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Cricket World Cup - Bangladesh v West Indies as it happened

  1. 0755 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone. Our main event today is Bangladesh v West Indies (play starts 0830) from Mirpur - and with Group B blown wide open by Ireland's win over England, this game could have a large bearing on who makes the quarter-finals from this group. Test Match Special coverage begins at 0815,

    But while we wait, I can point you to our scorecard of the Group A game between New Zealand and Zimbabwe in Ahmedabad - Zimbabwe were bowled out for 162 (having been 46-5 and 89-7), and the Kiwis are preparing to chase it down.

  2. 0800 Commentary  

    If you weren't following yesterday's games, I can recommend the BBC TV highlights which you can watch on the website (as you can for all games) - Canada gave Pakistan a bit of a scare before falling prey to a great spell of leg-spin bowling by Shahid Afridi (whose bowling is eclipsing his batting at the moment), while South Africa thrashed the Netherlands by 231 runs, with the ridiculously-talented AB de Villiers smashing another hundred.

  3. 0802 Commentary TOSS NEWS  

    Bangladesh have won the toss and will bat first. Both teams are unchanged, although the Tigers yesterday named a squad of 12, comprising the XI who beat Ireland plus Mahmudullah, who'll be carrying the drinks again\u00a0today.

  4. 0807 Commentary  

    Now then, whether you're supporting Bangladesh or the Windies, or just\u00a0an interested neutral - whether you're from Chittagong or Bridgetown or anywhere else, as ever we'd like to hear your thoughts on the game, and the tournament as a whole. You can email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word). Or, if you're a Twitterer, use the hashtag #bbcworldcup and we'll pick up your tweets. Even Twitter doyen Stephen Fry was using the hashtag on Sunday...

  5. 0814 Commentary TEAM NEWS  

    Test Match Special starting in a minute. Here are the full teams:

    Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Imrul Kayes, Junaid Siddique, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Shakib Al Hasan (capt), Raqibul Hasan, Mohammad Ashraful, Naeem Islam, Abdur Razzak, Shafiul Islam, Rubel Hossain.

    West Indies: Chris Gayle, Devon Smith, Darren Bravo, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Kieron Pollard, Devon Thomas (wk), Darren Sammy (capt), Nikita Miller, Suileman Benn, Kemar Roach.

    Umpires are Australia's Steve Davis and Sri Lanka's Kumar Dharmasena, with Pakistan's Asad Rauf on TV replays and Aussie Bruce Oxenford as fourth ump (replacement balls and the like). Match referee is Sri Lanka's Ranjan Madugalle.

  6. 0816 Commentary  

    New Zealand are cruising it in Ahmedabad - Martin Guptill smashed 14 from the first over...

  7. 0821 Commentary  

    TMS are having a few technical problems with the line from Mirpur, but I can let you know they've got a couple of interesting bits coming up in the interval between innings in today's match. There will be\u00a0an interview with batsman Ramnaresh Sarwan on the state of West Indies cricket, while there's also a special report about the work a British charity has been doing out in Bangladesh - including the tale of a girl who says cricket saved her from an arranged marriage at the age of 13.

    You can read about the latter story on BBC Radio 5 live producer Tim Peach's feature on the website - while he also looks at how this World Cup has caught the imagination of the Bangladesh people.

  8. 0823 Commentary  

    Time for the anthems - West Indies' players look a little stern-faced, especially giant spinner Sulieman Benn. Bangladesh's anthem is more melodic, and most of the players sing. The Mirpur crowd give a big cheer at the end - I think we can expect them to be as partisan as we'd expect!

  9. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Off to the ground in Chennai with TMS producer Adam Mountford to see Jonathan Trott, and find out if we can broadcast from there yet!

    NB England face South Africa on Sunday morning (0400 GMT) in Chennai - commentary on TMS as you'd expect!

  10. 0829 Commentary  

    Tamim Iqbal and Imrul Kayes ready to begin Bangladesh's innings, with right-arm paceman Kemar Roach - fresh from his hat-trick against the Dutch - taking the new ball.

  11. 0.3 overs WICKET Tamim c Sammy b Roach 0 (Ban 0-1)  

    Big wicket for West Indies - dangerous opener Tamim edges the third ball of the innings to second slip!

  12. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "That's a massive strike for the West Indies. Tamim can be impetuous, he left the first two alone but couldn't resist having a go at the third, and it was a good catch by captain Darren Sammy. There's complete silence around the arena here."

  13. 1 over Commentary Ban 4-1  

    Roach offers new batsman Junaid Siddique some width as he did with Tamim, and the number three slashes a four past the slips and down to third man. People still heading into the stadium, how many of them would have bought tickets hoping for an early onslaught from Tamim?

  14. 2 overs Commentary Ban 13-1  

    Slow left-arm spinner Sulieman Benn to share the new ball - interesting tactic from the Windies, who only have three seamers but plenty of spin options. Imrul Kayes knocks the first ball off his legs for a single but Benn, bowling in his sunglasses and every inch (well, all 6ft 7ins of him) the Bajan cool cat, finds some turn against the two left-handers. Siddique blasts his second boundary of the innings through the covers, and a single allows fellow left-hander Kayes to guide the last ball for three to the extra cover boundary.

  15. 3 overs Commentary Ban 15-1  

    Kayes leg-glances a single to fine leg, Siddique clips one to the same area against Roach. Simons Mann and Hughes on TMS wonder whether West Indies will end the Benn experiment and turn to a seamer - they're right...

  16. 3.3 overs WICKET Kayes c Thomas b Sammy 5 (Ban 16-2)  

    Yep, change of bowling - captain Darren Sammy on with his right-arm medium-fast seam. Single from Siddique, then Sammy finds the edge when Kayes nicks one to the bare-headed keeper Devon Thomas!

  17. 4 overs Commentary Ban 16-2  

    Mushfiqur Rahim is the new batsman as Bangladesh look to rebuild. As I've observed on these pages before, he's pretty much a Bangladeshi version of Tim Ambrose - a short wicketkeeper who favours the cut shot. He fends off the rest of the over from Cap'n Sammy.

  18. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "This is the biggest microphone in the world, you could probably play cricket with it!"

  19. 5 overs Commentary Ban 25-2  

    Bangladesh commentator Shamim Chowdhury takes over on TMS, fearing that the home side may have rather gifted those two wickets to the Windies. After a pull for two off the first ball, SIddique unleashes a classy straight drive, that's four back past the bowler and something for the crowd to cheer about. Roach strays down the leg side again, Siddique guides it for two more while Roach\u00a0sends down\u00a0a wide, our first extra of the day.

  20. 5.1 overs WICKET Rahim c Sarwan b Sammy 0 (Ban 25-3)  

    Mushfiqur Rahim departs for a duck, flicking the first ball of Sammy's over straight to the man at short mid-wicket!

  21. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "You can't underestimate the importance of this game as these two could be battling for a quarter-final place. I thought West Indies would be here for the taking today, with the wicket getting lower and slower, but the West Indies are clearly on top now."

  22. 6 overs Commentary Ban 30-3  

    Captain Shakib Al Hasan is off the mark immediately with a single, while Siddique seems to be utilising the powerplay fielding restrictions well by lifting a four over the mid-wicket fielder's head. He has 23 of Bangladesh's first 30 runs, but plays and misses to the last ball of Sammy's over.

  23. Twitter  

    England spinner Graeme Swann: "Has there ever been a worse sequel film than Species 2? The first one is amazing, the second looks like the local parish drama group made it."

    I recall a hysterical line in the first Species film. The gang chasing the alien walk into a room which\u00a0has been ransacked and is\u00a0completely splattered with blood. They\u00a0find a corpse. Forest Whitaker, playing some kind of a psychic, walks in and says something like\u00a0"she's been here". And he needed to be a psychic to work that one out?!

  24. 7 overs Commentary Ban 32-3  

    Roach keeps plugging away, there's not a lot in this wicket for the seamers but he's keeping the batsmen in check as Shakib (one of four left-handers in Bangladesh's top five) knocks a two through mid-wicket.

  25. 8 overs Commentary Ban 35-3  

    Sammy, with 2-6 from his first two overs, begins his third over. Siddique rotates the strike with a single - Shamim Chowdhury on TMS thinks there are plenty of ones and twos to be had here, as Shakib guides a single to third man. Siddique keeps the strike with one off the last ball, and Cap'n Sammy has a chat with Sarwan (one of his many predecessors as skipper) between overs.


    The Mirpur crowd are rather subdued after those three early wickets, but they cheer for the free hit when Roach sends down a no-ball. The free-hit ball is a beaut of a yorker, Siddique does well to dig it out. Next ball is another yorker, hits Siddique on the toe and he;s given out lbw - but calls for a review!

  27. 8.2 overs WICKET Siddique lbw b Roach 25 (Ban 36-4)  

    It's pitching in line, impact in line and hitting the stumps - Siddique goes and Bangladesh lose a review.

  28. Commentary  

    From Max, TMS inbox: "So here we have England's last two opponents. After the Ireland match can we regain enough confidence to beat them both, and SA of course, to progress to the quarters? I'm not entirely sure."

  29. 9 overs Commentary Ban 36-4  

    Former Bangladesh all-rounder Athar Ali Khan joins compatriot Shamim Chowdhury in the TMS box, but it's a sorry scorecard for anyone cheering for the Tigers, with their top four back in the hutch and we're not even through the first powerplay yet. Right-hander Raqibul Hasan is the new batsman - you may remamber how a year ago, he announced his retirement at the age of 22 after being left out of the side. However, he was recalled for the ODIs in England last summer and is back in the side.

  30. 10 overs Commentary Ban 40-4  

    Captain Shakib square-cuts Captain Sammy for a powerful four, but then nearly chops the next ball onto his stumps as it keeps low.

    Over in Ahmedabad, New Zealand are cruising towards an easy victory - they're 92-0 after 21 overs, chasing 163 to beat Zimbabwe.

  31. Twitter  

    From MHasanSikder: "Oh no Bangladesh, three silly wickets and only half an hour in and the game looks out of our reach already."

    This was sent just before the fourth wicket fell - tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  32. 10.2 overs WICKET Shakib b Benn 8 (Ban 41-5)  

    West Indies take the fielding powerplay. Roach takes a rest with impressive figures of 2-18 from five overs, Big Benn is back on - and after a single gets Raqibul off the mark, Benn bowls Shakib between bat and pad, Bangladesh are in tatters here...

  33. BBC Test Match Special's Athar Ali Khan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Athar Ali Khan  

    "Bangladesh need to forget about scoring runs, the next pair just need to stay in for four or five overs and the runs will come."

  34. 11 overs Commentary Ban 46-5  

    New batsman is former Bangladesh\u00a0skipper Mohammad Ashraful, those of us who have seen his batting\u00a0talent will be rather surprised to see him down at number seven, but Windies skipper Sammy keeps the pressure on, calling for a helmet and donning it himself to field at silly point. Ashraful is off the mark with a fierce cover-driven four, then pushes a single wide of mid-off.

  35. Commentary  

    From Peter in the TMS inbox: "You could say comparing Species 1 to Species 2 is just about the same as comparing England's Test team to their one-day side. My local drama group is currently doing Allo Allo - I play Rene Artois - and it's much better than Species 2."

    Listen very carefully, I will publish this email only once...

  36. 12 overs Commentary Ban 47-5  

    Ashraful is watchful against Sammy, just a single from the over. The St Lucian has figures of 2-14 from five overs.

  37. SMS  

    From Andy, London: "For worse film sequels\u00a0I nominate Basic Instinct 2 or Starship Troopers 2! Both utterly shocking!"

    And what about best film sequels? Can we look any further than The Empire Strikes Back?

  38. 13 overs Commentary Ban 49-5  

    Ashraful steers Benn for a single, the towering spinner is quickly through\u00a0his over as Raqibul doubles his score with a single off the last ball.

  39. BBC Test Match Special's Athar Ali Khan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Athar Ali Khan  

    "I think West Indies came in with a plan to bowl stump-to-stump, knowing that the pitch wouldn't do a lot, and it's worked for them."

  40. 14 overs WICKET Raqibul c Pollard b Sammy 4 (Ban 51-6)  

    Sammy to continue, just the three bowlers used by West Indies so far although they still have seamer Kieron Pollard and spin options (NIkita Miller, Chris Gayle) up their sleeves. Raqibul opens the face to guide Sammy for an easy two to third man - that's 50 up for Bangladesh, but they've lost five wickets getting there. Better make that six - Raqibul is furious with himself as he pokes a catch straight to sunhat-wearing Pollard, diving forward from backward point!

  41. BBC Test Match Special's Tony Cozier
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Tony Cozier  

    "Darren Sammy had the West Indies captaincy rather thrust on him last year when Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo declined to sign retainer contracts with the board. He's been under a lot of pressure coming into this match, but he's picked up three wickets and a catch, and his captaincy has been spot on."

  42. 15 overs APPEAL - NOT OUT Ban 51-6  

    New batsman is Naeem Islam, who's more of a bowler who bats than a genuine all-rounder. The familiar tones of Tony Cozier, the voice of Caribbean cricket,\u00a0are heard on TMS as Benn bowls to Ashraful who plays and misses, Bangladesh appeal for a stumping and it goes to the third umpire... it's close... but not out. Benn\u00a0completes a maiden over - that's it for the fielding powerplay, but don't expect West Indies to put the field back just yet!

  43. Commentary  

    From Thomas, Isle of Man, in the TMS inbox: "Bangladesh have to be the most frustrating conundrum in world cricket \u2013 just when you think they\u2019ve turned a corner they go and undo it all. I remember\u00a0the last World Cup when it finally looked like they had turned the corner and very rapidly undid it all with a few silly games, it\u2019s all so frustrating as there is so much talent and potential there."

  44. 16 overs Commentary Ban 56-6  

    Wicketkeeper Devon Thomas ponders standing up to the stumps as Sammy bowls to Naeem, but decides against it. The new man works a single through mid-wicket, Ashraful back-cuts a four backward of point and Tony Cozier on TMS thinks it's "time for Ashraful to stand up and be counted".

  45. Commentary  

    From Jean in the TMS inbox: "My all time fav sequel... \u2018The Paleface\u2019 and \u2018Son of Paleface\u2019 Bob Hope and the late great Ms Jane Russell."

  46. 0942 DRINKS BREAK  

    While drinks are taken, I can let you know New Zealand's Martin Guptill and Brendon McCullum are knocking seven bells out of the Zimbabwe attack - they're 130-0 after 28 overs, chasing 163 to win.

  47. Commentary  

    From Robert in the TMS inbox: "My flatmate, Tom, says he went to school with you. He describes your cricketing and commentary style as the 'M3 of his day'. Is he comparing you to the world famous sports coupe with aggressive power and yet wonderful precision, or is your middle name in fact Michael?"

    I've been lucky enough to take to the cricketing field with Tom a few times for our old boys' team, the Canford Cygnets - I call him 'The Terminator' as he's tall enough to look Sulieman Benn or Chris Tremlett in the eye, and looks rather unstoppable whether he's charging into bowl or giving it the long handle by whacking a six over long-on!

  48. 16.2 overs WICKET Naeem c Thomas b Benn 1 (Ban 56-7)  

    Naeem seems unhappy with the sightscreen or something moving at the far end... but he too loses his wicket when he feathers one behind to keeper Thomas!

  49. BBC Test Match Special's Tony Cozier
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Tony Cozier  

    "The Bangladesh fans came here with a lot of expectation, but Mark Nicholas said on the TV just now 'it's like someone has pressed the mute button' on the crowd."

  50. 17 overs Commentary Ban 56-7  

    We're into the bowlers now, paceman Shafiul Islam is the new batsman - although any England fans who were with me in the early hours last March for the Test series in Bangladesh will recall Shafiul holding up England for a long while, scoring 53 from 51 balls at number 10 - mainly because captain Alastair Cook refused to put a fielder at third man... He plays out a wicket maiden from Benn.

  51. 17.1 overs WICKET Ashraful c Thomas b Roach 11 (Ban 56-8)  

    Oh dear, there goes another one... and it's Ashraful, the last recognised batsman, as Roach returns and finds the edge again with the first ball of his new spell. Keeper Thomas takes the catch, this is looking rather one-sided.

  52. Twitter  

    From Nathan_Murtagh: "Watching this batting collapse makes me wonder how Ireland didn't manage to hold on and beat Bangladesh. Test status swap ICC?!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  53. 18 overs Commentary Ban 57-8  

    Left-arm spinner Abdur Razzak is the new batsman, he's a left-hander. Cap'n Sammy again dons a helmet to crouch at short leg, and Razzak pushes a single to mid-wicket. Shafiul plays and misses, that was nearly another edge...

  54. Commentary  

    From David, Cambridge, in the TMS inbox: "Thank goodness for England in this competition. So many one-sided contests, it's refreshing to see our boys involved in three close exciting matches. Ok, let\u2019s forget it was the Netherlands and Ireland - the other games seem so dull in comparison."

  55. 18.3 overs WICKET Shafiul c Pollard b Benn 0 (Ban 58-9)  

    A single from Razzak, then Shafiul pushes his bat out again and pops a straightforward catch to gully. Nine down.

  56. Twitter  

    From AnilBose: "Big Benn reminds me of Dennis Rodman in Double Team, without the awesome hairstyle and basketball puns. Hope he gets clobbered!"

    He was clobbered in his first over but has just picked up three wickets! Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  57. 18.5 overs WICKET Rubel b Benn 0 (Ban 58 all out)  

    Simon Mann on TMS has heard that some fans have begun to leave as last man Rubel Hossain strides to the crease... and he doesn't last long as Benn spins one through his defences and bowls him second ball!

  58. 1001 Commentary  

    The West Indies are jubilant, many Bangladesh fans are throwing their "4/6" cards in the air\u00a0 in protest- without wanting to compound their misery, their batsmen have\u00a0been embarrassingly poor today. They've been bowled out so quickly, it means we don't get a proper 45-minute interval - just a 10-minute break between innings

    And the Windies only needed three bowlers - Benn finishes with 4-18, Roach took 3-19 and Cap'n Sammy took 3-21.

  59. 1003 Commentary  

    The other game today in Ahmedabad has been equally one-sided - Zimbabwe were bowled out for 162, and New Zealand have just won by 10 wickets.

  60. Twitter  

    From shivamlm: "This is good news for Ireland, they can qualify for the next round. Hope they win on Sunday!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  61. SMS  

    From Bob: "Re: Forest Whitaker's line in Species [see 7th over], was actually "something bad happened here" - genius! One of the worst first films ever, let alone sequels!"

  62. 1006 Commentary  

    TMS have been speaking to Ireland's John Mooney about their epic win over England, which he described as the stuff dreams are made of. "This has put us on the world stage", he says - and as a Liverpool fan, he's honoured to be compared to Ray Houghton who scored the goal that helped the Republic famously beat England in 1988.

  63. 1009 Commentary  

    Bangladesh's fielders trudge out - Chris Gayle and Devon Smith to open for the Windies. And if Gayle gets going, we may not be here for very long. Maybe there's some trampolining or something going on they could make me do text commentary on?

  64. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "To say that Bangladesh have been hapless is an understatement."

  65. Commentary  

    From Mike, Reading, in the TMS inbox: "Judging by Bangladesh's 'impressive' batting display today, looks like England will be in for another nail-biter when the two\u00a0meet next Friday."

  66. 1 over Commentary WI 2-0 (TARGET 59)  

    Right-arm pace bowler Shafiul Islam takes the new ball in what looks like a hopeless cause for Bangladesh, it's Smith who takes strike first rather than Gayle and he's off the mark with a single, while Gayle pushes his first ball through the covers for one. Just two from the over, but as the TMS crew point out, West Indies won't want to hang about as they have the chance to fill their boots and improve their net run-rate.

  67. 2 overs Commentary WI 3-0  

    That Gayle single in the last over was his 8,000th ODI run - he's the 22nd player to reach that landmark. Like the Windies, Bangladesh are going to hand the second over to a spinner - off-spinner Naeem Islam, who tries a couple of rather optimistic lbw appeals against Gayle before the big Jamaican steers a single off his legs.

    Stat attack: My ever-knowledgeable colleague Paul Grunill hands me a piece of paper with the only three World Cup scores lower than Bangladesh's 58. Two from Canada (36 against Sri Lanka in 2003, 45 against England in 1979) and one from Namibia (45 against Australia in 2003).

  68. Twitter  

    From fathorseharry: "For my money, Ireland are a better side than Bangladesh, yet at the next World Cup they will be excluded. How is that fair?"

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  69. 3 overs Commentary WI 12-0  

    Gayle thrashes Shafiul for four through cover point, then is denied another boundary by the diving Naeem on the edge of the circle at cover, who parries the ball to restrict them to a single. Smith thrashes another four through point, and Simon Mann on TMS thinks Bangladesh should get the spinners on. "This is just men against boys at the moment," adds Simon Hughes.

  70. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Bangladesh are like the India of the 70s - talented individuals but fail to realise their potential. India's fortunes turned with the arrival of Kapil Dev. Who will be Bangladesh's Kapil?"

  71. 4 overs Commentary WI 17-0  

    Gayle milks Naeem for two twos and a single. Simon Hughes on TMS points out that Bangladesh will save a few quid on the electrics tonight, this is a day-night match but they won't need the floodlights!

  72. Commentary  

    From Kaspar, Odense, Denmark, in the TMS inbox: "Re. 1009 - There's always the Indoor Athletics European Championships to comment on. Surely the 60 metre dash is more exciting than this 60-run chase!"

    The multi-talented Pranav Soneji is already here and designated for live text duties on the athletics. You'll be much better off with him, my knowledge of athletics is probably comparable with GB heptathlon star Jessica Ennis's knowledge of the Duckworth-Lewis system! (Apologies to Jess if she's a secret D/L expert).

  73. 5 overs Commentary WI 29-0  

    Shafiul's off, but Bangladesh persist with seam at his end as the slingy Rubel Hossain comes on. But he appears no threat to Gayle, who pulls a single through mid-wicket. Smith rotates the strike, Gayle comes down the pitch and lashes him over mid-off! It doesn't quite reach the boundary rope but they jog back for two. Another flat-batted baseball-style blast sails a foot above the mid-on fielder, that's four. Gayle repeats the shot off the last ball, he has 21 from 19 balls and the Windies are just about halfway to their target already.

  74. Commentary  

    From Clifford in the TMS inbox: "Poor batting display by Bangladesh, but credit to the Windies for sticking to their bowling disciplines. Starting to finally see some fruits of Ottis Gibson\u2019s work."

  75. 5.1 overs WICKET Smith b Naeem 6 (WI 29-1)  

    Bangladesh make the breakthrough, Naeem spins one though Smith's defences and rearranges his furniture.

  76. SMS  

    From Rob: "Re: fathorseharry [3rd over]. It is fair because cricket is the number one sport in Bangladesh, a country of 160 million people. Barely anyone in Ireland would even know the\u00a0World Cup\u00a0was on if they hadn't beaten England. Also\u00a0I still think they are a better (albeit more inconsistent) team."

  77. 6 overs Commentary WI 29-1 (TARGET 59)  

    Darren Bravo is the new batsman, he looked very impressive making 73 against South Africa and sees off the rest of Naeem's over.

  78. 7 overs Commentary WI 37-1  

    Finally we have spin from both ends as slow left-armer Abdur Razzak replaces the expensive Rubel. Gayle tries to tickle him down the leg side, they run two and it's signalled as wides. Having had a look at the left-arm spinner, Gayle carves him for four through mid-wicket, and Razzak's radar is all over the place as he darts another wide down the leg side. Gayle cuts and misses, but the Windies are closing in on their target.

  79. Twitter  

    From Bailey_Joel: "England-Bangladesh will be a game worth watching."

    Tweet us with the hashtag\u00a0#bbcworldcup to get involved

  80. 8 overs Commentary WI 42-1  

    As Shamim Chowdhury notes on TMS, Bangladesh did beat West Indies in a one-day series in the Caribbean about 18 months ago - but that was a severely weakened Windies side, aka "Floyd Reifer's Volunteers XI", as most of the star players were on strike because of a pay dispute. The boot has been firmly on the other foot today - Bravo nurdles a single to bring Gayle on strike, and the opener shovels another four back past the bowler.

  81. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "When I was here in Bangladesh when England were on tour last year, Bangladesh coach Jamie Siddons told me the most frustrating thing with his side was that 'they never learn'."

  82. 9 overs Commentary WI 47-1 (TARGET 59)  

    Mohammad Ashraful into the attack with his part-time spin, which Simon Hughes on TMS describes as "buffet bowling" as a rank long-hop is blasted through the covers for four by Bravo. A single takes him to six. 12 needed to win, Gayle could finish this very quickly.

  83. 10 overs Commentary WI 49-1 (TARGET 59)  

    Naeem continues for his fifth over, giving it some air, but Bravo is happy to defend the last over of the first powerplay before taking an easy single off the fourth ball. Gayle works a quick single to mid-wicket. 10 needed from 240 balls.

  84. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "Re: Rob [6th over] -\u00a0so participation should be on the grounds of sport popularity and fan base? Better tell the Windies they won't be playing next time then. Give Ireland the money the ICC have given Bangladesh and they'll soon pass them."

  85. 11 overs Commentary WI 55-1 (TARGET 59)  

    More slow right-arm pies from Ashraful, Gayle pushes a single to bring up the fifty after a misfield at extra cover. Bravo pierces the infield with a hammered single to long-off, and Gayle carves a four over the unguarded third man boundary. Four needed.

  86. 12 overs DROPPED CATCH WI 58-1 (TARGET 59)  

    WIll this be the last over? Bravo tries to finish it in one shot, but substitute fielder Surhawadi Shuvo can't hold on, diving forward\u00a0at cover. Naeem boosts the Windies total with a wide, then Bravo tips-and-runs a quick single. With two needed, Gayle blocks the fifth ball of the over, then quietly pushes one to mid-on to bring the scores level.

  87. SMS  

    From Anonymous (another one): "To put it best, Bangladesh are a lot like their neighbours, Pakistan. Woefully unpredictable. On their day, Bangladesh can beat anyone, however displays like this aren't unusual."

  88. 12.2 overs Commentary WI 59-1  

    Captain Shakib Al Hasan into the attack, Gayle pushes the second ball for a single past mid-off and West Indies win by nine wickets with a mere 37.4 overs to spare.

  89. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "This has been a huge anticlimax for Bangladesh - their batting was found seriously wanting. It was a good ploy for West Indies to open with a spinner, but Benn's first over went for nine, so they had a plan B, brought on Darren Sammy and suddenly they were all over Bangladesh. However, Bangladesh weren't able to adapt their plans and were completely blown away."

  90. BBC Test Match Special's Shamim Chowdhury
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Shamim Chowdhury  

    "This has been dismal from Bangladesh."

  91. Commentary  

    West Indies batsman Chris Gayle:\u00a0"I think this [result]\u00a0should take us to the quarter-finals, but we've still got three crucial games against Ireland, England and India."

  92. BBC Sport's Oliver Brett
    Contributor BBC Sport's Oliver Brett  

    On Twitter: "Presumably Shakib Al Hasan is thrilled. 'Not a must-win game', he said beforehand - what sort of negative vibe does that convey to a team? ICC must buy England lots of champagne after this World Cup. Been a fairly drab tournament if you take out England's matches."

  93. 1102 Commentary  

    We're waiting for the presentation. Man of the match will be an interesting call - my vote would be for Darren Sammy's three wickets, one catch and good captaincy.

  94. BBC Radio 5 live's Adil Ray
    Contributor BBC Radio 5 live's Adil Ray  

    On Twitter: "Why does Chris Gayle look like he's been through a 300 run battle...\u00a0you scored 37!"

  95. Twitter  

    From bmoregan: "ICC needs to recognise Ireland now. Timing in everything is important. Why is the choice 10 or 14 [teams] in 2015. Why not 12?"

    That's a very good point. Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  96. Twitter  

    From Conorwhelanire: "Re: Rob [6th over]. Many people in Ireland are aware that the World Cup is on. Plenty of folk in England have zero interest."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved

  97. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Hughes  

    "I think England are still recovering from the Ashes, after putting so much into winning that series. They've been on the road since November,\u00a0 and they won't say this publicly, but subconsciously I think some of them can't wait to get home."

  98. 1109 Commentary  

    Time for the presentation.

  99. Commentary  

    Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan:\u00a0"We never thought we would bat this poorly, as we've played well for the last 12 months. We have a lot of things to work on now, but hopefully we will come back strongly as we have to win two of our last three games. It's a different sort of wicket in Chittagong and it'll be a must-win game against England."

  100. Commentary  

    West Indies captain Darren Sammy: "It was a brilliant performance by my team-mates - Chris Gayle wasn't feeling well but he gave us a motivational speech before the game, told us not to take Bangladesh lightly\u00a0and the boys did what he asked. We stuck to our lines, Roachy gave us an excellent start and I know my personal form hasn't been the best so it was good to help the team today. We knew how crucial this game was, we've done some good fielding drills with our coach Ottis Gibson so it was good to go out there and do well."

  101. Commentary  

    Man of the match Kemar Roach: "I've been bowling pretty well, this is my second man-of-the-match award so I'll be hoping for a third against Ireland. I've been bowling straight, if the batsmen miss, I hit, and it's worked for me."

  102. SMS  

    From John in London: "England's mission is to save the World Cup from boring mismatches and ICC should change the format so they play all the others. Now for the beer match."

  103. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "West Indies have bags of talent in the batting, I wonder if they've got the variation in bowling to go deep into the tournament, but they've probably got enough to reach the quarter-finals at least."

  104. Twitter  

    From breadus: "Three days' break for our boys after the intense Ashes series and the ridiculous odi schedule was a joke. Cut the lads some slack."

    I agree - the ODI series was too long, and three days was hardly a break, although some players seemed to spend most of those three days making promotional appearances for their various sponsors, rather than resting up at home!

  105. Twitter  

    From kumaranface: "All the more reason for a 10-team Test league with a 'Division One' with 'minnows' like Ireland. Every four years, the bottom two teams in the\u00a0Test league get demoted and top two from Division One get promoted. Thus, more reason for the likes of Bangladesh to play better."

  106. 1129 Commentary  

    Simon Hughes on TMS has called on England to drop Paul Collingwood in favour of Ravi Bopara for their next game, against South Africa in the wee small hours of Sunday (0400 GMT start).

    We'll be here for that one - but before then, the next World Cup game is tomorrow, with Australia taking on Sri Lanka in Colombo at 0900. TMS will be on air from 0845, with Pranav Soneji on live text duty here. (In a slight change of plan, there's no live text on the athletics today, but there's live video coverage from 1500). Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v West Indies


  • West Indies beat Bangladesh by 9 wickets
  • Bangladesh: 58 (18.5 overs)
  • West Indies: 59-1 (12.2 overs)
  • Venue: Mirpur

West Indies Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 1 59
Smith b Naeem 6
Gayle not out 37
DM Bravo not out 9
Extras 5w 2b 7

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