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Cricket World Cup - India v Bangladesh as it happened

  1. 0752 Commentary  

    In 1975, Indian opener and all-round cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar nudged, nurdled and straight-batted 36 runs in\u00a0174 deliveries\u00a0as India lost by 202 runs against hosts England in the very first\u00a0Cricket World Cup match. Oh my, how things change...Welcome to\u00a0the no holds barred 2011 version, reverse sweeps,\u00a0Dilscoops and slower-ball bouncers and all.\u00a0\u00a0

  2. 0800 Commentary  

    Everyone enjoy the slightly leftfield choice of Bryan "The Groover from Vancouver" Adams and his rock tones at the opening ceremony? I'm hoping this trend for Canadian megastars is confined solely to this World Cup and neither Michael Buble or Celine Dion invade my screen in four years time in Australia and New Zealand. The streets of Dhaka are positively gleaming following a government-sponsored clean-up. And what a way to start the tournament - co-host against co-host. Bangladesh v India. Neighbour v Neighbour.

  3. 0802 Commentary  

    Toss time - and Bangladesh win the toss and bowl first. Tigers captain Shakib Al Hasan says the dew factor will be a factor under the lights. The packed crowd at the Mirpur Cricket Ground go absolutely wild, as does Emcee Ravi Shastri, who looks as if he is about to spontaneously combust with excitement. Unlike MS Dhoni, who looks like a man who is on his way to picking up his dry cleaning during an interview rather than the man charged with the hopes of\u00a0millions of cricket-potty\u00a0people.

  4. 0809 Commentary  

    The teams: India - Sehwag, Tendulkar, Gambhir, Kohli, Yuvraj, Dhoni, Pathan, Harbhajan, Zaheer, Sreesanth, Patel

    Bangladesh -\u00a0Tamim, Kayes, Siddique, Rahim, Shakib, Rakibul, Naeem, Mahmudullah, Razzak, Shafiul, Rubel

  5. 0816 Commentary  

    So Virat Kohli has selected ahead of Suresh Raina in India's middle order. That will please our very own Oliver Brett no end after he selected the elegant right-hander in his six to watch for the tournament. A few background stats for you - India and Bangladesh have played 22 ODIs, 20 of which have been won by the world's number one Test team. But India fans have long memories and Bangladesh's victory in Port of Spain during the 2007 World Cup, when they won by 5 wickets, knocked the subcontinental powerhouses out of the tournament, tails between their legs.

  6. 0819 Commentary  

    India's wrecker of bowling figures Virender Sehwag: "Since 2007 we have beaten Bangladesh easily whenever we have played them so we are confident we can do well. I will try to play big innings and bat for 40 or 50 overs but my job is to get the team off to a good start. It's important for us to win for the country and for Sachin Tendulkar. He is a very, very special player."

  7. 0823 Commentary  

    So this live text commentary thing, it's a two-way relationship you know. You can email at (with the subject heading "For Pranav Soneji"), text 81111 (with the word "cricket" before your message - UK only) or tweet\u00a0us via #BBCworldcup.

  8. Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "It's hard to argue with Kohli's selection ahead of Raina based on statistical evidence. Although Raina is by far the more experienced (111 ODIs to Kohli's 45), he has only scored three hundreds to Kohli's four and his average of 35 is 11 below his younger team-mate. Raina does, however have a superior strike-rate - 89 to 82."

  9. Commentary  

    From Rob Northants, TMS inbox: "I'm looking forward to a good tournement. At the moment my son's got Tom and Jerry on, so looks like I'll be with you all day."

  10. 0830 THE SUN IS OUT  

    While the sound of soft, lilting rain taps the windowsills of our offices in west London, the Indian players are belting out "Jai Hind" under generous blue skies in Mirpur, north-west of the Bangladesh capital, Dhaka. A few dhols are given a good thrashing as the crowd ramp up the volume to glass-splitting levels. We're moments away ladies and gents...

  11. 0833 Commentary  

    India's opening pair of VIrender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar have, between them, played 674 ODIs, bludgeoned over 25,000 runs and scored 59 centuries - 46 of those belong to SR Tendulkar, playing in his sixth - and you have to think final - World Cup. Game on...

  12. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "This is an enormous\u00a0day in the history of Bangladesh - they have waited a long time for this.\u00a0It is a wonderful atmosphere. There is a cacophony of noise, people are on their feet, truly tremendous scenes here."

  13. 1 over Commentary Ind 12-0  

    Shafiul Islam is trusted with the new ball - and the seamer is absolutely spanked through backward point by the plundering Sehwag, rocking onto his back foot and easing the ball through to the boundary for four. The Delhi stalwart hits a similar stroke for two in the same area before collecting two more with a slightly dodgy aerial leg-side push past mid-on. And the final ball is rifled through point on the up for a second boundary by\u00a0the rampant Sehwag. The man wants to bat for at least 40 overs he says - he'll have a triple ton in that time if he's in this mood...\u00a0

  14. SMS  

    From Mohammed in London: "Morning Pranav. Can't wait! This Indian team has seven outstanding batsmen with 4 who can take the game away from the opposition very quickly. Frightening."

  15. Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "India and Bangladesh have only met once before at the World Cup - Bangladesh winning by five wickets at Port of Spain four years ago. On that occasion, India were bowled out for 191 batting first. I'll eat the cardboard tea cup in front of me if they don't exceed that by a distance today."

  16. 2 overs Commentary India 24-0  

    The slingy Rubel Hossain opens up at the other end and, just like new-ball partner Shafiul, his first delivery rolls to the boundary as Tendulkar delightfully turns his wrists and eases the ball through midwicket for the most effortless boundary you will ever see, as if he was dismissing stray breadcrumbs off his thigh. Virender Sehwag continues his spectacular batting with the most extraordinary back-foot straight pull back past the bowler for his third boundary in seven deliveries. The crowd's volume has been reduced quite significantly.

  17. 3 overs Commentary Ind 32-0  

    Someone invent some for superlatives for the English language because Sachin Tendulkar has pretty much used them all up during his 21-year\u00a0career. He clips a rank half-volley off his pads through midwicket for four off the wayward Shafiul before doing the same, this time past fine leg, three balls later. India are rampant.

  18. Twitter  

    From Fahed 'Fadoo' Shaikh: "India are hot favourites to win, but Bangladesh are on the rise with this squad..going to be an interesting match."

  19. 4 overs Commentary Ind 36-0  

    Better over from Rubel, who finds his line and length but cannot prevent this prolific Indian opening duo from adding four more to their total with four easy singles.

  20. BBC Test Match Special's Shamim Chowdhury
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Shamim Chowdhury  

    "Bangladesh are definitely missing the services of the Mashrafe Mortaza. They have been forced to play three other seamers, but they have been taken apart by these India openers. It will be interesting to see how the Bangladesh players respond to this enormous pressure."

  21. 5 ovs Commentary Ind 38-0  

    Unsurprisingly, Shakib turns to tweak and the cheeky Abdul Razzak, the oldest member of the Bangladeshi team at a youthful 28,\u00a0is the first of the left-armers to make an appearance, reining in the run-scoring with a tight over, conceding just two runs from the over. For all of you Sachin Tendulkar fans, I would wholeheartedly recommend you read Ben Dirs' piece on the Little Master.

  22. 6 ovs Commentary Ind 42-0  

    Some good news for all you web-scavanging cricket fans based in the UK - the BBC Sport website will run the highlights show throughout the tournament. This evening's programme starts at 2350 GMT and there will also be 10 minutes of highlights of every World Cup match on the web.\u00a0Over in the world of pajama cricket, Sehwag and Tendulkar keep the runs ticking over with a series of singles, the last of which is a tight affair but Sehwag makes his ground without too much bother. \u00a0\u00a0

  23. Commentary  

    From Tom Woodhatch, TMS inbox: "In Calcutta, everything\u2019s suddenly gone quiet. There\u2019s very little vehicular hooting and the only noise is coming from a bunch of kids playing street cricket on the empty road. Bliss. I\u2019ll let you know when Sachin scores a six."

  24. 7 ovs Commentary Ind 46-0  

    Sehwag, as he is prone to do throughout his stay at the crease, flirts with lady danger as he drills an uppish back-foot drive back at Razzak, but fortunately for the Indian opener the ball drops short of the left-arm spinner's reach. Another good over from Razzak and Sehwag is getting just aren't his thing.

  25. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar  

    "This is good comeback by Bangladesh. I think for the first four overs they were a bit nervous and were trying a little too hard to give the crowd something to cheer. In\u00a0the process they bowled a lot of half-volleys and gave away too many boundaries."

  26. 8 ovs Commentary Ind 48-0  

    Hmmm, strange wicket on show in Mirpur, two-paced is the word that springs to mind. Sehwag ducks an attempted Rubel bouncer, but the ball just skims over the opener's back. The seamer follows those up with two more as Sehwag eschews the cross-batted strokes for circumspect. Not often the words "Sehwag" and "circumspect" are mentioned in the same sentence. Just two runs from the over.

  27. 9 ovs Commentary Ind 53-0  

    Swift feet from Tendulkar as his eyes light up as Razzak sends down a juicy full toss, skipping down the track and spanking the ball high between midwicket and mid-on for four, a boundary which brings up India's 50 from 48 deliveries.

  28. Twitter  

    From bharatgami: "Sehwag is either gonna smash Razzak out of the park with boundaries or lose his wicket in frustration."

  29. Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "In case any of you weren't aware, Sachin only needs three more centuries for India to reach 100 hundreds in international cricket (Tests, ODIs and T20). To me, that is the cricket equivalent of climbing a mountain double the height of Everest."

  30. 10 ovs Commentary Ind 60-0  

    Tendulkar works Rubel off his pads for a couple before the slingy seamer sends down a couple of wides, signalled so by umpire Steve Davis, partnered this afternoon by former Sri Lanka off-spinner Kumar Dharmasena. Another good over for India, seven runs scored, without the pyrotechnics. Ominous for the fielding co-hosts.

  31. 10.5 ovs WICKET Tendulkar run out 28 (India 69-1)  

    Sehwag muscles off his shackles as he skips down the track and turns a Razzak delivery into a full-toss, drilling the ball past mid-on for four before following that up with a quite sensational off-side drive which rattles across the turf and into the sideboards. But just as the Indian pair are settling in for B&B, Tendulkar is run out by a mile as he steams down the track for a quick single, only to see his partner rooted at the non-striker's end when the throw comes in from Shakib to wicketkeeper Rahim. Disaster strikes and the crowd go absolutely ballistic. Although it was Tendulkar's call, there was never a single to Shakib's left hand. In comes Gautam Gambhir and his left-handed histronics.

  32. 12 ovs Commentary Ind 74-1  

    Just like Shafiul and Rubel, Shakib's first delivery of the day is pummeled for a boundary, this time as Sehwag creates room to the leg side and drills the ball through backward point all along the turf. Quite brilliant. However, Shakib's left-arm tweakery quickly settles into a decent line and length as Gambhir is kept quiet with four deliveries on the money.

  33. Commentary  

    From Tim Haveron Jones, Marlow, TMS inbox: "I feel for Rob in Northants (0830). Tom & Jerry is good, and the text commentary is of course awesome - but what happened to the world to turn it upside down like that? When I was a kid, if an adult had wanted to watch a TV programme I would have had to yield the remote (except they didn't exist then). But now, grown men - and I include myself in this number, too - have to give up the cricket if their offspring want to enjoy 1940s cartoons. The world has gone mad!"

  34. 13 ovs Commentary Ind 87-1  

    Shafiul returns following his indifferent first two overs - only to spray it around like a\u00a0particularly\u00a0generous\u00a0graffiti artist as Sehwag turns a short ball on middle strump through square leg while Gambhir turns his wrists with a fine glance for four, his first runs of the afternoon. And the Delhite\u00a0steals the\u00a0strike\u00a0with three runs through midwicket. Oh dear, Shafiul's World Cup debut is hardly one for the scrapbook so far.\u00a0\u00a0

  35. Commentary  

    From Mark Roberts, TMS inbox: "Re Rob Northants - if it's the Fred Quimby produced Tom and Jerry then your son is forgiven, if one of the other versions of Tom and Jerry then not."

  36. 14 ovs Commentary Ind 92-1  

    Singles a plenty for the Indian second-wicket pair, picking up five from Shakib's second over.

  37. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "Total silence as India bring up the 100. It must be strange for the Indian players because just about everywhere they go in the world they have vocal support. But not today."

  38. 15 ovs Commentary Ind 104-1 (SEHWAG FIFTY)  

    Down the track comes Virender Sehwag, heaving his mighty blade with glorious venom as he wallops Razzak high over the long-on boundary for six, a stroke greeted by almost silence by this fiercely partisan Mirpur crowd which also brings up his half century.\u00a0Seriously, you could hear a flea break wind it's that quiet. Not quite so fluent from our Viru this time around, lustily swinging his bat with abandon for two down to deep cover. Relief for Shakib as the powerplay comes to an end.

  39. 16 ovs Commentary Ind 107-1  

    The field is spread as Shakib leaks three runs, with neither Indian player looking remotely harrassed. Time for drinks...

  40. Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham: "That was the 33rd time Sachin Tendulkar has been run out in one-day internationals, second only to Rahul "The Wall" Dravid on 39. If India keep going at this rate they will get 334."

  41. Commentary  

    From Rob, Northants, TMS inbox: "Re Mark Roberts, it's the new Tom and Jerry Tales - rubbish!"

    I remember watching episodes where Tom had a voice - I mean, what's that all about? My favourite scenes are always when Tom sees a lady cat which tickles his fancy. The bulging eyes, heart and salivating tongue are always guaranteed to make me chuckle. By the way, is it an urban myth that Tom & Jerry is banned in Sweden because it is too violent?

  42. 17 ovs Commentary Ind 113-1  

    In comes the off-spin of Naeem Islam, skipping around the wicket to Gambhir, who chips a perfectly placed drive to long-on for a couple as India collect six and look as comfortable as a pair of woolly slippers.

  43. 18 ovs Commentary Ind 115-1  

    Shakib rattles through his six deliveries, conceding just two runs. We're in the middle orders now, that sullen time when interest can wane to heart-stopping levels.

  44. 19 ovs Commentary Ind 120-1  

    Naeem's tweakers aren't being spanked to the boundary, but it's easy pickings for Gambhir and Sehwag, picking up singles to all parts of the ground.

  45. Twitter  
    From Tim Bresnan: "Just seen Bryan Adams in the lounge in Dhaka. Can't think of anything funny to say."
  46. 20 ovs Commentary Ind 129-1  

    Perfect placement from Gambhir, advancing down the track and lofting Shakib to long-on for a boundary, abetted by a not very good slide on the ropes by Mahmudullah. Five singles follow as Sehwag moves on to 68 from 62 deliveries.

  47. 21 ovs Commentary Ind 135-1  

    The Indian pair are actually WALKING singles - WALKING. It's that easy out there for them right now. India maintain the six runs an over\u00a0rate off\u00a0Naeem's third over.\u00a0

  48. 22 ovs Commentary Ind 141-1  

    Six more conceded from Shakib. This really is easy pickings.

  49. SMS  

    From Gerard, snowy Castleford: "Rob (see 0830), do what my dad did. Allow me to watch Swap Shop, then boot me out to go put his 10p round robin on while Frank Bough and Grandstand filled our screen."

  50. Twitter  

    From joffley: "Why only one match on the opening day of CWC? Seems a real shame."

    In fact there are only 12 days in the entire tournament with more than one match. Would seem an obvious way to get the pace moving a bit.

  51. 23 ovs Commentary Ind 151-1  

    Deftness of the highest order from Gambhir, playing a superlative late cut\u00a0down to third man\u00a0for four off Naeem before collecting a couple of more singles to move to 39. Meanwhile Virender Sehwag has summoned a cap with the tweakery overload.

  52. 23.2 ovs WICKET Gambhir bowled Mahmudullah 39 (Ind 152-2)  

    In comes Mahmudullah - and he's only gone and castled Gautam Gambhir with his second delivery! To be fair it's a right old horlicks of a shot from the left-hander, playing around the delivery. Not that the crowd care - somewhere someone's toupee has just slide a couple of inches following the reaction of that wicket inside the Mirpur ground. New man Virat Kohli, ranked second in the one-day ratings, is off the mark with a single.

  53. 25 ovs Commentary Ind 160-2  

    Virender Sehwag's eyes light up like the Oxford Street Christmas lights as Abdul Razzak drops short, slapping the ball high over midwicket for four, although some useful fielding from Rubel Hossain prevents a second boundary. The Delhi Daredevil is now unbeaten on 85 from 77 deliveries.

  54. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "Umpire Steve Davis has just told the PA at the stadium to shut up. I wish he'd been around to do that at the opening ceremony."

  55. Commentary  

    From Andrew R, Alone at work, Nottingham, TMS inbox: "Bryan Adams wouldn\u2019t have got run out. He would have given a clear 'I'm going to run to you' after checking it was safe to do so."

  56. 26 ovs Commentary Ind 164-2  

    The spritely Virat Kohli is itching for a single, but Virender Sehwag sticks his paw back down the track to signal his indifference to scampering down the track. Another useful over from Mahmudullah, just four leaked from his second. By the way, Andrew R, I salute you. I slightly paraphrased the opening lines of his\u00a0opus "Summer of 69", substituting the words\u00a0"six string" with "Duncan Fearnley". \u00a0

  57. 27 ovs Commentary Ind 166-2  

    Sehwag calls for the helmet as the so-far profligate\u00a0Shafiul returns for only his fourth over, although he almost earns a very cheap wicket when a poor bouncer is miss-hit to within six inches of his leg stump by Kohli attempting to pull the ball down to deep midwicket. Better over from the seamer, just two runs conceded.

  58. 28 ovs Commentary Ind 176-2  

    Kohli doubles up as a direct hit clatters into the stumps and squirts beyond the fielder backing up, although Mahmudullah is seething as a needless run is conceded. And his temper will be simmering at boiling point with three wides and a quite beautiful straight drive down the ground for four from Kohli.

  59. SMS  

    From Jon: "Rob (0830) - count yourself lucky it's Tom & Jerry. I've gotTHREE3 children refusing to give up Mr Tumble for the cricket. Don't get me wrong - he's good, but I'd rather be watching Sehwag."

  60. 29 ovs Commentary Ind 187-2  

    Liquid batting from Kohli, turning a leg-side delivery off his pads fine for four before drilling a straight drive back at Shafiul, who deflects the ball just past the stumps with his right hand. Had he hit the timbers, Sehwag would have been run out by a distance backing up. Kohli continues to unfurl strokeplay from the pantheon of the cricketing Gods with a sumptuous extra-cover drive, although a smart piece of fielding prevents the ball from crossing the boundary. India are rampant, smashing anything and everything like a small child with a plastic hammer in hand.

  61. 30 ovs Commentary Ind 194-2  

    Sehwag moves to\u00a0within four runs of his 14th one-day century\u00a0\u00a0with his ninth boundary, guiding the ball\u00a0down to third man\u00a0with deft precision, opening the blade of his hammer-like bat to run the ball down fine off Mahmudullah.

  62. 31 ovs Commentary Ind 198-2  

    Unremarkable over from Naeem Islam, although Virender Sehwag is just one run away from the first World Cup century of this tournament.

  63. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar  

    "Kohli was captain of the\u00a0Under-19 team at the World Cup in 2008. He's very consistent and gets 100s against good teams."

  64. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar  

    "Sehwag is not\u00a0a popular man in\u00a0Bangladesh after he said last year that he did not believe Bangladesh were good enough to take 20 India wickets in a Test match.\u00a0I don't think the crowd has forgotten that."

  65. 31 ovs THAT'S 100 Ind 205-2  

    Sehwag nonchalantly turns a Mahmudullah delivery into the leg side for the easiest of singles from his 94th delivery to complete his second World Cup ton. The 32-year-old is embraced by Kohli, whose back is drenched in sweat, which goes some way to explain the humidity these batsmen must endure. The over also sees India cruise past 200 too. With Yuvraj, Dhoni and Pathan still to come, we could be looking at a total of 380 at least...

  66. 33 ovs Commentary Ind 219-2  

    No need to concern yourselves too much when the likes of Dravid, Tendulkar and Laxman bow out of Test cricket with Virat Kohli itching at the seams to make an impression in the five-day format. He plays an off-drive of VVS-like qualities through extra cover for four off Naeem, following that up with another beauty in the same area. All conventional strokeplay, no bludgeonery or cross-line hacking, just pure timing and placement. Another boundary follows, this time through square leg as the off-spinner is spanked for 14. India are suffocating the hosts, who look bereft of inspiration right now.

  67. 34 overs Commentary Ind 224-2  

    Rubel Hossain is back into the attack and his first ball keeps a bit low. Kohli may have a sweat on but Sehwag looks like he could bat all day here as he jogs another easy single. Kohli adds another couple to the total and there's a single apiece to see out the over. Time for a new ball - Sehwag will be licking his lips.

  68. 35 overs Commentary 242-2  

    After a few refreshments, the expensive Shafiul Islam resumes to Sehwag and the first ball of the over is slammed straight back past him for another boundary. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Some hard running gets Kohli a pair of doubles. Oh dear, Shafiul is all over the shop here as he sends down a no-ball, a wide and a full toss, which Sehwag smashes for a maximum over the extra cover boundary. Dismal over that from Shafiul, who has given away 64 runs off six overs.

  69. 36 ovs Commentary Ind 245-2  

    The Bishbashboshing is flowing like a super-sweet glass of Thums Up, although Kohli is fortunate not to play on to his stumps as he inside edges an off drive behind the wicketkeeper Rahim off the enterprising\u00a0Rubel. Kohli moves to 48 with a single. Decent over from the seamer, conceding just three runs with the majority of his fielders inside the 30m circle.

  70. 37 ovs Commentary Ind 261-2  

    Virender Sehwag receives treatment for what looks like cramp - although his movement is still as sharp as ever as he skips down the wicket and wallops Razzak back over his head for four and oh my - the very next delivery is absolutely marmalised high over long-on four a huge six. Still not content with his boundary-pounding antics, Sehwag scythes across the line and just clears mid-on's head for his 12th boundary. He's 130 from 110 balls. The 200 is on.\u00a0 I repeat - THE 200 IS ON!!!!

  71. 38 ovs Commentary Ind 265-2 KOHLI FIFTY  

    As if Sehwag's antics aren't enough, Kohli reaches his 13th one-day 50 with a push off Rubel, coming of 46 deliveries. Oooooooh!! Virat Kohli bottom edges an attempted pull into a particularly vulnerable area, making three men bashing away at their keyboards in west London momentarily wince watching the replay. Oh yes, Gautam Gambhir is on running for Virender Sehwag, who isn't sufferintg from cramp but something a little more painful.

  72. 39 ovs Commentary Ind 272-2  

    Desperate to plug the run-hemorrhaging, Shakib brings himself on with the final over of the batting powerplay and does quite well until Sehwag plays a quite remarkable back-foot lofted straight drive back over the bowler's head for four.

  73. 40 ovs Commentary Ind 276-2  

    Kohli can't find the gaps as Mahmudullah goes around the wicket with the field spread, freed from their powerplay incarceration. A decent over from the off-spinner, giving no buffet deliveries to tuck into.

  74. Commentary  

    From Trevor in the TMS inbox: "Alone in a deserted office in Jeddah \u2013 deserted presumably because the local office staff at at home watching the game on TV over lunch.\u00a0 I\u2019m wondering how the England attack will bowl to Sehwag and I\u2019m thinking back to a young James Anderson...."

  75. 41 ovs Commentary Ind 285-2  

    Butchered - the only word I can think of to describe Virender Sehwag's clubbing of Naeem high over deep midwicket for six - his fourth of the match. A single down the ground brings up Virender Sehwag's highest one-day score, beating his previous best of 146 against Sri Lanka in 2009. And he's not done yet.

  76. 42 ovs Commentary India 301-2 SEHWAG 150  

    Sehwag - or rather his runner Gautam Gambhir - doubles up with a crisp straight drive and a cross-batted swipe to a high full-toss from Mahmudullah, bringing up his 150 in the process,\u00a0while Kohli joins in the six-hitting antics with a clean, lusty straight drive over mid-on followed up by a boundary from the next delivery in the same area, which also brings up India's triple ton. The 400 is on. The 200 is on. \u00a0

  77. Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "Sehwag has a whole raft of one-day batting records in his sights. Only Sourav Ganguly (183) and Kapil Dev (175 not out) have scored more in a World Cup innings for India and\u00a0he still has plenty of time to beat the\u00a0World Cup record of 188 not out by Gary Kirsten (now India's coach) - and possibly threaten Tendulkar's world record 200 not out in an ODI against South Africa\u00a0\u00a0360 days ago."

  78. Twitter  

    From InfostradaLive: "India are on target to score 350+, a total achieved just 10 times before at the #cricketworldcup. Six of those 10 were at the 2007 WC."

  79. 43 ovs Commentary Ind 308-2  

    To quote the great Edmund Blackadder: "I've been to autopsies with more atmosphere than this" as Kohli clubs a couple more off Razzak. The Bangladeshi crowd have lost their voice, despite a relatively decent over from the left-arm spinner. India are acting like a playground bully, mercilessly pummeling the Tigers into submission.

  80. 44 overs Commentary Ind 319-2  

    Doubles galore as Shakib bounds in for his eighth over, that is until Virat Kohli pounces on a short ball and whips it through midwicket off the back foot for four, wonderful footwork, taking the partnership to 79 from 68 deliveries. The ball is almost grey right now but the Indian batsmen are seeing the ball like the Death Star right now.

  81. 45 ovs Commentary Ind 331-2  

    "This has the feel of a practice match," says TMS commentator Simon Mann as Sehwag plays what can only be described as a top-spin lob over Razzak's head for a couple before taking two steps down the ground to launch the ball over the sightscreen and into the empty seats for his fifth six. Brutal. Utterly merciless. Sehwag moves on to 168 with a single. \u00a0

  82. 46 ovs Commentary Ind 340-2  

    Shakib opens up his ninth over with two successive wides while Virat Kohli plays yet another picture-perfect lofted straight drive for six, complete with a high elbow for that extra follow-through flourish. It hadn't been a bad over until that point.

  83. 47 ovs Commentary Ind 354-2  

    Rubel opens up with a juicy full-toss drilled straight back down the ground by Kohli for his eighth boundary by Kohli, who moves on to 91. Meanwhile, wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim's goalkeeper-style dive clatters back into his face as Kohli edges a slower ball - ouch. The diminutive stumper receives treatment and his back on his feet after a few minutes, a redoubtable little fellow he is too. Oh dear, leg-side wides from the Rubester before Sehwag moves to 175, level with Kapil Dev's highest World Cup score for India, with a swing of the blade down the track for a one-bounce four which also brings up the 200 partnership.

  84. Commentary  

    Faheem, Luton, TMS inbox: "From reading the live text (I've been called into work), there has been a lack of variety on the part of the Bengali bowlers. Some slower balls and some googlys, floaters etc - too late for Bangladesh but perhaps some other teams can take not. One paced bowling against a side which has some of the biggest hitters in the world isn't a particularly good policy."

  85. 47.2 ovs WICKET Sehwag bowled Shakib 175 (Ind 355-3)  

    Just as he was set for the second-ever double ton in ODI cricket, Virender Sehwag's brutal innings is brought to an end as he plays on to his stumps attempting to smite the ball over extra cover. A huge cheer erupts around the Shere Bangla Stadium, while the cricket romantics heave a sigh of lament. In comes arch biffer Yusuf Pathan for a late club, picking up a couple of runs.

  86. 49 ovs Commentary Ind 365-3  

    Kohli nurdles a couple more to move to 96 with a leg-side push off Rubel. He collects two more to move to 98 as Rubel Hossain bowls an excellent bouncer at Yusuf Pathan's body, forcing the all-rounder to sway out of the way. Unless there are some Yuvraj Singh six-hitting exploits in the final over, the dream of 400 is dead in the water.

  87. Commentary  

    From Skip Stone, TMS inbox: "This match has just gone to prove that Sehwag might be the greatest batsman this era, never even imagined he would hit a century yet alone almost a double. I think the rest of the world should be on notice for his skill."

  88. 48.5 ovs THAT'S 100 Ind 370-3  

    Kohli moves to 99 with a single from the first delivery of the over from Shafiul and you can sense, just watching his eyes, he is desparate for Yusuf to give him back the strike ASAP. The first two deliveries are a double and a dot ball...but he smashes his next delivery down the ground to long-off for a single. And Kohli duly obliges with a single down the ground for his fifth one-day ton from just 83 deliveries. Well played that man.

  89. 50 ovs WICKET Pathan ct Rahim b Shafiul 8 (Ind 370-4)  

    And Yusuf is dismissed from the final delivery of the innings, caught behind attempting to smash the ball to Kolkata. Bangladesh need 371 for victory. Erm, might be a wee bit tough...

  90. Commentary  

    From InfostradaLive: "India are on target to score 350+, a total achieved just 10 times before at the #cricketworldcup. Six of those 10 were at the 2007 WC."

  91. Commentary  

    Virat Kohli: "I decided to play myself in and then me and Virender decided to go after them. I was very nervous going into the game against Bangladesh in their country. But it was a good start for me. I told Virender to go for a double-hundred \u2013 he is just an amazing player. I really enjoyed myself."

  92. Twitter  

    Former India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar: "Ind batsmen have made this pitch look what its not.. A belter.."

  93. 1244 Commentary  

    The Bangladeshi openers are out and Sreesanth has the new ball - game on.

  94. 1 over Commentary Ban 6-0  

    Bangladesh's very own left-handed Virender Sehwag - Tamim Iqbal - is off the mark immediately with a push through the offside before a fine boundary via a deflection off his thigh pad. The Mirpur crowd are alive and well - the cheers could be heard from Ruislip. Sreesanth has a huge lbw appeal turned down by umpire Dharamasena - and Mahendra Singh Dhoni immediately calls for a referral. The inswinging ball clatters Tamim close to his toes, but Hawk-Eye says the ball would have missed leg stump. Superb call from the Sri Lankan official. Tamim collects a couple more with a mis-timed back-foot drive, but plenty of drama first up in Bangladesh's riposte.

  95. Twitter  

    ryhansikder: "Never fear! Tamim Iqbal will do what Sehwag failed to do and score a double hundred! Bangladesh will win this and show everyone!"

  96. 2 ovs Commentary Bang 13-0  

    Absolute ripper from Zaheer Khan, who nibbles the\u00a0ball off the pitch and flirts outrageously with the edge of\u00a0Imrul Kayes' bat.\u00a0 "Zak", as the left-arm seamer is universally known to those in the Twitter world, can't find\u00a0his\u00a0line as another four\u00a0squirts off the thigh pad past the static Dhoni.\u00a0Decent first over from\u00a0Zaheer, probing in and around the off stump of\u00a0both openers.\u00a0\u00a0

  97. 3 ovs Commentary Ban 21-0  

    Very streaky from Imrul, dangling his bat outside off stump and maneuvering the ball through backward point for four off Sreesanth before a thick inside edge\u00a0from an inswinging delivery just about\u00a0evades the left-hander's leg stump, rolling down\u00a0to the boundary for\u00a0another four.\u00a0"Boom Boom Tamim" reads a placard in the stands, although it doesn't quite roll off the tongue with the same silky style of Afridi. \u00a0

  98. Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "Really enjoyed Kohli's innings - a star is born! He and Sehwag have surely put this game out of\u00a0reach as Bangladesh's best in an ODI is 320-8 against Zimbabwe in 2009."\u00a0\u00a0

  99. 4 ovs Commentary Ban 27-0  

    Zaheer is currently sporting what can only be described as "copper tints" to the front strands of his hair, almost Zoolander-like. Tamim scythes a couple down to third man before Kayes latches on to a shorter delivery, swivelling onto his back foot and pulsing the ball over midwicket for his third boundary. Fiesty response by the co-hosting hosts.

  100. 5 ovs Commentary Ban 51-0  

    And still the boundaries come in fortuitous circumstances as Tamim bottom edges a Sreesanth delivery into the ground and past the outstretched right hand of wicketkeeper Mahendra Dhoni for four. Sreesanth oversteps the popping crease\u00a0as Kayes flicks an inswinging delivery off his pads through square leg for four - and the left-hander absolutely batters the free-hit over midwicket for an authoritative cross-batted boundary. The atmosphere is like a Justin Bieber concert right now. Not that I would know what that would be, you understand...And another boundary for Kayes! This time the stand-and-deliver variety through the covers. Awesome shot - like a reverse Sehwag. And Sreesanth's over is going from "oh dear" to "this isn't funny any more" as a leg-side wide swings past the outstretched glove of Dhoni for five wides. That's 24 from the fifth over - Kayes is on 30 from 21. And that's the 50 up too! If they carry on at this rate,. it will be all over in 16 overs...

  101. Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "Good news from the New Zealand camp with spin bowler Nathan McCullum discharged from hospital after a bout of fever. The Kiwis open their campaign against Kenya on Sunday and will make a late decision on McCullum's fitness - but skipper Daniel Vettori has said he wants to play at least two spinners."

  102. 6 over Commentary Ban 55-0  

    Zak restores order with a\u00a0slightly more\u00a0frugal over probing the off stump, although four runs are gleaned through the legside in the form of a couple of twos.

  103. 6.5 ovs WICKET Kayes bowled Patel 34 (Ban 56-1)  

    Unsurprisingly, Dhoni hauls Sreesanth off and summons the laconic Munaf Patel, who sees Tamim glean a thick outside edge down to third man for a single. But Imrul's nascent innings is brought to an end as he plays on to his stumps attempting another expansive drive outside off stump.

  104. Commentary  

    From Shashi, TMS inbox: "What a start from Bangladesh!!!!! just showing they are not an easy team to win over.Reminding me of Sri Lanka when they really made their prescence felt."

  105. 8 ovs Commentary Ban 58-1  

    A decent appeal from Zaheer - rapping Tamim in front of the sticks - is turned down and, although replays suggest the ball would have clipped leg stump, any referral would have been the umpire's call, so India would lose their second referral. Another steady over from Zak.

  106. Twitter  

    Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff: "Well played Sehwag ! Top player, great bloke, taxi for Sreesanth and trip to the barbers I feel!"

  107. 9 ovs Commentary Ban 64-1  

    Wallop! New-man Junaid Siddique clobbers Munaf Patel high over midwicket for six, although Yusuf Pathan clatters into the advertising hoardings attempting\u00a0an audicious catch and the all-rounder is in all sorts of bother. He collides with the board knee-first, collapsing in a heap in obvious pain, clutching his leg. Out comes the physio who administers treatment for a couple of minutes\u00a0before Yusuf is up and running - albeit\u00a0reluctantly - back to the middle.\u00a0Strange over that, five dots and a huge six. \u00a0\u00a0

  108. 10 ovs Commentary Ban 68-1  

    Tamim is still subdued by his rip-rollocking standards, nurdling a couple off the pads as Zak errs in line. The crowd are still in decent voice and not too perturbed by the loss of the robust Imrul Kayes.

  109. Commentary  

    From N Waheed, Connecticut, USA, TMS inbox: "This is brilliant from Bangladesh. I thought they would cave under the pressure of the mammoth target and lose several early wickets, nice to see them still attacking. If only their bowling department showed a bit of the same spirit, we could've had a cracker of an opener (may be we still will !) but 370 is such a tall order."

  110. 11 ovs Commentary Ban 77-1  

    The second bowling powerplay is taken - and Tamim cashes in with a mighty heave over mid-on off Munaf, his first real shot in anger. And he follows that up with one of the most sumputous back-foot drives through the covers you will ever see during this tournament for another boundary. Tamim is simmering nicely, Indian bowlers beware.

  111. 12 ovs Commentary Ban 79-1  

    Time for tweak as demonry of Harbhajan Singh is introduced for the first time in the innings. And the off-spinner is immediately pinning the second-wicket duo back with a tight over, offering nothing to plough into, just two singles and nothing more. Bangladesh's required run-rate is 7.68 - and we've still got another potential 38 more overs to go...

  112. 13 ovs DROPPED CATCH Ban 86-1  

    Siddique miss-hits an attempted leg-side swipe off Munaf as the ball swirls high in the air, straight back over the bowler's head. Yusuf Pathan manages to hang on to the ball running around from mid-on, but the all-rounder drops the ball as he makes contact with the ground. Great attempt though. Siddique collects a couple more with a leg-side push. Bangladesh are hanging in there...

  113. 14 ovs Commentary Ban 90-1  

    Another streaky inside-edged four sneaks past the stumps and wicketkeeper Dhoni down to the boundary for four, this time for Siddique. Harbhajan is looking useful, mixing up his deliveries and offering no width or length.

  114. 15 overs DRINKS BREAK Ban 93-1  

    Bangladesh have slowed down a bit but after such an explosive start they can afford to consolidate a bit here. Tamim takes an extra run\u00a0after a Harbhajan overthrow but Patel is right on the mark and it's a very tidy over, with just three runs coming from it.

  115. Commentary  

    From Darren in Bristol in the TMS inbox: "Keeping up with the game whilst listening to the Kinks, waiting for Tamim to take the game by the scruff of the neck. A big ton from him could see the greatest chase in World Cup history! Would be great to see while I'm lazing on a 'Sunny(ish) Afternoon'!

    If Bangladesh pull it off, India will probably be wondering 'Where Have All The Good Times Gone?" .

  116. 16 overs Commentary Ban 98-1  

    Harbhajan gets considerable turn from the pitch with his first ball but Siddique reads it well and carves the ball through the off side. It's sensible singles time - that sounds like a\u00a0dating night.

  117. BBC Test Match Special's Athar Ali Khan
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Athar Ali Khan  

    "It's been a good reply, a positive reply and it's put the crowd in a good humour. That's exactly what you want from the\u00a0opening game of a World Cup"\u00a0

  118. 17 ovs Commentary Ban 103-1  

    Dhoni likes to mix his bowlers around and he opts for the double spin tactic with Yusuf Pathan bowling in tandem with Harbhajan. The singles are flowing like sweet Bangladeshi milky tea, but they're still way below the required run rate, which has pierced the eight-run-an-over ceiling. Both batsmen are still flailing, but neither can find the ropes.

  119. Commentary  

    Will Collins, Yorkshire, TMS inbox: "'Come on Tamim, give it a whack. Come on Tamim, give it a whack'. Loving this so far, will be great for the cup if they can get somewhere near this total."

  120. 18 ovs Commentary Ban 106-1  

    After 217 one-dayers, Harbhajan Singh has experienced pretty much every scenario possible in the limited-overs format. He schemes like an Apprentice entrepreneur, mixing up the pace and variation of his deliveries. Nothing remotely smashable in sight.

  121. 19 ovs Commentary Ban 112-1  

    Yusuf is slightly more one-dimensional with his bowling, conceding six singles as the middle-overs malaise sets in.

  122. 20 ovs Commentary Ban 118-1  

    Although the Tigers are accumulating without too\u00a0many hassles, they need boundaries - and fast. And Harbhajan is the wrong man to offer up buffet bowling.

  123. 21 ovs Commentary Ban 121-1  

    Three dot balls and three singles from Pathan's third over. The required run-rate is creeping towards nine-an-over...

  124. Commentary  

    From BBC Sport's Paul Grunill: "Plenty of confident noises coming from the World Cup underdogs. Ahead of their opening game against New Zealand, Kenya skipper Jimmy Kamande has said his team are "geared up to get good results". Meanwhile, Canada's Ashish Bagai, preparing to lead his team against co-hosts Sri Lanka, wants to "see the young guys play their natural game and the older guys show responsibility". Sounds simple, doesn't it?

  125. 22 ovs Commentary Ban 122-1  

    Super tight over from the frugal Harbhajan, bringing down non-striker Tamim attempting to stop a run off his own bowling. Just two runs conceded and the crowd have gone all Marcel Marceau.

  126. Commentary  

    From a\u00a0concerned fan of Sreesanth, TMS inbox: "Will teams start to target Sreesanth from now on, later in the tournament? He looks shaken up from that....i dont know what to call it, a trampling? This crowd is brilliant by the way, cheering on every single. Great spirit, hope its like this through out the entire tournament."


  127. 23 ovs Commentary Ban 129-1  

    Another uneventful Yusuf Pathan over, six balls, six runs. No boundaries. Minimum excitement.

  128. SMS  

    From Todd, Leeds: "Not taking anything away from Bangladeshi batsman, but if Indian bowlers can't get these guys out how will they cope against better teams? i.e. South Africa with Kallis & Amla and Oz with Watson et al."

  129. 23.1 ovs WICKET Siddique st Dhoni 37 b Harbhajan (Ban 129-2)  

    Brilliant wicketkeeping from Dhoni, who whips off the bails as Junaid gropes outside off stump to a Harbhajan delivery. Umpire Dharmasena calls for the third umpire's opinion - and sure enough the left-hander's back foot is on the popping crease, which belongs to the umpire, when the Indian captain dislodged the bails. And that's out.

  130. BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew  

    "It will be interesting to see Bangladesh's approach here. Will they just bat out the overs to protect their run rate? It's a rather boring approach but it could come down to run rate at the end of the day. Mind you, Harbhajan is now making the ball talk so it won't be easy."

  131. 24 ovs Commentary Ban 130-2  

    Tamim's usual Indiana Jones-style batting has been replaced by a home counties librarian-style of nurdlage, thick edges, miss-timed drives,\u00a0shanked top-edges, you\u00a0name it and he's done it. The new man\u00a0is Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan, who gets off the mark with a single.\u00a0

  132. 25 ovs Commentary Ban 137-2  

    After endless overs of boundaryless nudges, Shakib breaks the monotony with a beautifully placed late cut off Yuvraj Singh, making his first meaningful contribution in this match. A deft sweep follows but the required run rate breaks nine-an-over. The words "order" and "tall" spring to mind. Along with "snowball" and "hell".

  133. 26 ovs Commentary Ban 145-2  

    A bit of width for Tamim to tuck into and the left-hander scythes Yusuf Pathan through point for his third boundary of the day to move to 46.

  134. 27 ovs Commentary Ban 149-2  

    The BBC has television highlights throughout the tournament and you can see them this evening at from 2200-2300 GMT on red button and website and then 2350-0050 on BBC Two. If you missed Sehwag and Kohli unleashing\u00a0all sorts of mayhem, you should\u00a0definitely tune in. Meanwhile, Yuvraj leaks four as Shakib looks\u00a0to go on the attack.\u00a0

  135. Commentary  

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks: "Kohli looks like that young actor from Mamma Mia - his first name is Dominic. He plays the young bloke who nearly gets married."

    You're not really selling the plot to me, Victor.

  136. 28 ovs Commentary Ban 155-2 TAMIM FIFTY  

    Tamim brings up his 17th one-day half century with three runs down to fine leg off Pathan, this one coming off 69 deliveries\u00a0- most unTamim-like. The required run-rate is now just 0.05 off the double-figure mark.

  137. BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Simon Mann  

    "If that innings from Sehwag hasn't won India the game, we're in for the most extarordinary 132 balls of cricket I've ever seen."

  138. 29 ovs Commentary Ban 161-2  

    And there it is - Bangladesh need 10 runs an over to win this match. The six runs from Yuvraj's third over are nowhere near enough to set up what would be a pulsating finish. But it's not going to happen.

  139. Commentary  

    From Will Collins, Yorkshire, TMS inbox: "Tamim, initiate 'bonkers' mode."

  140. 30 ovs Commentary Ban 169-2  

    The profligate Sreesanth returns - only to continue his profligacy, serving up a half-tracker for Tamim to launch into through midwicket for four. \u00a0

  141. 31 ovs Commentary Ban 179-2  

    More judicious umpiring from the robust Kumar Dharmasena, who turns down a useful-looking lbw appeal by Yuvraj against Tamim, who is trapped on the back foot attempting to pull through midwicket...although the replays show the ball pitched in line and would have hit leg. What do I know? And as if prompted by Will's text message below, Tamim launches a huge slog-sweep six over Cow Corner. About time too.

  142. Commentary  

    From Will Collins, Yorkshire, TMS inbox: "There ya go, does everything I say that Tamim. Tamim, wash-up."

  143. (32 ovs) Commentary Ban 188-2  

    Poor old Sreesanth, it's just not his his day. A Zaheer misfield sees Tamim pick up a bonus run for three while his deliveries are wanging all over the place.

  144. 32.1 ovs WICKET Tamim ct Yuvraj b Patel 70 (Ban 188-3)  

    Tamim goes for a huge swipe across the line as Munaf returns into the attack, but the aggressive left-hander finds the secure hands of Yuvraj Singh, who takes an excellent low catch at midwicket. That surely must be it for the co-hosts. Bangladesh, not India...

  145. 33 ovs Commentary Ban 190-3  

    It's getting thoroughly exciting in the FA Cup fourth-round replay at Stamford Bridge, with Chelsea and Everton set for penalties. Ya man Sam Lyon is perched so precariously on the edge of his seat even the merest whiff of breath could make him keel over. It's not quite as exciting over in Mirpur, with Bangladesh needing a whopping 10.65 to beat India. Errrrr, yeah, right.

  146. 34 ovs Commentary Ban 198-3  

    Lovely bowling from Zaheer Khan, mixing up slower balls and yorkers with nothing remotably smashable for new-man Mushfiqur Rahim and Shakib - well, that was until he serves up a half-tracker for the diminutive Rahim, who rocks on his back foot and bashes the ball through midwicket for four.

  147. 35 ovs Commentary Ban 205-3  

    Lovely shot-making from Shakib, opening the face of his bat and guiding Munaf Patel through backward point, past the dive of Virat Kohli, and down to the boundary for four. The Tigers captain looks in top form with the willow in hand. The hosts need 166 from 15 overs. Taxi for Baaaangladeeeeeesh!

  148. 36 ovs Commentary Ban 209-3  

    Tedious, I'm sorry to report this but it's dull viewing right now. Bangladesh need 162 from 84 deliveries, nearly two runs a ball so there's only one winner. Not even a batting powerplay will enliven this dull affair. Shame really, especially after the batting histronics of Sehwag and Virat Kohli earlier. However, it's all about net run-rates - the longer Bangladesh stay in the middle, the better the chances of qualifying if it comes down to run-rates.

  149. 37 ovs Commentary Ban 213-3  

    Four runs from Yuvraj's over. Our office is dreadfully stuffy at the moment.

  150. 38 ovs Commentary Ban 220-3  

    Some admirable hoikery by Rahim but the poor lad can't land significant willow on the ball to launch\u00a0Pathan's deliveries\u00a0into the stands.

  151. 39 ovs Commentary Ban 228-3 SHAKIB 50  

    Dainty sweep from Shakib, deftly guiding the ball fine from Yuvraj behind Dhoni for his fourth boundary before dabbing a couple of singles to reach a deserved half ton. \u00a0

  152. 40 ovs WICKET Shakib c Harbhajan b Pathan 55 (Ban 234-4)  

    Shakib is single-handedly keeping this ailing crowd entertained, this time with a beautifully placed inside-out drive over extra cover for four off Yusuf Pathan. But his 50-ball\u00a0innings is brought to a close as he attempts a huge expansive leg-side swipe, but instead fires the ball straight down the throat of Yuvraj.

  153. 41 ovs Commentary Ban 239-4  

    The quickfire spin bowling rotation continues as Yuvraj bustles through his over with new man Raqibal Hasan at the crease. Nothing of note from the over except three singles. Please make this stop...

  154. 42 ovs Commentary Ban 243-4  

    The excellent Harbhajan keeps a vice-like grip on the run-scoring, conceding four. Apologies for the lack of enthusiasm. \u00a0

  155. 42.3 ovs WICKET Rahim c sub (Raina) b Zaheer 25 (Ban 248-5)  

    A cleverly disguised slower ball from Zaheer sees Rahim slam the ball straight at Suresh Raina, on as a substitute fielder for the incapacitated Virender Sehwag, at cover.

  156. Commentary  

    From Geoff (secondary school teacher, Essex), TMS inbox: "Please stop moaning \u2013 you have one of the best jobs in the world. If you would like to swap, I\u2019m sure we could come to an arrangement..."

    A salient point well made Geoff...

  157. BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar
    Contributor BBC Test Match Special's Sunil Gavaskar  

    "My guess is that\u00a0against England in the next game, India will bring in the leggie (Piyush Chawla) because England have had problems against leg-spin before."

  158. 44 ovs Commentary Ban 259-5  

    Mahmudalluah is the new man at the crease - and he can give it some biff when required, although I doubt even he could do anything to gain anything from this match. A smart piece of fielding directly behind the ropes prevents the ball from crossing the boundary, saving a run in the process. So Bangladesh need 18 runs an over. Yeah...

  159. 44.3 ovs WICKET Mahmudullah bowled Patel 6 (Ban 261-6)  

    Inevitably Mahmudullah is castled attempted to create room to hit Munaf Patel through the off side, but the fast bowler sends down the most perfect of yorkers which completely bamboozles the all-rounder. That's Patel's third wicket too. New man is Naeem Islam.

  160. Commentary  

    From Ifty, London, TMS inbox: "This is a good response, as the perception was that we would get a spanking (which in truth did happen) but no one could've anticipated this kind response from Bangladesh. At least the net run rate is looking good for us! Come on Banlangdesh dig deep!"

  161. 46 ovs Commentary Ban 266-6  

    Swinging and missing is the order late in the day from Naeem, a man with a hopeless task, one of life's greatest hospital passes as Zaheer steams in for his ninth over, conceding just two. That's 38 runs from his nine overs. Excellent economy.

  162. 46.3 ovs WICKET Naeem lbw Patel 2 (Ban 275-7)  

    Bangladesh's highest score against a fellow Test-playing nation in a one-day international is 296-6 against India a year ago in Dhaka. They've passed 300 on four occasions (two against Zimbabwe, one against the UAE and the other against Kenya). Raqibal launches Munaf into the stands with a mighty swipe over deep midwicket but Naeem Islam is back in the hutch as Munaf Patel traps him dead in front of his stumps. That's the paceman's fourth wicket to boot.

  163. 48 ovs WICKET Razzak lbw b Zaheer 1 (Ban 279-8)  

    A lot of left-handers in this Bangladesh team as Abdul Razzak scythes a very unaesthetic run over point off Zaheer "Zak" Khan, who rattles Raqibal's helmet with a nasty bouncer while attempting to take evasisve action. And Razzak's brief innings is brought to an end, trapped dead in front of his stumps.

  164. 48.3 ovs WICKET Shafiul run out 0 (Ban 280-9)  

    It's all getting a bit farcical now as a direct hit from Harbhajan at midwicket sees Shafiul run out attempting to recover his ground at the striker's end.

  165. 50 overs Commentary Ban 283-9  

    So here it is, the last over of the match to be bowled by Harbhajan with one wicket left to take. Bangladesh successfully defend the rest of the over without conceding their final wicket, which could prove crucial come four weeks time when it comes to working out who reaches the quarter-finals. INDIA BEAT BANGLADESH BY 87 RUNS.

  166. 1629 Commentary  

    If you missed Sehwag and Kohli unleashing all sorts of mayhem earlier today, don't fret because the BBC has television highlights throughout the tournament and you can see them this evening at from 2200-2300 GMT on red button and website and then 2350-0050 on BBC Two.\u00a0Our\u00a0next text commentary\u00a0sees England open up their World Cup campaign against the Netherlands in Nagpur on Tuesday 22 February, when yours truly will\u00a0be in the hotseat once more.\u00a0

  167. Commentary  

    From Sahibqiran in the TMS inbox: "India desperately missed Praveen Kumar in the match and Sreesanth clearly emerged as the team's weak link."

  168. 1632 Commentary  

    Unsurprisingly, Virender Sehwag is named man of the match for his blistering 175, the second joint-highest score by an Indian at the World Cup.

  169. Commentary  

    Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan: "We bowled too many bad balls and that cost us the game. The fast bowlers didn't execute their plans - they were a bit rusty maybe."

  170. 1639 Commentary  

    Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni: "There are a few departments where we need to improve and fielding is one of those. But when it comes to the batting and bowling departments we did our job. Overall it was quite a good performance by the team."

  171. 1641 Commentary  

    So that's it from me on this tournament-opening weekend, join me in a couple of days time to see England take on the Netherlands - the last time these two met in an ICC tournament was at Lord's a couple of years ago - and remember what happened then... India rampant, Bangladesh no pushovers.

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Live Scores - India v Bangladesh


  • India beat Bangladesh by 87 runs
  • India: 370-4 (50.0 overs)
  • Bangladesh: 283-9 (50.0 overs)
  • Venue: Mirpur

Bangladesh Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 9 283
Tamim c Yuvraj Singh b Patel 70
Kayes b Patel 34
Siddique st Dhoni b Harbhajan Singh 37
Shakib c Harbhajan Singh b Pathan 55
Rahim c Sub b Z Khan 25
Raqibul Hasan not out 28
Mahmudullah b Patel 6
Naeem lbw b Patel 2
Razzak lbw b Z Khan 1
Shafiul Islam run out (Harbhajan Singh) 0
Rubel not out 1
Extras 1nb 13w 10lb 24

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