. Make notes, that's a textbook powerplay."

    Very much so. Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  36. 13 overs Commentary Ind 111-0  

    Off-spinner JP Duminy into the attack as Cap'n Smith rattles through his various bowling options... but it's more "Sehwag being Sehwag" as the opener blasts his first ball for four through point, while the Indian pair help themselves to ones and twos against Duminy's largely unthreatening off breaks. 10 from the over.

  37. SMS  

    From Ade: "Can somebody explain why SA are taking this powerplay now? Captains in this tournament are so predictable."


    Tendulkar uses his feet to drive a low full toss past long-on for four... then he hoists one towards long-off and the scampering, diving AB de Villiers running round - don't think we can put that down as a drop as he couldn't quite get there at full stretch. They run two. Then Sachin is hit on the pad, it's given not out, SA gather in a huddle and call for a review...

  39. NOT OUT  

    The two Simons (Mann and Hughes) on TMS think that's an awful waste of a review, it was going down leg side - but wonder if it was more of a tactical move for Smith to get all of his players together for a "time out" to regroup.

  40. 14 overs DRINKS BREAK TENDULKAR FIFTY - Ind 119-0  

    Single from Tendulkar, that's his 94th ODI fifty, and who'd bet against him reaching his 48th ODI ton (and 99th international ton) later today? Sehwag nicks the strike with a single, and South Africa have big problems.

  41. Twitter  

    From Ituralde: "The statement 'it's a good wicket' for those in which runs flow shows batsmen's domination of cricket."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  42. SMS  

    From Moorey, Stoke: "Aliy [9th over]\u00a0if you check the fixtures, South Africa and Bangladesh still have other matches against Ireland and Netherlands respectively. It will all hinge on the Bangladesh v SA match, assuming England can beat the Windies."

    I've found it unwise to predict what England can and cannot do...

  43. 15 overs Commentary Ind 128-0  

    With the spinners on, Sehwag dons a light blue cap in place of his helmet - and bizarrely, at the same instant, an office colleague hands me a cap too... Easy pickings continue for Sehwag and Tendulkar as they milk Duminy for sime singles, while Tendulkar gives it\u00a0the big heave-ho and hoists a six over long-on! Simon Hughes on TMS wonders if Tendulkar has changed his bat at the drinks break the other day, while Simon Mann reveals someone at the airport mistook him for Jacques Kallis (although Simon M's hair is all his own).

  44. Twitter  

    Injured England batsman Kevin Pietersen: "Why does batting just look SO easy for Tendulkar... unbelievable."

  45. 16 overs Commentary Ind 137-0  

    At least South Africa can put the field back now... I wonder whether India might have put the cat among the pigeons by taking the batting powerplay now - another five overs of this and they could be out of sight! Sehwag steers Peterson for two, they seem happy not to risk a third. After an exchange of singles, Sehwag goes inside-out and whacks a four past Amla on the cover boundary. A single takes him to 70.

  46. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "The spectators in front of us don't know whether to watch Sehwag and Tendulkar in the middle, or Sourav Ganguly alongside me in the commentary box.\u00a0People are blowing him kisses, and that's just the men. They've paid a lot of money to be here, but Sourav's more interesting for them!"

  47. 17 overs DROPPED CATCH Ind 140-0  

    New bowler, same action as off-spinner Johan Botha replaces the rather ineffective Duminy - and fair enough, as Botha's very much a front-line bowler and it was surprising to see Duminy, who's really a part-timer, bowling ahead of him.\u00a0 Sehwag gets an edge... and is put down by keeper Morne van Wyk who can't hold on to a difficult chance. Three singles added, a rather quiet over by India's standards.

  48. 17.4 overs WICKET Sehwag b du Plessis 73 (Ind 142-1)  

    Francois "Faf" du Plessis is on as SA's fourth spinner with his part-time leg breaks. A single apiece to Sehwag and Tendulkar, then the part-timer does the job as Sehwag steps back to cut and is bowled!

  49. 18 overs Commentary Ind 144-1  

    Gautam Gambhir is the new batsman, so India have a right-hand/left-hand combo. He turns his first ball to leg for a single, Tendulkar adds another to take his score to 61.

  50. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "I once saw Barry Richards step back outside leg stump and deliberately play a cut shot past leg stump and past the keeper's left foot. Sehwag got so far over there that he got a top edge and dragged the ball from outside leg stump onto the stumps."

  51. 19 overs Commentary Ind 149-1  

    Tendulkar and Gambhir use their feet well against Botha, as Tendulkar steers a single to long-off and Gambhir whacks a four back past the bowler. "This is shaping up as an exhibition of batsmanship," says an admiring Simon Hughes on TMS.

  52. SMS  

    From Mohinder Bhangu: "We should not forget, South Africa is the only team that\u00a0can chase over four hundred runs."

    Ah yes - that incredible day at the Wanderers that Australia scored 434 and SA chased it down with one ball to spare!

  53. 20 overs Commentary Ind 155-1  

    Du Plessis can't make lightning strike twice as Tendulkar and Gambhir help themselves to ones and twos, pushing India past 150.

  54. Twitter  

    Australia legend Shane Warne: "Getting excited about 'fill the basin game' in NZ tomorrow - big game, early night. Hope the PM knows what I have in store for him. See u there."

    This is a fundraising game at the Basin Reserve in Wellington, in aid of the Christchurch earthquake appeal. It's been organised by former Kiwi skipper Stephen Fleming, and various people including Warnie and the NZ PM are playing, while Russell Crowe is coaching one side.

  55. 21 overs Commentary Ind 160-1  

    With the breathtaking start they had, India can afford to revert to steady middle-overs accumulation as Gambhir and Tendulkar milk Botha's third over, picking up four singles while the off-spinner also flings a wide down the leg side.

  56. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    On Twitter: "Nice of the ICC to give the Aussies such a gentle introduction: they've only had to play\u00a0three matches so far in what, nearly a month?"

  57. 22 overs Commentary Ind 164-1  

    Simon Hughes and Sourag Ganguly on TMS have a 100-rupee\u00a0bet on the game - Simon needs a South Africa win to collect... Peterson begins a new over to Tendulkar, the crowd are a little becalmed compared to when Sehwag was going ballistic earlier in the innings, but they still cheer every run. Four singles added. Tendulkar has 68 from 52 balls, Gambhir has 13 from 15.

  58. Commentary  

    From Barnaby, TMS Inbox: "Don't you think there should be a competition for the worst reviews of the competition?"

  59. 23 overs Commentary Ind 169-1  

    More steady accumulation by the Indian pair, the atmosphere in Nagpur is electric as a Mexican wave encircles the ground, while the camera picks out a solitary South Africa fan shaking his head a little sadly. Once more, four singles and a wide from the over.

  60. Twitter  

    Former England captain Michael Vaughan: "Where is Mark Boucher? Probably on the beach at Camps Bay..."

  61. 24 overs Commentary Ind 173-1  

    Peterson in for his fifth over, he's not looked like making a breakthrough so far - but Simon Hughes is predicting a run-out. "I think Gambhir's a weak link running between the wickets," says the former Middlesex and Durham seamer on TMS. "He's happy to run his own runs, but he's sometimes in his own little world and isn't as keen to run other people's." I've played with one or two people a bit like that... Four inoffensive singles from the over, with the field back.

  62. Twitter  

    From edhewings: "Re: 22nd over - they have a bet worth \u00a31.40? TMS commentators are that bad off are they?"

    I think Simon Hughes acknowledged it wasn't a particularly large wager! Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  63. 25 overs Commentary Ind 174-1  

    Gambhir knocks Botha for a single, and as if to prove Simon H's point from the last over, Tendulkar steers one to short third man and looks keen for a single, but Gambhir hasn't moved! South Africa's best over of the innings? Just that one single from it.

  64. 26 overs Commentary Ind 184-1  

    Single from Gambhir against Peterson, then Tendulkar unleashes a frankly magnificent lofted drive over the bowler's head for six! A single takes him to 79, Gambhir punches\u00a0it into the covers for one. A single allows Tendulkar to keep the strike - he has 80 from 63 balls with five fours, three sixes and a five.

  65. SMS  

    From Elsie, Leics: "There seems to be an awful lot of left-handers in cricket at the mo, I'm a leftie & out of 50+ co-workers, there's only about\u00a0six of us. Are lefties good at sport\u00a0I wonder?"

    There was a bloke called David Gower who wasn't bad...

  66. 27 overs Commentary Ind 188-1  

    Tendulkar guides Botha for a single, Gambhir makes room to cut for two to the cover sweeper, then takes a single to nick the stroke. Botha hands the ball to umpire Taufel at the end of the over, as if he isn't happy with it.

  67. Twitter  

    From danielcullen25:\u00a0"Watching at a bar in Singapore, about 30 people, I am the only paying customer, the rest Indians watching outside going mad."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  68. Twitter  

    From Eboue_Eboue: "Apparently, during the drinks break, Smith tried to comfort van Wyk and threw him a drink. He spilled it."

    Groan. Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  69. 28 overs Commentary Ind 192-1  

    After 16 overs of uninterrupted spin, South Africa turn back to the pace of Dale Steyn... and he begins with a wide as umpire "Gunner" Gould spreads his arms! Gambhir and Tendulkar help themselves to more singles - that's the fifty stand, and it'll be an interesting call as to when they take the batting powerplay.

  70. 29 overs Commentary Ind 193-1  

    One or two of you on the emails, texts and tweets\u00a0may be questioning his bowling action (he's been looked at more than once by the ICC, and is specifically banned from bowling his "doosra"), but Johan Botha has done a good job for South Africa today - his over yields just one single, and he has figures of 0-24 from seven overs, quite incredible considering India's hay-making out in the middle.

  71. Twitter  

    From VScricket: "Love DADA [Sourav Ganguly] on TMS. If Diana was the people's queen, DADA was the people's captain. Hated by selectors, media etc but loved by fans."

    The fans certainly seem to love him wherever he goes, if they were watching him in the TMS box at the same time Sehwag and Tendulkar were blazing away! If you didn't hear Sourav explain earlier, "Dada" is a Bengali word, meaning "elder brother".

  72. 30 overs Commentary Ind 197-1  

    Steyn looks rather disconsolate as Gambhir and Tendulkar help themselves to two singles apiece. Sachin's on 84, Gambhir on 28 and they have added 55.

  73. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Gower was of course right handed, played in a leftie style though."

    Yes, he batted left-handed, that was the point I was trying to make!

  74. 31 overs Commentary Ind 203-1  

    Tendulkar cracks Botha for four through the covers, a single takes him to 88 but Gambhir nicks the strike with a single. A group of Proteas fans up in the stands remain in good voice, though.

  75. Twitter  

    From siddhartha4you: "Going again with\u00a0four bowlers when majority of batting is likely to be done by five batsmen,may prove costly to India when SA bat."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  76. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    On Twitter: "When a crestfallen Sachin accepted player of the tournament award after the '03 final I thought his career was approaching its end!"

  77. 32 overs DRINKS BREAK Ind 215-1  

    Du Plessis back into the attack after that two-over\u00a0Steyn burst, can he be the partnership-breaker again? Gambhir clears his front leg to brutally pull his first ball for four, then we have the umpteenth legside wide of the tournament. After a few more singles are added, Tendulkar whacks a loose delivery for four, and South Africa have the opportunity to regroup during a drinks break.

  78. SMS  

    From Kartikey, Cheltenham: "Dada is not only a Bengali word, means the same in other Indian languages including Hindi."

  79. 33 overs Commentary Ind 220-1  

    The alleged Simon Mann-a-like [see 15th over] Jacques Kallis returns to the attack, and some ones and twos mean Tendulkar is four away from his 99th international century.

    By the way, if you want to read more reaction to England's defeat by Bangladesh, you can check out our World Cup gossip column. And thanks to a couple of you who have pointed out that it is five years to the day since the aforementioned highest-scoring ODI when South Africa's 438 beat Australia's 434! Could we be on for a repeat?!

  80. SMS  

    From Sreejay, Chennai: "Re: Karthikey, no it doesn\u2019t! In Hindi, Dada means grandfather (on the father\u2019s side)."

  81. 34 overs Commentary Ind 230-1  

    Gambhir uses his feet to smack the recalled Duminy for four through extra cover, while a carefully-aimed sweep brings him four more. He has 45. A single sends Tendulkar to the striker's end and has the crowd on their feet... but his pull shot is cut off and they can only run one. Time for the compulsory ball change.

  82. Twitter  

    From Dented_Tony: "I take comfort in the fact that SA has to bat on the same pitch, and we too have world class batters."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  83. Commentary  

    From Masood, TMS Inbox: "An Indian by birth, British by nationality and living in and loving South Africa \u2013 I am! I believe this could be a win-win situation - as long as no one else spoils the party?"

  84. 35 overs Commentary Ind 232-1  

    Kallis to Tendulkar, a superb stop by Du Plessis at mid-wicket denies him the four the crowd are anticipating. A wristy flicked single to fine leg drags his score to 98. A single takes Gambhir to 47, that's a better over from Kallis.

  85. SMS  

    From Jonathan, Co. Down: "I wish India had picked Sreesanth for this game. His genuine unpredictability and occasional madness might just liven up their bowling attack."

    He's certainly good entertainment value, even if you never know whether he's more likely to bowl a beamer or start breakdancing!

  86. 36 overs THAT'S 100 Ind 237-1  

    Morkel back into the attack as SA rotate their bowlers. Gambhir drops the ball at his feet and scampers a single. Tendulkar's taking no chances, a single to Amla on the cover boundary takes him to 99. Gambhir dabs a single to third man, the crowd cheer as it brings their hero on strike. Tendulkar defends, the crowd go "ooh"... then he drives a single through the covers, that's his 99th international century! (48 in ODIs, 51 in Tests). A single gives Gambhir his fifty, but it's rather "after the Lord Mayor's Show" for him.

  87. 37 overs Commentary Ind 243-1  

    Gambhir lifts Kallis towards cow corner for a first-bounce four, then a single brings up the century stand. Tendulkar flips a single to fine leg - having slowed down in the 90s, will the shackles come off now?

  88. Twitter  

    From Sonjogl: "Dada means 'sister' in Swahili, commonly used in East Africa."

    You're starting to confuse me with all these meanings!

  89. 38 overs Commentary Ind 253-1  

    The shackles do indeed appear to be off as Tendulkar gives Morkel the charge, smashing him for two twos and another glorious four through the covers. Two more singles mean it's 10 from the over, Morkel has 0-50 from six overs. When will they take the batting powerplay? They're having a chat...

  90. BBC World Service's Lee James
    Contributor BBC World Service's Lee James  

    "There's not as much fancy dress here as you'd see at a Test in England, but bearing in mind that it's 36 degrees here in Nagpur, a man I saw earlier\u00a0was dressed as Father Christmas!"

  91. SMS  

    From Nav: "Why couldn't the ball be changed during the drinks break, is there a law preventing it or just lack of common sense?"

    We get asked this every game. The ball change is set at 34 overs, so I don't see why the drinks break couldn't be synchronised with it.

  92. 39 overs Commentary Ind 258-1  

    ...and Umpire Taufel whirls his arms to signal that India have indeed taken the batting powerplay - and with two batsmen very well set, why not? So it'll be a maximum of three men outside the circle for overs 39-43. Steyn to bowl Gambhir helps himself to a two and a single, Tendulkar clips a quick single, and Gambhir steps back and flat-bats a single to mid-off. Tendulkar swishes and misses at a bouncer, Steyn half-heartedly appeals for a catch behind, nothing doing.

  93. 39.4 overs WICKET Tendulkar c Duminy b Morkel 111 (Ind 267-2)  

    The pugnacious Gambhir biffs Morkel for successive fours wither side of the wicket, while an attempted flip to leg earns him a leg bye. But Tendulkar's epic inning is ended when he attempts another lofted drive and holes out at deep point.

    And a few more of you have emailed and texted in with even more translations of the word "Dada". Apparently it means "grandfather" in Gujarati, can also mean "hooligan" in Hindi, and apparently also means "gang-lord". I think we need to just accept that it's Sourav Ganguly's nickname, and leave it at that...

  94. 40 overs Commentary Ind 268-2  

    With the batting powerplay in full flow, India change their batting order and send in the big-hitting, big-bearded Yusuf Pathan. He's not faced a ball yet as Gambhir fences the last ball of the over for a single to keep the strike.

  95. 40.1 overs WICKET Gambhir c Kallis b Steyn 69 (Ind 268-3)  

    Gambhir steps back to leg and tries to lift Steyn over his head, but pops a catch to the diving Kallis running round from mid-off.

  96. 40.3 overs WICKET Pathan c Smith b Steyn 0 (Ind 268-4)  

    New batsman is Yuvraj Singh but Pathan goes without scoring, slicing Steyn straight to cover for a second-ball duck!

  97. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "The\u00a0reason that drinks break and ball change being on different overs: TV breaks!"

    And never mind the slow over-rates, eh?

  98. Twitter  

    From BBC Radio's Tim Peach: "Best news of the day? A week since I last saw it, my bag has turned up... in Colombo, Sri Lanka. I'm in Nagpur, India. Oh well."

  99. Commentary  

    From Tom, Portsmouth, TMS Inbox: "South Africa have just turned this game on its head. If there wasn't football on I'd be here all day."

  100. 41 overs Commentary Ind 270-4  

    Captain Mahendra Dhoni is the new batsman, poking a single to mid-wicket. The left-handed Yuvraj is also off the mark with one off his legs.


    Folks, I can tell you we're going to have a shortened interval between innings (unless India are bowled out in the next 15 minutes) as this innings is supposed to end at 1230 GMT but despite 20 overs of spin so far, we still have nine overs to bowl. Johan Botha back into the attack, Yuvraj eyes him up and nails him for a straight six! He tries to sweep, Botha and the keeper appeal for lbw, it's given not out but do they go for a review? Yes they do.

  102. NOT OUT  

    TV replays show Yuvraj got a bottom edge on that as he swept. A contender for Barnaby's emailed suggestion [after 23 overs] for the "worst review of the tournament award". Though my nomination would be Rubel Hossain's lbw shout against England yesterday, from a ball which pitched yards outside leg stump!

  103. 42 overs Commentary Ind 279-4  

    Yuvraj plunders a two and a single, Dhoni can't get the last ball away.

  104. Twitter  

    From Worbles: "Have England been giving India batting powerplay tips?"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved - or read Jon Barbuti's feature from last week about England's powerplay struggles

  105. 43 overs WICKET Yuvraj c Botha b Kallis 12 (Ind 283-5)  

    Kallis returns as Cap'n Smith keeps a couple of overs of Steyn up his sleeve. He restricts Yuvraj and Dhoni to singles - and when Yuvraj tries another big heave over the bowler's head, he is pouched at long-off.

  106. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "That wicket puts a bit of pressure on the lower order, although they've got Kohli to come in, he's a reputable batsman to have at number seven, but he won't have much time to play himself in."

  107. 44 overs WICKET Kohli c and b Peterson 1 (Ind 286-6)  

    With the powerplay overs exhausted, left-arm spinner Peterson returns and Dhoni and new man Virat Kohli plunder some singles - but then Kohli hands Peterson a routine return catch! Another wicket down!

  108. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "A few years ago Yusuf Pathan used to play his cricket in West Ham Park in east London. He's broken the glass in the greenhouse window many times, which was just past the boundary of the cricket pitch."

  109. SMS  

    From Jack, 'furiously revising' for finals tomorrow: "Interestingly, despite 10% of the population being a leftie, they are often over-represented in sports. Particularly where there is a greater one-on-one and more combative element, eg boxing. This is because right-handers have less practice against them while lefties play right-handers more frequently."

  110. 45 overs Commentary Ind 288-6  

    With five wickets having fallen for 19 runs, Harbhajan Singh joins his captain at the crease. Simon Hughes on TMS praises Dhoni's "fantastically fast hands" as he dabs a single. Bhajji plays and misses before steering a single off the last ball.

  111. 46 overs Commentary Ind 292-6  

    Single from Harbhajan, then Peterson gets one to turn past Dhoni's outside edge. The skipper grinds out a single to wide mid-on, Harbhajan slogs a single to long-on, and Dhoni works one off his legs.

    Now, with four overs left,\u00a0if India had Ross Taylor to come in now, they could still be looking at a score of up to 384...

  112. BBC Sport's Manish Bhasin
    Contributor BBC Sport's Manish Bhasin  

    On Twitter: "What possibly looked like 390, now looks more like 340. India self destructing. Could the last\u00a0five overs make the difference between an India victory/defeat?"

  113. 46.5 overs WICKET Harbhajan b Steyn 3 (Ind 293-7)  

    Kallis off, Steyn back to bowl over 47 (and presumably 49). Dhoni steers a single, Harbhajan is trying to give it some long handle but can't connect... and is bowled attempting another big blast to leg.

  114. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "This is bad cricket by India, they're losing their way here. This last half-hour has just been slogging against some well-directed South African bowling, and they could be ruining an excellent start by their top three."

  115. 47 overs Commentary Ind 293-7  

    Zaheer Khan is the new batsman, he can't get the last ball away.

  116. 47.4 overs WICKET Zaheer c Morkel b Peterson 0 (Ind 294-8)  

    Peterson to continue, Dhoni adds his regulation single and Zaheer is the latest Indian to hole out slogging as Morkel takes the catch at cow corner!

  117. BBC World Service's Lee James
    Contributor BBC World Service's Lee James  

    "It's taken some of these batsmen longer to get padded up than it has for them to bat!"

  118. 48 overs Commentary Ind 295-8  

    Ashish Nehra is the new batsman, they crossed on the catch but Dhoni can only manahe a single. Nehra is deceived, playing and missing at the last ball - India have lost seven wickets for 27 runs.

  119. 48.3 overs WICKET Nehra c Smith b Steyn 0 (Ind 296-9)  

    Having taken all 10 wickets in each of their opening three games, can South Africa whip out the last two here? Dhoni tries to force it into the covers and can only run a single to the prowling AB de Villiers, then Nehra pops a catch to cover and he's gone! Eight wickets for 29 runs!

  120. 48.4 overs WICKET Patel b Steyn 0 (Ind 296 all out)  

    The lanky Munaf Patel is India's last man - how on earth he's having to bat, I dont' know - but Steyn rearranges his furniture with a fast yorker\u00a0first ball and Steyn has a five-for! If anyone from the England team is watching, that's how you bowl at tail-enders!

  121. 1251 Commentary  

    While the Nagpur crowd react with stunned silence at their team's collapse - nine wickets for 29 runs in nine overs - I hope you'll forgive me if I dash off for a sandwich, as the slow over-rate means a truncated interval and they'll be starting up again at 1315 GMT. Take a look at Chris Bevan's live text on the afternoon's football if you wish to be entertained in the meantime.

  122. Commentary  

    From Raj, London, TMS Inbox: "You wonder why India do this to themselves. Tendulkar and Gambhir looked more than set but then tried to push the rate far too early, and the rest have batted as though somehow the start of the innings would magically get them to 350 without them having to contribute. This was an inevitable outcome in my opinion, and one little short of embarrassing given the start that they had."

  123. BBC Sport's Manish Bhasin
    Contributor BBC Sport's Manish Bhasin  

    On Twitter: "Utter disbelief amongst Indian fans."

  124. Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Rahul Tandon  

    "There are a lot of Indian journalists who would like to see the Indian team go out at the quarter-final stage as they hope that would mean the end of Mahendra Dhoni's captaincy. A lot of the press don't like him, but the fans love him as they love success."

  125. 1315 Commentary  

    While you're welcome to keep half an eye on the English football with Chris Bevan or the Scottish Cup with Martin Conaghan (and stand by for the Six Nations with the multi-talented Mark Orlovac), but we need you to redirect your attention to the action from Nagpur, as India have had their "huddle" and South Africa's openers Graeme Smith and Hashim Amla are walking to the middle to begin their run chase.

  126. BBC World Service's Lee James
    Contributor BBC World Service's Lee James  

    On Twitter: "Interesting what role crowd will play in SA innings. It's gone very flat after India all out for 296 - will need early wickets."

  127. 1 over Commentary SA 4-0 (TARGET 297)  

    Left-arm seamer Zaheer Khan takes the new ball, Amla unleashes a powerful back-foot punch to the second delivery of the innings and that streaks away through cover point for four - but otherwise Zaheer keeps it tight.

  128. 2 overs Commentary SA 11-0  

    It's left-arm seam from both ends as Ashish Nehra takes the second over. Proteas captain Graeme Smith digs a big trench (shades of his former SA Under-19 team-mate Jonathan Trott?) as he takes guard, and is off the mark as he cuts Nehra for a well-run two. An attempted bouncer is pulled for four through mid-wicket, and the skipper keeps the strike with a single.

  129. SMS  

    From Atif, Edinburgh: "Amazing collapse but I reckon India's top order have done enough to win it. SA can also collapse remember."

    Indeed - they just don't like it when you use the word "choke"...

  130. 3 overs Commentary SA 12-0  

    The wily Zaheer keeps Smith under wraps for five balls, before a straight drive brings the left-hander a single and ends India's hopes of a maiden over.

  131. BBC Test Match Special's Pommie Mbangwa
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Pommie Mbangwa  

    "India's intention today was to bat South Africa out of the game - so South Africa must have bowled well to make India play the rash shots they did."

  132. Commentary  

    From Richard, TMS inbox: "It seems to me like every match i've followed on TMS there has been a dramatic batting collapse, usually after a very solid set of partnerships first up. This is then followed by very strong tweets and messages talking about 'disgraceful' batting and the like. But if everyone is doing it, can we really criticise it so heavily every time? "

  133. 4 overs Commentary SA 15-0  

    Smith smears Nehra for a two off his legs, and a single which takes him to 11 from 17 balls. Amla, who's not have much of the strike, has four from seven.

    And a few of you on the emails, texts and tweets (Kunal Bajpai\u00a0and RyanJamesCooper among you) have suggested that India could have upped the ante by taking the batting powerplay after 15 overs when they were hammering South Africa into the dust. Would have been interesting...

  134. 5 overs Commentary SA 17-0  

    Smith turns Zaheer off his legs for one - as Simon Hughes notes on TMS, India haven't bowled anything loose so far. Amla edges a single to third man, but it's just those two runs off the over.

  135. Twitter  

    From bharatgami: "Think India will regret dropping Chawla for an extra seamer today. The Nagpur pitch does not appear to be seamer friendly."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  136. Commentary  

    BBC Hindi sports editor Mukesh Sharma on Twitter: "296 - not a small total but Indian fans don't trust their bowling and fielding anymore so aren't too optimistic."

  137. 6 overs Commentary SA 26-0  

    That's wide from Nehra, Amla slices it past slip and third man Munat Patel can't cut it off as it crosses the rope on the second bounce. Amla then steers it through the covers, Tendulkar makes a sliding stop as they run three, but the third umpire Billy Doctrove indicates he was in contact with the rope as he touched the ball - so it's four. A single takes Amla to 14.

  138. 7 overs Commentary SA 29-0 (TARGET 297)  

    That "trumpet" sound which is made every so often at ICC tournaments to try to gee the crowd up is rather starting to grate on my eardrums... Amla nudges Zaheer for a single, Smith tries to work him to leg but the ball squirms into the covers and they run a leg bye. Amla is looking in good touch, dabbing a single to third man.

  139. Twitter  

    From dippisauce: "India repeated the same mistake that they did against England. If they go on to lose this game, expect a huge negative reaction."

    I tell you what, if they tie this game like they did against England, I'm not sure I'll be able to take the pressure! Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  140. 8 overs Commentary SA 37-0  

    No bowling changes yet as Nehra begins his fourth over, Amla stands back and swats him over extra cover for four - and then\u00a0carves another four the other side of the wicket. The bearded maestro has 24 from 22 balls. And any of you Six Nations fans\u00a0out there\u00a0can now join Mark Orlovac for live text on the afternoon's egg-chasing.

  141. Twitter  

    From Sthuti: "Oh no India! 9 wickets for 29 runs, are you serious?\u00a0You'd better bowl and field well to make up for that!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  142. 8.3 overs WICKET Smith c Tendulkar b Zaheer 16 (Ind 41-1)  

    Smith punches Zaheer down the ground, it flies over the head of Tendulkar (wearing a white sunhat) at mid-off for four. But it's all over for the Proteas captain when he attempts the same catch and Tendulkar takes the catch at stomach-height!

  143. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "That may not be a huge blow for South Africa, as Smith wasn't playing too well - 16 from 29 balls - and Zaheer Khan seemed to have the wood on him. You don't want to lose your captain, but Jacques Kallis coming in now might find scoring easier."

  144. 9 overs Commentary SA 41-1  

    Jacques Kallis is indeed the new batsman and he sees off the rest of the over\u00a0- some Indian fans in the crowd hold up a hand-made banner proclaiming "Smith is Zaheer's bunny", along with a picture of a rabbit.

    A great stat from Danny the TMS scorer - Steyn's figures went from 7-0-46-0 to 9.4-0-50-5!

  145. Twitter  

    From pad87d: "I swear that silly trumpet thing was at the Rugby World Cup in 2003 as well!"

    Maybe it's associated with a sponsor? I certainly recall it being at the last few World Twenty20s, and the\u00a0Champions Trophy two years ago.

  146. 10 overs Commentary SA 43-1  

    India make their first bowling change as Nehra is replaced by right-arm seamer Munaf Patel and he keeps it quite tight - just a single apiece\u00a0from Amla and Kallis. It may be churlish to point out that India were 87-0 at this stage.

  147. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "Tendulkar has been around so long, that even I once got him out in a first-class match when he was playing for Yorkshire. I bowled probably the best ball of my career, and he nicked it when others would have missed it. And he got a hundred in the second innings."

  148. 11 overs Commentary SA 46-1  

    Umpire Taufel signals the fielding powerplay, and Nehra has changed ends to bowl from Zaheer's end. Amla takes one hand off the bat as he pokes a single to third man, a single takes Kallis to three.

  149. 12 overs Commentary SA 51-1  

    Another tight over from Patel, and the same result - one single each for the batsmen. Amla has 27, Kallis has four. How about some spin, skipper?

  150. 13 overs Commentary SA 53-1  

    As Sourav Ganguly is back in the TMS box (to the adoration of the Indian fans outside), Amla turns Patel for leg for two, before pushing a single to mid-off. Kallis forces one through square leg, and Amla glides the last ball for one, but Nehra is finding a bit of movement which should encourage the spinners.

  151. BBC Test Match Special's Sourav Ganguly
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sourav Ganguly  

    "There's not going to be much dew, it'll be a bit cold out there but that shouldn't prevent there being a bit of spin."

  152. Twitter  

    From melosib: "Is there anything Smith can do against Zaheer? Surely he's got his number!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  153. 14 overs Commentary SA 62-1 (TARGET 297)  

    It's still Patel, no great pace and the Proteas pair pick him off for a couple of singles, although Amla has to dash as Virat Kohli's fierce throw nearly runs him out. Kallis drives into the air... but it's safely through the covers for four. That boundary, wiht five singles, mean it's nine for the over which is better for SA.

  154. SMS  

    From Tony Hastings, Beds: "I have an alternative proposal for the DRS. Each team can have as many referrals as they like... but each time they are wrong, they lose or give away 10 runs. That will stop the speculative review and stop the howlers."

  155. 15 overs DRINKS BREAK SA 66-1  

    Nehra in for his seventh over, Amla and Kallis pick up ones and twos but as they take drinks, they're going to have hit the gas at some point...

  156. Commentary  

    BBC Radio's Tim Peach on Twitter: "Just walked outside the boundary with Ganguly for TMS. Crowd roared so loudly (presumably for him) the players were distracted."

  157. BBC Test Match Special's Sourav Ganguly
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sourav Ganguly  

    "I've told the broadcasters I need to get away an hour before the end of the match, otherwise I could be here until midnight. [To Simon Mann] You can help me get away from Lord's when I come this summer. Kallis has a bit more hair than you now, I think the doctors did a good job!"

  158. 16 overs Commentary SA 70-1  

    Even though the fielding powerplay is over, we're still watching an all-seam attack as Patel continues, Kallis and Amla clip singles off the first four deliveries, and Sourav Ganguly on TMS hopes they don't leave it too late...

  159. 17 overs Commentary SA 74-1  

    The bearded Yusuf Pathan may be less of a front-line off-spinner than Harbhajan Singh, but he precedes the "Turbanator" in India's bowling attack as we have our first sight of spin this innings. There's already a bit of turn for Pathan as Amla cuts a single past point, and Kallis guides one to short fine leg. Amla flicks\u00a0it to long leg and they walk\u00a0a single. We've only had one boundary since the ninth over... and looking at the bigger picture, four singles an over won't win it for SA. As my match-report colleague Sam Sheringham observes, "Look what 'wickets in hand' did for India..."

  160. 18 overs Commentary SA 78-1  

    One of the Indian reserves (possibly Piuysh Chawla) runs on between overs with some small white towels to several Indian fielders\u00a0- there's a job for him doing that on aeroplanes when he gives up cricket. (My dad got on a plane once and was stunned to see ex-Hampshire 2nd XI spinner Ian Chivers as a flight attendant, although another ex-county cricketer in the industry is ex-Worcestershire and Middlesex fast bowler Ricky Ellcock, who's now a captain with Virgin Atlantic). You're missing nothing on the pitch among this aviation digression, SA add four singles from Patel's over.

  161. 19 overs Commentary SA 84-1  

    A "beard v beard" duel ensues as Amla faces Pathan, and forces a two off his legs - the TMS guys think South Africa are picking out Munaf Patel in the field, he's not the quickest and probably a fielder you should always 'look for two' when you hit the ball to. Amla and Kallis are happy to keep plugging away with the singles - six from the over, the run rate has crept up to 6.87.

  162. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "This seems to be the opposite of the Indian tactic of engaging fifth gear first, and then moving down through the gears. South Africa may leave themselves with too much to do here."

    (Simon Mann adds: "The Indian innings ended up off the road and into the ditch today.")

  163. 20 overs Commentary SA 89-1  

    Yuvraj Singh has collected plenty of wickets with his left-arm twirlers in this World Cup - he replaces Patel. Kallis picks up a two and\u00a0two singles, Amla nudges another - he has 46, Kallis has 26 but the atmosphere has gone rather flat.\u00a0Simon Mann on TMS thinks "this is like when you prepare a meal by cutting the vegetables up and getting the sauce ready, but you're waiting for the actual meal."

  164. SMS  

    From Paul in Solihull: "For the record, my mate and ex-Zimbabwe Test player Travis Friend is now also a pilot!"

    As indeed is occasional TMS summariser Colin Croft...

  165. 21 overs Commentary SA 93-1  

    Four singles from Pathan's over. Steady accumulation, but the required rate creeps up to over seven an over.

  166. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Re: Simon [20th over] -\u00a0once De Villiers is in, surely the gears will go up rapidly... my money's on South Africa."

    But how much will they leave ABDV to do, if they keep scoring at this pedestrian rate?

  167. 22 overs Commentary AMLA FIFTY - SA 98-1  

    Yuvraj skips in for his second over, the crowd cheer briefly when their idol Tendulkar touches the ball in the field. A single takes Amla to 49, Kallis plunders a two before poking a single to the rather under-employed Harbhajan Singh\u00a0at long-off. Amla carefully guides a single to reach his 13th ODI fifty (he has eight centuries - a good conversion rate) from 58 balls.

  168. 23 overs Commentary SA 104-1  

    Amla and Kallis continue to carefully flick, nudge and nurdle their way to ones and twos, pushing the score along, six runs from the over. I could probably cut and paste most of that for future overs if they carry on like this...

  169. 24 overs Commentary SA 108-1  

    Finally India bring their front-line off-spinner Harbhajan Singh into the attack, replacing Yuvraj.

    Amla and Kallis continue to carefully flick, nudge and nurdle their way to ones and twos, pushing the score along,\u00a0four runs from the over. I could probably cut and paste most of that for future overs if they carry on like this...

  170. SMS  

    From AJQ: "Yuvraj looks like he's put on a bit of weight. I guess he discovered the pies were just too tasty to chuck anymore."

    Yuvraj was famously dubbed a "pie-chucker" by Kevin Pietersen when they locked horns a couple of years ago...

  171. 25 overs Commentary SA 115-1 (TARGET 297)  

    Yuvraj has changed ends, replacing Pathan. Amla and Kallis continue their "careful accumulation" mode with three singles, before the burly Kallis ends the boundary drought, lifting the slow left-armer over the square leg umpire for four with a lofted slog-sweep. We're at the halfway point - India were 174-1 at this stage.

  172. BBC Test Match Special's Lance Klusener
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Lance Klusener  

    "South Africa may want to try to get a single off each ball against Harbhajan, but target the other spinners like Yuvraj."

  173. 26 overs DROPPED CATCH SA 121-1  

    As those famous snooker commentators might say, "ooh, that's a bad miss" - Amla lifts Harbhajan into the air and it goes through Yuvraj's hands at short mid-wicket. They run two. Four more singles mean it's six from the over, that's better for South Africa and Harbhajan looks a bit grumpy.

  174. 27 overs Commentary SA 126-1  

    Yuvraj, smarting from that drop in the previous over, rattles through his over, South Africa are sweeping with impunity, five runs from the over. "But they know someone is probably going to have to score a hundred here," notes Lance "Zulu" Klusener on TMS. But as anyone who remembers the last over of the 1999 World Cup semi-final would tell you, there's no such thing as a foregone conclusion in cricket...

  175. 27.2 overs WICKET Amla c Dhoni b Harbhajan 61 (Ind 127-2)  

    The Turbanator strikes with some vicious bounce out of Zaheer's footmarks! Amla tries to chop the ball to third man and feathers an edge to the keeper!

  176. 28 overs Commentary KALLIS FIFTY - SA 129-2  

    AB de Villiers is the new batsman, he's had a great World Cup so far but as Lance Klusener points out on TMS, "he's got a lot to do." He's off the mark straight away, Kallis tips-and-runs a quick single to backward point and almost imperceptibly, he's reached his fifty (his 81st in ODIs) from 66 balls.

  177. 29 overs Commentary SA 133-2  

    Dhoni shuffles his bowlers as seamer Munaf Patel replaces Yuvraj. Kallis and ABDV need to get their skates on here, four singles from the over. ABDV has hit each of the three balls he has faced for a single. Kallis has 52 from 70.

  178. SMS  

    From Simon, bored at college in Southampton: "SA may win with their prods and nudges but give me the 'World Cup' England unpredictability any day. I am finding Business Mathematics more interesting at the moment."

  179. 30 overs Commentary SA 144-2  

    ABDV is still pushing a single off every ball he faces, Kallis is rapped on the pad by Harbhajan but umpire Ian "Gunner" Gould is unimpressed. Kallis reverse-sweeps straight to Tendulkar at short third man (crowd cheer) but he finds more luck with an orthodox sweep for four, and\u00a0flicks the last ball through fine leg for another boundary.

  180. 31 overs Commentary SA 147-2  

    Yuvraj back on for Patel, ABDV is still scoring one off each ball he faces, Kallis adds a couple more and World Cup mascot Stumpy the elephant is lumbering around the edge of the arena.

  181. 32 overs Commentary SA 156-2  

    Harbhajan drops short and De Villiers comes down the pitch to launch a massive six over long-on! ABDV then plays out his first dot ball as he plays one sharply back to the bowlers. A single takes him to 13, and Harbhajan re-measures his run-up, he's going to go round the wicket to Kallis, who guides a single to long leg. ABDV steals the strike with one off the last ball.

  182. SMS  

    From Nick in Bournemouth: "People say England are frustrating to watch, but India are just as bad, but playing badly and with a win here I feel will be a true sign of champions!"

  183. 33 overs Commentary SA 161-2 (TARGET 297)  

    ABDV nudges a single, Kallis sweeps for a well-run two. ABDV pushes Yuvraj into the covers, Kohli makes a superb stop and throw back to the keeper, ABDV has to turn sharply to regain his ground. He laces a single to the cover boundary, and the spinners are quickly through their overs.

  184. SMS  

    From Liam from Reigate: "Despite tearing hair out at the England display yesterday, you have to say that all the teams in the competition have been fairly inconsistent. SA and India have looked shaky. Annoyingly the sharpest team appears to be the Aussies... Ho-hum."

  185. 34 overs DRINKS BREAK SA 162-2  

    Zaheer Khan back for a second burst, bowling\u00a0his potent variety of\u00a0left-arm swing around the wicket, in the manner of Wasim Akram, and immediately he has De Villiers playing and missing. Eventually he manages to rotate the strike, but that's all SA can manage this over. Time for drinks, and this will please some of you - the drinks break and the compulsory ball change will take place simultaneously! 135 needed from 16 overs.

  186. SMS  

    From TheQ: "Hey Mark. Just a quick question. Will Steyn's first ball in the next game (ie his next ball) be a hat-trick ball? Thanks!"

    No - while you can take a hat-trick across two innings of the same game, you can't spread it across more than one game. Sorry!

  187. 35 overs Commentary SA 170-2  

    Yuvraj continues for his seventh over, and De Villiers blasts\u00a0a loose delivery\u00a0over cover for a first-bounce four. A slightly hesistant two past the square-leg ump, but ABDV is quick between the wickets and beats the throw. Two more singles, that's eight from the over, but the required rate is up to 8.47.

    And the TV camera shows the condition of the old ball, which looks in a right old state, as though it had been given to the groundsman's dog to chew on.


    Kallis isn't matching his partner's strike rate but he's certainly trying to up the tempo as he pushes Zaheer for a single. ABDV carves one to the cover sweeper, then Kallis is hit on the pad as he tries to flick to leg, he was quite a long way down the pitch, Umpire Gould says 'not out' but India call for a review...

  189. NOT OUT  

    He's a long way down, will it be the dreaded 2.5m rule? The crowd thinks he'll be out as there are three red lights, but the impact is more than 2.5m from the wickets and Gould makes the "safe" signal. The ICC has said that if the impact is more than 2.5m away, the ball has to be hitting some part of middle stump... and it was only clipping off stump. So Kallis survives.

  190. 35.4 overs WICKET Kallis run out (Harbhajan/Dhoni) 69 (SA 173-3)  

    But not for long, as with the very next ball, Kallis comes back for a second run as Harbhajan throws from the deep, a slightly wide throw is very well taken by Dhoni who whips the bails off and Kallis is gone!

  191. 36 overs Commentary SA 173-3 (TARGET 297)  

    JP Duminy is the new batsman, he blocks his first ball from Zaheer and can't score off the second.

  192. Twitter  

    From BobbyB1983: "India were undone AGAIN by the dodgy 2.5m rule. When will this rule be changed!?"

    I suggest you direct your concerns to the ICC, they make the rules! Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved.

  193. 37 overs Commentary SA 183-3  

    A bold prediction from Simon Hughes on TMS - "if De Villiers stays in, South Africa will win." And SA have taken the batting powerplay - interesting decision. "I don't know why more teams don't just take\u00a0it as soon as the ball is changed," notes Simon H.\u00a0India recall Nehra to the attack, ABDV hits his usual single and Duminy deftly dabs one through the vacant slip cordon for four. Duminy pushes a quick single, Yuvraj's throw to the striker's end is wide of the wicket but hits ABDV, who is put off his stride and dives forward as if he's at the swimming pool! Undaunted, a fortunate inside edge past the stumps brings him four.

  194. SMS  

    From Andy, Oxford: "Lots for England to learn from this game, least of all the extremely meagre extras column on the India bowling card."

  195. 38 overs Commentary SA 190-3 (TARGET 297)  

    Zaheer continues for his eighth over, SA will be pleased to see the back of the cunning left-armer. JPD and ABDV are two of the quickest Proteas player between the wickets, running the singles well, while Harbhajan makes a good sliding stop to deny a boundary at long-off\u00a0as ABDV clubs a low full-toss back past the bowler. They run two. Yet again, they target Munaf Patel for a quick single whenever possible as the paceman fumbles at mid-on. Duminy swipes and misses at the last ball, can't connect properly but they run one anyway. And the physio comes on to give ABDV a bit of treatment.

  196. 39 overs Commentary SA 201-3  

    It looks like De Villiers may have jarred something when he tripped over just now, grimacing as he completed that last run,\u00a0and he calls for a runner - it's Amla, who is easily the more fleet-footed of the three dismissed batsmen. Some South African fans wearing fake "Amla" beards in honour of their hero are very pleased to see their man back out in the middle. Patel replaces Nehra in the attack. Single from Duminy, and the presence of a runner isn't going to improve the over-rate. ABDV blasts the ball to long-off, and instinctively sets off for a run, forgetting that Amla's out there for him! Duminy steps back to whack an inside-out four through the covers. He attempts the same shot but can't connect and they run a leg bye. ABDV lofts a drive wide of mid-on, he's rumoured to be a scratch handicap golfer and that's a perfect chip for four.

  197. 40 overs Commentary SA 218-3  

    Simon Hughes reviews the scorecard - with 11 overs remaining, Zaheer and Nehra have two left each, Patel and Yuvraj have bowled seven, while Harbhajan has five left and we may not see Pathan, who's bowled four, again. Zaheer to continue with his penultimate over while we're still in powerplay mode, Duminy dabs a single and an attempted reverse sweep by ABDV comes off the back of the bat and spoons over the keeper's head for four! A brave shot to play against Zaheer, but he follows up with a flashing drive and it slices off the edge to third man for four more! How do you set a field to this man? He drills a one-handed single to long-off (really), and Duminy joins in the fun with an audacious straight six over the sightscreen! And it was such a big blast, it's broken his bat - Imran Tahir comes on with a selection of replacements. This is easily SA's best over of the innings, rounded off by a single to cover - 17 from it.

  198. Twitter  

    From alpesh1982: "I\u00a0am wondering what else does Zaheer Khan need to do to be acknowledged as a great bowler. His figures today are amazing!"

    Or at least they were amazing before that last over - he's gone from 8-0-22-1 to 9-0-39-1. But he's still a great bowler in my humble view - just look at that\u00a0brilliant ball which dismissed Andrew Strauss the other day.\u00a0Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  199. 40.3 overs WICKET De Villiers c Kohli b Harbhajan 52 (SA 223-4)  

    Harbhajan replaces Patel, Duminy nudges a single and then De Villiers reverse-sweeps him for four to bring up his fifty (from 38 balls). But as he attempts a conventional slog-sweep to the next ball, he's brilliantly caught low at deep square leg!

  200. 41 overs Commentary SA 225-4  

    Duminy has to take on the senior role here, a single takes him to 21 and new batsman Francois du Plessis works his first ball off his legs for one. A few of India's senior players have a mid-pitch conference - SA need 72 from 54 balls.

  201. 42 overs Commentary SA 235-4  

    South Africa scored 52 from that batting powerplay - but at the cost of De Villiers' wicket. Dhoni decides to keep Zaheer's last over up his sleeve, and turns to Yuvraj's slow left-arm. Du Plessis plays out two dot balls before carving a single to mid-wicket. "I think India have just got the upper hand here," says Simon Hughes on TMS. Me? I'm going for the tie (and am prepared to be investigated by the ICC if it comes true). Duminy knocks a single, Du Plessis steers a two before swatting a flat six over wide long-off! That's a good way to end the over - 62 needed from 48.

  202. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Embarassment for England as they are left without towels at the hotel. They threw them all in against Bangladesh."

    I'm sure James Tredwell could procure some - carrying towels onto the field\u00a0is all he's been asked to do for most of this tournament!

  203. 42.4 overs WICKET Duminy st Dhoni b Harbhajan 23 (SA 238-5)  

    Duminy and FDP exchange singles before Duminy goes all Eoin Morgan and reverse-hits Harbhajan for four. But Bhajji has his revenge when Duminy is stumped off a wide! It was at the second or third attempt by Dhoni, who was fumbling the ball like a bar of soap, but Duminy was so far down the pitch he had time to complete the stumping. Very sporting of\u00a0Dhoni to give\u00a0JP time to almost get back in his crease, you might think!

  204. 43 overs Commentary SA 240-5  

    Wicketkeeper Morne van Wyk is the new batsman, he looked pretty clueless with the bat against England, but he's off the mark with a single and Du Plessis completes the over with a single. 57 needed from 42 balls.


    Patel replaces Yuvraj, and the fanatical Indian supporters are cheering every dot ball now. Du Plessis swipes a single to Tendulkar at third man, something else which is guaranteed to raise a cheer. Van Wuk slog-sweeps, there's a man under it at deep square leg... and it's dropped, and also goes through for four! Hang your head in shame, Mr Gautam Gambhir. The sixth-wicket pair add a couple of singles, then Van Wyk tries a reverse sweep, he's hit on the pad, given out lbw but calls for a review...

  206. 44 overs WICKET Van Wyk lbw b Patel 5 (SA 247-6)  

    That looked out to the naked eye... it's just clipping leg stump, it's an "on-field call" and "Gunner" Gould raises his arm to send Van Wyk on his way. SA need 50 from 36 balls.

  207. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "If South Africa don't win today, whose turn is it to ask Graeme Smith about the 'c' word [choking] in the post-match press conference?"

  208. 45 overs Commentary SA 251-6  

    Johan Botha is the new batsman, Simon Hughes is a fan and thinks he should have been in at seven. "Van Wyk's not in Mark Boucher's class, as a batsman or a keeper," is "The Analyst's" view. Harbhajan in for his eighth over, Du Plessis and Botha scramble three singles to take SA to 250, and they run through for a leg bye off the last ball as Dhoni fumbles a potential stumping chance. 46 needed from 30 balls. But do you dare predict anything in this wonderful game we call cricket?

  209. 46 overs Commentary SA 261-6  

    Patel to continue, but he will rue giving a bit of width to Botha as he punches a four through point. ("Rajasthan Royals bought him for the IPL, partly because of his batting strike rate, and he'll probably be their next captain when Shane Warne hangs up his spinning fingers," notes Simon Hughes on TMS). Botha scampers a two to leg, then hoists one to long-off - they think about a second but don't take on Yusuf Pathan's arm, although his wild throw is stopped by Dhoni's pads like a village wicketkeeper! FDP steps across to the off side and a firm nudge to leg brings him two - a single takes him to 19. SA need 36 from 24 balls.

  210. 47 overs Commentary SA 266-6  

    Harbhajan in for his penultimate over, will he bowl through? Three singles start the over, they need a boundary at some point. Botha sweeps but can't connect, dot ball. Botha aims another big heave to leg but misses and it misses the stumps by a fraction. The last ball is driven to long-off, they come back for a well-run two but that over has driven the run rate up. 31 needed from 18 balls. Lance Klusener into the TMS box, dare any of the other commentators bring up that 1999 semi? You betcha...

  211. 47.5 overs WICKET Botha c sub (SK Raina) b Patel 23 (SA 279-7)  

    Simon Mann is slightly surprised that India are persisting with the "hittable" Munaf Patel - Du Plessis whacks the first ball through the covers, but it's too close to the sweeper and they run one. Botha smacks an easy two to long-off, then he slogs one through mid-wicket and just beats the diving Kohli to the boundary! 24 needed from 15. Botha lofts one down the ground, this is six or out... and it's six over long-on! "A very welcome half-a-dozen," says Lance Klusener on TMS. The fifth ball is aimed to the off side... and pouched by sub fielder Suresh Raina (when did he sneak on?) running in from long-off! 18 needed from 13.

  212. 48 overs Commentary SA 280-7  

    That was a good catch by Raina as he was running in, and had to evade Zaheer Khan who was running back. Robin Peterson is the new batsman, but they crossed on the catch and Du Plessis drills a single to long-off to keep the strike. 17 needed from 12 balls.

  213. 49 overs Commentary SA 284-7  

    Zaheer Khan to take the penultimate over (will Harbhajan or Nehra bowl the last? Or will a Mike Hussey-style blitz ensure it's not needed?) Du Plessis drives a single to mid-on. 16 from 11, and Peterson to face his first ball. Dhoni shuffles his field. Peterson pushes to cover, there's a huge mix-up and it looks like an easy run-out\u00a0but the throw to the bowler's end is wild and somehow they complete a single! I don't have a "missed run-out" graphic. 15 needed from 10. Du Plessis pokes a single to cover point - 14 from nine. Peterson plays and misses, Dhoni rushes up to prevent a bye. 14 from eight. Peterson drives but straight to the cover sweeper, only one taken. 13 from seven. Du Plessis plays and misses at Zaheer's last ball, no run, great last over from the wily left-armer and SA need 13 from six balls. Time to go ball-by-ball! (Why do I always seem to get the closest matches?!)

  214. 49.1 overs Commentary SA 288-7  

    Despite the prediction of Harbhajan, it's going to be left-arm seamer Nehra to bowl the last over. Peterson swings, an inside edge\u00a0past the stumps brings four! Nine needed from five.

  215. 49.2 overs Commentary SA 294-7  

    Peterson blasts a six over long-on, it's down to three from four!

  216. 49.3 overs Commentary SA 296-7  

    South Africa's coaching staff are up on their feet with delight at that six. It looks like we have a change of ball as that one wasn't thrown back. Nehra bowls, Peterson carves it through backward square leg and they run two. Scores are level. And as Lance Klusener says on TMS: "We've seen SA lose from this position - let's not go there."

  217. 49.4 overs Commentary SA 296-7  

    Everyone in on the single, Peterson finds the gap through the covers and\u00a0that's four - South Africa win by three wickets.

  218. BBC Test Match Special's Lance Klusener
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Lance Klusener  

    "Five years ago today, South Africa chased down 434 to beat Australia, but they've chased well again today."

  219. 1718 Commentary  

    TMS have switched straight over to the rugby from Cardiff (join Mark Orlovac on the live text if you wish) but we'll keep going for a bit of reaction.

  220. Commentary  

    South Africa's Robin Peterson (18 not out from seven balls): "This was a good advert for the World Cup - Johan Botha put them under pressure with that little cameo but it was good to come out on the right side of the result. Faf had a lot of humour to keep me going, and he gave me a couple of options which proved to be the right options."

  221. 1723 Commentary  

    What does that do for Group B? India are still top with seven points, but astonishingly they still aren't through to the quarter-finals. South Africa have overtaken England - what hasn't changed for Andrew Strauss's men is that they still need to beat the Windies and hope other results go their way. It looks something like this:

    India - Played 5, Pts 7; West Indies - P4, Pts 6; South Africa P4, Pts 6; England P5, Pts 5; Bangladesh, P4 Pts 4; Ireland P4 Pts 2; Netherlands P4 Pts 0.

  222. 1725 Commentary  

    Eight points will still get you into the quarter-finals (so India need to avoid defeat against the Windies, who need one win from two games, as do SA). Bizarrely, I reckon England could lose to the Windies and still go through - as long as Bangladesh lose both their remaining games and Ireland don't win both of theirs.

  223. Twitter  

    From ChakyPoon: "Oh COME ON! India once again rue their failure to go ballistic in the tail enders! Where is their batting depth?

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved, or continue the discussion amongst yourselves

  224. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    On Twitter: "Seems Dhoni was the only person in world cricket who thought Nehra should have bowled that over ahead of Bhajji. Still, nice job Peterson!"

  225. 1740 Commentary  

    Next on the World Cup agenda are two games from Group A (which is dull and boring compared to the fun of Group B, n'est-ce pas?) tomorrow - New Zealand v Canada in Mumbai and Australia v Kenya in Bangalore. By tomorrow evening, the trans-Tasman rivals could both have joined Sri Lanka in the quarter-finals. But the next live TMS commentary game is on Tuesday, when South Africa face Ireland in Kolkata at 0900 GMT - and I'll be here with the live text on that one.

    Make sure you watch the highlights tonight as it's been another cracker - they're on the Red Button and the BBC Sport website from 2200 GMT, then on BBC Two at 0010. Enjoy the rest of your weekend - no matter what may have happened to your football (or rugby) team today - and I'll see you Tuesday morning.

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Live Scores - India v South Africa


  • South Africa beat India by 3 wickets
  • India: 296 (48.4 overs)
  • South Africa: 300-7 (49.4 overs)
  • Venue: Nagpur

South Africa Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 7 300
Amla c Dhoni b Harbhajan Singh 61
Smith c Tendulkar b Z Khan 16
Kallis run out (Harbhajan Singh) 69
de Villiers c Kohli b Harbhajan Singh 52
Duminy st Dhoni b Harbhajan Singh 23
du Plessis not out 25
van Wyk lbw b Patel 5
Botha c Sub b Patel 23
Peterson not out 18
Extras 1w 7lb 8

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