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Cricket World Cup - Sri Lanka v Australia as it happened

  1. 0829 Commentary  

    Ah, the vagaries of public transport in our capital - the unexpected delays, the expected lack of communication, the inevitable rage at random walls in the nearby vicinity, what more could a\u00a0man ask for on\u00a0a Saturday morning?\u00a0 A re-run of the 1996 and\u00a02007 Cricket World Cup finals you say?\u00a0

  2. 0833 Commentary  

    Australia, the defending World Cup champions, have not been beaten in the competition for an astonishing 31 games. However, they are up against the last team to defeat them - the 1996\u00a0world champions Sri Lanka, who defeated\u00a0Mark Taylor's team by seven wickets at\u00a0the Gaddafi Stadium in\u00a0Lahore.\u00a0

  3. 0837 Commentary  

    A huge roar erupts around the R Premadasa Stadium as Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara wins the toss and elects to bat first. He also confirms they will play three spinners; Muttiah Muralitharan, Ajantha Mendis and Rangana Herath with Nuwan Kulasekera making way. In complete contrast, Australia have just one tweaker in Jason Krejza alongside their triumvirate of pacemen in Mitchell Johnson, Brett Lee and Shaun Tait. In fact, they are unchanged from the team that thrashed New Zealand by nine wickets.

  4. 0844 Commentary  

    These two teams have played\u00a0a total of 72 one-day matches in their history, with Australia\u00a0winning 47, losing 23 with two no results.\u00a0 However, they have not played a limited-overs match on Sri Lanka soil for seven years. Their last visit in 2004 saw them finish with a 100% record at the Premadasa, winning two from two. But Sri Lanka hold the advantage on home ground, winning 12 and losing only two.\u00a0 Hmmmm indeed.

  5. 0850 Commentary  

    The dulcet tones of Soul Limbo on my headphones tell me Test Match Special is on air, although the Caribbean beat is swiftly replaced by the unmistakable voice of former England captain Tony Greig, one of an exclusive group of cricket commentators who do not need to broadcast (or "telecaaaarst" if you are Tony) with a microphone, at the toss.

  6. 0853 Commentary  

    The teams: Australia - Watson, Haddin, Ponting, Clarke, Hussey, White, Smith, Johnson, Krejza, Lee, Tait

    Sri Lanka: Tharanga, Dilshan, Sangakkara, Jayawardene, Samaraweera, Silva, Mathews, Herath, Malinga, Muralitharan, Mendis

  7. Commentary  

    From Syed, Boston, USA, in the TMS inbox: "You said Sri Lanka were the last team to beat Australia - in the 1996 final. This is not quite accurate. I still remember the group match in the 1999 World Cup where Pakistan defeated Australia. And Moin Khan swept Glenn Mcgrath for a six!"

    Syed, I stand corrected ("said the man in the orthopedic shoes"). I remember that remarkable Moin Khan shot, although sweeping fast bowlers is soooo passe these days...

  8. 0859 Commentary  

    Talking of sweeps, Ricky Ponting says his players have been practising the stroke over the past three days and "easing their feet to the spin and getting back, back and forth out of the crease" to counteract the inevitable treble spin attack posed by the hosts. However, they also have to deal with the toe-crunching antics of Lasith Malinga, who demolished Kenya with an incredible display at this very ground four days ago with a yorker-filled 6-38 display. Openers Upul Tharanga and Tillakaratne Dilshan are out, game on.

  9. Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "Bad news for Zimbabwe batsman Sean Williams - he's broken his thumb and will miss the rest of the tournament. Vusi Sibanda has been called up as his replacement, the\u00a0third change Zimbabwe have made to their original squad."\u00a0\u00a0

  10. 1 over Commentary Sri 2-0  

    The unmistakable action of Brett Lee, arms pumping like an overworked piston on a steam engine, and hammers down a short delivery\u00a0at Tharanga, who dips under the line before receiving a few pleasantries from Binga, possibly about the origins of democracy or his favourite VS Naipaul novel. Left-hander Tharanga looks untroubled though, easing a couple through point for the first runs of the day.

  11. 1.4 overs WICKET Dilshan c White b Tait (Sri 6-1)  

    We've only had seven deliveries and we've already had our first slice of controversy after Dilshan\u00a0carves a thick edge for four down to third man. Shaun Tait is furious and screams full into the batsman's face - and the opener retaliates before pulling out of the next delivery, much to Tait's chagrin. Umpire Ian Gould steps in to calm things down although Dilshan wants to smash Tait to Dambulla, judging by his crazy waft outside off stump. And Tait has his man! Dilshan loses the plot, attempts another outlandish waft and edges to Cameron White at second slip.

  12. 2 overs Commentary Sri 6-1  

    New man and captain Kumar Sangakkara is off the mark with his first delivery of the over but an impressive opening\u00a0six deliveries\u00a0from the pumped Tait, a man I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of, offering plenty of encouraging outswing at top pace.

  13. 3 overs Commentary Sri 19-1  

    Sangakkara eases a gorgeous drive, with high elbow finish, through cover for three before topping that with the most picture-perfect straight drive past mid-on, a mere push for four. And the Sri Lanka captain completes a profitable over with three more through midwicket. No swing for Lee,\u00a0unlike his new-ball partner.\u00a0For all of you who love your comments in 140 characters or less, you can send me your thoughts via Twitter through #bbcworldcup

  14. 4 overs Commentary Sri 22-1  

    Former Ian Chappell on TMS reckons if Tait can bowl up to 160kmph, then Jeff Thomson was at least "190 kmph". If you're too young to have watched Thommo in his pomp, I would\u00a0urge you to\u00a0type his name into a popular video-sharing website\u00a0and gawp at\u00a0the original slinger. Tait keeps the scoring down with three singles from his over.

  15. 5 overs Commentary Sri 23-1  

    Squeaky bottom time for Sangakkara, who pushes a\u00a0risky single to\u00a0Ricky Ponting at mid-off, but the Aussie skipper's shy at the stumps misses, although\u00a0Sanga would have been home had the timbers been disturbed.\u00a0 Much better over from Binga Lee, bowling in the high 80s on a pitch which is about as\u00a0fast as\u00a0treacle running uphill.

  16. 6 overs Commentary Sri 29-1  

    Ahhh Colombo, are there any other capital cities named after bumbling mac-wearing detectives? Sangakkara is in fine fettle, easing new bowler Shane Watson through point with a glorious square drive, galloping his score along to 19.

  17. 6.4 overs WICKET Tharanga c Smith b Lee 6 (Sri 31-2)  

    Sensational scenes at the Premadasa as Steve Smith takes a brilliant catch with both feet off the ground at point after a sizzling upper cut from Upal Tharanga. However, umpire Tony Hill calls for the thoughts of the third official because he has doubts about Brett Lee's front foot...and the fast bowler's heel of his front foot is just - and I really do mean just - behind the line when it lands, although it does slide over the popping crease as he delivers the ball, but that's alright, so Tharanga is sent on his way.

  18. 7 overs Commentary Sri 36-2  

    Out comes Mahela Jayawardene, who is less than 500 Test runs of falling short of the 10,000 run club. He adds four to his one-day collection with a calculated edge through the vacant second slip area.

  19. Commentary  

    From Max, TMS inbox: "Ah the great Malinga 6-38. BUT controversy here at home. My brother says his (Malinga's) bowling action is illegal as it is not overarm but bowled out from the side. I disagree. Over to you Umpire Pranav."

    Max old boy, let's end this now - Malinga's action is 100% legal. His arm is within the ICC's acceptable limit of flex at the elbow (ie it's not bent) at the point of delivery and there is nothing in the laws which says the ball must be delivered with a perpendicular arm. So laud it large in the Max household, umpire Soneji has spoken.

  20. 8 overs Commentary Sri 42-2  

    Sangakkara is bubbling like a hot stew right now, flicking Watson off his pads for a couple before a sliced drive gleans four more down to third man, a boundary met by screams not heard since Take That played in front of a squillion teenage girls at some stadium gig in 1996.

  21. Commentary  

    From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "I honestly can't see that Brett Lee would have a favourite VS Naipaul novel. Naipaul's work is often seen as driven by a colonial apologist agenda, and I can't see Brett going for that kind of thing, although I do accept may perhaps subscribe to the theory that Naipaul is simply a serial controversialist, a bit like Shaun Tait. On the whole, I think the origins of democracy is a more likely subject matter for the powerplay, suited as it is to short, pointed observations on whether democracy is a product of human instinct or merely another form of social control between slashes over third man up in the ring."

  22. 9 overs Commentary Sri 45-2  

    Another bowling change sees Mitchell Johnson, resplendent with a crew cut, is turned for a couple to midwicket by the circumspect\u00a0Jayawardene.\u00a0An assured, if unspectacular, start by the left-arm slinger. \u00a0

  23. Commentary  

    From Mark, TMS inbox: "I don't know about bumbling or mac-wearing, but there was a detective called 'Matlock', which is only a few miles from where I am now. It's the capital of Derbyshire - does that count?"

    Errr, possibly.

  24. 10 overs Commentary Sri 52-2  

    Jayawardene brings up the Sri Lanka 50 with a wristy flick off his pads, running the ball down fine beyond fine leg for four as Watson holds his head on his hands. Cheer up son.\u00a0Those rubbery wrists...sigh. Haddin\u00a0decides he's brave enough to stand up to Watson (with helmet) and whips the bails off as\u00a0Jayawardene misjudges a\u00a0cut shot, but his back foot\u00a0is wedged firmly inside the crease. That's the end of the first powerplay.\u00a0\u00a0

  25. Commentary  

    From Chris, Norwich, in the TMS inbox: "Mac-wearing, bumbling, capital city detectives - Inspector Clouseoul. Sorry."

  26. 11 overs Commentary Sri 57-2  

    Australia take the bowling powerplay just as\u00a0I watch another\u00a0replay of Steve Smith's catch, it really is a corker - worth watching on the highlights tonight on BBC TWO\u00a0at 0005 if you're far away from the gogglebox. More velvety strokeplay from Sangakkara, a mere push whistles away\u00a0past Mitchell Johnson and to the long-off boundary,\u00a0another outstanding\u00a0stroke. What I would give for\u00a0one iota of talent possessed\u00a0by that man...\u00a0\u00a0

  27. Commentary  

    Martin HW, TMS inbox: "And Leonard Nimoy played a character called Paris in earlier seasons of Mission Impossible; though, of course, he wasn't a detective. I don't recall him wearing a mac in it either, come to think of it."

  28. 12 overs Commentary Sri 63-2  

    The ascerbic Shaun Tait returns for his third over, although his ire has been somewhat quelled following the dismissal of Dilshan in the second over, although he'll be chuntering once again as Mahela Jaywardene eases an exquisite off-drive through extra cover for four, brilliantly pursued by the 34-yeawr-old Brett Lee, running as if he was an enthusiastic\u00a0teenager. Umpire Gould turns down a vociferous lbw appeal, but Ricky Ponting opts against a review - and a good idea too as the ball was going waaaaay down leg side.

  29. Commentary  

    From Andy in Moscow, TMS inbox: "RE Mark \u2013 since when has Matlock been the capital of Derbyshire? Perhaps there is a clue in the name Derbyshire as to which city can claim ownership of being it\u2019s \u2018capital\u2019\u2026"

  30. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "Quick reminder from me that England take on South Africa in the early hours of Sunday (0400 GMT) in Chennai. England's problems in the field (ill-disciplined bowling, dropped catches) have been well-documented, but another issue has been their inability to accelerate their run-rate over the closing overs. BBC Sport's Jon Barbuti explains more in his recent feature."

  31. 13 overs Commentary Sri 67-2  

    Super singles from this third-wicket pair, running through a couple of quickies off Mitchell Johnson. Sanga and Jaya have batted a ridiculous number of matches together in all formats, so the word "telepathic" springs to mind. Former Sri Lanka coach Tom Moody, in the TMS commentary box, says the Sri Lankans are playing "Australia's brand of cricket". Quite.

  32. Commentary  

    From Hil in SA, TMS inbox: "Delhi Savalas used to play Kojak."

  33. BBC Test Match Special's Tom Moody
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Tom Moody  

    "Both teams are very much up for it. The Sri Lankans have started off with a great intensity. This pair are so used to batting with each other, in Test cricket, in one-day cricket and they have an outstanding record batting together."

  34. Twitter  

    From rakpradhan: "Sri Lanka need to dig in and keep wickets in hand, else they could be blown away. Watson and Krejza are the weaklinks to attack."

  35. 14 overs Commentary Sri 70-2  

    Jayawardene turns a couple through midwicket as Tait, a racy speedboat compared to Shane Watson's QE2, strays on to the pads but doesn't give away too much with the rest of his fourth over. Intelligent cricket all round, this could be a right old humdinger.

  36. Commentary  

    From Steedee, Manchester, in the TMS inbox: "Not a capital city but MARPLE is in Cheshire."

  37. SMS  

    From Anon: "Ian Chappell may think Thomson was faster but he was only timed at 99.4 - Tait, Lee and Shoaib Akhtar have all gone over 100mph! - plus every Englishman will tell you that Frank Tyson was the fastest of all time or maybe Larwood or Trueman..."

  38. 15 overs Commentary Sri 74-2  

    Sangakkara takes a risk with a couple of steps across his stumps before guiding Johnson down to deep square, although had he misjudged his stroke he would have been letting off plenty of steam inside the dressing room. That's the end of the second powerplay and the Sri Lankan duo\u00a0are nudging and nurdling with consummate ease.

  39. Commentary  

    From Mark, Somewhere near Matlock, TMS inbox: "Perhaps Andy is from Derby, as I seem to have touched a nerve. The county town of Derbyshire is Matlock.\u00a0 Meanwhile, how about rugby legend Brian Lima? Not a detective, admittedly, but his name is a capital city and doubles up as a type of monkey. Almost."

  40. 15.2 overs WICKET Jayawardene run out 23 (Sri 75-3)  

    Indecision as Jayawardene pushes Watson to cover but opts to complete the run, only for Steve Smith's direct hit to just clip the top of the bails with the former Sri Lanka captain a good 12 inches short of his crease. Disaster for the co-hosts.

  41. 16 overs Commentary Sri 76-3  

    And when everything was looking as rosy as the first few days of a teenage relationship for Sri Lanka...Brilliant bit of fielding from Smith, who is sizzling hot right now following his incredible Jonty Rhodes-style catch to dispatch Upal Tharanga. New man at\u00a0the crease is Thilan Samaraweera, a man who averages 54.25 after 63 matches, although his one-day record is slightly more modest, averaging 26.58 from 47 matches.\u00a0

  42. Commentary  

    From Ieuan Einion, TMS inbox: "Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harare - or Spooner's Marlow."


  43. Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "Bad news for England ahead of Sunday's game against South Africa - in-form AB de Villiers has been passed fit for the Proteas after a back problem. England, meanwhile, have fitness concerns about Kevin Pietersen, Paul Collingwood and Graeme Swann."

  44. 17 overs Commentary Sri 78-3  

    Time for tweak in the shape of Jason "Krazy" Krejza, whose first over goes for just two runs,\u00a0extracting lift and bounce as well as turn. My esteemed colleague Paul Grunill believes\u00a0Krejza's beard looks like "The Master" in\u00a0the John Pertwee-era Doctor Who.\u00a0 I'm\u00a0thinking it's more Ming the Merciless.\u00a0 \u00a0

  45. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "In 315 one-day international innings, Mahela Jayawardene has now been run out 32 times, so as a fielding side you have a better than 1 in 10 chance of getting him out that way. Could be critical: Australia have to be slight favourites to win this now, whereas they weren't while Sangakkara and Jayawardene were together."

  46. 18 overs Commentary Sri 81-3  

    Good over from Watto, sending down a slower ball bouncer to Samaraweera, who withdraws his shot once he realises the folly of his selection. As long as Sangakkara, unbeaten on 40, is in the frame, then the Sri Lankans will be content.

  47. SMS  

    From Jon, Leicester: "Re Matlock. Derby is actually a unitary authority and therefore isn't under Derbyshire County Council control. I still reckon Chesterfield is more important."

  48. Sri 19 overs Commentary Sri 83-3  

    Steve Ashton reckons "Krejza shares a striking resemblance to Louie Spence". If you do not know who Louie Spence is, I envy you. Krejza is bowling with loop and flight, although he's fortunate that Sanga drills a mean-looking cut from a short delivery to Steve Smith at cover point. Still, Australia on top right now.

  49. Commentary  

    From Amit, Madrid, TMS inbox: "I knew someone called Santiago Washington back in the day. How's that for a capital-name double whammy? If I remember correctly he was from Nicaragua..."

    Was he a bumbling, mac-wearing detective with a penchant for "one final question"? No? No?

  50. 20 overs Commentary Sri 87-3  

    We haven't seen a boundary in quite a while as Watson contuinues the strangehold, leaking four singles from his sixth over.

  51. Commentary  

    From Chris, Wagga Wagga, NSW Australia: "Thommo was timed at 99.4mph by a speed gun in the off-season when he hadn't played a match in some months. It also occured AFTER he dislocated his bowling shoulder when he had lost a 'yard or two' of pace. My brother saw Thomson bowl in his early career in Sydney grade cricket and the wicketkeeper was halfway to the boundary on smallish suburban ovals, and the incoming batsmen generally needed a change of underwear BEFORE he had faced a ball. Thomson remains the only bowler in history to have bowled a delivery that, after pitching, bounced once before striking Perth's WACA sightscreen. Whether he was the fastest in history is unknown, but he is certainly up there in the conversation."

  52. 21 overs Commentary Sri 96-3  

    Nudging and nurdling a plenty before Sangakarra smears Krejza from outside off stump through midwicket for four, a confident - if dangerous - shot with the ball turning outside off stump. Good over for the hosts, nine runs from it. The crowd have woken up from their slumber.

  53. Commentary  

    From Duncan, TMS inbox: "Surely vampire hunters can be considered detectives, particularly ones who wear macs. So we must include Van Helsinki, as portrayed by Hugh Jackman (which isn't a city)."

  54. 22 overs Commentary Sri 97-3 SANGAKKARA 50  

    Sangakkara brings up his 61st one-day half century with a clip off his hip, his 69th delivery in total so far. Watson turns to umpire Gould as Thilan Samaraweera plays an\u00a0unconvincing forward defence\u00a0outside off stump which Australia believe has hit pad first before bat, but the English official isn't having any\u00a0of it.\u00a0Ponting is unconvinced and calls for the referral, which confirms Gould's original decision.

  55. Twitter  

    From AltCricket: "Jason Krejza bowling really nice, loopy, classical off-spin. Good to see him being backed up by Ponting, who's put in a slip for both bats."

  56. 23 overs Commentary Sri 99-3  

    Just seen a shot of Tony Greig in the commentary box, which brings back memories of the legendary "12th Man" series, involving the impressions of one Billy Birmingham, with the former England captain describing the colour of Australia's one-day kit as "canary yellow", much to the chagrin of co-commentator "Bill Lawry". Krejza makes up for his expensive previous over, leaking just two runs.

  57. Commentary  

    From Anthony, Singapore, TMS inbox: "Bergerac, John Nettles - can't understand how the French were allowed by Jersey to take advantage of his popularity and name a town after him."

  58. 24 overs Commentary Sri 102-3  

    Samaraweera brings up the SL 100 with a push through cover for a single off Steve Smith's first over, which goes for just three runs. Decent start from the leggie.

  59. 25 overs Commentary Sri 110-3  

    Samaraweera rocks back and plays a wonderful late cut for four from the top of middle-stump off Krejza, who shakes his head in frustrated fashion. It's the halfway point of the innings, and this match is simmering nicely - could be a good, tight finish here.

  60. SMS  

    From GreyHart: "How about DCI Geneva Hunt?"

  61. 1104 Commentary  

    "Boy, have I enjoyed writing this column!" Perhaps one of the great sporting understatements of recent times from Ireland's Andrew White, whose thoughts about their incredible win over England, you can now read on this site.

  62. 26 overs Commentary Sri 113-3  

    Some suspicious-looking clouds emerge from behind a stand. We've not had a weather interruption all tournament thus far, not now please. Meanwhile, Sangakkara plays a big shot off Smith, but only gets a single down to deep midwicket.

  63. 27 overs Commentary Sri 115-3  

    Absolute ripper from Krejza, turning and bouncing from outside left-hander Sangakkara's off stump and past his outside edge. The off-spinner is getting plenty of turn - just imagine what Murali will do on this surface... Another impressive over, just two from it.\u00a0

  64. Commentary  

    From Brian, Abu Dhabi, TMS inbox: "Then of course there was Inspector Morsecow...I'll get my raincoat."

  65. 1110 Commentary  

    On a serious note, following Friday's incident when stones were thrown at the West Indies team bus following their nine-wicket win over Bangladesh at Mirpur, the ICC has warned that it may consider moving matches to alternative venues if there is any further violence directed towards players. "We would not move the games lightly, but it is not something which we would discount completely," said cheif executive Haroon Lorgat.

  66. 28 overs Commentary Sri 118-3  

    Samaraweera calls for the cap with the double dose of tweak, although Sangakkara isn't taking the same risk. The threatening clouds are descending at a rate of knots as the fourth-wicket duo add three singles to the total from Steve Smith.

  67. 29 overs Commentary Sri 124-3  

    Samaraweera opts for safety and summons a helmet as Shaun Tait returns into the attack, slinging down a 91mph delivery first up to Sangakkara.\u00a0A gimme for Samaraweera as Tait strays on leg stump, turning his wrists and\u00a0using the\u00a0pace of the ball to turn it fine off his pads and down to the boundary for four. Ahhh, a dog is slumbering\u00a0inside the Premadasa. \u00a0

  68. Twitter  

    From Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha): "Agree that actions of a few idiots doesn't mean every Bangladeshi is a bad loser. Many cricket lovers there... however I cannot accept explanations that they thought it was the Bangladesh bus. Stoning that bus is equally unacceptable."

    The ICC may consider moving World Cup games if violence towards players escalates. On Friday, Bangladesh fans stoned the West Indies team bus following the Tigers' nine-wicket defeat in Mirpur.

  69. 30 overs Commentary Sri 129-3  

    Samaraweera misses out on another gift, turning a friendly full-toss from Lee to deep midwicket for a couple, although that did have "spank me all the way to Hikkaduwa" written all over it. Samaraweera moves to 30 with two more, this time behind square.

  70. Twitter  

    From BFInnoBystander: "If Sri Lanka are 130-3 after 30 overs, and it rains, Aussies would have to chase 196 in 30 or 151 in 20."

  71. 31 overs Commentary Sri 131-3  

    Sangakkara wisely aborts thoughts of a quick single as he pushes Krejza to the left of Michael Clarke at point, although Samaraweera is fortunate to make his ground after backing up when the bowler breaks the stumps. Excellent over from Krazy, four dot balls and two singles. However, Sri Lanka's tactics might be influenced by what could occur above their heads in the next couple of hours.

  72. 32 overs Commentary Sri 139-3  

    Encouraging turn for Smith, although it's way outside off stump, allowing Samaraweera to prod a single to short third man. And the young all-rounder tosses up a buffet ball - a full-toss on middle stump - for Sangakkara to dispatch through midwicket for a welcome boundary.

  73. 32.5 overs RAIN STOPS PLAY Sri 146-3  

    Fat raindrops begin to descend as the groundstaff scatter to all corners clutching bits of tarpaulin to haul over the pitch as Krejza skips in for his eighth over. He sends down a bad delivery on leg, allowing Sangakkara to deftly sweep the ball find behind short fine leg for four, moving to 72. Tom Moody on TMS says the showers tend to be short and sharp in the Sri Lankan capital as Ponting calls for a referral after Krejza has an lbw appeal from around the wicket turned down by umpire Tony Hill. It's tight - but the on-field official calls correctly as the original decision stands. And on go the covers - our first rain delay of the tournament.

  74. 1142 Commentary  

    The rain is pelting down in hypnotic fashion as the groundstaff engulf the R Premadasa Stadium with various bits of rain-repellent plastic across the ground. However, the wind is howling from east to west as flags\u00a0flutter violently in the storm. This really doesn't look too promising, but the recently redeveloped stadium has excellent drainage facilities, or so I am told. They will be tested to their limits in the next few hours.

  75. Commentary  

    From Julian, sunny Havant, TMS inbox: "Dennis Waterman's character in The Sweeney, named after the capital of Indonesia... G Carter Coat got, halfway out the door."

  76. 1148 Commentary  

    Oi you, thumb-twiddler! Stop checking your email for the 23rd time this morning - no-one has written to you. Why don't you read Jon Barbuti's excellent analysis of England's World Cup problems or Ireland all-rounder Andrew White's column, who reveals his team-mates were joined by England captain Andrew Strauss back at the hotel, although the birthday boy's celebrations were somewhat ruined by what had happened hours before in Bangalore. His final three words? "Bring on India". Wallop.

  77. Commentary  

    From Alan, TMS inbox: "Often referred to as 'The Forest City', Rockford is the county seat of Winnebago County, Illinois, USA. Does Jim Rockford still live in a caravan?"

    Ahhhh Jim Rockford - cue misty-eyed nostalgic memories involving post-Neighbours afternoon entertainment on BBC ONE.

  78. 1153 Commentary  

    Oh dear, this really isn't looking good in the Sri Lankan capital. There's a huge lake rapidly expanding on the covers and the rain is showing no signs of abating. Fair to say we won't see Sri Lanka batting again if we have any more action today...

  79. Commentary  

    From Seb, TMS inbox: "As someone who has only recently got into the game and can't for the life of me find any info about this online, could you please tell me what actually happens now if the rain were to continue? Is it just treated as 'tough luck' and the teams have to make do with a draw?"

    Seb, welcome to the world\u00a0of Duckworth/Lewis, the mathematical formula which is the industry standard to work out rain-affected matches. However, to consistute a match, Australia must bat at least 20 overs. If they don't and the rain intervenes once again, then the match will go down as a no result.

  80. BBC World Service's Lee James
    Contributor BBC World Service's Lee James  

    From Twitter: "Lakes are forming on the ground now - more chance of water polo than cricket here now."

  81. 1207 Commentary BREAKING NEWS  

    Kevin Pietersen is to undergo\u00a0surgery to repair a hernia following the World Cup. He will miss the Indian Premier League but hopes to be available for England's first summer Test against Sri Lanka on 26 May.

    An ECB statement said the injury "will continue to be managed throughout the World Cup and he will continue to participate in\u00a0the tournament".

  82. 1223 Commentary  

    Big KP-related news, which means he will miss the entire Indian Premier League campaign with his new team the Deccan Chargers. Great news for Kevin O'Brien though, surely one of the 10 franchises must be sniffing around the big-hitting pink/red-haired Ireland batterer? BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew says the England players have been\u00a0in good spirits despite the\u00a0defeat to Ireland, although Graeme Swann hasn't been too happy with the "fickle nature" of the public reaction back in England.

  83. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    "Having spent a frustrating and fruitless 10 minutes trying to get to grips with the Duckworth-Lewis calculator, I am going to go with a trustworthy source who says that Australia's target would be 154 off 20 overs if we can squeeze out 80 minutes this evening for a result. Looks unlikely, though."

  84. Commentary  

    From Alastair, TMS inbox: "I notice the BBC article that the remarks broadcast on Sri Lankan state TV network ITN was an 'attempt to demolarise our team'. In the unlikely event that Australia get out to bat today, will this leave them facing a toothless Sri Lankan attack?"

  85. 1233 Commentary  

    \u00a0Jonathan Trott, currently being interviewed on TMS by Alison Mitchell, answers every single question with a high-pitched "yeaaaaaaaaah". Like the Australian "awwwww loooook" only with a heavy South African twang.

  86. Commentary  

    From Mohamed Iqzas, Chennai, India, TMS inbox: "I guess Sanga anticipated this rain and played today's game safe so that D\\L calculation will favour the SriLankans. England will not want such rain in Ireland's game against the top teams if they want to maintain their quarter-final hopes."

  87. SMS  

    From Varun Gudka, Harrow: "MS Dhoni starts all his answers with 'well of course'. Re-run some of his post-game interviews."

  88. 1241 Commentary  

    Right, we're not going very far with this - I'm signing off for the forseeable future, but if there is a glimmer of play in the next couple of hours, I'll be back here again quicker than a Linford Christie dash to the shops. See you anon...

  89. 1353 Commentary  

    Just to keep you posted, the latest time for a possible re-start is just under two hours from now. But the feeling appears to be that unless groundstaff can start the mopping up process by about 1430 GMT, the game may be called off .

  90. 1400 Commentary  

    A number of you have asked about how Duckworth-Lewis targets are calculated. Well, it's, that was a lie, it isn't. The best I can do\u00a0is direct you to the DL website, where all is revealed.\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0

  91. 1421 Commentary BREAKING NEWS  

    Right, nothing to see here in Colombo - SRI LANKA V AUSTRALIA HAS BEEN ABANDONED. Rain is still sprinkling the covers and the groundstaff have conceded defeat.

  92. 1426 Commentary  

    Australia captain Ricky Ponting: "It looked like\u00a0it was shaping up to be a great game, Sangakkara was shaping their innings up nicely. But it would have been a tough wicket to bat second on, the ball was turning more than we thought it would. I didn't think we bowled that badly, it was a slightly different wicket, but we have got another seven or eight games before our next games."

  93. 1431 Commentary  

    So both teams earn a point each, a result which will make Pakistan, top of Group A, very happy indeed. On another note, Ricky Ponting also said the Aussie selectors will be making a decision on who will replace the injured Doug Bollinger very shortly. Mike Hussey remains the favourite although Victorians Dirk Nannes, Peter Siddle and James Pattinson are also in contention for selection, with the Aussie skipper said to be favouring another fast bowler to his ranks.\u00a0

  94. 1437 Commentary  

    You can read Oliver Brett's match report now, complete with a cracking photo of one of the Premadasa Stadium groundstaff absolutely soaked during the torrential downpour. We're back on Sunday when Ben Dirs makes a welcome return to the text commentary fold for England's crucial Group\u00a0B match against leaders South Africa from 0830 GMT. Time for me to sign off - see you on Tuesday for New Zealand v Pakistan in Kandy.

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Live Scores - Sri Lanka v Australia


  • No result
  • Sri Lanka: 146-3 (32.5 overs)
  • Australia: Did not bat
  • Venue: Colombo RPS

Sri Lanka Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 3 146
Tharanga c Smith b Lee 6
Dilshan c White b Tait 4
Sangakkara not out 73
M Jayawardene run out (Smith) 23
Samaraweera not out 34
Extras 5w 1lb 6

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