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Cricket World Cup day seven as it happened

  1. 0330 Commentary  

    Morning, everyone - we've got a double-header for you today, with Australia v New Zealand first up at 0400 GMT, and we'll also bring you regular news of Bangladesh v Ireland when it starts at 0830 - then, when the first game is over, I'll be handing straight over to Pranav Soneji for our regular over-by-over coverage of the later game.

    But the cricket all pales into insignificance when you consider how New Zealand is having to cope with the earthquake that hit Christchurch on Tuesday. So far, 113 people have been confirmed dead, with 228 more listed as missing. Two of the Kiwis' support staff have flown home to help their families\u00a0- and while today's game will go ahead, there will be a minute's silence before the game, players will wear black armbands and the NZ flag will fly at half-mast.

  2. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "Talk of a half hour delay - storms last night. Still on R4LW and Sports extra etc at 0345."

  3. 0334 Commentary TOSS NEWS  

    Australia have won the toss and have elected to field.

  4. 0335 Commentary  

    While we wait for the confirmed teams, if you're reading this now, I'm guessing that you would have been tucked up in bed last night when the BBC TV highlights were shown - well, you can watch highlights of South Africa v West Indies on the BBC Sport website, while if you're in the UK\u00a0you can watch all the highlights programmes from the last week on the BBC iPlayer.

  5. Twitter  

    Former Australia wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist: "Time for the match. Though i support the OZ, my love to all in NZ. We all are with you in this terrible time. Cheers for all."

    You can tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup, text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word), or email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line).

  6. 0345 Commentary  

    TMS are up and running as Jonathan Agnew looks forward to an "iconic" match, while echoing NZ skipper Daniel Vettori's hopes that the Kiwis can\u00a0bring a bit of cheer to their fans back home by beating their old rivals. We're going to start on time.\u00a0

  7. BBC Test Match Special's Bryan Waddle
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Bryan Waddle  

    "The players were given the chance to go home if they wanted - physio Dayle Shackel and trainer Bryan Stronach have gone home, but there's a feeling of utter dismay that a vibrant city like Christchurch has just been devastated like this. There's not a person who doesn't know someone there as in the cricket world, we spend a lot of time in Christchurch, and it's difficult to take in what we've seen on the TV."

  8. 0350 Commentary TEAM NEWS  

    Aussies unchanged, NZ bring in batsman Jamie How for all-rounder Jacob Oram. Here are the full teams:

    Australia: Shane Watson, Brad Haddin (wk), Ricky Ponting (capt), Michael Clarke, David Hussey, Cameron White, Steve Smith, Mitchell Johnson, Jason Krejza, Brett Lee, Shaun Tait.

    New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Brendon McCullum (wk), Jesse Ryder, Ross Taylor, James Franklin, Scott Styris, Jamie How, Daniel Vettori (capt), Nathan McCullum, Tim Southee, Hamish Bennett.

    Umpires: Kumar Dharmasena (Sri Lanka), Billy Doctrove (West Indies). TV ump is Asad Rauf (Pakistan), match referee is Ranjan Madugalle (Sri Lanka) and fourth umpire is Bruce Oxenford (Australia).

  9. 0353 Commentary  

    Stirring music as the teams walk out - it's Vangelis's music from the film "1492: Conquest of Paradise", as heard at last year's World Twenty20 in the Windies. Both teams and all the umpires are wearing black armbands.

  10. 0355 Commentary  

    National anthems. Most of the New Zealand players sing along with theirs, although some keep their heads bowed.\u00a0A Kiwi fan holds up a self-created banner reading "Thinking Of You Christchurch".

  11. 0357 Commentary  

    Now it's time for Advance Australia Fair. Most players sing, notably Brett Lee - he sings in a band, after all. We're nearly ready to get going, umpires are out in the middle now.

  12. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "It's quite a cloudy morning, with the sun just breaking through, so it's no surprise Ricky Ponting wanted to bowl first."

  13. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Australia are good to watch in the field as they've got real pace and go for wickets, whether it's Lee, Tait or Johnson bowling. McCullum's instincts will be to attack, so this opening phase could be terrific."

  14. 0403 Commentary  

    We're slightly late starting, no apparent sign of the minute's silence - maybe they had it in the dressing-room. Anyway, it's Martin Guptill and Brendon McCullum opening up for the Kiwis, with Brett Lee ready to charge in from the Northern End. (Sadly for any Barmy Army fans following this,\u00a0Aggers doesn't think the Indian fans have learned the Mitchell Johnson song, or the actions).

  15. 1 over Commentary NZ 0-0  

    Guptill shoulders arms to Lee's first ball, the Aussies are lively in the field as ever. Aggers on TMS notes that it's rather humid after the rain they had last night. Guptill finds himself playing and missing, Lee completes a maiden over and the TMS line to Nagpur drops out...

  16. Commentary  

    From Nisarag Kamdar, TMS inbox: "If Ross Taylor and Jesse Ryder can get stuck in, with the Aussies' erratic bowling the Kiwis could be looking for a big score. And we all know how Brendon McCullum can be destructive at the top order."

  17. 2 overs Commentary NZ 9-0  

    The speedy Shaun Tait takes the second over, ready to duel with Brendon McCullum. The first ball is down the leg side, that's clearly a wide in one-day cricket, and TMS returns to the airwaves as Tait sends down another wide. The first legitimate ball rears up and strikes McCullum on the shoulder. Tait slings one in short and wide, McCullum blasts a square cut and that's four! A low full toss is pushed to mid-off, where a rare misfield by skipper Ricky Ponting allows McCullum to come back for three. Guptill sees off the end of a long over.

  18. BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Ian Chappell  

    "I think Steve Smith would bowl more under Michael Clarke's captaincy than Ponting's, as I don't think Ponting trusts him as much. He's a tidy leg-spinner, but the whole of the Australian attack has to look for wickets, not containment."

  19. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "It's a\u00a0small crowd, plenty of noise, but I think only the home teams will draw the biggest crowds. The ticket selling has been a bit strange - I know the ICC has written to the BCCI [Indian board] and told them to sort it out."

  20. 3 overs Commentary NZ 10-0  

    Single from McCullum, Lee gets another one to rise sharply and tuck Guptill - who's yet to score - up for room. Lee's right on the money, he has conceded just that one single in his first two overs.

  21. SMS  

    From Anonymous: "New Zealand have a great chance to win this one! NZ and BANG to do the double!"

  22. 3.4 overs WICKET B McCullum c Krejza b Tait 16 (NZ 20-1)  

    Tait sends down a no-ball - which would have been a wide if it wasn't a no-ball - which means McCullum will have a free hit. The free hit ball is a bouncer, McCullum ducks and it's signalled as an aerial wide by umpire Doctrove. So he gets another free hit ball... this one is short, wide and lofted over backward point for four by the aggressive McCullum. The Kiwi keeper aims another fierce square cut, gets a bottom edge and it disappears past the keeper for four more. But McCullum's luck runs out when he slashes at another one outside off stump and is caught at third man - although Doctrove asks him to hang in there in case it's a no-ball... There's a bit of a delay with the replay screen, but Tait's delivery is legal - just - and McCullum is sent on his way, having whacked 16 from 12 balls.

  23. 4 overs Commentary NZ 21-1  

    One aggressor replaces another as the burly left-hander Jesse Ryder replaces McCullum at the crease. He's off the mark, running a single down to third man. Guptill is yet to score, but the Aussie bowling figures are contrasting - Tait has 1-20 from two, Lee has 0-1 from two.

  24. Commentary  

    From Faizal, TMS inbox: "Can't wait for Sunday's game... it will be hard to beat India on their home ground... come on ENGLAND."

    Don't forget, if you want to get in touch, you can tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup, text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word), or email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line).

  25. 5 overs Commentary NZ 25-1  

    Ian Chappell on TMS has spotted that Mitchell Johnson's off the field, sub fielder Callum Ferguson is patrolling down at fine leg as Lee tests Ryder with a bouncer, before the left-hander powers his first four through the covers. And Johnson returns at the end of the over\u00a0- Chappelli suspects he needed a change of boots.

  26. Twitter  

    From goseki: "1492: Conquest of Paradise is\u00a0also the theme used by Canterbury Crusaders, Christchurch-based Super 15 Rugby team."

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  27. 6 overs Commentary NZ 25-1  

    And Johnson's straight into the attack as Tait's off after two overs - as he's pretty much a T20 specialist these days, I guess he's more used to bowling as fast as he can in two-over spells, rather than sending down a long bowling spell. Johnson, left-arm over, has Guptill fencing at thin air as he sends down a maiden over\u00a0- I've heard of playing yourself in, but it's six overs into an ODI and the opener is yet to score...

  28. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "If ever there was a pitch to blunt the\u00a0three Aussie quicks, this is it. Desperately slow."

  29. 7 overs Commentary NZ 32-1  

    Ryder tickles Lee for a single to short fine leg - in fact, it's signalled as a leg bye. It brings Guptill, who has failed to score off his first 17 balls faced, on strike - and he makes it 18 by dabbing a defensive stroke to point. "It looks like he's having a net, he doesn't look in any urgency to get off the mark," says Chappelli on TMS. But Guptill's 19th delivery bears fruit as he guides a two through extra cover - and he finds the boundary by upper-cutting one over the slips for four.

  30. BBC Sport's Manish Bhasin
    Contributor BBC Sport's Manish Bhasin  

    On Twitter: "Long day already... after CWC show in Delhi, 3 hrs kip, 6am flight to Nagpur now all set for Aus v NZ, need some excitement to keep me going!"

  31. 8 overs Commentary NZ 36-1  

    Johnson bangs in a wide one and Ryder crashes it through cover point for four - that's meat and drink for Big Jesse, who's "slimmed and trimmed down a bit," according to ex-Kiwi seamer Danny Morrison on TMS. Ponting shuffles his field for the last ball of the over, Ryder can't force it off his pads.

  32. Twitter  

    From Yomezy: "Come on Kiwis, let's see some fireworks here."

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  33. 8.5 overs WICKET Guptill b Watson 10 (NZ 40-2)  

    Lee takes a rest after four overs but Australia persist with their all-pace attack as Shane Watson takes over. Guptill carefully on-drives a four, but then loses his off stump to the delighted Watson after scoring a languid 10 from 25 balls. "That kept a bit low," notes Danny Morrison on TMS.

  34. 9 overs Commentary NZ 40-2  

    New batsman Ross Taylor sees of the last ball of Watson's over.

  35. 10 overs Commentary NZ 49-2  

    Ryder pulls at a bouncer from Lee, and despite a balletic dive from David Hussey on the mid-wicket boundary, that's four. Big Jesse leg-glances a wide one for four - "it would have been five wides if he'd left it," notes Glenn Mitchell on TMS. Johnson is living up to the song the Barmy Army sing to him - bowling to the left and bowling to the right - as he sends down another wide! Ryder sees off the rest of the over, that's a good over for the Kiwis.

  36. BBC Test Match Special's Danny Morrison
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Danny Morrison  

    "This is a big innings for Taylor. Technically, he's New Zealand's best batsman, he hasn't played a long innings in one-day cricket for a long time and it'll be interesting to see if he can bat through a lot of these overs."

  37. 11 overs Commentary NZ 49-2  

    Australia take the fielding powerplay straight away - "formulaic", Glenn Mitchell calls it on TMS, and I think he's right - how often do you see teams delay it nowadays? Taylor is watchful against Watson - and plays out a maiden. Watson has 1-4 from two overs.

  38. Twitter  

    From navyou: "I think even the Kiwis would have been celebrating the wicket of Guptill."

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  39. 12 overs Commentary NZ 57-2  

    Ryder continues his duel with Johnson, a fiercely-pulled four bringing the Kiwis past 50. Next ball is another long-hop, Big Jesse gives it the same treatment and that's four more! The pair exchange a few words in mid-pitch, this could be quite entertaining.

  40. BBC Test Match Special's Danny Morrison
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Danny Morrison  

    "Off the field, Mitchell Johnson's lovely - he's the sort of person you'd want your daughter to meet. But as soon as he puts the uniform on and crosses that white line..."

  41. 13 overs DRINKS BREAK NZ 66-2  

    If Ryder has taken on the mantle established by McCullum by thrashing his bat at anything short and wide, Taylor is doing his best to emulate Guptill as he fails to score from his first 10 balls, before finally knocking one off his legs down to the fine-leg boundary for four. More leg-side fodder from Watson, Taylor tries to help it on its way, and that's four leg byes. Drinks.

  42. 13.2 overs WICKET Ryder c Haddin b Johnson 25 (NZ 66-3)  

    Johnson gets one to swing, induces an edge from Ryder and it's all over for Big Jesse as he's caught behind...

  43. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Just when it seems New Zealand are forming a partnership, they lose a wicket. But that's what it's going to be like for Australia with the three fast bowlers they've got - Tait and Johnson are always going to be expensive, but likely to take wickets."

  44. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Yesterday they tried to confiscate Geoff Boycott's sandwiches, today they tried to take my laptop away. But for some reason, they've allowed someone to carry in a horn."

  45. 13.5 overs WICKET DUCK - Franklin c Haddin b Johnson 0 (NZ 66-4)  

    James Franklin is the new batsman - the Kiwi side is packed with all-rounders, but if Franklin's up at number five, it looks like his batting must be improving just as his bowling seems to be in a slight decline. Gloucestershire fans may know differently. But he's out without scoring as after swaying away from a bouncer, he hangs his bat out and gives wicketkeeper Haddin some more catching practice. Poor shot, and he's back in the hutch.

  46. 14 overs Commentary NZ 66-4  

    Veteran all-rounder Scott Styris is the new batsman, dabbing his first ball to point. "That's a double-wicket maiden, which is handy in limited-overs cricket, or any form of cricket come to think of it," muses Vic Marks on TMS.

  47. BBC Test Match Special's Bryan Waddle
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Bryan Waddle  

    "When New Zealand were in India before Christmas, Franklin was the stand-out batsman - that's why he's batting at five."

  48. 14.4 overs WICKET DUCK - Styris c Haddin b Tait 0 (NZ 67-5)  

    Vic thinks the Aussies "scent wickets" as they bring Tait back in place of Watson. Taylor pushes a single, Styris goes for a big heave-ho and gives Haddin his third catch of the day! Not the sort of shot you'd expect from a veteran of 181 ODIs. Once more, they check Tait's foot placement to see if it's a no-ball - but once more, his front foot is just behind the popping crease, so Styris trudges off.

  49. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "You'd think New Zealand would know you'll always get runs against Tait and Johnson from no-balls and wides - you don't need to be quite so aggressive against them, so early on. And we're on the subcontinent, you could\u00a0look at Australia's weakness in spin bowling as something you can exploit - but you can't when you're five wickets down."

  50. 15 overs Commentary NZ 68-5  

    The new man in is Jamie How - a specialist batsman, batting down at number seven, if you will. He turns his first ball off his legs for a single to long leg.

  51. SMS  

    From Les: "Belated happy 80th birthday to Brian Close from everyone in Yorkshire!"

  52. 16 overs Commentary NZ 70-5  

    How and Taylor have a big rebuilding job on here, we're out of the powerplay overs but it's safety first as How guides a single, and Taylor chooses to let a wide one go by.\u00a0 He guides a single to Lee at third man off the last ball of the over, and the Nagpur crowd\u00a0appears to be full of very energetic drummers.

  53. BBC Sport's Rishi Persad
    Contributor BBC Sport's Rishi Persad  

    On Twitter: "Off to police press conf, India and Eng training sessions all at the Chinnaswamy in Bangalore. Interested to hear police response to yesterday."

  54. 17 overs WICKET Taylor b Tait 7 (NZ 73-6)  

    Taylor knocks a single off his legs, then Tait bowls a no-ball to How, and the free hit ball is smeared to long leg for a single. But Taylor plays all round a yorker and is bowled, that's Tait's third wicket and the Kiwis are all over the shop.

  55. Twitter  

    From englishcricfan: "Johnson chucks in a bunch of pies and then slips a couple of decent ones in! Bam!"

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  56. 18 overs Commentary NZ 73-6  

    That was a very awkward seven from 22 balls by Taylor. He's replaced by Nathan McCullum, strangely batting ahead of skipper Daniel Vettori. He's the non-striker as How plays out a maiden from Johnson, who has figures of 7-3-23-2.

  57. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    On Twitter: "Sir G stands firm against Delhi security."

    Police cause food shortage at Kotla (Cricinfo)

  58. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Doull
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Doull  

    "I didn't get here early enough to have a chat with the New Zealand boys as I was travelling overnight from Hambantota, but I can't believe Jacob Oram's been left out unless he's not fit. There would be no reason to play How as a specialist batsman at seven ahead of Oram."

  59. 19 overs Commentary NZ 78-6  

    McCullum (N) is off the mark with a firm on-driven two against Tait, whose tail must be up as he's into the third over of this spell. Tait appeals for lbw as McCullum tries to force him to leg and scampers through for a single, but it's signalled as runs. A couple more singles are added, but you are reading the score correctly - we haven't made it to the 20-over mark yet and New Zealand are six down.

  60. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Doull
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Doull  

    "I'd be tempted to take the batting powerplay right now. The trick is to do what the opposition least expect - it would use up more overs of Australia's fast bowlers and make them hold back the spinners."

  61. 20 overs Commentary NZ 83-6  

    Off-spinner Jason Krejza is into the attack - and it's on the ground where he made his Test debut in November 2008, and took an incredible 8-215 against India. He's sporting a stubbly beard these days, making him look somewhat piratical, but New Zealand manage to plunder five singles from his opening over.

  62. 21 overs Commentary NZ 85-6  

    Lee replaces Tait, the veteran blond paceman keeps it tight and the only blemishes are a leg bye and a How single to third man off the last delivery.

  63. Commentary  

    From Nisarg Kamdar, TMS inbox: "Is the New Zealand cricketing fraternity so talent deficient that they have to resort to playing guys who have long outlived their utility? I'm looking at you Scott Styris."

  64. 22 overs Commentary NZ 90-6  

    Krejza gives it a bit of air, McCullum whacks it back past the diving bowler who gets a fingertip to it. Krejza was dropped after two Tests as his wickets were costing 43 apiece - and the Kiwis certainly seem to find his bowling friendlier than the other Aussie bowlers, as How and McCullum pick up two singles apiece. They both have nine.

  65. 23 overs Commentary NZ 97-6  

    The stumps are demolished at both ends as How drops the ball at his feet and sets off for a single, Lee follows through and while diving for the ball, slide-tackles the stumps at the striker's end - and throws down the wicket at the bowler's end! But How was safely home. The seventh-wicket pair are operating in singles at the moment - in contrast to earlier in the innings when Ryder and Brendon McCullum were scoring almost exclusively in boundaries. But we've not had a boundary since the 13th over, and we're now in the 23rd. And just as I type that, McCullum fences at Lee and it sails over the vacant slip cordon for four! I feel like typing something about how it's been a while since I won the lottery...

  66. 24 overs Commentary NZ 100-6  

    McCullum lofts Krejza to deep mid-wicket, that falls safely but they come back for two and that's 100 up for the Black Caps, a feat which didn't look 100% certain a little earlier this morning.

  67. 25 overs Commentary NZ 100-6  

    Lee in for his seventh over, How gets a nick but it bounces just shy of keeper Haddin. Ponting makes a great stop at backward point to deny How a single, that's another maiden for Lee who has figures of 7-2-19-0. Between overs, the crowd go wild as a "shout-ometer" is displayed on the scoreboard. ("That's normally the sort of reception you'd get for a streaker - and a good-looking streaker at that," says Aggers on TMS).

  68. 26 overs Commentary NZ 105-6  

    Krejza continues, Aggers wonders whether the off-spinner may eventually be tempted down the same hair-hat route as Doug "The Rug" Bollinger, who's carrying the drinks for the Aussies today. McCullum scampers a bye when one keeps low and evades keeper Haddin, and Krejza rather predictably yields a few more singles.

    And if you like looking at pictures of Kiwi wickets falling, do take a look at our day six photo gallery...

  69. 27 overs Commentary NZ 108-6  

    Time for spin from both ends as leg-spinner Steve Smith enters the attack as Australia's sixth bowler. McCullum knocks his first ball for a single, How adds a two but it's still pedestrian stuff from the Kiwis as they continue to rebuild their innings.

  70. Commentary  

    From James in Aber, TMS inbox: "There are a few people saying that the likes of Styris and Oram may be past it, which may be true, the problem i think for the Kiwis is, who's there to replace them?"

  71. 28 overs DRINKS BREAK NZ 118-6  

    Krejza spins one down the leg side, that beats everyone and is heading for four but is it runs? Wides? Leg byes? It's five wides. A single brings How on strike, he jams his bat down and that brings him the first four of his innings - from his 42nd ball.\u00a0That's 10 from the over, New Zealand's best for\u00a0a while, and they're rewarded with a drinks break. This stand is now worth 45.

  72. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Because of the wickets they've lost, New Zealand can't afford to take risks against Australia's spin, which is largely untested and untried."

  73. 29 overs UMPIRE REVIEW NZ 121-7  

    McCullum has discarded his helmet in favour of a cap while the spinners are on. How prods forward, is given out lbw to Smith by umpire Dharmasena and immediately calls for a review...

  74. 29 overs WICKET How lbw b Smith 22 (NZ 121-7)  

    That pitches on middle and straightens - How-ever you look at it, How has to go!

  75. 30 overs Commentary NZ 125-7  

    Captain Daniel Vettori is the new batsman, not the worst man to be coming in at number nine, but facing a Herculean task to give his side a defendable total. McCullum steers Krejza for a single to bring his skipper on strike, and it's more steady accumulation of singles against Krejza's off-spin. McCullum tries a flick to leg, Haddin claims a catch down the leg side but it didn't come off the bat.

  76. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "I'm pretty sure I saw Daniel Vettori's first innings in first-class cricket. He was 17, and batting number 11 for Northern Districts against the England tourists at Hamilton, he came out to face a hat-trick ball from Darren Gough and was still buckling up his pads as he walked on. He looked very studenty in those days."

  77. 31 overs Commentary NZ 127-7  

    Smith rattles through his third over, just a single apiece for Vettori and McCullum.

  78. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Ian Chappell entertains Aggers with tales of a trip to a Nagpur strip club when he was an Australian player!"

  79. 32 overs Commentary NZ 130-7  

    Shaun Tait replaces Krejza - Bryan Waddle and Vic Marks on TMS think New Zealand may have taken the batting powerplay? Or are Australia just trying to knock over the last three wickets? McCullum chops a two to third man, and they scamper a leg bye off the last ball of the over.

  80. 33 overs Commentary NZ 135-7  

    McCullum cover-drives Smith for a single, the Kiwi eighth-wicket pair add one more each. McCullum has 30 from 46 balls, Vettori has five from 10.

  81. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "The scene outside. People queuing to get in. Presume they haven't heard the score!"

  82. 34 overs Commentary NZ 138-7  

    Tait sends down a wide, McCullum swings and misses at a straighter one ("A lot of sizzle, but very little sausage", notes Glenn Mitchell on TMS) before guiding a two off his legs. Tait gets away with a wide bouncer down the leg side which was arguably a wide in at least two dimensions. And it's time for fourth umpire Bruce Oxenford (a former Queensland leg-spinner) to bring on the new/old ball for the compulsory ball change.

  83. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "New Zealand have got to take a punt. They're not going to win the game by scoring 180, so why not take the batting\u00a0powerplay? I always seem to want teams to take it earlier than they do."

  84. 35 overs Commentary NZ 144-7  

    Smith into his fifth over, Vettori and McCullum manage five singles from the over, while the blond leggie tosses another one up outside off stump which is signalled as wide.


    Krejza returns in place of Two-Over Tait, Australia unsuccessfully appeal for lbw against Vettori but, with two reviews up their sleeve, invoke the DRS...

  86. NOT OUT  

    Hawk-Eye suggests it was missing the wickets (as Cameron White had indicated from slip that he thought it was going down the leg side), so Vettori stands his ground.

  87. 36 overs Commentary NZ 150-7  

    Vettori goes down the track to Krejza, but checks his advance and dabs a single to point. McCullum aims a full-blooded pull shot at the mid-wicket boundary, where David Hussey can't stop it for going for four. A single brings him up to 39, and his side to 150.

  88. 37 overs Commentary NZ 152-7  

    Smith is still quickly through his over, two singles from it, are Australia perhaps aware that that've bowled at a pretty lousy over-rate today and hurrying a bit?

  89. 38 overs Commentary NZ 156-7  

    Krejza, bowling around the wicket to the right-handed McCullum as well as the left-handed Vettori, has the Kiwis largely on the defensive. The skipper slog-sweeps across the line, but can't get hold of it cleanly - four singles mean this stand is now worth 35.

  90. 39 overs Commentary NZ 163-7  

    McCullum shows glimpses of his brother's aggressive hitting as he pulls Smith for four through mid-wicket, while he steers two more through the covers. Ponting looks in a bit of pain after diving\u00a0in the field - is he having trouble with the finger he broke during the Ashes? As we know, he's a man who doesn't like to show he feels pain - anyone remember him fielding (unhelmeted) at The Oval in 2009 where he took one straight in the chops, and carried on after spitting out a tooth or two? A single takes McCullum to 49.

  91. 40 overs Commentary N McCULLUM FIFTY - NZ 169-7  

    Krejza into his penultimate over, Nathan McCullum reaches his third ODI fifty with a single. Vettori fluently sweeps for four, and the Aussie physio is coming on to have a look at Punter's finger - whether he wants him to, or not.

  92. 41 overs Commentary NZ 174-7  

    Still no sign of the batting powerplay as Vettori attempts an Eoin Morgan-style deliberate reverse sweep but misses. Smith rattles through his over, five\u00a0singles from it. "Considering New Zealand were 73-6, they're making a game of this," affirms Vic Marks on TMS.


    Johnson back in the attack, McCullum walks across his stumps, is rapped on the pad iand is given out lbw... but reviews it!

  94. 41.2 overs WICKET N McCullum lbw b Johnson 52 (NZ 175-8)  

    It's pitching in line, hitting in line, it's the on-field umpire's call whether it would have hit the stumps - so Doctrove's "out" decision is upheld and McCullum goes.

  95. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "India Radio's equipment comes in a rather smart attache case, like the sort of thing that James Bond would be given by Q. All they have to do is flick a switch and it works."

  96. 42 overs Commentary NZ 177-8  

    The new batsman is the youthful Tim Southee, who's now 22 but looks about 15. Those of us who were in Napier for England's Test series victory three winters ago will recall Southee's astonishing innings of 77 not out from 48 balls, in an utterly lost cause, when he smashed nine sixes. But it's a different situation now as he has to survive the rest of the over from Johnson - he's off the mark with a single, while Cap'n Dan nicks the strike.

  97. 43 overs Commentary NZ 188-8  

    No powerplay yet as Australia persist with Smith, Vettori clubs him for two before finally connecting with one of those reverse sweeps which brings him four. A rank full toss from the blond spinner is bludgeoned through mid-wicket for four by the Kiwi skipper, who takes a single which lifts his score to 33 from 36 balls. Powerplay? Please?

  98. 44 overs Commentary NZ 196-8  

    Yep - New Zealand take the batting powerplay, which will run from overs 44-48. And if Australia don't bowl the Kiwis out, they could be in big trouble for their over-rate, as they're supposed to have bowled 50 overs by 0730 GMT (seven minutes' time), and could well be five overs short by that time. Worst luck, it also means we're likely to have a much-reduced interval, which isn't the best news for a text commentator who's been here since the early hours and is facing a mad-bacon-sandwich-dash-between-innings.

    Johnson to continue, Vettori and Southee exchange singles before Vettori steps back and carves an inside-out drive through wide long-off for four. Johnson slings down a legside wide, that won't help the over-rate... Vettori knocks a quick single to leg, taking a big risk by taking on the arm of Michael Clarke but the throw is wide.

  99. 45 overs WICKET Vettori c Haddin b Lee 44 (NZ 206-9)  

    Brett Lee returns at the Pavilion End, he bangs in a short one and Vettori, backing outside leg stump, mows it through mid-wicket for four! Vettori is walking all over the place in his crease, but he can only smear a single to fine leg. Southee swipes a two to third man, before piercing a gap through the covers and scampering three. But it's all over for Vettori as he walks across his crease again, tries to guide the last ball of the over to fine leg and is caught behind.

  100. 45.1 overs WICKET Southee c Ponting b Johnson 6 (NZ 206 not out)  

    That wicket puts a different complexion on matters - with last man Hamish Bennett at the crease, Southee has a big swing and is caught by Punter at mid-off. Australia will need 207 to win.

  101. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "This Australia side have a weak rump, and it's their middle-over slow bowlers. The fast bowlers also leak runs, but they take wickets."

  102. 0739 Commentary  

    So, a great recovery from 73-6, but New Zealand may feel they should have batted out their overs and added a few more to the score. And it'll be interesting to hear whether snaffling those last two wickets may have prevented Australia from getting a hefty over-rate fine.

    I'm going to dash to grab the brekkie I alluded to earlier - the Aussie innings is due to start at 0815 according to Aggers, but we'll be back before then.

  103. 0754 Commentary  

    Some news just in... Cricket Australia have confirmed that left-arm seamer\u00a0Doug "The Rug" Bollinger is out of the rest of the World Cup with an ankle injury. A replacement will be named in due course, although he will have to be approved by the ICC's technical committee.

  104. 0757 Commentary  

    Keep an ear on TMS as they're about to hear from Rahul Dravid, while we're just over half-an-hour away from the start of Bangladesh v Ireland in Mirpur. There will be regular score updates on TMS,\u00a0BBC Radio 5 live and on the live text here, before the text commentary switches to that game after Australia-NZ concludes.

  105. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    On Twitter: "Good recovery from NZ. At least they will have something to bowl at. Aus miles behind over rate... might prove expensive."

  106. BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Alison Mitchell  

    On Twitter: "Watching India in nets. Sehwag hit in the ribs, walked off rather gingerly. Seems that he was in pain, has been iced, but been back out with the team looking OK. Indian press officer's phone is switched off!"

  107. 0805 Commentary  

    Over in Mirpur, Bangladesh have won the toss and decided to bat first against Ireland.

  108. BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford  

    On Twitter: "Rahul Dravid interview on TMS and you'll be able to hear more of it during tomorrow evening's BBC\u00a0Two highlights show."

    Tonight's highlights are available from 2200 GMT on the Red Button and the BBC Sport website, then on BBC Two from 2350.

  109. Twitter  

    England all-rounder Tim Bresnan: "Just had lunch with Jimmy Anderson, he was grumpier than usual. It was probably just my chat that wound him up again. Off to practice now."

  110. 0814 Commentary  

    Shane Watson and Brad Haddin opening the innings for Australia, we're about to begin their reply.

  111. 1 over Commentary Aus 9-0 (TARGET 207)  

    Tim Southee takes the new ball for New Zealand... and starts with a legside wide to Watson, who's then off the mark with a careful single to third man. Southee strays down the leg side again for another wide, Haddin also opens with a single, a long over is ended when the Aussie keeper cracks a four through the covers.

  112. 2 overs Commentary Aus 12-0  

    Both sides opened with a spinner in yesterday's South Africa-West Indies game, and New Zealand take that option today as captain and left-arm spinner\u00a0Daniel Vettori takes the second over - he's often put the brakes on against Australia. (Sub fielder Kane Williamson is on the field, not sure who for). Watson and Haddin push a single apiece, before Watson pinches the strike.

  113. 3 overs Commentary Aus 18-0  

    Scott Styris is apparently the man off the field - he may have hurt his back when playing that awful shot to get out for a duck. (Adding injury to insult, you could say). Can Southee improve on his wayward first over? After a single from Watson, Haddin flicks a four off his legs through mid-wicket, and a single takes him to 11.

  114. Commentary  

    From James Cramer-Roberts, TMS inbox: "Kiwis will need to bowl the Aussies out. These games are usually close as there's never much love between these two sides. If the Aussies open the innings like they did against the Zim, very slow and steady, then I'm afraid it's win number 31 in a row. Pretty remarkable!"

    Technically speaking, although Australia are unbeaten in 30 World Cup games, their winning sequence is only 24, as the 1999 semi-final was a tie, although Australia went through on run-rate...

  115. 4 overs Commentary Aus 27-0  

    Haddin and Watson work Vettori for singles and twos,\u00a0while the Aussie keeper forces his third four of the day over mid-off. Haddin has 17 from 11 balls, Watson is (for once) the more sedate on eight from 13.

  116. BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji
    Contributor BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji  

    "Over in a sunshine-bathed Mirpur, Bangladesh begin their innings against Ireland at the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium. Just one change for the hosts to the team that lost to India on Saturday - all-rounder Mahmudullah makes way for the supremely talented but supremely frustrating Mohammad Ashraful, inventor of the dainty paddle sweep from outside off stump. Ireland captain William Porterfield doesn't look too perturbed after losing the toss. "We know there's going to be a bit of dew about later, but we're happy," said the Warwickshire left-hander, then declaring the Irish are at full strength."

    Bangladesh: Tamim, Kayes, Siddique, Rahim, Shakib, Raqibul, Ashraful, Naeem, Razzak, Shafiul, Rubel

    Ireland: Porterfield, Stirling, Joyce, N O'Brien, White, K O'Brien, Botha, Mooney, Johnston, Dockrell, Rankin


    Haddin flat-bats Southee for a fierce four through point, the Aussie openers are picking up ones and twos well, then Haddin is struck on the pad, given out by umpire Dharmasena, but then asks for a review!

  118. NOT OUT  

    Impact is in line, but Hawk-Eye shows it was heading down the leg side and Watson is reprieved.

  119. 5 overs Commentary Aus 34-0  

    Watson can't get the last ball of the over away, he has 10 from 15 balls while Haddin is on 22 from 14.

  120. 6 overs Commentary Aus 37-0  

    The Vettori experiment is ended after two overs as the Kiwi skipper turns to the right-arm seam of Hamish Bennett, who took 4-16 against Kenya in the Black Caps' opening game. Haddin guides his first ball for a well-run two to leg, while Bennett advances the score with a wide, his bowling action reminds me a little of Steve Harmison in the way he has both arms high above his head as he enters his delivery stride - while in the best tradition of old-school fast bowlers, his toe protrudes through a hole in his boot.

  121. 7 overs Commentary Aus 39-0  

    Nathan McCullum dives well in the field to restrict Watson to a single, Haddin reaches 25 with a single of his own, but it's just those two singles from the over.

    By the way, if you want to follow the Bangladesh-Ireland game, you can check out our scorecard on the website, while Pranav will be updating us every few overs with the latest from Mirpur, before taking on the text commentary himself once this (Aus-NZ) game has finished.

  122. BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji
    Contributor BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji  

    "It's an absolute boundary-fest over in Mirpur as Bangladeshi openers Tamim Iqbal and Imrul Kayes engage ballistic mode as the hosts race to 49-0 from just five overs. It's an absolute bowler's graveyard - Tamim is hitting through the line of the ball, which is sitting up demanding to be spanked from a good length, racing to 37 from just 25 deliveries. Kayes has hardly been pedestrian, reaching 11 from six deliveries, but in comparison with his left-handed opening partner he's doddering along like the proverbial third XI middle order batsman with a dodgy knee."

  123. 8 overs Commentary Aus 58-0  

    With fewer than four runs needed per over, there's no need for the Australian openers to take any risks, although they profit from a well-run three by Haddin. Bennett strays with his line, that disappears down the leg side for five wides, then a slow full toss is hoicked over backward square leg for four by Watson, who then straight-drives and they add three more runs. More legside filth off hte last ball, Haddin helps it on its way for four. That's 19 from Bennett's over, surely not even Mr Bennett the caretaker from Tony Hart's TV shows could serve up another over of dross like that?

  124. 9 overs Commentary Aus 67-0  

    New Zealand are bowling some absolute rubbish here at the Aussie openers - Bennett and Southee are young, but Australia will punish anything loose, and Haddin helps himself to another four through cover. Keeper Brendon McCullum calls for his helmet so he can\u00a0stand up to the stumps, but is helpless as Haddin slogs another four in the direction of cow corner. He has 40 from only 27 balls - and Australia only need 140 more from 41 overs.

  125. 10 overs Commentary Aus 74-0  

    Cap'n Dan needs to stem the flow of runs - and fast. Off-spinner Nathan McCullum is the new bowler summoned, and Watson - for once the junior partner in a big opening stand - dabs a single. Haddin steers a two before threading his eighth four through the covers. He has 46, and will Vettori break with tradition and delay taking the powerplay?

  126. BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji
    Contributor BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji  

    "After heaping bagfuls of praise on the Bangladeshis following their\u00a0cheetah-like start, Ireland strike courtesy of a sensational stumping from wicketkeeper Niall O'Brien, who whips off the bails as Imrul Kayes overbalances attempting to play a leg-side delivery from qualified electrician John Mooney. It's called a wide too - not that Ireland care as Junaid Siddque joins big-hitting Tamim at 53-1 in the seventh over."

  127. 11 overs Commentary Aus 80-0  

    No powerplay is signalled - and instead, we're going to have Big Jesse Ryder into the attack, shuffling up to the stumps with his right-arm medium pace. And taking the pace off the ball, the big man is quietly effective, bowling five dot balls... and then five wides down the leg side! Knew it couldn't last. Watson helps himself to a single off the last ball.

  128. 12 overs Commentary Aus 82-0  

    Off-spinner McCullum goes round the wicket to the two right-handers, Watson pushes a single before a fumble by Cap'n Dan at mid-off allows Haddin a single, he's up to 47.

  129. 13 overs Commentary HADDIN FIFTY - Aus 87-0 (TARGET 207)  

    Aggers has spotted a couple of lyre-players in the crowd (albeit lyres that rather bizarrely\u00a0look like elephant trunks), but the rest of the crowd are on their feet to applaud Haddin as a two and a single bring him his 12th ODI fifty from 39 balls. Big Jesse sends down a wide, Brendon McCullum attempts a stumping but Watson manages to keep his footing despite falling over in the crease. "Australia are romping it unless New Zealand get some wickets and lots of them," says Aggers.

  130. BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji
    Contributor BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji  

    "Ireland strike for the second time in three overs as Ed Joyce, who recently re-switched allegiances back to Ireland following his time with England, swoops from mid-off and hits the stumps with Junaid Siddique (3) ambling down the track as if he was nipping down the local newsagent to pick up the Sunday newspapers. Lazy running, smart fielding and Bangladesh are 61-2 in the ninth over."

  131. 14 overs Commentary Aus 100-0  

    Watson square-cuts Nathan McCullum for four, then sweeps a first-bounce single to sub fielder Williamson on the mid-wicket fence. Haddin rotates the strike, then Watson clears his front leg to hoist a six over mid-wicket!\u00a0 ("That would be six on any ground in\u00a0the world," says Vic Marks on TMS. A single brings up the century stand, 107 more are needed from a mere 36 overs.

  132. Commentary  

    From ptw86: "Surely there's a better way to punish slow over rates [see discussion between innings]? A punishment during the game, without trying to make ODIs more complex!"

  133. 15 overs Commentary Aus 108-0  

    Big Jesse's off - and with Scott "The Penguin" Styris off the field, Vettori's bowling options are rather limited, although James Franklin hasn't bowled yet. Australia's eyes may light up as Hamish Bennett returns to the attack, and if his line is as all over the place as it was in his last over, they should do well. Bennett starts with two leg byes down the leg side, followed by a wide, while Watson helps himself to two twos and a single. Eight from the over, this is becoming rather inevitable in the same way that South Africa's win did yesterday when ABDV got going.

  134. BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji
    Contributor BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji  

    "Silence around the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium as the bull in a china shop that is Tamim Iqbal is deceived by a slower Andre Botha ball, guiding an open-faced scythe with minimal footwork to William Porterfield at point, the third wicket in 15 runs. Ireland are rampant and the hosts have some serious consolidation work to get through with captain Shakib Al Hasan and Mushfiqur Rahim at the crease at 68-3 in the 12th over."

  135. 16 overs DRINKS BREAK WATSON FIFTY - Aus 121-0  

    Vettori back into the attack, Watson slog-sweeps and it bounces past the despairing dive of the mid-wicket sweeper for four. A powerful baseball-style blast powers past mid-off for four more - and a brutal biff past mid-off moves Watson past 50, and allows him to overtake his partner's score for the first time. A single takes him to 53. Time for a drinks break - Australia need 86 runs from 34 overs, the required rate a smidgen over two and a half runs per over. But at the rate they're going, this game won't last 30 overs.

  136. Twitter  

    From oshek: "Do the Aussies have dinner reservations?"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved...

  137. 17 overs Commentary Aus 128-0  

    New Zealand persist with Bennett, who's finding out that taking wickets against Kenya is a bit different to trying to break a century stand by Australia's openers. Watson and Haddin exchange singles, Watson blasts another four, while it's not Bennett's day as he sends down another wide. Bennett has 0-35 from four overs, and the Aussies need 79 from the last 33 overs.

    And if you want to read more about the injury that has ended Doug "The Rug" Bollinger's World Cup, you can read more on the BBC Sport website.

  138. 18 overs DROPPED CATCH Aus 133-0  

    Haddin dabs Vettori for a single to long-on, the openers rotate the strike well and Watson aims another slog-sweep at mid-wicket - and is dropped by the tumbling substitute Kane Williamson\u00a0coming in from\u00a0the rope.

  139. 18.1 overs WICKET Haddin c Franklin b Bennett 55 (Aus 133-1)  

    New Zealand finally have a breakthrough as Haddin holes out at deep mid-wicket when Bennett fires in a slow bouncer.

  140. WICKET Watson b Bennett 62 (Aus 136-2)  

    Captain Ricky Ponting is the new batsman, watching from the non-striker's end as Watson helps himself to two more - but after Bennett boosts the score with a wide, another slower ball removes Watson as he chops the ball onto his stumps!

  141. BBC Test Match Special's Bryan Waddle
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Bryan Waddle  

    "These wickets have come about 100 runs too late for New Zealand."

  142. BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji
    Contributor BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji  

    Just two deliveries after he was dropped by William Porterfield at point, Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan is fooled by another well-disguised slower ball from Andre Botha, who dives full length and clings on to a superb one-handed return catch. You could hear a snail sigh inside the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium right now, absolute silence as Bangladesh collapse to 86-4. Ireland are rampant.

  143. 19 overs Commentary Aus 139-2  

    Vice-captain Michael Clarke joins his skipper at the crease. Neither has faced a ball, and both of them had a pretty rotten Ashes series with the bat. Clarke fuides a single to fine leg. Ponting is also off the mark with a single, and Clarke steers the last ball of the over to long leg for one. Bennett has improved his figures slightly and has 2-41 from five overs.

    Now, if you're Cap'n Dan Vettori, with two brand new batsmen in, do you take your fielding powerplay now? Given that you're unlikely to win the match unless you bowl Australia out, you may have to hope powerplays bring wickets...

  144. 20 overs Commentary Aus 141-2  

    At the risk of entering "smug mode", I can report that the umpire has just signalled that New Zealand are taking the fielding powerplay. Vettori to continue, and Clarke and Ponting\u00a0manage one single apiece\u00a0- with a required rate of 2.19 runs per over before this one began, they don't even need to hit boundaries, although they may see an early finish as the perfect way to boost their net run-rate.

  145. Twitter  

    From MrRov: "Can't see Aussies taking more than 9 more overs to chase this down."

    Tweet us using the hashtag #bbcworldcup to get involved...

  146. 21 overs Commentary Aus 149-2  

    Having taken both wickets, Bennett continues for his sixth over, but Ponting and Clarke help themselves to ones, twos and wides, while Clarke can't get hold of an attempted pull shot but that just means it goes for four rather than six...

  147. 22 overs Commentary Aus 153-2  

    A clash of the captains as Ponting edges Vettori for four through third man. 54 to win from 168 balls for the Aussies. And this is ceasing to be a contest with every run the Aussies add...


    Southee replaces the expensive Bennett as Cap'n Dan rotates his bowlers - New Zealand appeal for a catch behind against Ponting as the ball brushes his pads, and they call for a review...

  149. 22.2 overs NOT OUT Aus 154-2  

    Clearly didn't touch his bat, so umpire Dharmasena makes the "safe" signal and Ponting survives.

  150. 23 overs Commentary Aus 156-2 (TARGET 207)  

    Ponting flicks Southee down the leg side and they run a couple.

  151. 24 overs Commentary Aus 159-2  

    Vettori and Southee both have figures of 6-0-36-0 before Vettori begins his seventh over against the watchful Clarke, who steers a single before Vettori spins a wide out of Ponting's reach. A single takes the Aussie skipper to 12 - while Clarke has eight - and they need 48 more from 26 overs.

  152. Twitter  

    From Steve_Moore1988: "Group B has so much more depth than Group A. Going to be so tight, and 2 of WI, Bang, Eng and Ireland to get through."

    Tweet us with the hashtag\u00a0#bbcworldcup to get involved...

  153. 25 overs Commentary Aus 159-2  

    A couple of young children in the crowd have succumbed to sleep as Southee sends down a maiden to Ponting, who looks intent on being there at the end.

  154. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Ponting, who appeared to hurt his finger in the field, doesn't appear to be affected in any way - he hasn't been taking one hand off the bat or anything like that."

  155. 26 overs Commentary Aus 160-2  

    Vettori shuffles his bowlers again as Jesse Ryder comes on for another medium-paced trundle. Clarke guides a single to long-on, but that's the only scoring stroke and suddenly the brakes are on - only one run from the last two overs. Aussies need 47 more from 24 overs.

  156. BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji
    Contributor BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji  

    "(Nelson spoiler alert) We've reached the half-way point\u00a0in Bangladesh's innings, which has almost come to a standstill at 111-4. In just under 19 overs, the Tigers\u00a0have scored just 60 runs. Brilliant resilience from Ireland after suffering the full effects of a Tamim assault in the first five overs, like standing inches a\\way from an aeroplane propeller in full flow. Meanwhile, the ball has become\u00a0so discoloured\u00a0with thick, black, Bangladeshi mud that the umpires have authorised a ball change some nine overs before the mandatory switch."

  157. WICKET Ponting st B McCullum b Southee 12 (Aus 167-3)  

    Southee in his eighth over from the Pavilion End, but blasts another five wides down the leg side. Clarke finally reaches double figures with a single, then some terrific glovework by Brendon McCullum standing up to the wicket, stumps Ponting down the leg side!

    And Glenn Mitchell on TMS reports that Scott Styris has a bruised finger, which is why they haven't risked him in the field.

  158. 27 overs Commentary Aus 167-3  

    The big-hitting Cameron White is the new batsman, he sees off the over - Australia need 40 more from 23 overs.

  159. 28 overs Commentary Aus 177-3  

    Clarke guides Ryder for four off his legs, and that's helped the man from Liverpool, New South Wales\u00a0reach 6,000 ODI runs in his 190th ODI (although this is only his 174th innings). More legside wides bring White on strike, and he hammers a four - the fielder giving chase is 13th man Jacob Oram, so another of today's Kiwi XI is off the field injured, we're not sure which.

  160. 29 overs DRINKS BREAK Aus 177-3  

    Bryan Waddle on TMS has spotted who the "missing man" is - it's captain Daniel Vettori off the field, so vice-captain Ross Taylor will be directing the troops at this time. Southee begins his ninth over, McCullum is up to the stumps again to keep Clarke in his crease and that's much better from New Zealand.\u00a0A maiden over and a drinks break - I didn't think we'd get to another one of these.

  161. BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji
    Contributor BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji  

    "Bangladesh's last boundary was almost 10 overs ago - Ireland have not only applied the brakes, they've removed the wheels and put the entire Bangladesh innings on bricks. Thirty overs gone and Bangladesh are 134-4." \u00a0

  162. Twitter  

    From GavinGrace: "In 13 of the last 16 day/night games played in Bangladesh, the team batting second has won. Come on Ireland!"

    Tweet us with the hashtag\u00a0#bbcworldcup to get involved. As I mentioned earlier, at the conclusion of Australia-New Zealand, we'll be switching to live\u00a0text commentary of Bangladesh-Ireland.

  163. 30 overs Commentary Aus 179-3 (TARGET 207)  

    In contrast to when the openers were still in, the Aussies don't seem in a tearing hurry. White steers Ryder for a two, that's the only scoring stroke - 28 more needed from 20 overs.

  164. 31 overs Commentary Aus 181-3  

    Southee, with 1-43 from nine overs, will bowl out here. A single from Clarke brings White on strike, if he put his mind to it he could end this in five hits... White opens the face to dab a single to Williamson at third man, and Southee finishes with figures of 10-2-45-1.

  165. 32 overs Commentary Aus 187-3  

    Left-arm seamer James Franklin into the attack, I'm surprised we've not seem him until now, but the Kiwi commentators on TMS seem to think he doesn't swing the ball any more. If nothing else though, he offers an alternative angle of attack and White caresses\u00a0a single into the covers. Clarke rotates the strike, and a fumble on the boundary by Guptill allows White to add two more to his tally, which is now into double figures. The Aussie pair help themselves to ones and twos against Franklin, and Australia are within 19 runs of victory.

  166. BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks  

    "Some news from English domestic cricket - Surrey chief executive Paul Sheldon, who's been there as long as I can remember, is stepping down, saying he's taken the club as far as he can. Away from the international scene, the Surrey job is a very big job as they're a successful Test match ground."

  167. BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji
    Contributor BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji  

    Mushfiqur Rahim becomes Ireland victim number five as he top-edges an attempted sweep into the mitts of Andrew White at short fine leg off the bowling of teenage left-arm spinner\u00a0George Dockrell. Taking of teenagers, in comes the immense talent that is Mohammad\u00a0Ashraful, the youngest player ever to make a Test century in history aged 17 and 63 days back in 2001. Bangladesh are 147-5 from 34 overs. \u00a0

  168. 33 overs Commentary Aus 202-3  

    Clarke hooks the recalled Bennett for four, and the young right-arm seamer takes a Steven Finn-style tumble as he sends down another legside wide. White pulverises a four through the covers, a single reduces the victory target to nine. Bennett's feeling his calf muscle, the Kiwis have a few walking wounded there with Vettori off the field and Styris not having fielded at all. The last ball of Bennett's over is a full toss which Clarke steers through deep backward square leg, and nothing's going right for the Black Caps as Oram saves the ball on the rope but it hits Franklin (also closing on the ball) and cannons into the rope. A four, so Australia need five to win from 17 overs.

  169. BBC Sport's Sonali Shah
    Contributor BBC Sport's Sonali Shah  

    On Twitter: "Just had a long chat with Pakistan's Shoaib Akhtar... see what he's got to say on tonight's BBC highlights."

    Tonight's highlights are available from 2200 GMT on the Red Button and the BBC Sport website, then on BBC Two from 2350.

  170. 34 overs Commentary Aus 207-3  

    James Franklin to deliver what could be the last over of the game. White plays out four dot balls before a thick edge through third man for four brings the scores level. A single to the same area means Australia have won by seven wickets with 96 balls to spare. They retain the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy and stretch their World Cup run to 25 straight wins, and 31 games unbeaten.

  171. BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji
    Contributor BBC Sport's Pranav Soneji  

    "Less than five minutes after watching Mushfiqur Rahim perish to 18-year-old left-arm spinner George Dockrell with a misjudged sweep shot, the recalled Mohammad Ashraful plays an identical shot against the spin into the hands of BBC Sport columnist Andrew White at short fine leg. Rash and a tad needless. Bangladesh are 153-6 in the 36th over. if you're not familiar with Somerset spinner Dockrell, watch him in action now because you'll be hearing plenty about him in the next few years."

  172. 1104 Commentary  

    Right then - a comfortable victory for Australia, but let's not forget that today was the day that the trans-Tasman rivals both remembered those who lost their lives in the earthquake in Christchurch earlier this week. Our thoughts are with everyone who may have friends or family there.

    That's enough from me, Mark Mitchener - thanks for your company today, I'll see you tomorrow morning for live text coverage of Pakistan v Sri Lanka, which starts in Colombo at 0900 GMT. I'll hand you straight over to the excellent Pranav Soneji, who will take the live text baton for the rest of today's game between Bangladesh and Ireland. Enjoy.

  173. 38.1 overs WICKET Raqibul run out 38 (Ban 157-7)  

    As if by magic, Soneji steps in just as Raqibul Hasan is run out a good foot out of his ground, despite a full-length dive in a desperate bid to cross some part of his clobber over the popping crease, but a superb direct hit from Andrew White, who has already snagged two catches, means he's back in the pavilion just when his team need him more than ever. One word to describe Bangladesh's situation - dire.

  174. 39 overs Commentary Ban 167-7  

    The shifty Boyd Rankin, troubling the speedgun in the mid-80s, is aghast to concede two boundaries - the first a misfield at fine leg by Trent Johnston before Naeem Islam scythes a thick outside edge through the vacant second slip region.

  175. 40 overs Commentary Ban 167-7  

    So how long before England are sniffing around George Dockrell?\u00a0 He bowls out a maiden from his final over to finish with impressive figures of 2-23. Tall,\u00a0bowls with plenty of flight and changes his pace beautifully,\u00a0big things\u00a0in store for the Tauton-based Dubliner.\u00a0

  176. Commentary  

    From David Scott, TMS inbox: "Yes, Dockrell is that good he isin danger of playing for England."

  177. 41 overs Commentary Bang 169-7  

    The canny Andre Botha, who hasn't bowled anything outside of the middle-to-off stump line during his seven overs, keeps a lid on the run scoring with another tidy over, with both Islams, Naeem and Shafiul, gleaning a single each. Vice-like grip being applied\u00a0by the men in light green.

  178. 42 overs Commentary Ban 170-7  

    The attack of the tweak continues with Paul Sterling, conceding a solitary single with his off-breaks. Only a six-fest worthy of a Yuvraj Singh/Gary Sobers/Herschelle Gibbs/Ravi Shastri assault can give the Bangladeshi bowlers\u00a0something tangible to bowl at.

  179. 42.3 overs WICKET Shafiul lbw Botha 2 (Ban 170-8)  

    Shafiul is trapped in front of his stumps by Andre Botha - and umpire Rod Tucker's finger points skywards\u00a0following a huge appeal. Shafiul calls for a review - but his fate is sealed as Hawk-Eye predicts the ball clattering half-way up his leg stump.

  180. Commentary  

    From Dom Gillan, London, TMS inbox: "Before we all anoint Dockrell as England's next big thing, don't forget Hampshire's Danny Briggs, 19-year-old left arm spinner who's been tearing it up on the Lions tours this winter and won them the Twenty20 last year."

    All in favour of Briggs' inclusion in the England squad, more for his old-school, no-nonsense surname. I would like to see a Murgatroyd or Shackleton in there too...

  181. 44 overs Commentary Ban 173-8  

    Sterling keeps it tighter than an ale-drinker's belt with a solitary single. Really impressive disciplined bowling here - only one of these teams looks like a fully-fledged Test-playing nation here...

  182. 45 overs Commentary Ban 179-8  

    The staid crowd momentarily spring to life as Adbul Razzak guides\u00a0a late cut\u00a0fine to third man off Andre Botha, but the chatter subsides as Trent Johnston cuts off the boundary. Razzak then hits through the line of the ball towards the long-off boundary, but Andrew White makes a quite brilliant stop with what can only be described as a Des Walker-style tackle to prevent the ball from crossing the boundary with his right boot. Quite brilliant.

  183. Commentary  

    From Colin Smyth, TMS inbox: "How about we forget all this talk about George Dockrell playing for England and instead concentrate on a campaign for making Ireland a test nation so that he can play for his own country? We could have Morgan back too, thank you very much!"

  184. 46 overs Commentary Ban 185-7  

    In classic England-style, Bangladesh take the batting powerplay with their number eight and number 10 at the crease. The shaven-headed Trent Johnston ambles in for his seventh over with only three men outside of the 30m circle and Naeem takes advantage with a couple through midwicket, as well as a single following a needless shy at the stumps from the Australia-born paceman. Still, no boundaries to keep the packed crowd sufficiently entertained as the sun turns a jaw-dropping lemony yellow against the almost-orange sky in the late dusky evening light, made the more eye-catching by the fug of the Dhaka smog.

  185. 47 overs UMPIRE REVIEW Ban 190-8  

    Rankin traps Abdul Razzak on the toe in front of the stumps with a spearing yorker - and up goes the finger of umpire Rod Tucker, but the batsman calls for review - and Hawk-Eye justifies Razzak's doubts as it shows the ball would have clearly missed off stump. The crowd go bonkers as the Australian official overturns his original decision\u00a0-\u00a0as if\u00a0Justin Bieber has walked on stage in front a braying pack of highly excitable teenage girls. A wide\u00a0and a couple of singles take\u00a0the hosts\u00a0to within\u00a010 runs of the 200-mark. But still, a good 60 runs short of a par total on this track.

  186. Commentary  

    From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "I'm all for Ireland getting Test status, if only on the basis that this would guarantee that the cricket sector will be the fastest growing part of the Irish economy for the next\u00a010 years. I suggest they seek to avoid bank sponsorship, mind. Turning to Bangladesh's test status, isn't it great that the national flag is a traditional test-red cricket ball lying on green grass. Real commitment."

  187. 48 overs WICKET Razzak bowled Johnston 11 (Ban 193-9)  

    Niall O'Brien flicks the bails off in a flash as he gathers a Johnston yorker outside off stump, but Naeem's back foot is in its ground. But the seamer has his first wicket of the innings with a well-disguised slower ball which castles Abdul Razzak's stumps.

  188. 49 overs Commentary Ban 204-9  

    Last man in is Rubel Hossain and Naeem has no intention to expose the number 11 to Boyd Rankin, who concedes five ugly wides with a leg-side delivery which Niall O'Brien cannot gather. Naeem hacks a couple\u00a0behind square before exposing Rubel, who squirts a single to bring the 200 up before Rankin loses his line again, spearing the ball down the leg side and giving Naeem the opportunity to flick his wrists and turn the ball down fine for four very welcome runs, taking the total to 11 from the over.

  189. 49.2 overs WICKET Naeem c Dockrell b Johnston 29 (Ban 205 all out)  

    Naeem attempts to chip a paddle sweep over short fine leg, but doesn't get enough willow on the bat to clear the tall George Dockrell, who takes a comfortable catch as Bangladesh are dismissed for 205.

  190. Commentary  

    From Ifty, East London, UK: "Come on Bangladesh!!! Our batting today has been dreadful considering the track. Ireland have impressed me and I can see them in the future improving."

  191. SMS  

    Matt, Bristol: "I've played Mr Briggs (see 44 overs) back on his native Isle of Wight. I had the pleasure of dispatching a four the first ball\u00a0I faced from him, unfortunately the next ball\u00a0I didnt fare so well. Still, if he makes the England squad, that'll be something to tell everyone\u00a0I ever meet."

  192. Commentary  
    From Joss, France, TMS inbox: "Following Bangladesh\u2019s 4-0 drubbing of New Zealand recently, does this possibly make Ireland better than\u00a0two established Test-playing nations?"\u00a0
    Hold dem hosses Joss...
  193. 1231 Commentary  

    So Ireland need 206 to win at a run-rate of 4.12 an over. Highly doable. The two teams have met on six previous occasions - four of which have been won by Bangladesh, with Ireland claiming two. But more impressively, Ireland have a 100% World Cup record against the Tigers following their 74-run win at the Kensington Oval in 2007. However, for all you glum Bangladeshi fans, there's still plenty of life in this match...

  194. Commentary  

    From Will in Mayfield, TMS inbox: "Ireland also beat Italy just and then lost to France so...hang on a minute."


  195. 1237 Commentary  

    Worrying news for England over in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, where a huge rain deluge has completely engulfed the outfield at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore, venue for their second\u00a0group match against\u00a0co-hosts India.\u00a0Huge\u00a0lake-sized puddles permeate the lush green grass while an Angel\u00a0Falls-like drip of water\u00a0falls on to the field.\u00a0 We'll bring you\u00a0more weather news when we have it.\u00a0\u00a0

  196. 1246 Commentary  

    And we're away - Ireland's openers William Porterfield and Paul Sterling are\u00a0in the middle, along with Bangladesh's fielders,\u00a0and ready to face Shafiul Islam. Game on...

  197. Commentary  

    From Matt, London, TMS inbox: "Worrying news for England (see 1237)? After the shambles the other day I'd say the rain is a result!"

  198. 1 over Commentary Ire 6-0  

    Lovely drive on the up through cover from the left-handed Porterfield, dispatching Shafiul to the boundary from only his second delivery. A bit of wobble for the seamer, but nothing too decisive to trouble the Ireland captain.

  199. 2 ovs Commentary Ire 9-0  

    Bangladesh opt for the Dipak Patel school of new-ball bowling, handing the ball to spinner Abdul Razzak, who concedes two courtesy of a misfield at midwicket. No early bite for the left-armer though.

  200. SMS  

    From Sub, East London: "Our hopes of progressing to the knockouts lie now on us skittling the Irish boys. I've been giving it large to my\u00a0Irish colleagues at work and they as\u00a0much about cricket\u00a0as I do about the joys of Riverdance! Cmon\u00a0you Tigers don't do this to me."

  201. 3 ovs Commentary Ban 11-0  

    Shafiul is hauled off after just one over as Naeem Islam is introduced into the attack. The off-spinner drops short, allowing Porterfield to lash a back-foot cut through cover point, picking up a couple courtesy of another misfield. This pitch is getting slower and lower as the game progresses, it could become arduous with the dew factor. Emphasis on the word "could".

  202. 4 overs DROPPED CATCH Ire 14-0  

    A huge roar erupts around the Sher-e-Bangla\u00a0National Stadium as Porterfield's bails\u00a0are dislodged - but it takes the crowd a couple of seconds to realise the ball rebounded off Mushfiqur's pads onto the stumps. Sterling eyes light up as Razzak drops short - but his fiercely struck pull shot is dropped at short midwicket. Razzak looks peeved.

  203. 5 overs Commentary ire 19-0  

    The early overs have turned into the mid-overs toil as Porterfield and Sterling exchange singles with consummate ease off Naeem's second over. At this stage Bangladesh were 49-0. Truly unbelievable.

  204. Commentary  

    From G Lynam, TMS inbox: "I'll support Ireland in any sport but I'm struggling with the rules a little here, how many points do we get for a home run?"

    Seven - and a bonus for a field goal after a touchdown.

  205. 5.4 ovs WICKET Stirling st Rahim b Razzak 9 (Ire 23-1)  

    More sensational keeping, this time from the diminutive Mushfiqur Rahim, who whips off the bails as Paul Stirling misjudges a full Razzak delivery. The ball rolls along the ground to the wicketkeeper, who breaks the wicket with the burly opener well out of his ground.

  206. 7 overs Commentary Ire 31-1  

    The new man at the crease is Ed Joyce, a man who the word "languid" was invented for. Watch out for the casual Gower-like cover drive, a stroke of such beauty it has a stream of would-be suitors admiring it with doe-eyed stares. However, he wisely eschews the elaborate strokeplay in favour of obdurate defence to\u00a0ensure Naeem doesn't have the capacity crowd screaming their lungs out for the second over in succession, while Porterfield carves a lovely back-foot cut through cover point for four as Naeem drops short.

  207. Commentary  

    From Nick, South London, TMS inbox: "Re: G Lynam- only when it's Ireland's serve though."

  208. 8 overs Commentary Ire 36-1  

    Gorgeous shot from Joyce, opeing the face of the bat to guide the ball through backward point for a couple as Razzak cranks up the pace with a flatter, faster delivery while he adds another double through cover. Ireland are pacing their response very well here.

  209. 9 ovs Commentary Ire 36-1  

    Naeem almost skittles Joyce with a delivery which keeps low, but the left-hander just about jabs his bat down in time to ensure his three timbers are still in tact. Good over from the off-spinner, who sullies his figures with a solitary single.

  210. 9.1 ovs Commentary Porterfield c Raqibal b Shakib 20 (Ire 36-2)  

    Captain Shakib Al Hasan strikes with his first ball of the evening - a leg-stump delivery which holds up off the pitch, with Porterfield swatting the ball to Raqibal at short midwicket for a simple catch. "Now", as Graham Taylor would say, "this is a test."

  211. 10 ovs Commentary Ire 44-2  

    New-man is the shot matchine that is Niall O'Brien, yet another left-hander - could there be a world record with the number of southpaw\u00a0batsmen participating in one match?\u00a0 And no, I haven't got time to find out - pumps Shakib through the covers for a fluid boundary, following that up with a chunky cut through cover point for four more. In between all of that was a useful shout for lbw too. Eventful over.

  212. Commentary  

    From Seamus, Warsaw, TMS inbox: "Slow and steady needed here from Ireland. Think tippy-tappy Arsenal rather than crash, bang, wallop Stoke City."

  213. 11 ovs Commentary Ire 46-2  

    Bangladesh take their fielding powerplay straight after the first 10 overs and the accurate Naeem leaks two singles.

  214. SMS  

    From Richard, London: "Is it just me, or have we seem a strangely high number of stumpings so far in this World Cup? The standard of wicketkeeping has been very high."

  215. 12 ovs Commentary Ire 50-2  

    Mohammad Ashraful is introduced for his first joust of the day, conceding four runs including a leg-side wide. The dhol players are giving it some welly on the boundary, inciting a few of the crowd to unleash the lightbulb-twisting dance made famous by the Punjabis of northern India.

  216. 13 overs Commentary Ire 53-2  

    Niall O'Brien misses out on a couple of hittable deliveries, drilling the ball to short cover on two separate occasions as Naeem ambles in from around the wicket to both left handers. Still, three runs from the over and nothing of grave concern for the Irish.

  217. 14 overs Commentary Ire 58-2  

    Ashraful continues and strays down leg and Niall O'Brien takes full advantage, turning his blade skilfully to guide the ball down to fine leg for three.

  218. 15 ovs Commentary Ire 60-2  

    "Steady" is probably the word to use right now. "Exciting" most definitely isn't as the third-wicket duo pump four singles off Naeem ("from the half-way line?").

  219. 16 ovs Commentary Ire 63-2  

    Rubel and his slingy seamers are\u00a0introduced for the first time this evening\u00a0- and he immediately has Niall O'Brien fishing outside his off stump with a delivery which just nibbles off the pitch and leaves the left-hander. Good start from Rubel, bowling a disciplined line on off stump, allowing no length or width for O'Brien to tuck into.

  220. 17 ovs Commentary Ire 68-2  

    Seamer Shafiul Islam is back for his second over, presumably Bangladesh buoyed by what they just saw from Rubel. Less impressive this over, though, as O'Brien slashes a couple behind point and Ireland take five with no trouble whatsoever.

  221. Commentary  

    From Dipak Patel, TMS inbox: "I see my time at West End High School, Manchester, hasn\u2019t been forgotten (see Ire 9 2 over)."

  222. 18 ovs Commentary Ire 75-2  

    Rubel overpitches outside off stump, allowing Niall O'Brien to pummel the ball through extra cover for four. Joyce picks up a couple along the way and it's all looking decidely rosy for Ireland, currently scooting along at 4.16 with the required run rate at 4.09.

  223. 18.1 ovs WICKET Joyce ct and b Ashraful 16 (Ire 75-3)  

    Joyce gets a thick leading edge attempting to play Ashraful through the leg side, chipping the ball up for a simple return catch. Now then, game on.

  224. Commentary  

    From Sean, TMS inbox: "I'm watching Sky Sports (with no sound) and reading your updates (thanks) Required run rate of 4.2. Ireland are at a run rate of 3.9. Is this OK...from an ireland perspective? Is the plan to knock 3-4 singles per over to protect wickets. And then when there are a few overs left...go all out for boundaries? Basically, are Ireland gonna win this one?"

  225. 19 overs Commentary Ire 77-3  

    New man at the crease is BBC Sport columnist Andrew White, who walks out to the tune of Coldplay's "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends" (must be big in Bangladesh...Their lead singer plays for New Zealand), who is off the mark with a single. The atmosphere is simmering nicely now.

  226. 20 ovs Commentary Ire 78-3  

    Shakib shackles White with five successive dot balls. Intriguing.

  227. Commentary  

    From Kevin Sogeler, TMS inbox: "'All looking rosey for Ireland'? What are you thinking?? The text equivalent of slapping Fate in the face, running over his dog and pinching his car."

  228. 21 ovs Commentary Ire 81-3  

    White unleashes the reverse sweep, although it's hardly what one would call convincing as he pierces the off side for a single. Two more singles follow off\u00a0the resourceful\u00a0Ashraful, making more of an impact with the ball rather than the bat.\u00a0

  229. 22 ovs Commentary Ire 83-3  

    Shakib is ripping them like Murali, bowling two classic left-arm deliveries which bite off the turf and fizz past the outside edge of Andrew White's lunging blade. Excellent over, just a couple leaked.

  230. 23 ovs Commentary Ire 87-3  

    White gets his reverse sweep out, bagging three off Ashraful. A hugely ambitious lbw shout off the last ball is rightly dismissed, and Ireland comfortably survive another over. It's all they need to do.

  231. 24 ovs Commentary Ire 92-3  

    Shakib keeps tossing it up, asking the pitch for some assistance, but White's reverse-slog brings him four this time, Ashraful's brave attempt at chasing the ball down ending fruitlessly. White's not hanging around, he's going to play some shots. Ireland need 114 from 26 overs.

  232. 24.4 ovs WICKET White b Ashraful 10 (93-4)  

    Bangladesh need something to happen here, and it does - Ashraful gets one to turn back into Andrew White and he dangles his bat miles away from his pad, the bowler sneaking it through and taking his off stump. It's on a knife-edge.

  233. 25 ovs Commentary Ire 95-4  

    New batsman Kevin O'Brien carves Ashraful to backward point and gets a couple. Big partnership for the brothers now.

  234. Commentary  

    From Paul in Lancs, TMS inbox: "Coldplay? Musical tastes have changed since I lived in Bangladesh. Back then (early 90s) any 12 hours bus journey would be spent bouncing along to the soudtrack of 'Deedar', the 1992 Bollywood blockbuster, played at top volume. Over and over again. And then again. Just found it on the net, and there's a Pavlovian dog reflex in the form of pain in the knees from the cramped six-footer-unfriendly seating arrangements. Title track's good though."

  235. 25 ovs Commentary Ire 100-4  

    Kevin O'Brien brings up the Irish ton with a drive down the track for a single, taking the over's tally to five from Shakib Al Hasan.

  236. 26 ovs Commentary Ire 109-4 (target 206)  

    Kevin O'Brien hits a long ball - he absolutely leathers a short Abdul Razzak delivery through extra cover for four before exchanging singles with elder brother Niall, who doesn't really look too much like his younger sibling.

  237. 27.4 ovs WICKET N O'Brien c Tamim b Shakib 38 (Ire 110-5 - target 206)  

    The Shak Attack continues - and he has Niall O'Brien back in the hutch courtesy of a brilliant diving catch from Tamim Iqbal, who runs in from the boundary to cling on to the ball running in from deep square leg with his fingers just millimetres from the grass. Niall is seething, slamming his bat onto his pad following a thick top edge after an attempted sweep. Now then, this is fascinating.

  238. Commentary  

    From Paul, Belfast, TMS inbox: "Ireland needs something to cheer about. Elections today , most likely with a new party in government that still won\u2019t have a clue what to do about the 50billion bail-out package. So Come on Ireland!! Make our country proud."

  239. 29 ovs Commentary Ire 112-5  

    Smart fielding from Abdul Razzak saves what would have been a boundary off Kevin O'Brien, bring Andre Botha, another of the Irish left-handed contingent, on strike against Ashraful. The crowd are sensing something here, every ball is meet with the "ooohs" and "aaahs" of a Wimbledon final.

  240. 30 ovs Commentary Ire 117-5  

    Botha is fortunate to maintain his presence at the crease when a Razzak delivery nutmegs him past wicketkeeper Mushfiqur and down to the boundary for four leg-byes. Hawk-Eye says the ball would have missed leg stump although it looked closer on first inspection. Cracking atmosphere, one for the neutrals for sure. Sorry Bangladesh and Ireland fans, class-A fence-sitting from me.

  241. 31 ovs Commentary Ire 124-5  

    Have some of that! Kevin O'Brien hits a huge straight drive high over long-off for six off the stunned Ashraful, a stroke greeted by a sudden blast of Lady Gaga's "Pokerface". The packed crowd don't quite know what to make of that shot - they love the audacity of it - but just not against their own team.

  242. 33 ovs Commentary Ire 140-5  

    Botha joins in on the boundary-hitting exploits, carving Ashraful over mid-on for four before a rather ugly flail outside off stump earns KOB four runs courtesy of a slip from Rubel Hossain as it picks the ball up on the edge of the boundary rope. The sublime follows the ridiculous as O'Brien goes inside out and hammers the off-spinner once again over mid-on for the third boundary in the over before adding a single to steal the strike, taking his score to 33 from 29 deliveries. Big over for Ireland - and the co-hosts know it. Ireland need 66 to win from 96 deliveries - required run-rate of 3.38.

  243. 34 ovs Commentary Ire 144-5  

    Rubel returns - possibly the only cricketer named after a major international currency (this particular subject has previously been explored to endless depths during an England tour to\u00a0Bangladesh) but his seamers are not\u00a0troubling either Botha or O'Brien, who add four\u00a0more to the total. \u00a0

  244. 35 ovs UMPIRE REVIEW Ire 147-5  

    Shafiul is tossed the white ball and gets the ball to swing back into left-hander Botha before moving it in the other direction for Kevin O'Brien, trapping the right-hander on the front pad. Umpire Aleem Dar rejects the vociferous appeal but Bangladesh call for the review, which supports the Pakistan official's original decision. Three from the over but plenty of encouraging movement in the air for the seamer. Cue sharp intake of breath...

  245. Commentary  

    From Richard, TMS inbox: "Re 34 overs and the return of Rubel - You have Stirling who opened the batting for Ireland in this match."

  246. 36 ovs Commentary Ire 150-5  

    Oh no, what have I done? The emails are pouring in with the currency/cricketers. You lot love a tenuous Friday-based game... Three more singles, this time conceded from Abdul Razzak.

  247. 36.4 ovs WICKET K O'Brien c sub (Shuvo) b Shafiul 37 (Ire 151-6)  

    O'Brien swats a dismissive swipe from a short Shafiul delivery straight into the hands of substitute fielder Suhrawadi Shuvo at deep square. Disaster for the men in light green.

  248. 38 ovs NOT OUT Ire 156-6  

    So here we go - Chris Seabourne (Derek RANDall), Trevor Penny (Adrian), Dirham: that's almost an English first-class county (Mark Stevens), Brian Lira (Darren King), Nathan Buck (Charlie Parry) - and in the famous words of where is he now Northern Irish comedian Jimmy Cricket, "and there's more". Meanwhile, Botha scythes Naeem through the offside for four, but the bowler asks for a review when umpire Rod Tucker turns down the appeal. But hold on - Hawk-Eye says the ball would have hit leg stump, but it's the onfield umpire's call, which means it will be not out. That ball would have clattered leg stump. Bizarre. Very, very unlucky.

  249. 39 ovs Commentary Ire 161-6  

    More tenuous kudos for Paul Franks (John Dawson), Kevin Pesetan (Matt) and "Romel Currency, who plays for the Combined Colleges and Campuses in the West Indies" according to Oliver Newman. The useful Shafiul loses his line, sending a wide down leg side which keeper Mushfiqur cannot gather as the ball gallops down to the boundary for five wides.

  250. 39.4 ovs WICKET Mooney bowled Naeem 0 (Ire 164-7 - target 206)  

    Taxi for Darren King - "Not forgetting Pakistani paceman, Shoaib Drachma". Meanwhile, John Mooney (yes, take one of the o's away...) drags an attempted sweep on to his stumps off Naeem. Cue pandemonium around Mirpur...

  251. 40 ovs Commentary Ire 168-7  

    New-man Trent Johnston gets off the mark with\u00a0a subtle tickle down to the boundary for four. Ireland need 38 runs from 10 overs.

  252. 40.1 ovs WICKET Botha bowled Shafiul 22 (Ire 168-8)  

    Sensational - Shafiul cleans up Andre Botha with a full delivery as the left-hander plays all around the ball. The noise is ear drum-splitting right now.

  253. 41 ovs Commentary Ire 168-8  

    George Dockrell's heroics with the ball will have to be matched with the blade - and right now a low-flying 747 over the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium wouldn't quieten this crowd - absolutely sensational. Dockrell looks like every single one of his 18 years right now, he plays out a wicket maiden with Shafiul probing outside off stump. Meanwhile, Michael Rathjen says: "What about Basil 'Dollar' Veira?"

  254. 42 ovs Commentary Ire 171-8  

    Ice-cool composure from Dockrell and Johnston, who add three runs from Shakib's seventh over.

  255. 42.1 ovs WICKET Johnston lbw Shafiul 6 (Ire 171-9)  

    Shafiul has a huge lbw appeal upheld by umpire Dar against Trent Johnston, who demands a review. The replay confirms the Pakistan official was absolutely correct to stick his index finger skywards with the ball absolutely clattering into leg stump. The Bangladeshis in the stands are about to burst - quite sensational.

  256. 42 ovs Commentary Ire 173-9  

    Last-man is Boyd Rankin, who is off the mark with a single down to third man. Top spell from Shafiul, bowling with real venom and threat. Can numbers 10 and 11 guide Ireland to what would be a quite remarkable victory?\u00a0 Hold on to your hats folks...

  257. 44 ovs Commentary Ire 175-9  

    The Shak sends down a probing eighth over, leaking just two from it. The required run rate is over five now. You could cut the tension with a chainsaw.

  258. SMS  

    From Tom, Stafford: "One from the 70s - Graham Roope(e)."

  259. Commentary  

    From Chris Seabourne, TMS inbox: "How about three Bob? \u2013 Willis, Taylor, Woolmer?"

  260. 45 overs WICKET Rankin c Siddique b Shafiul 3 (Ire 178 all out)  

    Shafiul lollops in to George Dockrell, who nudges a single off his pads but no more. And that's it! It's all over as Boyd Rankin chips a leg-side push to Junaid Siddique, who takes a good low catch at short midwicket. That's four wickets for Shafiul, who ends up with the best figures by a Bangladeshi at a World Cup. BANGLADESH BEAT IRELAND BY 27 RUNS

  261. 1548 Commentary  

    So the first real humdinger of this World Cup goes the co-hosts way. Ireland will be physically and emotionally drained after what looked like a regulation run chase. But credit to Shafiul, whose match-winning figures of 4-21 have rightly earned him the man of the match award. Corr, what a cracker.

  262. Commentary  

    From Mahmudul Alam, TMS inbox: "You have to say, it\u2019s a brilliant captaincy from Shakib Al Hasan - never seen such a nice, productive shuffle of bowling resources before."

  263. 1557 Commentary  

    Ireland captain William Porterfield: "We let ourselves down with the bat. Our first 15 overs were really good but you can't afford to have that many soft dimissals, we have to bounce back from this - we've still got lots of cricket to play. "

  264. 1559 Commentary  

    Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan: "We always know Shafiul Islam\u00a0could come back and do a great job with the second new ball. I thought he changed the game for us. We will have a very good tournament with the support we have."

  265. 1600 Commentary  

    Eh? Turns out Tamim Iqbal is man of the match. Hmmm, not sure about that, surely Shafiul should have scooped the award?\u00a0

  266. SMS  

    From Emzy, East London: "Go Bangladesh Go!! The cubs are finally turning into lions, A ROARING win for the Tigers!"

    Lions and Tigers? Think our Emzy's got a little too excited with his wildcats there...

  267. 1613 Commentary  

    Right, that's it from us - but you can watch highlights from today's matches at 2100 BST\u00a0via the red button\u00a0on your interactive TV or this website and from 2350 on BBC TWO. The live text\u00a0is back in full force\u00a0on Saturday\u00a0as\u00a0co-hosts Sri Lanka take on Pakistan in Colombo. Mark Mitchener will be your host.\u00a0\u00a0Thanks for all your texts, emails and everything else, time for me to\u00a0sink my head\u00a0in a vatful of hummous...Bye. \u00a0

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Live Scores - Bangladesh v Ireland


  • Bangladesh beat Ireland by 27 runs
  • Bangladesh: 205 (49.2 overs)
  • Ireland: 178 (45.0 overs)
  • Venue: Mirpur

Ireland Innings

All out
Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total all out 178
Porterfield c Raqibul Hasan b Shakib 20
Stirling st Mushfiqur Rahim b Razzak 9
Joyce c and b Ashraful 16
N O'Brien c Tamim Iqbal b Shakib 38
White b Ashraful 10
K O'Brien c Sub b Shafiul Islam 37
Botha b Shafiul Islam 22
Mooney b Naeem 0
Johnston lbw b Shafiul Islam 6
Dockrell not out 4
Rankin c Siddique b Shafiul Islam 3
Extras 4w 9lb 13

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