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Cricket World Cup Pakistan v New Zealand as it happened

  1. 0832 Commentary  

    I saw a man with such a stern, glazed look on his face when I hopped on the tube this morning. His expression was empty, as if he was searching for the meaning of life on the Hammersmith and City line. I thought to myself: "Why don't you light this man's life up with a heart-felt expression, a reassuring quip and make him understand the world has so much to offer?" Then I thought better against telling him about Shahid Afridi's amazing strike-rate so far at this World Cup - it would have gone down\u00a0as well as\u00a0Slayer's Reign in Blood at a toddler's birthday party. Welcome everybody to New Zealand v Pakistan.

  2. 0833 Commentary  

    Early-doors news - England fast bowler Stuart Broad has a side strain and could miss Friday's match against Bangladesh. The good news for England fans is that it's not the same side which forced him out of the Ashes series after Adelaide. Meanwhile, over in Pallekele, nestled in the foothills of Kandy, central Sri Lanka, the home of the spanking new Muttiah Muralitharan International Stadium, it's nearing toss time in game number 24 of the Cricket World Cup.

  3. 0838 Commentary  

    New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori wins the toss and elects to bat. "It's pretty dry, and a there's a bit of grass on it but it's probably batsmen-friendly," says the left-arm spinner, who looks like\u00a0a Phd student according to the man on my left. Big-hitting left-hander Jesse Ryder is out, so in comes Jamie How while Jacob Oram replaces Hamish Bennett. Meanwhile, Rameez Raja poses the thought-provoking question to Shahid Afridi: "Are you eating wicket biryani for breakfast?" Unsurprisingly, the Pakistan captain doesn't answer the question. Two changes for the 1992 chamoions, who include Shoaib Akhtar and\u00a0Abdur Rehman are back for Wahab Riaz and Saeed Ajmal.

  4. 0841 Commentary  

    The teams: New Zealand - McCullum, Guptill, How, Taylor, Franklin, Styris, McCullum, Vettori, Mills, Southee, Oram

    Pakistan - Hafeez, Shehzad, Kamran Akmal, Younus, Misbah-ul-Haq, Umar Akmal, Afridi, Razzaq, Rehman, Gul, Akhtar

  5. 0847 Commentary  

    Pakistan are unbeaten in the tournament and top Group A while New Zealand\u00a0have two convincing victories against Canada and Zimbabwe sandwiched between\u00a0a thorough whopping by neighbours Australia.\u00a0A victory for Pakistan today secures their place in the quarter-finals while a win against Canada should see the Black Caps through, although a confidence-boosting\u00a0win\u00a0in central Sri Lanka would do wonders for the ol' confidence.\u00a0

  6. 0849 Commentary  

    For all you TMS fiends, we now have live radio coverage from Pallekele, possibly the only cricket venue\u00a0in the world to share half of its name with a lead singer of a British indie band. A hearty slap on the back for the first person to email, text or\u00a0tweet\u00a0in the name of the band...

  7. Commentary  

    From Russ Church, TMS inbox: "Thrash metal and cricket - a truly fantastic concept. I can see Megadeth or Anthrax raising a few eyebrows in the Long Room at Lord's. Hilarious."

  8. 0856 Commentary  

    So these two teams\u00a0have met 88 times in one-day internationals, with Pakistan leading the way with 51 victories compared with New Zealand's 34 while one match has been tied with two\u00a0results. These two teams have met four times in World Cup history, with New Zealand claiming just one solitary victory, back in 1983 at Edgbaston.\u00a0 And the form book favours Pakistan, who won a recent six-match one-day series 3-2, with one no result last month.\u00a0

  9. 0859 Commentary  

    Kudos to Marc Williams, who rightly emailed in first\u00a0with the answer Bloc Party to the question posed at 0849 (Pallekele Okereke).\u00a0For all you disappointed people,\u00a0scour\u00a0your minds for more cricket-based venues with the names of indie\u00a0band singers\u00a0in. Funnily enough I'm bereft of suggestions...Right, the teams are out, Shoaib Ahktar is marking out his run-up so furiously he looks like he's making a trench for himself. We're ready for\u00a0action\u00a0- game on...\u00a0

  10. 0.4 overs WICKET McCullum b Shoaib 6 (NZ 8-1)  

    Shoaib is fortunate to get away with a front-foot no-ball with the first ball but umpire Nigel Llong spots the overstepping from the third delivery and Brendon McCullum launches a meaty swipe high over deep midwicket for a sweet six but he's bowled by a beauty with the next delivery as the ball seams back and sneaks through the gap between bat and pad. Sensational start...

  11. Commentary  

    From Jabbar Ahmed, Islamabad, TMS inbox: "This looks set to be a thrilling game, only thing Pakistan needed was to chase down a total to further put forward their claims as Favourites for the Cup."

    Gotta love that start Jabbar...

  12. 1 over Commentary NZ 8-1  

    Just seen another replay of the McCullum dismissal, a delivery sent from above - most players would struggle to lay willow on that in the high 80s. And his next delivery to new-man Jamie How goes the other way off the pitch. Quite brilliant start from the veteran paceman, evergreen as the shirt that billows off his back as he steams in to bowl.

  13. Commentary  

    From Andy, Helsinki, TMS inbox: "Not strictly a lead singer of an indie band but \u2018Terence Trent Bridge D\u2019Arby\u2019."

  14. Commentary  

    From Sam Cottis, TMS inbox: "I remember when they said Vettori used to look like a normal undergrad student, they grow up so fast."

  15. 2 overs Commentary NZ 9-1  

    Afridi turns to tweak in the form of left-arm spinner Abdur Rehman, who sends down five dot balls to Jamie How following a single from Martin Guptill from the first ball of the over.

  16. Commentary  

    From Paul, Cambridge, TMS inbox: "Surely Trent 'Reznor' Bridge of Nine Inch Nails? Great start for Pakistan."

  17. 3 overs Commentary NZ 16-1  

    Got some interesting listening on TMS during the interval. We'll hear from England fast bowler Stuart Broad, but also we're going to be talking to Muttiah Muralitharan as well as having an interview with his brother, plus Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara and his former national coach Tom Moody. Very wise leave from Guptill, who sees a Shoaib delivery jag back off the pitch and flirt outrageously with the off stump. The opener swings around a short delivery down to fine leg before Shoaib is harshly called for a front-foot no-ball which should not have been because his foot was behind the popping crease when it landed before sliding over the line, which is not an offence. Guptill doesn't give two hoots though as he spanks an attempted slower ball beyond mid-off for four.

  18. Commentary  

    From Mark at Rugby High School, TMS inbox: "Tenuous again, but MCG Hammer?"

  19. SMS  

    From Marc, London: "I was friends with\u00a0Kele from Bloc Party\u00a0at school and although rubbish at most sports he actually enjoyed a bit of cricket. So even a bit more relevant for him to have a venue named after him."

  20. 4 overs Commentary NZ 20-1  

    While Shoaib makes the headlines from one end, Rehman keeps a lid on things with another tidy over, although Guptill moves to double figures with a double behind square.

  21. Commentary  

    From Dan, London, TMS inbox: "Remember some banging eighties hits from The WACA Khan?"

  22. Commentary  

    From Richard, Norwich, TMS inbox: "I once went to see Guns\u00a0n Roses and their lead singer Axl Rose Bowl. Not sure its Indie but does it count?"

  23. 5 overs Commentary NZ 21-1  

    Another probing over from Shoaib, who, had he not erred with front-foot no-balls, would have figures of 3-1 from three overs. The conditions are\u00a0probably not what Danny Vettori was expecting when he won the toss about 50 minutes ago.\u00a0 Good crowd in the stadium, which looks a beauty. \u00a0

  24. Commentary  

    From James, Warrington, TMS inbox: "What about the award-winning electro-indie outfit MCGMT? I've heard it actually stands for Melbourne Cricket Ground Mega Tour. If you print this, it may be an exceptionally long day..."

  25. 6 overs Commentary NZ 22-1  

    Another tight over from left-armer Rehman, leaking a solitary single. Impressive start from the 1992 world champions - and Shahid Afridi hasn't even had a sniff yet...

  26. 7 overs Commentary NZ 30-1  

    More intelligent bowling from Shoaib, who fools Guptill with a sneaky slower ball which the batsmen doesn't pick as he goes for a huge mooey, but just manages to sneak a thick outside edge beyond a wide first slip and down to the third man boundary for four. He picks up four more in comical style after a solid forward defence which Shoaib fields off his own bowling and throws towards wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal - only his throw is too high and goes over the stumper's head and down to the boundary for four. Like Mohammad Asif did at The Oval last summer to hand Alastair Cook a century. Comedy.\u00a0

  27. SMS  

    Mark in cold Selby: "How about the fantastic Radiohead-ingley? Great"

  28. 8 overs Commentary NZ 34-1  

    Rehman's figures are blotted by a leg-side delivery smartly turned off his pads by Guptill and down to the fine leg boundary for four. Still, with a bit of juice for the seamers on offer, a bit strange why Afridi continues with the new-ball spin option...

  29. SMS  

    From Anon: "Remember "boys boys boys" by Sabrina Park."

  30. SMS  

    From Martin in Hull, trying to work with not much success: "Gabba - the seventies Swedish sensation, I am sure that Dancing Queen is on Ian Bell's iPod."

  31. 9 overs Commentary NZ 41-1  

    Errrr! Another ugly front-foot aberration from Shoaib and Guptill doesn't quite get as much willow as he would have liked\u00a0from the resulting free-hit, but it was still enough to run away for four runs - another boundary from a needlessly given free hit. The fast bowler's dander is up - but his attempted bouncer is too high and umpire Nigel Llong calls a wide. \u00a0

  32. Commentary  

    From Kev in Leeds, TMS inbox: "Talking Headingleys?"

  33. Commentary  

    Richard, again, should be working. Abu Dhabi, TMS inbox: "How about Everything but the Galle?"

  34. 10 overs Commentary NZ 45-1  

    The histrionics of Shoaib are balanced by the control of Rehman, although New Zealand's second-wicket duo are looking comfortable now, gleaning four runs with two singles and a double. Probably time for a change of bowling...

  35. Commentary  

    From Sam, London, TMS inbox: "Chester-the-Streets?"

  36. 11 overs Commentary NZ 45-1  

    Predictably, Shoaib Akhtar is hauled off by Afridi, who has shaken his head a couple of times during his fast bowler's five-over spell - most notably when he sent the ball high over Kamran's head for four. The bustling Umar Gul steams in and opens up with an encouraging maiden, getting the ball to move a fraction in both directions off the deck.

  37. SMS  

    From Anon: "Surely Percy Sledgbaston. Too easy....."

  38. 12 overs Commentary NZ 54-1  

    Jamie How currently has four from 28 deliveries. Sluggish, which is an adjective you cannot use to describe Guptill, who spanks new-man Abdul Razzaq's first delivery through the covers off hte back foot for four before dispatching his fourth straight back over his head for his fifth boundary. The opener steals the strike with a single from the last ball, to the relief of most Kiwi fans across the globe. No matter where you go in the world, you are always bound to run into a Kiwi at some stage. Any Kiwis reading in from far-flung corners of the globe?

  39. Commentary  

    From Tom, Edinburgh, TMS inbox: "Dear oh dear Pranav, what have you started here? Ace of Basin Reserve?"

  40. 12.3 overs WICKET How lbw b Gul 4 (NZ 55-2)  

    Jamie How's excruciating innings comes to an end when he is trapped leg before to Umar Gul. Four runs from 29 deliveries. It's another beauty from Gul, seaming back off the track as How overcompensates attempting to hit the ball through leg. Easy decision for\u00a0former Kent stalwart Nigel Llong.

  41. 13 overs Commentary NZ 56-2  

    The new man is the dashing Ross Taylor, who turns 27 today,\u00a0which\u00a0mitigates his choice of shot\u00a0second up - a breezy waft of fresh air outside off stump. Gul looks threatening, the complete antithesis of How, an innings which made Chris Tavare look like Yusuf Pathan.\u00a0\u00a0

  42. 14 overs DROPPED CATCH NZ 64-2  

    Change of ends for Shoaib - who sees Taylor guide a thick outside edge in between slip and the wicketkeeper, both of whom leave it for each other. A shocker - and Shoaib is seething, his anger reaching white-hot temperatures as Taylor scythes the next ball through point for four. OH MY DAYS! Kamran Akmal has dropped the easiest catch you will ever see! Taylor edges a regulation catch straight into the breadbasket - it was more difficult to drop than catch. Seriously, that is quite possibly the worst drop I have ever seen. Shocking doesn't even come close.

  43. Commentary  

    From Sam Habib, TMS inbox: "That album from that\u00a0classic Liverpudlian rockers, Sharjah Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."

  44. Commentary  

    From Neil, Ely, TMS inbox: "I have always had a soft spot for Booker T and the MCGs, and particularly their instrumental hit Graham 'Green' Onions."

  45. 15 overs Commentary NZ 68-2  

    Guptill moves within five runs of a half century with a thick outside edge off Gul runs down to third man for four, despite the attentions of Shoaib running around on the boundary. Gul is bowling with fire and ire, sending down a vicious\u00a0inswinging yorker speared at Guptill's toes - he only has two on one foot following a tractor accident when he was in his younger days - but the opener jams his bat down in time to keep the ball from castling his timbers.

  46. BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja  

    "Kamran Akmal has had a bad patch for the last 24 months and isn't really good enough to be keeping wicket at this level. Pakistan has a pretty decent pace attack but it's being let down by a wicketkeeper who doesn't know how to keep hold of the ball. I am sorry but he has to be replaced."

  47. 16 overs DRINKS BREAK NZ 69-2  

    The ball is swinging quite discernibly in the air - and Shoaib and Umar Gul are making it talk, just a shame Kamran Akmal can't understand what language it's speaking. More circumspection shown by the third-wicket duo, who earn just a single from the over and it's time for a spot of beverage.

  48. Commentary  

    From Nick Skey, TMS inbox: "How about Sophia 'Sound' Gardens?"

  49. Commentary  

    From James, Copenhagen TMS inbox: "Georgetown Michael?"

  50. Commentary  

    From El Quiche, Clapham, TMS inbox: "You don\u2019t get a wagon wheel at Don McLean Park\u2026 you get American Pie."

  51. 17 overs Commentary NZ 70-2  

    Don't forget to send your 140 character or less musings on Twitter via the #bbcworldcup group as well as the emails and texts. Gul is bowling beautifully, moving the ball in the air and off the track, pinning Taylor inside his crease with delivery which moves sharply back towards his pads in the air, prompting a huge lbw appeal which Nigel Llong turns down. The result of a brief conflab opts against using a referral.\u00a0Gul then sends down a rapid inswinging yorker which Taylor just about keeps out. Superb bowling, a joy to watch a fast bowler at the top of his craft in action.\u00a0 I've gone all dewy-eyed...


    Congratulations, by the way, to the Test Match Special team\u00a0for winning\u00a0the best Radio Sports Programme prize at the British Sports Journalism Awards last night. Deserved recognition, especially\u00a0after a great Ashes series - did Aggers' sprinkler dance help the judges reach their decision?

  53. Commentary  

    From Duncan, TMS inbox: "I went to a wedding somewhere near Winchester and think I recall driving past the David Roth Cricket Ground. I\u2019m almost sure this happened as I recall proudly pointing it out to the wife, who had no idea what I was talking about. If anyone knows of a Cheryl Cole cricket ground then you may have more success."

  54. 18 overs Commentary NZ 72-2  

    Just seen a glimpse on TV of former New Zealand fast bowler turned commentator Simon Doull, who looks far too much like Toadfish from Neighbours for his own good. Any other cricketers who look like Stonefish or the other one whose name ended in fish....? Goldfish? Selfish? I can't remember. Doull's dulcet tones are drooling over the superb display of seam bowling from Shoaib and Gul, the former sending down another impressive over, leaking just two runs.

  55. Commentary  

    From Adam Taylor, TMS inbox: "Depeche Modi Stadium?"

    Although we have slightly gone off-piste with the indie lead singer's names and stadiums game, I thoroughly endorse your wider contributions. And yes, I had to look up the Modi Stadium too...

  56. 19 overs Commentary NZ 74-2  

    Gul is making Taylor look like an under-11 with a bat right now, the Kiwi number four groping without much luck outside off stump. The birthday boy drills a drive down to deep cover for a single to steal the strike from the last ball of the over.

  57. Commentary  

    From Steven, TMS inbox: "How about that famous 90s group, the Durban Cookie Collective?"

  58. 20 overs Commentary NZ 81-2  

    The excellent Shoaib Akhtar is taken off and replaced by Abdul Razzaq, who is dispatched high over deep midwicket for a confident four by Taylor, taking two steps down the track before a lusty wallop. And Taylor moves to 18 with a double from the last delivery of the over.

  59. 21 overs Commentary NZ 83-2  

    AFFFFRRRRRRIIIIDDDDDIIIII! The tournament's top wicket-taker introduces himself into the action and immediately sees Guptill\u00a0groping with little conviction outside off stump. Lots of pace from Afridi's over, no flight on offer as both NZ\u00a0batsmen add singles to their totals.

  60. Commentary  

    From Steve Kelly, TMS inbox: "Don't be fooled by Doull's dulcet tones. He once cracked three of my ribs whilst playing for Pudsey St Lawrence in the 90's. I was talking like whispering Ted Lowe for weeks!"

  61. Twitter  

    From junningtonsmyth: "Ross Taylor looking like an 11 year old, with his shoe-laces tied together batting with a lollypop stick."

  62. 22 overs Commentary NZ 91-2  

    The third-wicket duo look far more comfortable against the seam of Razzaq than the express pace of Shoaib or Gul. A wide, three singles and four leg-byes, which the hapless\u00a0Kamran Akmal really should have prevented. Someone give the poor stumper a hug - although he would probably get his arms in the wrong place...

  63. 23 overs Commentary NZ 93-2  

    Afridi rifles through his six deliveries, leaking just two runs.\u00a0The leg-spinner\u00a0has at least four more matches to beat Glenn McGrath's tournament record haul of 26 wickets,\u00a0achieved\u00a0in 2007.

  64. 24 overs Commentary NZ 95-2 GUPTLL HALF CENTURY  

    More tweak and on comes off-spinner Mohammad Hafeez, who leaks just one run with a tidy opening over which brings Martin Guptill a well-deserved 11th one-day half century.

  65. SMS  

    Tim in Mossley, Lancs: "How about Madonna's hit Bourdaline?"

  66. 25 overs Commentary NZ 99-2  

    Four singles earned without too much trouble by Guptill and Taylor from Afridi's third over.

  67. 26 overs Commentary NZ 101-2  

    The most pointless third umpire decision ever as Kamran Akmal whips off the bails as Guptill plays around a good top-spinner from Hafeez,\u00a0but his\u00a0back foot is firmly planted\u00a0inside his ground\u00a0in the\u00a0replay.\u00a0 Just two runs from another good over from the all-rounder.\u00a0

  68. Commentary  

    From Steve, TMS inbox: "After the cricket grounds/band names game, how about applying the same game to film titles? I\u2019ll start things off with East of Eden Gardens."

    Wahoo - I'll get the easy ones in Lord's of the Rings, Trent Bridge over River Kwai...

  69. 27 overs Commentary NZ 106-2  

    Easy pickings for Guptill and Taylor, picking up five singles from Afridi's fourth over.

  70. 28 overs Commentary NZ 110-2  

    The 'Feez tweaks and sees Ross Taylor desperately attempting to make his ground chasing a second as Umar Akmal's direct hit from deep square leg causes all sorts of excitement. But the replay shows the batsman was a good foot inside his ground when the timbers were broken. Four runs from the over.\u00a0

  71. Commentary  

    From James Parker, TMS inbox: "Missed a trick I feel. What about Trent Bridge Oval the Riverside Kwai?"

  72. 28.4 overs WICKET Guptill bowled Afridi 57 (NZ 112-3)  

    Afridi picks up wicket number 15 of the World Cup with a beauty, completely bamboozling Guptill. He floats the ball up, offering plenty of flight and drift as Guptill attempts to hit to off, but he misjudges the line as the death rattle signals his time to return to the crease. More brilliance from Boom Boom, you really can't keep the man quiet...

  73. Commentary  

    From Sam, London, TMS inbox: "Harare Potter Sports Club?"

  74. Commentary  

    From Tak Ha, TMS inbox: "A Fish Called Wanderers?"


    Hafeez is almost down on his knees imploring an lbw appeal against new-man James Franklin - and umpire Daryl Harper - who has had a shocker of a tournament - sticks his finger up. But Franklin calls for the referral...

  76. 29.1 overs WICKET Franklin lbw Hafeez 1 (NZ 113-4)  

    It's tight and the third umpire says impact with the pad was marginal but the ball would have gone on to rattle the stumps. The third official says it's the umpire's call, which means the original decision stands. Franklin's innings is over two deliveries after it began...

  77. Commentary  

    From Preston, London, TMS inbox: "The 1992 horror film The Kandyman."

  78. 30 overs Commentary NZ 119-4  

    From the sublime to the ridiculous - Younus makes a superb stop to prevent new-man Scott Styris from getting off the mark with a leg-side push, only to see his off-balance throw go for three overthrows because no-one was backing up his throw to the non-striker's end. Interesting couple of overs has thrown this game wide open...

  79. Commentary  

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham: "I'm not quite sure what New Zealand see in James Franklin. He has now failed to reach double figures in 31 of his 61 innings for the side. His average? 23.92 and falling."

  80. 31 overs DROPPED CATCH NZ 126-4  

    Afridi has his head in his hands courtesy of another mistake from - yep, you've guessed it - Kamran Akmal as he drops an edge off Styris before squirting down to third man for a single. You could put all of Kamran's howlers into one superb montage complete with "Yakety sax", or the Benny Hill theme tune to you and me, and watch the hits roll in on a popular video-sharing website. Taylor adds four more to his total with a dicey cut from wide outside off stump, just about guiding the ball beyond point down to the boundary.

  81. SMS  

    Ian in Durham: "Lawrence of Arabia Gardens."

  82. SMS  

    Scay, Bermondsey: "The Kingsmead's Speech?"

  83. 32 overs Commentary NZ 131-4  

    Hafeez rifles through his fifth over, with every single delivery earning a single for the fifth-wicket duo.

  84. Commentary  

    From Gid, Cambridge, TMS inbox: "A classic - Chitty Chitty Bangabandhu."

  85. Commentary  

    From Dan, London, TMS inbox: "Return of The Chennai? With a great list of characters including Lord's Vader, Lando Carisbrookian and Gabba the Hutt?"

  86. 33 overs Commentary NZ 135-4  

    Afridi is peeved - he really feels he should be deep into the Black Caps batting line-up. Instead he has Scotty Styris and the dangerous Ross Taylor ready to hit the ballistic button very soon. Four runs from Afridi's seventh over and a spot of beverages follows.

  87. Commentary  

    From Duncan, TMS inbox: "Basin Instinct Reserve."

  88. Commentary  

    From Tom, Hampshire, TMS inbox: "Technically not a film, but my favorite director has to be M Night Chinnaswamy Stadium."

  89. 34 overs Commentary NZ 137-4  

    The excellent Hafeez keeps things tight with just two runs from his sixth over, but I get the feeling these two are biding their time for the all-out assault.

  90. Twitter  

    From alexknudsen: "Anfield Of Dreams? Stadium of Half Light? White Christmas Hart Lane? These any good??"

    Not bad Alex. Could do better.

  91. Commentary  

    How about The County Groundhog Day set in Sussex?

    From Stuart in Rustington, first time I've had to revise in\u00a0fpir years and I'm still great at finding ways of distracting myself, TMS inbox: "How about The County Groundhog Day set in Sussex?"

  92. 35 overs Commentary NZ 141-4  

    Ross Taylor notches his 20th ODI 50 with a single, although the birthday boy really should not have been at the crease following an absolute howler of a dropped catch from Kamran Akmal when he was on eight. Singles galore off the returning Abdur Rehman, who opened the bowling with his left-arm tweak.

  93. Commentary  

    From Ali, West Yorkshire, TMS inbox: "The sword of Tipu Multan?"

  94. 36 overs Commentary NZ 147-4  

    Singles, singles, singles. More singles. And another one. Five from Hafeez's seventh over. Nurdle, nudge, caress, plunder, glide - any other\u00a0verbs to describe the singlesfest?

  95. Commentary  

    From Richard, TMS inbox: "The Outlaw Josey Swalec Stadium?

  96. 37 overs Commentary NZ 150-4  

    Rehman cuts off the singlesfest with three dot balls to end his seventh over. Still no sign of a launch over the ropes from the fifth-wicket pair, it has to come soon...

  97. SMS  

    From Tim, Norfolk: "How about Big Trouble in Little Chinnaswamy?"

  98. Twitter  

    From OptaJim: "Ross Taylor, 27 today, is the second batsman to score a World Cup half-century on his birthday, the first being Inzamam-Ul-Haq. Icing."

  99. 38 overs Commentary NZ 155-4  

    The excellent Gul returns as Afridi looks for the wicket, but the singles continue, three from the first three deliveries but miss out on a cast-iron double to Shoaib Akhtar at long-on. Gul lets fly with a leg-side wide before finding his line and length with his final two deliveries to keep Styris pinned inside his crease. The batting powerplay is still firmly up Black Cap sleeves...

  100. 39 overs Commentary NZ 160-4  

    Massive slice of fortune and off the top of his bat from Taylor, who sends the ball high into the air but safely behind the wicketkeeper for a double off the unfortunate Rehman. Styris admonishes himself attempting to cut a delivery too close to cut, but is fortunate that his bat does not make contact with the ball through to Kamran's gloves - and yes, he holds on to the ball.

  101. 40 overs Commentary NZ 163-4  

    Umar Gul continues and Taylor slaps a run through the covers before Styris gets one from a full toss. Taylor is enjoying a charmed life on his birthday as an away-swinger rips past his dangling blade. Kamran Akmal saves four with a diving stop from the last ball - that's the first decent thing he's done all day. Time for these two to step it up, methinks.

  102. Commentary  

    From Simon, London, TMS inbox: "The Magnificent Devon - A Western version of the life and times of Devon Malcolm in the role of Charles Bronson in the Magnificent Seven. In a dramatic climax, he sacrifices himself in true Charles Bronson style by heroically jumping into the air allowing Glenn McGrath, played by Eli Wallach, to take his wicket, however as Devon lies there dying (not actually dying, Devon Malcolm isn't dead) he smiles knowing that he saved the three young village boys who had come to view him as their dad. (Just to clarify; Devon Malcolm is alive and didn't save three Mexican boys from marauding bandits led by Eli Wallach.)"

  103. 40 overs Commentary NZ 173-4  

    Still no sign of the batting powerplay as Afridi rolls in for his eighth over...although hang on, the field has come inside the circle. What's going on here? Looks as if the New Zealand duo told Afridi they want the batting powerplay, but it hasn't been signalled by umpire Nigel Llong, who insists he has to call the powerplay. All sorts of angry faces ensue, the words bulldog chewing a wasp spring to mind to explain Afridi's expression right now, made worse by Styris, who scythes four through point. Afridi continues his protestations to umpire Llong but he sees Styris add three more to\u00a0his total to move to a very handy 27.\u00a0 Mayhem. You can't deny that Pakistan provide all sorts of entertainment on the field, often from the sublime to the ridiculous in one seamless swoop.

  104. Commentary  

    From Vince Taylor, TMS inbox: "How about \u2018State of Grace Road\u2019?"

  105. 42 overs WICKET Styris lbw Gul 28 (NZ 175-5)  

    Unsurprisingly, umpire Daryl Harper ("didn't he play the mermaid in the film 'Splash'?" says Paul Hibbert) signals the batting powerplay as Gul charges in for his eighth over. He offers nothing remotely spankable until he traps Styris dead in front on the back foot - and up goes the finger of Daryl Harper.\u00a0 That was so out Styris didn't even think about challenging Harper's decision.

  106. Commentary  

    From Greg, London, TMS inbox: "The Madness of St George\u2019s Park. This in reference to\u00a0umpire\u00a0Cyril Mitchley giving unamused Athers out caught behind to \u201cGogga\u201d (Paul Frog-in-the-blender Adams) back in December 1995 at St George\u2019s in Port Elizabeth. As an expat\u2019 Saffa (now dual SA-Brit citizen), I find the memory of Athers\u2019 face after that dismissal particularly amusing. Truth be told, he did a lot of scowling on that tour, except after his Herculean effort with Jack Russell on the fifth day at the Wanderers to deny SA, including Donald and Pollock."

  107. 43 overs Commentary NZ 179-5  

    Lovely drift from Afridi, bending the ball back into new-man Nathan McCullum's pads, but his lbw appeal is stunted once he realises the ball would have comfortably missed leg stump. Danny Vettori's beard is fantastic, isn't it? Like a member of American indie strummers Band of Horses or Kings of Leon pre-stadia stardom. Taylor goes to 67 with a couple of singles, but the batting powerplay is stalling for the Black Caps - they need big hits and fast.

  108. SMS  

    From Matt, London: "Re: Singles verbs - snaffle, dink, chunter, pootle, shimmy, flap and winklebutt. 'Styris winklebutts another single there just between cover and poin t" for example."

  109. 44 overs Commentary NZ 188-5  

    The excellent Gul, bowling in the low 90s,\u00a0resumes and he sees McCullum add four to the total with a majestic off-side push through point for four, no flourish just placement and timing, wonderful cricket shot. Two leg-byes and a wide add three more runs to the total as NZ push towards 200. \u00a0

  110. SMS  

    Jon in Norwich: "How about The Pallekele Brief? Not as funny as most of the others but at least it's topical."

  111. 45 overs Commentary NZ 202-5  

    Taylor goes for a huge slog-sweep mooey over Cow, but completely misses Afridi's skiddy leg-break, which isn't far from his off stump. But McCullum makes contact - and how - with a lusty straight six over long on, all 84 metres and the 110th of the tournament. McCullum's hands are low on the bat, providing the neccessary leverage to lift the ball over the boundary. And Taylor joins in on the maximum antics as he drops to one knee to smear Afridi over deep square leg to bring up the New Zealand 200. Taylor's still on for three figures...

  112. 45.5 overs WICKET N McCullum bowled Gul 19 (NZ 210-6)  

    Gul is getting the ball full and in and around the blockhole, mixing up his deliveries with cleverly disguised slower balls - but he is absolutely hammered over deep square leg by McCullum, who swivels early and clubs the ball high over the ropes to move to 19 from just nine deliveries. But his nascent innings is brought to a close when he drags a slower ball on to his stumps attempting the wallop over long-off. Good cameo though.

  113. SMS  

    From Neel, Birimingham: "How about Bra'Bourne' Supremacy?"

  114. SMS  

    From Alex, Nottingham (and lots of other people too): "No Country For Old Trafford Men?"

  115. 47 overs THAT'S 100 NZ 238-6 ROSS TAYLOR TON  

    Shoaib returns for the death overs - only to serve up a dishy-looking full-toss wide outside off stump, allowing Taylor the opportunity to merrily flail the bat beyond point for four before sending the next delivery - another rank full-toss - over the rope at deep square leg for six, moving the birthday boy along to 86. AND THAT'S OUT OF THE\u00a0GROUND! Another\u00a0filthy\u00a0full-toss, knee-high on leg stump, and Taylor\u00a0tucks in with a meaty pull\u00a0high over deep square leg, the stand and into the foliage. Enormous. Shoaib is close to losing the plot as he sends an attempted slower ball wide of the white-line\u00a0markers. And Taylor moves to within four of his century with four more over point, this time\u00a0with a powerful cut, creating\u00a0room\u00a0by shifting to the legside\u00a0for extra leverage. And his last ball is dispatched high into the\u00a0deep midwicket stands! Six\u00a0more! What a way to bring up a ton - especially since his last one-day ton was over 30 months ago.\u00a0\u00a0So that was 28 from the over. Unbelievable. Happy\u00a0birthday Ross, only the third cricketer to score a one-day hundred on his birthday. Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar are\u00a0the other two.\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0

  116. 48 overs Commentary NZ 253-6  

    Jacob Oram joins the boundary-hitting antics, sauntering down the track to smear a Abdur Rehman full-toss over square leg four. That previous over from Shoaib was unsurprisingly the most expensive of the tournament. And Oram takes New Zealand over the 250 mark with a meaty smear over long-off for six, just clearing the head of Mohammad Hafeez stationed on the rope. This pair have put on 43 in just 13 balls - and this is all outside the batting powerplay too. The last 18 balls have gone for 50 runs.

  117. 49 overs Commentary NZ 283-6  

    Razzaq is summoned to replace the broken Afridi - only to receive exactly the same treatment from Taylor, who launches the first ball through extra cover for four before unleashing an almighty slog-sweep high into the deep midwicket stands for six, his fifth six of his innings. Make that six - another juicy full-toss on middle stump is met with a hefty crack of the willow into the same area as the ball before. The impartial crowd go wild - and why wouldn't they?\u00a0 Razzaq's confidence is shattered - two wides from the over only heap more pressure and nerves on the all-rounder. Taylor calls for a new bat following a drive for two up the ground. A brief delay ensues as a new blade is brought on to the ground, but his new willow is right up to the job as he thumps an attempted yorker down the ground for four - Afridi stationed at long-off didn't even bother moving for it. And would you believe it - ROSS TAYLOR HAS DISPATCHED RAZZAQ OUT OF THE GROUND! Another filthy full-toss is walloped with such power and disdain, it is a joy to watch. Unless you are a Pakistan fan... The last five overs have gone for 95 runs. The last three for 73...quite, quite unbelievable.

  118. 49.3 overs WICKET Oram c Gul b Rehman 25 (NZ 295-7)  

    Rehman's first ball of the final over is - go on, guess - spanked for six! Right in his slot, clearing his front leg out of the way for a clean swipe of the ball over long-on - and does exactly the same with the next delivery, this time over long-on. He attempts another, but doesn't get enough willow to clear the rope and is caught by Umar Gul right on the rope at long-on. Had he not been there that would have been six more.\u00a0

  119. Commentary  

    From Will Collins, TMS inbox: "That last six just came through our office window, here in Yorkshire, do they need it back?"


  120. 50 overs Commentary New Zealand 302-7  

    New-man Kyle Mills' first delivery goes for four - albeit with a thick outside edge through slip before bringing up the 300 with two runs down the ground. Their last 50 runs came in just 29 deliveries. Quite unbelievable. Possibly one of the most remarkable 10 overs of one-day cricket I have ever seen. New Zealand finish their 50 overs on 302-7 with birthday boy Ross Taylor unbeaten on 131 from 124 deliveries. Quite, quite brilliant.\u00a0

  121. Commentary  

    From Andrew Young, TMS inbox: "Unbelievable. I only left the commentary for 15 mins and thought there was an epic typo. I thought exciting world cup games were only possible with England involved."

  122. 1250 Commentary  

    The stats are staggering - New Zealand were 164-4 after 40 overs while Pakistan conceded 100 runs from their final five overs. I'm still shaking my head in disbelief. Did that just happen?\u00a0

  123. Commentary  

    From Shahid, TMS inbox: "Fantastic display and great batting from Taylor, great entertainment for all the neutrals out there. Well done NZ, you\u2019ve made it worth staying glued to the TMS commentary."

  124. BBC Test Match Special's Tom Moody
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Tom Moody  

    "That was an absolutely remarkable end to the innings. New Zealand were on track for 240/250 maximum but a terrific effort led by Ross Taylor got them to 300. He came into the game clearly out of form\u00a0but scored some ugly runs which helped him get his touch back and while he had some luck early on he cashed in on the second half of the innings in spectacular fashion."

  125. SMS  

    From Rob in Cardiff: "Has there been a World Cup with so many sensational individual efforts with the bat? Strauss, O'Brien, and now Taylor. Fantastic for the tournament."

  126. Commentary  

    From Tim, Mayfair, TMS inbox: "Kamran Akmal won\u2019t be getting seconds at dinner, even if he doesn\u2019t drop his first helping."

    For those of you joining the\u00a0sixfest late doors, Ross Taylor was dropped by the hapless Pakistani stumper for a duck and on four. Howler doesn't even come close to describe the second one...

  127. SMS  
    From Luke, Durham: "Kamran akmal needs to hit atleast 118 to make up for THAT dropped catch!"
  128. Commentary  

    New Zealand\u00a0hero Ross Taylor: "I struggled at the start but towards the end I managed to hit a few boundaries which felt pretty sweet. I had some luck early on and played and missed a few times but we have power down the order and that showed at the end. We had the impetus and went for it. It's probably a par total but hopefully we can get some early wickets."

  129. 1308 Commentary  

    For those of you perplexed by the Formula 1 text from below, it somehow sneaked its way through the Pallekele chicane and into our cricket home straight...

  130. 1312 Commentary  

    Reporter Kevin Howells is taking to Muttiah Muralitharan and his brother in the interval about the great man and his contribution to cricket.\u00a0 Former Sri Lanka coach adds his plaudits too.\u00a0 Well worth a listen now.

  131. Commentary  

    From Jez, Hampshire, TMS inbox: "Personally I don't see what all the fuss is about - I score 100 off 5 overs quite regularly on stick cricket."

  132. 1315 Commentary  

    Out come the Pakistani openers Ahmed Shehzad and Mohammad Hafeez with Kyle Mills to bowl the first over with the new ball. Game on.

  133. 1 over Commentary Pak 5-0  

    Mills beats Hafeez with a beauty of an outswinger, flirting with the outside edge of bat before thumping into the gloves of Brendon McCullum. But the Pakistani opener caresses the next ball through extra cover for four, wonderful stroke. A quite brilliant one-handed diving stop from Jamie How at point saves a certain boundary from a beautifully timed back-foot push from Shehzad.


    Tim Southee opens up from the other end - and he immediately traps Hafeez with a beauty on his back foot and umpire Nigel Llong upholds the appeal. After a brief 10-second conflab, the referral is called...

  135. 1.2 overs WICKET Hafeez lbw Southee 5 (Pak 5-1)  

    It's a tight one - the ball would have clipped leg stump so it's the umpire's call, which means Hafeez is on his way back into the pavilion as Nigel Llong upholds his original decision. Disastrous start for the 1992 world champions.

  136. 2 overs Commentary Pak 7-1  

    Kamran Akmal, a man who has more than his fair share of guilt on his shoulders for twice dropping Ross Taylor on single figures, is fortunate an inside edge onto his pad saves his skin because otherwise it would have been two\u00a0lbws from two deliveries. He's off the mark with a confident push through extra cover. Right, I'm off for some lunch so Sam Sheringham will guide you through the next 15 minutes or so. Be good to him...

  137. 3 overs Commentary Pak 13-1  

    My old buddy Lee James at World Service has just tweeted that this would be the highest run chase ever in Sri Lanka. It's a big ask, especially with Kyle Mills getting the ball to dance both ways off the seam. Mind you, that's a lovely stroke from Shehzad as he clips the ball off his hips - but some great chasing from Tim Southee and some bizarre running between the wickets keeps them to two. Flies are buzzing around Shehzad's head as he takes guard to the last ball but he is anything but distracted as he leand into a cover drive and finds the boundary.

  138. 4 overs Commentary Pak 13-1  

    Just like those flies, New Zealand are buzzing here, their hungry and athletic\u00a0fielding\u00a0in stark contrast to Pakistan's ragged effort. Maiden over. Great stuff from Southee.

  139. Commentary  

    From T-J-09, TMS Inbox: "Sat in the computer room at lunch frantically clicking refresh..Much easier now than devilishly whipping out my phone in class, could be worth it though. Could be a grandstand finish, but Akmal\u2019s dropped catch may well decide it yet\u2026"

  140. BBC Test Match Special's Tom Moody
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Tom Moody  

    "Pakistan don't need to panic at this early stage. They need to build a good foundation and hope that someone hits the ball like Ross Taylor. They've certainly got the players who can do that."

  141. 5 overs Commentary Pak 16-1  

    Scottie Styris rolls back the years with a full length lunge to stop four as the pressure build on this\u00a0Pakistan pair. Another tight over yields just three runs. Incidentally, the highest run chase in Sri Lanka was 289 by Sri Lanka against pakistan in Dambulla two years ago.

  142. 6 overs DROPPED CATCH 23-1  

    Ouch! Vettori lands heavily on his right knee as he attempts to dive forwards and claim a catch from Kamran. But the skipper says he's ok to tough it out.\u00a0Kamran\u00a0gets lucky as a firm prod back to the bowler\u00a0skims through Southee's outstretched paw. Oh dear - Vettori is limping off now, to be replaced by Kane Williamson. If the NZ skipper can't bowl, Pakistan could just have a sniff here.\u00a0

  143. 6.1 overs WICKET Shehzad lbw b Mills 10 (Pak 23-2)  

    Mills steams in to Shehzad and that, my friend is out. The batsman swings and misses at a ball that nips back off the seam and is trapped in front of middle and off.

  144. Commentary  

    From Iain, Isle of Lewis, TMS Inbox: "If NZ had scored throughout the innings as they did in the last 4 overs they would have scored 1025 runs!"

  145. 6.4 overs WICKET Younus Khan b Mills 0 (Pak 23-3)  

    Mills steams in and spears one right between Younus Khan's bat and pads before knocking down\u00a0off stump! Pakistan are in deep, deep trouble.

  146. 7 overs Commentary Pak 23-3  

    New batsman Misbah-ul-Haq is beaten all ends up by a beauty to round off a sensational over from Mills. Back to Pranav Soneji for the rest of the innings.

  147. 7.1 overs WICKET Kamran c Taylor b Southee 8 (Pak 23-4)  

    Oh dear - Kamran Akmal's awful day continues as he edges a regulation slip catch to Ross Taylor from a gentle outswinger from Southee. Both seamers are making the new ball sing like a falsetto reaching the high notes and Kamran falls for the trap, dangling his bat out away from his body, no feet movement and straight into the palms of Taylor, stationed at a deep second slip. Seriously, Pakistan fans - how can you keep your blood pressure under control watching your team?

  148. 8 overs Commentary Pak 27-4  

    One Akmal replaces another as Umar takes guard with his team in something that rhymes with "hoodoo".\u00a0 By the way, it's Pranav Soneji back in the commentary seat as poor old Sam Sheringham goes off to slave away on his report. Four runs from the over, but that's the least of Pakistan's concerns right now...

  149. Commentary  

    From Nick Green, TMS inbox: "What outrageous irony that Taylor pouches Akmal at the first time of asking!"

  150. 9 overs Commentary Pak 28-4  

    Kyle Mills, or "Mulls" if you're from the Land of the Long White Cloud, keeps a leash on the run scoring with another excellent over, using the evening conditions to move the ball away from the edge of Umar's bat. Exceptional bowling, just a single from the over.

  151. 10 overs Commentary Pak 30-4  

    Southee is loving the situation right now, two batsmen under the cosh, movement in the wicket, beaming floodlights and late-evening conditions - heck, even my dibbly-dobblies could do some damage here. Probably. Just two runs from the over.

  152. 11 overs Commentary Pak 35-4  

    Misbah eases a leg-side delivery fine off his pads and down beyond the diving left glove of Brendon McCullum to fine leg for four...turns out there was no bat on it and it's four leg-byes. The\u00a0meany that is Kyle Mills concedes a solitary single from the over.\u00a0

  153. 12 overs UMPIRE REVIEW Pak 38-4  

    A pensive and despondent Shoaib Akhtar sits and watches the horror show unfold in front of his eyes on the dressing room balcony, although can one be pensive and despondent at the same time? The giant Jacob Oram, who was a very good goalkeeper in his youth, hauls his enormous frame up to the wicket and has a confident lbw appeal turned down - but on-field captain Ross Taylor calls for the review...

  154. 12 overs NOT OUT Pakistan 38-4  

    Bad call from Taylor, deputising for the injured Daniel Vettori, as the technology shows the ball pitching over the stumps by a good distance. Permission to show smug face granted umpire Llong.

  155. Commentary  

    From Pradeep, India, TMS inbox: "Misbah had played a great innings when he was a teen against Australia in Australia, when he came with Pak down at 126/6, chasing 275. One such innings needed from him right now."

  156. SMS  

    Fom Jez, avoiding writing an essay in Bristol: "That was a ritonkulous last few overs by New Zealand! What do you think? New word for the dictionary?"

    Like it, how about 'hammullering'? Or 'marvelising'?

  157. 13 overs Commentary Pak 44-4  

    Fortuitous boundary for Umar, who top edges a Southee bouncer over the diving right mitt of Brendon McCullum and down to the boundary. The\u00a0required run-rate is already up to seven an over. \u00a0

  158. Commentary  

    From JB, Woking, TMS inbox: "Checking the score at the back of maths - I don't know why I bother."

  159. 14 overs Commentary Pak 44-4  

    Jacob Oram has a more than useful lbw appeal turned down against Misbah by umpire Llong and he stares at his deputy captain Ross Taylor, pleading his case for a referral. But the birthday boy centurion keeps his arms by his side. Tough one but probably the right decision with height the main factor. Just a solitary single and Pakistan are in serious trouble - like a man about to ascend Everest only to realise he has accidentally brought his flip-flops instead of his cramp-ons.

  160. 14.5 overs WICKET Misbah c Styris b Southee 7 (Pak 45-5)  

    Misbah falls as a thick outside edge squirts to Scott Styris, who takes a good low catch in the gully. Poor shot though, hitting all around a full delivery close to the blockhole. And in comes Shahid Afridi, a man whose idea of forward defensive involves a bat swing of 359 degrees...

  161. Commentary  

    From Kevin, TMS inbox: "As we are now looking at new words, can I suggest either 'penspondent' or 'despensive' for Akhtar's demeanour (see 12 overs below)? Or would someone care to refudiate that?"

  162. 1430 Commentary  

    Official confirmation - Stuart Broad is ruled out of the World Cup with a side strain. No news as yet on his replacement but that's seriously bad news for England, especially after his awesome performance in Chennai on Sunday.

  163. 16 overs Commentary Pak 57-5  

    Predictably, Afridi plays in Afridi mode, plundering two boundaries off Jacob Oram through the leg side. This will either be the greatest innings ever seen on a one-day pitch or a slap-dash-wallop 30-ball jaunt from the Pakistan captain. Umar turns a very smart glance down to the fine leg boundary, where Tim Southee makes a superb stop at full sprawl, cutting off at least two runs. \u00a0

  164. Commentary  

    From Charles, London, TMS inbox: "You can be despondent and pensive in different ways. When Wordsworth felt like that his mind always turned to the plight of an ancient and deformed leech-gatherer he once met. I suspect that Shoaib Akhtar is thinking about something else."

  165. Commentary  

    From Gina, Gloucestershire, TMS inbox: "Re new words for Shoaib - 'parrutted' being a combination of gutted and sick as a parrot. By the way, are parrots a notoriously sick bird anyway. Where did that saying come from?"

  166. 17 overs Commentary Pak 66-5  

    Two skips and down the track and Afridi cocks the trigger and unleashes a huge six over deep midwicket off left-arm seamer James Franklin, before pummeling a single down to fine leg. Franklin's line and length is better from around the wicket as Umar is cramped for room. But good over for the 1992 world champions and 2009 World Twenty20 champs.

  167. 17.1 overs WICKET Afridi bowled Oram 17 (Pak 66-6)  

    Afridi is cleaned up by a straight delivery from Oram, attempting to contrive the ball through the off side but completely messing up his executions. It's almost pathetic, but that\u00a0word would be an injustice to how well New Zealand have played. It's pathexcellence.\u00a0

  168. 18 overs Commentary Pak 70-6  

    New-man Abdul Razzaq is off the mark with a tight push to point, where a shy at the stumps hits the timbers and rolls away for four overthrows, although umpire Harper at square leg has called for the third official's assistance. Oooh, Umar's bat is just down in time. Meanwhile, Brendon McCullum takes a fantastic one-handed catch at full stretch diving to his left - but his appeal for a caught behind shout is turned down by senor Llong.

  169. Commentary  

    From Ian, London, TMS inbox: "Is Charles, London, referring to Herbert Wordsworth, the Yorkshire 2nd XI player from 1906? If so, a simply splendous piece of histivia."

  170. 19 overs Commentary Pak 73-6  

    All very "going through the motions" now as James Franklin goes up and down in three. I don't think there's any damage limitation to be had here for Pakistan, it's a full-on, unmitigated catastrophysteria.

  171. 20 overs Commentary Pak 76-6  

    Beautiful flowing straight drive from Umar, gently tapping the ball past Oram for three, the only runs from the over.

  172. Commentary  

    From Mike, Reading, TMS inbox: "So Broad is out - is that such a problem?
    It's the Ashes all over again. Welcome aboard, Mr.Tremlett!"

  173. 21 overs Commentary Pak 79-6  

    A few words exchanged between Umar Akmal and James Franklin, who towers a good 10 inches over the Pakistani batsman. Not sure whether there was any malicious intent or plans about watching the fourth series of Entourage together. Three more runs to the quite frankly irrelevant total.

  174. Commentary  

    From Tim, Bahrain, TMS inbox: "The sick parrot refers to a parrot adopted by the Tottenham tour to Uruguay in the 1910s. The day it died coincided with the day Tottenham controversially lost their place in an expanded top tier of English football to Arsenal who had finished 5th in the second tier the previous season and were promoted ahead of 3rd placed Wolves and 4th placed Barnsley."

    Baggsy Tim for my pub quiz team.

  175. 22 overs Commentary Pak 83-6  

    Eight runs and over is a huge ask - and gleaning\u00a0four from Oram's seventh over will not do their prospects a world of good.

  176. 23 overs Commentary Pak 87-6  

    Hands on heads for Tim Southee and Brendon McCullum as the former shaves the off stump with a beauty which jags back sharply off the track and into the gloves of the latter as Abdul Razzaq opts to shoulder arms. Three more from the over, all singles. \u00a0

  177. Commentary  

    Matt, TMS inbox: "Sick as a parrot. I wouldn\u2019t baggsy Tim, as the phrase appears in Flaubert\u2019s Madame Dovary, written in 1856. I don\u2019t know the origin of the phrase, but I\u2019d say this predates Tottenham in Uruguay."


  178. Commentary  

    From Sahibqiran Siwum, Shahjahanabad, TMS inbox: "Since coining neologisms appears to be the order of the day, I guess this is one of those days the Pakistani team would surely very Kiwickly like to forget\u2026"

  179. 24 overs Commentary Pak 92-6  

    Dismissive from Umar, a wonderful batsman to watch in full flow, punching Franklin on the up through extra cover for four. A single follows. The atmosphere around the stadium is decidedly staid.

  180. Commentary  

    From James Glass, TMS inbox: "Matt is right, and it could also refer to the disease which parrots get and transfer to humans which after a quick scan is dated in the 1970s, but Matts on the money, i think I'd select Matt a head of Tim this time around."

  181. SMS  

    From Rhys, London: "Finding space for all these new words in the dictionary is going to be a neologistical nightmare."

  182. 25 overs Commentary Pak 93-6  

    Don't forget we have Barsenal tonight in the Champions League this evening with Chris Bevan taking you through proceedings at the Nou Camp. Oooh, fortunate for Razzaq, who guides a thick outside just in front of Ross Taylor at slip. Actually, that was a little harsh on Razzaq, who controlled the ball with one hand, taking the pace off the ball.

  183. 26 overs Commentary Pak 99-6  

    Umar waltzes down the wicket and smacks James Franklin through midwicket for four, exchanging a probably not-very-pleasant word or two in the process. Maybe he doesn't want to watch Entourage this evening and has his eye on Jersey Shore instead. Umar moves to 36 with a single.

  184. Commentary  

    From Phill, TMS inbox: "It turns out that parrot care basics have an entire section for looking after a sick parrot; Apparently, parrots will try to appear healthy so as not to look like \u201ceasy pickings\u201d to predators. So that explains Pakistan\u2019s performance in the previous three games..."

  185. 27 overs Commentary Pak 101-6  

    Nathan McCullum and his brand of off-tweakery is introduced - and Razzaq has to execute a full-blown dive to get back into his ground following a brilliant piece of fielding by Kane Williamson, on for the injured Daniel Vettori, at point. Right, there's lots of copying and pasting going on here judging by a lot of suspicious emails which say exactly the same thing about the origins of the dead parrot. We abhor\u00a0plagiarism - well that's what I copied and pasted from my bosses' emails...\u00a0

  186. SMS  

    Brent, London: "If Umar wants to watch Jersey Shore, he should check in with Ross "The Situation" Taylor. Maybe get some tips."

    Officially the most vacuous programme on TV. And that is up against some seriously stiff competition.

  187. 28 overs Commentary Pak 102-6  

    Styris rifles through his over - conceding just one run.

  188. 28.3 overs WICKET Umar c Oram b N McCullum 38 (Pak 102-7)  

    Umar hammers a rank half-tracker straight into the large basket-like mitts of Jacob Oram on the deep midwicket boundary. Absolute shocker of a delivery, asking to be spanked - the only problem for the middle order batsman was picking out the tallest man in the whole of Kandy, nay, Sri Lanka.

  189. 29 overs Commentary Pak 106-7  

    New-man Abdur Rehman survives a close lbw appeal first up from McCullum, but the off-spinner is persuaded against referring the decision by younger brother Brendon. The ball would have missed leg stump so a good choice from McC junior. McC senior errs in line and concedes four wides, but that's hardly going to being down team morale.

  190. Commentary  

    From Freddy Chick, TMS inbox: "With over 4 billion words in Collins Dictionary\u2019s ever expanding corpus we are always on the look-out for exciting new words. Your sterling effort today to further this beautiful language of ours have not gone unnoticed. They will receive the careful consideration they deserve. On behalf of all the English speakers throughout eternity, 'well done'."

  191. 30 overs Commentary Pak 108-7  

    The viciously Scrooge-like Styris concedes two as the required run-rate nears 10 an over. Yeah, right.

  192. 31 overs Commentary Pak 115-7  

    Razzaq turns a short delivery on leg stump deftly around the corner for four, his second of his innings off Nathan McCullum, whose line is slightly wayward. Meanwhile, here's James Myers' take on parrots: "Some years ago I was staying at the house of a new girlfriend. All was going swimmingly as the scent of new love filled the air. All except for the fact that her pet parrot took a huge dislike to me. Whenever let out of it's cage it would screech tremendously and fly straight at my face. Ducking and weaving out of the way I found it to be excellent practise for evading short-pitched bowling."

  193. SMS  

    From Rhys, Bridgend: "Sick as a parrot comes from 'as melancholy as a parrot' and 18th century phrase which was apparently coined due to the depression noticed in parrots when they were taken out of their own environment. Parrowledge is power."\u00a0

  194. 32 overs Commentary Pak 124-7  

    "He's gonna do a Kevin O'Brien" says the man to my left as Abdul Razzaq pummels two successive boundaries off Scott Styris, the first through extra cover after taking a couple of jaunty steps down the track, bringing up his 5,000th international one-day run before almost taking the bowler's head off with an almighty straight drive. "That's gone like a tracer bullet," Ravi Shastri would probably say.


    Nathan McCullum is jumping like a five-year-old pointing at a bag of cola bottles as Abdur Rehman takes a tentative step forward attempting to fend a straight delivery from around the wicket - and up goes umpire Harper's finger. But Rehman is unconvinced, why I don't know because there's only one stump that was hitting...

  196. 32.4 overs WICKET Rehman lbw b N McCullum 1 (Pak 125-8)  

    Sure enough, the technology shows the ball battering into middle stump and off goes Rehman to be replaced by Umar Gul, who hit one of the more entertaining innings I have seen in the last 12 months in the first Test against England at Trent Bridge last year.

  197. Commentary  

    From Michael (in Sunny Slough), TMS inbox: "Absolutely no need for Pakistan to panic. They are only a couple of runs behind the New Zealand score at this point. Though the extra wickets they have lost may make it more difficult to get the run chase going in the last five overs..."

  198. 34 overs Commentary Pak 132-8  

    Umpire Llong taps the outside of one hand into\u00a0the other to indicate the batting powerplay has been taken - and Razzaq takes full advantage of a rank full-toss from Jacob Oram, battering the ball through extra cover for four.\u00a0 Oram regains his line and length before banging down a short ball which just loops off the track as Razzaq ducks under the ball. Time for a mandatory ball change.

  199. Commentary  

    From Dave, Bury St Edmunds, TMS inbox: "That wicket was\u00a0a shame because 'Everyone loves Rehman' (I\u2019ll get my coat)."

  200. 35 overs Commentary Pak 142-8  

    Unbelievably, Pakistan are only five runs behind New Zealand's score after 34 overs - make that one as Razzaq heaves Kyle Mills through midwicket for a lusty boundary with the field spread, taking his total to 40. Make that 44 as Razzaq punches a powerful aerial extra cover drive to the boundary. Well, Ross Taylor did it...and it is a quite remarkable World Cup so far...He can't, can he?

  201. 36 overs Commentary Pak 148-8  

    Razzaq moves within two runs of a half century with a thick outside edge off\u00a0Oram past the outstretched hand of Brendon McCullum behind the stumps for four.\u00a0 He moves within one run of his 23rd one-day half century to steal the strike for the next over.

  202. 37 overs Commentary Pak 165-8 RAZZAQ HALF CENTURY  

    Abdul Razzaq brings up his half century, dismissing a full toss on middle stump over midwicket for a one-bounce four for his second World Cup 50. He drills a vicious straight drive right at Mills' toes towards the sightscreen, but Tim Southee cuts off two runs with a smart tumble on the rope. Umar Gul gets in on the boundary-scoring antics with a heave through midwicket...and John Wright looks a little uneasy. Even more so now that Gul has tonked a thumping straight drive back over the bowler's head and into the stands for a fantabulous six straight out of the screws. And he picks up two more with a powerful pull shot to the deep midwicket boundary, where Jamie How cuts off another certain boundary. Now, surely not...

  203. 38 overs Commentary Pak 175-8 (target 303)  

    The more-than handy Gul smears what looks like a boundary down to square leg off Jacob Oram, only for Tim Southee to make a superb sliding stop on the rope at deep square leg. Meanwhile, Oram drops short, allowing Gul to swivel on his back foot and dispatch a poor delivery down to fine leg with minimum fuss as Oram finishes his 10 overs with figures of 1-47. That's also the 50 partnership from 32 deliveries. Could this game rival England v Ireland for twists and dramas?

  204. Commentary  

    From Tony, Redhill, TMS inbox: "Re Michael in Sunny Slough. Is this the earliest incidence of sun-stroke recorded in the UK? If Pakistan get any where near the NZ total I will eat Slough."

  205. 39 overs Commentary Pak 183-8  

    There's no let-up in the run scoring as Umar Gul punches a full toss from Nathan McCullum through extra cover for four, taking Gul to 27 from just 15 deliveries. THe Kiwi bowlers are clearly struggling with the evening dew, every single one of them have hand towels poking out of their trousers. Pakistan need 120 to win from 66 balls.\u00a0 Surely not, surely?

  206. 40 overs Commentary Pak 187-8 (target 303)  

    Mills is hauled off for the meany Styris, who keeps a lid on the scoring with some very well-placed yorkers into leg stump, plenty of nous floating around the all-rounder's experienced head. Razzaq drills another bullet-like drive down the track, but yet more impressive Kiwi fielding cuts off the boundary. The Black Caps have been sensational in the field.

  207. 41 overs Commentary Pak 191-8  

    Pakistan are well ahead of New Zealand's run rate at this stage and can take plenty of inspiration from the efforts of a certain Irishman against England. However, Nathan McCullum keeps it tight and only four runs come from the over. Pakistan cannot afford many more of those.

  208. 41.1 overs WICKET Razzaq c Oram b Styris 62 (Pak 191-9)  

    Razzaq goes aerial once again, but gets too much under the ball, sending it high into the air and into the giant hands of Jacob Oram, ending an exciting 74-ball knock. Cue relief on the face of New Zealand coach John Wright.

  209. 41.4 overs WICKET Shoaib c N McCullum b Styris 0 (Pak 192 all out)  

    Last-man is Shoaib Akhtar, who skies his second deliverty high into the air before Nathan McCullum takes a superb catch running around from mid-on, ending Pakistan's unbeaten run in the competition. New Zealand beat Pakistan by 110 runs

  210. 1634 Commentary  

    So that's New Zealand's third victory of the tournament which sends them top of Group A. "That was some of the best hitting I have ever seen," said Tim Southee of Ross Taylor's match-winning innings in the post-match interview.

  211. Commentary  

    From Andy, Manchester, TMS inbox: "I could hear the sigh of relief from the residents of Slough from here. They are safe from Redhill Tony."

  212. 1641 Commentary  

    Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi: "I don't have any excuses, we didn't bowl well, we didn't field well and we missed opportunities. Fielding is the area where you can win games. But I'm pretty confident about my team I'm pretty confident we are not going to repeat this performance."

  213. 1650 Commentary  

    So the bad news for New Zealand is an injury for Daniel Vettori, but for the time being it's time to focus on Ross Taylor's birthday antics following his sensational 131 not out and the impending celebrations in Pallekele. Right, that's it from me - a heartfelt thank you to all for your emails, Tweets and texts - we're back on Friday England's Group B match against Bangladesh. In the meantime, check out Ross Taylor's "wagon wheel" of his impressive knock in Sam Sheringham's match report\u00a0while you can watch highlights from this afternoon\u00a0on the Red Button and online from 2200 GMT and on BBC Two from 2320 GMT.

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Live Scores - New Zealand v Pakistan


  • New Zealand beat Pakistan by 110 runs
  • New Zealand: 302-7 (50.0 overs)
  • Pakistan: 192 (41.4 overs)
  • Venue: Kandy

Pakistan Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 192
Mohammad Hafeez lbw b Southee 5
Shehzad lbw b Mills 10
K Akmal c Taylor b Southee 8
Younus Khan b Mills 0
Misbah-ul-Haq c Styris b Southee 7
U Akmal c Oram b N McCullum 38
Shahid Afridi b Oram 17
Razzaq c Oram b Styris 62
Rehman lbw b N McCullum 1
Gul not out 34
Shoaib Akhtar c N McCullum b Styris 0
Extras 4w 6lb 10

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