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Live - Scotland v England - One-day international


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By Mark Mitchener

1715: Right, that's it from us. I hope you'll join us on Tuesday for the first ODI against Australia at the Rose Bowl, when Oliver Brett will be in the live text chair. Enjoy the rest of your weekend...

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From hopeforthebest on 606: "Shahzad continues to impress, economical in the early overs, wickets at the death. I'm a big fan"

1705: I just hope that everyone got what they wanted out of today. England had a good warm-up ahead of their ODI series against Australia, Scotland's players had the opportunity to test themselves against a Test-playing country, Cricket Scotland will have made a few quid out of a near sell-out crowd, and the good cricket-loving folk of Edinburgh will have been reasonably entertained. And isn't that the idea?

1658: Well, not even the BBC Radio Scotland guys saw that coming - apparently they'd heard a rumour that Hamilton might be stepping down at the end of the season, but weren't expecting him to quit immediately. You heard/read it here first...

BBC Radio Scotland
Scotland captain Gavin Hamilton on BBC Radio Scotland: "England hit some clean balls today, we had to make it difficult but we didn't bowl that well at them - they came hard at us and put us on the back foot. It looks like this may be my last game for Scotland because of work commitments - it may be time for Gordon Drummond to step in"


33.3 overs - Eng 213-3
With three needed, Colly steers Berrington for a single, then Morgan ends proceedings by blasting a four. England have won. And we have a pitch invasion by a man dressed as a banana, pursued by several men dressed as gorillas...

33rd over - Eng 208-3 (TARGET 212)
Morgan smacks Haq for only the second boundary the off-spinner has conceded today. Six to win. Single from Morgan, then Colly clubs one through mid-wicket but it's cut off for a single and Haq finishes with 2-35 from his spell. Take a bow, Magic Majid.

32nd over - Eng 202-3 (TARGET 212)
With Lyons having completed his spell, Scotland need another bowler and it's medium-pacer Richie Berrington who comes on as their seventh bowler. He was born in South Africa but the BBC Radio Scotland commentators claim him as "one of us" after 15 years in Scotland. Collingwood flicks a two off his legs, then powers a four through mid-wicket. Start the car...

From David Hulse, still drilling in Oman, TMS inbox: "Re: foreign players etc. 22 years ago in Aberdeen, I opened the batting with Kyle Coetzer's dad (Peter) - we both worked as Drillers with an offshore company, I think we were playing Schlumberger. Peter was as South African as they come, so surely Kyle should be playing for England? The previous evening was an all night party where I first met my Mrs, which partly explains why I was out for 3. Peter was a superb player"

31st over - Eng 196-3 (TARGET 212)
Morgan threads a single through the covers, will Collingwood attack Haq? He pokes a single through the covers as Haq varies his pace and flight well. Very tidy over - Haq has only been hit for one boundary in his nine overs.

30th over - Eng 194-3 (TARGET 212)
Yet another single to long-off from Collingwood as Lyons begins his last over. Morgan rotates the strike, Collingwood works a single (where? You guessed it, long-off), Morgan adds another and Colly finally cuts loose with one of his short-arm jabs over cow corner for six! Unfortunate way to end Lyons's spell, he's bowled well.

29th over - Eng 184-3 (TARGET 212)
Colly knocks Haq, who has three overs left, for a single to long-off, Morgan clips one off his legs. More pedestrian singles from England as Colly goes to long-off again, they're not taking any risks here.

28th over - Eng 181-3 (TARGET 212)
Lyons has 1-47 from his first eight overs, but he's in for his ninth and keeps it tight against Colly, who eventually stabs a single through the covers. Morgan reverse-sweeps one along the ground to McCallum on the cover boundary for one, then Colly blasts a rare full toss for four through cow corner. A single ensures he keeps the strike again, England are crawling towards victory.

27th over - Eng 174-3 (TARGET 212)
Collingwood guides Haq for a single through the covers, Morgan knocks one off his legs and Colly forces one to fine leg to keep the strike as Haq whistles through another rapid over.

26th over - Eng 171-3 (TARGET 212)
Colly nurdles Lyons for a single, Morgan guides a single to the mid-wicket sweeper, Colly threads one to long-off for a single, and England's rapid start means they can win it in singles, should they wish. Morgan finally brings out his much-anticipated reverse sweep and they scamper another two.

25th over - Eng 166-3 (TARGET 212)Haq wheels away for his sixth over, Morgan steers a two through the covers and we're at the (technical) halfway point of England's innings.

24th over - Eng 161-3 (TARGET 212)
Tidy over from Lyons, Colly and Morgan are having to rebuild the innings with the occasional single.

23rd over - Eng 158-3 (TARGET 212)
Majid Haq has been Magic Haq for Scotland today, his bowling has made a big difference and really put the brakes on England. A single apiece for the ginger pair means Haq has a remarkable 2-16 from five overs.

22nd over - Eng 156-3 (TARGET 212)
Eoin Morgan is the new batsman, he steers a single while Colly is off the mark with a four against Lyons. Apologies if these updates are reaching you slowly, my computer keeps grinding to a halt and the TV feed on the Cricket Scotland website keeps cutting out too...

Wicket falls
21st over - WICKET - Pietersen c Watson b Haq 10 - Eng 151-3 (TARGET 212)
Pietersen pushes Haq for a careful four to push England past 150, then there's a big shout for lbw... then next ball, KP tries to hoist Haq to leg but is superbly caught by Ryan Watson at long-on!

20th over - Eng 147-2 (TARGET 212)
New batsman Paul Collingwood blocks his first ball.

Wicket falls
19.5 overs - WICKET - Kieswetter c Coetzer b Lyons 69 - Eng 147-2
Kieswetter steers Lyons for a single, KP tries a big hit and misses, then he goes for another swipe towards cow corner and is dropped again - by Josh Davey again! It was a hard chance, but the youngster seems to have the ball following him around at the moment. They run one. Kieswetter tries to show him how it's done - but it's all over for the Somerset keeper as he's pouched on the long-on boundary.

From Cath, TMS inbox: "Mark, any more information on the cake? eg type? origin? rating?"

19th over - Eng 145-1 (TARGET 212)
Kieswetter steers Haq for a single off his legs, KP carves one to long-on. The singles are flowing freely, there's a small cheer when the crowd think they've seen Pietersen caught at cover... but it was a bump ball. Time for a drinks break.

18th over - Eng 142-1 (TARGET 212)
After a couple of singles, Pietersen goes for a powerful sweep shot which brings him four. I think the crowd want to see a switch-hit...

17th over - DROPPED CATCH - Eng 135-1 (TARGET 212)
Haq sends down a full toss to Kieswetter which he whips to long-on for a single. The two South African-born batsmen rotate the strike well, Kieswetter goes for another big blast to long-off, there's a man under it... and the chance is missed by Josh Davey! Realising he was going to walk over the boundary, Davey tries to throw the ball up before his momentum carries him over the rope, and he spills it. The umpires have a mini-conference, is it six? The verdict is... one! As umpire Aleem Dar rules that the ball was not in Davey's hands when he crossed the rope, and only one run had been completed. So he revokes his original signal of six.

16th over - Eng 130-1 (TARGET 212)
Lyons goes round the wicket to Kieswetter, who steers another four through the covers. A single brings the new batsman on strike - and there's a ripple around the ground as it's a certain Mr Kevin Pietersen. His first ball is pretty rank outside leg stump, and KP helps it on its way for four.

Wicket falls
15th over - WICKET - Strauss c McCallum b Haq 61 - Eng 121-1 (TARGET 212)
Unsurprisingly, Davey's off and we have spin from both ends with off-spinner Majid Haq on at the Pavilion End. As in the last over, England are happy to push the singles - then Scotland finally make the breakthrough when Strauss slog-sweeps and holes out on the mid-wicket boundary for an entertaining 61 from 45 balls.

14th over - Eng 119-0 (TARGET 212)
Lyons continues from the Nursery End, England are a little subdued compared to the last over's fireworks - just two singles apiece for the opening pair.

That's 50
13th over - Eng 115-0 (TARGET 212)
Strauss brings up three figures for his team with a single off Davey. Kieswetter rotates the strike, then Strauss is able to celebrate his own fifty - in his 100th ODI - with a four through mid-wicket. After the keeper misses one and England run a couple of byes, the England skipper flays two more fours, one each side of the wicket, and poor Davey is getting absolutely carted round the park here. Don't think we'll see him bowl again today.

That's 50
12th over - Eng 99-0 (TARGET 212)
"These next few overs could be make or break for Scotland," notes Geoff Webster on BBC Radio Scotland as the Saltires turn to spin - slow left-armer Ross Lyons on at the Nursery End. But it's more of the same from England as they continue to plunder singles and twos at will. Kieswetter clears his front leg to slam a huge six over long-on and bring up his fifty in style. Strauss has 45, and at this rate you'd back England to win with more than half their overs left.

11th over - Eng 87-0 (TARGET 212)
While the BBC Radio Scotland commentators tuck into a cake (Cakes? Do they think this is Test Match Special?!), Strauss and Kieswetter continue to tuck into Scotland's bowling. Josh Davey is the latest glutton for punishment, Strauss wolfs down (metaphorically) a full toss and sends it for four through long-off, while Davey strays down the leg side and Strauss helps it on its way for four. Both batsmen have 43.

10th over - Eng 75-0 (TARGET 212)
Strauss tucks into Coetzer, powering him uppishly over extra cover for a single, before Kieswetter lifts the Durham man over his head for a straight six. Another straight drive brings Kieswetter three to keep the scoreboard ticking, Strauss adds another single and this is looking all too easy for England at this stage.

9th over - Eng 64-0 (TARGET 212)
After a single from Strauss, Kieswetter plunders another legside four from Drummond, to the accompaniment of what (shock horror) appears to be a vuvuzela at The Grange.

8th over - Eng 59-0 (TARGET 212)
First bowling change as medium-pacer Kyle Coetzer will see if he can add a wicket or two to his earleir half century. But he can't stop a fierce Kieswetter straight drive for four, and the Somerset keeper moves on to 29 (level with his captain) with two firm (and virtually identical) pushes through extra cover, which both go for four.

7th over - Eng 47-0 (TARGET 212)
A good stop by young Josh Davey denies Kieswetter another boundary as they come back for a third run. Scotland look quite lively in the field.

6th over - Eng 44-0 (TARGET 212)
And that's better from Parker, who seems to prefer bowling to the right-handed Kieswetter than the left-handed Strauss. Berrington makes a great stop at cover point, but Kieswetter then finds the gap and punches his third four through extra cover. A gentle single completes the over.

5th over - Eng 39-0 (TARGET 212)
A better over for Scotland, just a single from Kieswetter as Drummond improves his line and length.

4th over - Eng 38-0 (TARGET 212)
England are going to win this in boundaries at this rate. Cap'n Strauss fires three more fours, cutting and pulling with elan, and doesn't have to run for any of them.

3rd over - Eng 26-0 (TARGET 212)
Kieswetter helps himself like a kid at a picnic here, helping himself to two fours by punishing Drummond whenever he strays onto leg stump.

2nd over - Eng 18-0 (TARGET 212)
Matthew Parker, who didn't stay long at the crease, takes the second over with more right-arm seam and Strauss pulls another boundary to leg. A wide advances the score, and the last ball brings Strauss his fourth boundary through the covers. At this rate, Gavin Hamilton's earlier "stroll in the park" fear could come true.

1st over - Eng 9-0 (TARGET 212)
England captain Andrew Strauss leans into right-arm seamer Gordon Drummond's first delivery and steers him for four through mid-wicket, before carving the next ball to long-off for four more. A single brings his partner Craig Kieswetter - who has a Scottish mother - on strike, but the Somerset keeper is yet to score.

1453: England about to get under way. I won't spoil the World Cup for you by telling you the lunchtime result in case you're planning to watch the highlights later. And the same goes for "Murder on the Orient Express" which has just started on another channel... even though I know who "did it"...

From Rodm, TMS inbox: "Why is Stuart Broad an automatic choice for England? Ever present inconsistency and very average stats, can someone tell me what I've been missing?"

1440: I should add that there's plenty of other live sport available on the BBC today - as well as the World Cup extravaganza, there's live video from Royal Ascot and the British MotoGP, and not to forget live shinty from Inverness - the MacTavish Cup final in fact.

1431: While I eat my sandwich and listen to the Mike Denness interview, I can bring you up to date with another couple of games elsewhere in the world of cricket. At Lord's, Middlesex made 273-5 against Australia in their 50-over tour match. Despite the presence of Aussies David Warner and Adam Gilchrist in the Middlesex line-up, Owais Shah (remember him?) top-scored with 92. Meanwhile, in the Asia Cup, India are chasing 268 to beat Pakistan in Dambulla.

1414: Right, we're going to take a quick break on the live text between innings, but keep listening to BBC Radio Scotland for the interval chat, including special guest Mike Denness. Back with you soon.

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From Jack at The Grange, via text: "Broad has been very poor today, bowling far too short. Sid could be in with a shout to play at the Rose Bowl. Shahzad has bowled excellently as have the spinners"


BBC Radio Scotland
Scotland captain Gavin Hamilton on BBC Radio Scotland: "We had a great start but lost wickets at crucial times, so I'm slightly disappointed with the total - and if we don't get a couple of early wickets it could be a stroll in the park for England"

Wicket falls
49.5 overs - WICKET - Lyons b Shahzad 1 - Sco 211 all out
Last man Ross Lyons has to come in with four balls of the innings left. He smears his first ball for a single, Drummond pushes one to mid-off, and Shahzad picks up a second wicket as Lyons is bowled by the penultimate ball of the innings.

Wicket falls
49.2 overs - WICKET - Lockhart b Shahzad 46 - Sco 209-8
Drummond pushes Shahzad for a single to bring on strike, he has five balls to score four runs for his half century... but when he tries to give himself room, Shahzad shatters his stumps.

49th over - Sco 208-8
Anderson fires in a yorker to Lockhart, a single takes him to 46. The field adjusts for tail-ender Drummond, who eventually pushes a single through the covers. But that's a marvellously economical over by Anderson, who finishes with 2-43 from nine overs.

48th over - Sco 206-8
Shahzad replaces Broad at the Pavilion End - new batsman Gordon Drummond is the non-striker, how far can Lockhart push the Saltires in the last three overs? He swishes and misses, Kieswetter cheekily appeals for a catch behind but there's nothing doing. Lockhart moves on to 44 with a single to bring up the 200 for Scotland, then Drummond square-cuts his first ball for four! A couple more singles keep the scoreboard ticking - two overs to go.

Wicket falls
47th over - WICKET - Haq b Anderson 15 - Sco 199-8
Last powerplay over to be bowled, Lockhart plays and misses at Anderson before digging out a yorker for a quick single - he and Haq try to force the pace before Haq is clean bowled by a fast yorker with the last ball of the batting powerplay.

46th over - Sco 195-7
Haq pulls Broad for a first-bounce four through square leg, the tall Notts paceman strays with a wide and the singles are coming thick and fast now.

BBC Radio Scotland
Phil Goodlad on BBC Radio Scotland: "I've just had a word with captain Gavin Hamilton, who was disappointed to be stumped on 48 but he said Scotland are really going to open up in the last four overs"

45th over - Sco 186-7
Lockhart carves a single to leg, Anderson has a half-hearted lbw shout against Haq who then gets an inside edge for a single. Lockhart rocks back to power a four through the covers, this is becoming a very useful stand for the Scots. Lockhart smacks Jimmy down the ground and races back for a second run. and a single takes him to 35.

From Graeme, TMS inbox: "Re: 42nd over, I'd suggest that stockbroking is a profession rather than a trade, although others might put forward alternatives"

44th over - Sco 177-7
Broad returns as England take an age to set the field. Lockhart hits him hard, but manages to pick out Anderson on the mid-wicket fence and they can only run one. Haq dabs a single, Lockhart jabs one off his legs, and Haq hooks for two more. The left-hander pushes another quick single and Yardy at short fine leg throws down the stumps at the bowler's end but Haq is home. The last ball is a slow bouncer which Lockhart miscues for a single to wide mid-on.

43rd over - Sco 170-7
As if by magic, the batting powerplay is signalled - England can only have three men outside the circle for overs 43-47. England respond by recalling Anderson to the attack, his first ball is worked off his legs for a single by Haq. Lockhart squeezes a single just past Kevin Pietersen at point - KP got a hand to it, and looks like he was struck a painful blow. Haq guides a single to mid-wicket, Lockhart trots through for the first leg bye of the day and then Jimmy sprays one down the leg side which Haq tries to help on its way for four leg byes.

42nd over - Sco 162-7
Lockhart, a stockbroker by trade, manoeuvres Colly for a two and a single. Left-hander Haq, by contrast, is a qualified accountant although he's a full-time professional cricketer at the moment. He's off the mark with a single - another tidy Colly over, but Scotland still have a batting powerplay up their sleeves and must be looking at 200 as a target.

41st over - Sco 158-7
New batsman is spinner Majid Haq, he hit a couple of 30s last week and his first ball is another wide as Swann's line strays.

Wicket falls
40.2 overs - WICKET - Parker lbw b Swann 2 - Sco 157-7
Swann in for his last over, sending down another wide before Lockhart steers a single to long-on. Parker is hit on the pad by a quicker ball... and he's the latest man despatched by Umpire Ramage's raised finger.

The sun is out
40th over - Sco 155-6
Lockhart looks competent at pushing the ones and twos, Colly goes round the wicket to the southpaw Parker who has trouble getting him away. Two more singles, a tidy over from the Durham all-rounder. Still hot and sunny at The Grange.

39th over - Sco 152-6
Graeme Swann has switched ends to the Nursery End - he's got two overs left. Lockhart brings up 150 for Scotland with a single, the left-handed Parker tries to sweep one down the leg side but can't connect. He's off the mark with a firm push to long-on for one, Lockhart threads one through the covers.

38th over - Sco 149-6
New batsman is Matthew Parker, but it's Lockhart on strike as they crossed on the catch. He pushes Colly's last ball for a single.

Wicket falls
37.5 overs - WICKET - McCallum c Yardy b Collingwood 22 - Sco 148-6
Paul Collingwood enters the attack with his medium pace, Lockhart and McCallum push some singles - but when McCallum tries to go on the attack, he spoons a straightforward catch into the grateful hands of Michael Yardy on the mid-wicket boundary.

1313: While the drinks are cleared away, I hope Lee (below) and supporters of both sides can just accept that both sides have a few foreign-born players. Live and let live!

From Lee in Poland, TMS inbox: "As a Scotland fan I think we probably shouldn't speak about foreigners in squads! Ryan Watson, Dewald Nel, Paul Hoffman, Glenn Rodgers just off the top of my head!!"

37th over - Sco 145-5
McCallum powers Broad for four through cow corner, while Broad also makes use of the slow bouncer that served England so well in their recent ICC World Twenty20 success as McCallum miscues a single to leg. Lockhart finds the boundary for the first time as he pokes one wide of third man, then pinches the strike with a single. He has 12, McCallum has 21 and they've earned another drinks break.

36th over - Sco 135-5
More line and length from Shahzad, until he surprises McCallum with a chest-high bouncer that nearly knocks him over! McCallum gets a inside edge through to the keeper, and eventually prods the last ball for a single to prevent another Shahzad maiden. And an early alert - keep listening to BBC Radio Scotland during the interval, as they have a very distinguished guest arriving - former England captain Mike Denness. He's the only Scot to have captained England in Test cricket (unless you count Douglas Jardine, who was born in India to Scottish parents) - check out Phil Goodlad's interview feature with Denness if you haven't already read it.

35th over - Sco 134-5
Stuart Broad returns at the Nursery End, that's a lovely shot by Lockhart through the covers but a smart stop by Kevin Pietersen restricts him to a single. At the risk of jinxing them, England have barely put a foot (or hand) wrong in the field today. McCallum sweeps, and it brings him a single to fine leg.

From Aff, Southern NSW, TMS inbox: "Re. Chris at The Grange [24th over]: Pipe down or we'll steal Coetzer as well!"

34th over - Sco 132-5
Shahzad has impressed me today, he's keeping this sixth-wicket pair tied down with some useful line and length. That's a maiden over - well bowled, Ajmal - and after 34 overs in ODIs, we have a compulsory ball change as the 34-overs-old ball is replaced by another roughly-34-overs-old ball which is less discoloured.

33rd over - Sco 132-5
McCallum aims another sweep at Yardy (who's in his last over) but can't connect. Yardy is bowling left-arm round from very wide of the crease, aiming at leg stump, and McCallum smears a single through mid-wicket. Lockhart works a single off his legs, as does McCallum, and the Sussex skipper finishes with figures of 3-41 from his 10 overs.

32nd over - Sco 129-5
England's stranglehold of spin is lifted as Ajmal Shahzad returns to the attack, Lockhart pushes a single through the covers, but Shahzad keeps it tight against McCallum, who tucks a single off his legs.

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From Anonymous, via text: "Impressed with Yardy so far and the change to spin. It's clearing the hangover from the display we were subjected to last night"

31st over - Sco 127-5
Lockhart and McCallum push Yardy for two singles apiece, then Yardy has a big shout for lbw against Lockhart but this time Umpire Ramage is unmoved. Lockhart steers the last ball for a single to long-off.

From Matthew Wright, TMS inbox: "Kyle Coetzer has been in great form this season, starting off with a sack load of runs against MCC in Dubai, so I can't understand why he hasn't played more for Durham this season. This kind of performance epitomises his cricket I believe"

30th over - Sco 122-5
New batsman is Dougie Lockhart, winning his 118th cap - Scotland have two right-handers in for the first time today. He's off the mark with a single.

Wicket falls
29.2 overs - WICKET - Hamilton st Kieswetter b Swann 48 - Sco 121-5
Hamilton tries to force the pace, dancing down the track to Swann but misses and is smartly stumped two runs short of his half century.

29th over - Sco 121-4
Some singles keep the scoreboard ticking but then McCallum goes for the big hit, heaving Yardy over cow corner and that's the first six of the innings!

28th over - Sco 112-4
Swann in for his seventh over, England's two spinners have really put the brakes on. Just a single apiece for the Scottish pair.

27th over - Sco 110-4
Neil McCallum is the man in at number six for Scotland. Hamilton adds a single, while McCallum - who apparently favours the sweep shot - is off the mark in that fashion.

Wicket falls
26.3 overs - WICKET - Berrington c Broad b Yardy 3 - Sco 108-4
Well, after that big build-up from Geoff on the radio, Berrington goes for a big slog-sweep over mid-wicket and holes out to Stuart Broad on the square-leg fence to give Yardy his third wicket.

26th over - Sco 107-3
Hamilton and Berrington push the singles, then Swann has caught the "legside wide" bug from Yardy. There then follows an incredible delivery when the ball flies out of Swann's hand, high into the air vertically but only a couple of feet down the pitch. Dead ball is signalled - I'm sure we've all done that.

25th over - Sco 103-3
New batsman is Richie Berrington, he's immediately off the mark with a single and Geoff Webster on BBC Radio Scotland reveals that the youngster has scored five half centuries in his last five innings in all forms of cricket. A single takes Hamilton to 42.

Wicket falls
24.4 overs - WICKET - Davey lbw b Yardy 4 - Sco 101-3
After Hamilton tickles a single to third man, Davey plays across the line trying to force Yardy through mid-wicket, is rapped on the pad and Umpire Ramage has no hesitation in sending him back to the pavilion.

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From Chris at The Grange, via text: "Annoying for Scotland fans how teams like England bolster their squad with foreigners Strauss, Kieswetter, Pietersen and Morgan"

24th over - Sco 100-2
Swann tries to keep the pressure on against Davey, a single and a wide boost the score before Hamilton brings up three figures for his side by nicking the strike with a single off the last ball.

23rd over - Sco 97-2
Hamilton is now batting in a cap with the spinners on, rotating the strike well while Davey pushes a single and Yardy spears in another legside wide. England absolutely bustling through their overs.

22nd over - Sco 94-2
Captain Andrew Strauss brings six men into the circle for Davey, who turns a single off his legs. Hamilton forces a two through square leg, before a single takes him to 38. Swann has an economical 0-12 from four overs.

21st over - Sco 90-2
Single from Hamilton, then the right-handed Davey is off the mark as he straight-drives Yardy for one.

20th over - Sco 88-2
Rapid over from Swann, Hamilton nudges a single, Davey yet to score.

19th over - Sco 87-2
New batsman is Josh Davey, who's a young Aberdeen-born all-rounder on the Middlesex staff.

Wicket falls
18.4 overs - WICKET - Coetzer c & b Yardy 51 - Sco 87-2
Like Lord's, The Grange has a Nursery End as well as a Pavilion End - and it's still Yardy from the Nursery End, sending down a couple of wides - signalled by Scottish umpire Ian Ramage, who's standing in this match along with Pakistan's Aleem Dar. Hamilton fluently reverse-sweeps Yardy for four and a single brings Coetzer back on strike - but the Durham man perishes when he gets a leading edge and Yardy completes a smart caught-and-bowled. But a great knock by Coetzer.

18th over - Sco 80-1
Hamilton and Coetzer keep pushing the singles against Swann, I think Scotland would have bitten your hand off if you'd offered them this score at this stage.

BBC Radio Scotland
Cricket Scotland chief executive Roddy Smith on BBC Radio Scotland: "Scotland have made a very good start, but one of these two needs to go on and get a really big score. I think we're near a sell-out today as there were only 200 tickets left last night and a few people have turned up and paid on the day"

That's 50
17th over - Sco 77-1
Yardy yields a couple of singles, then Coetzer pushes a quick single to bring up a well-deserved maiden ODI fifty (from 59 balls) and raises his bat in celebration - since that lbw appeal on the first ball he faced, he's been in prime form. Cynics may ask how many runs he'd need to score before England begin to covet him like they did with Ed Joyce, Eoin Morgan and (a long time ago) Gavin Hamilton... Time for a drinks break.

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From Graeme, via text: "Annoying to England fans how teams like Scotland bolster their XIs with locally born batsmen with South African surnames like Coetzer"

As I noted in the first over, Coetzer was born in Aberdeen!

16th over - Sco 72-1
Spin from both ends as it's Graeme Swann with his classical right-arm off-spin. With the powerplay finished, it's just the minimum four men in the circle, but Scotland keep the scoreboard ticking with singles as this partnership passes 70. Hamilton has 23, Coetzer has 48.

15th over - Sco 68-1
Last over of the fielding powerplay, but it's time for some spin - well, I say "spin", it's Michael Yardy with his left-arm "darts" that are delivered at close to medium pace. Hamilton knocks a single off his legs but true to form, Sussex captain Yardy is quickly through his over and Coetzer can only add a single.

BBC Radio Scotland
Former Scotland captain Craig Wright on BBC Radio Scotland: "This is a great batting track for Scotland, as I think it's slower than those England are used to"

14th over - Sco 66-1
Hamilton is getting into the groove now - he straight-drives Anderson for four before tucking a two through square leg. Those who remember Hamilton's only Test for England (two ducks, no wickets) may be surprised to know he has two ODI centuries and seven fifties under his belt. The last ball of the over sees keeper Craig Kieswetter struck in the face (as Scotland run a bye) and the England physio trots on.

13th over - Sco 59-1
Coetzer lashes a Broad bouncer for four through mid-wicket, he's just overtaken his previous best ODI score of 44. I remember watching him knock seven bells out of my beloved Hampshire as Durham took us to the cleaners in the Friends Provident Trophy final in 2007, and on today's evidence it's surprising he's not been a regular for Durham lately.

12th over - Sco 55-1
Anderson returns to the attack Hamilton brings up Scotland's fifty with a single off his legs, while Coetzer's flow of runs is briefly held up by a couple of young kids (carrying ice creams) walking in front of the sightscreens... The Scots are beginning to find the singles and twos easier to come by, and Coetzer has 41.

11th over - Sco 49-1
England take the fielding powerplay straight away, so there will be a maximum of three fielders outside the circle for overs 11-15. Another well-judged single from Hamilton, whose running between the wicket has been impressive. Coetzer nudges a single off his legs, Hamilton turns one behind square and they jog through for another. Then Coetzer smashes one through square leg and it evades the diving Eoin Morgan for a first-bounce four. Coetzer has 37 out of 49.

10th over - Sco 42-1
Single from Hamilton, then Paul Collingwood shows his class with a breathtaking stop at backward point which turns what looked a likely Coetzer four into a dot ball. Coetzer is tucked up for room, and that's a much tighter over from Shahzad.

9th over - Sco 41-1
Hamilton dabs Broad for a quick single, Coetzer pulls a shorter ball from Broad for four through mid-wicket before swishing and missing at one outside off stump.

8th over - Sco 36-1
Cap'n Gav finally finds the boundary with a well-timed drive through long-on against Shahzad, before knocking a single down to third man. Shahzad strays down the leg side and Coetzer punishes him with a flick off his legs which shoots to the fine leg boundary.

7th over - Sco 27-1
First bowling change as Stuart Broad replaces Anderson. Hamilton nudges another single, then Coetzer carves a four through point - he's already on 24 and is carrying the innings so far.

6th over - Sco 22-1
Shahzad comes round the wicket to the left-handed Hamilton, who nudges a single off his legs. Coetzer steers his third boundary of the morning through long-off.

5th over - Sco 17-1
Coetzer takes aim at his favoured extra cover boundary again, but a sliding stop by Stuart Broad restricts him to two. The Durham man looks "in the zone" as he hooks Anderson for four - he has 16 of Scotland's 17 runs, and Hamilton hasn't scored since the first ball of the innings...

4th over - Sco 11-1
Shahzad continues from the Pavilion End, Coetzer shoulders arms to a short delivery before repeating his back-foot-shot-through-extra-cover-for-three from the previous over. A hesitant start by Scotland after losing that early wicket.

3rd over - Sco 8-1
Anderson strays with his line and Coetzer has the crowd on their feet with a cover-driven four. Another confident stroke doesn't quite find the extra cover boundary but they scamper back for three - then Hamilton is struck a nasty blow as he tries to fend one off.

From Azor, TMS inbox: "I was wondering what that plane was doing overhead. I guess that's what you call an entrance! I'm gutted I can't be at the Grange, too busy revising for my Geography A-level on Monday, just a minute's walk away at school"

2nd over - Sco 1-1
Ajmal Shahzad takes the second over, he immediately has left-hander Hamilton playing and missing, and some early swing enables the Yorkshire seamer to complete a maiden over.

1st over - Sco 1-1
Big shout for lbw against Durham's Kyle Coetzer (born in Aberdeen, despite the South African-sounding name) from his first ball, but he survives to see off the over.

Out for a duck
0.4 overs - WICKET - Watson c Swann b Anderson 0 - Sco 1-1
Hamilton gets his side under way with a single off his legs, to bring his partner Ryan Watson on strike. But "Rhino" doesn't last long as he fences at the fourth ball of the innings and is well held above his head by Graeme Swann at second slip...

1048: A slight delay for not one, not two but three parachutists to land - James Anderson will take the first over, he has two slips in for Scotland captain Gavin Hamilton.

1043: England take the field - but as Phil Goodlad informs BBC Radio Scotland's listeners, we're waiting for a parachutist to jump out of a plane and land on the field first. Now, I'd thought I'd seen everything in one-day internationals... There's no TMS today, but if you manually refresh your page, you'll be able to see Radio Scotland's commentary appear above.

1038: England have left Tim Bresnan, Ian Bell and Ryan Sidebottom out of the 14-man squad they brought to Edinburgh. Here are the full teams:

Scotland: GM Hamilton (capt), GD Drummond, KJ Coetzer, RM Haq, RT Lyons, DR Lockhart (wk), NFI McCallum, RD Berrington, RR Watson, JH Davey, MA Parker.

England: AJ Strauss (capt), C Kieswetter (wk), KP Pietersen, PD Collingwood, EJG Morgan, LJ Wright, GP Swann, SCJ Broad, MH Yardy, A Shahzad, JM Anderson.

The sun is out
1032: News of the toss: Scotland have won the toss and captain Gavin Hamilton has elected to bat first. It's a lovely day at The Grange and the Scots will look to make hay in the sunshine.

1020: Morning, everyone. If you're looking for an antidote to the World Cup - you may have come to the right place. This will be a vuvuzela-free zone as we're concentrating on events at The Grange in Edinburgh, where Scotland are hosting England in a one-day international. We're due to get under way at 1045 BST - so, can Scotland cause an upset, or will England find some 50-over form ahead of their ODI series with Australia?

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Live Scores - Scotland v England


  • England beat Scotland by 7 wickets
  • Scotland: 211 (49.5 overs)
  • England: 213-3 (33.4 overs)

England Innings

Player outReason Bowledby Runs
Total for 3 213
Strauss c McCallum b Haq 61
Kieswetter c Coetzer b Lyons 69
Pietersen c Watson b Haq 17
Collingwood not out 38
Morgan not out 24
Extras 1w 2b 1lb 4

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